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The Outage

by selfbound_2000

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© Copyright 2002 - selfbound_2000 - Used by permission

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Angela had been doing self bondage for 10 of her 28 years, and while she did enjoy "regular" BDSM, she had little time to look for a partner.  Plus, self bondage does have some elements that were exclusive.  For instance only being able to be released after so much time, and the feeling of anticipation while self bound.  Particularly when "extras" are added to the session.  Angela loved extras, and generally added them to her self bondage. 

She had seen the "fucking machines" on the net, and from the first time she saw them she knew she wanted one.  Since she had skills that did not fall into what most think women have, she decided to build her own versions.  After all, she learned how to build things at a young age.  The benefits of having a father who was a carpenter, two brothers who were mechanics, and another who was a welder.  Plus, she worked for a hardware store so was able to get parts really cheap.  Most of what she would need she could get there, and she could build it in her garage.  On second thought, maybe two. 

Angela got the plans from Sartan's site, and after some time she had built two machines and had tested them out to ensure proper function.  Knowing that they worked, and well, she started to think of ways of incorporating them into a self bondage session. 

Timers.  She needed timers.  She would use them to set off the machines, and to release her keys as well, which were in a box she designed that would only be opened after the time expired.  This box would open and drop the keys to her where she could get them to release.  Angela had used this several times, and no hitches.  There was a lot of things that she used timers for, usually to set off some sort of torment.  Either she would use light timers or her timer system hooked up to her computer.  It all depended on where she would bind herself. 

Now for the when, where, and what position.  She wanted both machines to work on her, one vaginally the other anally.  Strapado?  On the bed?  Over her bench?  Hmmm... these three had their own potential.  If she was strapado, there would be extra strain on her body, and there would be different sensations.  The drawbacks: the strain, and the chance of going numb in the arms and hands fast, and also the possibility of moving off the machines.  The bed, well, if she was on her back she'd have to have her legs up somehow or kneeling, which was no real problem, so this was a good option.  There were very few drawbacks, just the positioning on the bed.  The bench had the best possibilities.  It was padded for her body, and had different locking points that she placed so she could bind herself to it easily enough.  Plus it was fairly comfortable.  She had bound herself in it for four hours before, with hardly any aching afterwards.  Plus, she'd be able to set the machines up better in this postion.  One on the floor, the other on a table over it.  Then it was settled, her bench. 

Angela decided the best place was her den, where her computer was.  This way she'd be able to broadcast the session and videotape it with her camcorder.  There was enough room to place everything, considering it was basically a spare bedroom that she used for her computer instead of it's intended function. 

Feeling herself get wetter below, she knew she had to do this tonight.  No question about it.  It was 4:00 pm now, so she decided to start it at 7:00 pm.  This way she had lots of time to prepare and set things up good. 

After grabbing a quick bite to eat she went to work setting things up in the room.  In the center she placed her bench, positioning it so that the cameras would get the whole picture, and so that there would also be enough room for the machines behind it.  And now it was time to set up the machines.  The first one, which would be used on her vagina, was placed on the floor and angled for the best penetration.  Over this she placed her small table, then ontop of that the machine that would do her anally.  She verified that the machines would indeed pentrate her, and not come fully out.  Once this was done she made her way to the bathroom. 

She soaked in a hot bath to relax herself and her muscles, then went to select her outfit for the night.  Hmmm... what to wear?  Something fetishy?  Yes.  Most definitely!  She selected her purple latex corset with leggings and gloves.  Also, she grabbed her purple latex mask.  She never got a chance to wear this outfit much, and she loved purple.  After powdering her body, she pulled it on.  The corset went just below her breasts, a nice 36 DD.  The leggings accentuated her legs nicely, and when she put on her matching 6" pumps and locked them into place, they were even hotter.  Now she was definitely wet below.  She only put on some purple lipstick, seeing as everything else would be covered by her mask, then pulled on the mask over her head.  It was nice and tight, with holes for her eyes, mouth, and two small holes to breathe through.  Looking in the mirror she stood there and admired herself for quite some time before pulling herself away. 

It was now 6:30, so time to finish setting things up.  She placed the timers on her machines, set to go on and off several times.  They were digital ones she bought on a closeout sale and had picked up several.  At that price she couldn't go wrong.  She set the computer to start broadcasting at 7:00 pm.  She grabbed her gear and placed it near the bench.  After making sure all the padlocks were open, she placed the keys in her box and set it up.  It would release the keys at 10:00 pm, giving her 3 hours of bound pleasure and torment.  It was now 6:45, and almost time to do it.  She sat at her computer and relaxed with a cigarette, talking with a few friends on the net and letting them know to tune in. 

At 7:00 pm, she went to her bench and started.  First, she locked her ankles to a 24" spreader bar and locked that to the floor where she had a recessed hook.  Next came an 18" one her knees, which was locked to the bench.  She then reached behind her and pulled the lower machine closer, inserting the dildo on the end of it into her soaking pussy.  Using her own fluids, she lubed up her ass, then pulled the one on top into her asshole.  At their farthest points back, they were 2 inches in.  Once bound down to the bench they would not come out.  Grabbing her bondage belt, she locked it to her waist then locked it to the preplaced chains.  There, she wouldn't move from a crouched position.  Next came her posture collar.  This little thingy would not allow her to move her head much, and actually closer to not at all.  Over her mask she locked on her head harness.  Now for her gag.  She had recently bought an inflatable one, and inserted this into her mouth.  She pumped it up until she knew it would not be able to come out nor would she be able to say a word.  It filled her mouth well, and this sensation aroused her more.  She grabbed her cuffs and slipped them on, not locking them yet, just placing the ends over the hasps on the leather cuffs.  On went a chain to her collar, and that was locked to a point on the bench.  Angela grabbed her vibrating nipple clamps, and placed them on her hard nipples and turned them on.  Quickly, she grabbed her blindfold and put it on.  Now super aroused, she grabbed her locks and locked her hands to the chains in front of her on the bench. 

Angela was now bound to her bench, bent over with the two homemade fucking machines ready to go off soon, gagged, blindfolded, and nipple clamps pinching and vibrating on her nipples.  She couldn't help but get wetter, and she felt herself on the verge of climax. 

Since she could not see what time it was, she had to sit and wait.  The first machine, the vaginal one, had been set to go off at 7:45, and the second at 8:00.  She knew that the cam was going, broadcasting her predicament over the net for all to see.  And for free.  Her camcorder was also capturing the moment, for her own private pleasure later on.  Angela squirmed against her bonds and tried to impale herself on the machines.  She found she couldn't, the bondage belt being locked to the bench would not allow her to move backwards farther than half an inch.  She was bound good, very good. 

Time passed, what seemed like hours but was only minutes.  When will it be 7:45?  She wanted the machines to start so badly.  Angela could wait no longer.  She came, and with her being a squirter she soaked over the dildo in her.  She felt her fluids fly everywhere.  Well, at least she'd be well lubed, she thought.  No sooner had she cum, than the first machine kicked in.  Whoa!  Wow!!  Hoo-yeah!  It was pumping good all right!  Just a little slower than she thought.  Still, what a feeling! 

For fifteen minutes she endured the maching ramming into her, going deep with each thrust forward, then pulling back then repeating.  Click! Wrrr!  The second one kicked on, starting to drive itself into her ass.  Yikes!  This one was going hard and fast!  She got them mixed up!  It drove into her fast, slamming into her tight ass while the other drove in at a slower pace into her pussy. 

Oh!  The sensations!  She moaned through her inflatable gag, managing a very muffled and soft "uuuuhhh!!nnnnn!!" through it.  She was blinded, unable to see, and unable to talk, and on top of that very unable to move!  Angela could do nothing but endure her situation.  In, out, in out, from the top and bottom... driving her crazy with passion. 

Click!  Click! both machines went off.  This meant it was 8:15.  They would go back on in another fifteen minutes.  This time the anal one, then the vaginal 5 minutes later.  She waited and waited, thinking on how she would be piledriven in her ass shortly, unable to do anything from the semi painful yet arousing anal thrusts.  She actually vibrated and shook with anticipation. 

The time came.  The machine clicked on, roaring into life and thrusting into her ass.  Five minutes of anal thrusts and torment later, the vaginal one came on.  It did not take long before she came again, soaking the dildos and the floor below her.  The more the machines thrust as she came the more she squirmed and moaned.  She thought of how many people were jacking off watching her get off like this?  The thought of this and the mental picture caused another orgasm, sending waves of vibration through her. 

Half an hour later, the machines went off.  She was left spent and vibrating on the bench, bound, gagged, blindfolded and moaning.  Angela could just imagine what she must look like.  Clad in purple latex from head to toe, bound and spread to the bench with machines with dildos in her, and a likely very obvious puddle between her legs. 

About ten minutes later she heard another sound.  One she did not like.  Not at all.  It was the sound of her computer shutting down.  This meant one thing.  The power went out.  Damn!  Why hadn't she invested in a UPS for her computer?  Or a generator backup for her house?  How long would she have to wait until she could be released?  Would it be half an hour, half a day, or half a week?  When the power went out in her region, you could never tell. 

The timers... they ran on electricity... would they kick back in properly or screw up?  Only time would tell.  She had decided then and there that she would invest in a UPS and a generator back up for her house.  This way problems could be avoided like this. 

Time passed, how long she could not tell.  She could not see, and even if she could all her clocks ran on electricity.  She struggled against her cuffs and the bench, in hopes of maybe pulling them out of the bench.  No luck.  She was bound good.  Very secure.  Panic started to set in a little, but she was able to quash it for a bit.  But for how long would she be able to?  She had to work the next day, so she definitely had to get out before 5:30 am. 

There was no way she would get out of this, at least until the power kicked back in.  She had no choice but to wait, and try and make the most of it.  For what must have been an hour she tried to get herself off, but couldn't.  The fear and panic were simply too much.  She began to cry a little, the tears streaming down and in her mask and soaking her blindfold, which kept most of the tears against her eyes. 

Angela actually found herself dozing off from the crying, and was soon asleep while bound.  What awoke her was the machines starting to drive into her!  The power was back on, and she hadn't heard her computer restarting.  Thank the stars!  The power was back on!  If things went well she'd only have to wait a bit more than an hour and she'd be free! 

Her ass was sore, her body started to ache, but she managed to get off again.  Then she realized something, the cycle had started from the start!  She would have another 90 minutes of this easily!  The thought of this scared her but yet exhilerated her as well.  Again she climaxed, shuddering against the waves of her orgasm. 

After enduring the whole cycle, the machines went off for the final time.  Ten minutes later her box opened, and the keys clanked near her hands.  She pulled them to her and unlocked herself bit by bit.  When she was able to remove herself from the machines she did so carefully.  Her ass was sore from being driven into so hard and fast, and her pussy was rather swollen as well. 

Once free from all her binds and restrictions, she looked at herself in her mirror.  She was exhausted, and her whole body trembled.  Looking at the clock on her computer she noticed the time.  It was 3:52 am.  She had just enough time to bathe and then get ready for work.  She would have to check out her video after work.  Well, at least she knew the machines worked, but that she would have to adjust her program and get a backup! 

© Copyright 2002 selfbound_2000.  No reposting or redistribution without prior express written consent. 
This is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to any person living or dead, any event, location, or circumstance is purely coincidental. 


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