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Selfbondage Master 6

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Dear self-bondage enthusiasts.

The following is pure fiction.    I went as far as I can go with recounting my own bondage experiences, so I thought I would try my hand at a fictional story.  Comments are welcomed.  [email protected]

My Self-Bondage Master
Chapter Six: Preparation for the Final Encounter.

About a week before our next scheduled session, I received a large package from Master.  Inside were the four locks as usual.  The envelopes were tightly sealed in a plastic bag.  It looked vacuumed sealed.  On the back was a message.  It said to only test two of the combination locks, because I was going to need two combination locks for the next self-bondage session.  I opened the plastic and I picked two at random and opened two of the locks.  Satisfied that the other two envelopes did have the combinations for the other two locks, I put the envelopes and the locks asside to be used later.

There was another wrapped package inside the larger package from Master.  It had a note on it saying that I was not to open this until instructed to.   He said he had devised a mechanism to inflict pain that was effective and easy to use.  We had discussed electrical play on and off during our email exchanges, and we had both talked about the various devices already on the market for electrical play.  The only problem is that these devices were not convenient for self-bondage torture since there were manually operated.  Regardless, I was instructed to purchase a selection of Terminal apparatus from one of these sites. 

The terminals are the parts that attach to the body.  I choose two devices.  One was an anal plug, and the second was vaginal cover.  The vaginal cover strapped on like a wearable vibrator, and had a rounded wedge shape to fit between my inner lips.  There were broad metal strips that would deliver electrical shocks to the outer portion of my genital area.  The anal plug was also designed to deliver shocks.  Each device could act as either one or two terminals.  In other words, I could attach the wires to deliver shocks to just my vagina, or just my anus, or have the current pass from my vagina to the anal plug.

The devices would take about three weeks to arrive, so we were going to miss our regular monthly session.  We decided to skip a month and wait until June for the next session.  Master said that the next session was going to be the climax of my self-bondage experiences with him, so it wouldn't hurt to take a bit of a rest.

As soon as the terminals arrived, I emailed Master to let him know.  In preparation for the big day, Master told me to open the package a couple of nights before Saturday and follow the instructions inside the box.

Wednesday evening, I opened the box and found three items.  A note with instructions, a diskette, and a box with wires and one dial.  The note said that the box was a simple amplifier from a guitar amp.  It had a wire to connect it to the computer's speaker jack.  Two other wires came out of the amp and were designed to connect to the anal plug and the vaginal cover.  All these wires frightened and excited me at the same time.  The note went on to say that the disk had two programs.  Each one would only run once, so I had to make certain I was ready to go before starting the programs.  One program was called test.exe, and the second was called selftorture1.exe.  That evening, I was to wear the terminals I bought, connect them to the amp, and run test.exe.  Master assured me that I would be in complete control of the sensations, and that the purpose of the program was to determine what level of pain I wanted to endure.

I prepared myself for the testing session.  I moved the computer screen and keyboard to the floor so that I could lie down for the testing session.  I stripped and installed the terminals.  I started with the anal plug.  I applied a liberal amount of conductive gel, and press it against my anus.  I was on my knees with one arm on the ground and one hand holding the plug.  The tip moved in easily enough, and then got tight.  I closed my eyes, breathed and relaxed.  When I noticed my anus relax, I gave a steady push and the plug slipped into place.  I remained in that position for awhile enjoying the sensation of the plug.

I wiped my hands and gently rolled over on my back.  I applied more conductive gel to the vaginal cover and slid it in place.  I adjusted the straps to hold in place, and then put on a tight pair of shorts to hold everything in place firmly.  Next, I was to connect the wires of the terminals to the amp.  I made certain that the dial of the amp was at "zero", and then started the program called test.exe. A message appeared on the screen that every time I pressed "ENTER", the computer would emit three signals.  The first was designed to be pleasurable, the second was to be mildly uncomfortable, and the third was intended to be painful.  I was to adjust the amp volume with the dial to determine the highest level of pain I was willing to endure.

I was so nervous.  I had not plugged the amp into the speaker jack yet, so I decided to hear what these signals sounded like coming from the speaker.  I pressed the return key, and I heard three sounds.  The first was a very low hum that lasted about four or five seconds, the next was a slightly higher pitch that lasted about half as long, and the third was a very short higher pitched sound.  Each sound was accompanied with a message on the screen that read, signal 1, signal 2, and signal 3, and then the screen went blank again.

Now that I had an idea of what to expect, I plugged the amp into the speaker jack and prepared myself for my first shock.  I pressed the enter key, and saw the three signals on the screen, but felt no shocks.  Breathing a little easier, I raised the volume on the amp one notch, and pressed again.  Only on the third signal, did I feel a slight tingle.  I raise the volume another notch.  This time I felt all three signals, and I noticed that the amp had a small speaker and I could hear the signals as well as feel them.  It was like hearing the music inside my body.  I kept raising the volume and became more confident in applying the shocks.  I finally got to a level where the first signal made me moan involuntarily and pump my hips.  Unfortunately, it was followed by two more shocks, each increasing in frequency and painfulness.  The third made me flinch and contract my body in reaction to the pain.  I noted the level of the volume control on the amp.  This represented the highest level of pain I could withstand.

I knew that once I exited the program, it would no longer function.  So before quitting I experimented a bit with the shocks.  I put the keyboard on one side, and the amp on the other.  I pressed the enter key and as soon as the pleasurable shock terminated, I quickly reduced the volume.  I began to give myself repeat pleasurable shocks, and I could feel the orgasm building.  Every once in a while, I increased the volume too quickly and caught the tail end of the painful shock.  The closer I got to orgasm, the more I lost concentration and could not time the shocks and volumes to get those long wavy sensations for the first signal.  I could feel my anal and vaginal muscles contract in an alternating fashion as the current first went from my vagina to my anus and back again.

If I had a third hand, I would put a vibrator to my clit while applying the pleasurable shocks.  I was desperate for an orgasm.  Finally I reluctantly removed the vaginal cover and masturbated to a quick orgasm. I lay on the floor exhausted and my anus and vagina still tingled from the electrical stimulation.  I felt like a kid playing with a new toy.  I couldn't wait until Saturday for what promised to be a real adrenaline rush.

Continues in
Chapter Seven: The final encounter

Copyright March 2001, Otto Dix
[email protected]
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