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Selfbondage for Two

by Tantalis

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© Copyright 2001 - Tantalis - Used by permission

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Hello all, Have you ever wanted to have a self-bondage session at the last moment and didn’t have your key already frozen in ice? Well, I’ve come up with a way to pull off a session at a moments notice anytime you get the chance. Here’s what I do. I tie my wrist cuff key to a string as usual, (tying the other end of the string to my wrist so I can’t loose the key), and then I just wrap the key inside a big ball of masking tape. If I tie my hands apart, such as in a spread-eagle position, I have to unwrap the key with one hand. Depending on how much tape I use, the quality of the tape, and how hard I squeeze the tape shut as I’m wrapping it, I could be there for an hour, or MANY more. There’s no exact science to figure out how long you’re going to be stuck there, but that’s part of the fun of it. Of course you can use tape made of cloth or plastic, but they can take even longer to unwrap because they won’t tear like masking tape usually does. (Just thought I should give you a heads-up on that...) 

My girlfriend and I are into bdsm (self and together), and being both ‘switches’ we sometimes like to engage in a little friendly competition to settle the issue of who will be ‘on top’ in a given session. It can be strip poker, betting on some live sports event on TV, or most anything we like. One week I had the great idea of using the ‘tape and key’ timer to settle the bet. We would both be bound at the same time and race like hell to be the first one to get free, the looser ending up having to endure a whole night of sexual tantalization without being allowed to cum until morning. (Talk about incentive to win!!!) She agreed and we both spent the week before planning just what to do to the other one. 

When in the dominant role, we never share what we’re planning with the other ahead of time. That causes the sexual tension to skyrocket, especially as the session is beginning. The sub doesn’t find out what’s going to happen until AFTER they’re bound and helpless. Here’s what we did. We bound ourselves spread-eagle on the bed facing each other, using the tape/key timer for our wrist cuffs. We were both naked, her legs resting overtop mine, our genitalia facing each the others about a foot or so apart in plain view but out of reach. For maximum fairness we both used identical rolls of masking tape, and we each wrapped the others’ key so no one could cheat by making the unwrapping easy for themselves. 

On the count of three, we began struggling to free our keys. As the minutes ticked by, the sexual tension began to rise. (And so did my ‘wooden soldier’). It’s not like I could hide it. It’s in situations like that when you really FEEL naked. She thought it was so amusing until I pointed out the glistening between HER legs. I wasn’t the only one getting turned on by all this. As we went on working on our balls of tape, we each began to become propagandists, trying to break the others’ concentration by commenting on how much fun we were going to have with the other once he or she freed themselves and confiscated the losers’ key, rendering them the helpless victim for the WHOLE night. All that did was turn us both on all the more.

After about an hour, we were both sweaty from the struggling, and horny as hell from the propaganda and from seeing each other bound, naked and frantically pulling on tape, and straining against shackles that wouldn’t give way. I wanted to break my bonds and take her right then and there. And if I could have, that’s exactly what I would have done, game or no game! But I was not to be that lucky. No, not even CLOSE to being that lucky. That’s right. You guessed it. Suddenly I heard her grunting increase and she was almost FREE! ‘This can’t be happening’, I thought. ‘I just can’t end up as the sub when I’m this horney to begin with, and then to be allowed no orgasm until morning!!!’ I began working on my tape-ball like a mad dog, but just as I was getting somewhere I looked over and saw her key in her hand, and she was frantically trying to work her lock! “No! N-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!” I shouted, but it was too late. She had one hand free and was now reaching over to the other one, and I was STILL working on the last few inches of my tape. 

I could only watch helplessly as she then sat up and unbuckled her ankle cuffs and cast them to the floor, then stood up, opened the nightstand drawer, finding the scissors and quickly cut the string that held my cuff-key to my wrist, then wrapping the string around her fingers, gave it one determined, merciless yank, and the keys to my freedom were gone for good!

As she caught her breath, she treaded the keys onto her gold necklace, (the only thing she was wearing), and proudly and tauntingly displayed them as they rested nestled between her cleavage.

“Just had to rub it in, didn’t ya” I said.

“Oh, I haven’t rubbed anything yet” she giggled,” but you just wait awhile...! Did you once say you DIDN”T like a feather-like touch down there?” With that, my helpless soldier stood at even taller attention, betraying my excitement in full view. “Oh yeah”, she said. “Now I remember. You referred to it as ‘intolerable heaven’.

Me and my big ideas! I was the designer of this game, and first crack out of the box I’M the first victim, trapped in my own web. And trapped I was, too. A famous comedian once said, “I have a penis and a brain and only enough blood to run one at a time.” I now know which part of my anatomy thought up THIS game! Now Lisa leaned more toward being a sub than a Dom, but when she was in the dominant role she really threw herself into it, and always seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself, (and Myself while she was at it...). The first thing she did was to order me to kiss and suck on her breasts. Not only was I taunted by them, but also by the key to my freedom which was hanging between them from her necklace, right in front of my nose. She was always very good at adding psychological dominance to whatever she was doing physically, and it was working, too. I wanted so badly to snatch them with my teeth, but even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to get them from my mouth to my hands, and she knew that full well.

When she tired of that, she then straddled my face and ordered me to service her with my tongue. She said that if I did a real good job there would be a very pleasant surprise waiting for me afterward. Just before she was ready to cum, she got up and re-straddled me, swallowing up my throbbing member inside her, and began pumping and grinding her way to finish her short trip to ecstasy, knowing that I couldn’t hold out until after she was done. Not that I wasn’t thankful, but I was puzzled because our agreement was not to let the looser cum until morning. “Go ahead, sweety,” she said. “Let it go.” (LET it go???. Like I could have stopped it!) In a few short moments I was cumming like crazy, and she right behind me. As she started to regain her composure she sat up and rested her hands on my chest, looking down at me with this ‘cat that swallowed the canary’ look on her face and said, “I know you think I did you a favour, but actually you’ve just been had. Now I won’t have to worry about you being such a hairpin trigger once we begin your REAL session”. And she was right, too. 

Sometime within the next hour my sexual ‘battery’ would be re-charged and ready to go again. All, that is, except for a mans’ usual ability to cum at the drop of a hat that doesn’t return until after a full nights’ sleep. Now, unless she was very careless, she would be able to easily keep me going for hours on end without accidentally lighting my fuse. She then put a leather hood over my head, the kind with holes for the nose, eyes and mouth, and snaps to add the blindfold attachment. Next she put a medium sized ballgag in my mouth and fastened it securely behind my head. She left the blindfold off (for now) because she wanted me to see what she was setting up for later. Then she took the wrist and ankle cuffs she had been wearing and fastened them onto my wrists and ankles and then secured them to the bedposts, whereby double-cuffing me to the bed!

“We don’t want to take any chances now, do we?” she said. “I’m going to go watch some TV,” she said. “Now try to get some rest. You’re going to need it!” she said laughing, then left the room and closed the door. I could barely hear the TV. Out in the living room. A few commercials went by, then I heard a female announcer saying, “Tonight, on a Lifetime original movie...” AAARRRGH!!! Now I knew I was going to have to wait like this for at least TWO HOURS! What have I gotten myself into, I thought. If only I could get just ONE foot free right now, I’d use it to kick my own ass!

I’ve never slept very well in captivity. My senses keep returning to the shackles holding me helpless, and my imagination continually haunts me with visions of what is to come, along with my inability to stop it. I managed to drift off into whisps of twilight sleep now and then, but most of my time in waiting was spent futily struggling against the double-shackles that Lisa imposed on me. My emotions were a never-ending rollercoaster of excitement and dread. Anticipation is a very powerful aphrodisiac, and I was drowning in it! As I finally heard the movie ending, all these emotions surfaced at once, knowing she was about ready to begin whatever she had planned for me, and I began straining against my bonds with all I had in me. 

Of course, they weren’t budging and that appealed to the sub part of me, causing my penis to stand straight up and obvious like an empty flagpole at sunset. Just then I heard her coming down the hall. “Oh great!” I thought to myself. “THIS is how she is going to find me!”

Just then the door opened and she stopped cold. “Well, well, well,” she said, beaming. “Starting without me, are you?” I was very embarrassed. “Oh, this is just too good to pass up!”

She then opened the dresser drawer and got out the Polaroid. I started twisting and mmmph-ing all over the place. I did NOT want my picture taken like this!!! As I pulled against my bonds, it made my rigid member go bobbing about like a bowie on a windy day. “That’s it, baby,” she said. “Make love to the camera.”

Then she knelt down at the foot of the bed to get a straight-on shot. I began pulling and tugging in all directions, stopped by all four of my double-bound limbs.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, sweety. Give me some attitude!” (bitch!!!)

She continued walking around the bed, shooting from different angles until the camera was empty. Then she walked out of the room for a moment and brought back a plastic shopping bag full of women’s’ magazines she had bought at the drug store earlier that day, a bottle of wine, and one glass. 

She was wearing a full-length housecoat, complete with fuzzy pink slippers. She then strapped a cock vibrator onto my defenceless manhood. The deluxe model that I had bought for myself, with a hand held remote for adjusting the speed. She then wrapped tape around my fingers, leaving my thumbs sticking out on both hands, and locked a thumb-cuff onto my right thumb. There was a chain that came up from the centre of the head of the bed, connected to the frame underneath. She snapped a leash onto the thumb-cuff in order to maintain control of my hand as she moved it, then unlocked my wrist cuff, led my hand over to the chain and re-locked it to the chain. Then she did the same to my left hand. Now my hands were locked directly over my head. Then she removed the tape from my fingers. 

All that trouble just so she would have room to sit next to me. Then she fluffed the pillows at the headboard and nestled up next to me, propped up against the headboard. She turned the cock vibrator on low, and set the control on my chest while she took the first magazine out of the bag. Then she poured herself a glass of wine, took a sip, and set the glass down on the nightstand beside her. Now that I saw what was to be going on next to me during the night it was time for her to add the blindfold attachment to my hood mask. She snapped it on, picked up the magazine in one hand and the vibrator control in the other and settled in for the duration. 

There I was lying bound and naked next to a fully dressed woman while sporting a raging hard on I could neither hide nor cure. She began playing with the speed control for the vibrator. Low... medium... back to low... high...........................OFF. (MMMMPH!!!) As I expressed my frustration I heard her laughing quietly to herself, then the rustle of a turning page. After letting me cool down a moment, the vibrator came back on, and the whole cycle began again, only she mixed up the order. low.......................high....low.................................................................. high............................ OFF. 

(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!) I was throwing a fit! Again and again Lisa pushed me toward ecstasy, then at the last moment snatched it out of my reach! I wanted to plead with her, bargain with her, beg her... anything she wanted, just LET ME CUM!!! More laughter, another sip of wine, and the vibrator starts humming again. I was like some kind of helpless remote-controlled marionette. With the mere flick of her thumb on the control, I went into an uncontrollable dance of lust, twisting, moaning and bucking the air with my hips, desperately reaching for orgasm after orgasm, which she continually pulled away before I could touch it.

“Are we having fun yet?” she asked.

I pounded my head into the pillow and bounced my hips up and down to try and convey how frustrated I was. In plain English, I was having a temper tantrum. More laughter, another sip of wine... stretch.... sigh... the low hum resumes, the sound of a magazine hitting the floor, the rustle of the plastic bag as she pulls out another one. I was going berserk!!! What was driving me more crazy than anything else was how detached she seemed to be from my torment. I had never been so completely controlled and crazy with lust in all my life, and she was paying no more attention to me then if I was a pot of homemade soup left to simmer on the stove - cover - keep on medium - occasionally stir. I wanted to make some kind of deal with her. I have a talent for every-day diplomacy, and I can usually talk people into this or out of that, but all that talent is rendered useless when all I can say is “MMMPH!” Also, the hood and blindfold prevented me from communicating with my facial expressions or my eyes. 

The hood made all that just a blank page to her, which basically set her conscience free to take me as far as she wished for as long as she liked. I was STUCK! At one point, she put down her precious magazine just long enough to get herself off, no doubt using the sight of my torment as her inspiration. I could feel her body begin to tighten up next to me, and then start to twitch in rhythm as she drank in the sweet release that I myself was being denied! I started shaking my penis at her and moaning my desperate plea. “Sorry baby,” she said. “It’s still a long way off before you can share in that.” At that, I threw another tantrum, but she just laughed and said, “Hey, this was YOUR idea.” Then, she set the vibrator on low and set it on my chest as she went back to her reading for a while. The frustration was coming in waves now, my libido rising and falling as though it had a mind of it’s own. 

After what seemed like about an hour, she finally let me have a break, but it was short lived. She turned the vibrator off and removed it from me. My nads were tingling, my arms were aching, my jaw was aching, and I really wanted this to end. I wanted out and I wanted out NOW, but she wasn’t quite finished yet. 

For the first time in hours my poor tortured cock was allowed to lay down and rest. Then after about five minutes I heard another magazine plop onto the floor, and she got up. Lisa crawled onto the bed on all fours between my legs and began rubbing her breasts across my limp noodle. No woman will ever know what that does to a man. In short order my prick was once again pointing straight up like driftwood in the water, and leaning from side to side as she ran her silky pillows back and forth across them. I was so turned on I was gasping air in through the nose holes in my hood, and I felt like I was going to explode any second. Then she stopped. “It’s been a few hours since you’ve cum,” she said,” so I no longer trust the vibrator with regards to keeping things under control, so from here on out I’ll be seeing to the rest of your session myself.” (...Please, just kill me now!) Then she took me in her mouth and playfully and leisurely teased, sucking and gently nibbling. 

She took her good sweet time, seeming to really enjoy it. Whenever the commotion under her began to intensify, she would stop and smack my upper leg, then make me wait before resuming. She must have done this about 20 times. Then suddenly she pinched my nipples between her fingers and held her grip on them as she started sucking hard and fast on my helpless cock. I was waiting for the smack again, but it didn’t come. I was groaning into my gag and throwing my head back and forth like a crazy man, and then I felt that familiar tightness forming in my loins of a pending orgasm. I suddenly exploded into her mouth and she began to choke a little, but she never let go. Lisa maintained her grip on my nipples as she kept just the tip of my penis in her mouth and gently siphoned until my pumping reflex finally died down. I was beyond spent. 

As I lay there recovering she said, “It’s only about 4:00 A.M. I let you off the hook a little early because I really didn’t think you thought this all the way through before you suggested it, did you?” I shook my head no. “That’s what I thought,” she continued. “Next time be careful what you ask for, because from now on, there will be no more discounts! Whatever you dream up is what you’ll get, so if you end up not liking it, it’ll be all on you.”

“SO! have we learned our lesson?” I shook my head ‘yes’.

She then undid my shackles, and just that quick it was all over. All, that is except for some sore muscles that lasted a few days. A few weeks later the shoe ended up on the other foot, and boy did I get her, but good. I’ll tell you all about it in some upcoming posts. Stay tuned... Tantalis p.s., your correspondence is welcome.



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