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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 6

by Hagster

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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage - Chapter 6
by Hagster
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 
Part Twelve
Some Relief, at Last
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage Part Twelve Some Relief, at Last
Kristen had helped me walk to the front of the barn to the door leading outside towards the house.  My progress was slow at best and I could tell she was becoming somewhat frustrated.  She paused for a moment after opening the door and leaned me against the corridor wall.  “I’ll be right back, don’t go away,” she mocked as she walked out the door.

“Good Lord, what is she going to do now?” I thought.  I didn’t wait for long as I watched her emerge from around the corner with one of our two-wheeled dollies.  “Oh, great, I’m about to be trucked around like a piece of packaged freight!  What a delight, as if I’ve not been embarrassed enough.”  I sighed through my gag and hung my head.

Kristen parked the two-wheeler outside the door and motioned to me as a chauffeur would to his passenger.  Yeah, right, like I could mount my would-be transport.  Hell, I couldn’t even walk fifty feet without help!  I rolled my eyes and sighed loudly.  Kristen got the point. 

“Okay, just this one more time, but remember you owe me.”  She wagged a long fingernail at me and leaned the dolly against the outside of the barn.  I wondered what she had in mind!  She straddled the raised threshold and reached out for me.  I leaned into her outstretched arms as she gripped my arms and helped me step over the concrete barrier.  Outside of my prison at last!  The cool air was a welcome treat to my hot and tortured body.  Only a few drops of rain persisted from the storm and soothed my bare flesh and cooled my sweat and drool soaked clothes.  Kristen allowed me to stand alone as she maneuvered the dolly’s ledge to the ends of my toes, then pushed the handles forward thus leveling it.  I stepped onto the dolly and instinctively grasped some cross bars in order to stabilize myself and keep from falling off.  My eyes were only inches from Kristen’s as we stood face to face.  I looked into her eyes and realized that my embarrassment was about to only begin.  She pursed her lips and feigned a kiss.

The trip to the house was interesting.  Kristen pushed me through mud and across grass and gravel.  Facing her, I could tell it was not physically easy for her to do so.  The journey was obviously strenuous, and she was trying to hide her fatigue.  The bitch might not be so bad after all!

I managed to hold on to the dolly as it was rolled ever closer to the freedom of the house and ultimately my bedroom, in which the keys to my release were located.  Kristen maneuvered the dolly up the sidewalk and to the front porch.  I had intentionally left the doors unlocked and the lights extinguished.  The sky was still overcast and all around was eerily calm and silent.  She wheeled me to the edge of the open porch and tilted the dolly upright allowing me to step off onto the cool concrete.  Aaahhh, the rain slicked porch felt awesome against the soles of my bare feet!  I would welcome the comfort of my home and the release from my bonds.  Kristen leaned the dolly against one of the support posts and assisted me in my vain efforts at opening the screen door, then opened the front door leading into the house.  She stepped back and held the screen door open for me as I shuffled my bound feet over the threshold and through the doorway.  I stepped toward the overstuffed couch in the living room and plunged rearward into its welcoming embrace.

I heard the audible clicks of what sounded like light switches being flicked on and off, but noticed no resulting bursts of electric light.  Great, the power must be out.  The lightning must have taken out one of the transformers somewhere along the power lines.  A voice sounded in the distance, obviously agitated.  Some subdued curses and sighs from Kristen confirmed my suspicions. 

She walked through the hallway and into the living room.  She had removed her muddy sneakers but had left the ankle socks on her nylon clad feet.  “Well, the power’s out, but the phones still work.  Let’s get you upstairs and make you a little more comfortable.”  Kristen sounded unusually compassionate and, I must admit, competent.  I rose from the comfort of the sofa and wiggled a bit trying to indicate the extreme discomfort in my bowels and bladder.  I crossed my knees and hunched a bit much like a five year old would when needing to pee.  “I see that you need some toilet time.  Let’s try to make that happen, shall we?”  Oh, great, I realized I would need her to help me and would further discover the extent of my here to fore hidden bindings.  Like I had a choice, right?

She placed her hands under my pits, making sure I was steady and would not fall backwards, and we ascended the stairs in tandem, one agonizing step after another.  We slowly climbed to the upper level, chains clinking the entire distance.  By the time we got to the top, I was out of breath and had to lean against the banister for a bit.  I had to pee so badly, and I was tired and cramped, and besides, the dildo in my pussy and the plug up my rear were beginning to arouse me.  If I were forced to orgasm, I would surely piss my pants.  I had to calm myself!  I had to pee!!!

“Okay, okay, stop your fidgeting little one. Let’s get you to the commode,” Kristen remarked with understanding.  I eagerly nodded my agreement and began walking towards the bathroom.  She helped me along by steadying my staggering body.  We finally made it into the bathroom and Kristen let go of me to search the drawers, for what I did not know.

“Okay, I need to find some scissors so we can get you out of your sweatpants.  I’m sure you’re about to pee your pants, so, well, let’s get to it!”  Gee, maybe she does care about others.  Huh.  She opened a couple of drawers and rifled the contents until she located a pair of barber’s shears.  “Eureka!” she exclaimed, and spun about on her heels.  I thought about telling her about the keys in my bedroom that could be used to unlock me, but realized it would be futile.  She was trying to help, so I had to trust that she was competent enough to conclude that not only keys would be needed, but would know where to find them. 

She approached my legs with the scissors and asked me to remain still.  She did not want to cut me as she removed the sweatpants.  The points of the shears penetrated the fabric about midway on the inside of my left thigh and she carefully made small snips upwards toward my sore and tortured sex.  “Ooohh, what’s this?”  She had finally noticed part of my chastity belt and vibrator.  “My, my, my, aren’t we the kinky slut?  No wonder you’ve got to pee so bad, you couldn’t have pissed yourself if you’d wanted.”  She giggled a little and told me to hold still.  “Hey, no problem!” I thought to myself, what with the shears snipping around my pussy and all.  I already had two holes down there and didn’t necessarily want a third.  “You’re the boss, just hurry up!”

Kristen had made several cuts to remove the sweatpants, but had to pause as she pulled my tee shirt up through the waist belt and out of her way so she could continue her task.  After a few more snips, she laid the scissors on the vanity and began to tug and feed both halves of the sweatpants upward through a couple of the openings until they came clear. 

There I stood in my bathroom naked from the waist down with a chastity belt preventing me from relieving myself.  “Well, Sam, looks like we’re going to need some keys.  Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back, okay?” she turned to leave and looked back at me.  “They’re in your bedroom, right?”  I nodded emphatically as I resisted my body’s impulses to purge.  Just hurry, dammit!!

A few moments later Kristen walked back into the bathroom dangling one of the master key rings I had earlier assembled.  She spun it around one of her fingers several times.  “Who do you love?”  I closed my eyes tightly in aggravation.  “Ooohh, iitchh!  Uuussd ett eee ooouud!”

Kristen stepped backwards with feigned offense.  “What language!  Do you kiss Allen with that mouth, you little slut?”  She dangled the keys in front of my face.  “You’d better remember who your friends are, Sam!”  I dropped my head in submission, indicating an apology.  “That’s better.”  She leaned down and tried a few of the smaller keys on the locks to the waist portion of my chastity belt until I heard a click.  She then undid the lock on the other side and fished the ends downward until the ends cleared the body harness.  She placed her hands on my hips and urged me backwards toward the toilet, then gently pulled at the plug in my ass and slid it free, then pulled the dildo from my snatch and immediately removed the assembly from underneath me and helped me to sit on the commode.  She tossed the belt into the bathtub and I immediately allowed my bladder to drain into the toilet bowl. 

I couldn’t even think about being embarrassed as I pissed my guts out.  I’d heard the analogies of a cow pissing on a flat rock to describe a deluge of rain, and I must admit, I felt like that cow.  Kristen was trying to find the key to my wrist locks, and finally was able to unlock my wrists from each other, then finally my manacles from the neck to waist chain.  She left the manacles on my wrists and re-fastened the locks so they wouldn’t get misplaced, I guess.  She then walked to the side of me and tried some of the keys to unlock my gag until she succeeded in removing it.  Saliva gushed from my mouth and onto my shirt.  I did not care.

“Oh, thanks Kris, that feels soooo good!  Could you get me a glass of water, please??!!”  I was almost spent but managed to squeak out my request hoarsely.  My mouth was dry and my tongue felt three feet thick.

“I’ll be right back.  Lot’s of ice, right?”

“Yes, please!”

It felt good to again be able to swallow and work my jaw muscles.  My hands were unbound and I was able to enjoy the simple pleasure of relieving myself on the toilet.  All was right with the world, well, almost, but close enough for now!!!

Kristen soon walked back into the bathroom and set the glass of ice water at the edge of the vanity.  “Here you go.  I’m going to go call someone about the electricity.  I’ll close the door and let you finish your thing, okay?  I might be a little while, so don’t get too worried.”  I couldn’t believe how concerned she seemed to be.  I felt lucky to have her as a friend.

She closed the door behind her and I felt free to start going number two.  I hoped it wouldn’t be too messy or rank.  Luckily everything came out all right to my satisfaction.  I used the opportunity to clean myself up, grabbed the scissors and stepped into the tub.  I made some strategic cuts on my tee shirt and was able to tear it off my torso, then flung it into the corner on top of my sweatpants.  I grabbed a wash cloth, wetted it, and lathered it up with some soap.  The lather was soothing against my skin as I gave myself a spitz bath.  My face, underarms, tits, feet, and crotch received extra attention.  I scrubbed and rinsed, massaged and dried.  Damn, could it get any better?  After hours and hours of being bound, immobilized, and tormented, I finally felt almost clean and refreshed.  I grabbed a towel and dried off, stepped out of the tub, then reached for one of my terry cloth robes I had left hanging against the back of the door.  The thick, robust fabric felt like love enveloping itself around me. 

There was a faint rap on the door.  “Are you decent?”  Kristen truly sounded apologetic.  “Yes, come on in, “ I replied with my still raspy voice.  The water had not helped with my voice, but had helped quench my thirst.  The door opened and she peeked through crack.  “I called the co-op and they said they’re aware of the outages and would get you powered up in no time.  By the way, nice robe!” 

“Gee, thanks for your concern.  Although I do appreciate the water and the call to get the power back on, how about helping me get out of this mess, huh??!!  I mean, you did get me out of the barn and into the house, and much thanks, but could you please help me get this shit off of me?”
Kristen just kind of grinned at me and twirled the keys around her finger.  Shit!  I could have walked into my bedroom and grabbed the other master key set, but had become too accustomed at someone helping all this time it never occurred to me to help myself.  Besides, I was too engrossed with cleaning myself for who, me?  No, for Kristen.  I wanted to be clean and inoffensive for her.  Damn, I guess I’ll have to tolerate her mischief for now.  “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, just help me.”

“Apology accepted, let’s get you into your room.”  She seemed a little odd.  There was a strange timbre to her voice.  What’s she got planned?  We both walked through the doorway and into my darkened bedroom.  Kristen led me to my bed and we both sat down on the edge.  She looked at me with a smirk on her face and began to speak.

Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage
Part Thirteen
“You’d Like To Do What?”

Kristen and I sat on the edge of my bed.  There were still some storm clouds outside and the power was out.  My bedroom was dark, even though the sun wouldn’t begin to set until another three hours; it was then only about 4:00 p.m.

She looked at me like she had something on her mind, but was unsure of the words to use.  It was really neat to see her tongue-tied for a change.  Always having some smart-ass quip ready at the tip of her tongue, she seemed unusually pensive.  What was she thinking?  Kristen finally spoke.

“Listen, Sam, I’m sorry about harassing you for the past hour or so, I was just surprised.  I mean, I never would have thought you, of all people, could be so, well, uh, resourceful and imaginative, if you get my meaning?”  I could tell she was fishing for something, but had to wait for her to get her words out in the open.  “To be quite frank, I’ve played a few games in the past, nothing too kinky, but I always preferred to have a partner.  There has only been one other person I could ever talk to about things like this, and I wish you could have been another.”  I quietly listened to the words as they slowly passed from her mouth.  She seemed almost embarrassed, like she was opening herself up and was unsure of the response she would get, rejection or acceptance.  She was actually vulnerable!  I couldn’t believe my ears!!  I nodded as she spoke and was truly interested in what she had to say, but she wasn’t yet finished.

“Sam, here I sit on one of my best friend’s bed.  She’s attractive, alone, bound and chained, and obviously sore and fatigued.”  I furrowed my brow as she continued.  “Now, I’m not talking anything sexual, okay, but hear me out.”

I rolled my eyes and tilted my head waiting for what she was about to say next.  “I would like to give you a massage, you know, with maybe some oil, help you relax, then let you have a nice nap before Trish gets here.”

“Wait a minute, Trish is still coming?  What, did you call her about me?”  I nearly jumped out of my robe.

“No, no, you’ve got it all wrong.  I thought I would have her come over around 7:00 and bring a pizza and some drinks.  You know, kind of relax this evening like we had already planned.  I figured by that time you would be more refreshed and ready for some company.”  She seemed honest enough. 

“Well, in that case, I suppose a massage couldn’t hurt, just no funny business, okay?”  I laughed nervously, but figured that Kristen had already seen me suspended in all my glory and could have done anything to me at any time, should she have been so inclined, so I didn’t figure any harm could be done.  What the hell!  I’ve been able to trust her so far.

“Great.  Have you got another robe I could borrow?  I’d like to be a little more comfortable.

“Uh, yeah, sure, in the closet, there’s a green one like the one I’ve got on.”

“Thanks.  Why don’t you lie down on your stomach and I’ll be right back.”  Kristen rose from the bed and walked toward the closet as I lifted my chained legs onto the bed and lay down on my belly.  I lifted the pillows and fluffed them, then laid my head and chest on the down-filled delights.  I saw Kristen walk out the door with the robe out of the corner of my eye.  There was a battery backup on my stereo, so I still had some music.  I chose a contemporary soft rock station, just something for some background noise.  I had a pretty good signal and the music sounded really nice.

A few minutes later Kristen came back into the room and set her folded clothes on the top of my dresser.  “I’ve got to get me one of these robes.  My silk ones at home just don’t feel like these terry cloth ones!  I could wear this around as house clothes with nothing else.”  I felt the mattress move as she sat down at the foot of the bed.  “I like the tunes, by the way.  Are we comfy?”

I sighed deeply, hoping I wasn’t making a mistake.  But, I was sure it would feel good.  “Yeah, I’m ready.”  I felt the bed jostle a bit as Kristen knelt over me and pulled my robe down from my neck.  I lowered my arms to my sides and allowed her to slip the robe off my body, laying it across the foot of the bed.  She then straddled my hips with her knees and rested some of her weight on my nude backside.  I heard the cap of the bottle of baby oil flip open and my back spasmed from the cold sensation of the slick fluid being squeezed onto my naked skin.  “You’ve got a nice tan, Sam, and the tan lines are flattering to your body.  Shall we begin?”  I groaned into the pillow.  I hoped I wouldn’t regret this.

Kristen’s fingers guided the oil onto every inch of my back, even underneath the harness straps.  She began to knead my shoulders and neck, working the oil into my awaiting pores.  Her nimble fingers softly pinched and rubbed my tense muscles as she moved down my back.  She raked her fingernails down the small of my back.  My entire body shuddered and my back arched, as she happened to find that particular spot just underneath my shoulder blades.  My God, of all places to be that sensitive, and not a damn thing I could do about it.  Hopefully, Kristen didn’t notice my convulsion.  I’ve managed to keep that spot my little secret all of these years.  I’d hate to think what would happen if that knowledge fell into the wrong hands!

Whhhew, that was close!  Even with the brief attention she gave to the “spot”, I started to get aroused.  Luckily she had finished with my back and repositioned herself to face my feet.  My butt flinched as more of the oil was squeezed onto my flesh.  Her fingers began kneading each cheek.  Luckily she had finished with my back??!!  What was I thinking?  One of my best friends, a female, was massaging my ass cheeks and moving down to the backs of my thighs and making advances toward my inner thighs.  I couldn’t very well protest, could I?  I mean it did feel good, and she was trying to make me feel better, right?  And, it did feel good, great, in fact.  Maybe I was overreacting?  I mean, she wasn’t fingering me or anything, although she was getting awfully close to a couple of sensitive areas!  Her hands and fingers were magical, though.  I sort of lost myself in the pleasure of the moment and subconsciously began to rhythmically react to her probing digits.  I flexed my vaginal muscles and tried to assist Kristen’s oiled hands at arousing my sex.  What was I doing?  But I couldn’t resist the pleasure, even though she wasn’t actually physically stimulating my clit.  Then, with no warning she moved on to my calves and feet.

Wait, what was she doing?  She was doing such a good job, why’d she quit?  Some more oil was applied to the backs of my calves and she again began to massage my ankles and feet.  I hmmphed into my pillow with frustration.  I swear I heard a hushed guffaw from Kristen as she pushed her thumbs into the soles of my feet and caressed the tops of my feet with her fingers.  My God, I love to have my feet handled and massaged!  She probed in between each toe, then ran a fingernail along each sole.  My arches cramped with the ticklish assault.  I laughed into my pillow and tried to avoid the assault by shaking my feet side to side, but with them still chained, I could barely resist. 

“Ooohh, I didn’t know you were ticklish.  How about… this!!”  She horse laughed and raked her fingernails up and down my soles.  I squirmed and pleaded for her to stop.  I was starting to become aroused again, but it wasn’t her doing was it?  I mean she was just being playful, right?  I had to resist my sexual pleasure.  She didn’t ask for this.  Control, control yourself, Sam!!  Shortly, she ended her tickling and stepped off the bed.  “Okay, enough with your backside, let’s finish your front.”

My eyes flew open as I digested what she had said.  My front??!!  Massages were just supposed to be from the back, weren’t they?  I’ve never seen people massaged face up.  Was that even normal?  What am I saying!!??  Normal!!??  I’m lying here naked on my bed, chained and harnessed, with my best friend oiling my body and massaging me, and I’m wondering if it’s normal to have a frontal massage??!!   Have I lost my mind??!!  Apparently, I was no longer able to think straight.  I couldn’t control my thoughts.  Was it even me lying on this bed?  But Kristen had helped me thus far and had done nothing to compromise me, had she?  I heard a voice that sounded like mine say “Okay” and my body rolled over on the bed.  My arms reached behind my head and adjusted the pillows to make them just a little more comfortable.

Kristen was standing next to me by the bed as I situated myself for her massage.  Although the room was still dark, I could see her eyes staring into mine.  “Are you ready, Sam?  I nodded my head.  “Hey, I’ve got one more fantasy, do you mind?”  At this point, I didn’t really care.  She had been kind and trustworthy thus far, why not indulge her, right?  I closed my eyes and nodded, then noticed Kristen was opening the locks on my manacles and first pulled my right hand down to the side of the mattress and locked my wrist to a chain she had run under the bed, then made her way around to the other side and locked my left wrist to the other end of the chain.  I didn’t resist.  After all, this was her fantasy, right?  Could I deny her?  I didn’t think so.  Besides, she seemed to be enjoying herself and I was getting the benefit of a first class massage.  What’s the harm?

My eyes were still closed and I heard a chain rattling at the foot of the bed.  I opened an eye and peered toward my feet.  Kristen was locking my ankles to another chain she had run under the end of the bed.  Oh great, arms spread wide and my ankles locked to the bed with my legs slightly bent.  Oh, well, at least I’m getting a great massage out of this, right? 

“Thanks for letting me do this, Sam.  I’ve wanted to experience something like this for a long time.  You’re a good friend and a good sport!”  She winked at me and brushed aside the hair on my face.  “No problem, Kris, whatever I can do to help.”  What was I saying??!! 

Kristen again mounted the bed and straddled my body with her legs, this time facing my feet.  I watched as she reached for the bottle of baby oil and squeezed the liquid onto my legs.  Damn that stuff felt good.  She gripped my thighs with her fingers and massaged them with enthusiasm, moving ever so gently down my shins to my ankles and feet.  I had never imagined something so seemingly benign could feel so wonderful.  It didn’t take long for her to finish with my legs, then stood up and repositioned herself to where she was facing me.  Kristen scooted back until she had better access to my stomach and chest, then applied more oil to my body.   She rubbed the oil into my skin with her fingers, and moved ever so slightly downward to my thighs.  Carefully and deliberately, her thumbs made slight swirls above my pubes then made their way ever lower, just missing my aching and swollen clit.  Why was she avoiding the one thing needing to be touched?  Surely she was just being respectful.  Once again, my hips began to undulate in harmony with the rhythmic massaging of her manicured fingers.  I found it difficult to control myself.  I began to moan, softly at first, trying to hide my pleasure from Kristen, then eventually becoming louder and more pronounced. 

She stopped, suddenly, and readjusted herself.  She moved her robed body directly above my waist, then settled her crotch against my own.  I could feel her warmth against my groin, and the rings in her pussy lips were resting against my clit.  Her knees pressed tightly against my waist, and I considered telling her about my reservations, but didn’t want to dissuade her.  She seemed to be enjoying herself and I was reluctant to interrupt her.  Besides, it would have been rude.  Kristen squeezed some baby oil onto my breasts then placed the bottle onto my nightstand.  She loaded her hands with oil and vigorously rubbed them together, creating some amount of heat, and began massaging my breasts.  Her hands were ever so smooth, what with the oil, and she caressed them with such care and attention.  Her fingers gently pinched my nipples and I started to grind my hips with pleasure.  I felt some reaction from Kristen as she returned the favor.  She kneaded my breasts and ground her crotch into mine.  We matched our movements until we both began to moan in unison.  I opened my eyes and gazed into Kristen’s.  Her face was contorted in ecstasy, as was mine.  She seemed to be enjoying herself.  She looked into my eyes and lowered her head and began tonguing my nipples.  My God, my pussy was so wet and I was beginning to quiver.  I moaned and Kristen responded with grunts of her own.  She licked and sucked my nipples harder and more feverishly as we ground and bucked harder and harder against each other.  I tried to wrap my arms around her, but was unable because they were chained to the bed.  I craved a tight embrace, and Kristen responded by wrapping her arms underneath my body, pinning our chests together as we bucked and ground our hips into a fusillade of orgasms.  She lowered her face onto mine and kissed my cheek, eventually moving her mouth closer too my own.  She gently kissed my mouth, and I returned the favor with a more forceful kiss of my own.  Our tongues danced together as we exchanged an erotic kiss. 

“Fuck me, Kris!!  Fuck me!!  My God, I’m about to come!!”  I started to pant and cry.  “Please, make me come!!”

With almost one motion, Kristen shifted her position and straddled my right leg with her crotch and placed her right thigh against my pussy.  We humped each other and bucked with ecstasy.  Our hips became as one as we coaxed each other to climax.  Our kisses became increasingly passionate.  She lifted her head as we both began to scream in ecstasy.  “Oh, oh, Sam, please, don’t stop! Oh, ahh, Omigod, Oohhhhh.”  Kristen screeched with pleasure, and her entire body shuddered with sexual release.  I immediately followed her lead.  I thrashed about, tugging at my chains, moaning and crying, grinding my clit against Kristen’s thigh, enduring wave after wave of orgasms.  Kristen laid her head against my shoulder and squeezed my body tightly against hers.  She quivered and sobbed into my ear.  Her hot breath sent shivers down my spine as she probed my ear with her tongue.  Her husky voice whispered muted curses and words of encouragement.  She was breathless and her skin glistened with both oil and sweat.  We rocked against each other, milking every last ounce of pleasure.  She looked into my eyes as we engaged in a long, impassioned kiss.  “You were fantastic, Sam.  Thank you.”

Kristen had seduced me, and I liked it.  And, it was obvious that she knew I had enjoyed the entire experience.  I had been proved to be a naïve little slut.  All was right with the world.  She shifted her balance and stepped onto the floor, her robe barely closed about her waist.  She leaned over my face.  “You rest here for a little bit, I’m going to get us a drink.”  Her hands stroked my face and she brushed the tangled hair away from my eyes.  She leaned into me as we kissed once more.  Boy, was she a great kisser!  Kristen placed my robe over the top of me and padded across the wood floor and out of my room.  I felt satisfied and must have drifted off to sleep.

continued in part 7


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