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The Pool

by Quilt

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© Copyright 2009 - Quilt - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; chain; collar; pool; breathplay; cons; XX


The light from the pool sparkles over the girl's smooth naked body as she quietly walks down the steps towards it. Racing through her mind are the mixed emotions of fear and sexual excitement that have been building up ever since she'd come up with this ridiculous idea.

Climbing up onto the diving board she starts to have reservations. What she was about to try was not only stupid but also extremely dangerous. And that's exactly what her body and mind craved, so with this thought she dumps the heavy weight and padlock at the end of the board and goes to get the rest of her equipment.

The array of restraints chosen for this session were simple but totally effective. A set of steel leg cuffs with only 1" of chain running between them. Attached to the middle of this chain was a longer piece leading to a set of standard handcuffs and from there onto a thin steel neck cuff. Once on all the restraints would open with a single key, which was currently attached to the handcuffs by a very long thin chain. The final items in her hand were two evil-looking nipple clamps with serrated jaws and a strong bite.

Stepping back up onto the diving board the girl quickly padlocks the leg irons to the weight and, before she could chicken out, closes the leg irons tight around her slender ankles. The sound of the ratchets echoes loudly round the pool area and sends a shiver of anticipation through her body. Easing the weight forward, she hangs it over the edge of the board and carefully makes sure her body weight is enough to keep it there, for the time being.

Straightening up she snaps the first clamp onto her rock-hard nipple and gasps at the immediate sting it generates. The clamp is so tight she momentarily fights for breath and can hardly concentrate on anything else but the burning pain, but quickly she attaches the other one. With both nipple clamps firmly on she reaches behind her and quickly gathers up the other cuffs.

The neck cuff was first, followed swiftly by the handcuffs which now dangled high in the small of the girl's back. So often had she worn these cuffs that they slipped on as easily as well worn slippers and before she knew it they were on tight and already starting to bite cruelly into her tender wrists.

So, the moment of truth ... she was poised precariously over a deep swimming pool, chained and unable to free herself, with a large weight attached to her ankles and clamps biting hard into her tender swollen nipples. The girl starts to hyperventilate and, taking a final deep breath, jumps forward into the cold, unforgiving water.

The heavy weight drags her body quickly down into to the deep pool. It clangs loudly as it hits the bottom but the girl hears nothing, so lost is she in her fantasy. In her mind she is a beautiful slave, being cruelly tortured by a group of wealthy businessmen merely for their own pleasure. They don't care whether she lives or dies, they are only interested in watching her lithe naked body squirm and twist as she tries to break free from the unrelenting grasp of the cold steel shackles, her lungs complaining already at the lack of oxygen. They watch as she quickly pulls on the chain holding her release key. They whoop and cheer as the chain gets caught on something ...

The girl suddenly comes to her senses, realising quickly that the chain holding her release key really is stuck on something. Looking down at her feet she can see that the chain is caught underneath the heavy weight holding her to the bottom of the pool. Her lungs are already beginning to hurt from holding her breath for so long and she realises she doesn't have very long to free herself. Thrashing about achieves nothing except to use up her precious oxygen and so she stops for a few seconds to calm herself down.

An idea suddenly occurs to her. Quickly crouching down and twisting she manages to get her feet onto the top of the weight. By hooking her foot into the ring on the top of the weight and pushing with all her remaining strength she's able to lift the weight off the ground long enough to pull the chain from under it. After frantically dragging on the chain she finally feels the welcoming shape of the key in her hand.

By this time her nipples are screaming for release and her lungs are burning as she starts to lose control of her breathing. Her chest is convulsing, desperate to take a breath, but somehow she manages to get it under control. The handcuffs don't take too long to release, so often has she used them in the past.

But the way she has arranged her incarceration mean that all the cuffs have to be opened in order to escape. The neck cuff opens quickly, but reaching down to undo the leg cuffs she starts to shake from the strain of holding her breath. One cuff swings open, freeing her left ankle, but reaching over to undo her right ankle she discovers that she has put the cuff on the wrong way round. The keyhole is pointing down to the floor of the pool and try as she might she cannot get the key into it.

This is it, she thinks to herself.

My fantasy is complete, and I will die writhing in agony down here as my lungs fill with water. All the businessmen who bet on me failing will be whooping and cheering at their good fortune, and they will all sit round watching impassively as I release my final breath, convulsing as the cold water floods my lungs ...


The cuff swings open and the girl uses the last of her strength to kick for the surface. The pool is deep and as she rises her lungs give up their struggle. As her head breaks the surface she breathes in deep and ragged, and her hand goes straight to her crotch as she finally succumbs to the monster orgasm that floods through her body.


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