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The Lid

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2023 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; strappado; enclosed; stuck; gag; magnet; cuffs; corset; climax; toys; outdoors; latex; catsuit; timer; chastity; clamps; transported; cons; XX

Caution: the story features self-bondage in a closed freezer with only small air holes; readers should remember that this is a fantasy and the scenario described would not be safe!

When Lisa pulled the lid down, she was sure nothing could go wrong, “I have thought of everything,” she mumbled around the gag. Lisa had found an old metal freezer in a yard sale, looking at it she believed she could set it up as a “bondage box.” Lisa had already formulated a plan on how to use it and make it secure before she offered half of what the person was asking for. When it was sold, it had cost her twenty dollars and they said they would deliver it.

Lisa had been an avid self-bondage enthusiast all of her adult life, finding she enjoyed being bound and gagged during her senior year in high school. All through college she had been afraid to seek out like-minded people becoming very efficient at binding herself. In college part of her engineering courses allowed her to learn about mag-locking systems, even able to build some for the school. She was surprised how inexpensive they were and began using simple set ups to hold her to her bed or in other places.

Her favorite position was a strappado, she loved the strain it put on her and with the vibrators used she could be forced to orgasm multiple times while being stringently bound. The other thing she liked was the guarantee she would be released, power failures and even battery backups would all release her at some point no matter what. She often spent her days with her ankles locked closely together, a tight corset around her waist with matching posture collar and large gag.

The ballet boots had intrigued her and soon she had several pairs she wore as often as possible. Her back yard had a large porch with an awning and during certain times of the year she would secure herself on her porch. She smiles thinking about how she had used her mag locks to secure herself in a tight strappado on the porch one evening and how badly it had almost been. Since the awning had been made from steel it made it very easy for Lisa to use it for her games.

During the week she had locked herself in one of her chastity belts to force herself to wait for Friday night to play, the time locked up always made her extremely horny adding to her fun time. As the days drug along she readied her mag lock units measuring and mounting them outside on her porch. When Friday morning arrived, she was becoming desperate, the planning and dreaming of what she was going to do had made her frantic to orgasm. She had done this before her company changed to mostly work at home employees giving everyone the opportunity to rarely, if ever come into the main office.

Lisa rushed home still locked in her most secure belt, that morning she had felt daring wearing a long pencil skirt she had modified to restrict her legs. The five-inch-high heeled boots with their decorative chains around the ankles and under the heels were locked on. Lisa had been wearing corsets since college and with the belt on was forced to draw it in a little tighter so the belt would reach. This morning she had tightened the corset until she was gasping, the belt made getting a corset on and off difficult, essentially locking them around her waist.

Lisa had found she could still tighten them easily enough as long as she didn’t cover the laces with the steel belt. With her corset making her pant, and her feet locked into the tall boots Lisa dressed for work and drove in. Her commute normally took less than an hour from her rural home but today it took her an hour and a half. The construction had made her sit in the single lane for forty-five minutes, the sitting position was uncomfortable for the corseted woman making her regret tightening her corset. When she was finally able to get to the building, she was forced to park in the back lot making her walk what felt like miles to get to the building.

The rest of Lisa’s day went normally, she became comfortable in her attire struggling to keep up with her co-workers when they went to meetings and loving every minute of it. During one of jaunts across the building Lisa was really struggling to keep up when she felt an odd sensation quickly excusing herself and ducking into a bathroom to let the orgasm wash over her. Lisa had never had a frustration orgasm just from walking so she sat in the stall with her hands over her mouth trying not to scream as wave after wave slammed through her. When she had finished, she was exhausted and struggled to clean herself up before joining the team in the meeting.

Lisa went the rest of the day smiling as she worked getting distracted, she stayed later than normal remembering her ideas on adding to her drive home. Reaching the exit to the parking lot Lisa quickly bent over, grunting from the tight corset locking the chains around her booted ankles together. The chains were not tight so locking them together gave her about three inches of movement with the leather of the boots protecting her ankles. Without hesitating Lisa forced a blue glob into her mouth biting down hard on it. The glob was a dental mold made to almost lock her mouth shut.

With her teeth in the grooves, filled with denture glue, she would need to pull them apart with her hands to free it from her mouth. The gag forced her to keep her mouth closed holding her tongue deep inside it. Lisa stood getting ready to commit to a difficult drive home when she looked to her right and saw where the log in station had been. Every time Lisa walked past where the old “Log in station” had been located she thought of how she came into possession of her key lock box. The lock box had been originally designed to be used for the access keys, then the cards to the company’s labs. Each compartment could be programmed to open during certain times to allow the first shift to lock the keys in so the other shift could gain access.

As security systems changed and keyed locks became obsolete the station was no longer used and eventually was taken down. It had twelve small compartments, each its own locking door and was controlled by a small computer. When she saw it sitting on the floor, she asked the maintenance man what was going to happen to it. After he told her it was to be tossed out, she ended up talking him into putting it in her car for her. When she came out that evening, she was surprised he had put the entire system, computer, spare parts and all the wiring with it. Now the unit was bolted to a wall in her living room, it looked like it was sitting on a table but that was just to cover the wiring.

Lisa learned quickly the unit was perfect for her needs, each drawer could be locked individually, each set for different times or all or some of the drawers could be set together. She kept her extra key ring in one drawer locked all the time and the others she would use for different things, sometimes keeping her feet or wrists locked together, sometimes a head harness. Snapping out of her trance Lisa snapped a cuff around each wrist pulling lightly on the chain connecting them and opened the door. As soon as the hot air hit her face, she remembered she was parked on the other side of the building all the way in the back.

“Fuck!” Lisa thought, she spun around looking in the building knowing she couldn’t walk through it with her ankles and wrists chained together. Even if she managed to get the mold out of her mouth, that was only if the glue hadn’t set fully, she still couldn’t shuffle through the entire building cuffed and chained. Lisa dropped her head and slowly started shuffling towards the corner of the building, she knew there was a sidewalk all the way around the building having often used it with co-workers for exercise. Lisa also knew it was four point six miles around the entire building meaning she was going to have to walk at least two miles then out to her car.

Lisa struggled with her chains as she shuffled slowly trying to ignore the streams of sweat running down her body from the heat outside. Lisa struggled to hurry knowing that if it got dark, she would attract the attention of the security company that patrols after dark. Lisa was feeling another orgasm building, desperately wanting to fight it off only adding fuel to her building fire. When she tried to step off the curb into the parking lot and found she would have to hop down the orgasm slammed through her leaving her screaming around her gag as her body shuddered and convulsed.

When she was done, she was exhausted, she could just make out her car that looked like a dot across the parking lot noticing it was already getting dark so she started shuffling figuring out how to skip/hop with her chains increasing her speed immensely. Lisa had just reached her car when she saw the security truck rounding the corner quickly driving off the opposite direction leaving the lot. Lisa drove home thinking about her plans for the evening debating on if she wanted to or not because of her earlier orgasms. The more she thought about it the hornier she became deciding as she pulled into the garage she would go through with her plans.

First thing was to get undressed, she shed everything but the belt and corset only opening the belt enough to insert her vibrators front and rear. Lisa snapped the lock closed on the belt taking her rubber catsuit and slipping her legs into it yanking it quickly up to her stomach. The suit was a smoky transparent latex with small openings for her breasts that with the corset pushing them up made them bugle vulgarly. Lisa loved tight rubber forcing her hands into the gloves and snapping the rubber over her shoulders reaching back and closing the seal along between her shoulders.

Now Lisa was really excited, she tugged and twisted her breasts out of the openings smiling knowing that when the rubber was pressed against her skin, she was done. The rubber was already squeezing the bases of Lisa’s breasts, arousing her more, and driving her to fetch her strongest nipple clamps. The clamps were clover style with rubber bands wrapped around the tips making them hold much firmer just as Lisa preferred. Lisa squeaked slightly as she set the clamps firmly then hummed in satisfaction as the pain eased slightly. Lisa closed her heavy steel manacles around her wrists guaranteeing she was stuck in her catsuit, corset and belt for the duration.

Encased in rubber Lisa quickly forced her feet into her ballet boots lacing them up to her knees. The boots were new to her at this time so she wasn’t adept in walking in them yet but loved being forced to endure them. Knowing her struggles to walk Lisa went ahead and locked her heavy manacles with short chains between them around her ankles and over the boots to keep herself from backing out and removing the en-point boots. She strapped the massive head harness around her head pulling the straps tight. Once locked the harness not only encaged her head it held the large phallus shaped gag deep in her mouth. The panel the gag was attached to was made from more thick leather and once stretched across her lower face it sealed her mouth completely.

She had hoped this would allow her to be the screamer, she was freed by muffling her voice knowing how loud she had been in the past. Having purchased it after being told it would silence her utterly and once locked there was no escaping it. The gag forced her mouth open wide to accommodate the phallus that she was already suckling on. Lisa was getting more excited picking up her remaining gear and slowly walking to her patio. Reaching where she would be spending the next few hours, she wrapped two leather straps around her upper legs. Staying bent over she closed a digital padlock through the eye bolt in the concrete and the short chain between her ankle cuffs.

Lisa pulled a chain as tight as she could around the post locking each end to the sides of the steel belt around her waist, this pulled her filled ass tightly to the post. Lisa was close to being ready, moaning each time she bent over from the swinging nipple clamps. Lisa had already activated her program for the mag locks as well as her security station so as soon as she applied the final bonds she would be stuck until the program released her. Lisa sets the cords for her vibrators in the receptacles then locks two chains to her wrist cuffs.

The chains ran through a pulley at the top of the post, once connected all she had to do was let the weight on the chain pull it downwards. The weight was just to lower the chains, once it got low enough the mag lock unit would seize it, holding the chains and keeping her from pulling them back down. Lisa was grinning under the gag, she was already bound to the post, she could stay up right if she wanted to, being able to move her hands to the ends of the chains she would be bound but not in her favorite position. Lisa looked around seeing the dark sky and leant forwards raising her arms upwards as she did.

She couldn’t see the mag unit and continued to push her arms up until she heard the clank of the weight being grabbed by the magnet. Pulling her arms down she felt the chain stop her and knew she was now trapped in a strict strappado, leaning forwards, standing against the post in her ballet heels. Lisa pulled and twisted in her bonds, even hanging limply from her cuffed wrists being held so far up behind her back relishing the feelings of helplessness and discomfort as her nipples screamed with each breath. The first hour she was left to think about her situation, bound and gagged in the evening heat watching the sky get darker as she was held helpless on her porch.

Lisa was starting to feel the strain of her position, mostly concerned about her aching legs and throbbing feet as she shifted her weight back and forth trying to find a comfortable position. She hung limply in her bonds, resting her neck and staring at her pointed feet admitting she loves the way her feet look in the boots deciding she would learn to walk correctly in them. Lisa was suddenly bathed in bright light, the porch lights had come on when they had picked up her movement. “Shit!” Lisa mumbled into the gag, having forgotten to turn the motion sensor off before she started. Lisa had tall privacy fences all around her house but knew if someone looked hard enough, they would be able to see her.

Lisa started struggling pulling and twisting, raising herself up while reaching her hands higher, forgetting that if the chain dropped lower the magnet would grab it. When she stopped struggling Lisa realized she had lifted her hands up and was now almost hanging by her wrists. Lisa moaned and whined as her body swung side to side and the chain from her nipple clamps swung wildly increasing her discomfort. Lisa hung quietly waiting for the light to go off gasping in relief when the light finally turned off. She hung helplessly looking down at the ground and her pointed toes wondering why she liked doing this to herself.

It took another hour of her fighting her desire to struggle desperately while trying to keep the porch light off hearing her neighbor behind her come outside and start playing with their kids and dog. Lisa tried to look towards the noise, stopping herself when she realized it would turn the lights on. Lisa hung in the dark silently suffering as her toes and nipples screamed with pain and her shoulders starting to ache when suddenly her pussy and ass came to life making her jerk and start flailing. Lisa was struggling to breathe as the climax grew close making her forget about the lights and the kids next door.

Lisa was fighting and thrashing as her climax became intense and started moaning and whining as she swung harder back and forth. When she started to climax, she couldn’t stop herself from screaming under the gag and began thrashing and pulling herself up and kicking the post behind her. Lisa was hanging limply as she tried to catch her breath humming in deep satisfaction when she heard the kids being yelled at. Lisa stopped and listened to the woman telling her husband the police were on their way and to get the kids inside. Lisa suddenly realized they had not only heard her but thought something was wrong and had called the cops.

As the situation sank in Lisa remembered that the vibrators were set to come on at the end of her incarceration snapping her head to the side to try and see the timer. Lisa struggled with her restraints as her body swung frantically finally feeling her wrists start to lower. Lisa scrambled to loosen her restraints, having to wait on the digital padlock to open pulling and tugging at the locks on her head harness desperately wanting to remove it before the cops got there. As soon as the lock beeped Lisa yanked it open, grabbing her gear and headed into the house.

Lisa was scrambling to unlock the harness praying what she was hearing outside was not a police car pulling up. Lisa had just ripped the harness and gag from her head when the doorbell rang, making her squeal slightly and scan the room for something to cover herself with. Lisa cleared her throat before yelling, “I’ll be right there!” Shuffling to her hall closet grabbing her winter coat tying the sash as she walked on her toes to the door. Lisa opened the door a crack poking her head out and asking what was wrong? Lisa allowed the cops to look in her back yard telling them she would meet them out back shuffling as quickly as the boots and short chain allowed.

The officers looked around, not paying any attention to the dangling chains but insisting on walking through the house on their way out. Lisa stepped aside letting the officers in watching them look around as they walked through the house, one walked towards her bedroom turning before reaching it and joining them at the door. Lisa smiled and chatted, trying to keep her latex covered hands and shining steel cuffs covered hoping no one noticed her footwear or her ankle cuffs, or the small cords that were dangling under her coat brushing her latex covered legs. Lisa stood leaning on the door to steady herself as the police explained what was going on asking if she had heard anything.

Lisa told them that no, she had been working out, and that was why she was wearing the coat. The cops smiled and said they were sure that was it, both pointing to her feet and smiling. Lisa blushed deep red as the officers left the house chuckling to themselves. Lisa stood on her front porch, waving at the cops letting her coat come open exposing her corset, belt and pinched nipples laughing as they turned and waved back. Lisa was so shocked at the response of the cops wondering what they must think of her now.

Lisa hung the coat up walking proudly on her toes laughing at how she suddenly could walk much better in the toe boots, “All I had to do was call the cops!” She thought laughing until she looked at her face in the mirror seeing the deep lines on her face clearly showing the lines from the harness. Since that night Lisa searched for something to muffle her screams of ecstasy while wearing her toe boots as often as possible. Lisa continued wearing her corsets and steep high heels to work and out every day waiting for a month before locking her chastity belt around her waist for two weeks this time.

When she started working from home, she was excited and as soon as her equipment and computer for work were set up and working properly, she started working naked and bound almost every day. Lisa covered her computer cameras just in case someone tried to be cute and turn it on remotely but other than that her production went up. Lisa was wandering the neighborhood one day seeing a yard sale sign and went to see if they had anything good finding her next project sitting in front of her. The freezer was from the fifties, very solidly built, not too big but big enough to hold her inside comfortably.

As soon as she had the freezer cleaned out and the internals of the heavy latch removed Lisa climbed inside it. Immediately she found out it was deep enough to hold her in a sitting strappado. Squealing, she made some mental notes of what she would need and climbed out. The freezer already had small holes drilled through the sides from when it was bolted to the wall so she knew there would be plenty of air. The box had been delivered to her house and set on back porch, they had cleaned it thoroughly but of course Lisa cleaned it again before setting up three mag locks across front of the lid so once activated, they would hold the lid closed.

With its insulation it was essentially sound proof meaning she could finally enjoy herself without holding back, not wanting to have a repeat of the cops being called by neighbors hearing her screams even while gagged. Now she could enjoy being bound and gagged having multiple orgasms while trapped inside her dungeon and not disturb anyone. Lisa completed her preparations then inserted her vibrators; they could get her off with ease, having multiple settings all controlled by an app, being able to set to change modes in whatever intervals she wanted. Having tested the box several times Lisa was confident it worked perfectly.

After she inserted the vibrators, Lisa slipped into two latex catsuits before wrapping her corset around her waist. She knew she would have to pull the corset much tighter so her chastity belt would still lock around waist. The belt would trap her in the tight corset and rubber while sealing the vibrators inside her leaving their cords dangling so she can plug them in once inside the box. Since she would be trapped sitting with her legs out in front of her this time Lisa laced her ballet boots to her knees before locking wide steel cuffs around her ankles, the cuffs had a short chain connecting them to be used once inside. Lisa was already wearing her large gag and head harness that was locked in several places with a stiff posture collar forcing her head backwards slightly.

An excited Lisa pulled her gloves up to shoulders before she locked matching steel cuffs around her wrists and above her elbows. Her hands were shaking as she eased carefully out onto her back porch, carrying her remaining gear, grunting as she bent forwards to look into the box. She sat on the edge of the box grunting as she swung her bound legs into the box, smiling as her toes touched the bottom. She had placed the box so the openings were facing the wall, so very little light or sound could get in. Lisa had tested to see if it was sound-proof by placing a portable stereo inside and shutting the lid. She turned it up all the way with a remote, being shocked at how little she could hear outside.

She looked at the handles she had placed around the inside, each was bolted to where the shelves had been attached giving her multiple places to connect her bonds to if she wanted. Today she would just sit inside bound and gagged being trapped for a few hours before being released. At least she would be able to open the lid, all of her keys were still in her security unit, some would open in a few hours’ others would not open for a few days. This meant she would have to struggle on her toes into the house to be able to at least partially free herself.

Once trapped inside she wouldn’t be able to stop the vibrators or unplug them since she couldn’t move away from them. With her ankles chained to the ring on the bottom she wouldn’t even be able to twist to pull them apart either, delicious she thought to herself. Lisa had mounted the battery backup and controls with the cables where the compressor had been, so the unit just looked like an old freezer. All the cords were inside except the one leading to a plug in the side of her house. Lisa leaned forwards to drop the chain between her ankles inside the open ring mounted in the floor of the box.

The ring would open only when the lid was raised so once she closed it her ankles were chained in place until the lid was opened again. As she fought to get the chain in the loop, the three bells she had attached to her nipples by small padlocks through her piercings dangled in between her knees. The bells were a new favorite torment of hers, the constant chiming becoming quite irritating very quickly and with them locked on they couldn’t be removed and could become uncomfortable from the weight. Also tormenting her nipples were her extra tight clamps, the chain from them hanging down and the small padlock on it pulling her nipples downwards with it.

With the tight corset crushing her waist it was also pushing her breasts up more adding a new sensation as Lisa bent forward. Lisa couldn’t turn her head very far so plugging the cords into their sockets proved difficult but finally she had everything plugged in and thought she was ready, reaching up and closing the lid. She had marked small boxes in glow in the dark paint where each mag lock had been placed. She shoved the lock and buckle of the head harness against the one in the center of the lid, feeling the magnet grab the steel and pull the harness tighter. Smiling, she reached behind her back, pushing her wrists up towards the center of the lid behind her.

Lisa felt the plate attached to her cuff on one wrist get pulled to the lid, moving the other around quickly as she strained to force her arms higher until suddenly the other plate snapped to the lid, sealing her fate. She is now trapped, her ballet booted feet pressed into the bottom edge of the box. The head harness was being held tightly to the lid and her wrist cuffs were being pulled tight up and back from behind her against the other end of the box. Lisa’s knees were spread wide letting her rigid torso and neck push between them being supported by her harnessed head held securely to the lid.

Lisa was effectively held in a sitting strappado, allowing her no freedom of movement. She was only able to wiggle her ass but even that was difficult due to the odd position her feet were held in. Lisa tried to force her knees closer together, driving her pointed toes tighter into the corner as she did. Her restraints and her bound head with her wrists pulled back were keeping her taut between the strong magnetic bases and the closed ring in the floor. She loved the feeling of being bound and gagged with the attached bells on her nipples tormenting her with their constant jingling.

Each bell was bigger than the one above it, adding considerable weight to the padlocks through her pierced nipples, but it was the vibrations and the constant noise from the steel bells that made it so deliciously frustrating for her. Lisa heard a noise; unable to hear it again she sat and waited for her vibrator torture to start. The trash collection truck stops by her side gate, with two men rolling a large dolly through her gate to her back porch. The two men pick up the box, moving it away from her porch, yanking the plug from the wall. They carry it to the dolly with her trapped inside, her keys are in the house and her phone lying on a table near the box.

The men are talking about the neighborhood association ordering them to pick up the old unit, one telling the other they were to take it to the association's storage lot until they can decide what to do. The men hoist the box onto one end leaving a confused and screaming Lisa hanging from her cuffed ankles, the new position also pulling the head harness much tighter as her body shifted backwards. She can only ride along as they roll her to the truck and roughly set it in the back of the truck. They had tried to open it, finding it sealed, and figured it was stuck from being outside for so long. Lisa was frantically trying to let them know she was inside but nothing could be heard or her futile struggles felt from outside.

The men only drove a few blocks before backing into a gated area and flipping the box the opposite way leaving Lisa screaming as she hung by her wrists and head harness. They rolled it to the fenced lot essentially dropping it inside making her feel like her arms, and more importantly her nipples, were being torn off from the drop. Once Lisa recovered, she felt the vibrators come on, she noticed they were still on pulse mode two seconds of low then ten seconds off. Waiting a few minutes for them to change, Lisa realized she had been moved out of range of her phone! She sat, frantically struggling, wondering how far away she had been moved and by whom and why.

Lisa fought her bonds for hours, being tormented by the slow buzz of the vibrators and the jingling of the bells, with her nipples screaming and wondered how long the battery backup would keep her helpless. Lisa was thrashing in her bonds as the heat built inside the box, making her sweat profusely in her rubber. She realizes she has no keys to any of her restraints and has no idea where she had been left or who had taken her. Obviously, they wanted the freezer, since there was no way they knew she would be inside it. Eight hours of sweating and struggling later Lisa’s arms dropped behind her and she flopped backwards as the mag locks all shut down.

It took her another hour before she pushed up on the lid, feeling it move, thankful to be able to stand seeing only darkness around her. She turns, still standing in the box, and sees the neighborhood recreation center. Suddenly flashes of the HOA letters she had been receiving and ignoring go through her memories and she curses herself for not reading them. She realized she was only a few blocks from her house; concerned about making the journey bound and gagged and how long it would take, she thought maybe she should wait until tomorrow night, and leave when it first gets dark. Lisa stood, remembering how terrible it was to sit in the box when it got hot, knowing the sun would make it worse, she sat back on the edge and swung her bound and pointed feet out of the box.

Walking was very slow and very wobbly, the collar and corset wouldn’t allow her to bend to look down and she fell twice struggling to get back up to her pointed toes that were screaming in pain. The few blocks took hours, having to dodge the oncoming cars and barking dogs that heard her clicks from her boots and her bells. It was the damn bells that made it impossible for her to be quiet as she walked, unable to hold all of them and needing her hands for balance. Lisa had removed the clamps, being able to only try and support the strings of steel ringing incessantly with every step or wobble.

The long walk and the building frustration was starting to arouse Lisa as the phallus and plug inside her shifted and moved under her rubber skin. The night air felt great on her latex covered skin and exposed breasts. She was starting to really enjoy her bound stroll through the neighborhood when she reached her house. Lisa had to walk around the back to go in the gate, within seconds of getting in range of her phone her vibrators went to high speed with random pulses, almost making her drop to her knees. Lisa struggled to her phone, still lying on the table, and debated leaving the vibrations going for a moment before turning them off.

She stumbled into her home suddenly exhausted, locking the door barely making it to her bedroom before collapsing on the bed. Waking the next day still bound and gagged she whined around the gag as she struggled to unlock the harness, cursing the damn bells for making so much noise. Finally able to remove the boots, she whimpered as she rubbed her sore feet, until she could stand and remove the latex. She wanted to shower but had to get something to eat and drink first. Carrying half a sandwich with her, she turned on the hot water, finishing it just before climbing into the shower.

The shower turned into a bath with her falling asleep again, dreaming about her box. She had started calling it her coffin when she was still trapped in the hot box. Waking, she was mad about having it removed and wanted it back. Monday morning, after a lot of yelling and threatening, she had gotten it all straightened out, demanding the HOA return it promptly. Lisa added to make sure it didn’t get treated roughly like it had when it was taken. The woman on the phone wondered how she knew it had been treated roughly. The lady sat reviewing the security video to see if they had been overly rough with-it. She answered a phone call while on fast forward and had to rewind back seeing something odd.

She ran back to where the freezer had been dropped off then sat scanning forwards until it was much later. She was stunned seeing the lid lift by itself then an oddly dressed woman climb out of it. The picture was grainy but she knew it was her neighbor that was clearly gagged wearing something crushing her waist and knee-high boots and a new idea formed about how she was going to get to know her neighbor much better.


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