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by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: Sbf; vignettes; lingerie; corset; objectify; fantasy; rope; chain; gag; caught; M/f; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

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Vignette: Poke-her Night (Week)
Sbf+; bond; basement; naked; chains; prize; game; sexslaves; cons; X

The five milfs stood with as much dignity as they could muster in the cold basement, 10 nipples hard as diamonds. They were naked, wrists cuffed to chains tight around each of their waists. Their ankles were cuffed so that they were each hobbled. Larger cuffs were around each of their necks and these were in turn chained to each other. It had actually been rather hard to convince three of the women to play along, and only after they had convinced Ellie and Tracie were all five of them able to convince Hazel! These five women had been chosen simply for the fact that they were the 5 most beautiful wives and luscious of the couples that came to play poker. The girls had agreed to be the prize of poker night, a HIGH STAKES poker night! Buy-in alone was $20,000 for each man (free for the husbands of the five prizes), and there were usually 30 or so guys at these parties that bought in. The final winner would take home about $600,000, and five willing women to be his personal sex slaves for an entire week. The best part was that the girls would split the other earnings from tonight; about $60,000 each!

Some poker players arrived with their wives, others were single, and a few people came just to watch. The five prizes of the night had each arrived with their husbands and everything had been just like any other poker night, drinking, talking, and generally just enjoying themselves. But before the first game of poker took place they had to be in the basement so they would not watch the games. The girls would have plenty of time to talk among themselves while they did each others hair and makeup. Then towards the end of the night they would strip naked and help chain each other up, making sure all of the locks were secure. They had no way of knowing what muffled shout or growl of disappointment would seal their fate, or how long they would have to wait, so they got ready a little early just in case. The girls could not help but look at each others bodies. Privately each of them was surprised to find that the possibility of being forced to pleasure any of these other women by their new Master was easier to stomach moment by moment. If they had not all been SO nervous to see who would claim them at the end of the night they might have been tempted to poke or pinch one of the others for fun.

Each girl hoped that their husband would win, so they could take pride in their man, and of course they could exert a little control over what their husbands did with them or made them do. The next best thing they could hope for was that one of the other four girls husbands would win, after all these were the guys that had convinced them in the first place. But in a deep down place, each of them was also exploring the thought of one of the less known men, or some new unknown man taking them home for a week of unknown pleasures. What an experience it would be to be owned for a week by a trusted but complete stranger! All while being with their best girlfriends! Though it just dawned on them that it would be a hard time for them all to walk up the basement stairs, un-attired as they were. It would be an even harder time to shuffle naked past the cheering men and women, most of whom they knew well. And it would be SO embarrassing to be crammed in the back seat of someone's car and driven across town naked knowing that they were merely property for a week! How exciting!

- Baubleheadz - Bet Lost, Bet Won, Bondage, Self Bondage, Sex Slave

Story: Tree Tied  (Dubious Consent)
Sbf; outdoors; maked; caught; M/f; breast; arousal; sex; climax; cons; X

Napping had been a mistake! She had bound her right ankle about 3 feet up a tree and then laid herself down on her yellow blanket enjoying the feeling of being naked in the woods near a public park, hoping her boyfriend would show up soon and ravish her. She had a lot of movement available to her, within reason, so right now she was laying on her back enjoying the small sunbeams that danced through the leaves onto her naked body. But she was startled awake by a soccer ball smacking her soundly in the ass. Forgetting the contingency plan: untie her foot FAST and hide, she looked up to see where the intruder had come from. Hidden behind a tree was a boy she didn't know, a look of wide eyed innocence on his young face. She stared. He tried so hard to keep his eyes on her face or the ball, but his eyes wandered the length of her body. She could tell the boy's desire was building quickly. What if he was here with his father, would the father hold her captive so that his son could learn about the birds and the bees first hand then have his way with her after? Warmth built in her stomach imagining a massive, muscular man's body pinning her down without effort, huge cock splitting her, leaving cum mingling inside her with his son's recent deposit. Or what if this shy boy could get his pants off, and cock into her soaking wet pussy before she could get her foot loose? It could be a game; get loose or get fucked.

He stepped around his tree. She looked at his body and found it rather appealing; this boy was surprisingly muscular, and not as young as she had originally thought, he was closer to her own age. She watched the boy's cock press into his shorts, bobbing slightly with every frantic pulse of his heart, straining to get free, straining to get to her, and she took it as a compliment! It was only after his shorts were filling most of her view that she realized that he had been slowly moving closer. She could feel the warmth of his body on her face now, smell the grass stains on his shorts and something... musky and wonderful, clean, and pure. Her shocked eyes met his as he reached out and softly touched her face. She watched his expressions as he looked down, took her body in from his closer vantage as though she was a part of a dream. He turned his face away and knelt suddenly, like he was trying to shake her from his mind. He reached out and started to untie the rope tying her ankle to the tree. Her heart swelled with a thousand feelings.

In thanks, she reached out and brushed her fingers along his face. The boy gasped and turned so fast that he had fallen off balance. He fell on top of her, nose buried between her breasts, hands struggling to regain balance. No, not to get up, he was fondling her breasts with teen fervor! His hard cock was pressing his soft silk gym shorts harshly into her pussy, his cock head pulsing with his heartbeat was rubbing right on her clit through the soft cloth. She realized she had opened her legs to accept him into her closer! Her body wanted this boy! The boy pumped his hips into her, his silken clothes now soaked with her lubrication. He was sucking and nibbling on her nipples distracting her wonderfully, her clit getting a quick hard massage from his silken shorts covered cock, she might even cum before him! She twisted her hips, felt his shorts riding down some so that now the tip of his cock was free and pressing directly skin to skin on her clit. This sent her hips into a frenzy of upward thrusts. She had hold of his ass, pulling him into her when the unthinkable happened! Her hips had automatically done a little flipping thrust, his cock tip had found her pussy, and her rotated hips had aligned them perfectly. His cock slipped deep inside of her in one thrust.

The boy was now balls deep in her, staring at her, frozen, shocked. The look on his face as he glanced up at her told her he was sorry for what had just happened. He didn't seem to know what to do, he was suddenly brought back to a reality where he realized his cock was in a strange girl and maybe that wasn't O.K. He looked ready to run, about to panic, but her hands on his ass and her hips fucking up into him slowly quickly changed his mind. He didn't move a muscle, he just held himself above her while her hips moved more and more quickly up into his hips fucking him deep into her sex. When he came, she came, the feeling of his cock pulsing, and the sudden realization that she was letting a stranger cum right into her sent her over the edge. Her free leg and arms held his body close and his cock deep inside of her, not letting him go. His head was resting on her chest breathing hard, his boyish long hair was tickling her nipples, his hair felt cool on her burning hot skin. She held him long enough for his cock to get soft and fall out of her.

Eventually he start getting hard again, as it filled with blood it inadvertently tickled her asshole. Snapping her out of her half dazed post orgasmic daze, she flipped him off of her body, rolled herself over to her hands and knees, ankle still bound. Tired, tied, and off balance, she fell to her side. The boy lifted her loose leg and mounted her quickly stuffing his cock back into her with no resistance. She had been fucked like this on her side before but never with her bottom leg lifted up slightly and that difference turned out to be everything! He was fucking slightly down into her and it was heaven, she didn't even know when she had cum or when she had not, every moment of it seemed to be bliss and pleasure...

She woke up, sore like she had never been in her life, covered in sweat, blanket messy with leaves and dirt. Her hair was matted to her neck and her pussy felt like it was more wet than it had ever been. The only proof she had that it had not been a dream was the taste on her fingers when she pulled them out of her pussy and up to her mouth. The wonderful taste of mingling body fluids met her senses. At this point she didn't even care if her boyfriend found her... She didn't know if her overly sensitive body could take another pounding, but she was sure she would try, if he still wanted her. Or he would not show, and she would waddle home, satisfied and take a hot shower, wondering who and where the boy was.

- Baubleheadz - Self Bondage, Dubious Consent

Vignette: Favorite 'Post'
Sbf; bedpost; insert; mast; naked; caught; M/f; hum; anal; climax; stuck; cons; X

Trina was so busy stretching her pussy over the LARGE knob on the bed post that she didn’t hear a thing, not the garage door open or close, not the various doors in the house opening and closing, and not the sounds of footsteps up the stairs, she was lost in her own bliss. As she masturbated furiously, she knew that her pussy would tighten and relax convulsively when she came hard. During her spastic pleasure she would press down as hard as she could and suddenly she would be able to take the large bulb deep into her pussy! Her pussy loosening between the tightening was the key. Then the sensation of the impossibly large sphere popping into her would usually set her off on another gut wrenching orgasm with a different “flavor” immediately following the first one. Once the bed post was buried in her sex she would be stuck there until she could cool down and convince her body to let her orgasm again, this time standing up on her tippi toes pulling as hard as she could to dislodge the intruder. Usually this orgasm was hard to come by, but it was her only chance at freedom. Well, in an emergency, God forbid if there was a fire, she could turn the knob, unscrewing it from the bed post, but then she would have an even harder time removing it without screwing it back into the bed. The mental imagine of her standing outside her soaking wet house wearing only a bath robe, thanking the firemen for putting out the fire, all while harboring an enormous metal bulb that was stuck in her pussy was actually one of the thoughts that would help her get off. The idea of having to drive around town searching out a compatible bed to replace her own bed so that she could screw herself into it to get the leverage to pull the monster intruder out of her sex, that image also helped her get off.

Well Trina didn’t know it, but Bruce was now standing behind her with his mouth agape and his cock unexpectedly surging to life! He had just gotten home and had not been noticed walking up the stairs thanks to the moaning coming from the bedroom he was now standing in in shock. She was only moments from her first orgasm that would let he get the huge knob into her pussy. She was pressing down with her entire body weight and fingering her clit as fast as she could but it was elusive! When she finally heard the ragged breathing of Bruce’s excitement, she realized that she was not alone! Her fingers froze in fear, still pressing into her clit. She could have counted to a million in the everlasting second that it took her to realize her greatest fear and deepest fantasy had come to pass. Then, the clenching happened. Even though she had stopped pleasing herself, her embarrassment, shock, and deep desire had pushed her over the edge and she came hard, maybe harder than ever. As the bulbous bed post passed her pussy muscles and entered deeper into her, she realized that she was in real trouble now! Only a moment earlier she had been compromised, but now she was also trapped by her own devilish desires.

As with most of her sessions she came hard at the thought of her exposure and vulnerability to whoever was in the room with her, but this time it was true. She tried to stand up during this second orgasm but she only managed to lift the bed off the floor with her tired, tight pussy. Then the opportunity for her freedom passed and her second orgasm subsided. Now she had time to think, but for some reason she dared not look behind her, she didn’t want to know if it was mom or dad behind her, maybe her brother or sister, a neighbor, a robber, a stranger, maybe one of her sister's boyfriends or even her own boyfriend. No one knew about her dirty little private game, and which of them could have understood!?!

She heard the person walking closer to her, she heard a zipper come down and pants pulled off. Fear and excitement shot through her, was this person really going to masturbate to the sight of her fucking a bed? A masculine but unknown arm reached around her, she thought that it would go to grab her breasts but it went for the KY jelly on the nightstand instead. As she listened, staring straight ahead at the wall, daring not to look, she could hear him slathering up his cock. What came next was one fuck of a surprise! She had not even thought about it until it was happening! The unknown man came up behind her and pressed himself against her back, then he rubbed his slick cock between her ass cheeks and pressed lightly into her rosebud. Her body betrayed her as she rotated her hips back some trying to take this man's glorious cock into her virgin asshole! This invitation was all the unknown man needed. It took some work, but soon he had pressed himself half way into her ass before meeting the resistance of the bedpost bulb, deep in her sex. The man grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Along with her body bending her backward this cleared her ass for his advancement. This also exposed her neck and he bit her hard sending spasms of raw pleasure shooting painfully through her tired body.

Now that he had full access to her body she found this man’s hot pulsing cock fucking hard in to her ass while she shut her eyes tight and felt her body betraying her once again. Soon she was coming close to a third orgasm, something she had never accomplished so fast in her life! Then the man grunted and his cock pulsed as streams of cum filled her ass. Trina suddenly knew who was behind her and the naughty, dirty, depraved realization sent her over the top. She could feel her pussy doing its usual tightening and loosening around the cock in her ass and the bed post. She instinctively stood up on her tippi toes to gain her freedom from both the bedpost and the cock but the two of them together was more than her tiny little body could release at once. All she did was lift the bed again and manage to fuck him up and down a few more times while he continued to dump cum into her. She knew who was behind her now and she didn’t want to look him in the eyes, she didn't want to see his expression just yet, so she just looked ahead again once he released her hair, pulled out of her ass, and left her still stuck on the bedpost. Her body was so tired, she could barely hold herself up, but she didn’t have a choice. The relentless metal bulb in her pussy was her master now, and she would not be free of it until she managed to cum again, and GOD, how long would that take? She didn’t think she had ever been able to cum FOUR times in one day! Plus the feeling of cum slipping in globs out of her ass was distracting as hell.

- Baubleheadz - Anal, Caught, Found, Insertion, Self Bondage

Vignette: Tina's Pit
Sbf; naked; outdoors; pit; chain; oil; predicament; mast; daydream; cons; X

Tina had worked on this project for a month. She had carefully measured and planned and schemed. The idea was very simple, but the setup last night had been brutal on her tiny frame leaving her very tired and sore. She had been coming to the dig site for weeks; at night after everyone was gone, doused in bug spray to prepare. Of course, during her other visits here to the dig out pit she had been clothed, but today was the big day so she was buck naked. Last night she had stayed up all night building her project, on site, from all the parts she had prepared in her parent’s unused shed. She had dug out a small pit that no one seemed to care about at the back of the construction site. She had not had to dig much but it had ended up about 10 feet deep and about 20 feet wide. It was a cone shaped hole with nice smooth sides sloping down evenly. In the middle was a very strong large immovable eye bolt with a chain running through it. One end of the chain sat on the edge of the pit and the other end went to a nearby piece of construction machinery with a built in winch. She had lined the entire pit with clean white plastic tarps she had found in the large trash bins. Last she had squirted gallons of scentless massage oil all over the tarp until she had most of it covered. When she was done the bottom of the pit was filled at least with oil at least 2 inches deep.

After she was sure she was ready she had gone home, showered, and on a whim, walked back through the woods mostly naked, only allowing herself a pair of sneakers to make the walk more comfortable. She knew that the construction dig site would be completely deserted today, except for her, and hopefully Billy. Part of her plan was to owe Billy $400 for a bike she had bought off of him so she could lure him to the dig site today. This morning she had called Billy and he agreed to come by “the old construction site” around noon to meet up with him. Now at the dig site again, and being fairly early in the morning, she wanted to get started so she could not chicken out. She knelt down and picked up the chain she had placed and fed the cold metal around her waist then padlocked it in place. She had a rather thin waist and even though her hips were still small the chain would not slip over them now that it was locked on. Now there was no turning back, she was not nearly strong enough to break this chain even though it was a fairly light chain. Next she pressed a button on a remote she had, then she threw it into the woods once the winch started turning in the distance. The chain around her waist, leading to the winch, was running through an eye bolt in the 4” long metal rod that was in a buried bucket of concrete in the center of the pit. She knew that she had about one minute to prepare herself so she took off her shoes and socks.

Tina sat down on the edge of the slick oiled up plastic lined pit and already she could see the chain slack being taken up. Then she fought against the chain, just for the sheer fun of it, the thrill of knowing that nothing was going to stop her little adventure now! Eventually the slowly shortening chain became taut enough that she had no choice and it pulled her down the slope and she slipped all the way down into the bottom of the plastic lined pit. Soon her feet were in the oil that she had filled the bottom 2” of the pit with; this made any chance of her fighting against the chain completely hopeless now as her feet slipped around without finding purchase. As her ass was pulled forward into the oil she reveled in the feeling of it moisturizing her skin and imagined Billy finding her covered in oil, naked and willing, and unable to escape his teen lust and attentions. This thought prompted her to roll around in the oil covering herself head to toe, then she struggled again for fun and was pleased to find that she could not slip the oil slick chain off of her body.

Smiling ear to ear she caught herself listening for noises, Tina’s breath caught in her throat at the sound of every woodland animal. She finally heard the winch stop pulling and found herself about 4 feet from the eye bolt as planned. The pit bottom was 5 ft. across so she now had a slippery playground to mess about in while she waited for Billy. For the next 3 hours she alternately struggled against her bonds, masturbated frantically, lolled about in the slippery oil dreaming of Billy, napped in her gloriously moisturizing bondage, and generally just enjoying herself in the sun warmed oil. She was excited by the trill of being trapped in the woods at an industrial work site, naked, her body ready for sex. Even without the oil her pussy would have been more than lubricated enough to accept any contender. Her mind and heart wanted Billy but her body was becoming more and more willing to accept just about any healthy male at this point. Her mind drifted to thoughts of fear, these just excited her more; what if someone else came to the dig site and found her? Some massively muscular worker from the dig crew? What if Billy didn’t come, what if Billy sent some other guy from school, or worse, what if Billy didn’t want her!?

Well, she had planned for that; regardless of Billy or anything else, a gallon of frozen water was melting in the sun warmed oil. In the center of this ice was the key to her escape. Then she realized a small problem with her plan; what if someone came and took away the ice, then she would be at their mercy for as long as they liked!? She realized that she should have bound the ice to the 4’ rod somehow! Oh well, she knew everyone in town and no one would do that to her, she hoped. She lay back in the oil again lightly fingering her sopping wet sex and rubbing her body all over with her other hand. She daydreamed about a man in the crew that she had seen more than once closing the fence at the end of the day. He was quite a looker. He stripped naked and came down to join her in her oil. They romped around, fucked, fucked again. Then he tired of her and left the pit. She was sad to see him go, even as his deposits seeped out of her into the oil. Then she felt the chain slacken from the winch. As she climbed out of the pit to find out what was happening the man moved to her and used the rest of the very long chain to wrap her wrists behind her back, then her ankles to each other. Then he continued wrapping the chain around her until he could hardly see her body. He had left her breasts and hips unchained. As he lifted her up in her daydream she realized that she was his toy now. He would take her home and have her as his own personal sex slave for as long as he wanted. With her ass and breasts unprotected she was sure that this dream man would fuck her silly on his bed as soon as he got her home, then leave her there, wrapped in chains, waiting for him to grace her with pleasure when he was ready for her again.

- Baubleheadz - Predicament, Self Bondage

Vignette: Neon Pink on Pink on Pink
Sbf; corset; lingerie; boots; gag; rope; fantasy; sextoy; used; object; cons; X

Danielle had called her husband at work and told him to “find a surprise hidden somewhere in the house.” He of course knew this meant that he would find his horny wife tied up tight somewhere begging him to fuck her. Usually she would make sure that her bondage left her no way to get herself off, and by the time he got home she would have worked herself up into such a hot mess that she would be irresistible. After all she had spent a LOT of his money on “improvements” to make herself into more of a fuck toy (when she wanted to be). Tonight Danielle definitely felt like a sex toy, and that was exactly how she wanted to feel. After showering and shaving everything below her shoulders Danielle had gotten all sexied up in her latest outfit purchase; an overly tight black pleather corset with tits partially exposed, and a built in garter. The whole thing was trimmed with neon pink ribbons, ruffles and bows. She also wore a pair of jet black thigh high pantyhose with neon pink lines down the back and little neon pink bows at the top in the front. Over these were black leather boots that came up to her knees with small locks at the top of the zippers, sadly there was no neon pink on these. Once she had done her makeup to be a slutty sexy Barbie doll look alike she added a neon pink ball gag and began tying herself to her daughter's bed with neon pink rope. She was soon tied wide open spread eagle to the bed with pink rope with no means of escape and she felt sexy as hell!

She loved how every time she moved her tits came slightly more into view popping out of the corset, and she knew that if she worked hard enough she could get them to pop all the way out! Danielle KNEW that she was a sight to be seen, tied up in her daughter’s room (who was away at summer camp for the next two weeks). She had chosen this room for the fact that her daughter's entire room was a white and neon pink color scheme, and she knew that her black leather and neon pink outfit would stand out strikingly in here. She felt a little weird using her teen daughter's bed, but who would know except for her and her husband? The Pink on Pink on Pink in the room, Pink on Black on Pink on her body, Pink gag, and the Pink binding her limbs was SO hot, and she knew it!! Now that she was tied up though her thoughts wandered to what her husband would do to her once he got home; his moods varied SO much, Danielle never knew what to expect, and the unknown excited her! Sometimes it would be over quick if he had things to do, he would make sure she knew that he was just fucking her to fuck her. Being “used” like an appliance designed only for being fucked was very fun exciting and fun for her sometimes. Other times he had been known to bring in other bondage gear and keep her tied up for days in the master bedroom. He would pamper her, feed her, wash her, fuck her, treat her like a slave or a pet, then fuck her again.

Danielle's mind was wondering wildly having nothing else to do since she was tied up. Then her heart skipped a beat as she realized a potential problem with her plan. The thought of her daughter’s boyfriend finding her like this had slipped into her mind unbidden. He was NOT at summer camp, what if he came over to leave her daughter a present or something, or come get his hoodie he had left behind? Danielle looked around the room frantically trying to look for some item or clothing he might have left behind, but she found nothing. He knew where the spare key was hiding! What would HE do if he found her like this!? It would be obvious to any red blooded male (or female) what Danielle had planned for tonight, and what she had redesigned her body for with silicone, piercings, and other "improvements". Would he think she was here for him!? Would she blame him for thinking such things!? Once he saw what her body was redesigned for would he fuck her like an appliance or maybe bind her up and take her back to his bedroom and keep her for a while, just as her husband always did with her?! Could she dissuade him from molesting her, FUCKING her!? Would she even try to stop him? She rationalized that if she went along with it, then at least it wouldn’t be rape, but OH the though of his teen lust forcing her, fucking her, embarrassing her! What if he took pictures on his phone! Danielle’s heart suddenly skipped in happy anticipation as she finally heard someone coming up the stairs… BUT had she heard her husband’s car, or the garage door? Who was coming up the stairs?! Whoever it was was about to get a treat!

- Baubleheadz - Found, Self Bondage

Vignette: Wonderful Mistake
Sbf; lingerie; corset; collar; chain; toys; insert; stuck; fantasy; caught; cons; X

Melissa was starting to feel that she had made a HUGE WONDERFUL mistake... She must have set the timer for 52 hours instead of 52 minutes! It had surely been almost 60 minutes now, and her date was about to arrive; Matt was always punctual. Unfortunately Fortunately Melissa found herself still tied up the way she had only previously dreamed of being found by a strong dominant man like Matt. She was sitting on the bed unable to move much. A chain ran from the back of her posture collar to a hook in the ceiling (that she always kind of hoped her boyfriends would see and get the idea that she was into this kind of stuff). She was wearing a black sparkly open cup corset that proudly displayed her fantastically modified tits, the corset had built in garter straps holding up sparkling dark black silky stockings. She had no panties on, and even though she was just about as wet as she had ever been the dildo buzzing away inside of her was not going to fall out on its own. The posture collar also had a chain attached that went down her front and under each armpit then around her upper arms pulling her elbows slightly closer behind her back. Another chain around her waist held her hand cuffs securely behind her back. This stopped her from removing her dildo or playing with herself ruining the experience too soon. Strappy high heeled shoes/boots were locked onto her. They were like high heeled strappy shoes that also had straps that wrapped around her legs all the way up just passed her knees where they were locked again. Then these shoes/boots were locked to each other at the ankles and knees horribly wonderfully hobbling her if she had been trying to move around instead of kneeling in the middle of the bed “at attention” waiting for her “master's” next order.

Of course she had no master in the room, only a key hanging from the ceiling held on by a magnet, and this “master” would only let her free when it's timer ran out. Soon it seemed though she was about to have a new master, if she was right about setting the timer wrong, Matt would be here soon and the note he was going to find downstairs would tell him about his new title and her new roll as his pet or slave or whatever he might want of her. Melissa had a backup plan of course... but the main plan sounded WAY better at this point. After all pulling so hard on her bonds as to break the chain holding her to the ceiling, then dropping herself painfully off the edge of the bed, crawling/rolling to her walk-in closet, and dunking her hands in dirty motor oil to get the spare key was impossible to clean up and otherwise highly undesirable. Finding herself at Matt's mercy unexpectedly would of course be the better of the two scenarios for so many reasons. She realized, with some satisfaction, that this would be the first time she had ever failed and been found out... First Matt would follow the instructions to the chest full of bondage gear in the guest room. Then the note there would lead him to her. The note explicitly instructed him how to keep her bound in the guest room for one full week as punishment for her. The note gave him permission to do anything he wanted to his new slave, ANYTHING...

Melissa loved putting herself into tight bondage. She loved trying to track the time until her release when she could not see any clocks. Then she would have a skimpy 8 minutes to get out of bondage and get dressed before her date would arrive. She would have to make it down the stairs JUST in time to remove the note from the door. With most of her boyfriends she had had to give herself 15 minutes, plenty of time to spare. But Matt was punctual to the minute.. This meant that she would only have 8 minutes. Just enough time to take her chains and collar off and throw jeans and a sexy shirt over her black lingerie. Melissa LOVED the feeling of jeans over her stockings it was SO sexy. The Jeans would *mostly* hide the tiny silver locks on her corset and  locked on boots. When Matt got her home Melissa would excuse herself to the downstairs bathroom and use the other extra key stored there to remove the locks on her bindings. She hoped that one day he would realize what kind of heels these were while they were on their date and it would expose her secret bondage fetish. So far, as far as Matt knew, she just liked to dress super sexy under her cloths and rock his world after the date.

Matt was about to find out about everything tonight though. He would find her, bound tightly, with the keys dangling right above her. If he followed instructions well he would bring a chain from the guest room and lock onto her collar with one of her small locks. He would carry her, or unchain her enough to lead her, to the guest room. He would lock the other end of the chain to the two parallel eye bolts in the wall. This would give her enough room to get to the bathroom and sleep in the bed, when she was untied enough. Then he would have her for a week, the keys to these primary locks stored in the guest room were in a safe that would not open for 7 days. Under the bed, on a cookie sheet were bolt cutters, but to use them she would have to ruin the rug with the dirty oil that coated them. She would only do this in an emergency; Melissa didn't like the feel of motor oil on her skin, and she HATED the idea of dirty motor oil ruining her rug and bedding! Oh well, enough pouting, it was high time to strike a pose and look as sexy as she could for her grand debut.

- Baubleheadz - Self Bondage, Found

Vignette: Shed Self Bondage (Dubious Consent)
Sbf; lingerie; note; rope; barn; roleplay; fantasy; caught; emb; M/f; shock; sex; cons; X

Janet had done this very special thing for her husband, but alas, he would not get to enjoy it. Janet had recently been online and found a few self bondage sex stories that had gotten her heart RACING, and she wanted to make her own HOT story with her husband. The first preparation was obvious, be as hot as possible, so she had shaved everything baby smooth, and worn her favorite black high heel shoes, jet black stockings, and purple garter. With her arms tied up high above her while she stood in the shed her large breasts would look amazing, her waist would look even thinner, her stomach would look fit, and all of this would just make her already nice wide hips look even more alluring, it also didn't hurt that she had long slender legs to just make her a picture perfect bondage slave. Win, win, win, win, win. The second part of her fantasy was to be “found” so she had put a note in the kitchen for her husband to find letting him know to come to the shed for a surprise. The dope would probably think she had bought him a new garden tool or tractor attachment or something... boy was he in for a surprise when he discovered his knew “hoe”. The rest of the note was to set the mood: she wanted to roll-play like she didn’t want sex, that she was some damsel in distress and that he was some ruffian. She had included a small red cow prod that had a HELL of a sting when used.

Once she was ready to actually get started she walked proudly to the shed. She knew that their backwoods estate could be seen by the neighbors, but only just. The chance of someone seeing her was basically ridiculous, but the idea of it made her heart race as she “casually” sauntered to the shed trying to walk like Jessica Rabbit and look as sexy as possible... just for the fun of it. She had a rope already there running through a one way pulley. One end of the rope was tied off to a 20 lb wright across the other side of the shed. It would be enough to pull the rope taunt when she was ready but with the friction in the system it would not be enough to really hurt her. Every time she moved though she would have some risk of the rope going a little more taunt, held by the one way pulley, until she was standing on her tippie toes, but she hoped to prevent that. The “shed” was more like a barn, you could drive a car in one side and out the other, and her husband often brought vehicles in here for a little tinkering or repair.

Janet really didn't need to prepare anything else so she untied the other end of the rope and held it carefully to not allow any rope to slip through the one way pulley. She was careful to slip her hands into the knot that she had prepared earlier, a knot that would not hurt her much even if she was hanging by her hands, but circulation would be a slight problem if she let it go that far. Then she let the rope slowly pull away from her and stood up in the middle of the shed as her freedom was taken away. Eventually she was standing there in her high heels with almost no room to move, chill air blowing through the ajar doorway, warm diffuse light spilling across her skin casting soft shadows over all of her wonderful curves. She was quite a sight to be seen. That is when the best worst case scenario happened. Jason, who was supposed to be hanging out with her son came walking down the driveway yelling out her son’s name, saying something about being sorry he was late, and yelling to see if anyone was home. Janet was bound in the shed, but that was quite a distance from the house or the driveway. Plus he would only see her if he looked in the shed (doubtful), walked through the back yard (doubtful), or looked out of the farthest dining room window (doubtful, but it was the only window Janet could see from here). He might find the note for Janet's husband though, and that could be bad. How had she worded it... she had been impersonal with it so that he could get into character as a ruffian, had she put his name or “husband” anywhere on it? Surely Jason would not think the note was for him if he found it. Surely he would not think she was asking him to force her!?

Janet fought against her bonds even though she knew her rope work was sound. Maybe if Jason came in here he would just free her, but what an embarrassment! She would always know that he had seen her like this, and surely the image of her amazing body, clad in tight lingerie, tied to the ceiling would be burned into his memory for the rest of his life. While Jason walked around the back of the house still yelling Janet cursed her own body, the thought of being found was one of her great secret fantasies and her body was responding favorably! Jason stopped yelling after a while and Janet heard Jason come into the house through the back door, which was always unlocked. Janet heard nothing but the rush of blood in her ears for a while then she heard a ZAP and a yowl from the kitchen, Jason had found the cow prod and tried it on himself! Janet giggled, but then imagined him using it on her and stopped immediately. What if he also read the note! She really could not remember if she had addressed it to her husband or not. Well Janet resolved to fight Jason tooth and nail no matter how bad the cow prod was. She started trying to get her wrists out of her knots, but the more she moved the more the one way pulley took up slack making it even more impossible to free herself.

Then she saw him enter the shed. Jason was not acting like his shy usual self, and now she noticed the muscles under his shirt and how tall he had gotten, Jason was now taller than Janet and OH was he built… What a man like that could do to a bound woman like her. Janet struggled against her bonds some more, knowing that she was just making it worse, but she had to try. She could see him watching her breasts bounce so she desisted. Then she looked up at him and then up at her bonds, but for some reason she said nothing. He got the point, and walked over to her. To reach the pulley he had to nestle right up against her body and she could feel the heat radiating off of his body and it was maddening, plus the smell of him and his teenage lust. Plus the fact that he was not even looking at what he was doing to untie the knot, instead he was looking her right in the eyes deeply, piercingly, while his hands expertly detached her. As her arms came down he kept looking her in the eyes and she was helpless against him, all the fight was out of her.

“Take off my pants,” he ordered her. She made to protest, more out of habit than anything, but he shocked her right on the left nipple. She had never felt pain like that in her LIFE! She had known her husband would have never shocked her somewhere so sensitive, otherwise she would have never laid it out for him. The suddenness of it, the intense pain, and the masculine control this teen was showing dropped her to her knees, and she started undoing his pants without even thinking. Her heart was racing, this was almost exactly the kind of thing she had only ever imagined... and fantasized about while masturbating in private. This was after all exactly what she had always wanted, secretly desired. Janet moved to take Jason’s cock into her mouth, maybe she could get him off quickly before this got much more out of hand but he walked behind her and pushed her forward. Janet’s body knew exactly what he wanted and she found herself kneeling on her elbows and knees, ass in the air. His cock was rubbing up and down pressing into her clit stopping every once in a while with his cock tip lined up for sex.

Every fiber in her body wanted this Adonis to fuck her but he didn’t move to press into her, she could feel the head of his cock parting her pussy lips, but that was it, he was waiting for her to lean back into him, to accept him, to fuck him… Some quiet voice in the deepest part of her mind objected but by now every inch of her was craving every inch of his cock so Janet leaned back, accepting him, pressing him into her. It took a few thrusts but soon she had him buried all the way balls deep and the shame of it burned her to higher and higher plateaus of pleasure and depravity. She was, after all, getting EXACTLY what she had desired most in the first place! Once he knew she was his he dropped the cow prod and fucked into her with the power and speed that only a teen boy could muster and it was the most wonderful feeling of her life.

- Baubleheadz - Self Bondage, Found, Dubious Consent

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