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The Post

by Techster & Techie

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© Copyright 2006 - Techster & Techie - Used by permission

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My husband, Techster, has always prided himself on his ways to develop new ideas for inescapable self-bondage. I love to watch him work on his latest creation in his workshop. He usually builds everything in a series of unrelated pieces so I can't figure out what he is constructing.

He uses his big router table to put a nice rounded edge on everything that a person (captive) might touch. Then everything is hand sanded and given a final coat or either epoxy or gloss varnish. During the last year he has surprised me several times with gifts when he sold his self bondage devices.

This week he was working overtime in order to wrap things up on his regular job before the holidays.

I decided it was my turn to give him a Christmas Eve surprise he would not forget.

First I made certain our youngest son was busy, I gave him money for gas and sent him to do some last minute shopping with his brother who lives 110 miles away.

As he pulled out of the driveway I already had a game plan in my mind. I knew Techster is turned on by the sigh of my bare back. I was going to set myself up on large, sturdy, folding self bondage post that I will assemble in the middle of our bedroom.

The post would have a 4 foot by 4 foot by 3/4 inch thick plywood base. A folding base of 1/2-inch plywood would act as my leg spreader. The main post and the side braces would be attached to the base plate by heavy steel "barn door" hinges.

The hinges would be modified. The pivot pins would be replaced by "L" shaped removable pins.

Thus all one has to do is to (a) pull the pins and everything can hide in the average closet.

I started by measuring the height of our ceiling (90 inches- 7 feet 6 inches).

Now I knew how tall the post could be.

Next I reached up with a marker in my hand so I knew how high to make the wrist restraint slot.

I decided that I would use a most unique method of setting me in the restraint. I would use a plate of plywood on an over-inflated lawn tractor inner tube. The air valve would be removed and there would be a small wooden plug in its place. The wooden plug would have a hole drilled through it. When I pulled the plug I would be gently lowered into captivity.

The base plate would be of 3/4 inch plywood, the upright or post would be "T" shaped with the top of the "T" being of 2 by 10 inch white oak while the bottom of the "T" would be of 2 by 6inch red oak.

I did a quick run to the local home improvement warehouse and bought the wood, hinges, rod for the pins, screws to hold it all in place, a lock, two matching padlocks, 10 feet of chain, and 4 feet of clear flexible vinyl plastic tubing.

Once at home I loaded everything into the workshop. First I drew an "X" shaped pair of lines from corner to corner on the base plate. Where these two lines crossed was the center of the base plate. Next I borrowed Techster's big square and drew a line from side to side across the plate, four inches off center. That way I, not the post would be at the true center of the plate.

Using Techster's bench grinder I ground the heads off the hinge pins and removed them. 4 pieces of the rod 3 inches in length were cut and bent into a "L" shape. These will be the new removable pins for the hinges. That way I can pull the pins and disassemble the post from the base plate.

The two pieces of the post were cut at 70 inches in length. Before attaching the 2 by 6 to the back plate of the post, the 2 by 10, I took a pencil and reached up as high as I could and made a mark on the workshop wall.

This mark would be the height of my wrist restraints.

My magic number was 75 inches. Using the 45 degree on the square I marked a 2 inch wide slot 3 inches long in the front plate of the post. My wrist restraint would slide into this slot. After cutting the slot near the top of the post I cut another 45 degree slot 2 inches wide and 4 inches long 2 inches up from the bottom of the front plate.

Lucky for me Techster had left the router our on the workbench and the router table was set up with a 1/2 inch radius bit. I used the hand router to put a nice rounded edge on the base plate and both the front and back plate of the post. I used some 120 grit sandpaper and quickly sand sanded the edges smooth.

Using #8 decking screws that were 3 1/2- inches long I fastened the back and front plates.

Now I attached the hinges two to the back plate and one to the front plate. The I stood the post and attached the hinges to the base plate.

Almost ready.

Like my Techster, I wanted this to be escape proof so I used a "telephone bit" a very long 5/16 drill, that is normally used to install telephone wires in houses. The holes were drilled so they entered the slots at a 45 degree angle. I measured and cut off two 10 inch pieces and 2 1 7/8 inch long pieces of the left over rod. I taped the small piece to the long piece and slid them into the holes I had drilled.

Lastly I made the spreader bars for my wrists and ankles. I used some 12 inch long scraps of 3 inch oak I used the wood lathe and cut a place in the middle of both pieces that were 1 3/4 inch in diameter. This would hold the wrist restraint and ankle restraints would be centered. I put eyebolts in each end of the wrist and ankle restraint spreader bars.

I shed my slacks and taped a laundry marker to the crotch on my panties. Then I stood up and moved against the post. This left me a mark that I would use for my vibrator mount. I used the scrap from the top plate to cut a 3 inch rounded "saddle". In the middle of the "saddle" I used a hole saw to cut a hole that my biggest vibrator would just fit into. I cut a slot in the front post and using the decking screws mounted the Vibe mount at the height of the mark.

I took a 12 inch by 6 inch piece of scrap wood and duct taped a small over-inflated garden tractor inner tube to it.

Ready at last!!

I dressed and took the pins out of the post. I carried each piece up to our bedroom.

The post slid into place and the pins I had made held it securely. I put the wrist and ankle restraints in place and pulled our toy box out from under the bed.

I superglued the vibrator in place and put a light coating of sex lube on it.

Things might get a touch noisy so I buckled a wiffle ball gag in my mouth. I found four matching padlocks. With these I would lock the leather ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs to the spreader bars. The keys were hung on a screw on the far side of the post.

I set a small mirror on my dresser so that when I was on the bar i could see my back. I undressed, naked at last I sat on the bed and buckled my ankle cuffs and locked them to the spreader bar.

The wrist cuffs were the tricky part. After buckling the wrist cuffs on my wrists I locked my left wrist cuff to the bar. Then I put the lock through the eyebolt on the spreader bar and slid the “D” ring on my wrist cuff onto it. Then I lined up the lock and bumped downward on the bureau with the spreader bar and lock. On the third attempt the lock locked.

I stood up wrapped the string that was attached to the plug that kept the air in the inner tube that kept my loading platform raised.

The moment of truth.

I walked up to the post, switched on the vibrator and slid my ankle bar into the slot, then I reached up and put my wrist bar into the slot. I pulled the string and the hiss of escaping air accompanied my descent. I had to move my buttocks outward to accept the vibrator as my wrists and ankles slid down the slots, the small piece of rod was pushed aside and the long piece slid down preventing any escape.

I was now a captive. I liked to look of my arms, legs and back in the mirror. I had set vibrator just right and soon found my self struggling as I passed from orgasm to orgasm. Each succeeding orgasm was stronger that the last. The gag paid off as I screamed and wailed with each orgasm.

Good grief I had royally messed up - the clock read 4 P.M. and Techster wasn't due home until about 5:45!

I put the post to the ultimate stress test. Due to the vibrator I could not move my body all I could do was to pray that those damned batteries wore down soon!

I dreamed and then something wet ran down my leg I was dribbling from my pussy.

Finally I heard the voice of Techster, Techie, where are you?"

At last he came into the bedroom , "Hey I like this! Let me give you something to think about! How about a reward for a job well done and great workmanship? Let me look you over!"

He pulled his belt out of his slacks and gave me 10 hard stinging swats across m buttocks. "Now a little something more to think about."

He clipped a wooden clothes pin on each nipple, then he wedged my egg type vibrator into the "saddle" .

"Wide open throttle OK?"

I shook my head "NO!". He looked at me drooling and laughed as he turned the control up. I shook and screamed with orgasm after orgasm.

"Had enough?"

I nodded, "Yes".

He pulled the rod out of the slots and lifted me up and off the post and the vibrator and carefully laid me on the bed my wrists and ankles were still in the spreader bars.

Techster then undressed, unlocked my ankles and rode me through one more earth shaking orgasm.

“You really look great when you’re dressed like this. I think I will leave the wrist cuffs and bar on.” Techster smiled as he helped my stand up.

He opened out “toy chest and got out a wide posture collar, a short length of chromed chain. He locked the collar to the center of the narrow centre of the spreader bar. Then he buckled the collar around my neck so that the bar was behind my neck. This put my wrists tightly back in line with my shoulders.

Due to the posture collar I could not look down, but I could hear him moving things around in out toy box.

“Good, I found it and the remote control still works.” He said as he lubed and slid an egg type vibrator into my pussy.” Testing time.”

I could feel the vibrator and began to enter another orgasm.

He took my face and kissed me, clipped a leash on the front of the collar and said as he led me to the den. “I think I’ll enjoy this pretty sex toy.”

He picked up the spreader bar for my ankles, the locks and the keys. The he shut off the vibrator and led me down the hall.

I knew this was going to be a fun weekend.

In the den he sat on the recliner and pointed his crotch. I took the hint and used my tongue to tease him. Several time I brought him to a rock hard and then I stopped and just licked the side of his cock to make it go soft. Finally after the fourth try he pushed my head down and I swallowed a large dose of his sperm.

I lifted my head, smiled and said, “That’s the appetizer, now how about dinner?”

He unlocked the spreader bar between my wrists and locked the bar between my ankles. I asked,” What do you want for dinner? “ As I waddled into the kitchen.

Techster replied, ” How about tuna noodles Alfredo? “

“Great” I responded, “ I’ll get right on it.”

In about 30 minutes I served the dishes.

Techstrer advised me, “Back to bondage, lady, tonight you’re going to be my toy and I’ll feed you.”

He locked my wrists to the spreader bar behind my neck

He switched on the remote vibrator and I sat before him and was fed as the vibrator sent me into an orgasm.

Did you try to eat while you were having an orgasm? It is not easy, but I enjoy being the sex toy of the man I have been married to for over 30 years. I sat there bound and loved and felt sorrow for those many poor people who have been together for many years, but never learned how to play together.

Techie, 2006


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