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Self Bondage Water Torture

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2019 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Jenny works behind the large computer monitor thinking about her next challenge, she has to stay busy to keep her mind from thinking about how long it’s been since she had climaxed. Jenny had been practicing self bondage since her last boy friend Frank had abused her while she was helplessly bound. Normally that would have been a good thing but the last time he went too far actually hurting her and kept her bound and gagged for two days straight. She left him and moved away as soon as she was able fearing he would attack her or that she would relent and return to him in. She liked stringent bondage and liked to be forced to struggle by having pain inflicted on her body and even though he had scared her she craved what he had offered. The problem had been he wouldn’t stop and kept increasing his tortures until she was forced to leave.

Since she left she was now the one who controlled her pain and her orgasm’s learning what it took to keep herself on the edge for hours before she was allowed to climax. Each of her challenges was slightly more intense with each taking slightly longer to achieve the feelings she craved. That elusive desperation she craved drove her to increase not only the pain but the difficulty as well adding to the risk as each position became dangerous. During her last session Jenny had used her favorite steel chair having added permanently mounted cuffs and strapping points so once she was secure she had no chance of wiggling out of her restraints as she had learned to do during her struggles. After locking the wide leather cuffs over the ballet boots she slid the heels of the boots into the small d-rings mounted on the lower legs of the chair then forced the locks through the cuffs to the larger D-rings mounted near her ankles eliminating all movements of her lower legs. Jenny had found that if she left herself any movement it made it much easier for her to struggle to her escape so she had worked very hard to eliminate all possible slack.

Jenny winced as she leaned forward again from the large phalluses she had inserted into herself making sure the wires had been routed correctly and secured so she wouldn’t be able to knock them loose. Jenny was a techno nerd and used her creative computer savvy to torture herself utilizing her computers collection of controllers. Jenny had learned how to control almost anything with her computer often changing the programs or letting her random settings take over relishing the unknown aspect of her teasing and torturing. Jenny had set the computer to complete random programming meaning the computer would control everything including how long she would remain under its control. Jenny had only used total random once and had not used it since due to how well it had abused and tortured her but she had felt daring and due for some real punishment for not pushing herself lately.

Jenny wrapped the straps from the chair around her legs below her knees pushing the ends through the ratchets and ratcheted them until they were extremely tight holding her knees to the outside of the chair spreading her legs exposing her filled pussy. The ratchet straps had become her go to way to secure herself tightly, using the long tail to wrap herself then using the ratchet to pull the coils tightly so there was no freedom of movement of any kind. Once her lower legs were immobile Jenny continued strapping herself with two more around each thigh then two more around her waist ratcheting all the straps until her skin puckered out around the bands of nylon.

Jenny attached her newest set of nipple clamps to her erect buds, the clamps not only pinched her nipples but could be adjusted to have a constant pull or could be used with the springs only making the clamps pinch and pull her nipples stronger with each breath she took. She loved adjusting the clamps so tight that she was left gasping from the pain then removing the adjusters for the pulling and letting the clamps pull her nipples firmly. Jenny knew that after a few minutes the strong springs would make it feel like they were trying to pull her nipples off and the metal spiked pads would not let the clamps slip off no matter how hard she wiggled or twisted. Her favorite part was once she was securely bound she would not be able to twist or shake her breasts at all anyway and would be forced to endure the intense pain the clamps inflicted on her.

With her nipples clamped Jenny took another ratchet strap placing it below her breasts wrapping it several times around her chest before making it tight restricting her breathing already. Another strap was put around her chest above her breasts and tightened until she was unable to take a deep breath at all. Once those two were secure she took two more running them from the chairs D-rings above her shoulders running them diagonally across her chest in between her breasts and ratcheted them until she could no longer move her upper body at all.

Happy with her restraints Jenny had to work fast before the building pain would force her to release herself wrapping the leather head harness around her head and face stuffing the inflatable gag into her mouth before pulling all the straps tight. Three of the straps on each side of her head were used to pull her head back to the chair pressing it into the thick rubber bladder on the head rest. She had come up with the idea after seeing a video and relished the added tension and pain it could cause when the computer turned on the pump and filled the bladder with air forcing her head into the cage of leather straps.

The leather cage would begin to feel like it was trying to cleave her head into multiple pieces while the gag made her feel like it was trying to explode her head from the inside. The different sensations were amazing and her desire to increase her torture kept making her increase the pressure that could be applied to her head. Tonight’s session would be different Jenny had added another much bigger rubber bladder behind her back along with a separate air pump so the computer could not only press her head tightly but could now press her whole torso into the straps coiled around her body. Jenny had tested the bladder to make sure it functioned but like everything she added she only tested it under a full session loving all the possible problems she could have if she hadn’t figured everything just right. The part she was most curious about was the single strap that ran across her hips with its tail bolted to the bottom of the chair between her legs. She thought that when the body bladder was used it might push her body in such a way that it would pull the strap tighter pressing painfully on her filled pussy.

Jenny tensed and flexed her body adjusting a couple of the straps before feeling ready to begin checking the cuffs around her wrists and elbows making sure they were tight and the large plates were positioned correctly. Turing on the TV and starting her video she quickly reached over and hit the enter button on the key board feeling the electro magnets engage pulling her left arm and wrist to the plates bolted to the chairs arm then settled her right arm to the plates getting a satisfying clunk as the plates were pulled together. Jenny was helplessly secured and sat pulling and yanking on the straps and leather holding her to the chair waiting for the torture to begin. Jenny watched the TV getting aroused as the bondage video showed several women bound and gagged being whipped and beaten by different dominants making Jenny gasp for air as she strained against the tight straps. Jenny sat feeling the aches and pains of the clamps and the straps for hours hoping she hadn’t screwed up on the programming when the video player stopped and the TV went to regular programming leaving her to watch what was on the channel she had left it on. Jenny sat feeling the pain in her nipples growing trying to watch the show as a distraction when she saw a scene she would remember and possibly use on herself later when suddenly she felt her head being pressed into the straps and the gag swelling into her throat.

Jenny felt the gag easing down her throat and her body already starting to react to the phallus moving deeper trying to struggle with her hands flailing uselessly as they tried to find a weakness in the restraints. When the bladder behind her back started swelling Jenny was still struggling with the gag and the tightening head harness when she felt the straps across her chest tightening even hearing them creaking as the large bladder pushed her body into them. Jenny was really having trouble breathing as she thought about the math she used to figure how much pressure to use wondering if she had done it correctly seeing the edges of her vision narrowing and knew she was near blacking out. Jenny struggled in the tightening restraints, the bladders had not only tightened around her head and chest it pulled her body up and away from the chair increasing the strain on all her restraints. Jenny could feel the cuffs and straps on her legs being pulled tighter and the cuffs around her elbows being drawn forwards pinching them severely but it was the strap between her legs pushing savagely on her filled pussy that had begun to cause her to struggle harder. Jenny struggled for hours before the machine turned on the vibrators distracting her and causing her to lose control of her breathing making her gasp around the gag now filling her throat.

Jenny couldn’t move her body other than her flexing fingers, the large cock in her throat would swell to block her airway holding its size for two minutes leaving her suffocating and struggling violently. The gag would shrink slightly after the time expired allowing her to gasp for air around it before repeating the process. Jenny was fighting her bonds and the pain in her nipples while she tried to control her breathing as the vibrations tried to arouse her making it impossible for her to become aroused further. Jenny was forced to struggle and endure the constant pain and being possibly suffocated every few minutes for the next twelve hours. Jenny was whimpering as tears flowed from her eyes unable to tolerate the situation any longer and sat lifelessly strapped firmly to her torture chair when she felt the bladders ease the tension. Suddenly Jenny was able to breathe easier whimpering as she tried to see what her computer was doing but the collar held her head firmly so she could only sit feeling the vibrations increase along with her arousal.

It took another hour for the orgasm to slam into Jenny’s body making her scream into the gag almost collapsing until she felt the bladders swelling again pressing her even harder into the straps. Jenny thought she would be cut into sections from the straps around her body and head unable to even make a noise due to the phallus in her mouth swelling further down her throat blocking her airway again. Jenny’s body was instinctively fighting her restraints as she slowly suffocated feeling the bladders withdraw and the vibrators stop just as her world was about to go black. Jenny was gasping as she hung limply when her arms pulled loose from the chair letting her weak body and confused mind know her time being tortured was finished. Jenny was too weak to raise her arms and sat moaning for half an hour reliving her session smiling under the gag at how she had set up everything perfectly calculating how much she would increase the settings to push her just a little bit harder next time.

An hour later Jenny had removed all her restraints but still sat with her high heels in the rings attached to the chair being unable to lift her weakened and throbbing legs to free them. Jenny sat rubbing her body and messaging her sore pussy moaning as she hoped the soreness would fade quickly not wanting to walk funny at work. Jenny reached to the computer studying the reports finding she had been kept bound and struggling for just over ten hours meaning she had been in the chair for over twelve. Jenny crawled to her bed collapsing as soon as she was on it dreaming of how her session had gone and how to improve it utilizing the idea from the TV show. Jenny awoke aroused and sore the new idea making her excited giving her the same feelings she had when she had first started experimenting with self bondage. Jenny spent the remaining week recovering from her session making herself wear a tight corset and leather chastity belt all week to try and keep herself from ruining her sexually creativity as she searched and studied how to make her dream into reality.

It didn’t take long for Jenny to find everything she needed to complete her new set up ordering each piece asking for the needed modifications. The large plastic tank was located finding it even had the pump she would need to make her torture work as she wanted. The valves were the most expensive parts, she didn’t want to scrimp on them since they would be controlling if she was tortured or killed. As the parts arrived Jenny began assembling them having already added the control commands to the program for her chair. It wasn’t until the mask arrived she realized exactly how dangerous her new tormentor could be. She slipped the heavy rubber gas mask over her head pulling all the straps tight sealing her head and face completely. The mask was made from thick rubber with small openings that had been filled with fittings for the control valves and two large clear panels over her eyes. The entire mask was attached to a thick latex hood that would have to be stretched over her head sealing the mask to her face. The bottom of the hood had a thick rubber posture collar that once it was closed would seal the entire hood to her head.

Everything being sealed was a primary concern for Jenny wanting to make sure it was completely air tight or her programming wouldn’t work. Jenny couldn’t wait to try on the hood so she stretched the hood over her head pulling the hoods collar down below her chin and down her neck. As soon as the latex was seated she closed the stiff collar around her throat pulling the straps tight sealing the hood onto her head before pulling the straps from the mask around her head buckling each. Jenny was so excited about the hood she hadn’t checked the valve holes not realizing they were plugged with temporary plastic caps until she felt the mask being drawn tighter onto her face as she inhaled. Within seconds of feeling the tightness increase she could no longer breathe and stated frantically pulling at the straps surrounding her head.

Jenny’s panic increased as she fought the straps finding no matter how many she loosened she couldn’t breathe finally understanding she would have to remove the hood to break the seal. During her struggles she had turned and twisted in her high heels fighting the straps stopping in front of the long mirror she had been walking towards stopping her struggles for a second to look at her rubber covered head noticing several red dots. Even in full panic mode Jenny’s mind recognized they looked out of place forcing her flailing hands to reach around and start trying to pull one free from the mask. As she concentrated on the plug she understood her mistake and desperately tried to remove one of the plugs. Jenny dropped to her knees with thoughts of being found encased in her rubber cat suit and towering high heels wondering if anyone would understand it was a mistake not a suicide when they found her body.

The plugs had been threaded into the holes and with her attempted breathing pulling vacuum on the mask made it much harder to loosen them but as she was about to black out Jenny managed to twist one loose sucking in her first breath of air. The small hole was not enough to allow much air in or out but she quickly unscrewed another finally removing all of the plugs lying back on her folded legs gasping as she giggled about how close she had come and she wasn’t even bound with the thoughts of her struggles arousing her. Jenny rested for few minutes before retightening all the straps inserting one of the plugs as she made her way to her chair. Jenny had already planned for another lengthy session having everything she would need ready before trying on the mask and checked the long wires running out of the crotch of the cat suit before sitting down.

Jenny slipped the heels of her boots into their D-rings before screwing another plug in her mask and continued to restrain her body getting to her waist and chest before putting another plug in and hooking the wires to the control box. Jenny sat gasping for air testing how well she could breathe with three plugs installed finding after only a few minutes she was gasping and reached up removing one of the plugs. Jenny debated leaving the plug in deciding she didn’t need a repeat of her recent mistake while restrained so she dropped the remaining plugs on the table before finishing restraining herself wishing she had strapped her gag into her mouth before pulling the hood over her head. Jenny spent the next four hours struggling in her restraints while the computer tortured her with electricity and denied orgasms finding the restricted air flow very pleasurable convincing her she needed more.

Jenny was gasping for air when she was released quickly changing the settings on the computer turning on the vibrators on high and the tens unit to come on in five minutes. As she sat back she quickly screwed another plug in her mask before locking the steel police style cuffs around her wrists. The key for the cuffs were in her bedroom, just having the cuffs locked around her wrists made freeing herself from the chair extremely difficult forcing her to endure her extended punishment session until she was free from the chair. With the vibrators running on high even with being shocked savagely the added restricted air flow forced her to climax violently causing her arms and hands to thrash wildly before blacking out again.

Jenny awoke still being stimulated quickly unscrewing the plugs and sat gasping as another orgasm slammed through her this time she stayed conscious enjoying the feelings. Jenny fought to free her body for almost an hour climaxing two more times before she was able reach the computer with her cuffed hands and stop the assault. Jenny was very satisfied and very tired walking carefully to her bed deciding to take a nap the way she was falling asleep instantly and sleeping peacefully with wonderful dreams until the next morning. Jenny woke smiling inside the rubber mask finding her key and releasing her wrists moving to the bathroom relieving herself deciding to wear the hood as long as she could. Jenny found with the collar wrapped tightly around her head she couldn’t reach the zipper to remove the cat suit so she spent the next eight hours encased in rubber cleaning her apartment and watching TV relishing the confinement.

During the day she had reinstalled two of the plugs finally removing the collar and opening the zipper and peeling the rubber from her sweat soaked body. Jenny climbed into the shower wearing the hood and mask scrubbing her body accidently getting water inside the mask giving her an idea. Jenny held her head under the warm water letting it build up inside until it was over her mouth forcing her to breathe through her nose. Once the mask was full enough she turned off the water dying herself and learning quickly that she had to hold her breath each time she leaned forward really enjoying how helpless she felt just wearing the partially filled mask. Jenny was in love with the mask wearing it into the next day, during the day she had been surfing the internet and found an adjustable valve that would fit the holes in the mask and ordered two of them. She sat dreaming of having the ability to control the airflow into and out of the mask so she could wear it every day slowly adjusting her air flow until it was perfect. Jenny forced herself to remove the hood and mask so she could set up her punishment and try it out.

It took Jenny a few hours to set everything up filling the water tank that she wrestled up on its stand that would keep it above her so gravity could help with her plans. The hoses had already been attached to the valves so she carefully screwed each into the mask then pulled it over a mannequins head sealing it. She giggled looking at the mannequin sitting in her place adopting her mistress tone saying “You will tell me everything!” and hit enter on her computer and waited for the program to begin. After several tests Jenny was satisfied the system was ready for her giddy with excitement as her stomach churned from the knowledge she was about to punish herself in the most severe way she had ever done trying to ignore just how easily she could die in the process. Jenny dashed to her bedroom pulling out the outfit she had decided to wear hoping it would add to her experience. After flushing herself she rubbed the lube all over herself and inserted the plug and vibrator moaning as she seated both smiling at how she was so excited.

The multitude of tens pads were placed all over her body, with all the wires taped together so they and the vibrators wires would exit out the same small hole in the suit. The suit had been made special for her to accentuate her body shape with its compression, the tight hood being made out of thick rubber that when she first got it seemed too small for her. The first time she tried it on she found she had to slather herself with lube just to squeeze into it absolutely loving the extreme pressure it put on her body. The small hole had a sealing grommet that would keep it sealed even with the wires running through it. The only openings were around her nipples, the tight cups forced her breasts to try and push her erect buds further out of the small holes allowing her to use her clamps while making her nipples seriously more sensitive. Before shimmying into the suit Jenny wrapped the rubber corset around her waist pulling the laces as tight as she could. She didn’t normally wear corsets but while she was ordering the rubber suit she saw the matching corset and couldn’t stop herself from ordering it. With the corset laced it reduced her waist by three inches plenty to make her gasp leaving her a few more inches for later use if she wanted to increase the compression. With the corset laced it was more difficult to pull the suit up making her grunt and moan as she fought the tight rubber deciding she would not remove it until she absolutely had to.

Jenny was already gasping from all the tension from the rubber she had encased herself in bending and flexing for several minutes relishing the tight rubber. Jenny picked up her gag looking at it wondering if she should use it or not since she hadn’t tried it deciding “It’s what you bought it for” and began strapping it around her head. The gag would cover her entire lower face with multiple straps that would pull the thick rubber against her face and chin sealing it completely. The tricky part was it had a large O-ring gag made into it that had a pipe that was about three inches long. The gag was made for giving head but had a long phallus that could be twisted into the tube sealing the wearer’s mouth. Jenny wanted to use the gag without the phallus not wanting to be able to close her mouth once sealed in the mask and hood. After the bathroom test in the mask she was now unsure if she wanted her mouth forced open or not. Jenny strapped the gag onto her head spreading her mouth wide around the tube pulling it tight against her face.

Jenny was having problems manipulating the straps with her hands in the thick rubber gloves of the suit grunting and cursing as she fought the straps. Once the gag was strapped tight Jenny sat down slipping her feet into the knee high ballet boots closing the buckles locking each as she pulled them tight. Jenny locked her steel cuffs around her ankles and wrists taking another set of cuffs and locking them around her upper arms then two more around her upper thighs just above her knees and right below her hips making removing the thick rubber impossible. Jenny was almost ready getting more excited as she became more helpless stepping quickly to her chair stroking her encased body as she strutted to her chair relishing the extreme pressure she was under as she panted out the large hole in the gag. Jenny carefully routed all the wires to her computers module making sure each was secured before setting down checking her release and punishment programs before slipping her high heels into their D-rings and locking her ankles to the chair committing herself to at least the next few hours of sitting in the chair being punished.

Jenny began strapping herself to the chair pulling each very tight using the ratchets to compress her body to the chair spreading her knees wide. Jenny was finally strapped as tight as she could stand and reached over picking up her clamps setting them on each of her nipples adjusting them to bite as hard as they could. The bases of the clamps fit around the openings in the rubber perfectly giving them a strong base to pull on her nipples. Jenny left the small pins in the springs until she was ready for the added pain realizing when she heard her moans she had left the phallus for her gag in her bedroom grunting knowing she had no choice now but to continue with her original plans. The mask was next and she wrestled it over her head sealing the mask to her face adjusting the straps until she was gasping for air quickly opening one of the valves so she could breathe until the computer took over. Jenny closed the collar around her throat then strapped her head to the back of the chair.

Jenny was now strapped tightly in her thick rubber suit to the steel chair, soon she would be unable to release herself until the computer allowed her too forcing herself to endure the punishments of her own design. Jenny had used the tens units many times but never with as many contacts on her body as she had used this time she had also never allowed the computer to control everything like she had this time. The computer could now control how many pads shocked her as well how hard and long the vibrators would run and how much pressure the air pads would apply to her. Jenny was very excited as she made sure the straps for the magnets were tight and aligned since she had no idea when they would activate since she had turned the monitor away from her just to add to her excitement. Jenny thought about what she was about to do letting the computer control her breathing was starting to seem extreme but she pulled the pins on the springs letting the clamps snap out pulling her pinched nipples away from the openings in the rubber.

Jenny screamed as her nipples were drawn outwards grabbing the arms of the chair howling in the hood unprepared for the added tension the tight rubber added to the pulling power of the clamps. Jenny tried to reach up to reset the clamps whining when she felt her arms and wrists had been pulled to the arm of the chair and feeling the air thinning in her mask knowing she was too late and for the next undetermined amount of time she would be forced to endure the clamps and electrical shocks. Jenny was starting to thrash as she ran out of air when the bladders of the chair filled squeezing her tightly into the straps making her fight even harder when suddenly she could breathe again. Jenny was struggling to pull her arms free wanting to stop the whole thing when the shocks started making her scream as her body pulled instinctively against the straps. Jenny was just starting to adjust to her punishments when her mask filled with water. Jenny felt the water rising in the mask and desperately tried to lean her head back but the straps held her firmly forcing her to let the water fill the mask. Jenny could feel the water filling her mouth then rise passed her nose finally covering her eyes and sat struggling with it feeling the pressure rise inside the mask.

Jenny’s body was fighting her restraints as she was beginning to lose her fight unable to hold her breath any longer and thought she was going to die first time out when the water suddenly dropped below her chin letting her cough once and take a deep breath. Jenny screamed through the gag as the shocks increased as soon as the water dropped pulling harder against the straps. Jenny had taken a deep breath when the water filled the mask again this time only quicker and sat struggling as the shocks increased their intensity making her almost scream again when the bladders behind her back filled with air squeezing the air from her lungs. Jenny was starting to drown again when the water dropped below her chin and everything relaxed letting her gasp for air and whine under the hood. The cycle continued every two minutes for an hour torturing her body with electricity and air depravation. The last cycle held her under water for almost two minutes before the water was sucked out of her mask leaving her coughing and gasping as she tried to spit the water from her gapping mouth.

Jenny was glad she had limited her time thinking she didn’t know if she could take it for more than a few hours when the vibrators turned on making her twist and wriggle in the chair when the water was forced into the mask again catching her off guard able to only get a partial breath. Jenny began to get more comfortable being trapped in the mask when it filled with water learning the faint click she had been feeling was the valve opening and closing giving her a little warning before the water flowed back in and even though it always ended with her struggling against the straps while she slowly ran out of air she was starting to enjoy herself. During each of the brief breaks she was vibrated mercilessly each time unable to climax before the water and shocks returned. Jenny was getting tired wondering when she would be released when she suddenly realized she hadn’t reset the time parameters. Jenny sat holding her breath looking through the water inside the mask adding up if she had left the last program of twelve hours in the computer then the computer could double it! Jenny shook her head as her air was running out and feeling that it had been longer this time thinking that the computer had increased the amount of time to hold her under water.

The computer had increased it only a few seconds but to Jenny it was very noticeable scaring her into a full panic attack making her thrash and yank at her restraints as she exhaled and watched the bubbles roll up passed her eyes. She felt the click inhaling just as the water was dropping and spent the seconds before it refilled coughing and choking starting to cry as the water returned. Jenny was for the first time really being tortured, the painful shocks and nipple clamps continuously attacked her while the probes deep inside her only added to the frustration. Jenny was close to drowning for the next eighteen hours, each time she adjusted to the time under water the computer added a few seconds and by the time she was nearing the end she was holding her breath for just over two minutes. The water receded to just below her nose leaving her mouth full and the vibrators started assaulting her while the tens unit began to message her quickly arousing her as she thrashed in the chair splashing the water inside the mask. Jenny fought her building climax for fifteen minutes worried the water would return any second finally realizing how long it had been and knew it was the last of her torture just starting to enjoy it when everything stopped.

Jenny was screaming out of frustration stopping quickly and taking a deep breath when the tell tale click let her know the water was back on. Jenny sat holding her breath waiting for the shocks to come back on knowing she had set the computer for total randomness the last hour and now she would have no idea what the computer would do. Jenny was starting to need to breathe when the shocks hit her on all the pads at once while the vibrators returned to high. Jenny was screaming as the water receded leaving her weeping since none of her punishments stopped and the water flooded back in almost immediately. Jenny had never felt anything like the pain she was in or the utter helplessness she was feeling as she fought to hold her breath realizing she had gotten exactly what she wanted. The computer chose a three hour time frame for her final session leaving Jenny on the edge of consciousness when once again it began lowering the shocks while it raised the vibrations. The computer was doing both slowly while only removing some of the water then replacing a little at a time pulsing it back and forth never letting Jenny get a full breath of air. Jenny was screaming and crying again from the frustrations when the water was pulled completely from the mask allowing her to breathe freely as her climax neared.

Jenny was wriggling in pleasure as her body reacted to the vibrations and stimulations from the tens pads then she felt the orgasm slam into her making her scream out. The orgasm seemed to last for hours, the vibrations and pulsations making it linger until Jenny thought she would blackout from pleasure. When the stimulations stopped Jenny felt her arms flop off the arms of the chair indicating to the dazed woman she was finally released from her torturer. Jenny could tell the air was getting thin struggling to raise her weakened hand to open the valve just getting it opened before her hand dropped down as she sat gasping. It took Jenny over an hour before she felt strong enough to begin to release herself fighting to open the straps and literally falling out of the chair. Jenny disconnected the hoses leading to the mask yanking the wires from the control unit and drug herself to her bed.

Jenny woke the next day still encased in the thick rubber with the hood and mask wondering why she couldn’t breathe quickly finding the valve and opening it further. Jenny staggered to her pointed toes raising her arms and whining as her body complained about her recent activities. Jenny sat whimpering feeling the pain from her nipples realizing she hadn’t removed the clamps and whined as she reached up touching one and screamed from the intense pain. Jenny didn’t want to remove the clamps but knew it was only going to hurt more if she waited so she grabbed both taking a deep breath and squeezed them pulling them off and throwing them as she rolled back onto the bed screaming in the hood. After getting over the pain from her nipples Jenny strangely wanted something to drink stumbling to the kitchen before realizing she couldn’t get anything into her mouth. She then thought of the machine and hooked up the feed hose and hit open dumping water into her mask and quickly closing it leaving her mask about half full and sucking down as much of the fresh water as she wanted.

She had disconnected the hose and was walking around relishing the splashing water having to tilt her head to inhale while she looked for her keys she had scattered around her house to begin removing the cuffs and collar keeping her in the rubber. Jenny searched her home for the keys not finding the correct keys she was starting to get desperate reluctantly accepting she might have to cut herself out of the thick rubber. Jenny knew her search would be greatly assisted if she removed the mask and its hood not only would her vision be increased but she would be able to look down and maybe her growing panic attack would be eased. Jenny hooked up the drain line sucking the water from her mask then began to struggle with the straps over the hood. In her frustration with the straps she forgets about the suction line that is now sucking the air from her mask not only suffocating her put pulling a tighter seal on her entire head.

Jenny feels light headed and realizes what is happening and gropes the computer key board trying to turn off the pump as the blackness starts closing in. Dropping to her knees as the pump stops she gasp for air opening the valve all the way cursing herself for being stupid again. Jenny is able to remove the hood pulling the mask off taking as deep of a breath as her tight rubber attire will allow resting on her folded legs as her head clears and she struggles to her pointed toes. It takes Jenny only twenty minutes to find her keys removing each restraint as she finds the keys leaving them where she removed them until she is left in only her rubber suit, corset and boots. Being exhausted she tip toes to her bedroom collapsing on her bed and falling asleep immediately waking the next morning already late for work forcing her to either call in sick, again, or wear he suit for another day. Quickly removing her boots she steps into a pair of black leggings the into a business suit hiding the tight rubber perfectly and hurries to work.

Jenny is aroused all day as the tight rubber reminds her of its presence with each breath and step while the inert phalluses inside her slide back and forth increasing her frustration. By the time she made it home Jenny was so horny she stripped off her work clothes quickly lacing her toe boots on relieving her leg cramps then restraining herself to her chair slipping the mask and hood back on before hitting enter trapping herself again with water flooding her mask. She had not used the gag or nipple clamps this time since her nipples were already hurting with each breath she took because of the tight openings around them. Jenny had set the computer to punish her first then pleasure her for the last half of the two hours she set the timer for wanting to climax and still have time to undress and get some sleep. Jenny sat waiting for the program to start thinking about the adjustments she had made to the tens units adding strength and intensity to compensate for the lack of nipple clamps and gag.

Jenny feels the tell tale click of the valve letting her know the water is coming and takes a deep breath also feeling the pad behind her head inflating pressing her head and face into the straps. The water floods her mask but this time she can shut her mouth making her think it would be much easier to keep control of her breathing. Her body is assaulted and she grunts as the straps try to cut her into sections again making her fight her bonds repeating the cycle every few minutes for over an hour before everything relaxed. Jenny was gasping looking forward to the pleasure cycle glancing at the computer monitor she hadn’t turned away from herself this time. Jenny was expecting to see the timer counting down from two hours and when she did a double take her eyes could be seen through the lenses get very large as she realized she had set the timer for two days!

Jenny sat gasping as she thought about being teased and tortured for twenty four hours then forced to orgasm for another twenty four. Jenny was struggling savagely thrashing against her own restraints when her mask filled with water, the bladders filled with air pinning her against the straps and the tens units shocked her all at once. Jenny couldn’t scream as she held her breath looking through the blurry lenses and wondered how long she could stand being tortured before she gave in or passed out and smiled as she felt her orgasm growing knowing she had always wanted to be trapped out of control with the real possibility she would not survive. As the water drained from her mask she thinks about contacting Frank again wondering how well he could use her own torture device on her, if she survived this session.

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