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Self Bondage Master

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Dear self-bondage enthusiasts.

The following is pure fiction.    I went as far as I can go with recounting my own bondage experiences, so I thought I would try my hand at a fictional story.
In our self-bondage sessions, we use a variety of release mechanisms.  We use melting ice cubes, struggle across a floor to obtain a knife, waiting until dark to venture outside to retrieve a key, or use a Jacob's Knot to delay our release.  I've noticed still others make use of soldering irons on timers to burn through ropes.  In the past, I have programmed a computer to encrypt the code of a combination lock, and then waited a couple of months to forget the combination and then have to wait 8 hours for the computer to finally decipher the code in order to release myself.  I would use the combination lock to secure all my release keys in a strong box and then use all the locks in chain harnesses and torturous cock and ball restraint.  I was free to move about the house, but unable to release myself from self-bondage all day long.  That was a nice day J.
Near the end of the day, while experiencing a great deal of discomfort and sexual tension, I fantasized that I was waiting for an email from a long distance Master who had the combination and had ordered me to perform the self-bondage.  I had to wait until he or she decided to release me.  The following story is of a woman who enters into such a relationship with a writer of self-bondage stories.

My Self-Bondage Master
Chapter One: A New Relationship.

I had been reading self-bondage stories for couple of years now and practicing self-bondage ever since I could tie a knot.  As a young girl, I remember the odd time being tied up as part of a children's game.  I protested of course.  The more I made it clear that I intended to escape my bondage, the more securely the boys would bind me.  I always remembered the fraction of a second that I would stop struggling, long enough for them to get my hands in place and securely tie me to a tree, or a fence.  It became a ritual for us.

As I became a teenager, I turned to self-bondage to give me the sexual pleasure I craved from bondage.  I always had a sense of guilt about my secret pleasure.  I never dared reveal my desires to my friends or romantic partners.  I was in my early-twenties when I became aware of newsgroups.  As I lurked, I realized that many other people had feelings and experiences just like mine.  Later, graphic browsers were developed, and the World-Wide-Web really took off.  I learned a ton of stuff like how to do a strict hog-tie, use a double ring device, ice-cube release mechanisms, and important safety rules in order to avoid becoming a statistic.

I enjoyed reading other's self-bondage experiences.  I started writing to some of the authors.  I picked authors that were creative in their self-bondage sessions and wrote to tell them how much I enjoyed reading their story.  The vast majority wrote back and they seemed very pleased to have someone take an interest in their material.  Like many of them, I had reached a point where the regular self-bondage activities were no longer as satisfying as they once were.  I wanted something a little more exciting, so I mustered up my courage and wrote to one author and asked him to suggest a self-bondage scenario for me to do.  I wrote to an author with whom I had an established dialogue.  I hoped he would accommodate me.  I let him know that I lived in an apartment and was currently dating casually, but it would still be possible to get the odd weekend to myself for the purposes of self-bondage.  I sent off my email, and waited anxiously for a response.

A week later, I received an email back and nervously opened it.  He had a proposal for a short-term relationship where he would give me challenges for daylong bondage, and then he would be in control of when I would get released.  He wanted me to get a post-office box so he could send me stuff and I could still maintain my anonymity.  He also wanted me to get a large metal tool box that was strong enough not to be able to break into.  He suggested that he would send me a combination lock already opened, and I would use it to lock away all my release keys in the toolbox.  At the end of the day, he would release me by sending the combination.

I emailed back saying that I was not sure about this scheme.  I was worried that he might not follow through.  I could not afford to miss work, or jeopardize my relationship if he decided to leave me bound indefinitely.

He emailed back with a solution.  He was going to invest in four combination locks that could be reprogrammed.  He would send all four locks, and each lock would come with an envelope with the combination inside.  I could pick any three locks, and open the envelope and try opening the lock.  I would see that each lock was accompanied by the correct combination.  Very likely, the forth envelope also had the appropriate combination for the forth lock.  I could keep the envelope handy for an emergency, but I would have to send it back still sealed if I want to continue with our arrangement.

I was intrigued.  I liked the fact that he didn't expect me to trust him right away, and that he was willing to earn my trust.  I went and got a post-office box that afternoon, and wrote back to him with the address and said that I was willing to give it a try.  He was very happy about the arrangement and told me to go out and collect a variety of lockable bondage gear that I wanted to use, and to email him an inventory of what I had.  He as going to collect a couple of items and send them down as soon as possible.

A week later I received my first package.  I bought it home and put in on my coffee table.  I wanted to savor this moment, so I made a tea and then sat down and carefully opened it.  Inside I found four combination locks numbered one to four.  There was also four envelopes, also numbered one to four.  I expected to find these items.  What I didn't expect to find was an expensive digital camera.  I had a feeling I knew why he sent me this!  The only thing left in the package was a typed letter.  I pulled it out and read it.

He said he sent the digital camera for me to take pictures to prove that I was actually following through with his instructions.  If my face did appear in any image, I was free to obscure it, but he wanted to see that I was following his instructions.  My stomach ached with nervousness, and I felt myself tremble a little as I examined he camera.  It stored images on disk, and it had a remote control for snapping pictures.

His first set of instructions was to test any three of the combination locks and then use the fourth in the first bondage session.  Next Saturday, I was to imprison myself in chains in an arrangement of my own choice.  Once secure, and all the release keys were locked in the toolbox, I was to take a picture of the toolbox, including a clear photo of the number on the combination lock, and some pictures of myself.  I was to then email the pictures to him at 2pm sharp, and wait for his response.  The only stipulation was that I was not to secure my hands until he said I could.

Continues in
Chapter two: My First Session

Copyright March 2001, Otto Dix
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