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The Party

by Sensual Erotic

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"Pull the laces tighter, Suzy. I want the smallest waist possible with this new corset".

"Okay, suck your breath in as much as possible, hold it and that should do it." Suzy said as she put her knee up against Lisa’s back, let out a grunt and tugged the laces for all she was worth finally making the ends of Suzy’s corset meet. Quickly tying them off she exclaimed, "Wow! That’s the tightest corset I have ever seen you in. I bet that brought your waist down a full 5 inches! And look what it did to your breasts"!

Lisa turned to look in the mirror and was satisfied with the erotic effect. Her breasts were being forced up and out of the corset’s cups. It made her full d cups look like double d’s. They were pushed up and out at an obscene angle. Lisa smiled. Although her breathing was coming in short gasps she soon got used to the restriction of her new heavily boned black leather corset.

"I am going to go back home and put on the rest of my outfit and I will be back in time for the start of your party".

"Yes, I have to finish getting ready as well" stated Suzy. Suzy was a beautiful, sensual 5’8"asian woman. Long black hair, perfectly proportioned body with a flat stomach. With her recent breast enhancement along with her dark brown nipples that stuck out like miniature thumbs, well, how could one look sexier than that? Think Lucy Lieu only hotter!!

She had already done her makeup for the big party. Extra long false eyelashes, arched eyebrows, thick wide eyeliner top and bottom and just the right shade of lipstick topped with shimmering gloss made her full lips look that much more inviting. All she needed to do now was slip into her outfit for the evening. Since it was her party and she was in charge, why not a dominatrix outfit? She started with a black satin push up half bra leaving her sensitive nipples exposed and making her breasts look like they were sitting on a shelf, out on display for everyone to see.

And that was the best part because following that Suzy buttoned up a white sheer blouse that you could see her black half bra through and really didn’t hide her brown nipples. ( dear readers, after reading the next part, you will see what a true sexual being Suzy really is. Picture this in your mind) Suzy chose this bra and blouse combination for a specific reason. With her nipples exposed and thrust out on purpose the silky smooth material of her blouse would rub across her nipples every time she moved, turned or shifted her posture one little bit causing tingling electric shocks to shoot through her erogenous zones. Her nipples were so sensitive she looked for any way to stimulate them.

Next came the black fishnet crotchless seamed pantyhose. After that a black leather mini skirt and black patent leather platform boots that laced to the knee with a 6"high stiletto heel. 2 studded wrist bands and a black leather studded collar topped off her outfit.

As Lisa walked out Suzy’s back door, through the gate that connected their backyards and into her own house she really had no intention of coming back tonight. She just needed Suzys help to lace up her corset for maximum tightness and fit as this night was to be a night of maximum excess fetish fun. Maximum self bondage fun! Suzy frequently threw fetish parties so Lisa figured she would just go to the next one, no problem.

Lisa had never been to a real fetish party although Suzy always invited her to hers. She just wasn’t comfortable being dressed in fetish attire in front of all of those strangers just yet. Plus her self bondage adventures were still very exciting. ‘I’ll just call her later and tell her I am not feeling well, she will understand.’

Lisa entered her bedroom and let her eyes roam over all of her bondage equipment she had laid out on her bed earlier. She loved the ritual of selecting items and getting them ready as it was like foreplay, mentally picturing each piece of equipment on herself, weighing the pros and cons of one item versus another. But tonight her selections and her plans were made well in advance as she wanted to experience something new. Take it to the next level.

Earlier in the day Lisa had started with a hot shower, covered everything below her head with hair remover and when she stepped out and toweled off she was greeted by a smooth hairless body. Her pussy also was completely bare and felt extra sensitive as the cool air moving over it reminded her how naked and vulnerable her pussy actually was.

Since there was to be a butt plug involved Lisa felt an enema would be in order. 2 quarts of warm soapy water filled the enema bag as she attached it to the stand. Not any old enema nozzle would do this night. She decided to use her double balloon nozzle to keep with the theme of maximum play. It took a long time, plenty of patience and plenty of lube to work that big nozzle with all of it’s attachments into her bottom, but once it was in her with both balloons inflated as much as she could take she was glad about her choice.

As she reached up and released the clip on the hose the inflator bulbs were dangling down between her legs and she was confident not a drop of those 2 quarts flowing into her now would leak out After finishing that task and taking another hot shower to make sure she was extra clean she had begun her ritual of selecting her fetish equipment.

Not a normal posture collar like she was used to but the tallest one she could find. So tall there was a dip in the thick leather to go under her chin and cut outs around her ears with the collar extending up the sides of her head. VERY strict! Not her regular leather plug gag but a head harness type with a huge phallic plug attached. Long and thick,guaranteed to keep her quiet and not able to form a single word.

And not just a blindfold but a leather hood she could lace tight upon her head and snap a blindfold to. Lisa sat on the edge of her bed and went through her mental checklist. She had her bondage chair setup in the garage. Keys to all of her locks on the kitchen table .Ice timer for key release setup and melting . Uh oh, better get going.

She bent down as much as the corset would allow, raised her legs to her as much as possible and attached wide leather cuffs around both ankles pulling the buckles tight and slipping little padlocks through the holes. She liked the feel of the tight leather cuffs squeezing against her black seamed full fashioned stockings. Thank god she thought to attach them to her corset’s 10 garters before Suzy laced her up as she doubted she could bend over far enough to get them on now.

She pointed her stocking toes and slipped them into a pair of black patent leather pumps with a 5"high metal heel. They looked extra wicked with that pointy metal heel and she thought they would make a sexy sound walking on the concrete path to her garage.( little did she know that would be her undoing and put her in quite a predicament.) Lisa really preferred at least a 6"high heel for fetish play but realized it would be too hard to walk to the garage in those. Once she was there she could change to her 6"heels before restraining herself in her bondage chair. Something about balancing on those heels, having her arches pointed down at such a sharp angle and the way she had to walk in them made her feel extra sexy.

And after all, everyone knows only real sluts wear heels that high, why else would anyone bother to wear heels that high? Only for sex!! ( after reading that don’t you realize what a sensual, sexual being that Lisa really is? Loves dressing up, LOVES her high heels, LOVES the erotic effect walking in her heels gives her. I know all of you readers understand that and probably look for women like that in your everyday life, just like I do.)

Lisa rolled onto her side, grabbed her new butt plug she had just bought specifically for this evening. She had found a size between a medium and a large. Up until tonight she had only been able to accommodate a medium size plug and who could really use a large size anyway? This plug also had an added feature, a long black horse tail .Letting her creative mind take over Lisa had cut the tail to a specific length. It would reach the exact bottom of her leather mini skirt. If she bent over even a little or her skirt rode up on her thighs the end of the tail would be exposed and people in the know would realize what she had stuffed in her bottom and where the tail actually led. Lisa could not imagine a more embarrassing or humiliating situation. Someone guessing her secret and knowing what a slut she really was . OH MY GOD!!

But since this was all done behind closed doors at home there really was no danger in this really happening. But oh, the fantasy had stirred her to many an orgasm. After applying a lot of lube Lisa felt the tip of the plug open her and start to make it’s way in. Inch by inch, the farther she pushed it in the more she was opened up until she reached the widest part.

‘I know I can do this, I’m almost there. Just relax, take shallow breathes, push, push.’ She was now pushing with her hand harder than she ever had to before. She was stretched to the limit and about to give up when POP! In it went sliding past the thickest part and pulling itself deep inside her, sucking in the stem and coming to rest against the small base. Lisa loved it when her plugs popped past the widest part and pulled themselves all the way in with no more pushing from her. Something about it was so erotic!

Now that it was wedged tight inside her the added size was very nice plus she knew it was large enough to prevent it from accidentally popping out.
Since her corset had cups she decided not to wear a blouse, then stepped into her black leather miniskirt. She really liked the feeling of the slick nylon material that lined her skirt sliding against the nylon stockings .

Then she reached down and locked a 12"chain between her ankle cuffs. Next Lisa picked up her black leather hood,fed her long blonde hair through the ponytail hole at the top of her hood slid it down and adjusted it so her eye and nose holes lined up. Reaching behind her head she tightened the laces drawing the hood tight. She wasn’t satisfied it was as tight as possible so she worked the lace again top to bottom, pulling with all her might until the leather fit like a second skin. Finally satisfied she wasn’t sure which was tighter, her hood or her corset.

Now was the time to make her call to Suzy. Dialing her number she was glad the voicemail came on so she left her message and hung up.

Next she selected her posture collar. As she fit it around her neck she had to raise her chin up slightly to get it around her neck and under her chin it was so tall. Holding it closed with one hand she checked the fit, then decided she could go one notch tighter. Pulling with both hands she closed the ends together and clicked the lock closed through the hasp. Testing her movement, trying to look up, down and to the sides, Lisa realized there was no movement! This collar was the most strict possible. Perfect! Just what she intended.

Unable to look down to find her gag, she slid her hand over the bedspread until she touched it and raising it to eye level she got a thrill anticipating that huge penis gag going down her throat. Lisa had always been a deep throat expert, able to swallow any of her boyfriend’s cocks all the way down her throat to their balls, no matter how big.

She wasn’t worried safety wise either because there was a breathing hole the length of it so she could not suffocate no matter what. Putting the head to her lips Lisa opened as wide as possible and still had to push harder than expected, twisting and turning to get it past her teeth. Once in she pretended it was a boyfriend’s cock she was deep throating and let the shaft start to slide down her throat relaxing her throat muscles, breathing through her nose she inched it down, little by little until she felt the head bottom out against the back of her throat.The leather square attached to the gag was tight against her lips and mouth indicating it was completely inserted so Lisa bit down on the shaft to keep it from working it’s way out, reached up and connected the first strap behind her neck which was really going over the outside of her extra tall collar.

Now letting go with her teeth she pulled the2 straps from the front top of the gag around her eyes, over her forehead and buckled it to the strap in back. Next the straps on each side of her head connecting the top strap to the neck strap. Lastly she tightened the strap under her chin. She knew this gag had no chance of coming out and once her hands were cuffed she could not unbuckle this gag but that didn’t matter .It was the mental turn on she was after, the helpless feeling .So she made another pass over all of the straps, tightening each one another notch until every strap was stretched to it’s limit Pausing to check her breathing,it was o.k., so she slid a lock through each buckle.

Running her hands over her face, feeling the tightness of her hood and gag she was satisfied. And she liked the way the thick diameter of the penis gag shaft forced her mouth to remain open and stretched extra wide. She tested it for sounds or word formations. UUGGHH. MMMHH. MMPPFF--- NO POSSIBLE WAY!! With her tongue being pressed down hard she could not begin to form a word!! PERFECT!! Just the sound of her breathing through the hole that went the length of the shaft.

She reached for her elbow length black satin gloves, worked her fingers in, slipped them up her arms, reached for her handcuffs making sure the keyholes were facing the correct way and cuffed her hands behind her back.

Standing up and getting her balance on her 5"high heels she took the longest steps her ankle cuffs would allow and made her way to the back door, able to take only 12"steps at a time. Lisa felt for the doorknob, opened the door and stepped out into the now dark backyard. Standing on the porch with her heart beating hard with excitement, this is what she loved. Taking a risky walk down the cement path to the garage, hearing her heels click loudly outside. Being out of the safety of her house dressed like a slut. A bondage slut. A fetish slut. Dressed and ready for perverted sex. A fat butt plug forced deep inside her. Gagged with a huge phallic shaft forced deep down her throat. If only her neighbors knew what went on inside her house they would be shocked beyond belief because she seemed like such a nice sweet innocent girl. HAH!!

She was only out in her backyard anyway so no one would really have a chance of seeing her . These were the thoughts that went through Lisa’s mind as she took her small 12"steps down the walk, metallic stiletto heels clicking loudly as she went. Her super restrictive corset pulling in her waist and giving her perfect posture forcing her to stand perfectly upright. She loved how strict the collar really was not allowing her to turn her head at all, but tightly gripping her and forcing her to look straight ahead.

She became aware that with every step the metal ring on the front of her collar was making a loud jingling metallic sound. The cool night air wafting over her hairless body felt so sensual. Lisa became aware of how loud those heels really were, much louder than her normal heels . Her senses were stimulated to the max and she was getting wet with the feel of her nyloned thighs rubbing against each other with every step. The slick nylon lining of her skirt rubbing up and down her legs was so erotic,how could she help from being turned on?

No time to think about that now as she entered her garage, reached behind her and closed the side garage door and let her eyes wander to her bondage chair. Her heart skipped a beat as she eyed the enormous dildo she had stuck to the seat of the chair earlier that evening. With her hands cuffed and useless until the ice melted thank god she had the foresight to pre lube this monster.

First she kicked off her 5"heeled pumps and slipped her feet into her 6"heeled pumps she had placed in front of her chair.

Lisa positioned herself and started to bend her knees to lower herself down. Feeling the oversized head start to part her lips and work it’s way in she continued to lower herself slowly letting the dildo snake it’s way up inside her. Half way down the shaft Lisa had to pause for a moment to get used to the immense diameter, much wider and longer than her usual dildo. Holding her position her legs started to wobble and get weak balancing on her high heels so she continued to lower her self feeling the head stretching her and opening her up with the thick shaft following it in and filling her vaginal canal.
OH GOD! Lisa’s eyes were rolling to the back of her head, her body and her brain completely aroused and throbbing when her legs gave out and she fell with all of her weight forcing the last few inches inside of her and her butt slamming on the seat of the chair. MMPPFF She screamed into her gag .After regaining her composure she used her tired legs to raise and lower herself up and down the dildo’s shaft a few times loving the way it’s thickness opened her up so much and obscenely parted her pussy’s lips.

Reaching down behind her, her gloved fingers found the chain and attached lock and snapped it closed around her handcuff chain making her a prisoner of her bondage chair unable to remove herself off of the dildo buried deep inside her until her ice release melted and swung the key into her hands. Lisa suddenly remembered she had forgot to snap the blindfold onto the hood to take away another of her senses. She knew the more senses you take away the stronger the remaining ones become. Too late now she thought.

Lisa was really in her zone now, eyes closed and fantasizing when she heard a familiar sound, a sound like someone walking on platforms with a stiletto heel clicking. Suddenly her side garage door opened and the sound got louder as it approached her. Lisa was in a panic wondering who or what it was but through her own doing was unable to turn her head to look. That’s when Suzy stepped in front of her and came into Lisa’s view.

"Oohhh, look at this! Looks like you are having your own 1 person party!! Imagine my surprise when I step into my backyard to hear a message you left on my cell phone saying you aren’t feeling well and I hear a loud sound of high heels coming from YOUR back yard! I peek over the gate and see a figure in a corset, seamed stockings, metal stiletto heels with her hands cuffed behind her back and a chain locked to leg cuffs taking a slow RESTRICTED walk to the garage!! With that blonde hair coming through the back of a black hood I thought that was you but snuck over here to make sure!!"

"Well you don’t look too sick to me to not be able to enjoy a fetish party so guess what? I AM REALLY MAD YOU LIED TO ME so you are going to be my special party guest for tonight!! And since you did such a good job binding yourself there isn’t much you can do about it!!"

Lisa had a look of horror on her face but Suzy couldn’t see it as the hood did a good job of hiding her expression. Lisa was in a panic now but couldn’t shake her head NO! She couldn’t say anything to protest, only an MMMPPPFFPP!! She was completely helpless to resist and all by her own hand!! And look at the way Suzy is dressed, like a dominatrix. And now she is going to dominate me!

"I hear you mmppffhhing into your gag and take that as an enthusiastic yes! You are agreeing to be my submissive for the party!" She gave her a wry, confident look, knowing Lisa really had no say so in the matter. Suzy then started to twist her body back and forth making her slick blouse rub across her hard throbbing exposed nipples.

Suzy reached up and took the key from the string and unlocked the cuffs from the chair. Then she attached a metal chain leash to the metal ring on Lisa’s collar and pulled upwards to help stand her up. Noticing Lisa was rising extra slow Suzy looked down and was shocked to see the big dildo come into view inch by inch the more Lisa stood up.

"Holy shit!! What is that you are sitting on? My god that is the biggest dildo I have ever seen!!" Reaching down Suzy grabbed a hold of Lisa’s skirt and pulled it up revealing her stocking tops pulled tight attached to the 10 garters and a bare aroused pussy with a thick shaft sliding out of it until the dildo popped all the way out and swayed back and forth on the chair bottom. She looked into Lisa’s eyes, smiled and shook her head. Lisa lowered her eyes in embarrassment. Suzy then noticed the butt plug tail and figured out where it led to. "It looks like that that dildo is not the only fun you are having ! I think you might be kinkier than I am!" Suzy was just blown away by the discoveries she was making about her neighbor.

Pulling Lisa by the leash and standing her completely up she noticed that the butt plug tail ended at the bottom of her skirt and figured out the reason for that too. She would remember that little bit of info for later. Now she had plans!

"Allright slut, lets go . I hope you can make the walk to my party in those 6"fuck me heels because I am not uncuffing your ankles or your hands!"

MMPPFFHH!! MMPPFFHH!! Lisa protested into her gag but Suzy just pulled harder on her leash forcing Lisa to follow her. As Lisa was led from her yard to Suzy’s yard still stuffed with her big plug, corseted waist squeezed tight, head held by her posture collar in a firm rigid grip she was actually getting turned on by someone leading her by a leash and taking charge of her and worried at the same time wondering what was in store for her at the party.

She heard the noise of people partying and was then led into the room. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at the figure that Suzy led into the room on a leash. "This is my friend Lisa. She is my special guest for the evening. She has agreed to be used by anyone here so you may all take your turn with her." Suzy then undid her handcuffs, pulled her hands around front and quickly clicked them closed. With a devious look in her eye she accidentally on purpose dropped the key on the floor and ordered Lisa to bend over and pick it up.

A look of panic shown in Lisa’s eyes. She realized if she bent over her butt plug tail would come into view and all of the guests would know she was plugged. Exactly what Suzy had in mind for her friend. Pulling extra hard on the leash she forced Lisa to bend over when finally she gave up fighting it and just bent the rest of the way and picked up the key with her gloved fingers. Suzy delighted in directing everyone’s attention to the obvious.

"What is this? Looks like a tail and what is it attached too?"

To Lisa’s horror Suzy grabbed the back of Lisa’s skirt and yanked it up to her waist revealing the butt plug still wedged tight in her bottom. They had a perfect view of 10 garters stretched tight pulling her stocking tops all the way to her crotch and the base of her plug nestled tight in her crack.

To make matters even more humiliating Suzy grabbed her butt cheeks, pulled them apart and directed everyone’s attention to notice the size of the base and how much the stem had her bottom stretched!! Lisa almost fainted with embarrassment and humiliation when she saw the surprised look on the guest’s faces. She stood up and grunted into her gag . Suzy just laughed, raised her fingers and wiped off the drool that was leaking out of the breathing hole of Lisa’s gag. Suzy then drew Lisa’a attention to the corner of the room where a second make shift wall was erected . There was a hole in the wall and what looked like a stiff hard cock sticking out of it.

Lisa was thinking ‘what the hell is that?’ when Suzy led her by her leash so she could look behind the wall. Her eyes fell on a male submissive with his hands cuffed behind his back, blindfolded, a huge red ball gag wedged deep into his mouth and behind his teeth, a lock connecting the ring on his collar to a ring on the wall and a lock connecting a ring on his bondage belt to another ring on the wall waist high forcing him to plunge his cock through the hole and holding him there, like it or not.

But what really caught her attention was a tail hanging down between his legs, just like her’s. He must be plugged too! Leading her back around in front Suzy whispered into Lisa’a ear "I am going to take out your gag now and if you make a scene or protest in anyway I will announce to everyone here that you are my next door neighbor AND THEY WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE UNDERNEATH THAT HOOD! Do you understand and do I have your cooperation?" Unable to move her head to indicate yes, she helplessly decided to accept her fate lowered her eyes in defeat and mmppffhhed into her gag.

Suzy smiled and undid the locks holding the straps. When Lisa noticed this she thought Suzy must have gone into my house and taken the keys off of the kitchen table. ‘If I ever get the chance I will get even with her.’

Suzy actually struggled to release her as she had to pull the straps tighter at first to release the buckles, then undid them one by one.

"Damn! you really got into your self bondage. You really like it tight. Such a fetish slut!"

As Suzy began removing the gag and sliding out the plug she was astonished to see the thickness and length that was emerging out of Lisa’s mouth and was quick to draw all of the guest’s attention to what was unfolding. "LOOK WHAT THIS SUBMISSIVE SLUT HAD STUFFED DOWN HER THROAT!"

She whispered into her ear, "You continue to amaze me!"

Finally the huge head popped free of Lisa’s mouth and the entire shaft and head of the gag was slick and dripping with Lisa’s spit.

Lisa was gasping for breath as Suzy held a glass of water to her lips. Lisa gulped some down as she was led by her leash to the front of the wall with the protruding cock. Lisa was left with strap marks all over her face due to how tight she had gagged herself. "Anyone who can take a cock, real or fake that far down her throat must do her duty at the glory hole".

"If you fail and don‘t make this guy cum that hood is coming off in front of all these people."

She pulled the leash down forcing Lisa to her knees and clipped the leash to the wall effectively holding her in position. Lisa was face to face with a rock hard swollen cock dripping a little pre cum out of it’s hole. Lisa thought someone else must have been here before me doing their best but it looks like he did not cum. At about the same time she was wondering how she could do this with such a restrictive collar on she felt the lock being undone, the collar being removed and a much smaller less restrictive collar locked back in place and the leash being reattached.

Out of the corner of Lisa’s eye she noticed the crowd of people moving closer and gathering around her. She was really in a panic now. First she was discovered by her neighbor all tied up, then embarrassed and humiliated by that neighbor in front of all of these people and now they were going to watch her suck a cock to completion! And the crazy thing was she was turned on, aroused and dripping wet by the whole ordeal!

‘At least they don’t know my true identity underneath this mask. She decided she had no choice but to go through with it and since she was a cock sucking expert anyway why not do my best and give them all a show??

Lisa worked up some spit, opened her mouth and drooled it onto the throbbing head. Taking the rubbery head into her mouth she started to swirl her tongue under and around it feeling satisfied she was doing something right as it began a twitching motion in her mouth. She ran her tongue around the rim of the head. Opening her mouth wider she started to swallow the shaft, with veins bulging, inch by inch down her throat just like she had done with the gag earlier in the evening. She stopped half way and loosened and tightened the muscles in her throat squeezing it harder and harder. She then tightened her lips, sucked harder and slid along the shaft back up to the head, opened her mouth all the way, and plunged down all the way to his balls hitting his pelvic bone with her lips.

She heard a satisfying moan from the other side of the wall. Working the whole length of the cock now, up and down, up and down feeling it hitting the back of her throat then sucking on the head between her lips she was really getting into it. She remembered the golden rule: don’t try and breath when you take it all the way down as that is what causes you to gag. Take a normal breath and hold it, then swallow the cock. Slide it back out and breath. Simple.

She couldn’t understand why all women were not aware of this and couldn’t deep throat even a small cock. Lisa built up a steady rhythm now and after a few more minutes felt this magnificent cock swell, jerk in her mouth when the head hit the back of her throat and sensed the eruption of hot cum streaming all the way from his balls, race up his throbbing swollen shaft and spew into her waiting mouth. Each time she felt it spasm and jerk another load shot out.

She was feverishly swallowing all that she could when Suzy grabbed the leash and jerked her head back. 2 more jerking spasms hit Lisa on the chin and dribbled down her chest. First she heard a loud satisfied cry into a ball gag from the submissive on the other side of the wall and then hands clapping and a few shouts of BRAVO! BRAVO! From the onlookers.

Suzy looked down and noticed a big smile on Lisa’s face and said "Well slut, what do you think of your experience?"

Lisa’s reply: "When is the next party?"



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