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The Plan

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; clothing; constriction; corsets; catsuits; hobble; cuffs; gag; collar; toys; electro; shock; tease; stuck; denial; climax; cons; X

She had been working on these products for years, even before she graduated top of her class as a chemical engineer she was working on the idea of women’s undergarments that could be made to shape a woman’s body to the way she desired it to be shaped. Her first two products were very popular but still worked as “pre shaped” girdles and fanny shapers. If the woman didn’t fit into the sizes available she was out of luck. These products had made her a comfortable sum of money but she had not protected her patent rights and lost out on millions in sales. Her new idea was made to be adjustable in the areas that a particular woman wanted and still be undetectable under almost any clothes. Her skills with chemical engineering made it easy for her to find a combination of chemical and fabric that would allow heat from a normal hair drier to cause the fabric to shrink, and once the fabric cooled it would not shrink again no matter how much heat was applied. The fabric was a close weave of cotton and latex and would remain stretchy but just pulled in much firmer in the areas that were heated. All the chemicals used were safe for human contact both by themselves and when mixed together.

The company she worked for had all the resources and product manufacturing abilities she needed to create the perfect “girdle”. The final product was being tested and she had been given a healthy bonus and time off for the duration of the tests, which should be at least a few months. If the product passes all the tests then she would be holding the patents on a huge breakthrough in the undergarment industry and would never have to work again. As the project manager she had been involved in all aspects of development, due to the size of the production plant the company had to produce a thousand of each proto types, most of them were used for tests and the rest were thrown away or recycled. This made for a lot of leftover “failures” and because she was in charge she had been able to keep certain failures that interested her and even create some of the failures to do exactly what she wanted them to do.

No one in the plant knew that she also had a very kinky side and loved the feeling of restrictive clothing all most as much as she loved being restrained. She had been wearing at least one garment every day, she always wore a tight corset she had made for herself early on, this corset was like a one piece swim suit except it left her breasts uncovered, it pulled her waist in a little over 4 inches and was very comfortable to wear under her clothes. For the last two years she had normally wore multiple pieces at once, most of them she shrank until it was almost uncomfortable and were designed to be like bicycle pants and attached top but with cutouts that supported her breasts but left her cleavage available to be shown if she desired it. Not that her body needed the help, at 5 foot 2 inches tall she was very attractive with her black shoulder length hair cut like Betty Page and her D cup breasts which were firm and stood proudly upon her chest, partially due to their constant compression but also due to her keeping herself in good shape and always wearing support garments even before she really needed to as a young girl.

She kept her makeup simple but attractive a little dark eye shadow around her green eyes and ruby red lipstick was her mainstay. Her lower abdomen was also firm and was kept pulled in by the tight corset she had made for herself several years ago when she had made her first breakthrough in the shrinking material. The only problem with it at that time was the fact that when it cooled it became very firm and inflexible when wearing it. This was the first “failure” she produced when she got the contract with the company and produced it in many forms. All the men in the plant had tried to “get to know” her but she would never go out on any dates with them because she did not want anyone to know her secret love of bondage.

She had friends that shared her passion but even they did not know how far she would go with it. She never went without some form of restriction, when at work she kept it to just her upper body and ass, sometimes wearing a longer and much tighter than appropriate dress which limited her stride and her ability to bend or sit comfortably, under this she would wear longer undergarments to augment her figure driving the office workers crazy, but when she was not working she would encase her entire body in layers of her special garments and take a bus or a cab ride and go to a mall or club a long distance from her house and then have no way to get home other than walking.

During these trips she always wore her tallest heels and had them strapped on so she could not remove them and during her long walks home, the added heat from her body and the heat from the hot pavement would often make her garments shrink some more making her take even smaller steps and sometimes making it hard to breathe. She once even had to stop and remove one layer of her underwear just so she could catch her breath. Since that trip she now locks her underwear on so she can’t chicken out of a challenge again.

Since that first production run she had been wearing either a full body suit shrunk to her body or a long slip that went almost to her ankles. Both had been shrunk to the point of serious compression around her waist and buttocks, and after wearing them for over two years her body now had, in her mind, the perfect shape, her breasts standing proud, her rib cage tapering sharply to a very narrow waist the flared out to full hips sitting on a nice round and firm ass.

Her last “failure” run she had designed the fabric to not only shrink to a much tighter specification but midway through she changed the chemicals so that once it reached its limit it would harden to the consistency of leather. She had cases and cases of her past and present failures and all were marked how they reacted and what the design was, she always kept several ready for when she felt like playing. One of her favorite “failures” was an extremely long gown with a high neck that when heated would pull very hard on the wearers body everywhere but the neck then after cooling it would remain very flexible but extremely tight. She had another version of this with long sleeves and yet another in a cat suit design.

When she applied several of these suits she was almost completely immobile, the fabric held so tightly she often had trouble reaching the zippers to release herself, so she kept an emergency release next to her bed. She went out one night to a club wearing four layers of these, two cat suits and two long slips, over them she wore a long leather dress that fit her perfectly from her neck down to her feet along with her knee high platform boots a locking stainless steel collar with matching wrist and ankle cuffs, This set was very inconspicuous and she often wore pieces of it to work.

When she got to the club the a/c had quit working so she sat at the bar and just had a few drinks since it was too hot to dance. After a couple hours she noticed that she was having real trouble breathing and tried to excuse herself but found that her suits had drawn in extremely tight, just forcing her body to get off the bar stool was difficult, and she could only take very tiny steps. She had put her drinks on her tab and had no money or even an ID on her so the four mile walk home took most of the night. She had to stop and rest every block from the exertion of fighting the tight material and found that once she stood up straight she was almost unable to sit down again.

She fought the chain she had put around her tiny waist as a decorative belt but the lock kept it in place and the keys for the collar and cuffs were at home, even though her once tight leather dress looked baggy on her now she could not slip the belt off over her hips to gain access to the zippers. When she got home she went straight to her bedroom and lay back on her bed, glad to be home and A/C making her feel much cooler, she fell asleep and when she woke up loved the way it felt to awake and be so restricted so now she sleeps in at least two of those suits every night.

Her first weekend off she decided to play all weekend, she forwarded her phones straight to voice mail and her in box said she would be gone until Tuesday. Opening her special wardrobe she pulled out her largest gag harness, this had a 2 inch ball with a tube running through the middle of it but the most interesting thing about it was the tongue depressor, this was a large bulge in the ball that would help fill her mouth and keep her tongue against the bottom of her mouth. The multiple straps wrapped her head in tight leather and could be locked at their buckles.

Next taking her gauntlet arm sleeve from the wardrobe and placing it on the bed, this was a leather over steel item that went from her elbows down to her wrists. She was able to put it on easily because the locking device just snapped in place holding her arms and hands firmly but very comfortably about 4 inches apart at her wrists and about 8 inches at her elbows. She had to keep her arms in front of her body or else she would have no way of releasing herself.  Even with it in front she would struggle sometimes for hours to remove her gag and then use her teeth to hold the key and open the lock. She was very practiced at the maneuver but still enjoyed the effort it took to release herself.

Removing her thigh high pony boots from their hanger she rubbed them and took a deep breath of the leather scent, these boots were her favorites and even with her practicing a lot still made walking difficult with their tall stance and no heel forcing her to walk on her toes, she even liked the noise they made when walking from the horseshoe stencil on the bottoms.

She had worn them on a few of her “little trips” and the first time she did she regretted it as soon as she stood up to leave the bus. Her calves had cramped up and forced her to sit back down and ride for another few miles before she could force herself to finally exit the bus several miles further away from home than she had originally planned. The locked on boots were under the dress she was wearing that covered her down to the ground and under that she wore two long slips with long sleeves, she had shrunk them until her thighs were pressed together down to her knees and then snug down to her ankles, effectively making a two layer very tight hobble dress, also making it impossible to unlock or remove the boots. She had worn her latex panties holding in two large vibrators that were buzzing away the whole time making her extremely horny and very distracted. Before shrinking her upper body she had played with her large nipples then applied nooses to each pulling them tight and trapping them in their engorged state.

When she shrank the first slip she did so until she was gasping for breath, then quickly pulled up the second and began warming it up, as the second layer shrank it caused the first layer to shrink even more as well making them both pull extremely tight around her waist and smashing her breasts almost flat. Once the slips were tight enough she cooled them with a fan to stop the fabric from decreasing it’s size any further and wrapped a chain multiple times around her restricted waist and locking it through several links, then locking her stainless steel wrist cuffs on and putting the matching collar on to keep her from unzipping the upper parts of her underwear before pulling a very light and loose fitting dress over her head and leaving the house.

She had not taken into account the evening’s weather and once she stepped out the door it was too late, she had to continue so she would be able to retrieve her keys and get back in. The first thing she noticed was the wind that promptly blew her dress up over her head exposing her undergarments and boots she pushed it back down and began to hobble towards the bus stop.

Normally the bus that picked her up would lower itself to allow people to get in which was very convenient for her when she took these trips but tonight the bus did not lower before the doors opened and she just stood there waiting on it to do so before the driver said “In or out?” She grabbed the hand rail and heaved herself up the two steps and dropped her money in the slot. As she turned to find a seat she found her normally empty bus was mostly full and everyone was looking at her as she took tiny steps under her flowing dress towards the rear of the bus and found a seat near the rear exit.

Sitting down she let out a loud grunt as her slip pulled even tighter forcing her thighs and knees to grind together and pulling her waist tighter, the hard seat forced her vibrator deeper into her tight ass making her very uncomfortable but she was unable to do anything about it. Each bump was felt in her stuffed ass and it made her sit even more erect as the bus travelled along its path. Most of the riders got off at one stop, something must be going on there she thought to herself, she was becoming more aroused from her vibrators and her situation and began to enjoy the bumps. When she saw her stop coming up she stood up and then quickly crumpled back into her seat with another audible moan.

The leg cramps hit her fast and strong and she couldn’t even bend over far enough to rub her cramping calves and feet the tight slips would not allow it, she had sized them while standing and that made bending forward very difficult. She sat with her eyes closed trying to wish the cramps away while the vibrations were doing nothing to help distract her from craps in her legs or the pain her smashed and lassoed nipples were giving her. Her nipples were hurting worse due to her attempts at deep breathing from the painful cramps and that she kept leaning forward to attempt to rub her legs pulling everything tighter when she did.

She leaned back in her seat and concentrated on her vibrators and soon was lost in her building orgasm. As she was quietly moaning to herself she was stirred from her fantasy by the bus stopping and the doors opening, realizing she had ridden much further than she had wanted she forced herself to get up and hop on her pointed toes down the steps and onto the curb.

She recovered from the hopping and got her bearings and headed towards home. The tiny steps she was forced to take was making it an impossibly slow walk, even with her cramps gone she was still panting against the tightness of her underwear that was causing her nipples to scream out in pain with each breath, the slight drizzle that had started made her feel even more miserable. As she walked the wind was blowing even harder and she had to constantly watch out for her floating dress trying to keep it down as low as she could to hide her tall boots. The misting had accomplished only one thing it made every surface she stepped on slick, the horseshoe stencils on the bottoms of her boots were not made for traction and slid a little with each step and twice she slid down the little ramps at the end of the sidewalk she was on.

As she struggled with all these she also had begun to build up to another orgasm, the situation and the vibrations were getting to her. Fighting for each breath and trying to ignore the upcoming orgasm she finally had to stop and lean against a light pole and concentrate on controlling herself, wishing the rain would either stop or get heavy enough to weight her dress down. She was feeling very horny and was losing herself in the building orgasm. In her small purse was a pair of locks a short chain and a gag a dentist had made and sold on the internet, this gag would snap around your upper and lower teeth and hold your mouth firmly closed, but nothing showed outside your mouth, the wearers mouth was not strong enough to reopen once it was fully closed so you would have to wear it until you took your hands and helped separate your jaw.

She did not have the keys to the locks but knew their hiding place was close by so in her aroused state she quickly shoved the gag in her mouth biting down hard until it snapped in place then she quickly looked around and seeing no one out she took the chain and locked it to her wrist cuffs behind her back. Her purse was now the cover for the cuffs and chain as she held it behind her back making it look like she was just carrying it. She immediately began the slow walk towards where the keys should be, if no one had found them that is, as this thought hit her she had a massive orgasm and struggled in her restraints pulling hard on her cuffs and trying desperately to get enough air through her flaring nostrils.

Stupid Stupid Stupid, she cursed herself as her dress blew up again and she could do little to push it back down, her orgasm was close and she desperately began looking for a place to sit down, she found a small wall behind a building and leaned her tight ass on it and let the orgasm roll over her. As she fought her restraints and tried to open her mouth for more air she began to feel light headed and knew if she blacked out her secrets would be found out so she tried to breathe deep and slow her beating heart. After a few minutes she was able to calm herself and begin her long walk home.

When she arrived at her hiding spot she was very tired and feeling the beginnings of another orgasm coming so she pushed on walking as fast as her sore toes and tight clothes would allow. The rain had kept most people in off the streets and she was thankful for that but it had stopped now and she was starting to see more and more people outside. Finding the exact  flower pot she had dropped her keys in during the day was difficult in the much lower light but finally after two wrong ones she was able to actually see her keys. Just as she was about to squat down, letting her hands slide into the large pot behind her when four people came around the corner into the parks sitting area where she stood. She smiled as they walked by then as they all sat down on one of the benches she turned and shuffled away, circling back to keep an eye on them she hid herself in the bushes.

Standing in the damp grass she was constantly shifting from one foot to another to keep her balance in her toe boots. The soggy ground kept sinking under her making the heelless boots lean backwards and throwing her balance off. She listened to the two couples and hoped they would leave soon because the frustration of having her release so close but unable to get to it with the restraints that were keeping her from being able to release the gag that held her mouth closed so tightly that she was unable to even breathe through was arousing her quickly and was building to another huge orgasm and she really needed her keys.

The people sat there for over an hour and she was beginning to get mad because she knew she could not orgasm without something to lean or sit on and didn’t know if she could keep quiet enough not to be heard by the two couples sitting fifteen feet away. As her frustration with the people rose so did her orgasm and soon she was holding her eyes shut tight and moaning behind her gag. This went on for several minutes as she rustled around in the bushes trying not to fall, when she opened her eyes she saw that the people were walking away from the benches.

She was panting hard through her nose and moved through the bushes back into the sitting area. The exertion from moving topped off with her post orgasmic state forced her to sit down hard on the metal bench and once again forcing the vibrator deep into her ass. This sensation helped push her over the edge and she had another orgasm, leaving her writhing and panting on the park bench. Once it faded she slowly got control of her breathing again and moved to the potted plant and retrieved her keys.

Wrestling with the locks for a few minutes before being able to hold a lock and turn the key she was finally able to bring her hands in front again. She relaxed sitting back on the bench with the chain dangling from one wrist cuff and thinking about the remaining distance she had to go. Deciding not to remove her gag yet she stood up and relocked her hands closer together, in front of her this time, and began to walk home. Only having a couple of incidents involving curbs that were higher than she could step up on so she learned to hop as she stepped, she made the three hour trip with no further problems.

The vibrators had run out of power and were now just moving around inside her causing her to be even hornier and when she got home she once again fell asleep restrained and gagged. Waking in the morning she realized she had no time to change clothes so she went to work wearing the outfit from the previous night including her boots and even wearing the gag on her drive to work. Once she was in her lab she stayed put until her supervisor called her to the plant floor to look at a problem. She was very glad the machines were running because the noise from her horse shoe boots was very loud on the concrete floors of the building. Once she addressed the problem she walked as quickly as she could back to her office and hid out the rest of the day. As she bit down on her gag and heard the familiar snap she checked to see if anybody was around before leaving her office and walking quickly, wincing with each step from the pain in her pointed toes, to her car.

Arriving home she as quickly as she could she began to remove her sweat covered slips and finally could release her nipples which had gone completely numb during the night. She had left her gag in until she removed the nooses from her nipples massaging them, whining into the gag, until the pain faded. She pulled the slips all the way off and unlocked and removed her boots, her feet and stretched out calf muscles were hurting her badly after the boots came off so she limped to her closet pulling out a pair of knee high ballet boots and lacing them on making them feel much better. She forced another pre-shrunk body suit on her body then slid into bed, after setting the alarm she fell asleep quickly feeling comfortable in her toe boots tight suit and gag, this is how she would dress for bed from now on.

Returning from her memories she began to get dressed for the first part of her weekend. She pulled on her boots and laced them tight all the way up to her moist pussy, slipping four locks into the eyelets and closing them. She inserted her favorite vibrators into her holes, running their cords up over shoulders, then locking her leather chastity belt around her waist, pulling the straps tight forcing them to cut into her waist and pulling themselves deep into her moist pussy and tight ass. After applying a light duty body glue to her stimulator cups she pressed them to her breasts making sure the nipple covers were correctly located over her very aroused nipples, after holding them for several minutes she pulled gently on the cups making sure they were securely stuck to her breasts.

Sliding into her first full body suit and closing the zipper then repeating the process with another suit. After zipping them closed she then locked her stainless steel ankle cuffs on and linked the ankle cuffs together with a small pad lock. Carefully standing she pulled  both of her long sleeve “gowns” over her head, both of these gowns had been modified to make them more difficult to get them off, she had removed the zippers and sewn the seams up securely so she would have to cut them off and now worked them past her bound ankles. Checking the timers for the heat lamps making sure they were only on for ten minutes then the two fans would come on and cool her off for twenty minutes, the control box for her simulators and her vibrators were set to come on in thirty minutes and tease and torture her into multiple orgasms.

She lay on the bed and put her favorite gag into her mouth pulling the strap tight and locked it on, she then worked her leather sensory deprivation hood down over her head and laced it tightly, after lacing her hood she placed her steel collar around her throat and locked it, accidently trapping the lacing under it. She felt around and found her wrist gauntlet and slid her hands into it and stopped rethinking what she was doing, if all worked correctly after having several hours of pleasure and pain forced on her she would have to work her hood loose and then make her way into the attached garage to retrieve her keys for her gag and arm restraint and release them. Then make her way to the kitchen, on the other side of the house, and get her scissors to cut the first two layers off, then unzip the remaining two suits and she would be free of most of her restraints.

To remove her boots and chastity belt she would have to remove the large chunk of ice from the freezer that contained the keys for her belt and the locks on her boots, it also held keys to her stainless steel wrist cuffs and another key to a new lock for her gag harness, if she was still randy she could restrain herself again and would have to wait for the ice to melt to be completely free. She knew it would be difficult but believed she could do it so she pressed the gauntlets closed.

Laying on her bed completely blind, deaf and mute her hands locked in a rigid arm sleeve and waiting for the lamps to trap her in the tight confines of 4 layers of tightening fabric making her stiff and almost immobile, she would need to remove the chain attached to her tight leather hood before she could even get out of the bed and begin her long trip to the garage. She must remove the tight hood so she can use her teeth to unlock her arm restraints but she would remain in her confines for however long it takes for her to accomplish the required tasks.

She could feel her pussy drip with anticipation and her stomach knot up with trepidation. Suddenly she felt her body getting warm then she could feel the fabric tightening around her body, this fabric did not need to have its whole surface exposed to the heat source, the chemicals in the fabric would react if only one third of its surface was exposed to a heat source and begin the shrinking of the whole garment evenly until it reached its preset limit and begins to thicken and set up.  She began to sweat as the material pulled on her body more and more making it even hotter inside her cocoon.

Raising her arms over her head so the material would not trap her arms next to her body she slowly rolled over and let the heat soak in her back side making it shrink even faster. When she began to pant from the tension of the material pulling tight she knew the real test had begun and relaxed her body and let the constricting material do its work. As the heat continue to rise she was sweating profusely and beginning to think that the lights were staying on too long as the black leather of her hood began to collect the heat and transfer it directly to her head and face.

The heat was getting unbearable as the sweat dripped down her nose and she could feel her body suits squeezing the sweat down to her ankles, she started to think about how to get to them to turn them off or at least get herself out from under them, pulling at the chain attached to her hood wishing she hadn’t locked it to the head board and also wishing the ice holding the key would melt faster. She knew the key wouldn’t drop for at least two hours, having tested it many times with the heat lamps and without them.

As the heat and the suits tension rose to about all she thought she could take she began to thrash about in her hot prison, pulling violently at the chain holding her head and trying with all her might to separate her legs and arms but nothing gave.  Suddenly she felt cooler, the lamps had turned off and the fans were blowing on her overheated and sweat soaked body. She calmed herself as the temperature dropped and she began to concentrate on her breathing which had become ragged and shallow in her attempt to break free.

She had never used four lamps before and may not use them again, she thought to herself. The heat was intense but had done its job of making the bodysuits and long gowns draw in to a very tight second skin and pulling her legs tightly together while severely compressing the rest of her body. As she lay enjoying the cooling effect the fans were having she tried to roll over and found that the suits had started to thicken and were holding her entire body in its very firm embrace. She rocked herself and was finally able to roll her rigid body over onto her back.

Her arms that had been held up over her head during the shrinking to keep them from being formed at her sides and making it difficult to raise them were now being held stiffly over her head, her leather covered face poking through them at her elbows. She lay still enjoying the cooling effect the fans were having on her as she attempted to lower her arms. After several attempts she began to panic because each time she pulled them a few inches away from her face they were pulled back down by the tight sleeves, she could not even bend her elbows which she had to be able to do in order to release her tightly laced leather hood.

As the fabric cooled it continued to thicken and firm up even more. She could feel her clothing getting tighter and breathing becoming more difficult. She tried to bend her legs and body, attempting to roll over again finding out that she could not bend at all and could no longer rock herself enough to even move an inch. Panic set in and soon she was wriggling inside her cocoon and mmphing into her gag. She had no plan B, she had never needed one in the past and no one would even miss her until the tests were over. She struggled more and more and slowly blacked out from lack of air and the effort to escape.

Awaking in blackness unable to move she quickly remembered where she was and her body seemed to feel much better, the vibrations in her two holes were quite pleasant and she squirmed inside her tight wrappings trying to arouse herself further. As she tested her bonds the electric shocks started teasing her breasts and the small brushes turning inside the breast cups that normally felt so good were now feeling like they were made of steel and driving her to fight even harder. As she felt the shocks increasing she fought harder to move her body and soon realized she could bend some and even lower her arms. It took more effort than she would have believed and she could not hold her arms down long but she could move them!

She wrestled with the sensations and her own body wanting to escape as the shocks increased again and began to get painful. The vibrations had stayed constant and were now drowned out by the pain deep in her holes and breasts. The body glue she had applied had made a very good conductor and she was feeling all the electricity the control unit could supply. Screaming into her gag and feeling her body restrict with each pulse she could do nothing but lay in her prison and accept her punishment. Slowly the vibrators increased in speed and soon she was enjoying all the sensations again, just as the feelings of a pending orgasm started the control unit turned off everything. She panted heavily into her gag as she lay on her back still chained to the bed by her leather encased head and was glad she had set the programming correctly not wanting to orgasm so quickly into her adventure.

Trying again she lowered her arms and found if she used all her strength she could just bend her elbows, but found she could only hold them bent for a minute or two before the tension pulled them back towards her face. She waved her arms searching for the key to the chain holding her in place but was unable to find anything. Assuming she hadn’t slept very long she just lay still waiting for her next session with her vibrators. What she didn’t realize was that her key had fallen and was dangling close to her hands, she had just not found it in her quick search, and her default programing was about to start.

The program had been designed, by her, to motivate her to move and make her not want to begin another session. She had slept through all three orgasm building programs and now was about to be assaulted by the machine. When the machine started its next program it made her start writhing immediately and soon she was screaming into her gag. As she was fighting for air and pulling desperately on her bonds her hand brushed the key to the chain holding her leather encased head to the bed.

Feeling something touch her hand and knowing the torture program that was working currently on her body she figured out that it had to be the key, and that she had slept through the first programs. Waving her bound hands and trying to keep from convulsing with each electrical pulse she thrashed about until she had the key in her hand. Knowing the program she knew that it would drop to a reasonable level before it began the total assault and making her orgasm uncontrollably for several hours. As soon as the pulses slowed she reached back to her head and began to try and unlock the chain. Forcing her arms to bend quickly tired her out and she was unable to find the key hole. After resting for the third time she was beginning to panic because she was getting short of breath and knew the program would be starting soon.

She threw her arms back and found the lock and on her first attempt and it snapped open! She quickly pulled the chain loose from her hood and threw it away from the bed. As she started rocking herself and trying to roll over to the edge of the bed the attack on her bound body began. The shocks were on high and made her whole body seize up and all she could do was lay still and scream. When the vibrators turned on they also were on high and quickly aroused her inner sub and soon had her wiggling inside her encasement, even the tiny brushes were feeling extremely good to her in this state of arousal. When she began to get close to an orgasm she had to make a choice, during this time she could fight her way to the control box and stop the torture or she could continue to lie on the bed and enjoy her climax.

She knew that if she stayed and once the orgasm passed she would be tortured again and it would take much longer for her to get to this point again and she would also be much more tired than she is now. As her orgasm neared she forced herself to swing her legs off the bed swiveling her hips and pushed herself up onto her pointed toes. When she tried to take a step she realized just how tight her legs were held together when she found she could not take a step at all, a small twist of her hips slightly moving one toe forward was all she could manage.

She was gasping for air and her inner sub was begging her to climax but she continued to swing her hips and inch by inch made her way to the control unit. It was only three feet from the bed but it took her almost 10 minutes to make the distance and when she could reach it the program had started a new cycle and was abusing her stuffed holes and compressed tits mercilessly. She was crying freely from the pain and sexual frustration when by feel finally found the controls and turned the box off.

Standing rigidly next to the control box she would have slumped in her bonds if she could have but the leather thigh high boots that were trapped under the four ultra-tight suits kept her erect and to her felt like they were shrinking again as she couldn’t get her breathing under control. Her arms were now hanging in front of her and she was starting to sway back and forth when she finally was able to get the desperately needed air into her lungs and caught herself just before she fell backwards.

She stood for a while longer regaining her balance and trying to figure out what to do next, Her body wanted to lie down and rest but her mind wanted out and knew it was going to be a challenge so it wanted to start now. She inched her way towards the bed and once she felt it she turned and sat down, not wanting to lie down but because she didn’t want to take a chance of falling over while trying to unlace her tight hood.

Once seated, she forced her arms over her head and reached back to find the laces but with her hands bound in the stiff gauntlet she was unable to find them. She tried different positions and different angles and all she could locate was the lacing running down the hood but not where the laces were tied together. While she rested her arms she brought a mental image of the laces and collar into her mind trying to figure out what was going on.

As she was thinking about the problem she remembered the steel collar she had locked around her neck and gasped. Knowing she could not reach the lock that held the stainless steel tight around her throat. Shit Shit Shit! She mumbled into her gag as she reached back again and carefully felt around the cold collar and realized she was correct and that she could not access the laces. Not only had she covered them she had actually locked the collar directly over the knot and there was no way she could get to the knot to untie it.

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