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The Outing

by MSN

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The Outing
by MSN
The Outing by MSN
Hi, let me introduce my self. I am a thirty six year old male living in east Texas. I stand six foot one and weigh two hundred pounds of mostly muscle. I work out three times a week with free weights and do wall climbing at the gym for an hour twice a week. When my hair started to fall out I started shaving my head and grew a goaty. 

I have had a few mistresses but they don’t seem to be able to get me in to the same frame of mind as when I tie myself up. When I was twenty one for a birthday present I got both my nipples pierced and a Prince Albert piercing through the head of my nine-inch cock. Two years ago I had one-inch gold rings permanently put in to place on all my piercings by a friend who worked at jewelry repair shop. 

Over the years I have had numerous self bondage sessions but all of them were in doors. One day I came across this web page and read a story were someone had a self bondage session in a park were they could be found out if someone should happen upon them. I instantly had a hard on that a cat couldn’t scratch. The idea of putting myself into bondage were I would be at the mercy of any passing stranger haunted my dreams for weeks after reading it. I finally I decided to try it myself and started looking for just the right place.

Once a month some friends and I go to different areas of the local state park to do some rock climbing and I found the perfect spot on one such outing. We were hiking through the woods when we stumbled in to a clearing in a thick growth of woods. I knew at once that this was the perfect place. Standing in the middle and turning all around you couldn’t see out of the clearing at all. I decided that at this time next weekend I would give my self-bondage a try. The next week was all most too much to bear. 

The Friday night before my little adventure I setup my release mechanism. I have used this method before and I knew that I would have five hours of forced bondage be for I was released. My little two chains that had an old dish towel through the last link in one end. The end of the dish towel was placed in the largest pot I had and filled with water. The pot and the chains were then placed in to the freezer for the night. I grabbed a small duffel bag from my closet and filled it with all the things I would need for tomorrow and placed it by the door with an ice chest for the block of ice. I then grabbed dinner and headed for bed. 

It took me some time to finally get to sleep but I wanted to get an early start in the morning. The next morning I grabbed all my gear and the put the block of ice with the two ends of chain sticking out in to the ice chest with a couple of bottles of water. And placed all my stuff in the trunk of my car. It was six AM by the time I parked my car on the side of the old logging road we used last week. I moved around to the rear of my car and opened the trunk to get my stuff. I then stripped off all my clothes and placed them in the trunk and locked it. I didn’t want to lose the keys to the car so I buried them in a shallow ditch by the driver’s rear tire for later. Grabbing the ice chest with my duffle bag on top I headed off in to the woods. After about forty minutes I got to the clearing.

 I looked around and spotted a likely tree to lock myself to and started my bondage fun. I start by taking the block of ice out of ice chest and a padlock from my duffle bag and locked one chain around the tree I selected. Next I take a special sixteen ounce ball weight out of my bag and fit it around my nut sack. The ball weight consists of two halves of a ring that bolt together with a hex head wrench. Once the ring is in place there is no getting it off without the wrench and for that little add something the ring had six two-inch spikes around the outside so I can’t put my legs together. 

Next I place a leather hood over my head that has a built in posture collar and lock it on with a small padlock. The hood has holes for my eyes and nose and a gag is snapped in place over the mouth hole and is now filling my mouth. Almost finished I waddle across the clearing and place the key ring with the keys to all my locks on the ground near the largest tree at the clearings edge. I waddle back over to my bondage tree and grab the rest of  my bondage equipment out of my bag. I lay several items ( paddles, whips and clamps) on the ground in front of a sign that reads please punish this slave. I move the duffle bag and ice chest around to the other side of my bondage tree so it will be out of my reach when I’m finished. 

I take one more look and finish locking myself up. I lock a large padlock through each of my nipple rings pulling the rings down a good half inch. Next I take a smaller padlock and lock the ring through the head of my cock to the other chain sticking out of the block of ice. Not finished yet I lock two-inch wide leather cuffs around each wrist and then lock them to each other by built in D-rings. Now I can’t move more then four feet away from the tree until the ice melts and any movement causes the padlocks on my nipples and the weight around my balls to sway tugging on each other. 

I stand there for some time my cock rock hard and sticking straight out in front of me even with a heavy chain locked to the end of it. I move around the clearing a little savoring the small tugs my balls and nipples receive from their respective weights. After some time, I don’t know how long, of just standing there I decide to sit down and rest. The block of ice doesn’t look like it’s melted at all so I squat down. As I struggle to sit without the use of my hands my foot slips and I land with a solid thump on my ass. The weights on my balls and nipples bounce up and down and send some pain through both. I moan into my gag and shake my head at my own clumsiness. I sit with my back against the tree fantasizing about being a slave who was caught trying to escape and is now waiting to be punished by his mistress. 

I must have fallen asleep sitting with my back to the tree because I am awakened by a shadow blocking the sun from my face. For a moment I think I’m still dreaming as I look up in to the face of my best friends girlfriend June and two other young ladies as they stare down at me. One of the ladies is holding a small whip that I had placed in front of my sign. June looks at the other two ladies and then at me. "Well look what we have here girls. We come out to do some nude sun bathing and find a little lost slave boy."

For a moment the ladies stand there watching me, as I study them June is a small women standing about five foot one but has huge forty four-DD tits and works as a striper at one of the cities more popular dance clubs. I can only guess that the two girls with her work at the same dance club.  Her dark hair is cut extremely short in a close choppy style. At the moment she is wearing a red tube top and a tight pair of black shorts with high top sneakers on her delicate feet.

To her left is a stunningly tall women standing at least six foot six and powerfully built. Her hair is a long blonde mop that ends at the small of her back and her breasts are at least as large as June’s. She is wearing a cut t-shirt and shorts that displays her Amazon like body to its maximum effect. To her right is an equally tall woman with shoulder length red hair and as with the other two is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Her breasts are slightly smaller then the other two but still large and impressive this is the one who is holding the small rat-tail whip from my collection in her right hand. 

I look over and see that the block of ice has melted freeing me from my attachment to the tree but a large stick has been driven between the last links of the chain to my cock and in to the ground. I look back at the two ladies and see that June is also looking at the stick driven in to the ground. She looks back and nods at me, "yep you’re going no were until we let you. Now where are the keys to your locks, they must be close by?" I nod in the direction of the tree that I left my keys at and mumble over there in to the gag filling my mouth.

June looks at the tall blonde and nods her head in the direction of the tree, "Go take a look for the keys." The blonde heads off to look for my keys, June reaches down and grabs the chain near the end of my cock. Pulling on the chain she commands, "Up boy! I think we will have more fun at home then here in the woods." With some effort June drags me to my feet by my cock as the redhead starts to gather up my toys from in front of my sign. The three girls must have been looking me over for some time as the red head is placing all my toys in the bag I had stashed behind the tree with the ice chest. 

As I stand there with my legs spread wide due to the spikes on my ball weight, I look down and see that my cock is rock hard and is drooling like a mad man. I look back up at the sound of the blonde yelling out that she has found my keys and see her waving them over her head. Her tits bounce nicely as she waves at us from across the clearing. Pain explodes across my naked ass. I look over and see that the red head has used my whip on me and is shaking her head. 
"You will keep your eyes down slave or get more of the same, got me?" I nod my head and keep my eyes down cast as I was directed. 

June pulls the chain to the head of my cock so that I am forced to stumble into her gorgeous body. Reaching down she grabs my balls and drags me close to her body. Her huge tits are pressed against my chest and I can feel her nipples through the thin fabric of the tube top drilling into mine. 

"You are now our slave and will do as we tell you." Giving a hard squeeze to my trapped balls she forces me to wriggle in pain against her huge tits. Grinning she shoves me away from her and stops me from falling by the chain to my cock. "We are all roommates and work at the same place. For some time we have been talking about getting someone to take care of the house when we are at work and you are now going to be our house slave. We are now going to walk back to our van and take you to our house it will be less painful if you don’t resist."

As the blonde rejoins us June starts to lead me back through the woods by the chain to my cock. The walk through the woods is a nightmare. The red head uses the whip on my as the entire way goading me on to walk faster. The blonde all so helps me along using her bare hand to slap my ass every now and then. The spikes on the ball weight are constantly jabbing me on the inside of my thighs as I walk. And June keeps tugging on the chain locked to my cock, which is still rock hard. I don’t know how long we walked through the woods, it seemed like hours of torment but we finely reached the girls van. 

June drags me to the back of the van and forces me in to the small cargo area behind the bench seat. I lay on my side in the small area as she padlocks the chain to my cock to a luggage tie down built in to the wall of the van. Patting me on the head she tells me that I have been a good little slave boy and can have a rest until we reach our new home. Smiling she reaches up and closes the back of the van and leaves me to contemplate my new fate with these three gorgeous women.

To be continued.


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