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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 8

by Hagster

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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage - Chapter 8
by Hagster
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 
Chapter Sixteen
 “But it’s too early for bed!”
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage Chapter Sixteen  “But it’s too early for bed!”
All three of us carried an armload of bottles, paper, and cardboard into the kitchen.  With my ankles unhobbled, I was able to walk a bit more normally, however I was still unable to fully extend my legs.  Kristen, on the other hand…  Every step was an exercise in stimulation.  Even with the vibrators turned off, they still made their presence known.  Each one playing itself off against the other while both nestled tightly within the depths of her loins.  I knew what she must have been going through, and snickered at her under my breath.  She deserved it after how she had teased me hours ago.

“You’d better get yourself a last drink of water, Kris.”  Trish opened the refrigerator and retrieved the water pitcher and poured Kristen a glass.  “Would you like another cooler, Sam? Or some wine?”

The drinks I had earlier were starting to catch up to me.  “No, I think I’ve had enough.”  I belched loudly and Kristen reacted by spewing water from her mouth.  Trish and I laughed hysterically, and Kristen joined in after she had composed herself.  Weren’t we quite the gaggle of drunken, giggling, horny women?  The entire situation was ridiculous and surreal.  “Group hug, guys!”  We giggled some more and made a Sam sandwich.

Kristen was the first to break away and looked at Trish.  “Anyone need a pee break?”  She raised her hand, then eventually Trish, and finally me.  Trish shrugged her shoulders and tilted her head as she spoke to me.  “Do you mind if we go first?”

“Sure, knock yourselves out.  I’ll finish up in here until you’re through.”  They were my guests, afterall.  I had to be a gracious host.  They wheeled around and hurried off to the bathroom.  I assumed Trish needed to help Kristen with her crotch bindings and God knows what else.  While they were tending to themselves, I busied myself with straightening the kitchen and enjoyed a few gulps of water.  There were several doors to the outside, and I walked to each and checked to see that all were locked.

Shortly, I heard a door open and my two companions emerged from the bathroom.  They certainly seemed more refreshed and relaxed.  I glanced at the duo.  “Did you wipe?”  Kristen extended her middle finger and flipped me “the bird”.  “Yes, mother.  You want a sniff?”  I lifted my hands and waved them in front of my face.  “No need!”  I chortled.  “Okay, then, we’ll be in the living room when you’re finished.”  We passed each other as I made my way to the bathroom.

I tried to keep the chore as simple as possible and quickly finished the job.  I rose from the toilet and flushed the contents, walked to the vanity, washed my hands and reached for my toothbrush.  Surely fresh breath would not be an unwelcome thing to have?  Besides, the other two had been wetted, so I thought I would join the crowd.  It appeared I was quite the conformist and was susceptible to peer pressure.  I rinsed my mouth and spritzed some of the body spray across my skin.  Damn, that smells good!  Grabbing a towel, I dried my face and hands and left the bathroom.

Kristen and Trish were sitting together on the couch talking in muted tones as I walked into the living room.  They quickly finished their little confab as I approached and sat down next to them.  They were obviously plotting something or other.  Oh well, their schemes had been pleasurable so far, but it was nearly ten o’clock.  “Hey, guys, are you two going to be able to get to work in the morning?”

Kristen was the first to speak.  “Oh, didn’t I tell you?  I came down with the sniffles and stomach cramps this afternoon and called my supervisor at her house.  She was very sympathetic.”  She giggled with disbelief.  “Apparently, whatever I have is going around!”  She burst into laughter.  Trish then chimed in.  “Being as I basically own the store, I get to set my own hours and have made, shall we say… prior arrangements.  I don’t think anyone will be bothering us.  We have all the time in the world.”  Her words were intriguing.  I wondered what she had in mind.  “Shall we retire to the bedroom?”  Trish and Kristen rose from the couch and started toward my parent’s room.

“But it’s too early for bed!”  I resisted.  “I’m not tired, and besides, we were having so much fun!”

Trish turned around and grabbed my hand.  “Oh, I didn’t say anything about sleeping!  Besides, you’re cordially invited to join us.”  I understood her meaning and joined them. As we walked by the TV, Trish reached over and stopped the VCR and tuned both off.  I could only imagine what they had in mind!

Mom and Dad had one of those huge California King-size beds, one with an integrated bureau in the headboard, but no footboard.  Four or five women our size could comfortably sleep on the giant bed.  Whatever they had planned, there would be more than enough play area!

Trish walked around to the headboard and turned on one of the lamps.  A soft white glow dimly lit the room and Trish and I sat on the edge of the bed while Kristen kneeled in front of us.  I watched with curiosity as Trish reached behind Kristen’s neck and grabbed a fistful of her hair.  She pulled on it causing Kristen to crane her neck and grimace with obvious discomfort.  “Well, you little bitch!  You just couldn’t control yourself, could you?”  Trish’s voice was cold and ruthless.  A disconcerting chill ran down my spine.  “You bit our best friend, and I don’t think we can trust you.  What if you attacked us in our sleep?”  

I had to speak up.  Afterall, it was all a just a mistake.  “Hey, Trish, calm down, it’s okay!”  She was blowing this all out of proportion.

Trish jerked her hand away and pointed a finger at me.  “You be quiet!  Let me handle this!”  My God, what happened, why was she being such a heartless cunt?  She pointed to the floor at the foot of the bed.  “Hand me that bag.” 

I recoiled in fear and reached down for the duffel.  I wondered what could be in it.  I lifted it and handed it to Trish.  She snatched it from my hands and set it next to her on the bed.  I heard the zipper being pulled open, then heard the sound of items clinking and rubbing together as she rummaged through the contents. 

“Kris, I’m going to have to muzzle you, it just can’t be helped.”  Kristen sighed and hung her head.  “Do have any last words?”  Kristen raised her head and motioned for me to come closer.  I leaned down and she placed her hands on my cheeks.  “I’m really sorry, Sam.  Hopefully I can make it up to you.”  She pulled our faces closer as we kissed each other, more forcefully and sensuously than anything previously.  Trish allowed the spectacle to continue for only a few moments then forced us apart.  “Sam, be careful!  She could have bitten you!”  Trish sounded honestly concerned!  Did she really think Kristen would intentionally hurt me?  How could she think that!!  “Okay, Kris, turn around!”  Kristen scooted about on her knees and placed her back to Trish.  I couldn’t believe what was going on!  Had Trish lost her mind?  Was the booze causing her to act erratically?  Even I was having trouble focusing my thoughts because of the wine coolers that I had imbibed.

Trish placed a leather strap of sorts around the front of Kristen’s face.  It appeared to be one of those penis breather gags I had seen once or twice on some Internet site, and this one had some snaps on the outside of the square outer patch.  I wondered what those were for.  “Open up, bitch.”  Kristen moaned and opened her mouth, then Trish inserted the gag and pulled the straps around the sides of he face to the back of her neck, loosely buckling the straps together.  She then pulled Kristen’s long, black hair up from underneath the straps, allowing it to hang freely about her shoulders.  She then reached under her hair and cinched the strap tightly through the buckle and locked the gag with a small lock through one of the strap holes, just as I had done to myself over twelve hours ago.  

Trish then reached around the front of Kristen’s robe and untied the belt, then slipped the robe from her shoulders and removed the garment revealing her naked body.  “Turn around!”  Kristen scooted around again to face Trish.  I took advantage of the situation to look at my friend.  I already knew her pierced pussy lips sported sterling hoops, and wasn’t surprised to see her nipples were pierced with matching hoops, just like Trish’s.  I assumed Kristen’s were permanently affixed, like Trish’s.  Kristen’s jaw was extended as her mouth was stretched to accommodate the gag.  Her whimpers were muffled as her submissive pleas went unanswered by Trish.  I felt sorry for her because I thought I knew what she must have been thinking.  I would soon be proven wrong.  The only other thing Kristen was wearing was the chastity belt.  They had obviously replaced it after they finished in the bathroom.  Sure enough, it was locked on as well.  

Trish looked at me and smirked.  “Okay, now it’s your turn.  We can’t have you kicking and thrashing about, so let’s remedy that, shall we?  She placed her right hand between my shoulder blades and rose to her feet as she coaxed my body towards the foot of the bed.  “Lay back on the bed with your butt at the edge of the mattress, okay?”  I looked at her and hesitated.  I wanted to know what she had in mind!  “Hey, Trish, are you all right?  Have we done something wrong?”  I pleaded with her.  I was kind of scared!  

Kristen grabbed my arm and shook her head.  Her eyes conveyed a message of calm and trust.  “Get your damn dirty paws off her!”  Trish yelled, barely able to disguise her laughter.  Trish turned her attention back to me.  "Trust me, you’re going to like this, okay?”  I relaxed; finally realizing this must be some sort of game play.  I must admit, the entire situation had managed to make my heart race and caused me to become excited, against all of my better judgment.  Damn, this domination thing was just a little difficult to get used to.  At least I hoped that is what was going on!

I moved my butt to the edge of the mattress and reclined upon the bed.  Trish unlocked my manacles and refastened them onto the rings at the sides of my waist.  My arms were immobilized.  She then rose from the bed and knelt at my feet, pulling out lengths of chain apparently fastened to the corners of the frame and locking them to the short chains at my ankles, keeping my legs spread and making my crotch available to… whatever she had planned.  I kept my mouth shut, but worried about what she had in store for me.  She lifted my hips and placed a pillow under my butt, then put a couple under my neck and head.  I was actually quite comfortable and thanked Trish for her obvious attention to my comfort.  With my ass hoisted on pillows, my hands locked to my waist, and my ankles chained to the bed frame, I was not going anywhere.

Trish smiled at me then looked at Kristen.  Trish pulled a pair of thick, padded leather cuffs from the bag and placed them around Kristen’s wrists, locking them on either side of her waist to the “D” rings on her chastity belt.  “Okay, Kris, let’s move you just a bit.”  Kristen stood and walked to the foot of the bed.  Trish laid a folded blanket on the floor for padding then helped Kristen kneel on it.  I could barely make out what they were doing, but managed to see Trish pull a black shaft of sorts from her duffel and snap it to the front of Kristen’s gag.

“Damn, what the hell is that?”  I shrieked at Trish.  It looked to be every bit of a foot long and nearly two inches in diameter at the base!  “What are you going to do with that?”  

Trish flashed a wicked grin.  “Why, I’m not going to do anything with that, Sam.  Kristen, however, is going to apologize to you with that, repeatedly and often.  Are you ready to begin?”

I was silent for a moment as I evaluated my predicament.  “I don’t think…”  Trish placed a finger against my lips to silence me.  “I didn’t ask your opinion!  I asked if you were ready!!”  She scoffed.  “If you’re gonna to continue to flap your jaws, I think I’ve got just the thing for you to munch on!”   She jumped off the bed and pulled some items from her bag, then walked behind Kristen.  Trish leaned over her and fastened some light chains to her nipple hoops, then forced her face forward until the mouth-mounted dildo penetrated my pussy.  She eased it in to about two inches.  I reacted and flinched at the intrusion.  “Hey, what’s going on, here?”

“Both of you just hold still!”  I could see Trish tugging at the chains connected to Kristen’s nipples pulling them to the rings at the midpoint of the harness on either of my inner thighs, fastening them.  Kristen was unable to move away and was forced to keep her gag dildo either inside of me or lurking just outside.  She was unable to move away from my crotch because her nipples were connected to my thighs.  I could only assume Trish meant for Kristen to fuck me with the large dildo, “often and repeatedly”, for who knew how long!  Diabolical!!  I wondered how long this was going to go on.  I twisted in my bonds to resettle into a comfortable position causing the nipple chains to tug against Kristen’s sterling hoops.  She protested into her gag with grunts and groans.

This was going to be a long night.

Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage
Part Seventeen
Please, I’m so tired!
Part Seventeen Please, I’m so tired!
Trish walked back over to her bag and pulled out yet another item, and hid it behind her back.  She then grabbed the remote to Kristen's vibrators and placed it into my right hand.  “I asked you a question.  Are you ready to begin?”  She pulled a crop from behind her and planted a stinging slap firmly against Kristen’s ass.  My jaw dropped and my eyes nearly popped from their sockets.  I couldn’t believe she just did that!  Kristen reflexively jerked, first backwards away from me until the chains stretched her nipple rings, then forward to ease the tension on her nipples.  As she leaned forward, the dildo pushed deeply into my snatch.  It was my turn to jerk with the sudden intrusion of the large phallus.  As I moved backward, Kristen was forced to lean further into me to keep from ripping the hoops from her nipples.  With each recoil of pleasure, I would thrust my hips.  With each thrust, Kristen was forced to match my movements, filling me with spasms of ecstasy causing me to thrust again, which in turn forced her to lean into me pushing the dildo further into my sex, which made me thrust…  Well, you get the picture.  It was self-perpetuating physics of action and reaction.  It had never occurred to me that scientific theory could be translated so readily into sexual practice.  

It went on like that for several minutes, until we managed to synchronize our movements and were able to slowly calm our convulsions into a more mutually pleasurable rhythm.  I was nearly exhausted from the pounding Kristen was giving me, and she was in tears from the incessant assault to her nipples.  She had been screaming into her gag.  I suddenly remembered the remote in my hand, and turned the two dials about halfway.  It didn’t take long for her screams to transform into groans of passion.  Her head bobbed to and fro like a sexual piston while my hips undulated in unison.  Even our moans became as one.

All the while, Trish stood beside us, her face showing obvious disbelief at what she was witnessing.  Her eyes showed the lust welling within her body.  “Wow, you two look like you’re enjoying yourselves!  Mind if I join in?”  She untied her sash and let her robe fall to the floor.  She climbed onto the bed and sat next to my face.  I could see a large smile as she looked down at me.  “No, please, not quite yet!” I begged.  Kristen and I had stopped ourselves and needed to rest for a few moments.  I had turned the dials on the remote down, but not completely off.  I felt she deserved continued attention.  “Please, let me rest for just a little bit, okay?  Please, I’m so tired!”  I pleaded.

Trish leaned down, brushed the hair from my face, and kissed my forehead.  “Okay, it looks like you need a break,” she replied with an understanding grin.  “Damn, Sam, that was one of the hottest things I have ever seen!  I mean, even though we planned this little scenario, I never would have dreamed it would work so… well!  Do you need a drink?” she asked.  “Oh yes, please!  Some cold water?”  I needed something to refresh my throat after screaming and moaning.  “Sure, okay, I’ll be right back.”  She kissed me full on the mouth and stood to her feet.  “Don’t go anywhere!”  What’s the deal?  Is there something I’m missing?  Where would I go, even if I weren’t chained to the bed?  This running gag is starting to wear thin!

Trish padded out the door, unashamed of her nudity.  Her body was nearly perfect.  My God, she had a nice ass!  “Are you okay, Kris?”  She nodded her head.  “Damn, Kris, did you plan all this?”  She nodded again.  “And you’re enjoying this?”  She nodded enthusiastically and grunted into her gag.  “Swell,” I thought to myself.  I closed my eyes and rested until Trish returned.

I opened my eyes and turned my head to the side just as Trish approached the bedroom door.  There she stood in all her splendor, naked as a jaybird.  She had a nice tan, though was not as dark as mine.  Her breasts were splendid!  And her hips…!  Good Lord, she had the body of a centerfold!  No wonder I had never noticed before, what with the frumpy, concealing clothes she always wore.  It was a crime, really.  She could have any man she wanted, and here she was screwing around with two women.  I remembered the favor her Father had asked of me.  If only he knew…

Trish sat back down and slipped a straw into my mouth.  I sucked the cold liquid through the straw and swallowed, the cool sensation soothing my parched mouth and raspy throat.  Boy, that felt good!  “Thanks, Trish!”  I took a few more sips and told her I was finished.  “Could I rest just a little bit longer?”  She caressed my face with her soft hand and agreed.  “But not too long.  I don’t want you falling asleep on me!”  I sighed.  “Thanks, Trish.”

She took a sip from the glass and set it on the dresser, then lay down next to me on the bed and rested her arm atop my breasts.  Trish gently massaged my nipples as we kissed.  She was so gentle and attentive.  If only the boys knew about her “qualities” she would be unable to function, what with all the phone calls and visits, and guys parking outside her house!  Allen could take some lessons from her and Kristen.  Allen!  That asshole still hasn’t called!  I had to force his image from my thoughts.  What a jerk!  I couldn’t wait to break up with his ass!

After what must have been ten minutes, Trish lifted herself off of me and sat back on her haunches.  “Okay, guys, are you ready to continue?  I was too relaxed to answer and Kristen was concentrating on keeping her nipples from being torn off.  I was afraid she knew what was about to happen.  Trish rose to her knees and wriggled her nude body over my chest, with her sight focused toward the foot of the bed.  She leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of my legs as she straddled my body and positioned herself.  Her scent was strong as it reached my nose.  She had obviously been stimulated while watching Kristen and I suffer through the sexual torture she had forced us to endure.

Trish spoke again.  “I didn’t hear a response.  I guess I’ll need to jump start this pleasure train again, huh?”  I heard those words!  My eyes flew open and started to answer, but not fast enough.  Trish stretched and was able to reach forward enough to smack that damned crop against Kristen’s ass.  She screeched into her gag and jerked backward at first, then plunged forward driving that accursed dildo into my pussy.  Trish cackled devilishly and rested her crotch atop my mouth.  I resisted Trish’s advances at first as I tried to control my thrusting hips as Kristen fucked me with her face.  I moaned and tried to catch my breath, but Trish ground her crotch into my face and stifled my airflow.  She obviously wanted me to “munch” on her as Kristen fucked me!  I had no choice but to submit to her desire!  I swallowed my pride and opened my mouth.  

I had never before tasted a woman, but had heard many times the disgust uttered by guys as they described the experience.  Men are such wusses.  Trish was sweet and delicious, as far as bodily fluids go.  I had absolutely no idea how to eat a woman, so I had to improvise.  Her labia were pierced just like Kristen’s, and her hoops rested against my lips.  I decided to attack the situation by imagining I was kissing her mouth.  As I began, Kristen thrust into me and I reacted accordingly.  I remembered the remote in my hand and twisted both knobs to increase her sexual satisfaction.  I heard her moan in delight while my hips reacted to her.  Because of our prior experience, we synchronized quickly to a harmonious rhythm.

I focused once more on Trish and started osculating her snatch.  I kissed her and used my tongue as if I was frenching her mouth.  I moaned loudly, and thrusted my hips in unison with Kristen.  She fucked me relentlessly, and I turned up the controls yet some more.  I panted and devoured Trish, tonguing her mercilessly.  She began to stutter with abbreviated breaths and leaned forward to knead my breasts.  

She pinched and rolled my nipples between her thumb and fingers.  I returned the favor as best I could by biting her pussy rings and tugging on them, then she began thrusting her hips against my face forcing me to increase my efforts.  I nipped and probed her wet and quivering sex with teeth, lips, and tongue.  As Trish reacted more feverishly with her hips and fingers, the bucking of my hips became more pronounced causing Kristen to readjust to the new rhythm.  I could only imagine the torture her nipples were being forced to endure, so I twisted the knobs on the remote increasing the stimulation to the two intruders locked inside of her, hoping to give her more satisfaction.  It was turning into a three-way ripple effect of atomic proportions.  Each escalation forced the increased efforts of another, which in turn provoked the third to energize its program, a program of sexual proliferation.  

I screamed into Trish’s slit.  Each vocal vibration excited her even more!  “Shit!!!  Oh-h-h-h , S-a-a-m-m!!   Fuck me harder!  Suck my clit!!”  Trish sounded as if she were losing control.  I tried to follow her orders and focused on sucking on her nubbin.  It actually quivered in my mouth!  She thrashed about, cramming her soaked mound into my face, trying to help me bring her to climax.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs, shaking her head violently, whipping her blonde hair in every direction.  She looked like one of those big-haired trolls mounted on the ends of pencils.  Kind of funny, really.    

I was physically spent.  Kristen screamed into her gag and took out her vengeance on my dripping and abused pussy.  I turned both knobs to “full”.  Trish collapsed on my body and started to help Kristen assail my pussy.  She fucked my face even harder as my mouth fucked her cunt with even more vigor.  Trish slapped Kristen’s ass with the crop a couple of times, causing her to yelp and scream and fuck me even harder and deeper.  My God!  We were all becoming vicious to the point of raping each other!  I came and came to the point I had lost track.  I was physically and mentally exhausted.  As I began to cry, a flood of juices poured into my mouth and over my face as Trish shuddered with obvious release.  I’d heard of women who ejaculated, but damn, there was sure a lot of… Hey, wait a minute, what the hell…  She had actually pissed on me!  I gagged on the pungent liquid and tried to spit out all of it from my mouth.  She rolled off of me and rested on her side.  My body was rendered almost lifeless.  I became limp with weakness, allowing Kristen to cease her efforts and relax as well.  Trish ran to the hall closet, grabbed a towel and stuffed it under my head to absorb her “accident”. 

“Oh, Sam, I’m so sorry about that!”  Her voice was weak and soft.  “That’s happened only once or twice before.  You give great head!  You ate me like no one ever has before!  I love you!”  Her eyes suddenly grew wide as she focused her attention to Kristen.  “Shit, Kris, here, let me get you out of this!”  She reached over in nearly a panic and unfastened Kristen’s nipples from the chain connected to my thighs.  Kristen fell backwards to the floor, pulling the remote from my hand.  Trish grabbed it and turned both knobs off.  There was no way I could imagine the pain, or intense pleasure she must have been feeling.  She was taking deep, deep breaths in order to calm and compose herself.  “Come on Kris, let’s get you to the bathroom and take this stuff off you.”  She helped our limp partner to her feet and they both walked toward the bathroom.

“Hey, a little help, here!”  I yelled after Trish.  “Remember me?  The redhead whose hair is soaking up your piss?  Trish?”  

“Yeah, I hear you.  I’m sorry, but Kris is in a lot more need right now,” she tersely answered.  “I’ll be right back, okay?”  Again with the “right back”?  What about me?  What about my needs?  I rolled my eyes in disbelief and shook my head.  I had no choice but to wait!  “Yeah, whatever, but hurry every chance you get!”  She looked back at me and grinned.  She actually grinned at me!  Ooohhh, if I ever get the chance to return the favor, she will be in trouble, big time!!!


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