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Sarah’s Dilemma

by Dan C

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© Copyright 2010 - Dan C - Used by permission

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Sarah’s Dilemma And How She Met Mr Right

Sarah was a gorgeous 5’7” 25 year old blonde girl whose model like looks and large 36DD breasts were well spoken of around the office she worked in, Sarah was very popular and she knew most of the men in the office fancied her but she remained single as she hadn’t found the right man yet, but there was this one guy she quite liked called Owen but she only really knew him because he was a friend of her a friend she was living with at her house.

Sarah was quite popular but she had a secret that no-one in her office could know, she LOVED bondage especially self bondage, she’s loved tying up and gagging herself since she was 18 but ever since she stumbled onto bondage on the internet she has spend many nights all tied up, gagged and at the mercy of her favourite vibrator.

Luckily Becky, Sarah’s friend who she lives with was going on holiday to Egypt for a week so Sarah was planning to spend the next 24 hours completely bound, gagged, helpless and finding all new orgasmic heights. Sarah started work just imaging what she would do, what to use and what position to tie herself up in, all these thoughts made her wet as she spent all day dreaming of her helpless situation.

Once she finished work Sarah drove as fast as she could home so excited about her self bondage session, she parked her car and hurried into the house, throwing her keys on the table she quickly checked to see if Becky had left for her holiday. “Great no-ones in” she thought to herself giggling as she was soon going to be held captive by herself.

Sarah had a quick shower then walked naked to her “toy box” where she kept all her bondage toys, she unlocked the case then got out a pair of leather handcuffs, some lengths of white rope, a silk scarf, a roll of white duct tape, two clothes pegs, scissors, some lube, her butt plug and a mini egg vibrator, then she got out the keys to the handcuffs and moved them to the other side of the room where she threaded a long bit of string through the small hoop that was screwed into the ceiling and tied the handcuff keys to the loose end and the other end was frozen in ice which when she let go of the ice the keys zipped up to the hoop and stayed there as they were too big to go through the hoop and the ice hit the plastic tube underneath it, the idea was that when the ice melted there will be nothing weighting the keys down and the keys will drop to the floor.

Then she ripped off 10 wide strips of tape, then one long strip of tape she then moved everything she wanted to use on the floor and she tied her hair into a pony tail, then she sat down on the cold floor.

Next Sarah rolled up her silk scarf and opened her mouth as wide as she could then she stuffed the scarf into her mouth, packing it well she then starting using the wide strips of tape to seal her mouth closed, after applying 8 wide strips to her mouth she realised she could hardly utter a sound, so she throught she should test her gag, she took in a deep breath and then screamed as loud as she could, Sarah was very surprised that the gag stopped all the sound coming out of her mouth instead of a loud scream all that made its way through the duct tape was a soft “MMMMMPPPPPFFFFF”. Sarah got instantly wet and horny as that was her favourite sound in the world.

Sarah then lubed up her butt plug and squeezed it into her ass letting out a muffled grunt, then inserted her remote controlled vibrator into her wet pussy and let out a long “MMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPFFFFFFF“ as the vibrator felt so good inside her, she then quickly grabbed the long strip of tape and stuck it down between her legs and rubbed the tape smooth so that the vibrator and the butt plug wouldn’t fall out.

Then she grabbed a length of rope and wrapped it around her ankles a few times then clinched it in the middle, then she wrapped another rope around her legs just below and above her knees and joined them together by clinching them in the middle, then got another bit of rope and tied it to her ankles and the other end to the handcuffs. Sarah picked up the clothes pegs and she hated doing this bit but she was punishing herself for being too pretty, she tweaked her nipples to get them perky and then she clipped the 1st clothes peg to her left nipple, as it pinched and squeezed her nipple she let out a “MMMMPPPPFFF”. Then she did her right nipple and it did the same “MMMMPPPFFF”. Sarah’s muffled cry came from behind her gag as the clothes peg bit down on her right nipple, she then moved her breasts quickly from right to left to make sure the clothes pegs wouldn’t come off, they clinged on but she taped them on just in case.

Sarah was almost ready to complete her helplessness, she did a quick mental check “the answer phones on, there are my scissors near the bed if I need them and everyone thinks I’ve gone to see my parents so they won’t come knocking for me he he,” Sarah thought to herself.

Sarah then laid down and rolled onto her stomach she lifted her legs up as close to her back as she could, then she switched on her vibrator and cuffed one hand closed, then a moment of worry washed over her which was then replaced by her lust for bondage, then cuffed her other hand closed and her self bondage hogtie was complete. She took a few moments to feel very proud of herself for managing to successfully make herself completely bound and gagged and helpless, then horror struck in all its glory as she noticed the vibrator wasn’t working, she went to check the batteries in the remote but couldn’t reach the remote.

“Dammit I shouldn’t have tied such a tight hogtie” she said out loud but it sounded more like “mmmpf mpf mmmmpf mmpf mmpf mpf mmpff mmmpff”. She couldn’t even reach the wire that ran from the remote to the vibrator then suddenly the vibrator kicked in and Sarah let out a startled “MMMMMPPPPPPFFFFF!!!!!” The vibrator vibrated on its maximum setting and caused Sarah to have several orgasms then during the height of her fifth orgasm just as she was about to climax the vibrator suddenly stopped and Sarah let out a frustrated muffled moan, then she realised the vibrator had loads of different settings and she forgot to check what setting it was on, it must have been the random setting which will go through most settings and annoyingly just stop for a bit then start again and stop and start so on and so on.

Now the vibrator had stopped Sarah suddenly had a shocking realisation, she didn’t lock the front door, “Oh well no-one should come here anyway if everyone thinks I’m out” Sarah thought to herself, then the vibrator kicked in again and this time it went onto its long haul setting which was it wouldn’t stop for a couple of hours, Sarah instantly started having a multiple orgasm letting out lots of “MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPFFFFF’s” as the vibrator was getting more intense she just couldn’t hold in her vocal pleasure screams so at the height of her orgasm she let it all out “mmmmmmpfff mmmmmmmppppffffffff mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppffffffff MMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPFFFFFFF” then she climaxed stretching against her bonds and letting out a long...

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as she finally came, the multiple orgasm took a lot out of her she actually passed out from the pleasure.

A few hours later she woke up as the vibrator kicked back in, it must have stopped after she passed out, she start to build up to her climax again letting out weak pleasure filled “mmmmppfff’s” then it stopped again, it was on the annoying short and sharp setting which means it lasted for about 5 minutes but the vibrator is at new wickedly evil highs causing her mass amounts of pleasure which only lasted 5 minutes then turned off for about 10 minutes then turned on again, so after 5 minutes of pure pleasure the vibrator stopped, which really frustrated Sarah as she was so horny and so close to climax but now she had to wait almost like she had to earn that pleasure.

So she started to grind her pussy and clit against the floor and she started to build up that much earned orgasm again until she was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the downstairs front door closing and her hornyness went away as her ears perked up as she started trying to listen for any sounds, there was nothing but a few footsteps. Sarah started to worry “what if it’s burglars or worse rapists! perfect here I am all wrapped up in a bow for them, perfect!!”

Then came a sound more chilling and frightening than the thoughts of burglars or rapists it was the sound of Owen, the man Sarah really liked, he spoke with chilling words “Hello? Becky you still in? Just checking if your still here, you left your office keys at work and I just thought I would return them to you, sorry for just coming in but the front door was wide open”

“Wide open?” Sarah thought, “the wind must have blown it open dammit!!!!” Sarah continued to think.

Sarah tried to stay as quiet as possible as she heard Owen coming up the stairs and his footsteps stopped outside her bedroom door.

The vibrator then picked the worst time to switch back on, Sarah let out a loud “MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPFFFFF” and then Owen burst into Sarah’s room.

“Oh my God Sarah, are you ok? Who did this to you?” Owen said but then stopped as he noticed the keys hanging from the ceiling and the buzzing sound coming from between her legs taped deeply into her very wet pussy, he started to smirk.

“You did this to yourself didn’t you?” Owen asked, Sarah blushed and nodded.

“Well well well...” Owen said as he knelt down by her admiring her bonds, he took out his phone and started taking pictures of her she started to struggle and wiggle around and “MMMMMPPPFFFF” at him and he smiled and moved his head right next to her ear and whispered, “You know when you struggle like that and make those amazing sounds, it just makes me find you even more sexy!”

Sarah’s eyes widened and she looked at him a bit confused.

“I can tell by the look on your face you’re a bit confused, I guess I should have explained this to you a long time ago but I’ve found you so amazingly beautiful the moment I saw you.” Owen said and if it wasn’t for the gag Sarah would have a huge smile on her face.

Owen took off her gag, took out the scarf that filled her mouth, Sarah flexed her jaw a bit Owen still smiling said, “Well you really did gag yourself well, I guess you’ve done this before.”

Sarah replied slyly “yes... I’ve been doing it a long time and I’ve loved you the moment I set my eyes on you.”

Owen smiled, “Me too, now you look quite frustrated there, shall we put a end to you sexual frustration?” he asked as he started to unzip his jeans.

Sarah smiled from ear to ear and nodded franticly, Owen pulled out his big long hard erection and moved it near Sarah’s mouth as she put her lips around his huge throbbing shaft she moved her head up and down bringing him closer to climax then her vibrator kicked in and she let out a “MMMMMMM” and moved her head off his manhood.

He shook his head and said, “Well we can’t have that nasty vibrator giving you all the pleasure.” So he untied her, cutting the handcuff keys down and taking them off, he removed the plugs and took off her nipple clamps from her sore nipples, he showed her the pictures on his phone he took of her then said, “For the rest of the night you are my slave or else these pictures of you get posted all over work!”

She nodded and said, “I’m at your command my handsome master”.

Owen ordered her to go over to the end of her bed where he spread her legs and grabbed the duct tape then taped her left leg to the left bedpost, then taped her right leg to the right bed post, then handcuffed her hands and tied a rope around them and tied the other end to the headboard of the bed, which caused her to have her legs spread and bent over the bed with her womanhood all free for everyone to see. He then walked over to her toy box and pulled out a leather panel ball gag and strapped it into her mouth, then took off all his clothes and went behind her and slowly inserted himself into her pussy and she let out a huge pleasurable muffled moan. He then thrusted himself back and forth causing her to moan louder and louder behind her gag and he moved deeper, harder and faster as they both were building up for the great climax and then in one more stroke of his huge penis inside her wet juicy pussy, they both finally climax at the same time.

As they both cum Owen smiles and says, “I think I could get used to this”

Sarah simply says, “mmpf mpf mmmpppf mmppf mmmmpppf mmpf mmpf mmmmpppf” which translated is “and I think I’ve finally found Mr Right!” 


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