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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 11

by Hagster

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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage - Chapter 11
by Hagster
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 
Chapter Twenty-Two - A Time to Chill
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage Chapter Twenty-Two - A Time to Chill
Trish and I sat on the bench for several minutes resting and catching our breaths.  Neither of us spoke many words as we gathered our wits and regained our composure.  I remained silent, ashamed of the pain I had inflicted on one of my best friends, and Trish stayed quiet, I assumed, because of her embarrassment at provoking me and showing a darker, seemingly self-hating side of her personality.  To put it quite bluntly, we were speechless.

Minutes later Kristen stuck her face through the trap door and asked if we were ready to rejoin civilization and come back upstairs.  Trish and I looked at each other and eagerly rose to our feet.  She was understandably shaky on hers so I insisted she grab my harness to steady her as we ascended the stairs and emerged through the trapdoor into the utility room.  Trish couldn’t help but groan and breathe heavily with each step as the dildo and butt plug were still deep inside of her, still tormenting her with every movement.  “Too bad,” I thought to myself.  Is that mean?

When we got to the top of the stairs, Kristen reached out and helped us onto the floor then allowed the door to slam closed behind us.  “Well, have you two made up?”

“Yeah, I think we’re all right,” I responded shyly.  I glanced at Trish and she nodded in agreement.

“Good!  I’ve managed to prepare a treat for us that I think you both will enjoy.”  Kristen seemed unusually chipper and urged us to join her.  She led us to my parent’s bedroom.

“OH MY GOD!” I thought to myself.  “Why can’t I get a break from this marathon?”  I acquiesced as Trish and I followed her.  “Good Lord, what has she got planned now?!”

“Here, Sam, take these keys and remove that chastity belt from Trish.”  Kristen handed me the keys and I started trying to find the correct keys.  In the meantime, Kristen began to disrobe, peeling off he stockings, her bodice, and everything else.  “Clothing is optional, ladies.” 

I had a hard time focusing on releasing Trish from the chastity because my attention had been redirected on Kristen’s disrobing.  Damn, she was attractive!  I fumbled with the keys until finally identifying the keys and opened the locks that had held that damned device firmly affixed about her and inside of her.  I managed to avert my gaze and helped Trish remove the contraption.  The removal of the dildos was slow because of the length of time they were inside of her and popped and sucked as we pulled them out.  She sighed with relief as they exited her cavities and we let it fall on the floor. 

As Trish sprinted to the bathroom, she yelled behind at me “Thanks, Sam!  I’ll be right back.”

“Great!”  I thought to myself.  I looked over at Kristen as she was removing the final piece of her clothing, the bustier.  She smiled at me as she reached for her robe and donned it, then threw my robe at me. 

“Are you ready for a swim?”  Kristen grinned at me and pointed out the window.

I couldn’t believe my ears.  Kristen had managed to fill the stock tank we used to water the garden with a fresh supply of cold well water.  The 800-gallon galvanized tank also served as a makeshift swimming pool during the hot months.  Kristen did well!

“Hell yes!”  I answered with glee.  “That’s a great idea!  I’m glad I thought of it.”

“Yeah, I bet you are,” she smiled back.  “Shall we?”

“Why yes, I think we should.”  We both started for the door as Kristen yelled through the door to Trish. 

“We’ll be outside.  Come join us and bring some towels with you, okay?”

“Okay.  I’ll be right out.”

Kristen and I left the house out of the side door that opened onto a small concrete porch.  We closed the door behind us and stepped off into the grass.  Although it had dried from the previous day’s deluge, the lawn was cool and pleasant as my bare feet trod upon the lush grass.  The tank was underneath a large elm tree, giving it plenty of shade.  Kristen had thought ahead and placed the canvas tarp I usually laid on the grass whenever I sunbathed or soaked next to the tank. 

We had driven some steel fence posts around the perimeter of the tank that we used to tie the edges of a plastic tarp down in order to keep the tank free of leaves, seeds, and bird droppings.  Kristen had already removed it and laid it to the side on the ground.  Both of us pulled off our robes and draped them over the top of one of the posts.  We looked at each other as we eased into the cold, cold water.

Although it had turned out to be a fairly hot day of over 90 degrees, the water took away my breath.  I gasped as I slowly lowered my body into the tank.  When my crotch reached the water, I dipped and stood, dipped and stood, trying to ease the shock.  Kristen, the bitch, just stood there watching me suffer and laughed at my little Jack in the Box routine. 

“You big wuss!  Just get into the wretched pool,” she mocked.

I flipped her the bird and allowed myself to plunge into the frigid water.  I slipped all the way under the surface and lunged back up to grab a lung full of air.  I struggled for breaths as I flipped my head side to side trying to shake the excess water from my hair.  My harness and all of the chains and shackles went right in with me.  It sure would have felt nice to be rid of them, but I had long since grown accustomed to them.

Kristin approached the tank and lifted a toned leg over the edge and dunked it into the tank while straddling the lip.  She tried to maintain a straight face, but the chill of the water forced her to grimace.  I snickered to myself as she raised her other leg and stood upright in the tank.  Taking a deep breath, she quickly lowered her entire body underneath the surface and lifted her head out of the water, flipping her hair side to side as I had done.  It’s odd how similar people and animals can be when their hair gets wet.  She maneuvered herself behind me and sat with her back against the wall of the tank.  Sitting squarely on our bottoms, the water rose to just below the tops of our shoulders.  Perfect!

I was sitting on the opposite side of the tank looking at her.  “My God!” I thought.  “Is this what guys think when they see wet, naked women?”  Her skin above the water was flawless and the form of her body below the surface undulated with the movement of the water.  The nail polish on her fingers and toes reflected the sunlight like tiny mirrors, flashing like tiny minnows swimming in the depths.  Her eyes sparkled with the mischievousness of an imp.  She beckoned to me with an outstretched hand, and I obliged by moving toward her.  She spread her legs as I eased myself back into her loving embrace.  She wrapped them around my waist and pulled me close with her arms, hugging me tightly, and softly kissed me on the nape of my neck.

I craned my head in delight and twisted my head to meet her lips with mine.  Damn!  This woman was sexy!  I could no longer feel any inhibitions while I was around her.  I felt comfortable.  I felt aroused.  And, I felt satisfied around her.  Tina Turner said it best--  “What’s love got to do with it?”

I leaned back into her bosom as she started to massage my shoulders and neck with her nimble fingers.  She kneaded and probed each of my muscles with both purpose and tenderness.  My entire body eased into a state of pure relaxation.  Her hands worked magic on my shoulders, then slowly moved underneath my arms and eventually to my breasts.  She caressed, kneaded, and tweaked my modest mounds, then found their way to my painfully erect nipples.  Her long fingernails pinched them and scraped across all of my tender flesh.  I was too relaxed to become excited and aroused, and she seemed to realize it.  This was not an erotic massage, per se, but extremely enjoyable and comforting nonetheless.  Had I not been leaning against her, I would surely have slipped below the water and drowned. I was hers and trusted her with my very life.

I reached down and began massaging her feet with my hands.  She had beautiful feet and she seemed to react to the attention to them.  I applied pressure to the soles with my thumbs trying to return the favor she was giving to me.  She was obviously responsive to the attention and moaned ever so slightly. I couldn’t resist any longer and lifted her left foot out of the water and brought it to my lips.  I kissed the bottom of her toes and the sole of her foot.  Ever so lightly, I began sucking on each one of her toes, lapping my tongue about every one, exploring between the crevices of each.  I pretended each toe was a tiny penis and Kristen responded accordingly.  Her moans grew as her hands began to grope and manhandle my breast more forcefully.

Aha!!  It seems I had found her Achilles heel, forgive the pun.  I had that single place along my spine, and Kristen had her feet.  I might be able to use this in the future. 

A shadow appeared over us and we looked toward the apparition.

Trish had finally made her way out to the backyard and was standing behind us, examining the spectacle we must have been making of ourselves.  She was holding my portable stereo and walked around to the side of the tank on which we had laid the tarp and set it down after turning it on and tuning it to a local radio station.

“Ya’ll didn’t go and make that water hot, now did ya?”  She asked in her worst southern drawl.  “Care if I slide on in there and make myself comfortable?”

I removed Kristen’s toes from my mouth and lowered her foot back into the water.  I sheepishly rubbed the back of my palm across my mouth as Kristen giggled into my ear.  “No, water’s just right.  Here, let us make some room for you.  Just a sec, Okay?”  I scooted forward in the tank and Kristen, instead of moving with me, skirted to the side and positioned herself in front of me.  Apparently she wanted me to massage her instead of Trish.  Oh well, I guess I couldn’t complain too much being as I was to get another treatment.  I wondered how Trish’s massage would compare to Kristen’s.

“There you go Trish.  Just dive right on in and slide behind Sam.”  Kristen remarked, knowing Trish would be unprepared for the shock of the cold water.  I could sense Kristen laughing to herself.

Trish walked behind me and grabbed hold of a post with each hand and steadied herself as she climbed and placed both feet on the wide, rolled tank rim.  She balanced herself for a moment then made a small jump while spreading her legs and fell squarely into the tank behind me.  Water splashed all over.  A split second later, I could feel her legs and arms flailing in a futile attempt to somehow levitate out of the tank.  Her head breached the surface as she screamed and gasped for breath.  “FUCK!!!  SONOFABITCH!!!  GOD THAT’S COLD!!!”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  Sweet little Trish had a mouth on her!

Needless to say, Kristen and I roared with laughter at Trish’s expense.  Well water might be refreshing to drink, but it is a bitch to swim in, I’ll tell ya!

After Trish settled down and the fusillade of obscenities finally abated, (as well as the laughter), we all moved into our respective positions with Trish behind me, myself leaning back into her, and Kristen leaning into me.  Trish was unable to wrap her legs around my waist because of Kristen, but I was able to wrap mine around Kristen’s waist.  Being the filler of this sandwich made me feel comfortable and satisfied, like being the center of attention.

I craned my head back and whispered an apology to Trish, hoping to allay her anger and put her into a more soothing frame of mind.

“You bitch!”  She snickered.  “I’ll get you back!  Besides, the water does feel pretty good, NOW!!!”  She laughed aloud and began moving her hands about my stomach and ribs.

I focused my efforts on Kristen’s neck and ears, gently probing and rolling the loose flesh between my fingertips, exploring the folds and crevices, swirling around her ear canals and behind the ears, under her chin, then began on her shoulders and chest.

Trish took the cue and began imitating my patterns on Kristen and applied them to me.  Damn, talk about Biofeedback!  I quickly discovered I could direct Trish’s actions on me by performing them on Kristen.  Kisses on the neck, pinching of the nipples, fingers and tongues in the ears, and of course the massaging of neck and shoulders. 

I must say that the rings in Kristen’s (and Trish’s) nipples were intriguing to me.  Even the slightest rubbing and pulling tended to make them erect with sensitivity and arousal.  I began to wonder what it would be like to have a set of my own.  I’d have to give that some thought.

Trish was moving her hands in and around my harness trying to probe every inch of my torso when Kristen grabbed hold of one of my feet and raised it to her mouth.  My God, she was good!  You know, the best people to please are those who know what pleases them!  Not even that damn dog of mine, Al, could have achieved the level of exhilaration and arousal of Kristen’s efforts.  Damn!  This foot tonguing was great!

I reacted by lifting Trice’s left leg and raised her foot to my mouth.  I emulated Kristen’s attention to my toes on Trice.  I flicked my tongue and sucked on her toes with abandon.  The tunes from the stereo were playing in the background and we began to adjust our rhythms in concert to the music. 

If you have never sucked on the toes of a beautiful woman nor had your own toes tongued, DON’T knock it! 

Eventually, we three eased into serenity and ceased our mutually affectionate massaging.  Lying into the embrace of water and flesh, we all relaxed and relished the coolness of the water combined with the warmth of the sun on our faces.  We moved away from each other and found a place along the perimeter of the tank in which to sit in silence and soak in the water’s cold refreshment.  Time stood still… It must have been an hour, when we decided to exit the tank and bask in the light of the afternoon sun.  We each left the tank and grabbed a towel as we sat down upon the tarp, drying ourselves off in the process.  I wadded up my towel and used it as a pillow as I lay down on my belly.  Kristen and Trish followed my lead.  Three ladies basking nude in the light of the waning daylight, much like cats sunning themselves in a windowsill.  We all flipped positions periodically until the sun no longer warmed our flesh. 

We all sensed that the time for outdoor amusements was over and we gathered up our belongings and made for the house.

Yet another satisfying day had been finished.

Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage
Chapter Twenty-Three - A Quiet Evening Indoors
Chapter Twenty-Three A Quiet Evening Indoors
As soon as we entered the house, there was a race to see who would get to the bathroom first. When I realized I would not be the first one, I calmly stopped running and graciously allowed my guests to go before me.  “Hey you guys, please feel free to go ahead, I’ll just wait, and maybe stick a couple of pizzas in the oven, okay?  Guys?”  Trish beat Kristen to the bathroom and nearly slammed the door on her fingers.  Kristen quickly turned and ran upstairs to my bathroom.  From a distance and behind a door I heard a “yeah, okay.”

Great, I guess that answers that.  I grabbed my robe and slipped into it, tying the sash around my waist and walked toward the freezer chest in the utility room.  After opening the lid, I grabbed a couple of frozen pizzas, lowered the lid and walked back into the kitchen.  I set the boxes on the counter and turned the knobs on the stove to preheat the elements, then walked to the sink and washed my hands, then reached into the cupboard and pulled out some plates and glasses and placed them on the counter as well.  I heard the flushing of a couple of toilets and noticed the sound of two showers being turned on.  And I really had to piss, too!  Suppose I’d just have to wait. 

I turned and went to the fridge.  Although I was starving, I thought that a beer would taste really good, so I grabbed a can and flipped the top.  Damn!  Sometimes an ice-cold beer can absolutely refresh and satisfy.  I frequently think back to the first time I drank a beer and how “nasty” it tasted.  However, the older I get, the more I realize that that first taste was the purest, and occasionally, only very occasionally, I get that same taste, the taste which takes me back to an earlier time.  You know what I mean.  Well, this beer was one of those.  It was the best beer I had ever known.

I could not resist the temptation, and grabbed a pack of smokes.  What is it about a good beer and a cigarette, anyway?  Or a smoke after a rather intense lovemaking session?  Whatever it is, it is surely soothing and satisfying.  I enjoyed the smoke and nearly shotgunned the beer.  The buzzer on the stove sounded and I rose to place the frozen delights on a couple of trays and inserted them into the oven.   Beer and pizza?  Nothing better! 

I finished the smoke and swallowed the last of the beer, then went into the living room and readied another tape for the VCR.  I felt like a movie, and assumed the others would be willing to view one as well.  The one I chose was one of teenage angst, a comedy of errors, and the exploration of post-pubescent sexuality.  No matter how many movies of this genre are released, none will ever rise to the levels of those classics from the 70s and early 80s, such as The Last American Virgin, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.   I can only surmise that this movie would be banal in content and only vaguely entertaining with its toilet humor.  I fast-forwarded through the previews and stopped the tape when the opening credits began to roll.

I heard a door open and saw Trish walk into my parent’s bedroom.  She dried her body and reached into one of the bags and retrieved a pair of sweatpants and a cotton t-shirt and slipped into them.  Shortly, the shower above ended and I heard footsteps plodding down the stairs.  Kristen was wearing a robe and made her way into my parent’s bedroom.  I couldn’t believe that Kristen was putting on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt just like Trish.  It was obviously time for casual wear, thank God.  I didn’t think she had it in her!  She even wore a towel around her head!

“Hey, you two.  I’ve got some pizzas in the oven.  If you’re finished, I’m going to take a shower, okay?”

“Yeah, go ahead, we’ll have it ready.  How about a movie?”

“Sounds good.  I’ve already got one ready to play.”

“Which one?”

“I guess you’ll just have to find out.  No peeking, okay?  Promise?”

They both looked at each other and shrugged.  Kristen answered, “Promise.”

I quickly strode to the stairs and made my way upstairs.  The door was open and I immediately sat down on the porcelain throne.  Boy!  Little else compares to emptying one’s bladder and forcing out a loaf.  I couldn’t stifle myself and let loose with grunts and groans of effort and satisfaction.  Damn, that felt good.  But the shower awaited.  I wiped myself and flushed the toilet.

I suddenly realized that perhaps the two showers running simultaneously might have depleted the hot water supply.  I did not want nor deserve a cold shower, so I instead walked into my bedroom and approached my dresser.  I opened a drawer and selected a rarely used set of light flannel pajamas and dug out a pair of ankle socks from another drawer.  I set the clothes on the foot of my bed and sat down in my chair for a few moments.  I was a little tired and just wanted to wait until the heater warmed the water enough to enable a hot shower.  I reached over to my secret hiding place and pulled out a cigarette and lighter.  Even though Mom and Dad both partook of the occasional smoke, they frequently admonished me to not emulate their lead.  Whatever!  I knew it was only a matter of time before the Smoking Nazis would eventually outlaw tobacco, then move on to other legal drugs—alcohol being next.

I lit the cigarette and savored both the flavor and the sensation of the smoke entering my lungs and then exiting my nose and mouth.  I flicked the ashes into the window screen.  The smoke went quickly and I snubbed out the butt on an ashtray I had hidden away. 

I rose from the chair and made my way to the bathroom.  I reached for the faucets and adjusted them to a comfortable temperature, then pulled the plunger and started the shower.

After stripping out of the robe, I stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain to behind me. The almost hot spray steamed against my skin and hair.  Luckily I had remembered to turn on the exhaust fan.  I lathered and scrubbed my flesh and hair as the water massaged and even further relaxed my muscles.  Lord, was I relaxed!  I managed to rinse my body of the soaps and conditioners, then reached down to release the plunger and turned off the water.  Wait a minute, where were the towels?  Damn, I forgot to make sure I had a dry towel before the shower.  Shit!  I threw on the robe and trotted to the hall closet on the balls of my feet in a vain attempt to keep the floor dry.  Oh, well!  I then made my way to my bedroom, dropped my robe onto the bed, and finished toweling off myself. 

What should I wear?  Tap panties and a cami?  No, wait, Trish and Kristen were casual and covered, why not a set of light flannel pajamas and some ankle socks?  As it worked out, that was a great idea because I had set out that very outfit before I showered.  Gee, I was relaxed!  I wrapped my head in a dry towel and slipped on the PJ bottoms and buttoned up the top, then put on my ankle socks and sat back down in my over-stuffed chair.  Damn, I had forgotten just how good a set of pajamas could feel.  And you know what would make me feel any better right now?  Huh?  If that fucking bitch would take off this fucking harness-setup I had locked myself into Sunday morning!  “Shit!”  I yelled to myself.

I got up and made my way back to the bathroom.  After removing the towel from my head, I grabbed the hair dryer and a hair pick and started to blow-dry my mane whilst running the pick through its mass of waves and tangles.  I loved my long, auburn hair and the way it framed my face and accentuated my figure, but it could be more than time consuming to properly keep groomed.  Oh, well, such is my curse.  I left my hair somewhat damp and turned off the dryer and laid the pick.  Time to join my friends.

I traipsed across the woven fabric runner on the hallway floor to the stairwell and descended the risers one by one with the loose chains at either of my ankles clinking against the hardwood steps.  The aroma of freshly cooked pizza met my nose and instantly my belly began to growl in anticipation of being fed.  The only light visible below was the warm glow from the television.  I heard some giggling and unintelligible noises from the television. 

As I left the stairwell and entered the room, I noticed the pleasing sight of a plate of pizza and a beer set on the coffee table, and it was just for me.  Kristen and Trish had already begun without me and had made quite a dent in the offerings.  The two empty cans of beer on the table indicated that they had enjoyed a quaff of the grain much as I earlier had. 

“Nice pajamas!  Did your mommy set them out for you?” sneered Kristen.  “Why aren’t you sporting ponytails and ribbons?”  They looked at me up and down and winked at each other.  “You look delicious, Sam,” replied Trish.  “Why, if I were a 45 year-old pot-bellied pervert, I might find you attractive!”  She could barely speak without halting her words with spasms of laughter.

“Yeah, Sam,” Kristen chimed in.  “How about I set you up with that old fart from the License Bureau?  I understand he’s interested!”  Kristen could barely finish her sentence without spitting up on herself.  Served her right!  Trish joined in the laughter not knowing the inside joke.  Okay, I admit it was humorous, so I laughed as well, though not quite so boisterously.  “Ha ha, too funny, guys.  If I recall correctly, I am the only one here who never wore pigtails or braids!”

You know those few times when your friends get caught up in making fun of one of their group members and it gets either just a little carried away or just downright mean?  And the particular butt of the joke remembers something even worse and reminds those people?  The silence gets deafening.  I could imagine in my mind the yearbook photos of these two for not one, but two years; a couple of lanky, ungainly girls sporting matching Cindy Brady braids.  I fantasized a pair of black-framed cat’s eye glasses frames on each of them and nearly gagged on my beer.  I snickered under my breath as they looked at each other and averted their eyes from my gaze.  Silence is indeed golden!

Kristen was the first to speak.  “Okay, we’re sorry.  We didn’t mean anything by it.  How about the movie?”  I could see Trish nodding her head in agreement as she reached for yet another slice of pizza as Kristen turned up the volume on the TV and activated the VCR.  Immediately the end of the opening credits rolled and the movie began as most teen angst movies begin. 

I sat down on the floor near to where my plate and beer had been placed and sprinkled some cheese on the slices, then began to stuff my mouth with the Food of the Gods.  One swallowed bite, one sip of beer, one after the other, and a view of a popular movie.  The other two seemed to follow my lead as we all feasted upon the prepared fare and drank our beverages.

Damn, this eating once a day after a marathon of sex and bondage was getting to be a bit much!  But on the other hand, it does help with eliminating the pooping urges while being electronically stimulated, fingered, eaten, and plugged.  Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but don’t forget to watch your step when walking behind it!

Right now, they’re leaving me alone and I might actually get to watch a movie in peace, all the way through.  But, as for now… no talk. Eat!

Right now, they’re leaving me alone and I might actually get to watch a movie in peace, all the way through.  But, as for no


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