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Selfbondage on the West Coast of Sweden

by vo-girl

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© Copyright 2002 - vo-girl - Used by permission

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Hi folks,

I am a Swedish girl living in Gothenburg on the West Coast of Sweden. This story is about what I try to do a few times every summer. First I can tell you all that I love bondage especially selfbondage. This story is really true and is about one special occasion during the summer 2000. It is like this, my parents have a summer cottage on an island, Lyr, just east of Mollösund. Mollösund is situated about 90 km north of Gothenburg. Mollösund was a small fisherman’s village but is now mainly for rich people from other places. There are two restaurants and some shops. One shop sells supplies for boats. They sell chains and other things, which are necessary for bondage games…

Already when I woke early in the morning I felt that this is "the day". I then started with taking a long morning shower. I eat nothing for breakfast but drank a lot. To get myself extra in the mood I usually cut of most of my pubic hair to look neat. Then I took a white, thin, tight and very short dress (you know the type we use in summer going sunbathing), nothing else and go down to the boat. I take the boat (a small boat with a 30Hp outboard) to Mollösund. It takes less than 15 minutes. I put the boat in the guest harbour and walk directly to the shop. I always choose a warm and nice day I forgot to say.

Anyhow. In this shop it works a few people. When I come I think that they nowadays understand! Well there I have to wait a little before they open. I came already 8.50. When they open I ask for 4 pieces of 10 mm chain and five combination padlocks. Three of the chains need to be about 0.5m each. And the last about 2.7 m. The look in the eye of the man who cut of the chain is wonderful! My nipples are dark and very visible through my dress. Also it is easily seen that I don't have any pants!

The combination locks is of the type where you can make a new combination any time you like, Its only to open the lock, turn the loop 90 deg and press it down simultaneously with turning the wheels on the lock. Releasing the loop means that the lock is set. You do this without looking you don't know the combination! The type of locks that I use to buy has 3 wheels with 10 digits on each - This gives 1000 possible combinations! I take the chains and the locks & leave the shop walking to my boat. The bridge where I put the boat is rather high so it's necessary to climb down to the boat. I can tell you that it is difficult to climb down in the boat without showing off too much! The dress is very short and it is somehow climbing up my body! At the same time I carry my chains and cannot adjust my dress.

Now it's about 9.30 and the other people in the harbour start to wake. The man in the boat beside mine looked very interested and cannot get his eyes of me! My outboard is sometimes difficult to start and when I try to pull the starting string for the 10th time I got the idea to ask the neighbour instead. I say, “Please Sir can you help me to start my engine Sir? “

He looks at me and more or less jumps over to my boat. I sit down in front of the boat while he went to the aft. He starts it on the first pull! Then he turns around and looks at me. Now I have slightly separated my legs and pulled up my dress so he cannot miss my rather neatly shaven cunt. We sit like this a few seconds and then I go down on my knees, look down and say, “Thank you Sir, thank you very much Sir!”

It is very fun (and easy) to manipulate men! He was really horny when I left the harbour! Then I steer my boat towards south during about 2 km. I pass the island of Äckerö and goes south of it out on the West Side. It's difficult here but I use the oars instead of the motor. It's a kind of canal here with several very small islands (more or less big stones). Now I find a good place for the boat on such a stone. Now I take of my dress and tear it into small pieces and take the chains and locks and try to swim to Äckerö, its only 50 m but very difficult with the chains. It takes some time and I have to drop two of the chains. I go up on the island and breath for a while and then I dive down to take up the last two chains. It’s not very deep, only 3 m.

Here I am, naked with chains and padlocks!

Now the fun begins. I am very horny! I sit down for a while and think! I have 50 meter of water to my boat, no clothes at all (nothing in the boat either), hungry and horny! I start to walk to the other side, the East Side of the island. Here is a nice creek where you can look on the passing boats. It's just beside the fairway and many boats go past every day. On the cliff just a few meter from the water there are a couple of 20 mm eyebolts in the rock. Three of them are placed perfectly for me: Two of them are about 1 m apart and the third four meters from them building a triangle.

Can you guess now?

Here is how I do it:

I set new combinations on the locks and don't look at the number. I take the long chain and lock it to the "third" bolt. Then I go down to the other two stretching the long chain with me. I lock my right foot to the first bolt using the combination lock clasp the loop and turn the combination rings many turns. Here I am now, locked to the eyebolt, naked! I breathe for a while and feel the nice warmth from the sun on my body. I take deep breath and lock now my left foot to the bolt, which is about 1 meter from the other bolt. Now I tremble with excitation! My legs are now forced apart and I cannot do anything to prevent anyone to look at my body! I sit like this for a good while and think of my position. Nice!

I now take the third short piece of chain and put it around my wrists, not very tight but so I cannot escape. The next step is to lay down on my back, stretch my hands over my head and try to get hold of the long chain. It is perfect in length: It's just enough to attach to my wrist chain and snap it together with the last padlock! Now it is possible for me to manipulate two of the locks. This means that it will take everything from a minute to about 2 hours to free my hands!

One thing I forgot to say was that on the rock it grows lava. A sort, which is very slippery when wet but rather hard and sticky when dry. Today it's dry! I can tell you that the sticky nice lava is doing its work nicely now! After I have been here for a few minutes my back and ass starts to hurt. I know from earlier times that the mark from the lava will be with me for several days. It will be small red bruises all over my backside!

I try to manipulate the lock to come free. I try to keep track of the wheels and do it very consequently and try not to miss any combination. After what I guess is about one hour I am not free! I guess the time is around noon now and the boats start to pass by. I am seen by several people but only for a short time if they don't turn back to look again. I guess that many just see a naked girl on the rock, which is not too unusual here. Some boats turn and come back to look but leave when they see it. I guess that they think it's a "private" game or so. After another hour or so I still have not come free I hear footsteps behind me, and try to look who it is. Now I got scared! I cannot protect myself! I cannot turn my head so I can see who it is. I lay there trembling, scared and not at all horny! Then I see him, the man from the neighbouring boat in the harbour! He must have followed me without me understanding it!

He says, “Well honey, now lets see what you can do for your master!” I tremble and try to come free.

He scrutinises the locks and chains and seems to be very happy with the status! Now starts what I can see as a dream: He plays with my body for several hours, all parts of it are inspected, my nipples are lightly tortured as well as my clit. But what a day! Sometime in the afternoon he says that he has to go home and then he takes a pair of bolt cutters and cuts off the chain to my feet. I am happy and free! But now he tells me to turn on my stomach and spread my legs again! After some struggle he forces me down and sitting on my legs he takes some shackles and connect the chains again. He takes the bolt cutters and hammer on the shackles so I cannot open them. Then he puts shackles also at my wrist beside the combination padlocks. Now I am totally without possibility to free myself! Then he says, “Bye!” and walks away.

Now I understand that the lava is very sticky! And it's even worse on my breasts and stomach! I start to scream after him. And to my surprise he comes back! But only to force a ball in my mouth and attach a leather strap to it and tighten it behind my head. Without a sound he walks away. After some time it starts to be colder, the sun fall and I cannot do anything, not even get horny! I wait and hope that he will come back.

This story continues later on.


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