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The Race

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbff; game; naked; toys; insert; cuffs; gag; bfold; hogtie; chain; caught; F/f; bond; cupboard; denial; cons; X

"This is fantastic!" Kendell James stared around her at the huge rooms of her friend's new house. Beside her, Stacey Morris smiled.

"It'll look even better once it's furnished," she replied. "As it is, it's perfect for what I have in mind for today. Come with me."

Curious, Kendell followed Stacey through the large rooms, watching as her friend closed some doors, while making sure others stood open. Finally, they stood in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

"What's this?" Kendell nodded at two small piles, carefully placed in opposite corners of the room.

"A new game," Stacey replied, picking up a length of chain. "Did you notice the keys?"

Kendell nodded slowly. In a number of the rooms they'd passed through, there had indeed been large numbers of keys scattered across the floor.

"Well," Stacey explained, "those keys are part of the game. What we have here is two complete and matching bondage sets. The idea is, we each bind ourselves, then see who can get loose first. The winner gets to do whatever she wants with the loser for the whole weekend."

Kendell stared at her friend. Sure, they'd talked about bondage a few times. There'd also been a few pretty heavy groping sessions as their friendship tried to move into a new area. This, though, seemed to be taking both concepts a bit far, at least in her eyes.

Seeing the doubt reflected in her friend's face, Stacy walked over and wrapped her in a tight hug. "Come on," she urged, one hand squeezing Kendell's ass, "it'll be fun. And it will definitely break the ice."

Kendell squirmed slightly in her friend's arms. "Ok," she finally said, "I'll try it. What do we do?"

Grinning, Stacey stepped back. "First, we strip," she said, reaching up and undoing the shoulder straps of her dress. The dress hit the floor, revealing the fact that she wore nothing underneath. For a moment, Kendell simply stared at her friend's athletic frame. Finally, with a shrug, she removed her own clothing.

"I love your tits," Stacey said, staring. "So much bigger than mine. I can't wait to own them for a weekend."

"Dream on," Kendell shot back, cupping her rather large breasts. "Better idea is, stop dreaming and tell me what's next."

Instead of replying, Stacey moved to one of the piles. Copying her friend, Kendell picked up a pair of leather cuffs, carefully wrapping them around her ankles. A short chain, padlocked to each cuff, quickly secured her feet.

"The keys," Stacey said as she wrapped cuffs around her wrists, "are actually carefully placed. Each room holds a key to one set of our locks, plus a lot of useless keys. The idea is, we move from room to room. In each room, you have to find the key to your lock. Once it's open, you move to the next room."

"The keys," she continued, "are arranged in a special order. The first one unlocks the hogtie chain. The second unlocks the waist belt. Then come the ankles, the wrists, blindfold, and, finally, the gag."

Wrist cuffs in place, but not yet connected, Stacey next picked up a belt. A thinner belt with an attached dildo dangled from the front. With a wicked grin, she wrapped the belt around her waist, then pulled the smaller belt between her thighs, inserting the dildo before pulling the strap tight and connecting it to the larger belt. A single padlock held the whole arrangement together.

"Your turn." Once Kendell was identically stuffed, she nodded, picking up the next item. "Now this," she said, "is special. The gag is built into the head harness, but the blindfold is separate. Once the harness in place, you put on the blindfold and feed the straps under the harness straps. See the slots on the end of each strap? They go over a special ring in the back of the harness. That way your blindfold can be locked in place too."

Gesturing Kendell to copy her, Stacey lay on her stomach. Bending her knees, she took up a short length of chain and draped it over her ankle chains. "This last part," she said, "you have to do without prompts. Put on the head harness, lock the blindfold in place, then lock your wrist cuffs to the chain around your ankle chains. In a few minutes, we'll hear a timer to off. That means go." Grinning, she began settling her head harness in place.

Carefully, Kendell settled the gag into her mouth, pulling the straps snug and locking them in place. The blindfold followed, plunging her into darkness. Fumbling, she reached back and, with only a couple of false starts, got her wrists locked to the chain. Now unable to straighten, she lay silently, gently tugging at her bonds until the sound of the timer told her it was time to start.

Unable to see, Kendell struggled to remember where the doors were. As she did, she suddenly understood why Stacey had closed so many. The only open door in this room led to the first key room. That way, she realized, it was almost impossible to get lost.

Squirming madly, Kendell managed to make slow progress across the floor, finally bumping up against the wall. Turning, she began following the wall, every motion causing the dildo within her to shift. By the time she finally found the open door, she was seriously wondering if she could make it all the way through.

In the next room, she carefully worked her way across the floor until she felt a key beneath her. Slowly, she moved herself to one side, fumbling with her hands for the small piece of metal. Once she had it, she blindly searched for the keyhole of the lock holding her in her hogtie. The key finally slid home. Carefully, she exerted pressure, groaning softly when the key refused to turn. Sliding it from the lock, she let it fall as she continued her search.

As she moved, Kendell suddenly felt warm skin touching hers. Stacey, she realized, searching for her own key. A vision of her friend locked in her own bonds flashed through her mind just as her own motions caused her waist to push against the floor, driving the dildo deeper within her. Combined with the mental image, the sudden surge of pleasure froze her in place, moaning softly as the sensations crested at just below orgasm level. By the time she recovered, Stacey had moved on. Shaking her head as if to clear it, she continued her own search.

Finally, after three more failures, she felt the fifth key turn in the lock. Fumbling the lock open, she quickly removed it, stripping away the chain holding stretching between her wrists and ankles. Now able to straighten, she drew herself to hands and knees, allowing more speed as she found, first, the wall, then the door into the next room.

Here, she began searching for the key that would, finally rid her of the thing inside her. She had, she slowly realized, been moaning softly for some time under its influence. Now, searching for her key, she listened for similar sounds from Stacey. Hearing none, she decided, proudly, that her friend must still be in the first room. She was winning, and she fully intended to keep it that way.

This time, it took nearly a dozen tries before she finally found the right key. Fumbling, she snapped the lock open, releasing the strap. As she let the strap begin to slip through her fingers, she could feel the dildo begin easing out of her, propelled by her own muscles. Almost without realizing it, she tightened her grip, drawing back on the strap and driving the dildo once more deeply inside herself. Moaning, she loosened her grip, only to tighten it once more before the dildo was half way out, yanking on the strap and driving it in once more.

Suddenly, a vision flashed across her mind. It was herself, face to the floor, ass in the air, desperately fucking herself with the dildo. Startled by her own actions, she released the strap, fumbling open the main belt and letting the whole thing fall away. This, she told herself sternly, is not the time. Once I've won, it'll be Stacey doing all the work and me getting all the pleasure. Now more determined than ever, she began searching for the door.

In the third room, she began to wonder if maybe she'd gotten turned around. Could she, she wondered, have gone back to the second room instead of ahead to the third? Key after key went into the lock between her ankles, and key after key refused to turn. Finally, long after she'd lost count of the number of attempts, she felt the lock click open. Drawing the chain from between her ankles, she rose slowly to her feet, carefully feeling her way toward the next room.

Once through the door, she began probing with her feet. Each time she felt a key, she knelt down, fumbled the key into her hands and tested it. Again, key after key refused to turn, causing her to groan with disappointment. Where was Stacey? Was she still winning?

As she tried yet another key, Kendell felt something touch the back of her head. She froze, a single surprised grunt escaping from behind her gag. There was a soft click, then she felt the blindfold straps being drawn from beneath the harness straps. For a moment, the sudden influx of light blinded her. When her vision cleared, it was to see Stacey, free of her bonds, smiling at her.

"Surprise!" Stacey laughed at the disappointment on her friend's face. "Looks like I win. Now, what to do with my trophy?" Reaching down, she lightly pinched both of Kendell's nipples, bringing forth a loud moan from the still highly aroused woman. Grinning, Stacey began sliding her hands down Kendell's body, only to be interrupted by a knock on the front door.

"Oh, shit! It's the movers with the bedroom furniture. Wait here!" Rising, Stacey dashed from the room. When she returned moments later, her body now covered by a robe, she found Kendell standing on braced legs, wide eyes staring at her from above the panel of her gag.

"This way." Grasping one arm, Stacey led her still bound and gagged friend back into the previous room. There, she snatched a chain and lock from the floor before opening a closet door and pushing Kendell inside. With firm hands, she guided Kendell to her knees, feeding the chain through the rings of her ankle cuffs and over the chain between her wrist cuffs. With Kendell now secured in a kneeling hogtie, Stacey stepped back.

"Back in a flash," she said with a grin before closing the door. Plunged into darkness, Kendell tugged briefly at her bonds, then settled in to wait. There was no way, she knew, that she could get free without Stacey's help. And, from the way the other woman's eyes had devoured her naked, helpless body, she knew that might not happen until the weekend was over. At the thought of what Stacey could do to her in this position, she moaned once more, this time in anticipation.

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