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Selfbondage Master

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Dear self-bondage enthusiasts.

The following is pure fiction.    I went as far as I can go with recounting my own bondage experiences, so I thought I would try my hand at a fictional story.  Comments are welcomed.  [email protected]

My Self-Bondage Master
Chapter Eight: Vengeance.

I was looking forward to tonight.  This evening, I was going to show "the worm" who the real master was.  As much as I enjoyed the excitement of having a remote master, I was adjusting nicely to my new role.  As much as I like self-bondage, the adrenaline rush, and the feeling of excitement, I didn't like it when "Worm" tried to take control of my life.  Lord only knows what he would have done with that videotape, and what else he would have made me submit to if he did get it.  I would probably have rings on my nipples and clit, and big tattoo on my butt that said "SLAVE".

I had put a lot of work into devising remote methods of torture.  Frankly, I think I have been much more clever and resourceful than "Worm".  First, he had to get a webpage, and be able to post a live webcam picture to it.  The photo updated every couple of second, and I have live audio.  This way I could bark commands and hear his responses.  I could also see immediately if he was complying with my instructions.

I promised him I would only make him my slave for a year, and then I would destroy all the blackmail material I had on him, and send him the video I made of myself.  Of course, I was lying.  I was being extra careful not to make the same mistakes he made.  I had to find ways of controlling him without the need for him to send me anything.  I cancelled my P.O. box and vowed not to let him have any means of discovering who I was.  If all went well, and I find any actual usefulness or pleasure from Worm, I might not let him go.  Right now, all I wanted was revenge.  Once that need was satisfied, I would decide if I wanted to continue indefinitely.

It was about 6pm, and I made myself a tea and turned on my computer.  Worm would have the webcam set up soon, and we needed to establish an audio connection.  Just then the doorbell rang.  "SHIT".   I opened the door and it was Jill, my best friend from way back.  She came by to take me out.  She was celebrating a new job and was going to take me out on the town.   I tried backing out gracefully, but she insisted.   She said I absolutely had to help celebrate.  I looked at her and took a deep breath.  Come on in.  I've got something to show you and you're really going to like it.  I knew Jill was into light bondage games.  She liked to tie guys to the bed.  She enjoyed teasing them relentlessly.  She got high on the power trip.
I pulled up another chair to the computer desk and told her to take a seat.  "Take your coat off, this is going to take awhile, but trust me, its something you are never going to forget".   I logged into my server and went to worm's webpage.  Sure enough, there was a picture of worm sitting in front of his computer.

"Who the hell is that?" Jill asked.
"That is Worm.  He sex slave."
"WHAT!!!!!!!!  Straight laces little Debbie Miller has a SEX SLAVE?  How the hell did that happen?"
"I'll tell you later.  For now, just watch.  We are going to establish an audio connection so you are going to have to be quiet.  If you need to talk, we need to turn on the mute first.  Understand?"  Jill nodded yes.  Her eyes were as wide as saucers, and the disbelief on her face was obvious.  With the audio connection established, I barked out.  "WORM.  Did you follow my instructions?"

Yes, Mistress, the room is ready."
"Show me the tape"

Worm showed a sealed package to the webcam, opened the package and removed a cassette tape.  I examined it carefully to make sure it was the same that I sent him.  I signed the front "Worm's Tape" so that I could identify it.  "Good.  Now put it in the cassette player, and tie yourself to the bed, and don't forget the cockrings."  Jill gave a stunned look.  She couldn't believe I was being so dominant, and I said the word 'cockrings'!"  We watched as worm went to the bed and first tied his feet spread out at the end of the bed.  He laid back and put two cockrings on his penis, each was attached to a wire.  Then raised his arms above him and locked handcuffs around his wrists.  The handcuffs were chained to the head of the bed.
"Good work Worm.  Now relax for a while, I'll be back in about one half hour."  I turned the mute on and sunk back in my chair and breathed a sigh of relief.
Jill exploded.  "Will you please tell me what the hell is going on?"

I calmly looked at her with an expression of superiority, and said "I'm going to torture this man tonight, he's going to like it at first, and then he's going to beg for mercy before I'm finished with him.  I want you to stay.  I'm very proud of what I put together, and I want you see it.  I have not shared this side of me with anyone else but you, and worm of course, but he doesn't matter.  But you matter to me.  I need to share this with someone.  Please stay.  I'll tell you everything."
Jill calmed down immediately and nodded yes.  It felt like the weight of life long secrecy lift from my chest.  Before the night was through, Jill would know my secrets.

"So, how are you going to torture him from here?"

"See those boxes on the nightstand?  One is a cell phone.  It is connected to a Phone Activated Relay, or PAR.  I can turn up to 10 electrical devices on and off by phone.  Beside the PAR is a small cassette player.  I took the volume control out.  It just plays at a medium volume, and none else.  He has the play button pressed down, but I control the power using the PAR.  I can turn it on and off using the phone.  Once I call the cell, I press #1 to turn on the cassette, and press #1 again to turn it off.  If I want to check the status of a device, I press * and the number, and I get one beep for off, and two beeps for on."

"What's on the tape?"

"Sound waves, square sound waves.  I created them using the sound editor on the computer.  Each wave is 10 seconds long.    Some are low frequencies, some are high frequencies.  At low volumes, they are quite pleasant.  At high volumes, they are most distressing."  I could not help but grin as I said this.  "The cassette has 45 minutes of these signals.  One long continuous tape of sound waves.  I had the computer play them in random order and I recorded them on tape.  I then mailed the tape to his P.O. Box.  I could have sent it to his home, but his wife might get suspicious.  If his wife finds out, then I won't have anything left to blackmail him with,” I said coyly.

Jill cocked her head and looked at me sideways.  "What?"

"Don't worry, I'll tell you about it later.  Let me finish explaining the set up.  It's really sweet!  The output of the cassette player is connected to an amplifier.  The volume control for the amp is inside the box.  It is connected to two small electric motors.  One motor raises the volume, and one lowers the volume.  Each time I press #2 on the phone, the volume goes down a notch, each time I press #3, it goes up a notch.  Now, this is the good part.  The amplifier has a speaker so that we can hear the sounds from the tape, AND, the signals are sent to the cock rings.  The signals are turned into an electrical alternating current!"

Jill face went white.  "Won't that hurt?"

"Dam right it’s going to hurt!  Trust me I know from first hand experience."

Jill looked at me confused again.

"Don't worry, I'll explain later.  Just listen for now, I'm not finished yet.  The PAR is also attached to two lamps in the hotel room.  One will be used for light as soon as it gets too dark too see by the light from the window, and the other is a release mechanism."

"A what?"

"A release mechanism.  How do you think he is going to get loose, if I am the only one that knows he is tied up?"  Jill waited for the answer.  "He has already tied the keys of the handcuffs to a small screw hook in the ceiling, above the head of the bed.  He softened a small piece of wax and stuck it to the handcuff key, and then he stuck the key to the second lamp on the other side of the bed.  When I turn on the lamp, the wax melts, and the key swings to his hands and he lets himself out.  The worst case scenario is that the bulb burns.  In that case, I'll just have to call security at the hotel and have them let him out.  That would be embarrassing, wouldn't it?  One of these days, if I can ever get him to do a session in a hotel in his hometown, I am going to call his wife and let her find him.  I'll use him for my own pleasures for now."

I picked up a cordless phone and dialled the number of the cell phone.  "I had a second line put in the apartment.  It's unlisted, and has caller ID blocked.  He can't trace it.  I have a flat rate for long distance on it so it does not matter how long I leave the line open."  We heard the phone ring in the hotel room through the audio connection.  We heard worm react and we could see his reaction on the webcam.  He tensed up.  You could see that he was worried.
"First, I am going to make sure that the volume is down all the way on the amp."  I pressed the number 2 repeatedly.   "I'm going to turn the mute off now, so be quiet."  I turned the mute off and barked "I'm going to turn the volume up slowly.  You will tell me when you start feeling the current.  Do you understand, worm?"

"Yes, Mistress.  I understand.   Please be kind Mistress."

"SHUT UP!  You either say 'Yes Mistress', 'No Mistress', or 'Mercy', you are to say nothing else unless explicitly told to.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND, WORM?"

Worm's voice trembled as he replied, "Yes Mistress."

I started the cassette player, and pressed the volume up a notch at a time.  After four notches, worm flinched and said "Mistress, I fell the current."  You could see worms penis go from limp to erect in seconds. I stopped the cassette player, and turned up the volume a couple of notches, and turned on the cassette player again.  Worm flinched more violently, and he moaned as this penis went from erect to engorged.  The cockrings were tightly encompassing his penis. 
"How does that feel, do you like that?"

"Oh yes, Mistress, if feels so good, Ahhhh. Ohhh yessssss."

Jill turned the mute on the audio.  "Does he really like that?"

"Oh yea, at that volume, he might even have a spontaneous orgasm.  I've had one that way."  Jill's jaw dropped and I looked at her smugly and turned the mute off again.

I turned off the cassette and worm's body went limp in the bed.  He was breathing heavily.  "Worm, you look like you are having far too much fun.  I think its time to get down to business."  I cranked the volume up a couple of more notches and turn on the cassette again.  Worm's body tensed in reaction to the pain.  Worm covered his face with an arm to muffle a yelp.  I turned the cassette off again and raised the volume yet again.  This time, worm's body reacted violently to the current and you could hear worm saying "Oh my God, Oh no, oh no, oh no."  I turned the tape off again, and worm's body went limp.

"I think we are almost there.  What if we just took it up another couple of notches?"

"Please Mistress. Mercy.  Please, not any louder."

Without hesitation, I cranked it up louder and turned on the player again.


I counted leisurely.  "One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four, one thousand five,” and then turned off the tape.

Worm wept as I turned off the cassette.  "No one was around to hear my cries for mercy.  How do you think I felt when you made me suffer against my will, with no way of stopping the pain?"  Worm stayed silent.  "I'm going to lower the volume, but you're going to endure the torture I give you tonight, and we have a long night ahead of us."  I turned on the mute so that Jill and I could talk again. I turned on the lamp, the one without the key attached to it.  It was getting dark out by now.  Jill watched as I lowered the volume slightly, and began delivering a series of shocks to his engorged penis.  I would let the tape play for a minute while he squirmed like the worm he is.  I warned him that if he begged for mercy, I'd only raise the volume.  After a minute of shocks, I'd wait two or three minutes.  I'd get up and reheat my tea and make one for Jill.  When worm least expected it, I'd turn the tape on again, and check my watch to see when the minute was up.  I made snacks for Jill and I, and we gabbed casually while worm suffered.  I could see that Jill was fascinated by all this.  "Do you want to give him some?"

"Sure!"  Jill enthusiastically took over the controls as I took a bathroom break.  I could hear the odd scream and moan from worm. We gave worm the odd twenty minute break to let him recover.  Jill asked, "How much longer will the tape last?"
Impressed with my ability to think of every detailed, I looked at her and said, "The tape has an auto reverse on it, and both sides have sound signals recorded on them.  We can go on all night long."

We tortured worm for about five hours.  He was weeping openly near midnight.  I turned off the mute and spoke.  "Very good worm.  Mistress is please with you.  You have done very well and deserve a rest.  Go to sleep, I will release you in the morning."  Worm replied, "Thank you Mistress, thank you."  I turned off the light with the phone and turned the mute on again.

"At about five am, when I am sure he has actually fallen asleep, I will turn on the light for the release key, but I am also going to crank up the volume and turn on the tape player.  It will be a rude awakening, and he will have to try and get his cuffs off while being shocked.  He will have to get those cockrings off in order to stop the shocks.  Do you want to stick around for the show?"  I was hoping Jill would stay, I still had many things to share with her.

"O.K., but I want to know how all this started, and when did you have an electrical orgasm?"

"Come with me."

I led Jill to my bedroom and opened my bottom drawer.  Jill could see the variety of bondage gear I had.  I left the drawer open and removed the two terminals I bought over the web.  I know these look ominous, but they will give you the orgasm of a lifetime.  I grabbed a bottle of sterilizing alcohol and began cleaning the terminals.
"What are you doing?"  Jill inquired.
I put down the terminals and walked over to the lights and dimmed them.  In a gentle but firm voice I said, "Get undressed."
"Get undressed and sit on the bed.  Trust me.  JUST DO IT."

Jill undressed slowly as I continued to clean the terminals and I took them to the bathroom and rinsed them.  I returned to the bedroom with the terminals wrapped in a clean white towel.  Jill was sitting on the edge of the bed with her arms crossed in front of her, looking a little nervous.  I placed my hand on her cheek and said, "I would never hurt you.  You are the best friend I have in the whole world."  Jill smiled and replied.  "You to."  She relaxed and lowered her hands onto the bed.  I set up the amplifier with the volume control and put a special tape in the cassette player.  I made this tape for myself.  It was filled with sound waves that helped induce orgasm.  I called them "Modulated Square waves".

"Lie down and bend your knees."  Jill complied.  I covered the anal plug with jelly, and then applied some to Jill's anus.  She stiffened from the touch of the cold jelly.  "I guess should I nuke it first, huh?  This is going to be a little uncomfortable at first.  Try and breathe deeply and relax."  I placed it against Jill's anus and waited until I could feel her anus give way a bit and gave a steady push.  The anal terminal slipped right it and Jill let out a yelp.  "Are you alright?"  I asked.

"Oh Yeah, I'm fine."

I could see that see that Jill was becoming aroused.  I put some jelly on my fingers and said, "This is to help with the conduction."  I proceed to gently apply the jelly to Jill's inner lips.  Jill closed her eyes and contracted her pelvic muscles while I applied the jelly.  I put the vaginal terminal in place and tighten the straps to hold it in place.  An evil thought came to my mind.  I walked over to my drawer of goodies and pulled out two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs, and rope.

Surprised, Jill blurted out "What are you going to do?"

You want the entire experience don't you?  The added muscle tension and adrenaline rush from the bondage really intensifies the experience."  Jill remained silent and laid back down.  She then slowly spread her legs and put her arms above her head.  She was shaking with nervousness.  Before the opportunity was lost, I bound her spread eagle to the bed.  I looked at her on the bed and walked from one side to the other to soak up the whole view.  As I walked, I undressed myself and let my clothes fall to the floor.  I hooked up the terminals to the amplifier.  "I'm going to start low, and build slowly.  You have to tell me when it feels like your whole pelvis is humming."  Jill nodded.
I started the tape and slowly turned the volume knob.  Suddenly, Jill gasped as the current pulsed from her anus to her vagina and back again.  "Oh Lord.  What a feeling." She exclaimed.  I turned the volume up a bit and Jill started to moan and sway her head back and forth.

"Do you want it louder?"  I asked.

Jill nodded in-between moans, and I cranked it up one more notch.  "Oh yes, that it!"  I let the tape continue to play and mounted the bed.  Jill was in her own world.  I staddle one of her legs, and bought my lips to her belly and gently licked and kissed it.  I slowly started to work my way up her torso.  She moaned loader and was thrusting her pelvis.  I made it up to her breasts and I vigorously licked, sucked and tweaked her breasts.  Sensing that she was getting close, I knelt to the side of her and lowered one hand down and gently rubbed a fingertip quickly across her engorged clitoris while I continued to suck on her breasts.  Jill contorted and her body when flush red as the orgasm rushed through her body.  As it subsided, I stopped stimulating her clitoris and quickly turned off the amplifier and tape.

I laid my head on her chest and listened to her heart beating.  It was racing, but was quickly slowing down as she breathed deeply. We laid there for about fifteen minutes before Jill finally spoke.  "That was intense.  Uh, when do I get untied?"
I undid her restraints and gingerly removed the terminals and took them to the bathroom for cleaning later.  When I came back, Jill was under the covers, and flipped the edge over indicating I should get in.
"Now, I want you to tell me how this got started.  Get in and tell me the story."

"Just a minute, I need to get a couple of things."  I went and retrieved the disks with the pictures I took for worm, and the video he made me take of myself.  I popped the video in the machine but did not start it.  I crawled into bed and gave Jill the digital camera to view the pictures, and I started my story.  I told her about the selfbondage and how I agreed to take it a step further with this guy that wrote self-bondage stories.  "I felt he really understood me.  Turns out he is just another asshole like the rest of them."

I described each session and the stuff he made me do and showed her the pictures I had to take to prove my compliance. 
"It excited me.  I was addicted to the adrenaline rush.  All that changed the day I decided to back out."  I told her about the betrayal and how I became a true prisoner.  I played the tape for her.  We lay in bed together and watched the whole thing.  While we watched as I was being tortured, I told her of how I decided to turn the tables.  "I hired a private detective and got enough material to blackmail him into being the sub.  He even thinks he will get the tape after a year.  What he IS going to get is his wife walking in on him.  Either she will play along, or leave him.  Either way, I think he will be better off."

Jill inquired.  "So, help me out here.  Do you, or do you not, like being the prisoner, all bound up and tortured?"

I turned to her and said.  "I love it, when it’s with someone I trust."

Jill was silent.   After a minute, she walked to the drawer and picked out a selection of items and walked out of the bedroom.  "That hook I saw in the video, is it in the living room.  Ah, there it is.  DEBBIE, COME HERE NOW!  I want you."


Copyright March 2001, Otto Dix
[email protected]
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