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The Post...

by Feverdream

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© Copyright 2017 - Feverdream - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; post; insert; blocks; parachute-strap; electro; lube; cbt; shock; cuffs; handcuffs; pain; torment; prostrate; climax; collapse; impailment; cons; XX

Disclaimer...this story is fiction, a fantasy...

The activity depicted would be VERY dangerous and would most likely end in SEVERE injury and maybe even death. No-one should ever conduct any self-bondage without a secure foolproof escape and a dependable backup...


He stood in front of it, naked.

It was a little more than waist high. When he stood directly in front of it, it was just a little taller than his navel. Eight to ten inches thick but slimmer at the top, about two to three inches, rounded, not sharp, and very smooth...

It glistened in the light from the lube he had applied...

He checked the wooden blocks on each side, four feet apart, that he meant to stand on... for as long as he could. He knew from experience the blocks, if he was on tip toes, would enable him to reach the tip of the post and just settle the tip a little into the ring of muscle inside his anus. He knew that when he came down to his heels the post would drive itself into his anus, stretching him more and more as he settled onto it. He knew that with his heels flat on the blocks the sensation was a huge feeling, but he had done it before and knew he could stand it. This time would be different.

Walking over the table next to the wall, he picked up the ball restraint. It was a "parachute" leather strap that he had removed the chains from. The contacts inside were the purest copper foil he could find, soldered to small coiled wires to stretch and connected to small plugs at the end. He applied the lube, slimy and cold. It was conductive, enableing and intensifying the sensation of the electricity passing through them. He gathered his balls with one hand and snapped the strap around them with the other. The cold slime of the lube always made his scrotum contract but with the strap cinched up to it's tightest there was no chance his balls would pull out...

He picked up the device meant for the head of his penis. It was a tight rubber sleeve, again with the contacts inside one on the top and one on the bottom and attached to the coiled wires. He slid it on untill it covered the glans and a couple of inches more and the tip of his penis protruded. reaching to the table again he picked up the surgical tape and taped the sleeve in place. With his erection and the tape, it was going nowhere.

He bent over and snapped on a leather cuff on each ankle, picked up a pair of handcuffs and walked over to the post, both sets of wires dragging on the floor. With the coiled wires there would be more than enough stretch to reach the controller at the base of the post. The shocks would kick in when enough weight was on the post. He plugged it into the controller.

He turned his back to the post, stepped up on the blocks. By bending forward with his butt spread and leaning back on the post, his anus grinding against the post, he was barely able to reach to each ankle and snap on the chains to the ankle cuffs, holding his ankles spread to the maximum.

He straightend up and the tip of the post touched him coldly at the tip of his backbone. He raised up on his toes and gingerly wiggled his toes backward on the blocks untill just the very ends of the balls of his feet and his toes clung to the blocks. He reached for the bar above him and lifted. Leaning back slightly he could just pop the end of the post into his rectum. His calf muscles already burning from the strain, he lowered himself a tiny bit at a time onto the unyielding post his anus stretching more and more till it was screaming at him for relief. He relented and stood back up on tiptoes releaving some of the pressure.

He slowly let himself back down and it was like he could feel every fiber and grain of the wood with his so so sensitive ass as it ground itself into him. Raising and lowering himself , his calf muscles burning and screaming with the strain he slowly fucked himself...

He had once heard " Everyone knows how good it feels to take a shit. Getting fucked in the ass is just an extention of the feeling..." This was that... times ten, times twenty, times a hundred.

He brought himself up as far as he could and could almost but now quite lift his anus off the post. Not enough strength left in his burning quivering calfs. He could feel his anus contracting steady from the relief but the tip still inside kept it from relaxing completely.

It was just then he felt the first gentle shock tickling his balls and the head of his dick. The timer on the controller must have just kicked in. It was going to get steadily stromger but he could already feel his first orgrasm building in his prostrate.

The shock was stronger and his balls hurt more, the head of his dick quivering as his leg muscles slowly failed driving the post back into his screaming ass tissues, stretching him more and more, grinding into his prostrate as his ass took more and more of his body weight.

He knew this was the point of no return. With his hands free, he could still still reach the bar above and lift himself off of the post... but this time he was determined to go all the way... to reach that peak he had not reached before.

He was on the verge of orgasm already and as he reached behind him and clicked the cuffs closed it hit him, the intense pleasure and pain searing outward from his screaming ass and balls and burning through his body, draining the tiny bit of strength left from his legs.

His legs collapsed, his toes slipping off the edge of the blocks driving the post deeper inside. He could feel the post grinding his prostrate as his hips bucked involuntarily pounding his prostrate against the post. His balls and dick were screaming as the shock peaked at its highest, his prostrate was screaming from the pounding it was taking, his ass was screaming from the enormous stretching as his entire body weight bore down on the post driving it deeper and deeper. He was screaming as the waves of pain and pleasure roared outward from his burning center and the dark enveloped him..........

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