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The Mistress 2

by Selfbound.OR

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continued from part one

Part Two

She pulled her body from the chilly glass, her skin sticking a little, and admired the moist imprint her soft curves left.  She turned and made a bee-line for the corner of the hall, letting her noisy chains clank to a halt and stopping to listen and peek around the corner.  Again, she was alone in her game, nearing the finish, the door of her home in sight.  With quick feet, she quietly made her trek down the hall, pretty sure no one was still awake to hear the alarm of her bondage gear, "Next time, I'll wear something quieter."  At her door she breathed a sigh of relief and anxiety; there was no reason for her door to not open, but many other things happened that she didn't expect either.  She turned her back to the door, and exposed herself to the open hall and the rows of doors.  Her hands clambered for the knob and found it, giving it a slow turn.  As she heard the bolt open, she leaned her back against the door; silently rejoicing as it slid open.  She turned on her toes, jumped inside and closed the door. 

Finally, alone in her apartment, the sense of safety that eluded her all day came to her, and she flushed as she realized just what she had been through since yesterday morning.  She looked at the digital clock on her stove, bright in the dark, comforting shadows of her home, and saw it was almost 3AM.  The actual time brought home the reality of her ordeal and she strained in the metal, desperate to slough it off at the end of her adventure.  She entered the kitchen and turned her back to the wall, groping for the light switch.  After a few attempts, her finger found the switch and flicked the bulb to life.  As her eyes readjusted to the new light, her gaze fell on the counter, covered with color printouts she never saw before. 

She walked into the living room and looked at the letter sized photos spread out over the bar top, and a new pit formed in her stomach.  From one end to the other, full page color photos of her in various states of her bondage game highlighted her best and worst moments.  A picture of her right after starting, sitting on the edge of her box, admiring herself, was first, followed by pictures of her caught in the box, feet in the air, and a close-up of her, frightened and disoriented.  Another photo of her full body, prostrate and stretched on the floor was next.  There were picture of her coming up stairs, clearly showing her off her toys; arms behind her back, clamped nipples, her gag clearly visible and her shackled feet taking a careful step.  Sarah couldn't imagine how the woman managed to get these; perhaps she was already dazed and tired from her box dilemma.  Next came the pictures of her trapped and terrified behind the door, and the pain and anguish of her hours there came to the front of her mind.  Sarah drew in a sharp breath and her eyes grew wider with each picture cataloging the details of her sordid day; she started breathing heavier as her heart started to race in her chest. 

The last page on the counter was a printed note:


It's been a real pleasure watching a true bondage lover suffering all day, and I'm pretty sure toward the end, it was as much for my benefit as yours, at least I hope it was.  As you can see, I have been documenting your escapade, waiting with great anticipation for your journey to end so you could savor the fruits of your labor.  Every picture has made me want you more and I want so desperately to make you mine; and I'm not going to take 'no' for an answer.  Now that you've seen what I have, it is my request that you come to my apartment, 705, just down the hall, to make payment on the rescue services I rendered earlier.  Your self-bondage game is over, but your slavery to me is just beginning.  You may choose to refuse this offer, but please note that I removed all of the keys from your apartment as well as your Blackberry, chocked full of numbers and e-mail addresses.  As you know I have watched you quite intently all day, so I will know when you return to your apartment.  Failure to report to me within 15 minutes of reading this will result in my delivering the pictures you see to all of your friends and co-workers, as well as posting them on the building's intranet and Facebook page.  I am quite sure everyone will be as engaged with them as I am.  The clock is ticking...


As she read the last words of the note and learned the name of her tormentor, large drops splashed on the paper, smudging the ink a little.  A shaky stuttering exhale slipped out as her vision blurred from tears.  The remote feeling of desire she felt earlier for the mysterious woman now known as Maria was gone and utter dread filler her head.  She scanned the counter and the wall near the door to see in fact all of her various house, work and toy keys were gone.  Sarah stood in the middle of her living room, her guard down in the relative security of her dwelling, and she mourned aloud, pleading for help to the empty room.  She stumbled back onto the couch and sat for a minute to catch her breath and try to come to her senses.  She strained her bonds and everything that was leather, latex or metal grated against her sore, angry skin or made her throb with ache.  She looked at her clock... 3:02.  She had only a few minutes left if Maria planned to make good on her threat.  There wouldn't time, let alone the ability, to call anyone and explain her situation.  Sarah closed her eyes, humiliated and angry at herself for letting this happen, her body quaking with her breath.  With another stuttered exhale, she rose from the couch and padded softly to the door, resigned to her fate at the hands of the sadist across the hall.

Sarah stepped softly into the hall, not even caring if anyone was out there, and pulled her door shut behind her.  As she padded down the hall, her chains gave off the distinctive ringing rattle that she worked hard to cover all day, aware her captor was most likely listening for a signal.  Her steps were slow and deliberate; she wanted the short journey to take as long as possible, holding off the horror that awaited her for just a few seconds more.  Big tears formed in her eyes and ran down her cheeks and onto her tits as she lamented the reversal of her fortunes.  Despite her tormentor, Sarah had managed to stay hidden all day, indulging in the snug pleasures of her bonds, her vulnerability and nakedness enticing playthings she relished at every turn.  Now, making her short march to an unknown fate, her toys were menacing, the property of a new mistress she never agreed to.  Her cuffs and shackles held her helpless for Maria, and with what the woman had in her possession, Sarah had nothing to do but comply.  A warm bead of drool welled up from the corner of her mouth and ran down her chin and mingled on her chest with the tears she continued to shed.  As she stepped to the door of 705, she paused, thinking of countless escapes she could muster with enough time.  But she was duty-bound to report to her blackmailer and the tortures she had in store.

Sarah spent a full minute standing exposed at the threshold of apartment 705.  Her mind went blank as all options seemed beyond her reach except one, submission.  She turned around, revealing her full frontal to the empty hall, and knocked softly on the door.  Footsteps approached the door and it swung open abruptly, a naked Maria standing in the doorway, metal and leather chastity belt still buckled around her waist and crotch.  "You're right on time, but I'm not quite ready for you.  Wait here..." 

With that, Maria reach out and scooped up Sarah clamp chain and ran a little swallow's knot around the center of the chain with a thin, white string.  She gave the string a firm yank, pulling Sarah forward and off balance a little, and held the long end of the line against the door jamb and closed the door on it.  Sarah was still in the hall, but was now ordered to wait there with her nipples tethered to the door frame.  She gave a gentle pull, completely incapable of rendering a full fight on her now throbbing tips, and felt the resistance in the line trapped in the closed door.  Her shoulders shrunk forward a bit in a futile gesture to hide herself as she now could not enter the door or retreat from her new anchor.  A few minutes went by, and Sarah's tears flowed, terrified that of all the places Maria could leave her, out in the open public hall was the last place she wanted to be.  She gave her clamps a few feeble pulls only to immediately relent to the pain.  She tried to turn her back to the door again to knock, but the tether was too short and she was unable to turn far enough around.  According to some ghastly plan, she would have to wait for Maria to return from her preparations.

Another minute went by as Sarah strained to listen for the noise of people in the silent hall; only her whimpers and occasional involuntary gasps echoed with any force from the walls.  The door opened as abruptly as before and Maria greeted her with the subtlety of a nightclub bouncer, "In!"  With the door open, Maria had taken a firm grip on Sarah's leash and gave her a full hard pull to usher her forward.  Sarah yelped into her gag and stumbled clumsily, tripping on her hobble chain, still just registering that the door was open.  Inside, Sarah could barely see in the dark apartment, light-less save for a few candles spread about on tables and two wall sconces.  The sure smell of lube and latex and leather filled her nose and Sarah felt what bit of courage she had ebb quickly as the thoughts of what were making those scents made her cringe. 

Slowly, her eyes adjusted to the dark and she started to make out details of the living room.  It looked exactly like hers', only reversed; features she knew on the right were on the left and so on.  Two large bookshelves were against the near wall, the books facing the wall.  Where the book shelves seemed to belong before they were slid across the room, planks of wood secured to the wall had large metal rings spread across them, a variety of anchor points to which obvious victims had and would be tied.  A table stood near the door covered with a familiar assortment of naughty toys, and she trembled inside a little at the thought of what would be used on her.  Sarah turned at the sound of a heavy object being dragged behind her, and Maria finished pushing a thick, full-sized mattress in front of the door, "Believe it or not, most noise leaks through the front door.  This really deadens the sounds you'll be making." 

Sarah could still barely see as Maria deftly walked around her in the dark and another yank directed her to take tentative steps into the unknown space, still mostly obscured by shadow, toward the ringed brackets in the wall.  Maria's hand held the short chain between Sarah's breasts harshly, imparting a constant light strain on her delicate tips; a shiny carabiner appeared and snapped onto the chain which was quickly fastened to one of the rings, making Sarah a full-fledged prisoner of the room.  She gave her cuffs another tug, imagining that now was the time they would fail to hold her; but she quickly gave up, and stiffly connected to the wall, she stood there and awaited her next command.

Maria ran hot hands over Sarah's back, encircling her pinioned arms with her fingers, and ran long sensuous strokes up and down.  At her cuffed wrists, the domme's hands slid to the front, tickling Sarah's mound with slow small circles before making the journey north, over her stomach, teasing the underside of her chained tits and giving the clamps a little twist, sending the new hostage into a deep, eyes-closed moan.  Sarah couldn't help but lean back into Maria, feeling their warm, wet skin rubbing against one another; and Maria wrapped her arms lovingly around her new helpless guest.  Sarah could feel Maria's face in her back, making more slow circles, her nose probing under her arms and sliding down to her ass, breathing deeply, "Your aroma is enticing... you've been bound and hot all day, sweating, agonizing, struggling, every desperate attempt and failure registering as a quiver in your dripping pussy.  You've loved every helpless moment you've lived today, and I can smell the musk of your desire from it." 

Maria ran a long course of sensory exploration with her mouth, tongue and nose from the base of Sarah's neck, slowly over her arms, her back, her ass, down her trembling legs, ending with soft kisses on her bare feet and ticklish little probes with her fingers on her soles.  Sarah tried to resist the invasive examination, but Maria was insistent and quite in charge.  Sarah's freedom was out of the question and the sinister woman indulged herself in her new toy.  Maria rose back to her feet to meet Sarah's defiant gaze, a look that promised nothing but trouble to the beautiful Latina.  Sarah twisted in her cuffs and rattled her ankle chain, fully aware there was no release, but wishing to show her resilience and willingness to fight her kidnapper.  The carabiner that linked her clamps to the wall clacked mechanically as she thrashed, in great distress at her new bondage. Angry grunts erupted from the gag and Maria flashed a wicked smile, "Oh... I am SO glad you're ready to fight.  It will make breaking you all the more pleasant."  Sarah narrowed her eyes at her keeper, but squeezed them shut as an unseen hand grabbed her ponytail and yanked her head back hard.  Maria leaned in to Sarah's face and ran a wet tongue across her ball-gagged lips, "I promise, by the time I am done with you, you will not only be eating my pussy, but begging for it.  And here is incentive number one..."

With that, Maria raised a stun gun inches from Sarah's face and depressed the button.  Sarah's eyes took on the involuntary wide, panicked look of fear as Maria's personal lightning arced between the electrodes, snapping and crackling with what she was sure unendurable pain.  Her heart beat fast in her chest and she started to pant quickly through her nose as Maria recognized her position of power and showed it to Sarah with a smug self-assured glare.  Sarah recoiled at the white sparks as Maria discharged the device again, this time closer to the metal chains that connected her aching nipples to the wall.  She reflexively pulled against the short tether, stopped from going anywhere as her antagonist menaced her with the crackling end of the weapon, and a reluctant plea slipped past her mouth stuffing.  Maria gave a self satisfied chuckle as she walked behind her prisoner, out of view.  She engaged the gun again, letting the horrid crackling noise embed itself as a warning in Sarah's psyche. 

With the last discharge, Sarah became aware of another noise behind her, near the slid bookshelves and off in the dark corner, just barely noticeable out of the corner of her eye in the flickering candlelight.  A short series of distressed whimpers were clearly audible from there, and Maria pointed the spark producing head at the wall and fired.  The panicked muffled begging of another woman squeaked out from the corner of the room, and Sarah quickly realized that she was not the only hostage.  Maria spoke up, "My display is draining the batteries... I'll be right back" and with that she left down her hall toward what Sarah figured to be her bedroom.  In the few moments she had unwatched, Sarah leaned into the wall and turned as hard as she could over her right shoulder.  In the flickering darkness, she could make out the faint ghostly appearance of another woman, naked as she, with hinged black cuffs around her ankles.  The woman took notice of Sarah gaze and sat up from her prone position, but stopped short as what appeared to be a short chain attached to the heat riser snapped tight, keeping her low to the floor.  Sarah heard Maria swearing to herself down the hall, along with the sounds of drawers and various items being tossed about and thought maybe she had a few borrowed seconds to try and communicate with her new cellmate.  She grunted at the corner, and terrifies eyes turned toward her sound, relaying an immediate tale of subjugation she wanted to end.

Barefoot steps arose in the hall and Maria emerged from the dark corridor, stun gun in hand, "Phew... I thought I was out of nine volt batteries, but I have a whole fresh pack, more than enough to keep you pliant..."  She was caught by surprise at the two women looking at each other, "Oh... I see nothing escapes your notice, my love.  Well, she was going to be a surprise for you, but since you've been introduced... Sarah, this is Gwen.  She and I met at the party, mostly likely while you were sweating unwanted discovery behind the stairway door.  Gwen had a little too much to drink, and told me the most wonderful story about how the best sex she ever had was when her boyfriend tied her up and fucked her all night long.  Well, it wasn't too hard to convince her about my knot tying skills and incredible toy collection, and she begged me for a little romp.  I wasn't intending to keep her, but once I had you on the way... well... I knew what I had to do." 

A shaky little grunt sounded from the corner as Gwen curled up in a ball, lamenting her choices that evening. 

"I see you're awake... excellent, we can get started.  First, you two need to be dressed alike..."  Maria scooped a pair of clamps off of the table by the wall and approached the writhing victim in the corner.  After a few muffled squeals, she stepped away to reveal a matched set of nipples to Sarah's.  A turn of a key and the lock holding Gwen's short chain leash to the pipe popped free, and Maria yanked the lead and barked at her slave, "Up!" Gwen struggled to get her feet under her, and Maria slipped her fingers under her collar and pulled just enough to get her rising.  She set herself in a shaky stance and choked the breath back into her as the grip on her collar loosened.  Maria pointed the stun gun to the wall where Sarah stood, "Hop over there." 

Gwen took a few careful mini-hops to turn, then bounded awkwardly in her rigid cuffs to the wall, stopping when she landed hard against it.  She took deep breaths through her nose, and Sarah got a good look at her face.  Gwen was pretty, a natural beauty without makeup with sharp features that gave her an almost elven look.  Her hair was between colors, streaks of blond and brown gave depth and highlight to the tousled, sweaty ponytail she was sporting as well.  Her natural B-cups breasts jiggled naughtily as she regained her posture.  She wasn't familiar to Sarah, like a resident of the building, but the fear and unknowing in her eyes were all too certain to her.  Maria slipped between them, cutting off the unspoken introduction, and clipped the woman's clamp chains to the wall with another carabiner.  Sarah was aching as she recalled the horror she felt when Kate set herself up like this some time ago, before they really knew each other, and tears came to her eyes as the idea of the comfort and safety of playing with Kate filled her.  Love like Kate's was likely the last thing this woman had in store for the two helpless bodies.

"Sarah, you need to be dressed the same as Gwen..."  Maria turned to the table behind her and picked up two pairs of black, rigid, hinged cuffs, quickly slipping a pair next to Sarah's other cuffs which soon fell the floor with a clatter.  Maria gave Sarah's thigh a slap and ordered, "Together!"  Sarah stood motionless, and Maria repeated order with a little angry clarity, "Bring your legs together" emphasizing the point with a show of sparks.  Sarah gasped and quickly complied, letting the chain between her ankles go slack as her cuffs clicked against one another.  Gwen shut her eyes at the sight of the arc and jerked away, testing her link to the wall, a pained moan announcing her unbidden obedience.  Sarah felt a new pair of heavy cuffs ratchet shut around her ankles and the shackles fall away as the turn of a key was heard.  "I must insist you wear my gear, so I know you're secure.  Though these are nice, Sarah.  Mind if I try them on?" 

Sarah paid little attention as she tested her new restraints, even more inflexible and controlling than her own with the chains replaced with unbending hinges.  Her legs, free to walk the whole day, were now stiff and immobile and the real sensation of helplessness in her bondage set in.  She squeezed her eyes shut as sobs began to wrack her tense body; Gwen watched her with sympathetic eyes as the new cuffs made their strict job known.  A new set of ratcheting sounds disturbed the anguished moment and Maria's steps now had the distinct rattled hobbling sound that Sarah had listened to all day, "Oooh...  I can feel your warmth in them still.  These are nice; I think I'll keep them on.  Now, back to you two..." 

Sarah was acquiescent as she felt a leather strap wrap around her neck, cinching tight as Maria buckled the collar closed.  The collar slipped around Sarah's neck as the D-ring was pulled to the back; her wrists ached and rubbed against the tight cuffs as a short chain was attached to the collar and looped around the hinge of the cuffs and locked with a padlock, pulling her hands to the middle of her back in an awkward pose.  Gwen watched helplessly as Sarah languished in her new strict position; inches from the wall, her feet welded in place by the uncompromising metal ringlets.  Tears ran down her face as she imagined the discomfort Sarah was obviously suffering from.  And as she watched the woman squirming for relief, Maria came up behind her and set her in the same harsh stress position; the strain on her wrists nearly unbearable as her arms contorted painfully in the cuffs now chained to the middle of her back as well.

Forced just a few inches from the wall, the women had limited movement and range of vision, and Maria easily disappeared behind them into the darkness, rummaging through piles of equipment.  The clink of metal, the thud of heavy leather, the jingle of chain highlighted Maria's search for her next items, magnifying the anxiety of the waiting prisoners who took short breaths through their noses, offering each other silent glances as they listened to their captor decide how best to further hinder them.  A lump formed in both of their throats as they heard Maria exclaim her success, "Ah!  Here you are..."  Her steps rattled as she came up behind her hostages, "I don't need you two exchanging secret glances behind my back.  This will fix that..." and Sarah found herself plunged into darkness as a thick black bundle of cloth draped over her eyes, thoroughly covering her face from forehead to the tip of her nose.  As the materials was knotted and pulled tight behind her head, she went completely blind, announcing her displeasure to whoever would hear her with a series of feeble grunts. 

Gwen's fear was palpable as Sarah could hear the other woman protest the added sensory deprivation, her groaning trailing off to a whimper as the sounds of ruffled material being cinched tight indicated that she, too, was now without eyes.  Maria stepped back, playfully running her toes over the chain between her legs, and watched her two projects squirm and examine their bonds, growing achingly resigned to their situations.  Maria reached out and grabbed the hanging ends of their blindfolds and gave them a simultaneous yank.  The women fell away from the wall, balanced precariously in their narrow stance, prevented from falling over like newly cut trees only by the sudden taut snap of the short chains attached to the clamps and the carabiners hooking them to the wall.  They both released a round of angry, pained grunts and moans as their nipples stung sharply from the sudden strain, trying desperately to flail their limbs and dig their toes into the floor in a vain attempt to regain some balance.  For several seconds, the two hung in space, held up solely by their tits, until finally they managed to lean forward enough to ease the tension, gasping for air as their delicate tips throbbed. 

Maria sidled up between the women and let a hand swing down onto each ass, gently stroking slow circles over each cheek and running her fingers up and down their cracks with a teasing tickle.  The women twisted on the spot, unable to shake Maria's touch from their buttocks; and she followed up with a firm smack on each ass; eliciting squeals from both, "The stun gun was just to keep you cooperative while I got you nice and secure.  The next tool will ensure your continued compliance..."

The women flinched at the mention of the stun gun, and stomachs rose and fell with labored breath as they imagined the next torture.  Maria stepped away, and a moment later, the two jumped at the sudden sounds of a fast 'whoosh' cutting the air behind them.  Sarah felt a long, thin rod slide lovingly across the curve of her ass, and she let a whimper slip as she seemed to know what was next.  The touch of the thin beam vanished and a moment later, a loud snapping crack broke the quiet of the room as the sting of Maria's cane drew a line like a hot razor across both cheeks of Sarah's ass.  Rather than exclaim, she drew a quick sharp breath in through her nose, but then growled in her throat as the cane withdrew from her skin and the hot lash she felt at first melted into a warm tingling feeling that slowly spread out from the impact point, forcing a short gasp out of her.  The intensity of the strike had just started to wear off into a hot buzz when Sarah heard the snap of the cane across Gwen's ass, who let out an agonized grunt into her gag, dissolving into tears as the heat set in. 

Just as Sarah registered Gwen's suffering, the cane struck home again, almost but not quite near the first stripe, setting her ass afire again in the narrow band the switch laid down.  She instinctively tried to move her feet to dodge the hit, but nearly tripped herself as the cuffs kept her stationary.  Sarah let out a grunt with the sting and moaned softly to herself as the burning sank into her skin, a tingling heat she had never experienced before.  As she focused on the pain, analyzing its complexity, Gwen announced her next stroke, the grunt erupting out of her like the force of the cane traveled through her, ass to mouth, in a building wave that crashed on the back of her gag before slipping out.  As her whimpering followed, Sarah felt a fresh blow make its mark, and her back arched in a bid to somehow slip away from the burning edge, but the bite lingered on her now red flesh and seemed quite a part of her as she swayed her hips from side to side, attempting to soothe her already inflamed rear.

The brief moments in between each woman's turn under the lash was punctuated by their partners' distressed cries, new scalding stripes that joined Gwen and Sarah in a tortured sisterhood of unique decoration showing off their exquisite agony.  The two started a very particular dance of writhing that never stopped as Maria landed the delicate switch continuously from one ass to the other.  Moaning and gasping were continuous now, the pain lingering like a sunburn, never ebbing from stroke to stroke, the snap as painful to hear as to feel, rhythmically delivered to each target in turn, the domme never seeming to tire.  Relentlessly the cane continued its work as the women undulated, backs arched, asses dancing in futility to avoid the torment, helpless and immobile in the same spot; lungs and throats sore from wordless begging and bellowing.  Sarah lost count of the strokes and the minutes as they waited in vain for something, anything, that they could submit to that would end this punishment that was designed to force them to just this mindset.  Tears soaked through the blindfolds and ran down their faces to mingle with drool flowing from around their gags as they slowly lost composure and control of their bodies. 

Sarah hadn't even noticed that Maria turned the stereo on, just loud enough, to cover their muffled cries and Gwen was beyond comprehension, knowing only the fire that existed on her body that she swore would never stop.  The sting was relentless and no parts of their soft asses were spared the bite of the switch and the lingering heat it left.  And then, just as it had started, the cane took a last swipe at Gwen to even the unknown count and then stopped. Sarah flinched several times, expecting the lash to land as sure as she was breathing, but it didn't come.  Suddenly, the new lack of torment seemed almost worse, and the two women squirmed in their bondage as the fire they felt from the beating began to sink deep.  Maria smiled to herself as she watched her victims exasperate themselves with imagined horrors, the next affliction upon them just a heartbeat away.  She stepped between her beautiful prisoners, their sweat mingling as their writhing forced them against her sides; she lifted her leg to let Sarah's thigh rub against her pussy and she ran her shackled ankle up and down her calf. 

Her hands fell onto the reddened asses and for the first time, both women could feel the welts on their buttocks as Maria gently ran her fingers over the linear bruises that formed from her exercise.  They recoiled as the slight touches recalled the hot stinging of the switch, and Maria reveled in her new control, "OK, my lovelies.  An offer of some relief to one of you... you have a choice to make.  I will stop caning one of you, but that one must then service us both later, and I mean tongue and lips and wet pussy.  So who will it be?"  Her fingers continued the dance on the hellscape of their curvy asses, taunting them both to surrender.  Gwen let out a pitiful wail into her gag that Sarah knew meant she was not ready for another round of lashes.  Sarah barely contained herself as it was, but felt she could take a little more, and nodded her head toward Gwen to offer the relief.  Maria noticed, "Oh, Gwen, Sarah is going to sacrifice herself for you. Do you accept?"  Gwen grunted and nodded enthusiastically to be certain there was no confusion, and Maria continued, "Well, the choice is made.  That was quick, quicker than I thought, and very noble of you, my dear..." she leaned into Sarah.

Gwen felt her clamp chains tug as the carabiner was disconnected from the wall, then was used as a lead to bring her back to her pipe where she was forced onto her side and rechained to the corner by her collar.  Her arms and legs thrashed uselessly as she tried to find comfort for her burning hind quarters.  Maria snuck up behind Sarah, spooning against her, letting her metal-entombed crotch rub painfully against her stinging ass.  "I knew you had it in you..." she whispered into Sarah's ear.  "I knew you would love this and be ready for more. You don't fool me, little painslut."  Sarah gave off a whimper as the words and contact drove her to more tears.  "What I failed to mention to both of you was that the victim to remain gets a little prize too.  I think you'll like it, my love..." 

Maria separated from Sarah, who bobbed her ass in the air, dying for some cooling relief.  The sound of a few clicks could be heard from behind, and then Sarah again felt the intimate contact of Maria, with a new sensation added; a long hard shaft slid between her legs as Maria leaned in to whisper into her ear, "You deserve a little something for your sacrifice...."  Maria grabbed the hinge of Sarah's cuffs and pressed her upper body into the wall until her head lay hard against it, leaning her forward a few inches, pivoting her forward on her fettered feet; her weight shifting to her toes as her striped ass stuck out obscenely like a red beacon.  As Maria withdrew, a hard, solid tip pierced the threshold of Sarah's labia, which she could feel part open from the intrusion.  The shaft, already wet and slick, slowly made itself well known in her deep cavity; the caress of artificial veins and ridges teasing her fluttering lips as it crept further in.  Sarah was already quite full while the cock continued its forced entry, and moans from tightness and pleasure slipped out of her, giving Maria all she needed to hear.  The thick dildo slid out with a rush of relief and then quickly slid back in, starting a rhythmic fucking that Sarah was powerless to stop.  Her wrists turned in their cuffs, beyond red and chaffed from a full day in steel, her feet and calves ached as they fought to keep her on balance as the unstoppable strap-on bore into its hot slippery new home.  Maria grabbed the knot at the back of Sarah's blindfold and her ankle chains rattled as she gain extra purchase, driving the phallus in up to its base, making Sarah groan as she could feel the swell of fullness in her now throbbing nethers alternate with short lived relief as it slipped out, priming for another thrust. 

Maria took her time, keeping a rhythm just maddeningly outside of Sarah's buffer zone to push her over the edge and spark a much wanted orgasm.  Sarah listened as Maria moaned with each thrust as well, listening to the creak of metal and leather and realized that she must have attached her implement to her chastity belt, every slide and push translating into bliss for her captor as her own loins were pleasured by the thick members embedded in the crotch of her belt.  The domme was quite talented with the device as Sarah could feel the cock tease different parts of her pussy, giving extra attention to the ridge just below her anal canal, rubbing extra hard side to side to really taunt her lips, then alternating again to rub it hard against her g-spot and the tender folds of soft pink flesh that connected to her clit hood, engaging her entire orifice.  Maria let out an unexpected gasp as she continued to invade Sarah, dangling on the edge of passion.  Rather than fight it, Sarah tightened herself onto the cycling piston, do everything she could to squeeze it passionately, desperate to hit just the right spot to trip her switch.  Sarah could hear each full thrust as it dove deep into her moist folds, the sound of her wetness dripping with each extraction.  The two women writhed for one another for several minutes, imprisoned crotch meeting stinging ass as the two began meeting with force as Maria and Sarah pounded against one another in the throes of their ecstasy.  Cuffs and clamps and ass were of little concern as Sarah was engulfed with the rush of the strap-on fucking her to rapture.  She let out desperate moans hoping Maria would understand and bring her to climax, a moment of pleasure before the certain torture to continue.

Maria listened to Sarah's pleas and swallowed them whole, engaging herself wholeheartedly as her hostage stood helpless before her, accepting her vigorous violations and seeming to beg for more.  Her own insertions were working their charms, jerking and teasing within her as she assailed her quivering partner.  Before long, Maria's vaginal and anal insertions won out and she howled with animal desire as her climax rattled her from head to toe.  She attempted a few more thrusts for Sarah, but soon slipped free as her legs gave out from exhaustion and she collapsed onto her knees, spent and gasping.  She ran her hands up and down the back of Sarah's soaked thighs, teasingly kissing and lapping at Sarah's engorged sex as her victim whimpered her displeasure at being left hanging on the edge of joy, shaking in unanswered anticipation.  Her little moans turned to grunts as she wiggled her ass in the air, insisting Maria return to the task at hand.  After a few minutes, Maria shook the fuzz out of her mind and gingerly clambered back to her feet, taking careful steps not to trip on her own tether.  She sidled up behind Sarah, the wet ever-hard latex cock slipping so closely to Sarah's aching cunt as to brush up against it as the domme leaned in to whisper to her victim, "Sorry my dear, you had your chance.  You were free and clear to cum... I guess I was just a little faster than you.  That happens with double penetration..." 

Maria laid her body across Sarah's back, engaging in skin on skin contact from shoulder to ass, her breasts pressing into the smooth tight muscle between Sarah's shoulder blades, letting her legs tease and tickle Sarah's with coy rubs of her feet on her calves.  Sarah felt Maria's breath on her face and could hear the rush of her breathing in her ear; then the soft warm touch of her lips against her cheek.  Maria kissed Sarah gently and whispered, "A promise is a promise...  Tell you what, I'll give you one more shot..."  The weight of Maria's body vanished and Sarah let out a momentary sigh of relief which quickly became a gasp as the tip of Maria's strap-on poked just inside of her pussy lips.  Her labia naturally closed around the head as it sunk in, stopped, then slowly slid out again, plucking against the inside of her wet hole like taut slippery violin strings.  Maria provoked Sarah for several minutes with tiny thrusts designed to just tease the thin inner lips, eliciting a series of muffled whines from behind her gag, another torment to keep her pliant and guessing. 

Sarah was so wet she could hear the pop of her flesh as it relented with each teasing insertion only to be pulled out a second later with a "kiss" and a splatter of her hot lube running down the inside of her legs.  Her moans soon turned to sobs as she knew Maria was not going to finish the wonderful job she started, and shortly later her harasser gave up, "Oh well, I guess you don't want it that badly..."  Sarah gave a furtive cry into her gag and soon felt her captor running her fingers over her still fiery, bruised ass, "Like I said, love... a deal's a deal.  You volunteered.  Time for more target practice."  A few moments later, the sound of the switch cutting the air was immediately followed by the snap it made as it landed on naked flesh.  Sarah let out a howl, still pressing the side of her face into the wall to take the pressure off of her nipples.  Maria went from side to side, letting the full blow of the rod do its work against the left and right cheek alternately, occasionally pausing just long enough to let Sarah know she was adjusting her aim to come up the middle to land it on her aching, unfulfilled mound, sending agonized grunts into the dark room for some time, punctuated by occasional sobs from Gwen as she listened to her fellow captive take the sadistic punishment meant for her.

Time stood still in the flickering shadows of Maria's apartment, and even the constant rhythm of her arm brandishing the switch was beginning to slow as she would reach up to soothe her now aching shoulder.  Sarah slumped against the wall, her body quivering with each breath and the fire of the whipping now spreading down to the backs of her legs where the cane laid down fresh stripes.  The assault ended without a word, and Sarah still flinched, so used to the rhythm Maria had been maintaining.  Gentle fingers softly caressed the new welts, stinging anew as they tripped over each little bump, sending reflexive whimpers through Sarah's gag.  The click of the carabiner was unexpected as the chain of her clamps was now disconnected from the wall and Maria gave her a gentle push and helped her lay on her side as her legs slowly gave out from under her, "You've been a real trooper, Sarah.  I never thought you'd handle so much pain; I'm impressed.  Now that I'm nice and worked up from working you over, why don't you rest here while I take my urges out on little Gwen?" 

Maria released the chain that connected Sarah's wrists to her collar and her arms stretched out, as did her legs and within seconds she was quickly asleep, exhausted beyond words from her long ordeal.  In the last few moments of consciousness, still wrapped in the darkness of her blindfold, the mewling cries of Gwen could be heard as Maria dragged her from her waiting spot by her nipples to the pleasures of her bedroom. 

Fitful dreams haunted Sarah as she lay asleep in her restraints for some time, and she woke with a start as a heavy object landed with a loud thud on the table some feet away from her.  Groggy and disoriented, she tried to roll over and met the immobile nature of her cuffs once more, groaning as the ache in her arms reminded her just how long she had been imprisoned.  As she moved her legs, the sting of her whip marks restored another memory of earlier and just sliding her legs around on her side made every little stripe on her ass and thighs burn fresh.  The pain forced a groan out of her and Maria spoke up, "Oooh, you're awake.  Good timing.  I've just finished preparing Gwen for her reward for her talented tongue work... and stamina.  You've been quite the good slave, sweetie.  You should consider this as a regular regimen."  A sharp loud slap could be heard and Gwen whined painfully in return.  "Since you're now well rested, it's your turn to work...” 

Sarah could make out a clatter of leather and metal being swung around, and then Maria was upon her, her warm breath again wafting into Sarah's face.  Quick hands were working something between Sarah legs and she soon felt the bite of straps against her pussy, running up through her crack, getting tight.  A belt cinched around her waist, but thankfully avoided the blistered landscape of her buttocks and thighs.  As buckles were pulled shut, Sarah was quite aware that she was wearing some crotch covering device of her own; though it offered little protection as a hard insert soon forced its way into her pussy, slick with lube, held in place by the new strap.  A lone finger made a foray to her ass and with little resistance made a quick slippery journey of its own into her anal canal, swabbing her with warm lube and exiting with a teasing swirling motion on the rim.  Another hard plug pierced her tight hole, slowly forcing its way in, unrelenting as she held her breath at the continuous stretching of her delicate opening.  The fullness and pressure finally made her gasp, and just as she tried to squeeze her muscles to eject the intruder, the strap came into play and held it fast in position.

Sarah squirmed on the floor, fighting the burning in her flesh and the forced insertions she was now bearing.  Her arms and legs were still useless, clasped in the rigid cuffs, and she did what she could to resist with the little energy her meager sleep afforded her.  But it was for naught, and she acquiesced to her master's toys.  Maria tugged on her clamp chain and barked "Up!"  Sarah rolled onto her ass to sit up and let out a howl as she bore her whole weight on her horribly bruised behind.  Her legs twitched as she tried to get leverage and get her legs under her, but the cuffs on her ankles were like nothing she ever wore before and the immobilization they imparted prevented her attempts to shift easily.  Sarah flopped back onto her side, sobbing into her mouth stuffing as the pain of her lashing tingled in her skin, her stomach heaving as she cried.  Unsympathetic, Maria repeated her order, "Up!"  Sarah sobbed a few more times, and then got her composure as the current round of stinging started to ebb.  She rolled onto her stomach, wincing as the handcuffs bit in, and dug her knees in and managed to slide her upper body back, rising into a kneeling position.  She lifted her head, blindly imploring for help, and two hands reached in under her arms and gave her the boost she needed to get her feet under her.  She rose to her feet, wobbly and barely balanced, when hands were again brushing against her mound. 

She could feel the weight of something being connected to her new leather rigging, with a weight that made it lean forward and down.  Hands grabbed her arms and spun her around on the spot, and then with a sudden reveal, her blindfold was whisked off of her head.  The room was as dark and lightless as she remembered it earlier, as if time had not moved at all and she was to be a permanent prisoner here where no one would notice because no one else knew this place existed.  The dark of the room made her shrink and new fear crept into her stomach.  She cast her eyes down to view her predicament; Maria had locked her into a strap-on harness with what had to be at least a twelve inch dildo hanging from it.  Her nipples were still trapped in her clamps, throbbing from the recent yank.  Her ankles were red and raw from wearing cuffs for so long, and the rigid, solid metal quality that made her feet feel like they were locked into a piece of welded steel were very apparent, dialing her desperation up another notch. 

The room was a mess of hastily pushed around furniture and piles of toys on the floor and tables, which is why it took Sarah a few seconds to make out the ass of Gwen, bent over at the waist, her arms and legs splayed wide open with her wrists and ankles tightly tied with rope to the four legs of a saw horse.  Her pussy was shining in the candlelight, soaked with lube; and she hung in her position dead still except for the rise and fall of her breathing.  Her legs suddenly twitched a little, straining against her bonds, and Maria spoke, "She was a very good slave.  I'll have to keep her on my short list.  She made my eyes roll into the back of my head with her talented mouth.  I think she deserves a treat... and that's you.  Go fuck her."  Sarah's eyes went wide and she was just about to object when she saw the switch in Maria's hand.  "See?  I told you this would make a more effective deterrent to your stubbornness.  Do you want to feel the bite of the switch again?"  Sarah shook her head with a terrified look on her face and Maria glared at her and growled, "Then go fuck that cunt."  Gwen listened intently and pulled at her ropes with futility, making her ass writhe invitingly. 

Sarah teared up and looked back and forth from her captor to the little fuck toy she had presented to her and gave in.  She got her balance and started to hop slowly toward the helpless Gwen.  Maria made sure to kick items in Sarah's way on the floor to the side and a few short hops later, Sarah was inches from her fellow slave.  She looked down at Gwen's head, the corner of her face just visible on the other side of the horse, a wild panicked look in her eye.  Maria's hand darted into view and slathered a handful of fresh lube on Sarah's enormous black latex cock, then swung the cane through the air, the swishing ‘whoosh’ it made driving Sarah closer to Gwen's pussy.  With a few small toe slides forward, Sarah had the tip parting Gwen's labia and the bent woman gasped in response.  Sarah looked at Maria once more and without a word she cut the air with the cane.  On the balls of her feet, Sarah leaned forward and let her body drive the hard rod forward into the depth of her helpless friend's pussy, and Gwen let out a deep groan from her throat as a bead of drool ran from her gagged lips to the floor. 

Sarah had trouble getting her balance back to withdraw the cock and let the pole thrash around in her a bit until she could stand upright enough to slide it out.  She thrust her crotch forward again, and the woman again gave off a pained and pleasured growl.  As the phallus sunk in up to the base, Sarah looked down to see the whip lines still fresh looking across Gwen's buttocks, wondering just how long they had really been here and how long they would be here.  Sarah recalled the staff and for the first time started to notice her own insertions grinding into her, satisfying little pulls and pushes against the sides of her ass and pussy that were unexpectedly pleasant.  She squeezed herself tight around the invasive probes and started to drive it forward once again, and as she forced it home, Maria slunk up behind her, pressing her body against Sarah's and keeping her inserted deep into Gwen.  Maria cooed, "Oh, I should mention, love, this is Gwen's reward, so you have to give her an orgasm first.  Climax before she does, and... well..." the whip cut the air once more behind Sarah and she gasped and lurched forward, shoving the cock deeper into her victim who grunted in surprise.  Maria leaned down to Gwen's head, "And don't' think about faking it, my dear.  I know what you look and sound like now when you orgasm, and I'll know.  It'll be more lashes for you." 

Sarah began to cry as she proceeded to slide her fake appendage as sensually as she could muster into the pussy perfectly placed before her.  She watched as the ridges, bumps and veins she felt earlier herself were flicking the tender inner lips of her lover, tickling and fluttering her opening as she drove it in and out.  She managed to find a good spot for balance that gave her enough power to give Gwen some full deep thrusts that were quickly getting her aroused when she felt an eruption of movement in her own crotch that brought her to a crashing halt, leaning against Gwen and forcing the dildo deep.  Sarah let out a squeal as the tickling vibration came and went as if of its own volition, and she slid out of Gwen as the million little fingers within her seem to disappear.  She turned to look at Maria, who held a small box with a button in her hand.  As she pressed the button, Sarah's insertions came to life, momentarily making her dizzy as she fought to keep her balance while her pussy and ass lit up blissfully. 

Without a word, Maria motioned to Gwen and Sarah came to and slipped her toy back into her partner.  She resumed her thrusting, desperate to make Gwen enjoy the feel of her cock and get her to climax.  She tried Maria's trick that nearly got her off and just poked the tip in and out, strumming the sides of Gwen's hole as it rubbed past.  Gwen quickly starting a long string of gasps as Sarah did this, her pleasure evident even through her muffled cries.  Sarah made a few more little plucks then drove the cock deep unexpectedly, sending Gwen into another throaty growl.  Just as she thought she had dialed in Gwen's combination, her pussy and ass buzzed to life again, catching her off guard again, forcing little whines out through her nose as she threw her head back from the sensation.  Maria held the button in front of her and pushed it repeatedly as Sarah quickly lost control to her passions, desperate for a full climax the entire time. Maria swung the cane through the air and gave Sarah a push toward Gwen as she continued to activate the insertions. 

Sarah obeyed and re-entered Gwen, working her dick hard into the soaking hole.  The vibrators did not relent this time, and as Sarah pressed on satisfying Gwen, the wicked insertions within her own body felt alive, wriggling about and rubbing her to the point of insanity with each thrust.  She was sure she wouldn't be able to hold out before Gwen was done; there was no way.  These little fingers were too intense and feeling better with each half-hearted thrust.  Her own resolve was diminishing as she wanted nothing else but to cum, the memory of the whipping the only thing keeping her hard at work.  Gwen began to gasp as Sarah made long slow moves that let her feel every curve and bump carved into the shaft, but it was only because Sarah lost the will to give it her all as she reached the tipping point she wanted to hit all night.  Sarah continued to resist the electronic stimulation, but she was quickly losing the battle, and the thought of further torture under Maria's lash was unbearable; she had to hold out and finish off Gwen.  Gwen was squeezing herself tightly onto Sarah's cock, pushing back as much as she could tethered in her bent over position.  But with her toes suspended a few inches off the floor as she hung on the horse, there was little she could offer, and she knew what it meant if Sarah failed. 

Sarah's face was soaked as tears and drool ran down to her chin and coated her tits, and she grunted into her gag with a build of ecstasy that she could no longer hold off.  The thrusting stopped altogether and Sarah simply leaned into Gwen, just holding herself up as the waves broke and a full-throated groan announced her intense climax.  Maria chuckled as she let the vibrators finish their diabolical work, and both Sarah and Gwen let out sobs as they knew the game was lost.  Before Sarah could even lift herself off of and out of Gwen, Maria swept in behind her and wrapped some quick rope around their legs at the crotch, and with a few cinches, the women were tied together in their fucking position, Sarah's member still buried deep in her fellow victim.  She thrashed a little trying to slink free, but the ropes teased at her swollen ass and she quickly gave in as the sting set in.  Sarah peered over her shoulder at Maria and shook her head, begging with grunts and her eyes to not whip her again as she examined the rods she would use to punish her disobedient slaves. 

"I told you the rules, and you broke them.  What I'd like to see now is how fast Gwen will cum after you thrust and twitch with every new stripe.  This is like getting two for the price of one.  I'm sure after... fifty or so hits, your cock will be as tormenting to her as I am to you.  I can't wait to hear you two really scream...” Maria slowly raised her arm and Sarah looked away, clenching her eyes.  She could feel Gwen tense up as much as she, waiting for the pussy thrashing to come.  Maria was obviously embracing the moment, making them taste each second that passed as they waited for the shoe to drop, panting and shaking with fear.  And then all three of them jumped as a new sound none of them had heard all night came loud and clear; a knock at the door. 

All three of them froze and glared at the short hallway, caught in the act as it were.  Maria lay her cane down on the table and picked up her stun gun, and turned to the two hostages, "I better not hear a single sound out of either of you starting right now... get it?" and she laid a finger on the button and sent sparks dancing across the electrodes.  Sarah and Gwen flinched at the sound, well trained at this point, and nodded their understanding.  Maria crept to the door, making sure to keep Sarah's chains, still locked on herself for her personal pleasure, from clattering too loud as she approached the door.  She grabbed the mattress covering the doorway just as another series of knock rang out, and she slid it about a foot or so to the side to get access to the peephole.  Sarah could see the tiny beam of light from the hall cut across Maria's face as she peered through, doing everything in her power to keep her stomach pumping silently and avoiding any noise that would incur her captor's wrath.  Gwen was trembling as she breathed, but also kept silent.  Maria spoke up as she recognized the new visitor, "Oh my... what are you doing here?" a hint of anticipation in her voice.

Though muffled through the door, Sarah quickly recognized the commanding voice responding as Anita, "Maria, move the mattress and open the door." 

Sarah let out an audible gasp at her voice and Maria pointed the stun gun at her as she continued to talk to the door, "I'm glad you're here... did you want to come in and play?" 

With little emotion, Anita said, "Maria, I know Sarah is in there.  You left your note on her counter.  Our friend Kate found it and called me.  Open the door so we can avoid a public spectacle in your hallway..." 

Maria cracked the door open until the chain latch snapped taut, and she stood in the space, blocking the view past her, completely unconcerned with her own state of undress. 

"Now is not a good time, Anita..." 

Anita immediately cut her off, "Open this door or all bets are off." 

The words sounded final, and even Maria, who had carried the air of a mistress throughout the entire ordeal, shrunk at the warning and closed the door and slipped the chain out of the latch.  She swung the door wide, revealing her nakedness and not so subtle bondage gear to the woman in the hallway, who simply drew in a breath through her nose to reveal the slightest amount of surprise and sighed, "Nice..." 

Maria stepped back from the door, lowering her head a little, and Anita stepped in, her expression scoffing at the condition the apartment was in after the debauched night.  Behind her stepped in Kate, Erica and Annabelle taking in the dark space and wrinkling their noses at the smell of sweat and musk that was not their own.  The door shut behind them, and Anita, who never took her eyes off of Maria since entering, spoke, "I knew you wanted to get my attention again... but really?  Abducting one of mine?  You have got to be out of your mind." 

For the first time since Sarah met her, the smug self assured Maria vanished, replaced with a sheepish, stammering shadow of the bitch who tormented her and Gwen for what seemed like forever, "It was them.. they... she... it was her game, I helped her, and this is..." She looked at Sarah, helpless in her cuffs and gag, tied at the crotch to Gwen, and the last words came out with no breath, "...payment... for help..."

Anita snapped at her like a parent, "Enough!  You knew who she was.  You knew who she was important to.  You knew how the system worked, so you left the trail of breadcrumbs to bring me here... after all of our agreements!" 

Maria could not look the angry woman in the eye and hung her head, and turned it to the side to look at her bound captives, "Yeah... I know who she is to you...  I just... I didn't have any other way to get you here..." her voice cracked a little as she tried to offer the explanation. 

Anita raised a hand to cut her off, "You and the club parted company because of your excessive brutality.  You're the reason I don't want members playing anymore.  We only rescue to avoid your kind again."  Maria tried to interrupt, but Anita's tone won out, "WE AGREED to go our separate ways and to keep the authorities out of our affairs for the sake of everyone's privacy and handle this among ourselves.  You broke your promise."

Sarah's eyes were wide as the hints of obvious history between these two women came to light and filled in some of the questions that were hiding in the back of her mind these past months.  For a few brief minutes, the ache in her limbs slipped from her mind as the tawdry details of past sessions gone wrong and tales of kidnapping and torture were revealed. Names were conveniently left out of the tirade, but Erica's posture and body language spoke volumes as the details of long imprisonment and coerced sex made her shrink and glare with murder in her eyes at Maria, still not even trying to cover herself before her accusers.  Sarah's eyes welled up as she realized that her and Gwen's torment were nothing more than overtures to beckon the one person Maria wanted more than any other back in her apartment, who now wilted like a flower under the hot rays of Anita's fury.  And yet, while Maria stood unprotected in the wave of vitriol Anita was sending her direction, she had a pleased, almost satisfied demeanor about her, as if any attention from this person was desired, and she was glad to see her for any reason. 

Behind Anita, Kate squinted as she tried to make out more details of the dark dungeon, her eyes not quite yet adjusted.  Finally noticing the women, she realized she should help Sarah and Gwen out of their fix, but Anita again raised a hand and stopped her, "First things first, Kate.  They've been in this for quite some time, they’re safe, and another few minutes won't kill them.  Maria is the first matter." 

Kate turned to look at the woman standing with her head down like an admonished school girl, the sound of a sniffle and lurch of her stomach indicating her emotional state.  Anita continued, "I know I can't control you, Maria.  You don't belong to me any more, nor vice-versa.  You deserve to be handed over to the police, but I have no desire to break my promises.  That being the case, I think a punishment is in order.  I think it needs to be something you'll remember.  Go to the bedroom. Now."  Anita's voice was calm and cool, but the words rang with such force that all the other women froze for a second, almost shocked at the suggestion. 

Maria lifted her head, tears falling out of her eyes as she looked up, meeting Anita's steely gaze mixed with the finality of her words, “What… what are you going…?” and Anita cut her off again with one stern word, “Go!”  Almost reflexively, she placed the stun gun on the table and crossed her arms across her chest with the embarrassed look of a child being sent to the corner, shooting brief looks of longing at the other women who held Anita's favor and trust.  She turned and made slow steps down the short hall, clattering as she went and disappeared into the doorway as Anita and the others followed.  For the next few minutes, Sarah and Gwen remained alone in their bind as the sounds of meager struggle and equipment being connected and dropped rattled and clinked from down the hall.  Both women listen raptly as Maria started to beg but was quickly silenced to a muffle, and another minute or so later, the bustling stopped and the club members emerged from the hallway.

They then made quick work of the women's cuffs, clamps, rope and gags, and the two of them slumped to the floor, free for the first time in uncountable hours. Sarah and Gwen leaned into each other, their eyes heavy with exhaustion from intense, non-stop intensity they had been feeling for so long.  They were just about ready to drift off when Anita spoke up softly to Gwen, "Hi, my name's Anita and this it Kate, Erica and Annabelle.  Please allow them to help you and stay with you for a few minutes while I complete some business with Sarah.  They'll help you get whatever you need, help you get dressed, call a cab or a friend and perhaps explain a little more of what has happened here.  I just ask that you wait before you leave so we can chat.  You may have the urge to get on a phone and call the police right now, and I certainly can understand that.  But please talk to me before you do that.  Is that OK?" 

Gwen, barely able to keep her head up as the adrenaline started to fade, nodded her head and leaned against Erica who knelt on the floor next to her, wrapping her arms around her as she pulled a blanket around her.  Anita then turned to the other, "Sarah, dear, will you come with me please?"  She reached out both hands and Sarah took them, using the drop of energy she had left in her to rise from her curled up position, leaning against Kate.  Anita draped her arm behind her and led her down the hall a few feet from the others, but just before the threshold of the bedroom. 

"Well, I guess you found out the hard way, but not every club member has played by the rules, or been allowed to stay because of breaches in protocol.  Maria and I, we were tight; probably more so than you and Kate.  She was rough, and intense.  And I will admit, I loved submitting to her, and she to me.  As the club grew, she played with others who didn't have my... tolerance or stamina... and she basically tortured them beyond their abilities for her amusement.  Perhaps one day, they'll tell you the story.  But you don't need to know those details right now.  What you do need to know is that Maria and the club came to an agreement; to part company and leave the authorities out of it.  She agreed, but she never really let go of me.  And frankly, it hurt me just as much.  But I love what we as a group have and I am willing to sacrifice to keep it safe and strong, even if it means going without my 'Kate'.  She broke the agreement making contact with you, even worse by taking you as a prisoner.  That won't stand, and she needs to be punished.  She is ready for that, but it won't be me reprimanding her; she wants that too much.  It will be you, since you are the injured party.  You will be the one to help her remember her promise, and be the visible symbol of her breaking it.  I have what you need, but you have to be willing to do this to her.  It is severe, the one horror we ever dared to do to one another that we swore we'd never dabble in again.  Understand Sarah, she will scream and beg, but you must not stop.  And when you are done, you will have to leave her here, alone." 

Sarah perked up a little, disarmed somewhat by Anita's candor, and also a little proud that she was willing to reveal such intimate secrets to her.  She reached behind her and placed a hand with the utmost tenderness on her ass, still hot to the touch, "I begged.  I screamed.  And she didn't stop.  I have no reason to pity her like you do.  So if you care for her at all, you'll rescind this offer.  I'm willing to spend another day without food or rest to see her suffer." 

Anita stared with wide eyes at her young disciple, "After this there are no more reprisals.  You must bury this episode in your heart and mind forever.  After today, she will have no business among us.  Are you prepared to live with that?  She lives a few doors down from you in the same building.  You will see her again, bump into her in the elevator, see her name on the mailbox; can you let go after today?" 

Sarah’s face took on a sneer, "Yeah, thanks by the way for letting me know a psychopathic kidnapper with a bondage fetish lived down the hall from me.  That would have been a useful piece of information to know before I left myself helpless and naked for her to find..." 

Anita cut her of with a contrite tone, "I know.  You're right.  I should have said something.  I didn't think you were ready to play games daring enough to get you caught by someone in public.  I figured as long as you played in the safety of your apartment or with us, it was a non-issue.  I underestimated your desires, and I guess she saw us together enough over the past few months to put two and two together.  I made bad choices and you paid for it..." 

Sarah clipped her off, "Bad choices?  Look at me!" She turned to reveal her red, striped ass and legs to Anita, whose jaw dropped open as she realized just how severe the beating was. 

Sarah's anger ebbed as she watched Anita's eyes well up, and the woman leaned forward threw her arms around her, "I'm sorry.  I thought not pointing her out to you would keep her out of your life.  But here we are.  If you want, you can give me every stripe she gave you, and I'll take it if it will help you forgive me." 

Sarah kissed her mentor on the cheek and looked her in the eyes, "Why can't I give Maria these stripes back?  Why should you take them?" 

Anita wiped her eye and cleared her throat, restoring her calm demeanor, "Because after you use this, a endless caning will seem mild...” 

With that she pulled a hand-sized, opaque red jar from her large leather bag and handed it to Sarah.  Sarah took the jar and considered it for a moment, reaching her other hand out to open it when Anita stopped her, "Wait, don't open it yet, we'll need protection."  Sarah wrinkled her brow, not understanding, but Anita gave her elbow a tug to bid her to follow her into the bedroom.

As they entered the room, Sarah could see in the lamp light details of the apartment she couldn’t see earlier.  The windows were covered with heavy black blankets, setting the room in a look of perpetual night, as were all of the walls, making every sound they made flat and dead.  A variety of toys, books and sexy magazines covered the floors and flat surfaces, not very unlike her bedroom, and she wondered how she might have been friends with Maria if things were different.  The bed was simple and institutional in appearance with a basic, curved metal head and foot board creaking under some strain.  Sarah looked in awe at her tormentor prostrate on the bed, legs spread wide to the corner posts of her foot board.  The club had her buckled tightly into a heavy-duty straitjacket, her arms slung tightly around her chest and wrapped in the thick canvas.  Several heavy padlocks held various buckle points shut, not that they were within her reach any way.  Two slender belts running between her legs held the jacket down on her snugly and hugged her crotch tightly, her pussy bulging out from between them; red, swollen and wet from being teased and tormented by her chastity belt all night.  A thick leather gag not only closed her mouth tightly but also covered the entire lower half of her head from just under her nose with black straps running over and around her head as a harness and connected by a short chain to the headboard.  Sarah found it very effective as the sounds she made as they entered the room were barely audible.  From her crotch down she was naked except for thick canvas and leather medical-style cuffs that hugged her ankles, buckled and locked with multiple padlocks.  Heavy half inch chains ran from the corners of the head board to loops on the shoulders of the jacket, and to the sturdy hasps on the ankle cuffs, pulling her legs wide and taut. 

Maria's eyes ran wet as she looked up at the two, and she grunted imperceptibly into her gag, her eyes fixated on Anita as her muffled pleas fell on deaf ears.  Anita studied the helpless woman for a moment, making sure there were no gaps in the security, then looked at Sarah, "They may be a little tight in the chest for you, but throw on some of Maria's clothes.  Better you're not exposed for this stuff." 

Sarah found a shirt and some baggy shorts to throw on as Anita handed her a pair of long rubber gloves, a construction facemask and some goggles.  Sarah stared at the gear, "I need this?" 

Anita replied, already donning her own set, "This is powerful stuff, a personal concoction of mine that both Maria and I are intimately familiar with..." 

With that Maria lifted her head as far as she could and spied the red jar, suddenly thrashing her constricted arms wildly from side to side, testing the jacket to no avail as she implored Anita with her eyes for mercy.  Anita looked her prisoner in the eyes, "Don't ask me, this is not my call anymore.  Talk to your victim."  Maria stared blankly at Anita, then turned her head to Sarah who stared wordlessly back at the new prisoner; she ran a hand slowly over her ass to remind Maria what bill was due.  Maria quivered in her tight wrappings, tears streaming from the corner of her eyes, and a look of resignation fell over her face, and she stared at the ceiling for a moment and closed her eyes, her breathing heavy and nervous.

Sarah pulled on her protective items and carefully opened the tightly sealed jar with clumsy gloved fingers.  The seal popped and she pulled the lid away revealing a thick, pearlescent gel with tinges of pink and white blended through it.  After looking for a few moments at the contents, Sarah snapped her head back as she held her arm out as far as it would go, recoiling from the sudden bloom of sharp noxious fumes that burned her eyes despite wearing goggles.  Anita's voice had a little smile in it, "Told you it was powerful stuff.  You've heard of the intense feeling of heat you get from Icy-Hot rubbed on genitals.  Well, this blend uses Icy-Hot as a base, and is mixed with peppermint extract, pulverized pepper seeds and a drop or so some rare Asian hot sauces that are usually meant for gallons of soup.  Plus a few special ingredients I've derived to make the sensation last for hours.  A small finger tip of the cream is generally enough for a night of madness..." 

Sarah continued to hold the jar at bay, "My god, I can taste it in my mouth.  Whoa...!" 

Sarah turned once more to look at her former captor in the eye, and Maria shook her head 'No' as best she could in her head gear, her eyes desperate for leniency.  Sarah spoke mechanically through her mask, "I'll bet if you had this earlier, you would have used it on me and Gwen, you heartless bitch.  It's time for yours." With that, Sarah reached three fingers into the jelly and scooped a large wad of the goo out.  With her other hand she reached down and spread Maria's pussy open, slathering the concoction liberally over her hole as Anita chimed in, "Try not to get too much inside of her; even I think that's cruel." 

But Sarah ran her coated fingers inside Maria's lips as the helpless woman moaned from the intimate contact, the pace of her breathing increasing as she waited for the fire to start.  Sarah ran some of the creamy smear over Maria's tight asshole, intruding just with her finger tips to get the wicked salve in the most delicate of places, and once her nethers were covered in the substance, Sarah ran her fingers between Maria's toes to scrape off the remnants.  Anita got an enterprising look in her eye, "Hmmm, never thought to try it there," as she pulled a plastic bag from her satchel and carefully pulled her gloves off, showing Sarah how.  "Close the lid tight and put the jar and gloves in here.  I'll clean it up later. And don't touch your eyes or nose."  Sarah complied, and the three women, each in their way, waited for the show to start as the mixture soaked into the tender skin.

Maria squirmed while she waited for her punishment to start, darting her eyes back and forth from one woman to the other, then suddenly let out a muffled gasp under her gag, freezing in position and clenching her eyes shut as she let out a building series of whimpers through her nose that got progressively higher.  Despite her familiarity with her own straitjacket, she again twisted and thrashed her arms wildly in a futile bid to free herself, but she was quite secure in her bondage cocoon.  The whimpers built up into whines that flared into grunts and growls, until after a minute or so, Maria was howling uncontrollably into her gag, the bed shaking from her contortions.  Her legs pulled taut as she tried to pull free from the foot board, but the chains were tight and she merely flexed her knees a few inches, trying in vain to close her legs and maybe rub her thighs together seeking some impossible relief.  Her eyes rolled back into her head then opened wide as each wave of burning washed over her. 

Sarah and Anita watched her as sweat broke out on her forehead and legs, and she curled her toes as the fire gel there started to kick in.  Her body was in constant motion, twitching and quivering, and she screamed almost continuously, trying to expel some of the pain coursing through her.  Anita looked at Sarah who was staring intently at Maria's face, contorted with constant pain and maybe, she thought, a little pang of guilt.  Maria had trouble catching her breath as she endured each new wave, and Anita commented, "Another friend of mine who dared try some, just a touch mind you, compared the sensation to being fucked by a colony of fire ants; excruciating." 

Sarah's eyes went wide as she thought about how much she used on her and asked, "How long will this last?" 

Anita mulled the question, "The amount you put on...?  I wouldn't surprised if she was still writhing twenty four hours from now when you come to get her, which should be about 1PM..." 

Sarah's jaw dropped, "It's 1PM... on Sunday?  I've been playing and tortured for a day and half?!" 

Anita's eyes again went wide, "Wow.. you're quickly becoming the endurance queen, my dear.  Come, let's get you a shower..."

The two turned to leave and as they approached the doorway, Maria cried out her most pitiful moan yet, not one that spoke of pain, but more of last desperation.  Anita put a finger to her lips, and Sarah understood.  They left without another word and pulled the door shut behind them as Maria pulled at and thrashed in her inescapable rigging, crying out again as the door clicked close.  Anita walked over and took hold the mattress that had been blocking the front door and started sliding it in front of the bedroom door, and Sarah assisted.  Covered by the bed, Maria's sounds were distant and nearly inaudible, and Anita spoke with a little tremble in her voice, "As much pain as she is in now, and deservedly so, those cries were not from the cream.  I know Maria; she's suffering far more from being alone, she has nothing but anguish with no one to share it.  I might not sleep tonight..." 

Sarah put her arms around Anita, "Thank you.  Thank you for being there for me.  I don't know what I would have done if she had let me go and I had to return to my apartment alone.  You keep coming to my rescue..." 

Anita looked at Sarah lovingly, and thought for a second, then replied, "Yeah... but it seems I'm also the reason you need rescuing, more often than not.  I'm thinking I need to make it up to you." 

The women hugged, and Kate approached them from the living room, "Hey... I found her computer; there were no pics of you on there, just on this SD card from her camera, she must have printed directly from it.  Here..."  Kate handed Sarah the card and she took it in her palm and wrapped her fingers in a fist around it. 

Sarah didn't take her eyes off of Kate, "You have no idea how glad I am to see you." 

Kate stepped in and wrapped her arms around Sarah and Anita and the three held each other for a long while until Anita asked, "How is the other woman?" 

Kate assessed, "Gwen? Tired, angry, confused.  She wanted us to call the police until she saw us give Maria a taste of her own medicine.  I think if you explain about us a little more she may be more receptive than expected to the idea of our private justice.  She did want to play with Maria; perhaps after the shock of this wears off, we may have a new friend." 

Anita gave an approving look, "Wow, good job, hon.  Let's get out of here.  Sarah, may we adjourn to your apartment?"  Sarah nodded, ready to leave, and Anita stepped over to Gwen and took her hand, "Hi, Gwen, would you care to join us in Sarah's place just down the hall.  You can freshen up there, and maybe we can make sense of this together..." 

Gwen nodded as well, tired and ready for someplace comfortable, and Erica and Annabelle helped her up. Erica pointed at the bedroom and asked out loud, "What about her?" 

The group stood quiet for a moment as they tried to tune in to what sounded like distant muffled crying and screams.  Anita's composure was fully returned, "Sarah, as a member of the group, has dealt with Maria, appropriately.  She is responsible for her release tomorrow.  All agreements will still be in effect."  She turned to Sarah who nodded solemnly. 

Gwen perked up a little, "Won't she call the police after you let her go?" 

Anita shook her head, "History between Maria and I goes way back.  And I am a better record keeper.  She has far more to lose than we if the authorities get involved, and she knows that.  I'd love the chance to... explain more of who we are, if you're interested...” Gwen, still wrapped in a blanket, nodded and flanked by Erica and Annabelle who checked the hall was clear, walked to Sarah's door. 

Sarah slid next to Kate, who wrapped her arms around the tortured girl, and leaned her head down, resting it on her shoulder.  Anita watched the two women comfort one another and smiled.  The three stood there without a word for a minute, just happy to be in one another’s company.  Then Anita’s face took on a serious expression as she tuned in one more time to the distant, almost otherworldly sound of their prisoner bellowing in agony, barely audible even from just a few feet from her door.  She gave a resigned sigh and gave the two women a knowing glance and headed out the door, turning down the hall for Sarah’s apartment. 

Kate and Sarah stood there for a moment, and the two held each other; just glad they had this moment alone.  Kate finally spoke, “When I found that note, and those pictures… I had no idea what to think.  All at once I was frightened… jealous… angry…  I didn’t know what to think.  I never imagined something like this could happen to one of us.  I wish I could have been there for you, rescue you the way you deserved to be.  I know there was no way for me know, but I feel guilty I wasn’t there for you…”

She ran her hands down Sarah’s back and slowly let her fingers dance over the ripples that formed from the welts on her ass.  Sarah winced as Kate applied the most delicate touch she could, and she pulled her hands up and wrapped her arms around Sarah in a tight embrace as Sarah again rested her head on Kate’s shoulder, quiet tears running onto her shirt. 

Sarah whispered, “You have no idea how many times I thought about you coming to save me.  Every horrible moment I wished I could hear you coming; and then to fall into that witch’s clutches, and have her do this to me…  I know I promised Anita, but I don’t know if I can face her again tomorrow.  It’s too soon.  I want to just leave her there.”

Kate looked at her with a serious face, “Call me tomorrow when you’re ready, and I’ll be right by your side when it’s time to release her.  I promise.  If you release her, it means you’re in control; you’re in charge.  I know you’re better than that monster.” 

She pulled Kate closer, “I’m not playing again unless you’re right there, ready to help or… whatever…” Sarah lifted her head and looked Kate in the eyes, a slight smile crossing her face as she once again recalled their passion in Kate’s apartment.  Kate pulled Sarah close, looking down her back at the red marks still glowing from her caning.  Kate pulled away slightly and looked Sarah in the eye, shooting her a wise guy look with a big kid-like grin and Sarah smiled as she asked, "So, who get's to put soothing salve on your butt?"


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