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The Meeting

by Voodoo

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© Copyright 2002 - Voodoo - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; F/ff; bond; straitjackets; wool; latex; spandex; cons; X

Jessica was amazed at how fast everything had gone. It seemed like only yesterday she had acted on her urge and had gone online looking for a playmate. It all started innocently enough with some small talk, but after a few emails, the real conversation had started. All this went through Jessica's mind as she lay on the hospital bed completely restrained. Slowly she drifted off again, completely oblivious of time.

It was a rainy Saturday when Jessica came back from the groceries. The image was still playing through her mind. She had seen a picture in publicity asking if she was sensory deprived. Jessica had stared at the completely swatted head and had gotten a jolt deep inside her. Immediately when she logged in she got the usual annoying men looking for a quick change from their respective partners, but after a while she saw a nickname that intrigued her, ‘SWF’ reminded her of a movie she once saw.

She started talking and not long afterwards they were talking privately, it turned out that SWF was a woman named Jan, and that her interest lay in self-bondage but more importantly in completely restraining other females. She told Jessica that she only took females to avoid several risks she would run with men. Jan gave her email address and asked Jessica to send her a list of things that interested her. Over the next couple of weeks they wrote each other several times and even met for coffee. It all remained quite innocent until that Friday evening, when Jan called and asked if Jessica was up for a new step. She received an email specifying what was expected from her.

The previous weeks had seen her purchasing all sorts of bondage materials and other, in her view, irrelevant stuff.

Jessica prepared herself putting on a corset with incorporated chastity belt, a pair of heavy legwarmers with reinforced knees, a double layered spandex catsuit and after inserting a sponge ball, locking panel gag.

The van entered the garage and Jan got out, she was as excited as was Jessica because she could see a future for them both.

Jan entered the house and saw Jessica waiting with the gag over her mouth, she asked if she was sure, Jessica nodded so Jan proceeded. First she made tight fists of Jessica hands by wrapping them in ace bandages. Next she removed Jessica's gag only to replace it by a double-layered woollen hood and a heavy duty leather hood. She then placed a leather straightjacket on Jessica and a locking posture collar.

Jessica felt herself being escorted to the van where she was motioned to sit down. All kind of straps were attached to all sides of the vehicle making sure she couldn't move an inch. Jan started the engine and drove to her house. She led Jessica to a part of the house that was completely transformed to look like a mental hospital. Here Jessica was taken to a room and was refastened to a bed. A while later Jessica felt her bonds being released and she saw Jan standing next to the bed with someone she didn't know. She was introduced as Sophie a close friend of Jan's who aided Jan in her bondage games as a backup.

Jan explained the plan to Jessica, they were both to be kept bound hand and foot during the whole weekend. In order to enjoy this in all safety, Sophie was going to be the one doing the overseeing. As it was almost midnight Sophie said it was time to begin. She had them both undress and let them go to the toilet. After this she fixed them both with industrial earmuffs, which were modified as such that they could be locked on. Both Jessica and Jan had been told that this way there was no need for gags as they wouldn’t know if the other was saying something or not. Next Sophie put soft but sturdy posture collars on them and a harness like horses wear with small panels next to their respective eyes. Jan was the first to be instructed to lie down on the bed with the fixtures.

She did so without hesitation and was fixed at the waist with a wide segufix band. Next her hands were attached to the waistband, as was a chest harness. All this was firmly attached to the bed with special magnetic locks. After inserting a small vibrating egg Jan's legs were encased in a woollen legging and were then too attached to the bed with segufix straps. Jan was now completely immobile deaf and virtually blind. While Jessica was fixed in a similar way Jan was glad that she had found the segufix site, explaining everything about the medical system to restrain unwilling patients to their beds. She had immediately bought two and now was glad she did.

After half an hour both women were fixed to their beds unable to hear or see the other and Sophie ready to switch off the light. Unknown to Jan, Sophie herself was into self bondage but didn't like being tied by someone else, so when Sophie got back to her room she put herself into a woollen catsuit with mittens and hood. She added a tight hood and some cuffs for which the keys were locked away until morning.

So at one o'clock in the morning the whole house went dark and silent as the three women squirmed in their respective bondage. When morning came Sophie woke up and undid her bonds, suddenly she stopped and thought, she slowly smiled. She quickly got dressed and ran to the post office. When she came back she put herself back in the catsuit leaving only her eyes free and she then went into the room. Her mouth was filled with a tube gag as she released Jan and Jessica from the segufix. When they came back from the bathroom she showed them paper it read:

Dear friends,
For some time now I have been into selfbondage, I
have decided to stay in my favorite bondage during
your weekend, I have locked the keys to my gag in a
timed safe and it will be released every so often
for me to feed myself. The keys to my catsuit will
be back here on Monday. Until then I will remained
in this gloved catsuit.
Enjoy your weekend.

Jan and Jessica were pleasantly surprised but even more when they were soon locked in matching straightjackets to their wheelchair which were locked in a row and they were wheeled to the kitchen for breakfast. When they returned they saw that Sophie had laid out woollen catsuits, scarves, hoods, and mittens in high bundles for their next session.


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