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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 9

by Hagster

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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage - Chapter 9
by Hagster
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 
Part Eighteen
“Where’s Trish?”
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage Part Eighteen “Where’s Trish?”
The entire situation was unacceptable.  There I was, legs spread wide and chained to the foot of the bed, my wrists locked to my waist on either side of my harness, and my piss-soaked face and hair resting atop a towel thrown under my head to sop up the offending mess.  I was becoming just a little more than upset!  How could Trish leave me this way?  Oh, boy, was she in for it!  Although I was clearly angry, I tried to be philosophical and understanding about the whole ordeal.  Yeah, right!

A few minutes later, Trish came back into the bedroom and approached the bed.  “Listen, Sam…” she paused for a moment.  “I, uh, I’m really sorry about, well, you know, the whole pissing on your face thing.”  She sounded really sheepish and apologetic, almost to point of seeming threatened!  “Kris wanted me to ask your forgiveness for messing up your parent’s bed and, well, you know, uhhh, well, showing a little too much enthusiasm.  It was never my intention to cause you any discomfort or, well, turn you off in any way.”

My resentment softened a bit at her heartfelt apology.  “Yeah, okay, whatever.”  I tried to be affable, but I was still seething.  “Do you think you could free me now?”

“Sure, no problem.”  She grabbed the master key ring and was able to locate the correct key to my ankles in only a couple of attempts, then freed my wrists from my waist, but refastened the locks on my manacles.  What’s the fucking deal?  Why won’t anyone take this shit off me?  Can anyone answer me that??!!  At last I was able to lift my head from the wet comforter.  I squirmed off the bed and stood up, kind of.  My legs felt spindly and they buckled slightly under my weight.  Trish grabbed me before I fell and helped me to my feet.  I had all of this under control before my friends intervened, right?  Why was it then that I needed to be molly coddled and babied like an infant?  Oh, right, I almost forgot…  I had been forced to orgasm Lord knows how many times (I lost count) and been ravished by my two closest friends for several hours.  Shit, all I wanted was a little fun, and these two had turned it into a marathon session of kink!  And above all, I had, reluctantly, enjoyed every bit of it!  Damn, what did that say about me??!!

It was going on Midnight.  Midnight!  Hours spent with my two best friends, and what did I have to show for it?  I needed a shower and a good night’s sleep.  I started walking to bathroom, but Trish cut me off.  “Kris and I are going to clean up.  I promise we won’t be long.”  I looked at her with disgust, but managed to nod.  After Trish left the room, I spun around and grabbed the bedspread, jerking it from the bed.  I reached out to check for any wet spots on the remaining sheets, and luckily found none.  Perhaps I needed to start referring to my hair as ‘Bounty’, you know, the “quicker picker upper”.   I mocked a conversation in my mind.  “Oh, Sam, not only is your long, auburn hair silky smooth and shiny, but it’s also so… absorbent!”  At least I wouldn’t have to put fresh linens on the mattress.  Thank goodness for small favors.

I heard the door open and Trish and Kristen strode into the bedroom.  Trish threw some items in the duffel.  Apparently, she had removed the chastity belt from Kristen, and I could plainly see the gag had also been removed.  Both of them were still damp from their shared shower and were drying their hair with towels.  “Thanks, Sam, it’s all yours.”  Kristen forced the words with a hoarse croak, her throat obviously still dry from the long period of being gagged.  I felt her pain.  My chains clinked as I walked into the bathroom.  I closed the door behind me.

First things first!  I sat down on the commode and relieved myself.  Oh boy, did I relieve myself!  Lord, it felt so good, even though my pussy was so tender and sore from its daylong assault.  I toyed with the idea of celibacy, but laughed out loud.  That was a ridiculous thought.  Where’d that come from?  I finished with the regimen and turned on the tub’s faucet, adjusting the water temperature to my liking.  Too bad I was forced to wear the body harness, shackles and manacles, and leg chains.  Fortunately, I had become accustomed to their presence, and to be honest, I hardly noticed them, I had been wearing them for so long.  But the nylon and leather would take forever to dry.  Oh well, that couldn’t be helped.  I needed to be clean, and needed it right then!

I turned the showerhead on and pulled the shower curtain closed behind me as I stepped into the tub.  Normally I begin the ritual by starting with my arms and chest, but this time I grabbed the shampoo bottle and began washing my hair.  I vigorously worked the lather into my tresses and massaged it into my scalp.  My fingers worked furiously as I tried my best to scrub out the offending bodily fluids.  I hung my head under the showerhead and rinsed the shampoo from my hair.  Following the manufacturer’s directions, I repeated the procedure.  Maybe there was a legitimate reason for applying a second application of shampoo, other than forcing consumers to deplete the contents at double the necessary rate.  I followed the second cleansing rinse with some conditioner.  Mom liked strawberry, and it even accentuated my hair color.  Serendipity!

I hastened my actions as the water was slowly beginning to cool.  Two back-to-back showers taxed the water heater’s capacity to maintain a constant supply of hot water.  I was just able to finish washing my body and rinse the soap from my skin as the water turned cold.  I switched off the faucet and grabbed a towel, drying myself as best I could.  Mom had some after-bath powder, so sprinkled a fair amount on my refreshed skin and rubbed it into my flesh.  The simple pleasures are sometimes the best.  I felt somewhat rejuvenated.  Great, just in time to go to sleep!  Well it should be a restful slumber.  I reached down for the robe and threw it into the hamper.  I’d have to borrow one of Mom’s, as Trish and Kristen were wearing my other two.  I wrapped my hair into a towel and tucked it around my head.  I knew there was little need for humility, but decided to wrap a towel around my body anyway.  Besides, maybe it would help to dry the nylon straps that encompassed my body.  I brushed my teeth, again, and exited the bathroom.  

As I entered my parent’s bedroom, I noticed my two friends lying in the large bed.  They were talking and giggling while they cuddled closely under the covers.  I cleared my throat to gain their attention.  “If you’re both comfortable, I guess I’ll leave you two and retire to my own bed.”

They both ceased their conversation and slid apart from each other.  Kristen looked at me and implored with her eyes.  She patted the mattress with her right hand.  “We’ve saved you a spot, Sam.  Care to join us?”  

“No, that’s all right, I’ll just sleep in my own bed.”

“You know, Sam, both of us would really like for you to sleep here.”  She extended her arm and motioned for me to join them.  “Come on, it’s just sleep, nothing else.  I promise.”  The bed was large, and I did want to get some sleep.  Why be a spoilsport?  I shrugged my shoulders and accepted her invitation.  I climbed onto the bed and nestled myself between my friends.  It really was quite humorous as we all had towels wrapped around our heads to keep our damp hair from wetting the pillows.

We all three spooned up to each other like newborn kittens abandoned by their mother, seeking mutual warmth and affection in a hostile environment.  Only our contented breaths and sighs of absolute comfort surpassed the sound of our beating hearts.  I can honestly admit that I had never experienced such utter calm and serenity.  The two familiar bodies on either side of me conveyed a sense of security and peace.  It seemed we all shared the same goal… a good night’s sleep.  I was not about to protest in the least!  Even though my harness was wet, it was not uncomfortable, and neither of my bedmates complained. 

All was right with the world.

I am rarely ever able to sleep without waking once or twice during the night, and this would not be an exception.  My arm was wrapped around Trish’s waist and Kristen’s arm was draped across my boobs.  Apparently I was not the only snorer in the group.  People are awfully funny when they sleep, and my two friends were no exception.  I managed to drift back off to sleep.  

It seemed only moments later when I woke again, but something was different this time.  Something was missing.  Oh well, sleep was more important than curiosity.

I blinked my eyes at the sunlight filtering into the room through the door and from around the edges of the drawn shades.  I stretched my arms and arched my back as I roused myself from the good night’s sleep.  Looking in front of me I noticed an empty bed, then reached behind me and felt a familiar body still cuddled closely.  I turned over in the bed and noticed Kristen lying next to me, still asleep.  Trish was no longer in the bed.  Where was Trish?  She must have gone to the bathroom or something.  I rolled back over and closed my eyes.  More sleep, please!  The cool sheets felt really good against my skin, and the presence of my bedmate eased my feelings of solitude.  Friends are great!

Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage
Part Nineteen
Nice Outfit!
Part Nineteen Nice Outfit!
I cracked open an eye and glanced at the clock.  9:27 in the morning.  I yawned long and hard and stretched my arms and legs.  I cut the ritual short to avert a cramp that was starting in my calf.  Typical.  Something was amiss.  I glanced to both sides seeing an otherwise empty bed.  Where’d everybody go?  They must have gone home, but surely they would have at least said “goodbye” before they left.  I threw the sheet off and dangled my legs over the side of the bed.  My feet brushed against the duffel and I also saw their overnight bags sitting on the dresser.  They wouldn’t have left without their things.  They must be hanging around somewhere.  I walked to the closet and grabbed one of Mom’s robes, then made my way to the bathroom, again.  Hygiene time.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth, applied some smell-goods, and combed out my hair.  There were a few muted sounds from somewhere, but I couldn’t quite locate the source.  I walked to the kitchen and poured myself an ice-cold glass of water from the refrigerator.  Still no sign of my friends.  “Well I suppose I’ll just go into the living room and make myself comfortable.”  I spoke aloud.  The overstuffed recliner and TV remote would be my companions as I waited for my friends to make their appearance.  No telling what they were up to, and I was not about to go snooping into their business.  Besides, curiosity killed the cat, and given yesterday’s activities, this kitten had too few lives to spare, and they would doubtless find some way to include me in their “game du jour”.  

Wow, there was videotape in the VCR, so I hit the play button on the remote.  The characters on the screen looked familiar.  Oh yeah, we were “watching” this last night.  I stopped the tape and rewound the video.  Maybe I’d get a chance to enjoy it?  The opening credits began to roll when I heard a door open and then close.  I craned my neck to see who was lurking about in the other room, and Kristen came into view after a few moments.  

“Well, sleepyhead, nice to see you finally dragged your sorry butt out of bed!”  Gee, it seemed a good night’s sleep was all Kristen needed to recharge her smart mouth.  “I guess you haven’t had a chance to fix breakfast yet, huh?”  Unsweetened lemonade couldn’t match her tartness.  The “bitch” was back.

It didn’t take long for me to realize I needed to show a little backbone and stand up to her.  I flipped her the “bird”.  “Seems that gag you wore last night didn’t teach you any manners, did it?”  I snickered.  “Perhaps you’d like a refresher course?”  I tried to be stern, but it was a stretch.  I never could act worth a darn.

Kristen’s eyes flew wide and she jerked her head backward in feigned amazement.  She pursed her lips, then replied.  “Damn, who pissed in your corn flakes?!”   

“Well, I suppose if you’d made Trish make breakfast…”  My words trailed off as I chortled.  

“Ooohhh, nice comeback.”  Kristen formed her hand into a makeshift gun and fired a make-believe shot at me.  “What crawled up your ass?”

I snapped back at her.  “As long as it’s not what was up yours for three hours last night, who cares?”  

“Damn, Sam, you’ve developed quite the sharp tongue.”  She laughed at me.  “I would think that you’d have found better uses for it after last night!  Do you need a refresher course?”

“Nope!  I’d be afraid of what you would force me to eat.”  Lord, will she ever quit?  “I’ve already been served a steaming mouthful of refreshing urine!  What could possibly top that?”  I cringed as the last words exited my mouth.  I realized it could get worse.

“Yeah, well, sorry about that.  No hard feelings?”  She shrugged her shoulders and sheepishly grinned.  “I’ve already talked to Trish about that, and she couldn’t be sorrier, but we’ll soon see about that.”  

I threw up my hands in surrender, but was curious at her last remark.  “Okay, okay, you win!”  I smiled and laughed.  “Enough said.  By the way, where is she anyway?”

“Oh, she’s just hanging around somewhere.  We’ll go try and find her in a bit.”  There was something about her response that raised my curiosity.  What was she hiding?  She walked toward the couch and sat down.  I watched her as she made herself comfortable and crossed her legs.  Her (my) robe opened below the sash revealing two black nylon clad thighs and a pair of laced, knee-high, high-heeled boots.  Kristen noticed my eyes staring at them, and further flared the robe as she crossed her legs, fully exposing her long stems.  She had resumed her wicked ways.

“Damn, Kris, why are you all dressed up?  By the way, those “fuck me” boots are hot!”  I couldn’t help but compliment her.  “How high are those heels, four inch?”

“Gee, thanks.  No, they’re five inches.  Almost too much to be comfortable, but who cares about comfort when they look so fucking good, right?”  She appeared genuinely flattered.  “Just between us, though, there are a few things left to be addressed.”

“What do you mean addressed?”  I responded with more than a little curiosity.

“Well, some things happened last night, and some of them were done without prior, proper agreement.  You know?”  She sounded so professional and clinical.  Damn, so hot, yet so… cold!

“Yeah, I think so, but I don’t think I know where you’re going with all this!”  I was obviously confused, and had no idea what she was talking about.  It must have showed.

“Do you still trust me, Sam?”

I paused for a moment as I evaluated her question.  Of course I did!  She had never done one single thing to make me fear her motives.  Trish, on the other hand…  

“Yeah, I trust you, Kris.  What’s up?”  

“Oh, you know.  I saw you looking at Trish last night as she whipped me and made you eat her out.  Needless to say, she was a bit too… exuberant.  Then after she pissed on you…  Boy, if looks could kill!!  I know what you were thinking.  I saw ‘revenge’ in your eyes, didn’t I?”  I squinted at her and nodded my head, choking back a whimper.  Her conversation switched gears.  “Why don’t we just hang loose and see what happens?”  She winked at me and smirked.

“Say, what are you wearing under my robe, anyway?  I mean, you already know what I’m wearing, how could you not, you won’t let me take it off.”  I giggled as I talked, making my halted words sound humorous.  

Kristen accepted my challenge and rose to her feet.  As I sat in the recliner, I watched my friend as she slowly untied the sash around her waist and allowed the two ends to dangle at her sides.  The terry cloth material parted at her breasts and hung open from her neck, down past her pierced navel, and ending below her knees.  She arched her head back and ran her fingers through her long, dark hair, then tousled it with a couple of quick side to side shakes, then lowered her chin to her chest, allowing her hair to cascade about her shoulders and hang over her face.  Her head lifted slightly as she raised her eyes just enough to meet my gaze through the curtain of hair.  The mascara and eyeliner accentuated the whites of her eyes, making them stand out to the point of intimidation.  I was watching the most erotic striptease I had ever seen.  Her eyes were piercing, and the frosted coral lipstick shimmered as she alternately puckered and licked her lips.  Her teeth gleamed from behind, and I suddenly realized why I had enjoyed her kisses.  My God, she was hot!

I managed several deep breaths and took in the show fully.  I’d never had the pleasure of a woman posing and showing off for me.  It was all quite erotic.  I could feel myself becoming extremely aroused.  Kristen had to know!  She stood upright and jerked her head back, and at the same time tore the robe from her shoulders, revealing a shiny, patent leather corset and bustier.  Her breasts were slightly squeezed together and pushed up above the formed cups.  Her exposed breasts jutted proudly from her framed chest, and her pierced nipples were obviously aroused and stiff.  I said it before; Kristen knew how to dress herself to accentuate her body.  

She spun around on her heels, robe flailing outward, flinging it into my lap, then struck a runway model pose.  Her left leg extended fully to her side, while she leaned forward, spreading her thighs wide, and made a rakish bend in her right knee, standing on the ball of her right foot.  Both arms cradled her breasts as she placed her hands on her right knee.  The crotchless, studded, leather thong sported a few ornamental chains, and I noticed the corset had integrated garter straps that were holding up her black nylon stockings.  She lifted her gaze once more and met my stare.  She blew me a kiss, then turned around and showed me a similar pose from the rear.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my mouth fell open and I actually began to drool!  I had never before seen anything as sexually arousing in all of my life!  Kristen stood back up and turned to look at me.  As she did, I began diddling with myself and started to speak.  As soon as I started to open my mouth to talk, I discovered it was already open and noticed the drool sliding down my chin.  Kristen noticed too, and placed one hand over her mouth, pointed at me with the other, and started to snicker.  I wiped my chin with my free hand and joined in her laughter.

“My God, Kris!  Where’d you learn to do that?  That was the hottest thing I have ever seen!!”  My arousal was obviously apparent, and my attempts at concealing my manual stimulation were unsuccessful.  She saw right through me, as well as the robe she had thrown across my lap.  Her smile was wicked and sensual.  I could see the flame of lust in her eyes; it had become a familiar sight over the past several hours!  Her eyes burned with the flame many times, and were as difficult to extinguish as trick birthday candles.  I fingered myself more vigorously.  She knew.  She had to know.  I knew she had to know!  That’s what made it so exciting!

“What, that simple exhibition?”  She answered nonchalantly.  “Well, let’s just say that it’s a benefit of having a close friend who owns a movie rental store.  I have access to all of the sexiest scenes and (she placed her right hand next to her mouth and whispered) someone to help me practice them.”  She winked again.  I closed my eyes and displayed a slight quiver.  “Oh, Sam, you look so lonely.  Here, let me keep you company.”  She approached the recliner and kneeled before me.  We both knew what we wanted.  I lowered the foot extension and scooted forward in the chair.  Kristen lifted my legs and placed the backs of my thighs on her shoulders.  I interlocked my ankles behind her back and drew her closer.  She did not resist, instead throwing the robe across my lap onto the floor and untying the sash at my waist.  I opened my robe for her access and leaned back in anticipation.

She placed her hands on either side of my hips and drew her face into the nether regions of my sexuality.  I was already wet from my own efforts, and the scent from my juices permeated the air.  Kristen gyrated her hips for my viewing pleasure and gradually made contact with my steaming slit.  My eyes rolled back in their sockets as she flicked my clit with her tongue.  I reflexively contracted my legs, forcing my feet into her back and forced her face further into me.  A guttural groan reverberated from her throat, the vibrations of which sent chills down my spine and caused my vaginal muscles to contract.  She started raking her long fingernails across my hips, then managed to slip them under my ass, clawing and pinching each cheek.  She was like an animal!

I moaned in response as Kristen escalated her oral attack.  It seemed as if she were trying to explore every inch of me with the full length of her tongue.  She flicked and I bucked, she exhaled and I quivered, she sucked and nipped, and I orgasmed!  Kristen played me like a harmonica!  Only, instead of musical tones, moans and cries of ecstasy filled the air. I cursed out loud and tugged on her hair forcing her face still further into me.  I fucked her face as she sucked my clit.  I thrusted and bucked as she groaned and lapped and sucked…  OH MY GOD!!!  “Yes, oh, oh, ohhhh, Kris, YES, FUCK ME!”  I screamed at the top of my lungs!  I had never experienced such pleasure!  Even last night paled in comparison.  I had lost control and began to thrash about in the chair.  I used my feet to help pull her more deeply into my crotch.

Her mmmphs and grunts and hums grew in frequency and intensity, while she clawed at my underside, pushing me way past the brink!  I came and came like never before.  Multiple orgasms!  My pupils constricted, and the light in the room began to dim.  My breathing became irregular and abbreviated; I gasped for air as my head fell against the back of the recliner.  I squeezed my legs together as tightly as I could and could push Kristen into my snatch no further.  All of my muscles quaked and contracted simultaneously as I shrieked one final time.  


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