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A Self Bondage Challenge

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2014 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

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Howdy everyone out there in Bondageland.

My bondage escapades have been a little slow of late as I haven’t really had the time to indulge myself. I have been writing a couple of new stories and work always gets in the way of everything, so when my friend Lisa sent me an email with a little bondage challenge. I opened the email to read this:-

"You are tied with your hands above your head, in a standing position, naked except for stockings and high heels, nothing less than 4 inches. Your mouth should be gagged so you can barely make a noise, perhaps a cloth gag for this? I want your legs spread wide apart with your spreader bar, perhaps some rope around your legs just above the knee and tied to something else to really make you feel open and give more effect to the spreader bar. Nipple clips on too please! Hmm, the chain from the nipple clamps might be fun to attach that to either your wrist cuffs or perhaps a nice tight crotch rope, oh yes I like that idea hehe. If you have a butt plug, well you know where it goes babe.

Then, a good strong vibrator held in place by the crotch rope not quite on your clitoris but very close that way it will take that bit longer for you to orgasm. Now take your longest dildo or vibrator and lube it again and slip that into your lovely wet fanny. Now if it’s a vibrator only set the speed to low but the other one needs to be high. Make sure that crotch rope is very tight mind! Its hold these toys in place.

Now if possible I want you to have a nice full length dress mirror setup in front of you while you are tied up so you can watch yourself teased and struggle until the ice release lets you go. Oh yes, the ice release, now I thought as it melts it might be fun to position it so the cold water drips onto your breasts and over your nipples if possible. Have fun and of course I want all the yummy details."

Well that sounds like a good challenge and I couldn't resist. Peter went out recently to watch a rugby match up in London. That usually means he and his mates get up to Twickenham around 11am, go to the Popes Grotto pub for a skin full before the game, followed by more booze and a curry afterwards. Normally I would go too, but I haven't had a lot of "Me, Time" of late. This seemed such a good time to answer Lisa's challenge. 

I dropped and tied off a rope over the top of the banisters. It had a slipknot and I positioned the rope dangling about six feet high where I planned to stand. I had to adjust a couple of times to get it right. Then I went to find a three foot wide spreader bar and a small offcut spreader I sometimes use between wrist cuffs. I slipped on my stockings. Lisa they were black, seamed and very sheer :-) Peter missed out huge, here, as he reckons all women should wear them but especially to bed lol

Lisa had asked me to wear very high heels. Now I may be 5 foot 4inches tall, but I really can’t stand all these platform high heels around now. I do have a pair of calf boots, no platforms, with a six inch heel for bondage games. I zipped these over the stockings. I debated for a second using seven inch ballet boots but got cold feet thinking I would totter and break my ankles.

I have an eight inch cock like ribbed/veiny vibrator. It's a lot wider than my other vibrators. I haven't used this for so long that when lubricated with KY Gel I thought it wasn't going to pop in there. I had to insert it and pull it out a good few times before I got it all the way in. Then I doubled a rope over and created a crotch rope around the waist, passing through my ass cheeks, splitting the rope either side of my fanny lips, up and looped around my trusty silver vibrator before I tied it off at the front of the rope waist band I just made.

I tottered to my underwear drawer and took out a thick cotton pop sock. I stuffed it into my mouth and wrapped black duct tape around my mouth and then around my head several times pulling tighter and tighter as my cheeks bulged over the tape. Giving my best shout for freedom only produced a muffled mmph. Smoothing the tape down I was ready to take my gear and set up the ice to free myself.

I took the ice release; several loops of string around a finger, stuffed into an ice tray and frozen leaving to small lengths free to attach somewhere; and tied this to the rope on the stairs. It would melt and drip on me under it. I tied the other end to a folded up Swiss army knife. It would need to drop about three feet for me to reach my hand. When I got the ice from the freezer, I also put a few cubes in a bowl with my butt plug.

A previous challenge from Lisa I passed on, but felt obliged to at least try once. I picked up the plug lubed it pulled aside the tight crotch rope a little and quickly tried to shove it up my behind. I was tense and it wouldn't go as my ass protested at the cold and sort of shrank away from me. In the end I had to take it easy and do the same thing as the ribbed vibrator sitting in me. Ease it in and out before my ass puckered over the end and held the plug in place. Not very pleasant, as I hate cold, and probably because I didn't want to do it lol. Putting the crotch rope over the lip of the butt plug just pushed it deeper into my ass.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs. Lifted my leg onto the second bottom step and tied the spreader bar in place with a short length of rope. Then it was up with the other leg and that was tied off. Both times I could feel the gel on the butt plug squishing in my ass and the big ribbed vibrator was teasing the opening of my cervix in a most unpleasant way, as it suddenly jammed further into my fanny.

I hobbled to the position I wanted to be, and then used the small spreader bar and tied this just above both my knees, to keep myself vulnerable and open. It suddenly dawned on me I would also be displaying my wears to anyone coming to the front door, should they decide to look through the small glass window inset into the door. I hadn't really thought about that much until I was half tied up. I decided to just go with it. All the doors and windows were properly locked anyway. 

I attached Clover Clamps to each of my nipples. Taking a big pinch of flesh just under the center of each nipple I released the clamps onto the flesh. And yes, if you are asking it stings. I had a small length of string tied to the center of the chain, so I tied this up onto the rope slip knot taking the slack out of the chain and adjusted it so there was a small but uncomfortable tug on my nipples.

I turned on the big ribbed vibrator in my fanny on to low, just as Lisa instructed. Then I flicked the vibrating remote on the butt plug to on. Finally I set the silver crotch roped vibrator on to high. Wow that was an experience.

I tottered directly under the coils of rope I left in the slack slip knot and eased my wrists into them. Then with a quick yank I pulled the slipknot hard closing and cinching my wrists but also giving a yank on my poor nipples.

Now you always have second thoughts the second before you decide to trap yourself. I always do. It's a scary thought knowing you can be stuck for ages. I know that through experience and I also know that my ice release would take about an hour to free myself. It hasn't failed yet so I put my mind at ease.

Well I say ease. Here is where I made the mistake. If you are using a spreader bar and holding your legs open, then you need to account for a drop in height. I didn't but it was too late. The rope was stretching me up, and tottering in my heels with my legs so far apart was not the easiest tie I have been in, I can say. It was made worse with what felt like an artic chill dissipating through my rectum. As my body warmed the butt plug this became a hell of a lot nicer, however it sort of distracted from all the pleasure I wanted to have with the vibrators.

In a short time it felt like my breasts were on fire. I contemplated trying to rip the clamps off my tits, but after experiencing that once before, I promised myself not to do it again! Yes it really hurt. I was also extremely uncomfortable tottering about with the spreader bars. The one holding the knees open was restricting me from positioning my ankles in a half decent position to be comfortable. The ankle spreader bar was digging in the side of my ankles as I tried to twist them to allow a bit of slack in the lower spreader bar so I could stand up a little straighter. It had forced my legs so far apart my ankles were at differing angles to my feet and heeled boots. Staying upright and in a comfortable position was very difficult.

I digress because I know you really want to know about the vibrators. Well the butt plug never gets me off, however it does help fill me up so the vagina vibrator became more intense. Being so large and ribbed I was thinking I cheated on Lisa's challenge, because I could feel the thing throbbing inside me, but it was on much too low to do too much to turn me on. It was the silver vibrator that I had positioned about two inches above my clitoris that turned the entire crotch rope in to a vibrating snake. Rope tickled between my ass cheeks. It vibrated either side of the lips of my fanny. That was a very nice feeling as it also added a little bit of a thrill to the big vibrator inside me. It was that that helped me to partly forget about the fire building in my nipples.

Moving hurt or was very uncomfortable. I started to get little spasms in my inner thighs. My hands moving the suspension rope pulled the clamps and I had to rest my head on my upper arms as I grunted through the gag in pain. As the ice melted it dripped down my hands and forearms. It was taking forever to drop the knife so I could free myself.

My jaw hurt from the sock packing it out. I tried blowing at the tape to loosen it from sticking to my lips and cheeks. Pushing the packing to the front of my mouth was impossible though as it pressed my tongue down. I grunted in frustration and tried to rub the tape loose on my shoulder. Again that was impossible. As I had wrapped it so tightly around my neck and face several times I couldn't rub it off. I just ended up pressing the tape back against my skin again.

I had the pussy vibrator on too low to enjoy it and it was frustrating the hell out of me too. I tried to grind my hips and allow the vibrating rope to add its magic but it was a hard way to get a first orgasm. It was only because it was so ribbed I managed it. After the euphoria of an orgasm, I was still trapped in a bondage hell. Did I say my nipples were on fire. Well after a bit it was just a constant dull ache and I really wanted them off.

I know I wanted to enjoy this tie but I really didn't. I sort of zoned out. I slumped my head down on my upper arms. Water wet my face and dripped into my hair but I didn't care. I was just trying to figure out why I hadn't used my leather ankle cuffs and a padlocks that would have shortened the spreader bar a little as you can close your legs a little more. Why the hell did I leave the pussy vibe on so low a setting? I tried and managed to grind another orgasm out of myself. But I wasn't interested. My breasts were too painful. Why the bloody hell did I put my clamps on? I really hate them and yet I still used them.

I hardly noticed the penknife drop into reach. It was with a little relief I cut the wrist coils. Then I had to hold my arms on the wall and the stairs to totter back to sit on the stairs. I caught the time on the kitchen clock. The clamps had been on my breasts for seventy minutes. I gingerly squeezed the clamp on my left breast to free it. As the blood rushed back I squealed into the gag. I tried to rub some life into my nipples but touching them really hurt. I freed my right breast. Christ, did I yell out loud. (Three days later it was still torture to put my bra on.)

I just sat there on the stairs for ten minutes, legs splayed wriggling my ankles. I was glad I had worn the boots. They had protected my ankles and gave me a little bit of protection. I had turned the vibrators off and just wanted to be free. I pulled the crotch rope off me and eased the vibrator out of my pussy. I did enjoy the experience of the vibrating rope between my legs, so I will definitely be using that again. I picked at the duct tape to take the gag off but it wasn't easy so I gave up and untied the little spreader bar at the knees, and the one at my ankles. I walked to the kitchen and used the kitchen scissors to cut the duct tape so I could peel it from my face and hair.

Sitting in a nice warm bath ten minutes later after first removing and cleaning the butt plug and the vibrators, my legs felt great again. Sponging soapy water over my aching beasts just wasn't making them feel better. I wore the baggiest jumper the rest of the day. Peter's drunken cuddle while spooning me that Saturday night got him a mouthful of abuse too.

So, the moral of the story?

Don't wear nipple clamps for longer than ten or fifteen minutes!

Do tie a vibrator into the crotch rope so the whole rope vibrates your ass and thighs!

Turn the vibrator to medium if I try this again!

This tie would definitely be more fun without the clamps.

I would also maybe give the cold butt plug another chance but in a different circumstance. One more thing.

I have to apologize to Lisa, as I forgot to use a mirror. However, without seeing myself in the throes of orgasm, and seeing myself in pain, wouldn't really have appealed to me.

Emma xxx  

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