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The Pole

by Lee

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© Copyright 2007 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; leather; toys; stuck; caught; F/f; cons; X

 The orgasm rocked me like a tidal wave. I screamed into the ball gag. I was thrusting against the straps violently as wave after wave rolled across me. The vibrations from the plugs subsided and I could feel myself relax. I couldn’t move that much. My breathing was starting to calm down when the plugs came to life again. It started like it always did very low, not really to a rhythm. It was gonna be a long night.

"Ahhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." The sounds that came from around the gag were nothing but grunts.

Let me take a second and tell you how I got here. It started out as any other bondage session. It was a long day at work. I was pissed at the idiots on the ride home. As I parked my Harley and went inside, I had already made up my mind to get some 'me' time. It had been a while since I had or took some time for my kinky little hobby.  I started with a hot bath. Some vanilla oil helped with the anger along with a glass of wine. After about an hour I was ready.  Hubby was off on a trip to Nashville and I was all by myself.

I went through my outfits, made my decision and laid everything out on the bed.  First came a pair of custom made plugs. I don’t know where hubby got them but I dearly love them. They are sized for me and have some interesting features. First off they can talk to each other. I can program a planned routine or select from several random torture settings. They can inflate and deflate, they have a mean vibrator, and they have these little metal plates at the shank that can give you a shock of different levels. They can even simulate discharge. Little squirters so to say.

They went in first. It wasn’t hard as they start out slim and inflate once they are in place. I pressed the remote and they both inflated to their start size.  Next came a red leather torso suit. It was cut in bikini brief style; it had a ruffled skirt and long sleeves. The collar came up high on my neck and had buckle straps around the sleeves at the wrist and neck.  As I slipped into it pressed my little soldiers and I had to pause.

The zipper was in the back and once it was covered by the neck strap I could not get to it. Each buckle had a lock ring and I had three little gold locks that once they were in place the only way to get out was a key or a knife. There were d-rings in strategic locations for what ever. The keys were already in ice.

Next came my stockings. As I sat down to put them on I got a quick thrill as the plugs burrowed a little deeper. I got the stockings hooked to the body suit garters and then reached for my favorite corset. It was matching red with black beading around the edges. I backed up to the lacer and hooked the strings to the wheels. Once I got it positioned I stepped on the petal switch. As the laces tightened I started to get excited. Leather, heels, my little buddies, I started to sweat. The lacer stopped and I tied everything off.

The body suit put my 38 C’s at attention. The corset came to just above my tits and down to the top of the skirt. Now to decide on my boots. I have several pairs of red boots. I decided on the 4-inch heels that stopped just over my knee. I love high heels.

I took everything I needed and went to the dungeon. I hung the string from its hook and reached for my ball gag and tightened it up. I put the straps on my wrist, and both elbows. They were thick padded straps with d-ring hooks.

Now comes the hard part. I had everything that I needed laid out on the table beside me. I backed up to the pole and stepped up on the riser.  The first set of straps are always tricky. I wrapped them around my ankles and pulled them tight. The same thing at just below the knees, at the middle of the thighs, and around my waist. Again just below and above my breast.

The pole stopped at the top of my shoulders. I reached back and got the first of four cable hooks. I threaded them through the elbow d-rings on the side they hung from first. Then I crossed them behind the pole and hooked the snap to opposite elbow d-rings. I did the same thing with the ones at the wrist level. So the right cable would pull my left elbow (and wrist) towards the right elbow and just the opposite for the other one.

I made sure I had the string tied on my finger and took a deep breath. I had one button on the plug remote that did several things at once. First the plugs would start their program. And they would not stop till I got back up to the bedroom and used the second remote.

The pole was actually a split design. There was an air cylinder that moved the halves apart and this tightened the straps around my body. The cables were attached to reels that would wind in and pull my elbows and hands together. They were slip clutch driven and would stop and keep a constant pressure. Last the platform would drop away from my feet leaving me hanging from the pole. After that all I would be able to move was my head and my fingers. The string on my finger would pull a switch that would relax everything after the ice melted. The same ice that had my keys in it.

I reached over and pressed go. The plugs started immediately. The pole moved and everything got tight, the reels pulled my hands and elbows back till I thought they would break. The platform then went down and there I was. I was in heaven.

What the hell. Oh No! I moved my fingers to make sure the string was still attached. Yea you guessed it. The string had hung on the end of the table and pulled from my finger.

So this is where you came in. 3 hours later. I am dripping with sweat. The damn plugs are popping my cork about every 5 minutes or so. I was only suppose to be here for one hour.

45 minutes later, I hear the back door shut and footsteps coming through the kitchen, then down the stairs to the dungeon.

"OOOOOOOHHHHhhhhhhhhhh SSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhIiiiittttttttt."

As my head cleared from the orgasm, I could hear Kelly’s voice. “Well ain’t we in a pickle.”

She reached up and took off the gag. I had to stretch my jaws before I could even speak. “Thank goodness you came over. The string broke. The string melted hours ago.” She had the remote in her hand and was holding her finger over the stop button when I saw an evil glint in her eye. She sat the remote down and checked my bonds. I thought 'WTF.'

“I came over to see if you wanted to play.” She said. She took her coat off and was dressed all in black. Black cat suit, black corset, black high heel thigh high boots. She picked up the remote and pressed a couple of buttons. I think she put them into overdrive.  She reached to her waist and I saw a cat of nine tails.  As the remotes inflated I felt a little tingle then a healthy shock.  I heard the swish of the leather coming.

It was gonna be a long niiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttt.



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