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The Old Dog Cage

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2021 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

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I had spent my early University years in the halls of residence and to be fair, I got put into a double room with someone who was as quirky as I was. Amanda, my roommate, and I hit it off right away. We didn't cramp each other’s styles and she was clean and tidied up after herself. We also had fun. We would study hard and then go out and party harder. We helped each other out when one of us didn't get something at school.

Amanda was 5' 7 with eyes of blue. Her blonde hair and blue eyes could attract any boy and I said as much. She was a complete contrast to me. I am 5'2 and a brunette with brown eyes. Although I am a 34c, she has such an ample rack on her the guys can’t take their eyes off it. Her 36c breasts literally poke eyes out. The attention she sometimes got made me a little jealous to be honest. I work out hard at the gym and have a flat tummy, but for Amanda, things seem to fall into place for her. She can eat and drink as much as she likes and seems never to put on a pound, whereas if I just have to see a picture of a Thanksgiving dinner and I put on ten.

In our senior year we pooled some of our cash together and got a deposit for a small place off campus. Student loans and some cash from my father covered the rest of the bills. For me it was less distracting than having people traipsing about in hallways making a noise after a party or having girlfriends walk in unannounced. I loved having a little more privacy too. Our little house had double bedrooms and a reasonable open spaced furnished kitchen/lounge area. The cooker was in good shape and we both enjoyed dabbling in the kitchen making cakes or trying out recipes on each other. There was even a small basement off the kitchen we used for storage. We were blessed when the little old lady who owned it, rented it to us.

I had my own room to retreat to when I didn't want to be disturbed. I have to hand it to Amanda. She always gave me my privacy and always knocked before asking to come in. It was as well. I would be horrified should she have walked in on one of my private adventures. I was dressed in sexy underwear. A large sock in my mouth and my head wrapped around with silver duct tape while my wrists were handcuffed to the bed head. A large vibrator vigorously doing its business and held inside of me by a tight skimpy pair of panties preventing me from trying to push it out after one to many orgasms. Maybe it was the masochistic side of me but I liked being helplessly made to come and there were plenty more forced orgasms, which after the first two or three, always became more torturous the longer I was held captive.

I remember one day of self-bondage quite succinctly.


"Why are you staying around campus? It's Spring break. If you don't want to go home, why don’t you come home with me? You know my folks love you."

Amanda was packing a small travel suitcase, while I sat on the bed. I had been studying hard and I also had a little waitress job at a local restaurant and I didn't want to let the owners down. There was also a big essay to do and thought that a bit of peace and quiet around the campus would give me that emphasis to finish it. I almost blush thinking about it all now, as I also had a couple of my own plans I wanted to act out.

"I'll come to the airport with you Mandy. I'll even wave you off with a tear stained handkerchief if you want." I said it sarcastically, but couldn't help breaking into a big grin. She picked up the pillow and threw it at my head but I managed to duck out of the way. My hand went to my hair and I brushed some loose hair away. "Hey. Quick fists, slow wits." I shot back at her.

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit Emily, but a hug and a wave off will be just as good." I watched as she rolled up her T-shirts and packed them in her case before stuffing her pop socks into her sneakers and placing them around the outside of her case. Her fastidiousness in packing was annoying. I folded a pair of jeans and tossed them on top, but she picked them up and refolded them her way. "Christ, just pick them up and stick them in, will you?" I moaned.

"It's that attention to detail that's going to make me the greatest architect in the world." She muttered as she stashed the jeans almost exactly where I had tossed them.

"Attention to detail or anal retentive fucktard?" I shot back. I would have been packed and ready and on the plane by now, the amount of time it had taken her.

"Children shouldn't be obscene and most definitely not heard!" It was a play on words of the old saying, children should be seen and not heard.

"Yes Ma'am. Yes Ma'am. Three bags full." I shot back bastardizing a line from Baa Baa Black Sheep the nursery rhyme.

"So you admit to being a black sheep then?" She was quicker and a lot more sarcastic than I was, and the banter with her kept me on my toes.

"Of course. While you are out enjoying yourself with your folks, I am going to have every jock left on campus in here and fuck their brains out, and in your bed so as not to ruin the springs in my own mattress."

It caught her off guard and then she cracked up laughing. "Good luck to you." She was grinning at me. "You haven't been for a night out for ages. I thought your Vag' had dried up and become a dust bowl a long time ago." It wasn't said with malice. It was true. I hadn't dated anyone for a while, and it was months ago since I had slept with a guy. My extracurricular activity with Mr Bumbles, my vibrator, and a set of handcuffs, usually got in the way of my evenings. "Just make sure you play safe. Oh. And throw any used condoms away; don't stash them under my pillows."

It got an “Eeeyuck” from me. "That's nasty. You always take it one step too far." I chided her. She closed the suitcase and zipped it up before locking it with some travel padlocks. "So you gonna miss me then?" She said as she was stashing her I-pad into a small rucksack she would take on the plane as hand luggage.

"Nah. You snore like a pig; you use all the hot water; and when you fart, the duvet floats up and sticks to the ceiling." I blustered, embarrassed at how much I really would miss her. I got up and hugged her which she returned affectionately.

"So my duvet floats and sticks to the ceiling huh. You should join the Footlights. You're so witty." It was said with sarcasm.

"What's Footlights?" I blushed as I hadn't heard the term and I felt a little foolish asking the question.

Amanda sighed. "Cambridge University in England has a Uni' Footlights club where all the funny people go and perform. Comedy. Amateur dramatics. That sort of stuff. Some of them have been on the TV. That guy who plays House was one of them. You see them in films and on the stage when we watch the TV. They all started at Uni like us. I am sure they would take you. "Please take her" ". She said with an exasperated voice. "Anyway they need someone to make them tea and crumpets, because you just aren't funny Honey!"

I poked my tongue out at her and grabbed her case. "I don't even know what a crumpet is. The sooner you get out of here the less of the insults I will have to listen to."

We locked the house and jumped in the car and I drove her to the airport. It was over an hour away from the campus. Amanda's flight was at seven that evening and she would be home with her folks just after ten. I waited with Amanda for a bit and then she had to go through Customs checks where I couldn't follow. Her flight was at five and she had a couple of hours to wait before boarding the aeroplane.

She gave me a massive hug and a kiss on the cheek and then she was gone and I was alone. It actually felt strange. Apart from going home in the summer and at Christmas we pretty much hung out all the time. She even invited me home with her last Fourth of July. I felt like something was now missing in my life. I had to shrug it off as I was starting to feel sad. I reminded myself that I had stuff to do and an essay to write and the house to "chillax", all without interruptions for the next seven days. Besides, it would only be a few days, and they would fly by.

I drove my little car back through town. It was Friday night and usually Amanda and I would go and see friends. Other times I would shrug off the evening for my buzzy plastic friend. Although it was nearly early evening when I got back into town, the campus was mostly deserted as the students had gone home or down to Florida to party for the week. I could see the bars and cafes practically empty. I drove home and sat on the sofa and put my feet up on the coffee table flicking through the channels with the TV remote while nursing a small glass of wine for an hour or so. I was trying to build up a little Dutch courage with the alcohol for my adventure.

The thing that stuck in my mind when we started renting the place was the small basement. Mandy and I had gone down there in the dark with a tiny flashlight. There was dust and cobwebs everywhere and a lot of old crap like papers all over the floor. After finding the light switch we started to tidy the place up so we could fill it up with our stuff. There was a built-in wall to wall shelf made from two by fours and some thick plywood for shelves. We dusted the place and vacuumed like demons and even asked the owner if we should toss anything out in the trash. She gave us her blessing. That was when I stumbled across the collapsible dog cage stashed under the stairs. I left it there and went back to check it out after Mandy had left for a class.

With the little house empty, I pulled it out. It was a couple of feet wide by about three to four long and stood about thirty inches or so high. I spent a while trying to clean it up and reassemble it only to realise it was a lot stronger that it looked. The cage was just linked steel a couple of millimetres in diameter and the cage seemed to slot together. At the time I went out and got some small padlocks from Lowes. With a couple of padlocks in each corner the cage would hold up and wouldn't fall apart. I gave it an almighty shake.

It was then I climbed in and gave it another good shake. I had to scrunch up to slide myself in through the door edging back into the cage. It was a tight fit with just a little room on either side of me and not much above me. This time I tried to push the sides out, but they held. It turned out to be a good quality dog cage that folks could use in the back of their cars when travelling or just something to use to take a pooch to the veterinarians.

I had a workable locking cage and it dawned on me that I could use it some way in my little adventures. I could easily padlock the door shut but I would have to wait for Mandy to rescue me if I didn't have the key. That was too much like a horror story from hell. I didn't want to scare her, and I didn't really want to reveal that her flatmate was one kinky little rope bunny getting off on the predicament. It would need investigating but I had a plan in my mind where I was bound and gagged and kept in a cage by a faceless kidnapper who wanted me as a sex toy.

It was a couple of weeks after we found the cage that I went online and Googled a couple of ideas I had. This site called popped up in the search engine and seemed the logical first stop for any self-bondage related activities. I double clicked the link and entered into the site. My eyes didn't quite pop out on stalks like in the cartoons, but it was a revelation and I felt at home straight away. I had always thought my need for self-bondage was weird and strange. To have so many people coming up with ideas and generally chatting and hanging out on the forum was amazing.

Then I saw what I needed.

A "How To" page had a section on the various release methods, and another for all sorts of scenarios to act out. That's the first time I found out about the "Ice Release" method. It was so simple that I could have slapped the palm of my hand on my forehead in one of those "You Doofus" moments.

Get some string; roll it up in a little ball. Leave one of the ends of the string free of the water while the other end was tied to the handcuff key and also the cage door padlock key and then frozen. Using a plastic drinking cup in the freezer so it didn't break any of the china cups was what I used. It would take a good hour or so to melt. Tie off the free end from some point above and the keys would drop down onto the top of the cage and through the bars to my waiting hands when the ice melted and the string ball unravelled. I could then use the keys to un-cuff myself and then open the cage door and gain my freedom. It worked wonderfully when I tried the method out. I was following the forum's advice to test everything before you play. I set the ice up and walked away leaving it to melt while I hit my books. When I came back the ice had melted and the string had unravelled and the keys had dropped down to just inches above the floor. The ice release worked and I had estimated the right length of string. So I rolled the string up with the key for the padlock and the handcuff key and set about freezing them once more ready to use for real.

I knew the cage floor was just metal bars and would be uncomfortable so I decided to throw a blanket on the floor for extra padding to protect my knees from kneeling directly onto the metal. Well that was the initial plan, but I never had the opportunity to carry it out because of Mandy being in the house. Her going home for spring break meant I now had the opportunity I needed.

I swigged the last mouthful of wine and went to the toilet. Then I popped into my bedroom and found the rucksack that contained my bondage gear. I had stashed it at the back of my closet and under some other bags in case of prying eyes. I took it with me to the basement. It was weird, the emotions I was going through. I was scared because I was all alone, and yet I was excited as I was embarking on a new adventure. I hadn't done anything like this before. I was also feeling a little naughty and I was getting that "turned on" feeling you get when you are in lust.

I quickly pulled the cage out and set it up and threw into it the blanket covering most of the metal bars on the floor. All I needed to do was to suspend the frozen ice key somewhere overhead and I had just the place for it. I had seen an old nail partly exposed and sticking out of a floor joist overhead and I pushed a rickety old chair over to the place and climbed up onto the seat. It was a stretch but I tied off one end of the string onto the nail and the keys for the padlocks and the handcuff to the other free end. The heat of my hand had loosened the plastic cup. Great! I could reuse it again for the next time. The block of ice dangled nicely. It was swaying but it would stop eventually.

Smiling to myself, I set out on my adventure.

The basement was still a little grimy so I stripped off my blouse and skirt and folded them, placing them on the chair which I moved out of the way over by the stairs. The basement was cool but not chilly. I contemplated whether to strip completely. As I had the house to myself it became a "what the hell" moment. I tossed my bra on top of the chair and then my panty briefs. I had to stop myself from dropping my arm over my boobs and my hand over my crotch. There was no one in the house and the doors and windows were locked. I had made damn sure of that. Yet I still felt a little naughty, being naked in the house.

This was a special tie. My first in the cage. Maybe the last if I didn't like it but I would give it a chance.

I took a pop sock I had brought from my underwear drawer and folding it, was about to place it in my mouth when something made me hesitate. It flashed through my mind. You are a damsel and a big rough tough handsome guy has captured you and is keeping you his prisoner. He isn't going to use a clean pair of socks is he? Another image flashed through my mind like quick fire. I hadn't worn socks today, but I looked at my folded clothes and my eyes seemed to lock onto the panties. "Dirty Bitch", I thought. You can’t use them? Can I? Was it a case of over excitement and maybe watching too many reruns of Charlie's Angels and Mike Hammer where the girls always got tied up and gagged when I was a kid? I didn't know.

Well the thoughts racing in my mind didn't say no. I held up the panties and gingerly gave them a little sniff. They didn't smell that bad. It is my own body they were covering up a few minutes ago. I rolled the panties up. Then I opened my mouth and just pushed them in without any further thought. I used my forefinger to prod the material into my mouth until most of it was settled behind my teeth. I tore off a strip of silver duct tape and smoothed the layer over my puckering lips. Then I added a couple more strips. My mouth felt full, yet comfortable. A bigger wad would have pressed too far to the back of my throat and given me a gag reflex. This was just perfect.

I pulled out a couple of feet of the silver tape and placed the tape over the top of my lips and carried the roll fully around my head keeping the roll tight. It pressed my hair down and I placed the tape just under my earlobe to take it around the back of my neck before pulling the tape out and carrying on back to my lips. I smoothed the tape and was very pleased with myself that the tape was neat and hadn't scrunched up and got messy.

I tried to blow out my cheeks and was stunned how hard it was to get the tape to loosen. I smoothed it down again and tried a muffled yell. Okay. I could still do those throaty shrill screams but there was no way I could make a sound by trying to talk properly. Everything was going perfectly. I slipped Mr Bumbles into me and it went in easily without lube. Excited down there too Huh? I chided myself.


Mr Bumbles is nothing like a yellow and black bumble bee. It is a metallic silver vibrator about eight inches long including the base with the twisting knob to turn it on. But when it comes on it is pretty powerful and always gets me off. I call it Mr Bumbles because of the buzzy noise it makes. I imagined myself a damsel in distress and very soon I was going to be a real one and it had made me so very wet. And what’s more I had a whole packet of new batteries to feed my lustful urges.

Being naked I would need something to hold the vibrator inside me. I had to improvise on a crotch rope. I like crotch-ropes. The thrill of the rope tied around the waist and the rope dangling over my mound teasing the little Brazilian strip above my coochie and sent a shiver up my spine in anticipation of what was to come. Normally I would pull the rope tight and split my lips as the rope dug into my flesh. With the vibrator, that would drive the thing inside me too deep and rather than banging on my cervix, I pulled the vibrator out of me and tied the rope an inch from the base so the vibrator was tightly held in between the rope and wouldn't easily slip. Then I eased the vibrator back into me and pulled the rope up through my ass to tie off at the back of the waist rope. Tugging on the rope gave me a little thrill as the vibrator moved inside me. I tried to push it out and nothing happened.

All I needed to do was take two short lengths of rope and tie one each around my ankles leaving a little of the length to dangle free. I saw this on a web site and doubling up the rope I started to wrap it around my ankle. I passed the free ends through the looped ends creating reverse tension on the rope and after a couple of wraps around the ankle I went back through the larks head passing the rope entirely under the rope and back up before tightening through the loop I created. This way the knot will never slip and tighten, cutting off my circulation.

Then it was the moment of truth. That now or never moment; when you need to chicken out or go through with the deed.

I was scared. The house was empty and I was alone for a week without being able to call anyone for help. Christ, I wasn't going to call a friend for a backup plan. If the key didn't drop after the ice melted I would be up shit creek without a paddle.

I took two padlocks and I knew the padlock key up with the handcuff key would open both locks. I crawled into the small cage and I had to twist around. First I padlocked the handcuff to the cage ceiling where I thought the keys would drop through the bars. Then I twisted to each leg and pulled the rope through and around the mesh bars pulling my ankles out into each corner of the back of the cage keeping my legs and knees apart. The blanket was preventing my knees from digging into the metal mesh floor nicely.

Leaning forward I pulled the cage door closed and locked the cage from the inside with the padlock. Now I was stuck inside the cage. I could just untie my legs and sit or lay comfortably waiting for the keys to drop or I could go through with the scene I had envisaged in my mind in that first moment I had seen the cage all those many weeks past. I could feel my heart racing.

Did I dare do this? Don't do it. You could be stuck and die in this cage if it goes wrong. No food or water. There was nowhere to go to the toilet. Yuck. I really would be a damsel in a lot of distress if that were to happen. But there was the exciting thrill of the vibrator in my puss waiting to be turned on and the cuffs dangling down just behind my back. I was in turmoil of emotions. "You Chicken Shit" popped into my head. It was a dare I couldn't turn down, and I twisted making sure the key holes were facing towards my fingers and I slipped my arms behind me and grasped the cuffs and slipped my left wrist in and started to slowly squeeze the cuff closed.

Click, click, click the ratchet in the cuff made as the circle tightened and closed about my wrist. I could feel the rush or exhilaration at the thought of my impending capture, but a little terror if something should go wrong.

Shit. I almost forgot to turn on the goddamned vibrator. My right hand went down between my pussy and found the red twisting knob and Mr Bumbles came to life. Slowly at first, then louder. I shivered. Should I leave him on low to torture myself or go for as many forced orgasms as I could endure in my first tie of the week? I would be totally helpless and would have to endure the torment for quite some time? I thought back to "Chicken shit" and I twisted the vibrator to full. Before I could be overcome with the pleasure from my toy I lifted my arm up to find the handcuff and looked once again to position the keyhole toward my fingers and using my left hand I started to squeeze the cuff closed.

Click, click, click. This was the moment. I could still pull my wrist out of the ever tightening cuff. I could twist and squirm to untie my ankles and turn off the vibrator and sit with my arm dangling from the top of the dog cage.

"You are a Chicken shit!" I couldn't help the thought.

Click, click, click. I kept squeezing the cuff closer and closer to that point where I wouldn't be able to slip my wrist from the close circle of metal. Click.

When I pulled on my wrist it was too late. I was stuck with both wrists hanging cuffed from the ceiling of the cage. I was so busy rebuking myself and trying to talk my way out of it, that I had misjudged how many clicks it took to close the set of handcuffs. It was too late to change my mind and too late to try to get free. Shit. I really was stuck.

Wriggling around in the cage I realized just how truly helpless this position was. I was in a self-imposed mini strappado. I wiggled to try to get comfortable but the position wasn't designed to be comfortable. The cage was tiny and certainly not a palace. The weights of my arms were pulling down onto the metal of the cuffs. If I had clicked the cuffs any tighter, both my wrists would be pressing against the metal. I had enough room to twist my wrists a little so the point of contact with the metal wasn't always in the same place. Then I felt a splash of water on the top of the cage and the splatter as the drip burst and drizzled into the cage and onto my lower back.

My arms were dangling from the cage over my lower back. My mind screamed in panic. I positioned the cage in the wrong place and I wouldn't be able to reach the keys. Then I felt another drip of water on the cage and the water hit my wrist about an inch above the cuff. Thank Christ for that. The ice release must still be swaying a little. There's nothing to worry about, just keep calm. My heart was racing as I was really in panic mode when I thought the key wasn't in reach. That drip helped me to relax a little. I gave a little cheer to myself trying to test the gag and could hardly make a sound in the now silent room. "Yay Me!" came out a garbled throaty "Aay ee."

I had left the light on but the bulb was old and wasn't great. Every once and a while, the bulb flickered in protest at its use. It cast a dim shadowy light around the room. It was surprising that, even around eight o'clock in the evening, just how creaky and creepy the house appeared. I know from studying sciences back in High School how things heated in the daytime because of the thermal heat from the sun, and once the sun had set, the cool night air worked against the stored heat cooling areas that had heated up and had expanded ever so slightly during the day. Those contractions as the temperature fell caused those eerie sounds.

Well let’s just say that knowing what caused them and having to listen to them was a completely different matter. Every slight noise I would turn my head to try to see what was causing it. The gloomy light and the strange and eerie shadows in the room caused by our stuff up on the shelves or stuff tucked in the corners over by the shelves lent a creepy aura to the room.

I didn't know the time as there was no clock on the wall. The basement window was tiny and high up behind me and I knew that it was dark before I started my adventure and there would be no daylight left for me to try to assume a time. I knew that my wrists were hurting from the steel bands about them. My shoulders had also started to protest and I repeatedly had to shrug them to keep active and keep the blood flowing around my body. Sometimes when I had pins and needles my body would suddenly spasm in protest and then I would feel the numbness in a limb and I would end up crying out in agony. I didn't want that to happen so tried to keep fidgeting to fight it.

The thing that kept me distracted from the aches and pains and my thoughts of the eerie gloomy room was Mr Bumbles.

Mr Bumbles was my only friend down in the basement and my only pleasure. His constant excitable buzzing was taking me to that happy place. I was panting a little more than I was. And I know it wasn't from any excursions. A little moan escaped from my throat. Mr Bumbles was working his magic in my loins and my lower body was relaxing. I lowered my head and wriggled my ass back as I rested the cheek of my face on the blanket. I couldn't help myself as I closed my eyes. A vision came to mind of a big rough tough burglar who had "tied and gagged me" and was fucking my ass. He was saying how my stuff was rubbish and it wasn't worth his while to even rob me and fucking me would help to make up for his lost time. It shocked me that I could dream of something like that, that in real life would be so terribly abhorrent to me.

Mr Bumble’s fast humming drone seemed to fade to be replaced by hard heavy grunts as the faceless burglar thrust his cock into my ass like a jackhammer. His balls and thighs slapping on my butt cheeks as his cock thrust deep into me. "Oh fuck, just like that." I had said the words out loud but "Oh'uck'uz'ike'ad" was all I heard echo around the room.

I thrust my ass back excited about my dark fantasy and was rewarded as the vibrator wriggled in my pussy causing me to groan in pleasure. A few more minutes passed and it seemed my legs were turning to jello. My crotch felt so wet that it surprised me. I clasped my hands and the feeling of utter helplessness came over me. I had no way to stop the big burly burglar and I had no fight in me to try to stop him doing his thing. A faceless, rough, hard man fucking me mercilessly. I couldn't help myself. I came.

I came hard and cried out. It surprised me as I wasn't all that vocal when I normally climaxed. Sure I enjoyed sex but I usually nuzzled a guy’s shoulder burying my face in his chest when I came. As Mr Bumbles continued his assault on my sex, so did my fantasy. Although I had come, and it felt like a bucket load; the "burglar" carried on fucking me. There was no let up as he ploughed my furrow. Oh god I was so horny. I jabbed my fingernails in my palm as I clenched my fists. It was so wrong what I was feeling; but it felt so good. I fidgeted, and again and the vibrator moved, only this time it was deeper inside me. I couldn't help myself. Even digging the nails into my own flesh, there was no way I could stop a second orgasm; even if I had wanted to.

This time I screamed. The closed in basement seemed to reverberate with the sound of my distress. Was distress the right word? The panty gag had muffled me a little but the tape wrapped about my entire head just didn't seem to work as effectively as I had thought. In my mind’s eye anyone walking past the house would have a very good cause to call the cops. My guttural scream probably sounded like a mad axe murderer was doing a number on me. My pussy felt like a sodden wet mess. The vibrator was still as powerful as it ever was. Well I used fresh batteries so what do you expect? Surely you didn’t want them to run out after just a few minutes?

I was too well bound and gagged. My predicament which seemed a few minutes ago so dangerous and scary was now exhilarating and exciting. I didn't want to be released. I was a true damsel at the whim of my assailant. Miss Kitty was getting a sexual workout like she had never had before, and was also responding like she never had before. Jeez.

I felt like I never had before. If I could see myself in a mirror I am sure my eyes would be all twinkly and sparkly with a grin on my face bigger than the Cheshire cat. This "Alice" was in her own Wonderland of debauched depravity and getting the fucking of her life, and what’s more, I was enjoying every single second of being tied up, gagged and “used”.

I murmured and nuzzled into the blanket wiggling my ass. Fuck. Are you purring? You so are. You are fucking purring, you little slut. I couldn't help it. I felt so good. I felt naughty. I felt another orgasm coming on and it was so blissful. I couldn't help myself and I came again. All I knew was it had taken longer than the last but I had enjoyed it. Okay not as much as the first; and well, the second time was the ultimate in orgasms.

I tried to use my tummy muscles to try to push the vibrator out of me. I thought I had a good Kegel muscular control being young and healthy, but the damn crotch rope wasn't going to give and I knew I had a long night ahead. I wanted to get my arms down as I ached horribly at my shoulders. My wrists were sore again and started to throb. I had to keep wiggling my wrists to alleviate the feeling.

I shivered. The water was dripping on me constantly and I was starting to feel cold. It was also starting to annoy me. Again it was something out of my control I just had to endure. My fantasy fuck had disappeared and I was back in a small dark basement in a tiny cage and in pain from the compression and the way my wrists were held.

Mr Bumbles showed me no mercy either. My faithful buzzy friend was now my antagonist. You asked for this Honey so now I am going to give it to you, good and proper. So there! And there's nothing you can do about it either, it buzzed.

In my bound and gagged helplessness, stating the inevitable just seemed cruel. I thrashed around in the cage in the hope it would loosen my cuffs or the cage corners so I could crawl out and stand up, and yet I knew that that would never work, no matter how hard I tried. The vibrator only pressed deeper into me and jarred my cervix causing me to gasp. Please don't come again, I murmured under the gag.

Why hadn't the handcuff key dropped? It had to be more than an hour by now.

I craned my neck to see if I could see the ice. High up above, the ice was slowly dripping. The chunk of ice looked massive as if it was hardly melting and I groaned in anguish. I was trapped with nowhere to go and no way to get free and it would be at least another hour, perhaps more. I could have cried.

Why did you make the ice release so large? I couldn't help but rebuke myself. I had filled the plastic drink cup half way. How much did the cup hold? Shit. It had to be at least 200, maybe 250 millilitres. I had just under half of that. Fuck. I had frozen the key in a tenth of a litre of water. That's massive. I groaned. It hadn't looked that big at the time. Fuck. Water expands when it freezes, you cretin. A little can go a long way. Shit, shit, shit! That's sixth grade physics you had forgotten.

Stupid woman! Think. How can you get free? The key; you fucktard. I haven't got the key and stop calling yourself a fucktard; I am smart and have a brain. Then use it, dummy! I couldn't help berate myself even more.

Okay. It's a metal cage. It looks stronger than it is. Then I remembered how I tried to break it and it never gave. Okay. Sit up. Get your back and shoulders under the cage roof and press up as hard as you can. It's simple when you know how. Well I tried it for all I was worth. The cage protested and remained resolute; its integrity intact. I had to admit, it gave my shoulders a nice little work out and they didn't ache as much as before. It was when I tried again the problem started.

I pressed up with my back and shoulders and tried to add my arms to the weight against the cage. It caused my handcuffs to click a couple of clicks. The bands that were snug before now pressed on my flesh and I stopped instantly. Shit, shit, shit! This time I screamed my protests and the muffled gagged sound echoed around the room.

It added to my woes and pressed home exactly how helpless I was. That feeling of abject despair of perhaps never getting free seemed to hit home hard and I trembled and gave up the struggle. It was then that Mr Bumbles gave me my last big orgasm of the night. I cried out in anguish and frustration. My body wasn't my own. I was being fucked silly by a sex toy that just wouldn't run down. Every time I moved the toy moved inside me. It wasn't comfortable as my cervix will attest. I shuddered. I wanted to come where I was free and in my lovely bed under my warm duvet. Not cold and wet and mercilessly used by a toy.

My torment seemed to last forever. I was always squirming trying not to come. Then when I did come it wasn't anything like the first couple. That left me feeling even more frustrated. I was in a limbo land of wanting to come hard, and not wanting to come at all. When I didn't want to come and then I did, I wished it had been more powerful. The batteries are dying you fool. Thank god for small mercies. It isn't god you need to thank silly, it’s the 'great big Vibrator' in the sky that finally granted your wish.

It was weird, the thoughts flashing through my mind. I tried every little distraction to think about something else rather than the toy buzzing between my legs. I tried to make a shopping list for the week. Math equations I could remember. The Chemistry periodic table came to mind and putting the group one metals in the right order through to the Noble gas groups. The only thing I never thought about was the damn essay I had to write.

In the end I was exhausted and wet through with sweat and the ice water that had splattered all over my back and had slowly run down onto my thighs. I twisted dejectedly to look at the ice ball high above me. The ice had shrunk to almost nothing and I could see the strands of string barely contained in its frozen prison. The weight of the keys seemed to be pulling the strands of string and the ice had dropped lower by about three feet and was less than six inches from the roof of the cage.

I hadn't noticed. Why hadn't I noticed and checked it? They say a watched clock never tells ticks!

What? What the hell does that even mean? You would watch it and it would never really show what was happening. Look how much string has been released since you got all depressed and moping, feeling sorry for yourself. Dumb ass!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I murmured over the silver duct tape. The string was unravelling and I wasn't going to die after all. My body ached all over. My knees and legs from not being able to stretch out and my wrists really hurt since the handcuffs had clicked tighter. It felt like the weight of my arms were pulling down and were slicing my hands off. I tried to twist them to relieve the pain but when I did, jolts of pain shot through my wrists causing me to squeal in agony. It was best not to move. I had to resort to clasping my fingers together, interlocking them so I couldn’t really move my hands or my wrists all that much. I also wanted to close my legs and get rid of my toy which was in a state of lethargic annoyance rather than the vigorous thrill seeker it had been earlier in the evening.

Would that have been a good way to die I wonder. Death by orgasm? Barbarella and the Orgasmatron came to mind when I heard a clatter on the cage behind me. The echo in the room shocked me. I twisted around and I could see the keys on top of the roof of the cage. I grasped for them with my fingers only to find the keys had yet to fall into the cage for that to happen. I used my butt to nudge the side of the cage and the keys, still held by the string, dangled through the cage to twist enticingly inches from my prying fingers. I wriggled back and the cage moved a fraction so I wriggled again. My fingers brushed the string and I made a grab for it.

I screamed into the gag. The taste of my drool soaked cotton panties wasn't pleasant by any means anymore. I choked back a sob as my protesting wrists begged me not to move again. I had to nudge the cage again and then once more before I could curl a finger around the string to bring it closer to my palm.

Ever so slowly I pulled the string up through my fingers until I felt the cold wet metal of the padlock and handcuff keys. I tried to feel for the handcuff key hole with my fingers but as my hand twisted I screamed as the intense pain shot through my wrists once more. I tried to bury my head in the blanket to muffle myself. I had blown the tape off my face to loosen it a little over the course of the evening and had tried to rub the silver duct tape off using my thigh or the blanket. After much wasted energy attempting it, I had to accept the conclusion of doing so only pressed the tape back down onto my jaw. I was so close to freedom with the keys in hand and I was only being thwarted by the inability to move my wrists to manipulate the key into the handcuff key hole.

Dumb Ass. You said you are smart. So be smart. I was having another Doofus moment. I can't twist my poor sore wrists enough to get the handcuff key in the holes with my wrists up in the air... Why don't you just unlock the chain of the cuffs from the ceiling of the cage and have a rest? D'oh! In my mind I asked myself why I hadn't thought of that. You did, dummy. Oh.

I could feel the padlock with the tips of my left hand. I just needed to try to straighten it a little so the padlock key could be pressed against the base of the lock where I could push the key home.

Sounds easy, right? Nah. I had the key around the wrong way and another jolt of pain shot down my arm as I gritted my teeth and re-positioned the key. Then I had to straighten the lock once again and another jolt went through my wrist. The key slipped right in and I twisted the key. The padlock snapped open easily and my wrists suddenly fell away from the roof of the cage. I tried to stop them from slapping down on my back and was so relieved the cuffs never took the brunt of the collision or clicked another notch. I think I would have died from despair if that had happened.

I had to have a rest. I lay as still as I could with my cheek on the blanket for quite a while just slowly breathing and leaving my wrists bound but unmoving so as not to cause too much pain in them. I could feel the string with the keys against the bare flesh of my buttock. Gingerly I took the string between my fingers to pull up the string to my palms. Come on dummy, which way was the keyhole? It's handcuffs, silly. The "sticky outie" bit of the keys always points towards the wrist. It’s called a key flag dumb ass! Shut up arguing with yourself and open the key. Please. I need to get out of this? I pleaded with myself.

I couldn't remember if the hole was towards the little finger or the thumb. I had to stop and have another break. My wrists protested with every movement. Hey. Maybe I should wear gloves next time. At least my wrists will be protected a little. Next time? What makes you think I could endure this again? My damn wrists will be sore for a month.

I was tired and irritable and fed up being constricted, albeit in a prison of my own devices. I needed to get out. I used my right index finger to probe the left cuff as it hurt the most. Just off centre my nail came into contact with the keyhole. I prodded the hole and confirmed my theory was correct. The key flag pointed in towards the wrist. Gently I rubbed the key along the metal of the cuff until it grated over the hole. With the key pointing the right way it was as easy as pie to press the key into the hole with the fingers of my right hand.

With a twist of key, the arm of the cuff eased free without so much as a sound, and my wrist went from a shooting jolt of pain to a sudden dull ache as my wrist fell out of the cuff. Bringing my arms around to my front, I could see the hole on the right cuff and jabbed the key in. I was rewarded with a gentle loosening of the cuff and I sighed in pleasure as the cuff dropped down onto the blanket in front of me.

Oh my god. That felt so good. I rubbed my wrists hard and was rewarded with a shout of pain through the panties and duct tape gag. Fuck. My wrists were so sore I could hardly bear to touch them. I tried to claw at the tape over my mouth but the tape was wound tight and I couldn't pull it lower over my jaw. Instead I twisted the damn vibrator to turn it off. I rested once more with my head resting on my crossed forearms until the ache in my wrists seemed to ease a little. Then I tried to find the knots holding my ankles at the side of the cage. I rebuked myself again for tying the rope neatly and properly like they had in the porno clips. I like it neat, my mind protested. That's all well and good silly girl, but there are a couple of people on set when a girl gets tied up for a picture shoot. If I hadn't made it neat it would have played on my mind all night.

It was true. It would have bugged me. With my ankles freed I attacked the rope at my waist and the vibrator just seemed to fall out of me with a little plop and hit the blanket. When I moved it aside I felt how wet and sticky it was with a covering of what looked like white mucus but was actually my vaginas natural lubrication. I wiped my fingers on my thigh before I slid the side of my body against the cage to twist onto my side into a foetal position. It felt so good with my arms down. I could feel the circulation returning in my arms and legs where I had been kneeling so long.

It truly was an evil position to have been tied up in. Hours with one’s body curled up into a ball without being able to move much from side to side. I contemplated the merits of the tie. Could I have made a torturer in the Spanish inquisition? I could feel my cheeks flushed under the silver duct tape. I couldn't hurt anyone. I couldn't tie anyone up like that. Then why did you tie yourself up like it then? Ah. It was the challenge. Could I really stay like that for hours? I did though, didn't I? You almost chickened out. True, but I didn't.

Then why? I wanted to be like the models on the internet. I wanted to see if I could really do it like they did. But they are fitter than you are, and what's more they get paid to do that shit. Besides you blew several hours wasting time and not doing that essay.

I groaned. I wasn't going to study anything tonight. I yawned over the gag. The movement was coming easier in my fingers and I grabbed the padlock key and fumbled with the padlock on the cage door. When the padlock dropped onto the blanket I kicked the door open with a clatter as it swung open with force and bashed itself on the side of the cage before bouncing back against my shins that poked out of the door.

Oh my God. It felt so good being able to stretch my legs out. I twisted onto my back laying on the damp blanket with my wrists on my stomach and my feet out on the cold basement floor. I wriggled my toes and it actually brought a feeling of pleasure that I could do it free at last. I yawned again under the gag. Wow I couldn't believe how tired and drained I felt. I slowly edged out of the cage and finally sat upright on the cool concrete floor. I tried to find the end of the tape around my mouth and tried picking at the tape with my nail. I gave up after a couple of attempts and as the feeling came back into my lower legs and ankles that had been compressed for so long, I edged over to my bondage bag. I had a pair of scissors with blunt edges in the bottom somewhere. After I located them, I pushed them under the duct tape on the side of my right cheek and used my right hand to snip through the silver tape. I was careful trying to peel the tape from my face with the fingers of my left hand while still snipping with my right. My hands felt alien to me when I did. I spat my panties out and left them where they fell on the concrete floor alongside the duct tape that had once wrapped around my head and jaws.

I pulled myself up using the rickety old chair as support. I felt a little light headed and held onto the seat of the chair for a minute, and then I made my way to the foot of the stairs. I could clean up the basement tomorrow, but first I had to try to get up the stairs to the house. My legs felt like Jello as I put the weight of my body up against the wall and started to pull myself up the stairs using the banister. It was hard to explain, but I felt like a newborn Giraffe; all legs and not one of them wanting to go in the same direction and unable to stand up straight.

In the kitchen I leaned against the refrigerator and gingerly pulled the door open. I felt the cool air rush out into the kitchen against my body and I shivered a little. I had stopped worrying about being undressed quite some time back and it was oblivious to me I was still naked from my adventure. I snatched the bottle of wine I left chilling in the door and grabbed my wine glass and ever so gently climbed the main stairs to the bathroom. I needed a long soak in the bathtub and a drink. Then I was going to sleep like a log.


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