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Samantha in the Shed

by selfbound_2000

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© Copyright 2001 - selfbound_2000 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; cuffs; outdoors; toys; cons; X

This is pure fiction.  Any resemblance to any persons living or dead, or to any event is purely coincidental.


Samantha had planned this for weeks, and was looking forward to finding the proper day to do so.  She was into self bondage but rarely had the opportunity to do anything too risky or bold.  There were housemates and nosy neighbors.  This weekend was perfect.  Her two housemates, Kim and Hanna, were out of town until Monday, and most of her neighbors were gone for the weekend as well.  It was a national holiday, and many people were gone away. 

Once Kim and Hanna left she started to prepare herself.  She put on some relaxing music and took a bath to relax her muscles and her mind.  Samantha needed to be in a relaxed state of mind this weekend. 

Her plan for the weekend excited her.  She would go into the shed at nightfall, and tie herself up so that she would not be free until well after sunrise.  Once semi-released she would have to retrieve the remaining keys from the back yard.  This meant being either bold or waiting until nightfall.  This would be her longest self bondage session ever, and "bound" to be the most exciting as well. 

She had to dress in such a way that leaving the shed the next morning would mean exposure of private body parts.  Samantha knew right away what outfit she would wear.  From her closet she pulled out her latex corset which had holes for the breasts.  She also pulled out her latex leggings and her 6" heels that lock over the ankles, and her long latex gloves.  The gloves would also make it difficult to use the keys a little.  After powdering up her body she slipped into her tight latex gear and locked her shoes on. 

All her bondage gear was in the shed, all she had to do would be to bring out her release method.  This was in the basement, in the large freezer.  It was just turning dark out, so Samantha went downstairs to retrieve it.  Since the session was going to be extra long, she needed a method that would not free her for hours.  She had frozen a set of keys to the locks she was using (only the ones to free her enough to walk) in an old wastebasket.  The wastebasket was fairly large, not the size of a garbage can, but large enough so that it would take at least 10 hours to melt.  The weather was not overly warm, and having tested this out in the shed on a slightly cooler day Samantha timed it at 11 hours and 10 minutes.  She would be bound for quite a while.... 

After locking the house up she grabbed the wastebasket and went to the shed.  Listening and looking around intently, she made her way.  The keys to the house were placed underneath a rock at the corner of the house, in plain view of any passers-by.  There was only one house occupied nearby, and nobody passed by the house or were stirring in any of the yards.  Anyone passing in front of her house could see the shed easily, and the neighbors could also just as easily see into her yard. 

The shed was made of wood, and made sturdy.  There were large beams making up it's frame, and there were no windows.  There were ventilation vents to allow the shed to breathe properly, and it provided good circulation.  Samantha placed the wastebasket on the floor then proceeded to get ready. 

Opening the bag of gear, she pulled out her cuffs, leather ones to be easier on the limbs.  She placed these on her wrists and ankles, but not locking them yet.  She pulled out her thigh cuffs next, placing these on but also not locking them.  She next pulled out her methods of self torture, an inflatable vibrating butt plug and a large vibrator. 

Samantha took a tube of KY Jelly and lubed up the butt plug and her asshole.  Relaxing her body she then began to insert it.  When un-inflated it was not too big, but it still took an effort.  Next she took the vibrator and after lubing that up slid it into her pussy.  She grabbed the inflator bulb to the plug and began pumping it up.  It grew inside her, filling up her rear and pressing against the vibrator in her pussy.  Reaching into the bag again she pulled out her chastity belt.  Samantha turned on the two vibrating implements and locked the chastity belt into place.  The keys to this were in the house, in the medicine cabinet.  She could not turn them off, and since the belt pinched the inflator hose she could not deflate the plug.  She was getting wet really fast. 

Kneeling on the floor, she pulled the gear bag beside her.  She grabbed two locks and locked her thigh cuffs to her ankle cuffs.  Next came a 6 inch chain which was locked between the two ankle cuffs with 2 other locks.  She would be able to unlock her thigh cuffs later, but the ankles would have to wait until she got inside.  Next came her hood.  This had a mouth opening and slots for her nose, but nothing to allow her to see.  She slipped her hair through the hole on top and the hood locked on.  She grabbed her head harness and put into place, finalizing it with a lock.  The keys to these were in the living room, beside the lamp and an open window.  She next placed a set of nipple clamps on, it's tightness pinching her nipples tight.  She then did the final part.  Grabbing the final two locks and a 6 inch length of chain, she locked one end of the chain to the center of her ankle chain.  Finally, she locked her wrists together with the free end of chain locked between them.  Samantha was now bound, gagged and helpless in her back yard shed for at least 10 hours.  Day break was 8 hours away..... 

Samantha was hogtied, but still kneeling.  She knew she could not stay this way for long, it would take it's toll.  Gathering her courage she arched her back and pulled the chains. In a second she lifted off the ground and landed on her stomach with a thud.  The floor was "carpeted" with that green fake stuff that people use on outdoor steps and stuff.  It buffeted most of her fall, and the nipple clamps luckily did not get nabbed between her and the floor. 

This felt amazing!  Samantha couldn't believe the feeling she was experiencing.  She struggled against her binds, unable to break free.  It was a good hogtie, and the vibrators were driving her nuts.  She loved it when she thrashed around while bound, it made her even hornier.  "MMMMMPPHHH!!!  UNGGH!!" was all she could manage through the gag.  Drool made it's way around the edges of the ball, dripping onto the floor. 

She was lost in ecstasy.  Then it came, her first orgasm.  She shuddered and moaned as the orgasm hit, and thrashed around some more, prolonging it.  Panting, she tried to relax after the thundering climax. 

She had no idea what time it was, nor how long she was bound.  Samantha would occasionally nudge the wastebasket ice block to see how much had melted.  After the third nudge she was welcomed with a splash of icy water.  She still had hours to go.... 

The ball gag was starting to get a tad uncomfortable, but not too serious.  Her hands were fine, and her legs felt okay also.  She knew that her legs would eventually start to fall asleep a little, but they would not get too serious.  This would be a looooong session... 

Three more times that night she had orgasms, each time thrashing and shuddering with delight.  Samantha even managed to drift in and out of sleep a few times.  She could tell that the vibrators were losing battery power.  Eventually they fell silent.  She knew that was the 6 hour mark, as she had placed fresh batteries in her vibrator the other day and timed how long it took to drain.  The package stated they'd last 8-12 hours, but the vibrator drained them fast. After a while Samantha fell asleep.  She dreamed wonderful dreams of being bound by a Master and a Mistress, and made to please them. 

She awoke to the sound of a lawn mower.  At first she was a little startled, as she could not see or move, but after a few seconds she realized where she was and what she was doing.  The mower only had to be Mr. Hill, the only person on the block to start mowing his lawn on Sunday, and at 8:00 a.m. also.  At least Samantha now had an idea of the time. 

Moving her legs a little she nudged the wastebasket and knocked it over.  There was a splash and the rush of cold water on her body quickly woke her up.  There was a tinkle sound and she knew the keys were free of ice.  Leaning over to her side she grabbed the rope hanging over the edge of the wastebasket.  She straightened back into her original position then grabbed the keys.  It took a lot of fumbling, but eventually her hands were freed from the ankle chain.  This enabled her to unlock her thigh cuffs.  Her legs fell to the floor, and she rolled over onto her back.  After a while her legs felt more normal, and she removed (painfully...) the nipple clamps.  She was now halfway free.  She fell back asleep.... 

Some time later she awoke on her side.  She slowly worked her way up, first to her knees then to her feet.  Shuffling to the door, she listened carefully outside.  She stood there for at least 10 minutes, listening for the telltale signs of nearby people.  Samantha had absolutely no clue as to the time.  She had to make a decision, go out now or wait until she thought it was dark. 

Gathering her courage, she turned her back to the door and turned the handle.  Once the door was open she listened once again.  The area sounded safe.  She opened the door fully.  It was now or never, she was exposed, her breasts bare, bound and gagged wearing a latex outfit and a mask.  She shuffled quickly to the corner of her house, the chain between her ankles clinking.  Footsteps!!  She quickly dodged behind the wall.  The person passed by on the sidewalk, and soon was gone.  Samantha turned the corner and placing her back against the wall slid down to lift the rock.  Once that was done she grabbed the key to the house. 

Once again she began shuffling, this time to the back door.  Placing her back to the door she slipped the key into the lock and opened the door.  She threw herself into the house, almost tripping over herself and closed the door behind her.  Phew!  She was in her house! 

Samantha worked her way to the living room and very quickly retrieved her keys.  These were the keys not only to her gag and hood, but also her wrists.  She undid her wrists, then removed her head harness and mask. The light was bright, and it hurt her eyes.  After a while she adjusted to her surroundings and was able to look around.  She peered outside to see if anyone had seen her and was still gawking at the house, hoping for another look.  She checked each side, and there were no signs of people.  As she passed through the hallway she noticed the time, it was 11:57 a.m.  She made her way upstairs and removed the rest of her bonds.  It felt good to finally get the intruders out of her body.  Her jaw ached, her body was spent, and she had just spent the longest time she ever had in bondage. 

Collapsing on her bed she relieved herself, all the while thinking on what she could do that night..... 

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