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Selfbondage Adventure

by Dil Apsus

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© Copyright 2012 - Dil Apsus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; collar; gag; chain; cuffs; woods; cartrunk; cons; X

Why do I do this to myself? It is not the warmest night, I would be quite happy at home on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a movie so why am I here putting myself through these torments?

I'll tell you why, as much as I try to fight it, as much as I would rather be snug and warm, I love the idea of what I am about to put myself through. The risk, the tension and the adventure. They all do things to me that I wouldn't change for the world.

Let me set the scene. I have parked my car in a secluded car park next to a woodland area. I grabbed a bag from the boot and, after checking everything was in place, locked the car and hid the key under one of the wheels.

Setting off through the wood I have to make my own path, animals live here but where I am going no other people head for so I am forging my own route. Pushing through the undergrowth and trekking through the soft dark soil.

After a short time there is a wire fence, I have almost reached my destination. In front of me is an old building, some kind of office building that has been abandoned. I found it by accident and while looking around noticed that there was a way to get into the building. I explored for a while and finding some interesting features a devious idea came to mind.

In the centre of the building is a stair well, it has very little light reaching it as there is only a small skylight at the top. From ground level it stretches up 8 floors and down 2 into a basement. At the bottom there is a flat area with dark recesses going under the stairs. When I saw it I got so horny I had to cum right there and while I was doing it my mind worked on how to torment myself further.

Arriving at the stair case I realised that I would have to work quickly otherwise the light would run out before I was ready. I headed to the very top and to the metal railings I padlocked a long chain. This I threw over the edge so I fell down the well to the bottom. I also tied a string with some ice on it to another railing. This was fastened in such a way that once the ice melted the key encased inside it would fall down the well to where I could get at it. Another key was then taken into the room beyond the landing.

I positively ran down the stairs. As I passed ground level I threw a key off away from the stairs, keeping track of where it ended up. Going to the basement I quickly got everything else ready. I emptied everything from my bag and then stripped. Everything I had removed was put into the bag and then this was taken into a room away from the basement.

What I was left with at the bottom of the stairs would do nothing for my modesty but that wasn't the point. First there was a collar. This I padlocked around my neck. Next came a ball gag, similarly padlocked.

Around my ankles I fastened a set of metal cuffs. These had an 18' chain between them, but this was too easy for me. Into the two end links of the chain I threaded another padlock, locking my feet together. The key to this lock was at the ground floor.

Almost done. The chain dangling down from the ceiling I fastened to my neck with another lock, leaving some slack. The slack was then fastened to the metal railing at the bottom with another lock. The key to this was encased in the ice above, the key to my neck was at the top of the stairs and all other keys were in my car.

Locking my hands behind my back with a last pair of handcuffs I was now totally stuck. Sat in the gathering darkness I knew I was here for a while. There was no way the ice would melt overnight so I was stuck until sometime tomorrow.

The night passed slowly, old abandoned buildings are creepy enough without being bound and naked within them in pitch blackness. I'm glad I don't fear the dark otherwise I might have gone mad, sitting there. I hadn't left enough slack for me to lie down and I couldn't quite stand either. I was reduced to sitting and when my bum got too cold kneeling.

The noises through the building were continually making me jump, I was starting to get very cold and my jaw ached around the gag. But there was nothing I could do about it. Only the ice melting would let me being my journey to freedom, until then I couldn't even move.

As the light quality started to improve I knew I had made it through the hardest part, the part of enforced captivity, the darkness, the cold. I only had to wait for the key to fall to me. I started to fidget, I knew it was only a matter of time and I was impatient to move.

Time dragged on, each second lasting an hour as boredom began to overtake me and then I felt a cold lump hit my back, it hurt a lot as I realise the last of the ice and the key had just hit me from a great height. I groaned into my gag as I shook off the pain. There was nothing I could do about it until I was free anyway.

Taking the key I released the chain from the bottom railing. Now I had to climb, my hands bound behind me and my feet chained together. I tried many techniques, jumping (made my breasts jiggle far too much), crawling on my front (the concrete steps were sharp), trying to climb them (I kept stubbing my toes). Eventually I settled on climbing them on my bum, one slow step at a time, lifting with my hands and pushing back with my legs.

I made it to the ground floor and I contemplated looking for the key to the lock between my ankles. But I know that everything was measured precisely, there was no way I would be able to reach it. Onwards I climbed, getting more exhausted with each step. I stopped looking up or down, only at my feet as they pushed up another step. The years of accumulated dirt and concrete dust coating my body as I effectively rolled in it.

I made it to the top and had to rest for a while. I freed myself from the chain but I couldn't face the descent for a while. However, I knew it was getting on in the day and if I didn't start soon I would be stuck here for another night unable to see where I was going.

Slowly I inched down the stairs, making the ground floor before I knew it. God bless gravity. I managed to hop across the floor to the key and released my legs. Now I could almost run and after almost 24 hours of strict bondage I was almost free.

All I had to do now was get back to my car. I had to wait for darkness as I wasn't going to cross the open area between the building and the wood naked and bound. Again time dragged on until I had enough courage to step outside. The tarmac was cool under my feet as I moved as fast as my bonds would allow. I made the fence in a flash and I was through it into the darkness of the woods.

I made my way through the brush, feeling it scratch at me, tickling me. Moving slowly finding animal tracks where possible. Eventually I reached my car and retrieved the key. Popping the trunk I got ready for my last challenge.

I unlocked the cuffs and the ballgag before finally removing the collar. However, the key I had left out of the car only opened the trunk. The ignition key was looked in my bag with my clothes by a combination lock. And it was dark.

As I climbed into the trunk and pulled the lid down I smiled, knowing that this night would be more fun than the last one!

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