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The Plough

by missytv

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© Copyright 2003 - missytv - Used by permission

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It had been sometime since I had last indulged in self bondage and I wanted it to be something different. Looking at some pictures that I had found on the internet I found my inspiration.
The basic position resembled the yoga posture called the plough with the wrists and ankles secured to what looked like thirty inch spreader bars. The wrists were secured behind the back with ropes leading from each wrist to one support post in the attic and the feet lifted up and over the head and secured in the center of the spreader bar to the base of another support post just beyond the head.
The ropes at each wrist would lead to a rope ratchet secured to a center ring held to the post by a nylon stocking filled with about six ice cubes in a plastic bag. This would eventually melt allowing the arms to be released from a tightly restrained position.
A special modification would allow me to use a spreader bar and still secure my wrists and the rest of my restraints. Using heavy two inch closet rod I made two spreader bars. The first one for my ankles had an eye bolt at each end with one in the center.
The second one was a bit more complex. First I cut the rod to thirty inches and then cut it in half so that I now had two pieces fifteen inches long. At one end of each rod I attached the eye bolts the same as for the ankle spreader. At the other end I cut a notch one eighth inch wide and three inches deep. I put a piece of eighth inch thick bar stock five inches long and drilled a hole two and a half inches from the end of the rods through the bar stock and the rods.
It was a simple matter to secure the bar stock to the rod with a pair of recessed nuts and bolts, and to secure them with a bit of super glue.
I then took a piece of two inch pvc pipe nine inches long that would slide over the rod and placed it onto the spreader bar. Using two turks head knots I tied one near the eye bolt end of one rod and five inches from the center on the other.
What I had now was a spreader bar that would fold up in the middle, but by pulling the bar straight and sliding the pipe toward the center would become rigid and separate the wrists. I tested the fit of the folding spreader bar and found that it worked as planned.
Now it was time to ready the rest of my bondage items and prepare.
I started by putting on a red waist cincher, bustier with garters. I then pulled up the black seamed stockings and secured them with the garters.
Since I was not going to be walking or standing for any length of time I put on my red, seven inch high heeled, patent leathered oxford booties and locked them on with small padlocks.
It was the work of a moment to secure the waistband of the cock harness about my waist and to pull my penis and balls through the cock ring of the crotch strap.
I then knelt to continue my preparations. Gently stroking my penis I got it hard and at attention. I then rolled a condom down its rigid length. This was a carefully modified condom with a short length of aquarium hose inserted through the tip that was taped and glued to the end. Using a piece of adhesive tape I secured the end of the condom to the base of the shaft of my shaved penis.
I then placed a cock ring harness around my penis and balls pulling the strap around the base very tight before locking it on to keep my penis swollen and rigid for some time to come. Now even if I did not lock on the cock belt harness it would not come off until the ring harness was released.
Placing some lube on my fingers I carefully coated my vibrating, inflatable butt plug and after lubing my anus slowly began inserting it. After a few minutes I was able to slowly take in the entire length of it and it slid firmly into place held tightly by the narrow neck and the rigid embrace of my anus. Carefully I pressed the pump and inflated it just a bit and tested the good vibrations from the freshly replaced batteries. I quickly placed the pump bulb and controls to the vibrator to the front of the cock harness belt where they would be out of reach once I secured my wrists.
Now I pulled the crotch strap through the buckle in the rear of the cock harness and pulled it tight to secure the butt plug. Once again small padlocks fasten both the waist strap and the crotch strap locking the butt plug securely in its place.
I placed a ring gag harness behind my lips and secured the gag strap behind my head. Likewise I fastened the head strap and chin strap. I secured the gag and chin strap with some more small padlocks and left the head strap lock unlocked but in place for now.
I walked over to the far post in the attic and secured the rope holding the nylon stocking and the ice cubes with the ring to it. I then fastened the two rope ratchets to the ring and ran the two doubled lengths of rope back up to the folding spreader bar. It took only a moment to fasten the slack ends of the rope to the eye bolts with the knots so they would be well out of reach and leave the pulling ends so that I could find them after my wrists were restrained.
It was getting close to time to begin my final preparations. I should be secure for about two hours from previous experience with this amount of ice. Mistress was due home in about two and a half hours and if I was still helpless she would take steps to ensure I stayed bound much longer.
I gently stroked my sheathed penis and considered what was left to do.
I took the key ring with all of the keys on it and clipped it to the center of the ankle spreader bar with a double clip. If I got my hands freed it would be convenient to find there. If I was still restrained when Mistress arrived home it would be easy for Her to find the keys.
For some comfort I laid a thin foam pad on the floor where my back would be and covered it with a light blanket. Nearby I lay out the strap, the paddle, a cane, and a riding crop. Hopefully I would be free before Mistress arrived to make use of them, but it would be well to have them out for her.
Laying down on the floor with my feet to the rope ratchets and my head to the other support post I rolled back up and put my feet to the floor over my head. I was a bit too close to the bar so I slid down towards the rope ratchets and tried the position again.
This time when my feet touched the floor above my head I was looking up at my rigid and restrained cock with the hose just brushing my face. Perfect. I rolled back down and sat up.
Taking two locks I put ankle cuffs on and secured them to the ends of the spreader bar. I set two more locks into the ends of the folding spreader bar, and pulled on shoulder length satin gloves, before putting leather wrist cuffs on over them.
I then put a wide posture collar around my throat and locked it on in back with another small padlock. I then picked up a hollow penis gag and inserted the length of it into my mouth through the open center of the ring gag. With the ring securely locked in place I was helpless to resist the invasion of this soft plastic phallus, and I fellated it slowly as I let it fill my mouth. Inserted all the way it forced its way in and yet my tongue could still swirl all around the head of it and I could just barely put the tip of my tongue over the opening in the end.
Now I pulled the gag strap of the penis gag tight and secured it with a lock of it's own and I let my tongue and mouth surround its' captive fullness.
Rolling back I lifted my feet up and over so that the eye bolt in the center of the spreader bar met the eye bolt at the base of the post behind me. Reaching my hands over my head I shuddered at the authoritative click! as I snapped the lock shut.
Looking up I can see my restrained penis with the tube sticking down from the condom straight towards my face and as I reach up and stroke the length of it a bit of precum dribbles into the tube. Smiling behind the ring gag and the penis gag I put the end of the tube securely into the passage through the penis gag and when I suck I feel the vacuum on the end of my penis.
Lifting my head I unfasten the head strap of the ring gag harness and pull a blindfold over my eyes. In the darkness now imposed I reach for two more padlocks, one to secure the blindfold and the other the head strap on the harness.
Moaning into the gagged darkness I caress myself to feel the extent of my bonds so far. My nipples stiffen briefly as I caress them and I feel the taut smoothness of my stockinged legs and bare cheeks.
Reaching to my waist I slowly give the butt plug about five pumps and feel it swell within me. Carefully I adjust the vibrator and feel it writhe in my anal passage. A few more pumps and I feel it vibrating on my prostrate and I shudder at the caress of the vibrator. For a moment I run it up and let the vibrations fill me but then I carefully turn it down so that I am only just aroused by the gentle touch.
If I cum it is going to be some time before it happens.
Now I feel beneath and behind me to find the ends of the folded spreader bar. I fasten the wrist cuffs to the eyebolts with the locks placed there and then carefully stretch my wrists apart. It starts to feel so wonderfully secure and I pull my hands to the sides straightening the length of the spreader bar.
Lifting my right hand up off the floor I tilt the length of the spreader bar while holding it as straight as possible. Carefully jiggling the entire spreader bar the sleeve slides down over the pivot in the center making it rigid and secure holding my wrists far apart from each other.
Then I carefully feel for the ropes back to the ratchets and begin to take the slack out of the ratchet ropes until my arms are pulled tight and secure away from my ankles that are restrained over my head. Each gentle pull on the ropes tightens my bonds until I am left bent over on the floor helpless and restrained.
In the darkness I can only moan and suck on the invader in my mouth as the invader in my ass caresses me and brings me towards pleasure.
As I adjust to my bonds I luxuriate in the caress of the women's lingerie, the tight restraint of the bustier, the soft caress of the nylons and the hard feel of the shoes. My feet are held in a hard pointed arch with my toes carefully pinioned in the fashionable confinement of the high heels.
I flex my anus and feel the soft touch of the plug invading my nether passages, softly vibrating to caress my inner recesses. I push hard and feel the plug try to escape only to be confined by the degree of inflation and the locked crotch strap defeating my futile efforts toward release of one sort.
In the quiet darkness of the blindfold I relax in my bonds and slowly run my tongue around the fullness of the penis gag. Pursing my lips I softly suck on the phallus silently gagging me. The fullness of its shape fills my mouth while the ring gag holds my mouth helplessly open. I know in my helpless restraint that if the penis gag were to be removed I would be unable to resist the invasion of a real penis.
This thought makes me suck harder upon the rubber one in my mouth and I taste a drop of precum as it flows from my sheathed cock and I am unable to stop it from dribbling in. Should I cum before I am released I will be just as unable to prevent eating my load. I shudder in excitement with anticipation and dread.
Should Mistress return home before the ice melts and I can escape my bonds, swallowing my load will be the least of my worries.
Slowly time passes and I concentrate on the feel of the varied restraint my body is undergoing.
The tight caress of the shaft of my penis where the cock ring grasps it tightly. The fullness of the restraint of the leather strap where it holds the base of the shaft and the fullness of the balls which are tightly strapped and separated.
The band of flesh on my body where it is naked between the top of the stockings to the bottom of the bustier. The taut caress of the elastic garter strap across my buttocks, tying the stockings to the bustier.
The gently breeze of the fan, moving the cool air of the attic across my flesh. My anus clenches and releases around the invading butt plug that it is as helpless to resist as my lips are the penis gag. I suck harder on the cock in my mouth as the plug in my ass caresses me and more precum rolls against my tongue.
In the dark I fantasize how it might be to be restrained as I am with a real penis in place of the plug. To be used as a nameless, faceless sex toy and to be helpless to resist the rape of my lips and to give pleasure all unknowing. I caress and suck on my oral invader and taste the precum that I can not prevent from entering my mouth.
My helplessness builds and I blindly suck and strain at my bonds wondering what my fate will be. Will I cum before the ice melts and I can free myself? Will I have no choice about swallowing my load in one form of exploding release? Or will I merely have the precum dribbled bit by bit past my lips to roll across my tongue as I become more and more frantic to cum?
In my helplessness I lose all track of time. Surely the ice cubes have melted enough to begin my release. I struggle against my bonds, helplessly sucking on the phallus locked past my lips, my precum sliding forth slowly bringing me further to the brink.
I pull against the ropes holding my wrists taut behind me, straining to see if the ice has melted enough to release them. Then from below I hear the sound of a key in the door.
Mistress is home and I am still bound. She will know that when I do not answer her, and the attic stairs are down that I am bound helpless up here. I have to get free. I tug at the ropes holding my arms but the ice still has not melted enough.
Now I hear her calling me and the tap of her heels on the floor of the hallway. Slowly she climbs the stairs into the attic to take in the sight before her.
I hear her footsteps all around me as she views the bondage that I have put myself into. Walking over to the far end of the attic I feel the tug and pull of the ropes to my wrists as she makes an adjustment to the way it is tied.
"Well, missy, it is a good thing that I came home when I did. Those ice cubes in your release were nearly all melted and your ropes almost came undone. But I made sure that the rope will stay nice and tight until I decide to release them."
I moan into the confines of the gag at this.
"No, don't thank me yet," she says, "I'll be back in a few minutes after I change into something a bit more appropriate."
As her footsteps recede and go back down the attic steps, I shudder in my bonds, feeling the full extent of my helpless position, now restrained so that there is no possibility of release. With no chance of release I suck at the dildo in my mouth as I wonder just what uses Mistress will put me through for the rest of the evening.



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