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First a little bit about myself.

I am a heterosexual male in my mid 30's and I am an average height of 5ft 10 and weight of around 180lb. I live with my girlfriend in our own home in a typical western town.

My sex life is good but not kinky that often. I love my girlfriend dearly and while she knows of my kinky side it’s not often I get to tie her up or get tied up by her. 

My thoughts and fantasies about bondage and bdsm started at an early age, at first it was a thrill of pain in certain circumstances and the ability to drown it out or disconnect from it gave a sense of control or even power. This changed in my later teen years to the fantasy of having a female willingly submit and placing them in bondage. I really liked teasing girlfriends to orgasm while having them in bondage, watching the struggle while my fingers probed and caressed.

Through my 20's I had a few partners and while I never hid my kinky side I never pushed it with my partners so sex was usually more vanilla, still great but not too many kinky moments, through these times I started to get aroused in self bondage and testing my pain limits, from my few kinky exploits some partners introduced clamps, zippers and hot wax so I thought of ways to use these in self bondage.

While I like self bondage I get excited about the thinking and the planning and by the time I get to doing the scenario I usually chicken out or the excitement gets the better of me so I thought that if I gave some people some input into the session it would motivate me more and I would also like to add some randomness.

The original post

After a lot of thought I had my scenario and now I wanted some input so I went onto the  Boundanna forum and posted this about a week before:

“Hi all,

I need some help choosing the length and severity of my next self bondage session and ask if you could vote on some numbers.

The session involves myself bound standing with my legs spread with a spreader bar just below my knees. Attached to this bar is a rope which goes to my cock and ball harness making it difficult to raise myself as I have a few clamps on my balls which really are painful when this rope is tight.

On my nipples are a pair of clover clamps which are attached to an ice release method. These really pull on my nipples and I have to raise myself to relieve the pain which in turn pulls on the rope to my cock and balls.

I also have clothes pegs running down my body attached to a zipper.

I have a mask over my head so I cannot see and a ring gag which keeps my mouth open.

When the ice has melted my nipples are free and I can move backwards and release my hands which are cuffed behind my back, as I do this the clothes pegs are pulled painfully off my body.

I would like to add a random but selected part to this so I would like people to select 4 numbers between 1 and 3 which will randomly select 4 things.

1 will be how big an ice cube I will use small medium or large. 1 will be how many clothes pegs will be on my body 10, 14 or 20. 1 will be if I put any of the zipper on my balls, this is very painful and I am scared of this so on 1 number of the 3 will be yes. 1 will be if I add anything to the ice release as I can use my mouth to speed up the ice melting I could add hot sauce or something that will stop me doing this like my own cum.

I will put the options in 4 sets of three envelopes, mix each set up and number each envelope 1 to three, I will then pick someone's by set off numbers by random and that will be my fate. Whoever I have pick can have pictures of the session if they require.

Please submit numbers like this 1332 or 2112 etc

Many thanks.”

I think this post describes my self bondage predicament and it was not long before I got a reply from “TheWingMen” giving me some advice but also a number “3122” so I knew I had at least one person who had replied so I did not want to disappoint. No one else gave me numbers.

The preparation and picking of number.

I wanted to find out the severity of my predicament a few days before I actually did it so it would build up the excitement and nervousness, so a few days before I got 4 envelopes and cut a piece of a4 paper into 12 pieces which I arranged into 4 groups of 3. Writing and selection on each piece of paper then folding it and placing it into its envelope so one envelope would be to pick the size of the ice cube, one for the amount of pegs and so on. I then mixed the envelopes up so I did not know the order I then picked out the pieces of paper putting and 1 on the 1st, 2 on the 2nd 3 on the 3rd.
I did that for all 4 envelopes arranging them into a grid of 4 long and 3 down. Using the numbers “TheWingMen” gave me a picked my fate.

The first number was a 3 so I picked up the number 3 on the first column, it read Large, this meant my ice release would be the longest about 1 hour 30 minutes. I knew this would be a test even if the    rest of my predicaments came out the easiest.

I then picked out the second number which was 1 and unfolded the paper. It was the one I was dreading, it said yes which meant the pegs on my balls would be attached to the zipper and would be very painfully pulled off when the time came to release myself, I was getting very nervous already but also could feel my cock starting to harden.

I thought my luck must change so I picked the 3rd number which was a 2 and opened the folded piece of paper, it said cum and again was the strictest one. I had to cum onto my release method which would stop me using my mouth to speed up the process unless absolutely necessary. It also meant that I would have to masturbate before my self bondage and would lose some of the pent up sexual frustration which is a part of self bondage for me.

I had one bit of paper to go picking the amount of pegs on my zipper not including the ones on my balls and I had a 1 in 3 chance of getting the hardest predicament possible. I unfolded the number 2 and got 10 pegs, the least amount which was something.

So I now knew that I would be in my predicament for about an hour and a half, I would have a zipper of 16 pegs (10 plus the 3 on each of my balls) running down my body and if I wanted to speed up my release I would have to humiliatingly taste my own cum and when I could release myself I would have to pull off pegs from my sore balls as well as the rest of my body.

I knew this was going to be a test and a painful one at that, I even got a comment on how painful pulling pegs from your ball is after I posted what I was doing. Joy.

The next few days I was waiting with fantasies and worries going through my brain then a couple of nights before I had to prepare with some hair removal around my cock and balls because as painful as pulling pegs off would be I did not want the pain of having hairs pulled out at the same time. Using some beard removal cream I removed the hair leaving me smooth adding to my feeling of submissiveness.

My make-believe dungeon for this self bondage was my garage which I have installed some anchor points in locations making them look like fittings for storage, so on the day before my planned adventure I got a few things cleared and ready and with the clover clamps and the straps and thin rope used to put my cock and balls into bondage. I got the length of rope right to keep me either painfully pulling on my nipples or painfully squeezing my balls. I knew from this little practice that over an hour of this predicament was going to be a challenge.

I also humiliatingly had to masturbate into a glass for my release deterrent. Because of holding back for a week this did not take long and after I safely stored my fluids away for the next day. My sexual buzz now broken I spent the next 24 hour talking myself out and back into my self bondage.

The day arrives.

The day and the hour of my self-imposed torture arrives. I spend most of the morning tottering about trying not to think about what I am going to do to myself in-case I chicken out or get too excited. I go online and tell the members of the self bondage forum that I am about to attempt my predicament then I go to my dungeon / garage.

I start getting items together, the 10 large wooden clothes pegs for my body zipper and the 6 small black plastic ones for my balls and the string to attach them, the clover clamps of course, spreader bar and cuffs, police handcuffs, cock straps and rope and then the face mask and spider gag harness.

I then put the key on string in place about 3 meters behind me and get to sorting my release method.
The first part of this is a wet sock into which I place a large ice cube and then my cum from the day before, yuk. Behind this is the small ring and clip which just goes over the sock fabric but is blocked by the ice, not coming lose till the ice has melted, this is where my clover clams will be attached to. I then secure this to my anchor point also attaching the string for my zipper to the lower point. I then get to binding myself.

First I put on the leg cuffs just below the knees making sure they are tight but don't stop circulation, after this was the straps for my balls the first one going behind my ball and the second in front and attaching to the one behind. There is a cord attached to the centre of the strap at the front which splits my balls and threads through the back strap. This has a loop on which will attach to the clip at the centre of the spreader bar which is going between my knees.

With my cock and balls now in bondage it does not take long for me to become very aroused and with my member throbbing I nearly blow the whole thing and masturbate right there. Instead I decide to keep myself occupied by attaching the painful zipper.

There is a small loop at the end of the 2 pieces of string I am using for my zipper into which I place one of the 10 wooden pegs into each. Pinching the skin just above and left of my pelvis I  attach the first peg, the first sting and then dull throb making me gasp and cock bob. I repeat this on the right side with the other zipper string and peg and quickly add another peg below each of the first pegs just around my pubic area. The next part is the nasty black pegs on my balls.

I feed the rope down to my balls and attach the first peg on the top of my left sack making sure the string is in the right place. The pain when the peg bites into the skin cause me to shake sending sensations down my slightly softening shaft, I repeat on my right ball and quickly add the other 4 black pegs to the zipper so I have  3 little pegs on each ball. My poor balls start to sting so I take a few deep breaths and let the sting die to a dull ache. I then keep the zipper running with 3 wooden pegs on the inside of each of my thighs again making sure the string is in each one.

The pain of the pegs is speeding me up as a part of me is telling me to remove the pegs and stop this self torture but instead I quickly get to work on the rest of my predicament. First I fasten my handcuffs to my right hand, then the clove clamps go on the nipples, ouch they hurt but instead of lingering I connect the rope that is binding my balls to the clip on the  spreader bar which is between my knees causing my legs to spread further, more submissively exposed. Even though no one is with me my cheeks flush with humiliation and my cock quickly goes back to being rock solid.

I have to do the next 3 things quickly or I might chicken out, standing on tip toes to protect my balls I pass the chain on the clove clamps on nipples into the clasp on my release and then before I can register how painful this is I grab the mask and put it over my head sipping it tight. There is only a hole for my mouth and none for my eyes so I am now blind but I know where the spider gag is so I quickly force this into my mouth securing the chin strap and clasping the straps that go round and over my head at the back.

I now have only to swing my arms behind my back and clasp my left wrist into the handcuff and my fate would be sealed. I allow myself a bit of fantasy before I do imagining my self being on show, being commanded to put myself in this testing position by some stern but beautiful mistress.

With my cock throbbing I gruffly swing my hands behind my back and making sure the key side is accessible lock my right hand into the cuff. The click of the ratchet adding to the moment I am finally bound in torment.

I have been on my tip toes while doing the last few thing to protect my balls and nipples from most of the torment mainly to stop me chickening out but with my legs being spread by the bar I know that staying like this would quickly lead to cramp which would probably force we to try and speed the my release by putting the cum soaked ice release in my mouth something I really want to avoid so I start lowering my feet. Almost immediately the rope splitting my balls tightens pulling and squeezing my clamped balls. The little black pegs really making themselves known with a sharp pinching tingle so I spread my knees a bit wider to give me some slack but this then pulls painfully on my nipple clamps. My feet still are not flat on the floor but with me panting and twitching with the pain on both areas I kind of hover.

The next what seems like an hour but probably 20 minutes I spend slowly moving between positions, sometime with my legs well apart but with a painful pull on the nipples and other times stretching my body out to ease the pressure on the clamps but squeezing my balls and making them hurt with the pinch of the pegs.

I cannot get any respite so if anyone was watching it probably resemble a dance, a very kinky dance. After a while my fantasies take over, imagining I am some decoration or entertainment at some rich mistress’s party. Would I be left like this in a corner with no one really noticing or would I be on a stage being humiliated and debased by the guests. These thought make me very hard, I can feel my body flush with embarrassment even though I know no one is with me.

That was my torment for an age, my nipple tips got sore and tender very quickly and when the chain moved through its captive ring the vibration caused even more pain. My ball pegs caused a numbness which when I pulled to relieve my nips started to sting and the pain grow into a burning, pinching sensation which was unbearable I had to relieve the pressure thus bringing the torture back to my tender nipples.

Over time my legs got tired and my movements got slower, I had to manage the pain spending longer and longer periods with either my nipples being painfully tugged or my balls being squashed and swollen. A sheen of sweat formed on my body causing shivers and shuffling, more pain, more humiliation, my cock rock hard and dripping.

I don't know how long had past but it seemed a long while since I put my hands behind my back and clicked the handcuff. Worry that my girlfriend would finish early and find me in this venerable position was setting in. What would she do? Take revenge for the last spanking I gave her and add a red bottom to my humiliation or grab my manhood a milk me dry, my hardness stirred at the idea but I really did not want to find out.

A method of quicker release was available I just had to pull on my nipple chain, bend my head forward and grab the ice release in my mouth causing it to melt much quicker, only 2 problems, 1 I had a spider O gag in my mouth so I could only use my tongue and the other more off putting thing was my release was covered in my own spunk which I would have to lick and taste adding to my humiliation and disgust.

I really did not want to taste man juice today so a started to put more pressure on the nipple chains, it really hurt but at least I knew I would be able to take them off slowly unlike the ones on my balls which would be painfully ripped off in hopefully not too much more time. I twisted and pulled and finally rewarded and I felt the chain go slack, oh my poor nipples had a time, now to get free.

My captivity was over but to get really free I had to now go through a proper trial, the slow removal of the zipper. I started to edge back, the knee spreader not allowing much speed which was probably good. I could feel the pegs at the bottom of my thighs start to tug and go tight, I was at the first stage, slowly I edged back, the first peg on my left leg started to slip and then ping it was off, quickly followed by the second and third quickly followed by grunts and growls, I did not stop and the pegs on my right leg also got torn off in equally tortuous fashion, more grunts and growls.

I stood for a while knowing the next part would be the worst. The pegs that were dangling on the   zipper string were very quickly tugging on the little black pegs on my balls, swinging back a fourth causing heavy breaths from me. I started to shuffle back, the string getting tighter on the first 2 ball pegs, pain was really building but my legs kept going backwards. I could feel my body recoiling and trying to delay the what was coming by thrusting out my pelvis as everything got tighter trying to  maybe get to the release key without having the clamps ripped off. It did not happen I ran out of string. The 6 pegs being ripped off my balls  was as painful as the warning I got said, I groaned, whimpered and sniffled, It was very painful, I did think of what someone watching would think, maybe a mistress from the party I fantasies about earlier in my bondage, I imagine the humiliation and still my cock responds.

The next pegs I do not register really I am still processing the feeling in my groin. I am nearly free though and a few steps back and my hand finds the rope with the key, my cuffs are quickly removed and with a big gasp so are my nipple clamps. I remove the spider gag, moving my jaw to get feeling back and the mask, spreader bar and knee cuffs. I grab my dressing gown and fly up to bed to spend a while massaging areas back to health.



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