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Self Bondage Sisters

by viper821

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© Copyright 2001 - viper821 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; Sbf; spandex; bodysuit; rope; harness; bfold; gag; tape; climax; caught; emb; cons/reluct; X

The Beginning

I was at an early age when I first saw experience bondage. My sisters would come up on me when I was asleep and start tying me up. First, they would tape my mouth with duct tape so I couldn't scream, then as one would hold my wrists from behind the other would use some clothes line and wrap it around my wrist and cinch it tight. Next they would both tie my ankles and knees together. I would try to scream, but the tape gag silenced me. 

After all that, my sisters would tell me not to snitch on them again or else. I was scared at the time, but what made it worse was that my parents were leaving for the day and left us home. My parents would ask "Where is Lisa?" and they would say she's kinda tied up. You know taking a nap. My parents said don't let her sleep too long and left. 

All that time I would be trying to scream and get loose, but the ropes held me. They left me like that for 3 hours, and all through that time I started to enjoy my captiveness.  From there, I was determined to master Bondage.

Getting Started

It was an early Monday morning, I just woke up and had this feeling to get naughty today. Since I was off and Nancy and Mimi were at work till 7:00 tonight. I figure I had the whole day to myself.

I went to take a nice hot shower and made sure I shaved every part of my body. After my shower, I went to my closet and unlocked it. (My sisters didn't know about my secret, so I made sure of that by putting a lock on my closet) I was overwhelmed by all the sexy clothes I had stockpiled for my enjoyment.

The toughest choice would be which one to wear. I thought of being innocent today so I picked out a body hugging white body suit with a thong back, some matching ultra sheer dancer stockings, my miracle bra, pair of white spandex gloves, and 5" heels. I went to the binding equipment section and grabbed some ropes that I dyed black, a blindfold, ball gag, ear plugs, my safety knife, and duct tape. Checking to make sure everything was in order, I was ready to begin.

Setting Up

First thing I did was put on my bra. The extra padding inside would really make my tits stand out. Next I slid on my stockings, the smooth cool touch of ultra sheer sent a tingle through my body. I was starting to get worked up. I pulled on my stockings to make sure the waist band didn't show. Next, I slowly pulled on my body suit. The feel of slight tightness drove me even more wild. I continued to put on my spandex gloves and was enjoying the feeling. I step in front of my mirror to admire my figure. 

With a body like mine's I was incredibly sexy in this outfit.

The Moment

First, I grabbed my safety knife and tied it with some kite string and put it over at the corner of my room. The other end of the rope had a block of ice that was frozen the night before. I figured I had about 3 hours, before the ice melted to the point where the knife would fall and I would be able to retrieve it and free my self. 

Next thing I did was sat on my bed and I grabbed one of the ropes. I began by slowly wrapping the precious black rope around my thighs, taking care that each turn was not too tight nor too loose, then I would slide the remaining rope between my thighs and cinch it real tight. Next I would bind my knees above and below the same way, taking care of not tying too tight to the point of no blood circulation. 

I next grabbed a long piece of rope and created a slip loop on one side, I passed my ankles through this loop and pulled slightly to tighten, from there I proceeded to tie my ankles. As I got 1/2 way through the length of the rope I began to slide the rope through my ankle and cinch it tight.

With the remaining rope I created a slip knot and using the loop from the slip knot, I looped the front end part of my ankles below the heels and pulled tightly on it cinching my feet together. I tied it off and creating another slip knot and looped the back side of my ankle underneath the heels also. I cinched it tight too thus immobilizing my feet and ankles. 

I grabbed another piece of rope, except this one was special. I created a type of rope harness that would dig deep into my vagina. One side had a large loop that I stepped into and pulled up to my waist. From there I pulled the remaining rope between my legs and separating it so I had two strands. One on each side of my vagina. I pulled snugly on it and then guide it up to my shoulders, passed over them and pulled down. I then temporarily tied the remaining rope around my waist with a slip knot. 

I looked among the coils of rope for a different set I had pre made from my past self-bondage experience. This one was a couple of large loops that were to be used for my upper arms just above my tits. I was also looking for another set for my elbows. Then, I grabbed a medium length of rope and made a sliding loop on one side and size it up with my two wrist inside it, from there I put the rope aside. I scanned the room to check for my thoroughness and then I began my next phase.

I grabbed my ball gag and open my mouth eagerly to accept it's hardness. I added a couple of strips of duct tape to seal in the gag. I know it wasn't coming off, until I was untied. From there, I grabbed my wrist rope and made my way over to the middle of the room. I got on my knees and untied the body harness I temporarily tied, and pulled the remaining rope through my legs making sure I line it up into the middle of my vagina. From there, I took one of the ropes and snugly had my left thigh rope hold it. I did the same with the right. 

Next, I pulled the blindfold over my eyes and inserted the ear plugs thus I could not hear, see or speak. Then I felt for the wrist rope I made earlier, and held onto it with my left hand. I next put on the larger loops I had made earlier on me and over my tits, I then put my left arm through the upper loops on the ropes that was above my tits, and followed with my right arm, thus binding my upper arms. I next felt for the smaller loops for my elbows.

Once I found it, I then proceeded to put my left arm through that I pulled the loops above my elbows. I then put in my right arm and pulled it all the way up to my elbows thus pinning my elbows very close together. After that, holding the wrist rope I had earlier in my left hand, I carefully put both my wrist in and  cinch it real tight. 

Since I knotted the end of the rope, I would have to cut it in order to get free. I next bent backwards a little taking care of not falling over and grabbed the 2 ropes my thighs were holding. Since they had loops on the ends, I grabbed one on each wrist and slid it through my wrist, thus every time I pulled on the rope my crotch would feel the chaffing.

Caught in the Act

I rolled over onto my back next and from there I started to fantasize I just woke up and found myself not able to move. I start wondering what's going on. Then I realized that I'm tied up tightly and gagged. So I start to panic and struggle in my ropes, but they were on tight. From there I imagine that the person who tied me up tells me don't worry, and to not struggle too much. That I wasn't going anywhere and that I couldn't run away. After about 15 minutes of struggling I started my first orgasm. It hit me hard like a freight train. I screamed into my gag, but only a muffled sound came out...

From there I started to test my bindings again. I struggled and not even one loose end.  I was thinking, boy did I do a good job this time. After testing my bonds, I began to feel a little sleepy and disoriented, all that struggling got me a little tired so I took a nap. 

Roughly around 2:00 P.M.  I heard the clock in the living room chime. I was thinking wow I was tied, gagged, and blindfolded for a couple of hours. Then I thought I heard some noise, I tried to listen, but those ear plugs prevented me from hearing well.. Then I thought  I heard a voice. I started to struggle in my ropes, but it held. Then I heard some heels walking. I was thinking who was in the house. I struggled so hard that  I fell off the bed. Luckily I had carpeted floors.

The walking became louder and closer until they were at my door. I heard the door knob turn and started to recognized the voice. Oh my god, it's MIMI, she was calling my name and saying, "Are you inside Lisa?" I paused for a moment so I could think then, MIMI stepped into the room and screamed, "OH MY God! Lisa who did this to you." I started to struggle and moaned in my gag. 

I didn't know what to say I was caught in the act. Mimi lifted me onto the bed and started to take off the gag when she noticed the closet door open and started to walk away from me. I could hear her say, "Oh Lisa you are one Kinky Girl. You did this to yourself didn't you.??"

I couldn't say anything, she walked over to me and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it back and said the question again, "You did this to yourself didn't you?" I nodded yes. I didn't know what to do. I was tied tightly and she got me in a position. She pushed me down onto the bed and  laid there next to me saying that she was interested in this and that Nancy was also. She said that she saw a magazine called Bondage Life in Nancy's room once.



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