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The Sands of Time

by Michelle

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© Copyright 2008 - Michelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; box; buried; toys; cons; X

  continues from part seven

Michelle 8: The Sands of Time

When Emma rang and invited me to go and join her and her partner, Helen, for the weekend, she tantalisingly added that she had come up with something for me that she thought I would enjoy.  As Steve was away that weekend, I leapt at the offer, setting out on the Friday after work, taking my toys with me.

Typically, Emma wouldn’t tell me what was in store for me until the next morning after I had eaten and completed my morning ablutions.  Even then, she just told me to get myself ready.  I was to strip, fit any vibrators I wanted, and put on rubber pants to hold them in position.

She and Helen then led me out into the garden where, in a secluded corner, there was a mound of sand and pile of pieces of wood.  She had slotted four of these pieces of wood together to form a square, and put a layer of sand inside it.  I was instructed to kneel on this sand, and to check that everything was properly in position inside me.  She took the leads for the vibrator controllers and ran them outside the wooden frame.

Then she and Helen slotted four more pieced of wood onto the original ones, building it up so that it started to become a box.  I realised that they were part of a garden composter.  They started to add sand over the back of my legs and instructed me to sit back and make myself comfortable.  More pieces of wooded were slotted into position and more and more sand was added until I was buried up to my waist.

Their next step was to tie my elbows together behind my back, pushing my breasts forward.  When I was buried up to my breasts, Emma fitted some nipple clamp vibrators.  Then, on they went until I was buried up to my neck.

I couldn’t move anything apart from my fingers and toes, and my head, but I found that they still hadn’t finished.  They pulled a rubber hood over my head, which had a single hole for my mouth.  Then I felt a rubber mouthpiece being fitted through this hole and between my teeth.  It was the sort of snorkel mouthpiece which I was familiar with from when I went swimming. 

I could breathe easily through the tube, so I didn’t panic when I felt more sand being piled on my head, pushing the rubber hood tightly against my ears and my eyes. Finally, I was fully buried in the sand-filled box with only the breathing tube coming out the top and the vibrator wires trailing from the bottom. 

I could hum my escape tune through the tube if I had to, and Emma and Helen would only have to remove the wooden side panels for the sand to flow out and release me but, until then, I was totally buried.


At first, I tried to feel my bondage, seeing just how much I could move – nothing but my fingers and toes, and my chest for breathing provided that I didn’t try to breathe too deeply.  I could see nothing, hear nothing, smell and taste only the rubber of the hood on my head and the snorkel in my mouth, and feel only the embrace of the sand entirely surrounding me.  I could feel the vibrators inside me but, of course, they were not doing anything.  The vibrators on my nipples were tight but not painful.  It was as near to total sensory deprivation as I could imagine. 

The absence of any form of external sensation first drove me deep into my world of fantasies.  Soon, however, I found myself drifting into a sort of limbo where time disappeared and all conscious thought started to fade away.  I was just there.  I was just a small kernel inside my body, aware of myself but of nothing else.


I have no idea how long I stayed like this but, suddenly, I was aware of a gentle tingling on my nipples.  They were now the total focus of my awareness.  The tingling faded away and, once again, I was left inside myself.  Then a tingling started to build up deep inside me, coming and going so that it first demanded my total attention and then left me longing for it to come back.  Bit by bit, its intensity increased, and I started to get more and more excited.  The tingling on my nipples started again, getting stronger and stronger.  I could feel my breath coming more and more quickly, but the pressure of the sand stopped me breathing deeply.

Suddenly everywhere was being stimulated at once.  I could feel myself building up towards a climax.  Then it hit me - a massive orgasm spreading outwards.  If I had been able to move, my whole body would have shaken, but I couldn’t do a thing.  As it died down, I was left gasping, but it wasn’t long before I was once again fading back into myself.

If I had thought that Emma and Helen would release me now, I was clearly mistaken, because they allowed me to stay there for what turned out to be hours, although I had no concept of the passage of time, secured as I was.  Twice more they brought me up to an all-consuming climax and finally, believe it or not, I actually fell asleep, buried as I was.

I only woke up when I felt Emma and Helen untying my elbows.  They had already removed a lot of the wooden slats and the sand had gently flowed away without waking me.  I could barely stand as they helped me back into the house and into a shower.


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