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The Program

by M

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© Copyright 2003 - M - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; naked; programs; bond; toys; cons; X

As an unemployed computer programmer, I've had a lot of time on my hands while job hunting in a rather thin market. All this free time has enabled me to enjoy my self-bondage interests a lot more. Dan's job keeps him pretty busy from 9 to 5 as well as on the occasional business trip so when he's not around, I have to amuse myself.

While lying around one morning fantasizing, the idea of a self-bondage program came into my head. What if I could write a program for a robot that would take control of me? Once in restraints, I would be under its complete control. The program would consist of a set of sexually stimulating situations that would be chosen at random and performed on my bound body by the robot. I would be helpless to stop it or influence what would happen to me next. Granted, the situations would be ones I personally enjoy or would they? I could program in a few things I might not enjoy but may have wanted to try.

Now, I didn't have a robot that could do all this, nor did I have the technical skills to build one that could. But I did have Dan! That night I mentioned the idea to him over drinks. He raised one eyebrow as he listened.

"Let me get this straight," he said, "I get to use you any way I want to for a day?"

"No, you have to follow the program."

"But then you'll know what's going to happen to you?"

"That's where the dice come in," I explained. "At various points in the program you throw dice to decide what happens to me next. Then you carry it out, whatever it is."

"What if it's something you might not like?" he asked slyly.

"It doesn't matter. You're a robot carrying out instructions. If it's something I don't like, I'll just have to endure it or learn to like it until the program changes. That's the exciting part!"

He was still a little skeptical but my enthusiasm slowly won him over, not to mention his lust for having my body at his mercy for a day or two. We agreed that the coming weekend would be perfect for this little experiment and the next day, while Dan was at work, I started programming.

I eventually ended up writing five different programs. Each started with Dan finding me chained up nude in the cellar with an envelope stuck to my bare back. I would be gagged and helpless while he read the program and began following its instructions. He had agreed ahead of time to ignore any communications I might try to make with him. Once set in motion, the program would not be stopped easily. I had in my mind a safe word phrase that if I were to give to Dan would result in my release. At various points in the program, I would be asked for that phrase. If I gave him the phrase, he would throw the dice and an even number less than 12 would release me. If he threw an odd number, the program would continue until the next time he would ask me. To make things interesting, I set up a throw of 12 to be a loop to some previous situation.

A typical series of instructions would look like this:

1. Release subject from pole while keeping fully restrained at all times.
2. Adjust gag for maximum silence and comfort.
3. Carry subject upstairs and secure spreadeagle facedown to bed after covering bed with plastic sheeting.
4. While subject is in bed, throw dice. Perform following according to number thrown:
2 Warm up body oil and give subject whole body massage
3 or 4 Lubricate subject's anus and insert anal plug
5 or 6 Tickle subject's feet until subject urinates
7 or 8 Spank subject until tears detected
9 or 10 Stimulate subject's lubricated anus and/or vagina for amount of time as determined by throw of dice (1-12 minutes).
Even number: vagina
Odd number : anus
12 : both
11 Using copious lubrication, sodomize subject anally until ejaculation
12 Do nothing to subject for amount of time as determined by throw of dice (2-24 minutes)
5. Remove gag and ask subject for release phrase. If subject asks for release, throw dice.
Even number : release subject
Odd number: Goto step 6
12: replace gag and loop to Step 4 And guess who the "subject" is?

Each of the five programs had different themes. The first program was pure "love bondage" with silk rope and blindfolds, candlelight, massages with scented oil, and lots of warm, wet tongue action. I knew Dan liked pampering me and this would give him a chance to do his best.

The second program was the complete opposite. It started out with a "slave number" being printed on my ass and my head being put in a locking eyeless leather hood, the key for which would arrive in the next day's mail. My restraints would be hard steel cuffs and I would experience things at the limits of my sexual experience: some spanking, watersports, nipple clamps, anal play you get the idea. It sounds rough but I built in some rest periods and tried to weight the really nasty things so I wouldn't be in constant discomfort. I wasn't sure how well Dan would follow this program but it excited me to design it.

The third program was centered around my other fetish: messy fun. In this program, my body could be painted, massaged with oil, covered with chocolate and licked clean, or enfolded in slippery clay. In between situations, I would be photographed before being washed down either indoors or out (depending on the throw of the dice). I made sure to program in some regular sex as well but the focus of this program would be to keep my body covered with goo applied by Dan's strong, wandering hands.

The fourth program was all-bondage, all the time. Dan would use every piece of bondage gear we have on me, stretching me, suspending me, confining me until I couldn't move a muscle. Then he would use penetrating toys in various random combinations to take control of my insides. At the end of that program, I would be a flesh statue encased in leather, steel, and rubber, praying for release.

The last program was a mix of things chosen from the previous four. It was longer so that it could contain a wide variety of activities that would leave me off balance and wondering what was to come next. When I finished writing this, the last program, I read it back to check for errors and ended up getting myself off. The programs were ready now it was time to prepare the props.

The next day I spent gathering and preparing all the things that could be used in all the programs. I pulled out and cleaned all our leather restraints, lubricated all the locks, and sanitized all the penetrating toys. I ordered a few items from our favorite sex toy catalog, making sure they would arrive before the weekend. I drove around to gather bags of dry clay, bodypaint, cans of chocolate sauce and whipped cream, a couple gallons of honey and plastic dropcloths. I made sure Dan's digital camera had fully charged batteries. Finally, I cleaned the bathroom and put clean sheets on the bed.

Dan had to go to the office Saturday morning and I chose that time to begin the weekend's fun. After he left for work, I set about laying out all the props I had gathered. Next, I put typewritten copies of each program into five identical envelopes. Just for fun, I went into the garage and spread the five envelopes out on the floor in a big circle. I took an open can of catfood and put a dab of the pink goop on each envelope. Then I picked up our cat, Mr. Pickles, and carried him to the center of the circle. I closed my eyes and twirled around slowly until I had no idea which way we were facing before I put him down. When I opened my eyes, he had gone over to an envelope and was licking the cat food off it. That would be my program. I gathered the others up and put them on my desk.

I looked at the plain white envelope and thought about what it might contain. Would it have me spending a luscious weekend in silken bonds, savoring my husbands hands and tongue as they probed my writhing body? Or would it send me to a world of muffled grunts contained in a faceless leather hood, my inflamed nipples clamped in steel, my husbands hot pee splashing over my numbered ass? I didn't know and, frankly, I was too hot to care.

I put several strips of sturdy double stick tape on the flap side of the envelope and wrote "USE ME" on the label side. I went down into our cool cellar with a bag containing the restraints I would need to set myself up for Dan's return. Taking off my clothes, I realized just how cool the cellar was even in August. Still, I wouldn't let that stop me. I put the envelope on the floor, tape side up, and lay down on it making sure to press my back down flat. The concrete was cold on my bare butt and feet but when I stood up, the envelope was well and truly stuck to me.

Next, I fitted my mouth with a bright red ballgag, strapping it around my head and locking it on with a small brass padlock. My final restraints were a pair of silver steel handcuffs and ankle shackles. Once these were applied to my limbs, I would be totally helpless until Dan came home then he would read the program taped to my back and my programmed self-bondage adventure would begin.

I sat on the cold, dirty concrete floor next to a 6" round support column. Already a thin ribbon of warm drool fell from my sealed mouth onto my breasts there would be a lot more of that before the day was through. I took the ankle shackles and quickly snapped them on. The steel was cold on my flesh as I used a nail to push in the safety catch that would prevent the shackles from overtightening. I tried spreading my legs but the 18" chain showed me how limited my world was becoming.

Finally, I picked up the handcuffs, gleaming in the sunlight coming in through the cellar window. I snapped one cuff onto my left hand and set its safety catch. Slowly, I put my arms around the column, savoring every moment of my disappearing freedom. I placed the other cold steel cuff on my right hand without locking it shut. At that moment, my world came into sharp focus: heart pounding, cold gritty concrete on my bare ass, ankles locked in steel, my mouth trying to push out its rubber intruder, warm spit cooling on my erect nipples, hands about to be handcuffed rendering me a helpless prisoner of my own desires. I hardly felt it when the shackle clicked shut, sealing my fate. I set the catch and tossed away the nail.


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