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Satin Toys

by Leon01

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© Copyright 2022 - Leon01 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; Sbm; satin; catsuit; collar; cuffs; chastity; diapers; ice-release; sleepsack; silk; gag; bedtie; cons; X

This story is about a trio of young adults, a man, and two women, who enjoy being in bondage. Instead of taking turns tying each other up, they decide to carry out an elaborate self-bondage session for three over a three-day weekend. The plan being for them to be bound and gagged side by side on a bed of red satin wearing red satin jumpsuits. The keys to their restraints hang from the ceiling from strings anchored in blocks of ice. A camera set up to record not only them tied up but sedated so they wake up in bondage as if they’d been really drugged and kidnapped. They don’t expect petty thieves to find their hidden playroom with the three of them still unconscious in the bed. Journals tell the visitors everything about their submissive desires and fetishes. Striking a gold mine, the crooks depart with the information, leaving the drugged trio to awaken hours later, suspecting nothing.

A few weeks later the crooks strike again but in a new profession. Human trafficking. Their families and friends believe they are off on vacation, nobody realizing the man and woman are missing as they are carried off to the wealthy couple who bought them.

The story involves kidnapping, bondage, and enslavement. It will contain a large amount of fetish material.

Hope you enjoy it.


They had spent three months preparing for the ultimate bondage weekend, making the basement room nearly completely soundproof, leaving the prepared gags almost redundant. Shelving removed any sign of the entrance to the windowless playroom, ensuring their privacy. Bogus plans to be out of town for the three-day weekend, certain to alleviate any unexpected visitors.

Jim, Julie, and Megan silently entered the room. They stood at five foot four, slim and attractive. Jim’s hair was a clean-cut sandy blond. Julie’s bright golden blond hair fell down just past her shoulders. Megan’s long, scarlet tresses were neatly tied back in a ponytail with a black silk ribbon. Each of them was filled with anticipation. The moment of truth was at hand.

They were each submissive and enjoyed bondage games. Usually, they would take turns playing the villain, tying up the other two as part of their bondage games using various scenarios. Often, the game involved satin, silk, and shiny spandex costumes and surroundings. While not into cross-dressing, Jim enjoyed the feel of the smooth fabric against his skin. None of them liked the pain aspect associated with bondage. They did enjoy being helplessly bound and gagged with no say in what was done to them. They considered it all as love bondage. Foreplay that would conclude with the three of them having hot, passionate sex.

While it was all fun, one thing was clear. The two captives wanted their “captor” to join them. More importantly, so did their “jailer.” This time it would be different, in that all three would be securely, helplessly bound. And not for just an hour or two.

Each of their slender frames was enclosed in a brilliant jumpsuit of red satin. Dangling at the back of the garments' close-fitting collars, a brass padlock secured the zippers so they couldn’t be removed without a key. Hanging loosely from rings sewn onto the front of the jumpsuits, handcuffs were padlocked in place. The placement just above their hips ensured they couldn’t reach their privates to stimulate themselves. Intended to deal with any accidents, diapers worn under the jumpsuits added an extra layer of chastity.

The room was lined with red, button-tufted satin panels to conceal the soundproof insulation. The only exception was the mirror mounted on the ceiling above the upper third of the king-sized bed in the room. The only other furniture was a nightstand with a Tiffany lamp beside the bed and a small tablet. On the table sat three cocktail glasses, a crystal decanter containing an amber liquid, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. It also held three, nearly three-inch wide bands of silk with what appeared to be balls attached to them.

At first glance, there didn't seem to be anything unique about the bed except for it being large and luxurious. It was covered in red satin bedding with a trio of large, soft bed pillows sitting side by side under the mirrored ceiling. A shiny, red satin comforter was neatly folded back to the foot of the bed with the top sheet. On the wall over the pillows, a threesome of small reading lights focused down on the cushions.

Three sets of padded leather ankle restraints were laid at the foot of the bed. The chains they were padlocked to disappeared under the bedding and were bolted securely to the wooded bed frame. A chain was stretched tightly across the bed at the base of the pillows. Centred on the pillows, three spring-loaded clips taken from dog leashes were fastened to the chain. Connected to the padlocks on the zippers at the back of their necks, they would keep the trio from being able to sit up, trapping their heads on satin pillows held in place with velcro. Their hands locked in the handcuffs, they would be unable to reach either the leash clips or the restraints binding their feet to free themselves.

The bed was designed to be one large sleep sack with the comforter securely bolted to the foot of the bed. On each side of the bed, five metal rods protruded from the wooden base of the bed. The rods were placed to match the brass rings sewn into the edges of the comforter to hold it down snugly over them. Once in place and handcuffed, they would be trapped under the comforter. Only after a timer cut the power to the electric motors keeping the spring-loaded rods extended would they retract, releasing the bedding over them so it could be removed.

Lying on the centre of the bed, three sets of handcuff keys were tied to strings leading up to rings mounted in the ceiling. Running through the rings, the free ends of the strings were laid out toward the foot of the bed.

Satisfied everything was set, Jim was the first one to speak. “Let’s get started.”

He made his way to the large ice chest sitting on the floor at the end of the bed and opened it. The three-pound coffee cans had taken two weeks to prep. Strings slowly fed onto the containers with water added each time to freeze them in solid ice. The last three days with the, now full coffee cans kept at 0 degrees in a chest freezer. To make sure the ice blocks didn’t melt too quickly, three ten-pound bags of ice stored in the same freezer were broken up and poured over and around the three cans.

Reaching over, Jim grabbed a string attached to the keys laying near one side of the bed. As he pulled, the keys were lifted up off the bed where Megan would lay. He proceeded to take the free end of the string and run it through a loop pre-tied in the string sticking out from the ice. A simple knot did the rest. When he was done, the keys hung a mere six inches off the ceiling. He repeated the procedure with the other two strings to similarly suspend the keys to his and Julie’s handcuffs above the bed. Weights attached to the keys ensured they would drop into their bound hands, but not until the ice they were anchored in melted. With the other restraints in place, the keys would be well out of reach of their bound hands. The third and final timer, it would only allow them to free themselves only when everything was over.

Jim could feel his penis swelling under the confines of his diaper as his excitement over what they were about to do grew. And if everything worked out, they had other plans for when they went on vacation in six weeks.

As he completed his tasks, Julie slipped into the outer basement.

The computer console showed a computer-generated layout of the room. Notes documenting every detail of their meticulous plan from measurements of the restraints to the reinforced stitching making sure the handcuffs couldn't be pulled free from the jumpsuits. Even the careful placement of the velcro to hold the pillows in place on the beds.

With a few movements of the mouse, the image on the screen changed to that of the camera set up in the room. Mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed, it was focused on the three red satin pillows on which they would lay. She took a few seconds to admire the sight, her diaper absorbing the moisture between her legs. After a few seconds, she clicked on the icon to begin recording the events in the room. The attached hard drive was more than large enough to record days of high-definition video of the three of them in bondage. The night-vision ability of the camera was sure to provide clear footage even in total darkness. She reached up and turned off the monitor.

Next, she turned to the digital timer mounted on the wall outside the silk-lined playroom. She deftly entered in one hour. At that time, the timer would turn off the power to the lamp, plunging the room into total blackness. More importantly, it would cut off power to the electric motors under the bed allowing the spring-loaded rods to retract, releasing the comforter over them.

The second timer set, Julie retreated back into the room, pulling closed the shelving unit behind her to remove any trace of the entrance to the hidden dungeon.

"All set," Julie announced, rejoining the others. She could see the three sets of keys hanging down over the bed.

"Same here," Jim reported. Together, they moved over to where Megan poured the liquid from the decanter onto the cocktail glasses. She handed glasses to Jim and Julie before picking up the third. For a few seconds, the trio alternated looks between the glasses and each other. After all the excitement and anticipation, the three displayed a sudden hesitancy to carry on with their plans. Finally, after several long seconds, Megan held up her glass.

"To bondage and total submission." Jim and Julie reluctantly raised their glasses as well. Together, they proceeded to down the doubles. The whiskey burned as it went down. Initially masked by the fiery liquid, the chloral hydrate left a distinct, sweetish aftertaste in each of their mouths. Megan proceeded to open the bottle of Jack and poured each of them another double to wash away the taste of the knockout drops.

"It's done," Jim declared, putting down his glass."

"We can still back out," Julie stated. Her eyes sparkled with a mix of excitement and reluctance. The first timer had been set. In minutes the drug in their drinks will take effect, rendering them unconscious. The only question was whether they would carry out their plan and wake up bound in the bed or not.

"We've come this far," Megan said after a few seconds. Jim nodded as Megan picked up one of the folded strips of satin and offered it to Julie. She took it as Jim picked up one for himself. Picking the last one, Megan didn't hesitate. Wrapped in red silk, the foam ball fit comfortably in her mouth. She pulled the wide, stretchy satin band it was attached to around to the back of her head. The six-inch overlap of velcro holding the gag securely in place in her mouth. She watched the other pair don their own gags. Their efforts to talk were thoroughly muted. For a moment, they took in the vision of their muzzled companions before moving to the next step.

As one, they moved to the bed. Jim took his place in the centre with Julie on his right and Megan to his left. The slickness of the jumpsuits sliding on the equally smooth sheets. Trigger by their movement, the three reading lights activated, shining down on the satin pillows. They immediately set about fastening their ankles in the padded restraints chains they were padlocked to bolted securely to the foot of the bed. A gentle tug made sure they couldn't slip out of the cuffs. 

Proceeding on to the next task, they began unfolding the satin sheet and comforter over themselves. Reaching over the side of the bed, Julie and Megan worked to slip the metal grommets installed in the comforter over the end of the rods sticking out from the wooden frame of the bed. Once it was secured snugly above and below their knees they could use it to apply leverage to force their hips and shoulders down into the soft, pillow-top mattress. In seconds, the bedding was similarly pulled tight over their hips and abdomen. The threesome pressing their heads and shoulders down into the bed, Megan, fished around blindly over her side of the bed, straining to slip the last ring into place. Expecting it to be harder, she was surprised when it slipped easily over the end of the rod. The man and two women relaxed, snugly cocooned in the makeshift satin sleep sack. 

They took a few seconds to take in their reflection of them wearing the satin gags in the mirror above them as the silken pillows billowed around their heads. The sight aroused them even further.

Reaching up, Megan removed the ribbon from her hair, tossing it onto the floor next to the bed. Taking a second to shake out her ponytail, she felt for the clip attached to the chain by her pillow. As she did, Jim and Julie fastened the identical clips to the same padlocks trapping them in their jumpsuits. They only had to wait a few seconds for Megan to attach the clip to her own collar. They tested their restraints. The latches attached to the two-inch collars made it nearly impossible to lift their heads off the pillows. The cuffs binding their ankles to the foot of the bed left them stretched out between the red satin sheets. Even without the comforter secured over their legs, they would be unable to even bend their knees more than a few inches before being stopped by the neck restraints.

Only one step remained. Jim, Julie, and Megan took a moment to look at each other, directly and at their reflections in the mirror above them. The keys to their freedom hung over the handcuffs secured to their waists, concealed and out of reach under the silken bedding. The ice-filled chest anchored the keys hidden from view on the floor at the foot of the bed. The red light on the camera recorded the three of them in the bed.

After a long, hesitant moment, Jim slipped his arms down under the bedding and felt for the handcuffs. Reluctantly, Julie and Megan followed suit. A few seconds later, the microphone on the camera picked up the muffled ratcheting coming from under the comforter as one by one, the six cuffs closed on their wrists., trapping their hands and arms under the satin sheet and comforter covering them. They were now bound and completely helpless. Almost...

It was done. A quiet moan escaped their gags as a knot formed in their stomachs.

They had gone over every detail to make sure nothing could go wrong. What if something did? Their minds began racing with what-ifs.

The electric motors were used in commercial construction to help stop the spread of smoke and fire in the event of a fire. Designed to close if power was interrupted, the linkage Jim had utilised should retract the rods holding the comforter in place over them when the timer Julie had set cut off the power to the room. What if they didn't? How would they get the comforter off so they could get the keys when they finally fell? Even if the bedding was released, would they be able to uncover themselves with the limited movement afforded to their shackled hands?

Nobody else knew of their secret prison. The entrance was well concealed where nobody would find it. The room was heavily soundproofed and the gags would make sure nobody heard them calling out. The smooth pillows under their heads left nothing to catch the gags on to remove them. Their bonds held them securely, unable to escape without help or the keys.

Within minutes, their thoughts began to grow foggy as the chloral hydrate began to take effect, making it impossible to concentrate, to stay awake, their eyes growing heavy, slowly closing.

Two minutes later, sensing no movement from the bed, the lights shining down on their sleeping faces went out. The camera continued to record the bound, drugged, and now completely helpless trio.

A short time later, as planned, the lamp on the bedside table went out, leaving just the light of the front of the camera to illuminate the room. The gentle whine of the electric motors filling the room as the rods retracted back into the base of the bed. Freed, the comforter remained draped over the heavily sedated man and women.



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