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Sara’s Accident

by Lee

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© Copyright 2008 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; susp; toys; caught; M/f; oral; cons; X

Sara was lying in bed watching TV. “100 channels and not a damn thing to watch.” She got up and went to her closet. “I know what can keep me busy.” She opened the door in the back of the closet and stepped into her playroom. Her ex boyfriend had been an engineer and loved to build things. So Sara had him turn the third bedroom into a private playroom. They closed off the normal door and cut one in through the back of the closet. “This is in case I have you on the hook and we get company.” Was his comment for doing it that way?

The playroom was well equipped. Ray had left her that. There were eyehooks mounted everywhere. It took him 2 days to install all of them. There were hoists, padded tables, custom chairs. “Sara smiled when she thought about them. She had retaliated on Ray a few times. He seemed to like it, but he loved to torture Sara. Too bad he got transferred to Iraq to help rebuild the place. She had like him. But with her job and family here she didn’t love him that much.

Sara walked over to the built in bookcase that housed the “electric toys.” There were various sizes and shapes of dildos and plugs. Different shapes of vibrators, and strap-on's. Venus butterfly’s, vibrating eggs, well you get the idea. Then there were the Little Devils.

Sara loved and hated the little devils. These things were vicious. There were three sets. The only difference was the size of the plugs. They went from 1” in diameter to almost 2 ½” in diameter. All of the other features were the same. Sara had never had the large set in her. She has never been able to make herself get them all the way in. Oh she could handle the shaft size. She had regular dildos that were that big.  The problem was the rings that were almost at the bottom of the shafts. All of the sets had them. It’s just the large set; those damn rings were almost 3” in diameter each. Her pussy is not the problem. It’s just the thought of that going past her rosebud into her ass. Although the just thinking about what it would feel like made her wet.

She loved the Devils features. They are cordless, they have remote controls. They vibrate of course, stronger than anything else she has used. They are connected by a thin shaped bar that is covered by the same material they are made of. Once they are in you can’t tell unless she bends over and spreads her cheeks. The can inflate; the last 3 inches will pulse in and out like they were fucking her. The one in her pussy has a ring that will move from the base all the way up to her sweet spot. The side lying against her love button can inflate and vibrate. This can excite her clitoris or the sweet spot.

The tips can vibrate like crazy. And God when they both get going, well Sara has never had trouble having multiple mad orgasms while she wears these things. There are pads all over the things. Sensors that monitor bp, pulse, heart rate, temp, it can even do a blood gas analysis with a laser built into each one of the dildos.  Using these pads they can administer shocks of various levels from a slight buzz to Katy bar the door.

They can run a preset program. They can run in an automatic mode or a combination of both. In automatic mode they monitor your arousal state and can adjust accordingly. These damn things have carried her to the edge of sexual bliss and kept her there without letting her cum for hours. They are connected via wireless to either a computer or a pda. You can even change the program and download it to the Devils at any time.

Sara was determined to use them today. She had a couple of glasses of wine. She felt relaxed. She stood there with her hands on her hips looking at the Devils. “Well it’s now or never I guess.” She said and reached for the large set.

Sara booted up the laptop that was in the playroom. Once it was online she took the Little Devils #3 and the remote. Setting the selector switch on the remote to 3 she pressed the connect button and watched the computer screen. The program window was open so she watched as the initialization sequence started. Ray had warned her about the start-up of these things. He didn’t know that he was too late.

Sara had already found out about that. When they are powered on they run through a self-check of all features. Sara had already inserted the medium set when she turned them on. Thank heavens she was sitting on one of the padded tables. When she hit that button both dildos started a low vibrate that started to increase, it ran all the way to maximum. The rings started to move up and down their entire range while the vibrators in them did the same kind of run-up from low to wow. The ends were pulsing; a series of shocks came from every pad on both dildos in various intensities. All of this in less than 3 seconds. Once she recovered from the slamming orgasm she had she turned them off and turned them back on again.

Seeing the sequence end she took a tube of personal lube and inserted some in her pussy and ass hole as well as on both dildos. Sitting on the edge of the padded table she started to insert the Little Devils. This set had a mode that reduced the size of the tip for the ass dildo. It came down to about 1” in diameter for the first inch or so. All that helped was to get it started. Sara had to pause when she reached the full size of that monster. Taking a deep breath Sara pushed hard and slow. As her rosebud took the full size she had to yell from the sharp pain. She rolled back on the table and lay over on her side.

Wow. It took her a few seconds to catch her breath. She lay over on her back and lifted her hips. Grabbing the dildos from the front and back she pressed hard and slow. As they slowly invaded her poor holes she was moaning from the intrusion. When she reached the rings she decided to take a different approach. Scooting down to the edge she got up and walked over to one of the bondage chairs. She positioned herself over the seat. Putting one hand on the dildos and one on the chair arm.  She started to lower herself onto the Devils.

Sara was slowly pressing on the rings with both lips when a severe pain shot through her ass. She stopped, she was holding herself up with her one hand. Breathing hard and starting to sweat. “Shit, maybe I’m not ready for these yet.” Sara started to push up with the one hand while she held the bar of the Little Devils. At this point her hand slipped off the arm of the chair because of the lube on her hand. Sara drove down on the Little Devils with all of her body weight all at once. She screamed, she saw stars. When she got her composure back she was lying on the padded table with both legs spread wide, holding her crotch with both hands.

She rested her arms back on the table while she fought to catch her breath. “God Damn” was her only words. Sara was glad they had insulated this room. She lived in a townhouse. She was sure the neighbors would have heard that. “Well they're in. I’m not sure how I’m going to get them out, but they’re in.” Sara lay there a little longer. “I’m going to have my session I don’t care if it kills me.” Sara got up off the table and stood there for a few seconds. The Little Devils were all they way in with the bar buried deep into her ass crack. Sara walked around a little. She was definitely full in both holes. But now that they were in just the thought of the size of them was starting to turn her on.

After a few more minutes she walked over to choose what she was going to wear. Looking at the Red Latex she picked up a pair of the red panties to put them on. She paused and looked at the chair and the table. “I think I had better sit on the table.” She said with a laugh. She sat down gently. Even then the dildos pushed deeper into her. She had to catch her breath. She slipped her legs into the panties and stood up. Pulling the latex panties up she had to squirm her hips a little because she liked the latex tight. “OOohhh Wow.” Sara said as she adjusted the panties.

Next she selected a red latex hood, and a two-inch ball from the drawer. She inserted the ball into her mouth with a little difficulty. Once it was set in where she wanted it she took the hood and started to roll it down her head. This hood had a large hole for her eyes and nose.  When she reached her chin she had to pull to get the hood all the way on. This forced her mouth tighter around the ball. She screamed as loud as she could. Nothing but a grunt came out. As she rolled it down she adjusted it around her neck smoothing it out.

Next came a full Latex body suit. Sara took the powder and dusted both the suit inside and her body. Sitting down again she started to pull the suit up onto her legs. It was tight, that is how she liked it. The pressure from the suit was like a squeezing lover. She smoothed out the suit as she went. She got it pulled up to her chest and put both arms into the sleeves. She worked her fingers into the enclosed gloves. As she zipped up the suit she worked the air out so it was smooth.  She left the hood on the suit down for now.

Sara chose a Red Latex corset next. Lying it on the table she picked out her red ballet boots. She sat down and laced them on. Standing up she balanced for a few seconds until she was ok. She picked up the corset and walked over to the laces. This is another gadget her ex boyfriend built. Putting on the corset she pulled the laces snug and put each end into the lacing grip. Sara had a waist of 32” she set the lacer for a 26” pull. The lacer was calibrated to the torque it required to reach her desired waist size. She shifted the corset till it was centered and turned on the lacer.

The lacer had a sequence it ran. It pulled for a few seconds and paused. This gave Sara a chance to adjust a little if needed. Then it would pull a little more and pause. Sara would move around and stretch during the pause. This let her get her waist down the 6” she wanted. When it reached the preset Sara waited a minute. Then reached over and added another 2” to the dial. She braced herself and waited for it to start. When it did she breathed out until it signaled.

When Sara breathed in it was labored. She had to breath in short breaths. Anyone that has not tight laced a corset does not know the feeling this gives. When you take a breath you feel the grip of the corset. It is holding you tight. You have to breath different. You take a breath and the corset grips your chest. Your body will breath by raising your chest. You take short breaths until your body adjusts to the corset. It is a feeling you have to experience. The full corset Sara chose reached from her bush all the way up onto her tits. It’s called a Sweetheart Style. Sara wore corsets all the time. Under her clothing when she is at work. It’s like being in a lovers embrace all day long.

Sara reached back and gripped one of the laces at the corset. She released the ends and tied them off giving one final tug before she cinched them. She paused before the mirror. She loved the look and feel of the latex. The smell was intoxicating. She took a polishing rag and shined up everything. “That’s Better.” It was easy for Sara to see what she was doing. The whole room was covered in mirrors. Even the ceiling. Sara raised her arms out and spun around once.

Satisfied she walked to the rack with the cuffs. Sara had decided on a strict hog tie. She selected the rubber ankle, arm and wrist cuffs. She selected several 2” wide rubber straps. She walked over to the padded table and put the items down. She checked to make sure everything else was there. Satisfied she sat down and put the ankle cuffs on. She made sure the d-ring was positioned properly. Next she put a strap around her calfs. Another strap went around her thighs. One more went around her waist. All the straps had d-ring at several locations. She put the cuffs on her wrist and just above her elbows.

The waist strap had a 2” strap that hung down in the back. Sara reached and pulled this strap through her legs and up to the front of the waist strap.  This end of the strap was split for a few inches. Each end went to an attached buckle on the waist strap. She tightened these up until she couldn’t anymore.

She double-checked, picked up the remote and lowered the hoist down until she had enough slack. This is the part that was tricky. Sara picked up a length of cable with snap hooks on each end. She looped one through the left ankle d-ring and clipped it to the right ankle d-ring. Taking the other end she threaded it through the left wrist d-ring around her back and through the right wrist d-ring. The other end was hooked to the hoist hook. She lowered a second hoist. Taking the end of this cable she threaded it through her left elbow d-ring and clipped it to the right elbow d-ring.  Now she looked at the other items on the table. “OK.”

She reached up and put her head in the suits hood. It took a little to pull it on. She adjusted the air holes and smoothed it out. This hood fully covered her head. There were breathing holes that allowed ample air through. No other holes were there. She paused and zipped the hood up tight. Reaching to her left she picked up a 1” strap and hooked the snaffle on one end to the d-ring in top of the suits hood. She reached behind her back and clipped the other end to the d-ring in the center of her waist strap making sure it was under the hoist line to her elbows. She pulled on the cinch until her head was pulled slightly up. If she were laying down her chin would just be off the table.

Next she rolled over onto her stomach. She found the remote and pressed the button on the top left. This initialized the pre-lift. This pulled in the two hoist lines for several seconds. This was enough to take most of the slack out of the lines. Sara was sure the lines were clear and pressed the pre-lift button twice. She held onto the remote as the lines pulled up slowly. This sequence pulled in the lines very slowly. Sara first felt her hands being pulled on. Then her feet started to rise off the table being pulled towards her hands. She felt her elbows being pulled on. Sara pressed the button on the top right of the remote and tossed it aside.

The hoist for the elbows started to rise up first. This pulled her elbows together. Sara heard the line as it pulled through the other elbow d-ring and the click as it captured that d-ring. Now the hoist for her elbows stopped. The hoist for her hands and feet started. As this hoist pulled up it brought her hands up to her feet then started to lift Sara up off the table. This pulled her body into a bowed lift. As she left the table she counted to three and the lift stopped. Perfect she thought. She was bowed hanging from her hands and feet. The strain was severe but she loved it. The hoist for the elbows had relaxed so there was no tension there. It was just to hook the elbows together.

Sara waited. The lift sequence finished the computer would start the program for the Little Devils. Sara had to laugh a little. She was going to rename this set the Big Devils. Sara felt the dildos start to vibrate. Very slowly, then they would run up a little and back down. MMMMmmmmm Sara thought now we are getting there.

They went wide open. The tips were pulsing not in sync but randomly. A series of shocks hit her not hard. AAAAaaahhhhh SSSSShhhhhhiiiiitttt that shock was hard. Her body bounced on the cable. The vibrators were running rampant. UUUUUuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh, YYYeeeesssss. Oh God! Oh God! she screamed into the gag. AAAAAahhhhhhhhhh. The ring on the pussy dildo was moving up and down across her sweet spot. Vibrating as it went.  Sara struggled against her bonds. The latex was hot, she was starting to sweat. OOOOOoooooohhhhhhhhhh SShittt.

GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDDD DDDDDDDAAAAMMMMM. The ass ring started to move. It was vibrating, it pushed past her Rosebud and back. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH Shit Shit Yes Yes. Her whole body trembled, it shook violently. She was bouncing on the cable. She was cuming and cuming hard. The ass ring did it. It wouldn’t stop everything was running at once shocks, vibrating, pulsing, the rings. Never Never has she cum like this. Would it ever stop. NO! NO! DON’T STOP YES! YES! YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Sara was limp. Her breathing was labored. She has never had an orgasm like this. Heaven help me! As she hung there her body spasming as aftershocks ran through her. Finally they stopped. She swung slowly back and forth. She was waiting for the program to lower her back to the table.

Sara was startled when she heard a crash. It sounded like glass breaking. It was hard to hear with the two latex hoods on. The hoist started to lower her to the table. It was probably the neighbor’s kids playing ball again. They have busted 3 windows this year alone. She needed to get out of this rig before she could find out. Then she heard. “My, My, My. What do we have here?”

A chill ran through Sara’s body. Suddenly the hoist stopped. She was just touching the table with her stomach. Then the hoist started to go up again. It didn’t travel far and stopped. She bounced on the cable like a fish on a hook. She felt a hand on her legs. It spun her around a few times then stopped her. She felt someone unhooking the strap from her head to the waist belt.

“Did I luck into it or what.” She heard the voice say again. Sara felt the zipper on the suit hood being pulled up. Then the suit hood was removed. Sara was looking at a man standing in front of her. He had a ski mask on. “Break in looking for cash and what do I find. A bitch on a hook.” Sara had to hold her head up to look at him. That in itself was hard after the multiple orgasms she had just been through.

He reached to remove the second hood and paused. “I am going to pull this off. Don’t scream, I don’t want to hurt you but I will. Shake your head if you understand.” At the sound of that shivers of fear traveled through her body. Her body jumped at his words. But it wasn’t completely fear. It was actually a turn on. Sara had always had a fantasy of being taken by a stranger and forced to perform. She shook her head yes.

The Intruder removed her second hood and pulled the ball out of her mouth. Sara started to say something but stopped. “This is some getup you have here. I haven’t seen anything like this since Vegas.” The man said looking around the room. He paused at the computer. Sara was slowly rotating on the cable. She heard him typing on the keyboard.

Sara was exhausted. Her head was hanging as she twisted on the cable. Suddenly she felt both the dildos start to vibrate. It was very light at first, then stronger, then Sara felt the dildo’s start to pulse the tip’s in and out. NNNOOOOOO Sara was responding to the stimulation. The Devils were going through their start-up routine. She started to feel shocks, their intensity was light but were rapidly getting stronger. The rings were starting to move and vibrate.

The ring in her ass was moving. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaa UUUUhhhhhhhhhhh Shit GOD, OH GOD. Sara screamed. The ring bumped past her rosebud. The ring in her pussy was working out on her sweet spot. The vibrations were at their maximum. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH YES YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Sara was bouncing on the cable. Her whole body was shaking. She was screaming as loud as she could. Then the Devils went dead. UUUhhhhhhhhhhhh.

As Sara started to catch her breath, she finally could start to see straight. She noticed the man was standing there with his mouth wide open, He was rubbing his crotch. He had a hard on that was threatening to rip his pants open. “WOW, what in the hell did I just do.” Was his comment.

He slowly unzipped his pants. Reaching in he produced his dick and held it in his hand. It was huge. He walked up to Sara and stopped her from spinning. Sara’s head was inches from his pulsing dick. “Do It.” Was all he said. Sara didn’t know why but she opened her mouth and started to lick the head. Then she took his dick in her mouth sucking on the tip. He moved forward pushing himself into her. She accepted him willingly. Placing his hands on her head he moved slowly in and out of her mouth. He pushed deeper each time. Sara didn’t fight. She was moving her head in rhythm to his thrust.

He pulled her closer forcing himself into her. Sara was willing. She was still excited from the Dildos doing their startup. Why was she doing this? She didn’t know she just had to. She wanted to. The Little Devils came alive. MMMmmmmmmm sara moaned around his thrusting shaft.

The man was fucking her fast now. Driving himself into her with force. Sara was wanting him to do it. She had never deep throated a man before. The sensation was erotic. The Devils were playing with her. Bring her to peak and backing off. The man was moaning now. His breathing was heavy. Sara started to feel the wave come over her. All she could do was let him force her onto his cock. She had no say in the matter. He was using her for his pleasure.

She was his sex slave to be used as he saw fit. That fantasy drove Sara to the edge.  Faster and faster he went. She wanted it, she needed it. She couldn’t explain it. The man started to explode into her. Sara came with him. It was heaven. Sara had never felt this before. He finally thrust himself deep into her mouth and held himself there. Sara could feel his dick pulse, and with each pulse she felt his cum in her throat.  Sara was shaking from her own orgasm. He finally finished cuming and backed out of her mouth. She looked up at him and he placed his dick at her lips. She accepted it and licked the cum from around the head.

The man stepped back and sat down in one of the chairs. His still throbbing dick lying against his leg. Sara was still shaking. Her body would convulse. She was so confused. She didn’t know what came over her. She had been forced, used and it turned her on.

The man finally stood up and tucked his now limp dick back in his pants. He didn’t say a word. He found a towel and cleaned some of his cum that had run down her chin. He found the remote for the hoist and lowered Sara to the table. He helped her unhook the cables and rolled her over on her back. He raised his mask up so she could see his face. Then he leaned over and kissed her. Long and softly. Sara returned the kiss. Sara’ head was spinning.

He stood up and started to walk out of the closet. He stopped and turned. “Sorry about the window.” He said. “My Name is Greg, by the way.”

“I’m Sara.” Was her response.

“What are you doing this Saturday?” He asked. 

“I’ll probably be hanging around here.” Sara smiled. “I’ll leave the window unlocked.”

As he smiled and disappeared around the corner Sara laid back on the table. What just happen. She was molested by a stranger and it turned her on like never before. She laid there smiling for a few minutes.

“Shit, now I have to get these things out of me.” Sara started to get up and noticed both of the Devils didn’t seem to be as big. She undressed placing everything on the table where she could clean it before putting it away. When she pulled her panties off, she reached and pulled on the Devils. They slid right out. They had reduced their size when they had shut off after that last rocket ride.

Sara went about cleaning the latex and putting everything away. When she had a chance she opened the PDF file for the Devils and found what she was looking for. They had an insertion and removal routine. They would collapse the rings and reduce their overall size for ease of insertion and removal. “Damn, now I find out.”

Sara was enjoying the hot bath. As she sipped the glass of wine, she was thinking of this Saturday night, and looking forward to hanging around the house. Sara felt a twinge in her crotch and smilled.

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