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My Self-Bondage Adventure Gone Wrong

by The Franchise

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First a little about myself. My name is Tony and I’m a thirty-year-old male who discovered bondage from my ex-girlfriend many years ago. A few years back, she decided that we weren’t “compatible” any more and left me. That’s when I started learning the art of self-bondage. I’ve had many interesting and captivating moments that had me stuck for longer periods of time than I expected. This is a true story of one of my adventures. This happened about one year ago. Believe it or not! The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

It started out simple enough. All I was going to do was hide the keys to my equipment outside. My equipment included a leather blindfold, a bright red ball gag, police issue handcuffs, ankle cuffs and a steel spreader bar. I was going to attach both ankles to the spreader bar using padlocks and handcuff my arms behind my back. My ball gag and blindfold would also be padlocked on so that I wouldn’t be able to remove them. I had always left my keys inside my house, sometimes frozen in ice, or out in my backyard, which is surround by trees. I was always safe in these surroundings and decided that this time I was going to be daring.

My neighbors, three beautiful women, Megan, Sue and Robin (a mother and her two daughters) lived across the street and they were always involved in my fantasies. They come and go at various hours, due to their jobs. I made notes tracking their arrivals and departures. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, they all left for work early in the morning and arrived home around six o’clock at night. After I was confident that I knew their schedules, I decided to use them as living timers.

Again, my set up was simple. On Wednesday night, around seven o’clock at night, I stopped by to talk with Sue and Robin, the two daughters. While they are quite a bit younger than I am (they are 20 and 19, respectively), we have plenty of things in common and often talk about local happening and upcoming events. Before I went over, I put each of my three main keys into a separate magnetic key holder that people use to hide extra keys to their cars. When I left, I stopped in their driveway and attached a key holder to each of their three cars where I could get to them when they came home. I put the key to my blindfold under Robin’s car, I put the key to my gag under Sue’s car and I put the key to my house under Megan’s car. I figured that I could retrieve my blindfold and gag keys first, but wouldn’t be able to use them until I got in my house to get my key to the handcuffs.

Knowing that they could possibly go out after work, I would have to stay close to their driveway. They have a row of bushes that run along their walkway about five feet off the side of their house and I decided that this is where I would have to be hiding when they got home so I could easily and quickly get the keys. I took a big chance at being seen, but what the hell, nothing ventured-nothing gained, right?! I couldn’t wait until Friday when I had off from work. It was going to be a day that I would never forget. And it lived up to its expectations and then some!

Thursday, around six o’clock in the evening, I double-checked all my equipment and all my plans. Everything was going to be perfect! I was so gung-ho that I could barely sleep at all. Around two o’clock in the morning, I stripped off my Joe Cool boxers, locked on my gag and ankle cuffs, and then with the rest of my stuff in hand, and locked myself out of my house. Around five o’clock, Robin left for work. There goes the key to my house, now I’m stuck outside until she returns. Five thirty came and Megan left, there goes the key to my blindfold. And shortly after, Sue left. There goes the last of three keys! I made my way across the street. As soon as I was sure nobody was around, while still at the edge of their driveway, I quickly attached my spreader bar to my ankle cuffs, locked on my blindfold and snapped the handcuffs on my wrists behind my back.

Here I was, blindfolded, gagged and hobbled with my hands caught behind my back until they all returned home at that night. I was standing by the road totally naked, where anyone traveling or walking the road could see me, so I hobbled as best I could up to where their cars were parked earlier and laid down in the wet grass behind the bushes. I was so excited at my situation that my member was standing straight up! After the initial excitement wore off, I fell asleep only to be woken up later that day by a dog. The dog must have got out of its yard and I could hear someone yelling for their dog in the distance.

Eventually the dog left and I was alone again. Time seemed to pass slowly. What time was it anyway? I was itching to get up and walk around, but there was nowhere to go in broad daylight and I couldn’t see anything anyway. I just had to tough it out. Again, I fell asleep! The next time I awoke, it was the noise of a car door being slammed shut that did it! I made it! The first of my keys has arrived! The others would shortly! I figured that I would wait about fifteen minutes and then try to get my key. WRONG! Just someone stopping by to visit. They came and went in about five minutes without even knowing that there was a bound, helpless, and naked man lying just six feet away from them! The thrill of discovery gave me a raging hard-on! My mind wandered on many things! What if they had come earlier when the dog was around? Who was it? A girl? A guy? What would they do with me? Would they try to release me? Maybe call the police? Would they possibly use or abuse me?

About an hour later, another car pulled in the driveway. This had to be the first of my keys returning! I certainly hoped so! Then I heard Robin’s voice talking to someone. I certainly didn’t expect her to bring someone home with her. Then I heard something she said that to this day I cry over! She said, “Come on over to my house, my sister and I are going to throw a party. My mom went down the shore with her boyfriend for an overnight stay. She won’t be back until tomorrow night” What was I going to do? Without that key, I will be stuck blindfolded, gagged and naked outside my house unless I get a spare key from either my sister, my friend or my neighbors! And a party, no less, was about to happen right around me.

Since I couldn’t call my friend or my sister, my only choice would be to ask my neighbor! That’s when my world came crashing down around me! How was I going to ask for help with the ball gag in my mouth, buckled tight and padlocked in place? I was going to have to try though and take my chances with Robin understanding! After she entered her house, I got up, half expecting a car to come screeching to a halt upon seeing me, and made my way to her car. I felt along the car until I found her front bumper and removed the key holder. I had just stood up and was about to return to the bushes to think about what I was going to do, when a car pulled into the driveway with a very loud “honk!” that seemed to last forever. I was sure everyone in town was coming to see what was the matter. Someone got out of the car and rushed over to me, bumping me so hard that I toppled over. I then recognized Sue’s voice asking, “What the hell are you doing, Tony!? You’re stark-ass naked and handcuffed in my driveway!”

One of the problems that I had at that time was I couldn’t answer. I sat up, and slid around sideways and showed the key holder in my hand. It took her a little while to understand, but eventually she opened the box, removed the key and undid my gag! It was a great thing to be able to move my jaw again! The stiffness in my jaw was only equal to the stiffness between my legs. The first words I stuttered to Sue were that the key to my blindfold was attached under her rear bumper! She quickly got the key any took off my blindfold. It was incredibly bright outside. Probably around noon (but it felt like it was around midnight)! They both had come home early. I asked Sue to help me get to some cover before traffic started passing by and spotted me. Her reply was a definite “No!” She told me to wait there for a few seconds. Like I had a choice! I said, “Okay! You’re the boss!”

With that she replaced my blindfold and buckled my gag back on. She padlocked both of them again and disappeared. The only things I heard were the front door opening and a great amount of laughing coming from inside from both girls. A couple minutes later, Sue and Robin returned. After the two of them had their share of fun by laughing and teasing me, they removed my gag and asked if I had learned my lesson. I replied “I had!” and that I was sorry for inconveniencing them in any way! While Sue was helping me up, Robin was opening up the gate to their backyard. Both girls were laughing as we made our way to the back. They then removed my gag and blindfold and asked how to undo my handcuffs and ankle cuffs. I told them the keys were inside my house on the living room floor, and my key to the house was attached to their mother’s car.

While Sue threw insult after insult at me, Robin ran inside, grabbed their key to my house, and got the rest of my keys. I was finally going to be saved! I inquired about when the people were coming over for the party and Sue answered, “Shortly!” I was nervous as all hell! Surely they would let me go before the people showed up for the festivities. Robin returned with the keys and my eyes must have sparkled because she said, “You must really want these”. But before I could even answer, she said that I had to beg, and that I had better be convincing! Convincing? I did want those keys! Badly! I dropped to my knees and pleaded for all I was worth. Robin said, “No problem!” but I had to do one more thing for her. I said that I would agree to anything she wanted as long as they would let me go! She asked me to stand up. I did. They then uncuffed my hands and told me to stand next to their chain-link fence. What could I do? I couldn’t run anywhere, and they had the key to my house. So I did as they said. They then proceeded to cuff my hands behind my back through the fence so that I was stuck. They reapplied my gag and blindfold and locked them on again! Will this day ever end?

The next thing I know, one of the girls is rubbing her finger on my chest. With all these new developments, I had an erection like none I’d ever had before! This made the girls giggle with happiness. Then, one of the girls put her arm around me and said out loud, “Cheese!” I heard the sound of a digital camera! Boy, was I ever screwed! After about 10 pictures, Robin yells that’s it was her turn. She told me she was a little disappointed that my erection had faded, and that if I wanted out, I had better get another one soon. With all this going on, it wasn’t hard to get hard again. A few more pictures later, she said that she wanted some different poses and angles but didn’t have time because their girlfriends were about due to show up for the party and that they had to go take showers and get ready.

Sue yelled to me just as she was entering the house that her, Robin and about ten of the girlfriends would be having a slumber party and I was going to be the only guy there and also that I was going to provide some live entertainment. Soon, I heard a car pulling into the driveway. I heard a few girls talking and then ring the doorbell. Shortly, thereafter, more cars pulled up and more girls arrived. Music was wafting to me from inside the house, and the sounds of girls having a good time began to get louder. They must have been drinking. I just had this feeling that this was going to be very embarrassing for me!

Robin came out unhooked my hands, then recuffed them behind my back, undid my hobble and handed me my keys and told me I had better go home because the party was about to flow out to the backyard. Well, who was I to argue? She opened up the gate and I ran. I turned the corner of their house and made a beeline for my house. As I was running I heard what sounded like thousands of girls giving taunts and teases, an occasional cat-call and one girl screamed that she was glad that she had her video camera on and running like Sue had said to do! I ran directly to my house, turned around, unlocked my door (after many unsuccessful tries) and hid inside!

To this day, my neighbors threaten me with exposing my bondage games with others if I don’t do as they say. I been their chauffeur many times, I do yardwork when they want me to, and perform other duties as they see fit. I’ve even been a servant at one of their all-girl parties wearing nothing but a pair of silk boxers, a bow tie and a big old smile. Their girlfriends, who still stop by their house that were at the party, still make comments to me when they see me. They have even been able to use my services, although not once has there ever been any kind of sexual experiences resulting from it. With all this happening to me, you might think that I would move away or something, but you know what? I think I really liked it!

The End!


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