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by Sammy4187

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© Copyright 2008 - Sammy4187 - Used by permission

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I was returning from an early closing on a piece of property that had come in and had turned it around quickly which meant the profit was going to be very nice. I own and operate my own real estate company - Rose Reality. It’s small but it’s doing very well, I believe it’s due to the fact I can give each client that personal feel when we deal with them.

As I pulled into the small parking area behind the office I had to smile. There in its normal place was Sara’s pink VW beetle. The car matched her perfectly. I can remember the first day she walked into the office looking for a job. I looked up and I think I fell in love with her at that moment. She was petite, she had short blond hair cut in a boyish fashion and her green eyes just melted my heart. I never thought I could have feelings for another woman like I have for her.

I have kept those feelings to myself, I try to keep a professional atmosphere in the office but I must admit I do send her flowers on special occasions and treat her very well. I do find myself staring at her from my desk from time to time and she has caught me several times in the past. She always seems to smile back at me when she catches me looking at her. I suddenly realize I was still sitting in my car daydreaming, I better get going!

As I enter Sara greeted me and handed me an envelope. It was from out of state and when I opened it, it contained a letter, security codes and two sets of keys. It was from a woman who I had worked with & her husband in the past on a real estate purchase downtown. In the letter she said her husband had died and she had sold the business. She then moved to Florida and she would like to sell the building. The new owner of the business had moved the business to a larger building. The letter said to just handle the transaction and she would like to close this as soon as possible. I handed Sara the extra set of keys and asked her to put them in the key box for safekeeping. We always keep any extra sets of keys in a safe place as backup.

On Friday, I decided to inspect the property on my way home. As I arrived the building looked in good condition from the outside. I entered the outer front glass door and secured it behind me. The outer glass vestibule was like an oven, and then I opened the inner glass door and deactivated the alarm system with the code and started my inspection. The building was three stories and I found the first floor had a row of offices across the back wall and there were desks and chairs and boxes piled around. There were also several piles of temporary wall for cubicles up against the steel beams scattered thru the large open space.

Using my laser-measuring device the building was 200 feet wide and 100 feet deep. The 200 feet was the front side of the building. There was about 20 feet of grass separating the front of the building and the sidewalk. There was a building across the street that had a business in it and I could see people moving around in the offices. There was a freight elevator on the back wall but the power was turned off to it. I went back to the front entrance area and entered the stairwell walking to the second floor. It was dusty and dimly lit.

The second floor was the same as the first except there were no offices along the back wall. Walking around, I again noticed the building across the street. It looked like more offices and a conference room, there was a meeting going on in one of the rooms. I walked to the far end of the room looking for any sign of trouble when I started to notice the bare vertical steel beams spread out over the area. I started to think this might be a great place for a self bondage adventure.

As I walked back for some reason I had the feeling I was being watched. It suddenly realized the people in the building across the street probably could see my bright yellow pants suit I was wearing. I walked back to the stairs and went to the third floor. As I entered the first thing I noticed was the view of the city. It was a clear day and it seemed you could see every detail of the buildings in the distance. The third floor was the same as the first two, more steel beams, there had to be a good use for them I thought to myself. It was just starting to get a little dark when I was leaving and I took note of the time.

Over the weekend I thought about the building and I started to make my plans and take notes on things I would need to purchase. The following week I continued to work on my plans and made several trips to the mega hardware store and the craft store. I had decided to have my adventure on this coming Friday.

As I was leaving on Friday I told Sara I would be stopping at the new listing to check out the building. Sara had everything caught up at the office so I told her she could leave early. Sara was delighted and gave me a big smile and a wave as I headed out the door.

I parked my car in the rear of the property so it would be out of sight from the street. I locked my car and opened the trunk. I removed my jacket and placed it with my purse in the trunk. My house keys were in my purse. I removed the metal toolbox from the trunk I had purchased specially for my adventure today. I closed the trunk. I kept the car keys and the keys to the building. I locked the outer glass doors and the inner lobby glass doors behind me and deactivated the alarm system. Both these door required a key to open them from the inside.

I walked to the far end of the building, carrying the toolbox and stopped when I reached the farthest point from the entrance of the building. Opening the toolbox I removed a key that was labeled #1 from the tray inside. I place the key on the windowsill, noting it was at waist high. I closed the toolbox and started walking back to the stairwell. As I walked I noticed how my heels echoed in the room. The stairwell seemed cool and deserted and felt a little creepy with only the faint exit signs lighting the area.

I opened the door to the second floor and walked to the far end of the room. I place the toolbox of the floor and opened the lid. From the tray I removed a length of chain and a padlock marked #1. I ran a chain around the steel beam and picked up a key from the lid of the toolbox marked #2. I then locked the #2 key to the steel beam with the lock and chain.

Closing the toolbox I headed for the third floor. Reaching the third floor I again walked to the far end and place the toolbox on the floor next the steel beam. Kneeling down I opened the toolbox and removed the tray and set it aside. Standing I removed my blouse and bra, folded them neatly. My skirt and panties came next which were folded and placed on the pile. This would leave me only in garter belt, stockings and high heels.

Looking to the tray I removed two small padlocks, these will lock my high heel on my feet. I smiled to myself that no one notices I had modified the straps on my shoes to accept the locks. I was getting excited just looking into the bottom of the toolbox.

I knew it was time to continue.

The first item would be my leather collar. It is three inches wide and has three “D” rings one on each side and one in the middle front. I placed it around my neck and pulled it snug against my throat. There was no need to use a lock on it since if you can’t reach it with your hand there was no way it could be removed.

Next was my pride and joy, a chastity belt! This was the best money could buy, I spent way too much for it but once I started adding extras to it I could not help myself. I had “D” rings added to both sides and in the back of the waistband. I had an additional “D” ring added to the bottom of the front plate. I got it with the high security locking devices on the waist belt and the front security shield. I had purposely left the keys to my belt at home so I could extend my adventure. I would want out of the belt badly by the end of my adventure, but too bad for me. I would be excited to say the least and I just hoped I would not be pulled over by the police for speeding in my haste to get home and the keys.

I placed the belt around my waist and clipped the two sides together. Then I positioned the front piece and secured it with the locking device. I installed the security shield and secured that. I then did what I always do; I pulled and pushed to prove to myself that there was no escape from the belt. There never is, that’s why I love it so much. The belt was made for me and I have found I can wear it under most dresses and some slacks. I just love talking to Sara or a client and them having no idea I’m locked in steel.

The next item was my handcuffs and a padlock. I locked the center link of the cuffs to the “D” ring in the middle of the waistband in the back with the padlock. My leg irons were next; I cuffed one ankle and then the other. I double locked them so they would not over tighten on me. I just love the feel of being cuffed; there is no escape with out the key!

Looking into the tray I found the 12-inch length of medium chain with the two quick links. I opened the quick link and found the center link of the leg irons and screwed it closed. I removed two open-end wrenches that were in the tray of the toolbox and tightened the link so it could not be opened by hand. Making sure the chain was not twisted I connected the other end to the “D” ring at the base of the front shield of the belt with the other quick link making sure it was secure with the wrenches. I replaced the wrenches in the tray and removed the next item.

Swimmers goggles, they fit over just the area around the eyes and I modified them by painting the outer sides with two coats of black paint. I would be only able to see straight ahead and have no peripheral vision further hampering my activities. I place them on my head but not over my eyes.

There was only three more items to get. I had found these at the craft shop and I thought it would add to the adventure. I removed two solid brass bells from the toolbox. They are about one inch in height and have some weight to them. I had tied thin nylon string to the top of both of them and slipknots on the other ends. I pinched my nipples to make them grow and slipped the loops over them and made sure they would not come off easily. I knew the weight and swaying motion would make my nipples grow with excitement.

The last item was a light stick that I put aside. I was now ready to take the final steps of the adventure. I placed my clothes in the bottom section of the toolbox and replace the tray in the toolbox. I made sure the keys for my restraints were in the tray and I placed the keys to the building next to them. I would be locked in the building with no escape with out the keys. I closed the lid and ran the chain around the steel beam. I placed the padlock in the ends of the chain and locked the tool box to the steel beam and locking the box at the same time. I was now beyond the point on no return. If I did nothing more I would still have to make the trek to recover the keys.

I reached up and positioned the goggles over my eyes and almost at once realized how this was going to hamper my progress. I then picked up the light stick, bent it and shook it. I attached it to the “D” ring on my collar in front. Quickly I reached behind me and placed my wrists in the handcuffs attached to the back of my chastity belt. As I knelt there I took inventory of my situation. I was locked inside a vacant building, no one knew I was there, locked in a chastity belt, handcuffed, wearing leg irons and my vision restricted.


Looking thru the goggles the green glow of the light stick gave the room a creepy feeling. The sound from the two bells pulling at my nipples seemed even louder in the emptiness of the room and I thought I better get started because the sun was going down. I soon found out that was easier said than done. When I tried to stand the chain from the bottom of the chastity belt pulled the center of the leg irons and drastically reduced my ability to balance so I could stand up. I shuffled to the nearest wall on my knees so I could use it to help me balance as I tried to get to my feet. After several false starts I made it but soon found my ability to take a step was severely reduced.

I started my journey to the stairs and it seemed to be taking forever. I stopped and looked back at the tool box locked to the steel beam holding all my clothes and the key to my freedom and could not believe how little distance I had traveled. When I reached the stairwell I had a hard time pushing the door open because with my feet so close together I would have to use my body weight to push it open without loosing my balance. I barely got thru the door and then had to ponder how I would get down the stairs without falling. I certainly did not want to wind up in a pile at the foot of the stairs.

After some consideration I was forced to take one step at a time, the bells were making a terrible racket that I thought would wake the dead. I had reached the middle of the first flight of stairs when I almost lost my balance and fell but was able to recover. I was then forced to sit on the step and take one step at a time. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs my bottom was filthy and it made me feel even more humiliated. Getting the door open to the first floor was another matter. Because my feet were restricted I again had problems with getting the door open. I was just able to squeeze thru the door.

Finally I was on the first floor and started towards the far end of the building. The bells were ringing loudly because of my restricted walking and the light stick swung back and forth. As I walked towards the far end of the building there was a flash of light. I froze in my tracks, a car came down the street and I was terrified I would be caught, considering I was bathed in a light green glow. I was so scared I didn’t even turn my head to see if there was any reaction from the passing occupants of the car. Much to my relief the car passed into the distance I continued my slow journey across the vast empty space.

I walked to the far window on the front side of the building where I place the key on the windowsill. Another flash of light, I looked around but could not any cars in the street, maybe it was one of the outside security lights coming on. As I stood there looking out the window I had a perverse pleasure in my predicament. I even leaned forward and pressed my breast against the cold glass of the window enjoying the thrill of being caught as I was.

Another flash, I thought it would be nice if the outside security lights would come on at the same time. I noticed lights go on in the building across the street and I ducked behind the wall under the window. I waited for a while and then peaked over the ledge to see if they were still there. The light was on but I seen no one so I quickly stood up turned around and grabbed the key.

I was starting to worry because it was now getting darker and my progress seemed painfully slow. The constant swinging of the bells on my nipples was starting to get to me. They were rock hard and seemed to be sending me messages with every step. It seemed to be getting warm to me and I realised it was probably the excitement building. By the time I reached the door to the stairwell I was to say the least turned on but I knew I could get no relief while I wore the chastity belt.

I thought the trip down the stairs was slow but going up was worse! I now had to hold the key with out dropping it. I could just see the key bouncing down the stairs to who knows where. Basically I had to go backwards up the every step on my bottom and I was now lifting myself at every step. I had to turn my head for every step to judge the height of the next step. Another flash of light, my head spun around but there was nothing to see in the green glow of the stairwell. I thought maybe I was dreaming till I noticed the exit sign seem to be flickering a little. My legs were getting tired and I was starting to sweat which only caused any dust I stirred up to stick to my moist skin. My hair was starting to work its way loose from all the bouncing on the steps.

The second floor was finally reached and I found my legs were wobbly when I tried to stand. The door to the floor seemed to be even heavier when I tried to open it. I was having so much trouble opening the door I became afraid I would get stuck in the stair well. I had to reach the key of the second floor no matter what because there was no escape without it.

Flash, I got to report those lights and have them fixed by the new owner!

The door finally opened and I started across the open space as best as I could. I was tired but turned on and I pretended my captor was making me do all this for his amusement as he watched me from a hidden video control center. About half way across the room another flash! I was getting use to the flashes but still it startled me when it happened. I could see people moving around on the second floor of the building across the street. It looked like a cleaning crew moving from room to room. I was getting better at walking and my progress was improving.

Reaching the beam where the second key was attached I still had trouble getting down and into position to get at the key. It was very cumbersome to get down on my knees and then sit back so I could roll over on my side to retrieve the key. As I lay there trying to get the first key into the lock lying on the floor I realized my hair was laying in the dust and dirt. I thought I must really look like a damsel in distress.

Another flash! My mind started to fantasize about my captor taking pictures of me to blackmail me into becoming their private slave to do with as they wish. This just fueled my excitement.

Finally the lock popped open and I felt the key in my hand. I retrieved the chain and lock and second key. Once again getting up was a problem but I had to move to get my reward. Holding the chain, lock and keys now became a problem. I almost dropped one on the locks and the idea of getting down on my side to retrieve it was not a pleasant one.

One more trip to the stairs.

I don’t know if it was my imagination or not but I swear the stair well was even darker that before. It then struck me the light stick could be fading so I shook my chest in an attempt to stir up the light stick. All I accomplished was to stir myself up. Between the bells pulling on my nipples and the noise they were making added to the possibility of somebody might hear, gave me a small thrill. I stood there looking at the stairs. They looked like they went on forever into the darkness. Once again the task of going up one step at a time just increased my humiliation. My hair was now damp and hanging in my face. I thought I must look like a whore that was ridden hard and put away wet.

Another flash, I started to worry about the goggles. Maybe they were causing the flashes since they were snug around my eyes?

The third floor door was a relief to see but not any easier to get past. As I entered the room I could see the high-rise buildings in the distance lit up for the night and thought how nice they looked. I was now tired, thirsty and dirty and I was moving even slower. I kept my eye on the far end of the room as I made my slow trek across the last mile. Stopping I looked down at the steel box that held my release and I really didn’t want to get down on the dusty floor to open the lock but I knew I must to gain my freedom from the situation I had placed myself into.

I slowly sank to my knees and then sat back on my heels. I rolled to my right and landed with a thump. I dropped the chain, lock and keys on the floor and took a breather. It was harder to find the keys this time because they were mixed in with the chain. I finally found the key and then the lock. It took a moment to get the orientation on the key correct but it finally slipped in.

Suddenly there was a series of flashes!

I was blinded by the flashes and could not make out what was happening. I thought for a second I was having some sort of a medical emergency!

"Well, well what do we have here? It looks like a submissive bondage slut having a good time!"

It took me a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and see who was standing over me.

I could not believe my eyes, it was SARA!

"After you left, I realised that you'd forgotten your camera to take the pictures of the building for the web page, so I thought I'd bring it to you!"

"You know boss, you should hide you're dirty little secrets on the computer better! I found all the pictures and web pages that you look at while you're at work, remember you gave me access. At first I was a little shocked, but then thought it would be fun to have a good looking woman like you as my private slave! I've been taking pictures of your little adventure tonight and I'll send them to your clients and friends if you disobey me!"

"Maybe I'll replace the pictures of the homes on your web pages with the pictures I've taken tonight! But you would like that slut, wouldn't you?"


I looked up at her and burst into tears. "Why are you being so mean to me? I’ve always treated you with kindness and love!"

I started to cry and sob and just lay on the floor.

Sara suddenly dropped to her knees and lifted my back onto her lap. Sara started to cry.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I would never hurt you, I love you! You have been wonderful to me!"

"I've known about your interests for sometime and thought you would like this little role-play! I'm so sorry, I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you!"

As I got myself under control I relished Sara had said she loved me twice in the last minute, did she really mean it?

"You love me?"

"Yes, I fell in love with you soon after starting working for you, but I was afraid to tell you! I found you're little secret and I became interested and started looking at your computer to see what you liked."

She leaned down and removed the goggles from my eyes and looked into them. She then kissed me with such warmth and tenderness I started to cry again.

"What's the matter, did I do something wrong?"

"No, it's just I’ve wasted so much time, I should have told you how I felt".

Sara held me and brushed the hair from my face. "Should I release you?"

"No, can I finish my adventure PLEASE!"

"Would you like me to continue my role-play?"

"Oh yes that would be wonderful, I give myself to you!"

"Very well slut! Get on with it!"

Much to my surprise my hands picked the correct key and the lock opened in my hand. I went limp and just laid there with relief. Sara continued to take picture after picture, aren’t digital cameras wonderful!

Finally the lock fell from the toolbox and with my fingers I opened the hasp. I got back on my knees and bushed the lid open to finally see the keys lying in the tray of the toolbox. I sat on the floor and backed up until I could reach into the lid and retrieved the key. I felt around until my fingers found the key ring holding the keys.

Suddenly Sara reached in and took the keys from me. "I'll keep these for safe keeping!"

Sara opened the top two buttons of her blouse and placed the keys in her bra next to her heart. I struggled to get to my feet as Sara took more pictures. I turned and faced her, she brushed my hair out of my eyes. I could see in her eyes there was warmth but also a devilish grin on her face. She reached and touched my nipples, they were very sensitive from the bells hanging from them and I moaned with her touch.

"I like the bells, maybe I'll make you wear them in the office so I know where you are all the time, would you like that?"

"Well maybe not at the office but when were at home playing?"

Sara picked up my toys and placed them in the toolbox and followed. She gave me a little push to start me walking. More pictures, she would have me stop and pose for her. Sara looked around to make sure there was nothing left behind. The only evidence we was there was a disturbance in the dust on the floor. Sara realized there was a bathroom on this floor at the other end of the building near the stairs.

We walked across the open space of the floor and I prayed there was running water in the restroom. She pushed opened the door and felt for the light switch. To my relief the lights flickered on. I suddenly realized it was the men’s room and for a second I thought I should not be here but quickly realized there was no one here. Sara pulled me in front of the mirrors and I looked like a hooker on a bad night.

She took more pictures showing me in the men’s room like some whore waiting for her next trick to enter. She even had me squat down near the urinals, tilt my head back and open my mouth wide. I did not get the significance of this pose until I saw the pictures later. I really did look like a whore. She turned on the water and with a splash it started to flow. She washed my dirty butt with some paper towels that were still lying around on the counter. Her rough scrubbing of my ass was very humiliating to have a younger woman touch me like that.

I loved every moment of it!

She got me to at least a passable state but I still could not repair my makeup since my purse was locked in the trunk of my car.

My legs were still a little shaky from my adventure. Our trip down the stairs was much easier than going up earlier with Sara help but there were several stops so she could take pictures. Pictures on the landings and on the steps with my legs spread wide showing the belt. We reached the inner door to the lobby and we forgot you needed the key to open the lock on the door. Sara put the toolbox down and opened it to retrieve the key.

I suddenly realized that I still had not gotten dressed and I was still only wearing my shoes, garter belt, stockings and chastity belt.

Suddenly a very naught idea popped into Sara’s mind. "It has gotten quite late and since it's Friday there should be no one in the area. I'm going to walk you up to your car like you are, if you make a fuss this little adventure might blow up in your face! You wouldn't want that to happen, do you slave?"

"No mistress!" I could not believe I just called this young woman, mistress. But it felt wonderful to me and it gave me a real sense of comfort.

She opened the inner glass door and set the alarm as we entered the vestibule locking the inner door behind us. We moved to the outer glass door and she inserted the key into the lock.

"Slave, go back and double check the inner door is secured."

I went to the door and tugged on the handle, it was locked.

When I turned towards Sara she was gone and no where to be seen!

I tried the outer door and it was locked!

I was locked in a glass cage where any one passing would see me. I was very scared but also very excited at the thought of being seen in my current condition. I turned this was and that looking for her but I could not see her anywhere. The bells on my nipples were making a lot of noise as I looked for her. As if by magic, Sara suddenly reappeared at the outer door.

"Did I scare you slave? Would you like me to leave you here to be found by all the people who work across the street?"

"No mistress!"

"Then get on your knees and beg me to release you and promise that you'll do whatever I tell you to do!"

I humbly got to my knees and looked up at my mistress. "Mistress please release me from this glass cage. I promise to be your slave and do what ever you ask of me!"

"Very good my dear, I'm impressed!"

Sara opened the door and I walked out of my cage. I suddenly realized I was standing on the sidewalk where anyone would see me if they passed.

"I want you to follow me, stay at least three paces behind me, do you understand slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

As I walked, Sara continued to take pictures, when we reached the corner there was a street light on the pole and she had me pose under the bright light for several more pictures. I found myself getting into it and posing without being asked. I found the whole idea of being outside and in a comprising position very naughty.

When we arrived at my car she opened the trunk and placed the toolbox with my clothes in the trunk. She then walked to her car, retrieved her purse and came back to my car. Opening the door Sara placed me in the passenger seat and closed the door. She then got in the drivers seat.

"It's a good thing your car has tinted windows, no telling who might have seen you tonight. It's a long drive home!"

With that she started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. The area was pretty well deserted but then she made a turn that didn’t make sense.

I looked at Sara.

"Is there something you want to say slave?"

"I think you made a wrong turn Mistress."

"Oh did I, well since we are heading this way I thought you might like a little drive."

I didn’t know what she way up to but I was sure I would find it exciting. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach as we drove; the area was becoming more familiar by the minute. Sara turned onto the main street of our town; we passed right in front of my office. The traffic in the area was moderate and I held my breath every time we stopped at a red light or stop sign.

There was a car load of teenage girl’s right next to us and I could see them looking right at me, I thought for sure they were going to start making a scene at any second. I guess the tinted windows kept my secret. I tried to slide down in my seat but Sara ordered me to sit up straight and stick my breasts out, she liked the way they looked. As we sat there waiting for the light to change next to the car load of girls she reached over and played with the bells hanging from my nipples.

Near the edge of town she turned into a parking lot of the local mall, it was Friday night so the place was hopping with teenagers and shoppers coming and going about their business. She parked only one row from the entrances to the mall and turned off the engine.

"I did have to get a couple for things for tonight, I never dremt this morning how today was going to turn out, did you? I'll be back in a couple of minutes, don't fuss or you might get caught!"

"Don't go away! Do you think I should lock the doors?" Sara said as she exited the car.

"Yes please, Mistress."

I sat there praying that no one would park near my car.

Suddenly out of no where a mother and two small children walked past my side of the car. It startled me and I jumped in my seat. The bells hanging from my nipples started to ring there merry tune. Both of the children stopped and asked their mother where the bells were coming from. The mother looked around and then looked right at me for a second but soon gathered the children and had them moving again.

Sara finally returned to the car caring a shopping bag, she placed the bag in the trunk and got back into the car.

"I’m glad you back mistress; I was scared sitting here by myself."

"I should think so slave, you would be in a very bad situation if you had been discovered!"

We continued our trip to my home without any further stops. It was about 10pm when we arrived and we parked the car in the driveway. I only had a short walk to the front of my house but I was still frightened a neighbor would see me. Sara got out and walked around the car and opened it and helped me out and told me to wait for her by the front door. Sara retrieved the shopping bag, toolbox and my purse from the trunk of the car as I waited for her.

Sara came to the front door and placed the bags and toolbox on the porch; she retrieved the house keys and opened the door. I moved towards the house, bad idea!

"And where do you think you're going? Slaves always follow their Mistress, correct slave?"

"Yes mistress, I’m very sorry!"

When we were inside Sara placed the bags and toolbox to one side. She then took the keys and released my hands and then the belt.

"I want you to tae a shower and wash your hair, do your make-up and make yourself beautiful for your Mistress!"

"Also clean up your toys, now go and don't take too long!"

I walked up stairs caring the toolbox, belt and cuffs. Sara fallowed me up the stairs and asked if there was a spare bedroom, I showed her to the room down the hall and I then headed for my bathroom. The hot shower never felt so good but I was very surprised by the amount of dirt I saw going down the drain. Washing my hair was wonderful I started to feel refreshed and relaxed. I dried my hair and did my makeup. I pulled my favorite robe around me and was excited to talk to Sara about tonight’s events, that’s when I saw the piece of paper under the door to the bathroom.

I picked it up and read it.

Dear Rose

When you are done, please come down stairs naked to the living room! You will find a pair of handcuffs outside the door, please cuff your hands behind your back. This is another test of you obedience to me.

Love Sara

I open the door, and yes they were there. I looked at them for a moment and without a second thought removed my robe and cuffed my hands behind me for her. I wondered what awaited me down in the living room. I stopped at the top of the stairs and called down to mistress for permission to come down.

"Yes, stand in the middle of the living room and close your eyes, do NOT open them, understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

I walked down and into the living room, Sara was not there, I centered myself facing the couch and closed my eyes as instructed. I heard her coming from the kitchen by the clicks of heels on the hardwood floor.

"Very nice, very nice indeed!" Sara placed a scarf around my eyes to make sure I could not see a thing.

"Did you know when a cowboy breaks in a new horse, he touches the animal everywhere to show that he will not harm the beast? That's what I'm going to do with you right now and I don't want you to move, can you do that for me?"

"I’ll do my best Mistress."

Sara started at my toes and ran her hand over every inch of my body, and I do mean every inch. By the time she was done I was very turned on by it. I had never been touch so gently and lovingly.

"Now, I want you to tell me everything about yourself and how you became interested in bondage, tell me about any other toys you might have hidden and where they are! I'm going to sit on the couch and get comfortable."

I started to tell her my life’s story, where I was born, where I went to school and where I went to college. I told her about my first sexual encounter and how I became interested in bondage. As I was talking Sara was still taking pictures of me naked in my own home. This went on for a long time and finally she said it was bed time. She took my blindfold off and I was stunned by what I saw in front of me. Sara must have bought all new sexy underwear for this weekend. She was wearing a matching black bra and panties set with a matching garter belt and a pair of black ankle strap high heels and black stockings. She was beautiful!

She took me to bed, but we did not get any sleep that night. The next morning came early when I was awakened by the smell of coffee drifting thru the house. I got out of bed and fixed my hair, I put a robe around me and went looking for her. I found her in the kitchen making breakfast. She was standing at the sink wearing one of my robes. She looked so cute; the robe looked big on her. I walked up to her and kissed the back of her neck; she turned and gave me a warm kiss.

"How are you today?" Sara asked.


"I hope that I didn't go too far yesterday?"

"I had the time of my life!" I replied.

That’s how it all started almost a year ago. We still get up and go to work everyday, if you saw us together you would think were just girlfriends. At work its business as usual, mostly. That is until Sara bought one of those little signs that you hand in the window that says 'We’ll be back at such a time.' You know the one with the clock that you can change the time on.

One day she got up and locked the door to the office and held up the sign so I could see it from my office. With a grin on her face she set the hands of the clock showing that we would not be back for two hours. She walked into my office and asked me to come to the conference room. When I entered, she had set up a picnic on the conference table complete with wine and flowers. She instructed me to sit at the head of the table. As I sat down I noticed the packet on the floor that she must have brought the food into the office in.

She came to me when I was seated and bent sown and kissed my neck. "I have a little surprise for you my dear."

She went to the basket and pulled something from the basket. Turning around she was holding handcuffs and leg irons.She quickly cuffed my hands behind my back and cuffed my ankles to the chair I was sitting in. She then started the picnic. She poured the drinks and fed me the meal with a lot of touching and kissing. By the end of the lunch to say the least I was hot and bothered!

This is how my life is going and I am truly a happy woman.

This past Christmas I presented Sara with a decorative metal box I bought at a flea market, it can be locked. I also gave her a gold necklace. Sara keeps all the keys to our toys locked in there and wears the necklace with the key to the box around her neck at all times.

I guess that brings you up to date with our lives. I hope you will find someone to share you special life with someday.


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