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The Rack

by J Bren

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© Copyright 2002 - J Bren - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; spreader; hoist; susp; toys; stuck; caught; F/m; cbt; oral; sex; cons/reluct; X

Here's a story about one of my recent self-bondage adventures. It actually turned into a misadventure. I had the day and house to myself and was in the mood for a little self-bondage. In my basement I have installed above the ceiling panels a series of eyehooks that go thru the beams for extra support (I'm 6'3" and 215lbs). I often use them for suspension with a frozen chain release. Today, I felt like a stretch instead.

I opened the panel in the back of the storage room where I keep my stuff for playing, several lengths of chain, heavy duty rope, locks, hooks, locking leather cuffs and harness's and my favorite purchase, an electric hoist.

Today I planned on using what could be refered to as "The Rack". What it is, is a 20-foot long folding metal ladder. What I do is bind my feet to one end using ankle restraints and chains. I use a steel spreader bar that I have attached my hands to locked in leather cuffs. My legs are held in position with chains and locks, the keys which are in a timed box above me, usually set from 4-6 hours. Using the top of the ladder to secure the hoist I attach it to the spreader bar and secure my hands to it. The control for the hoist is hooked to a timer for 3-second bursts, usually about 30 of them at various intervals. After 15 minutes of the hoist pulling my arms, like the rack, the timer cuts the power for about 4-6 hours. Once it comes back on, it can reverse and lowers the bar so I can reach for the keys and unlock myself. 

Once ready I attach Japanese clover clamps to my nipples and they are attached to a weight that is looped through one of the eyehooks. I usually use about 2lbs. for the nipple pull. For an additional thrill I have a powerful electric vibrator that is hooked into a timer that comes off and on at various times (up to 11 times) for anywhere from 60 seconds to 8 minutes. It usually takes 3 minutes to get me off and after about 4 minutes, it becomes almost painful.

So what happened to me that made it different?

While being stretched by the hoist a circuit breaker blew and I couldn't get free. I never planned on something like this so I was frantically trying to figure a way out. The vibrator, plugged into a different line, kept coming on and off as programmed, but my arms and legs were held fast and I had no way out. So here I am for quite a while stretched out, nipples aching, cock dripping when I hear the sound of someone walking around upstairs. I know it's too early for my wife to be home, and if she saw me like this she would freak. (She's very vanilla in the sex department.)

I hear the TV go on and footsteps in the kitchen opening the fridge, cabinets, etc. I was afraid to call out not knowing who it was so I continued to try and free myself from my bonds. I could almost reach the screw on the bar holding the hook by my right hand. I hear the basement door open and someone coming downstairs. We have a second fridge in the storage room, which you have to walk past where I am to get to. The overhead light goes on and I hear someone say, "Holy Shit! What's going on?". That someone is my wife's best friend, Jody. She sometimes visit's us for a couple of days, usually when her husband's been a jerk and she needs to get away from him. She knows where the extra key is and the alarm code.

She walks over to me and asked what am I doing? Did someone do this to me, am I all right? I asked her to go to the circuit box and reset the breaker and then I'd tell her all about this. Just then the Vibrator goes off and I get a boner. She watched as I got erect and the vibrator shut off before I got off. She said I better explain before she reset the breaker. I tried to convince her that my arms were killing me and I needed to get out of the cuffs.

"Well then, you'd better explain because I'm not flipping the breaker till you explain!" she says smiling down at me. I started to explain about my love of self bondage and that marital sex, while great, has been lacking in the kink department and that I do this every so often to keep myself happy. Jody looks down at me and starts to laugh. And as she's laughing she starts to take off the top and skirt she's wearing. All she had on was a tiny thong and thigh hose.

Now after 14 years with my wife, I have never touched another woman, and I said so. She just laughed and said it's OK, no one would ever find out. I tried to say no, I don't want to do this, but the vibrator kicked on again, bringing me to full erection. Jody straddled my face and told me to eat her pussy. I had no choice since she started to grind down on my mouth with just the thin strip of her thong rubbing on my lips. To encourage me, she tugged on the weight attached to the nipple clips. I yelped in pain and she pushed down hard on my mouth. I gave in and started to use my tongue on her pussy. While I was doing this, she had unstrapped the vibrator from my cock and started to jerk me, pulling my balls with her other hand. After a few minutes, she started rocking on my face, and I could feel her cumming throug her thong.

Jody got off my face and stood over me again. She told me that I had a great tongue. She wrapped her hands around my cock and commented I was larger than her husband. I'm about 7½" and very thick. I asked her not to do anything else, I really didn't want to cheat on my wife, but this woman was out of control. No actually she was in complete control and I had no choice.

She straddled my cock and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of me while I was chained and bound. She kept tugging on the nipple clamps, which had turned my nipples almost purple at this point. She reached around and pulled at my sack, driving me wild. Between the pain in my shoulders and the pleasure she was giving me I was moaning and sweating and shaking. I could feel Jody starting to cum and it put me over the top. I came harder than I can ever remember. She actually ejaculated when she came, flooding my groin with her juices.

After what seemed like forever, she got up. I expected her to free me, but she wasn't done yet. She straddled my face and told me to "Lick her pussy clean". She grabbed my head and pulled it into her crotch making me lick both of our juices out of her. She came again after about 5 minutes of me shoving my tongue in and out of her, sucking on her lips and clit. 

When she finally got off my face I asked her to at least unclip the nipple clips, they had been on for almost 5½ hours now. She did and started sucking and licking my nipples, a combination of pain and pleasure that caused my cock to start getting hard again. She saw this and smiled at me with that look in her eye. She went into the box of leather restraints I had near by and found a ball stretcher with a chain attached. She put it on me and attached the clip at the end to the weight that was attached to the nipple clips. She took the weight and dropped it so that it yanked my sack and sent a jolt of pain thru me, which made my cock get harder still. I asked her to please (using please for the first time) unchain me. It was getting late and my wife would be home soon. Jodi laughed and I heard her go up the stairs. She came back down with her cell phone and played a voice message for me. It was my wife calling to tell Jody she couldn't make their dinner plans tonight because she had to work late!!

"Your ass is mine boy!" was all she said. Jodi and my wife were going to meet for dinner like they do usually once a month. But not tonight. When Allison worked late, she never gets home before nine and I figured it was about 4:30 or so. I was in for it, but good.

She started to go down on me. The girl had talent. I hadn't been deep throated like this since before I got married. She brought me to the brink of orgasm at least 3 times, stopping before I could cum, before she climbed on my dick gain. It felt incredible with my balls being tugged on by the weight attached. My arms had gone numb a while ago so when she ran he fingernails from my arms down my sides I barely felt it. The motion of her rocking on me made the weight swing tugging on my balls. It was driving me crazy and I came hard. Jody came again and collapsed on me. After a minute she straddled my face and made me eat her clean again. While I ate her, she went down on me, working her fingers into my ass. I had never had that done, but the pressure on my prostate was intense. She got me hard and fucked me again. After the third time, I still had to eat her clean.

I had hoped that this was it and she would let me loose. I had never been restrained and stretched this long and was starting to hurt bad. She went to the circuit box and I heard the breaker click and the hoist started to pull me again, pain shooting through my shoulders. Jody pressed the switch to lower the hoist and the tension on my arms eased. She had to help me to lift my arms because they had gone completely numb. She picked up the keys that had dropped on the floor from my timed box and unlocked the cuffs. It hurt like hell to try and move my arms down.

She helped to unchain me and to put all the paraphernalia away. When we finished she helped me shower and rubbed some Tiger Balm on my shoulders and upper back. I really was hurting. We agreed that this never happened and it would remain our secret. I do love Allison and Jody would never want to hurt her. Jody left not wanting to go home to her husband, and I went into the den to watch TV. It actually hurt to lift the remote to change channels.

Allison came home about 9:30, all tired and stressed from work. I told her I over did it at he gym and my shoulders were killing me. She took a shower then gave me a back rub and we went to sleep. It took about 3 days before I could move my arms normally. It's been about 3 weeks since this happened and I'm ready for another self-bondage day. This time I'm thinking of using the hoist to suspend me upside down. But I am going to put a deadbolt on the front door first.


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