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Self Bondage Extreme

by Feverdream

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© Copyright 2016 - Feverdream - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; basement; rope; cord; breast; nipple; cuffs; gag; bfold; susp; toys; torment; pain; stuck; climax; cons; XX


She closed and locked the front door, left her briefcase on the table in the hall. She had been anticipating this session all week , building up her nerve, and didn't want anything, or anyone, to interfere. This time she was going to finish it, no matter what..

The previous sessions had been painful, but not excruciating, and therefore not as fulfilling as she wanted. Each had built on the last as her tolerance built up. This time… she wanted the ultimate pain… and the ultimate orgasms…

The door to her basement was in the hallway. She thought back on her preparations, the vibrator and tape, the soundproofing, the medium thick cords about the thickness of her little finger and the thin cords more like you would use to restring venetian blinds, the books to stand on… at first… and finally her one purchase from the bondage catalogue… a T-bar about two feet long with O-rings at each end and a pulley that was hooked to a four-by-eight ceiling beam by a more substantial rope descending to a cleat on the wall and finally the four sturdy O-rings. She already had the blind fold the ear muffs and the ball gag. She wanted to leave absolutely nothing to chance this time.

Her hand trembled as it rested on the knob and she hesitated… NO… She wanted to be naked when she went down the stairs to the basement… abandon all hope and all that stuff. She knew it would enhance the experience… She walked to the kitchen island, unbuttoned the blouse and folded it neatly on the countertop, Then the lacy bra… her nipples tightened when the cool air touched them. They were almost throbbing already, and when she slid out of the short skirt and panties at the same time… the cool air also caressed her buttocks and her vagina… No, her pussy… raising goosebumps all over. She stepped out of the short heels and the cold floor told her she was totally naked. More goose-bumps… it was like she could feel the air flowing over each inch of her overheated skin.

She could see herself in the double plate glass doors, her milk white reflection stark against the black night outside.

She walked to the basement door and this time opened it without hesitation. As she descended the stairs it seemed she could feel every crease and grain in the rough finished steps, more than ever before. Also the rails were rough under her palms. Every nerve in her body seemed more sensitive. She glanced to the right as she went down the steps. There was the work bench and the things that would cause her pain. Her breath caught and then shuddered out as she looked over them as she reached the bottom of the stair and her feet touched the cold cement of the basement floor…

The basement was cold… It was always colder than anyplace else in the house. She couldn't quite see her breath, but almost. Her goose bump were huge, every hair on her standing up, her nipples were so hard they ached, even her pussy overheated as it was also had huge goosebumps even though it was totally bare… there was no hair there to stand up. She was soon shivering… but she was determined not to back out now…

She strode purposefully to the bench and picked up the first medium sized cord and one of the sturdy O-rings. She folded the cord in half and slid her hand through, forming a slip knot. She bent at the waist and felt the cold air on her pussy as she gathered her breast into the slip knot and quickly cinched it up, sliding the cord through the O-ring as she did…

She passed the cord around her breast six times, passing it through the O-ring and pulling it tighter at each pass… It was already turning red.. Soon the other breast was also turning red as she finished it up quickly… Now the nipples.

Her nipples were rock hard, shrivelled up and tiny from the cold, the tips of the nipples themselves standing out like thumbs almost. She formed a loop in a smaller cord, slipped it through an O-ring and pushed the loop as far up on the nipple as she could. She pulled it tight and hissed at the pain… then began passing the slim cord around and through the O-ring, again tightening it as much as possible with each turn. When she was almost to the tip she tied it off leaving a button at the end and did the other. With both thumbs and forefingers she gently squeezed and rolled the little nubbins… The effect was electric, running through her body directly to her pussy which was already wet and throbbing.

She picked up the vibrator, about eight inches long with a knob at one end, that's where the strongest vibrations were, and a cord at the other. No running out of batteries…

She slid it between her legs, up against her throbbing pussy, her first orgasm already not far away. She grabbed the tape and ran it around her waist then under the vibrator, around the waist and back under the vibrator in a criss-cross, doing it several times and again pulling it tighter every pass… It wasn't going anywhere. Still the knob wasn't pressing very hard against her clit… but she had a remedy for that…

She flipped four ropes, two slightly shorter, each with clips at each end, and a short belt over her shoulder and clipped the handcuffs on her left wrist. She opened her mouth and inserted the large ball gag. She could barely get it in, it filled her whole mouth. She buckled it tightly behind her neck and tried to force it out almost gagging in the process… it was going nowhere either . The blindfold went on top of her head where she could reach it but could still see…

She picked up the dictionary and waddled toward the wall, and the hanging t-bar, the knob of the vibrator grinding against her clit at each step. She had to stop halfway there, the impending orgasm causing her hips to buck involuntarily. She bent slightly to put the book down under the t-bar and again almost climaxed.

She stepped up on the book, almost eight inches thick. She took the belt from her shoulder and reached down as far as she could, about halfway between knees and ankles and cinched it tight. Then she took the cord of the vibrator, passed it through the belt and lowering her body she plugged it firmly in to the wall. Sure enough, when she stood up straight, the knob ground painfully into her clit. She lowered herself at the knees to relieve the pressure, her thighs already quivering with the strain.

She had to work quickly, she wouldn't be able to stand long in this position. She grabbed the ropes from her shoulders and clipped the longer ones into the O-rings on her breasts and the shorter ones to her nipples then to the end O-rings on the t-bar. It would stretch her nipples more, thus be more painful… That's exactly what she wanted… the maximum pain she could achieve…

She pulled on the t-bar rope forcing herself up on her tiptoes and tied it off on the cleat… It was like a fire was lit in both breasts… Her breasts cried out but her nipples screamed… and the vibrator ground painfully into her clit… She quickly loosened the rope and let herself back down, calves quivering with relief and her thighs quivering even more. She tightened the rope slowly to see how much she could stand for a few minutes at a time. She did this several times, getting more height and more pain and longer duration every time… By this time both thighs and calves were quivering badly, almost ready to collapse… She groaned more loudly each time but was able to suppress a scream. Finally she was able to get all the way up on her tip toes again… moaning all the while. She quickly tied off the line, pulled down the blindfold, turned the vibrator to max and reached behind her and closed the other handcuff… just as she realized she had forgotten the key.

She stood shaking, on her tiptoes, as the fire in her breasts, especially her nipples got quickly worse and the grinding buzzing vibrator drove her relentlessly to the climax that was building so quickly. This time she did scream when her first orgasm hit… It was the most intense she had ever had. She almost passed out from the intense pleasure and pain that was burning through her breasts and her pussy… When she came around she realized she was hanging totally on her breasts and nipples… and the pain, like she was trying for, was excruciating. She screamed again through the ball gag.. Just the tips of her toes were touching the cold cement. She realized she had slipped off the book. The whole weight of her legs was leveraging the knob of the vibrator grinding the buzzing demon hard into her clit and building another climax quickly. As she was able to get her feet back on the book her second orgasm hit, more intense than the first. She didn't pass out but it did make her legs buckle again and she couldn't stop her hips from bucking and grinding against the vibrator. Her hips bucked and her leg muscles tightened involuntarily forcing the vibrator harder against her clit. Another orgasm and then another and she passed out…

When she came to this time she was indeed hanging totally on her breasts and nipples. The ropes cut into her breasts, they were purple and hurt terribly… her nipples were stretched incredibly, probably a good two inches and felt like someone was taking a torch to them. When she began to moan again with the pain she realized her throat was sore from screaming.

She reached for the book, straining every muscle in her legs, and was finally able to get her toes on it. By rocking forward she was able to gain a couple if inches and take some of the weight off her breasts and nipples but being still on her tip toes, the vibrator ground into her clit even more, pushing her once again toward climax. Her breasts felt as if the cords were ripping them from her body… the pain in her nipples raged through her in waves, stronger and stronger… adding to the tremendous pleasure of the orgasms, intensifying them. there was another and another, finally blending into one long incredibly intense orgasm…

When she relaxed her legs the pain in her breasts, especially her nipples made her almost pass out. When she tried to stand and take some weight off her breasts, the buzzing vibrator ground into her clit, the raging waves of pleasure from the continuous orgasm blending and becoming one with the pain.

This was what she was seeking.. the ultimate pain and pleasure together… Her almost continuous screaming was muffled by the gag. Her throat was raw and she started to fade out, finally surrendering to the merciful velvety blackness… ..

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