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Self Bound Slut

by Michelle Harper

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© Copyright 2002 - Michelle Harper - Used by permission

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I have been into bondage and self bondage since I was very young, maybe 6 or 7 years old.  I travel a lot and spend many hours in self bondage on my trips.  I like to cross-dress also and don't look too bad.  This is a true story, one of many to be told.

During a trip to Las Vegas in about 1989 I was staying in a smaller motel on the edge of town.  I prefer motels with outside entrances to the parking lot directly from the room, no hallways.  I was planning an extended bondage session and hoped to enlist some outside help to humiliate and perhaps torment me.

I began my evening by shaving my entire body, which always makes me feel vulnerable. I dressed in my extremely tight corset which whittles my waist down to 28" and has 8 garter straps, black fishnet stockings, a 36D bra filled with water balloons, my long curly black wig, a red spandex dress that was short enough to show the tops of my stockings and if I moved just wrong the lower part of my cheeks.  I waited to put on the 5" ankle strap heels until I had done my slutty makeup job.

I called an escort service that was listed in one of the city's many adult newspapers.  They advertised that they specialized in domination.  A lady soon called me back and said she would arrive around 10PM.  I explained that I would be bound near the door and would open it when she knocked.  I waited until 8:30 and then started my bondage.  I figured that would give me an hour or so to contemplate my helplessness and await my Mistresses arrival. 

I placed locking leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles so that once the padlocks were attached they couldn’t be removed without the key.  I had on a 3" bondage collar, a strap just above my knees and had locked my ankles together with a 12" hobble chain between them. I had inserted a butt plug before I began and had a leather harness that held it in.

The keys to my bondage were on the desk with the gratuity and a short note explaining my limits (few…) and my wants.  The time of no return was here, I could back out now and wait for my Mistress in comparative comfort, or complete my bondage and risk a lot.

Of course I was flushed with need and excitement so I completed my bondage.  I attached two metal nipple clamps inside my bra and waited for the initial burn to subside, then put on my leather blindfold and finally my ball gag harness, attached a short leash from my collar to the coat rack next to the entry door, took a few deep breaths and padlocked my wrists behind my back.

I know that you should never have anything around your neck during self bondage, but it seemed so exciting.  There I stood in high wobbly heels, totally helpless, no backup.  I had to wait for Mistress to arrive and release me.  Thoughts raced through my mind, what if she doesn't come?  What if there's a fire?  Will the maid release me in the morning?

Time really drags when the initial excitement wears off.  I could hear cars coming and going in the lot and people walking past my door.  I grew more nervous as time went by, the Lady had assured me she would come, but I was starting to have doubts.  My knees had started to shake as much from the high heels as from the shear terror that was growing in my mind.

Finally, after what seemed like hours I heard the distinct tap of high heels outside and a sharp knock at my door.  I stretched as far as I could and turned the knob.  The door flew open nearly knocking me over then slammed again.  I could hear someone walk across the room and the shuffle of papers as my note was picked up.  I both heard and smelled a cigarette being lit and then nothing, just quiet breathing and an occasional pull on the cigarette.  I was so nervous I was shaking like a leaf, if I hadn't been gagged my teeth would have chattered. 

Finally after what seemed like ages a soft voice said "Very nice Michelle, you've done an excellent job, now just what are we going to do with you?"  I was so relieved I nearly fainted.  She left me standing where I was as she explained that she was quite late and it was nearly Midnight but that she would make it up to me.  She said her name was Mistress Carol and that I was hers for the rest of the night.

Without a further word she disconnected me from the coat rack and pulled me roughly over to the bed and pushed me down.  I felt the sharp sting of what must have been a riding crop slash across my exposed buttocks and the tops of my thighs.  The whipping went on for quite a while then she pulled me up and led me into the bathroom and told me to stay.  The door shut and I heard the TV come on and also her muffled voice.  After a while she opened the bathroom door, attached a leash to my collar and led me out into the main room.  She straightened my dress and fooled with my wig then jerked on the leash, opened the door and led me outside!

I had never before gone out while dressed and surly never bound, but here I was standing in full view in the parking lot.  She pulled me over to her car and opened the door and pushed me into the seat.  She walked around to her side, got in and started the car and drove off.  She drove in silence for maybe a half-hour when we pulled off the road and stopped.  She came to my side of the car and pulled me out by the leash.  I could hear loud music and other people outside talking and laughing as I was led inside.

The music became very loud and the chatter was nearly deafening.  People brushed against me and I felt a few hands caress my ass as we walked through the crowd.  Mistress led me to a corner, pushed me face first into it and commanded me to stay.  My blindfold and gag were removed and my jaw would barely close because it had been stretched open so long.  Someone pulled me back from the corner and set a drink on the floor in front of me with a straw in it.  I was told to kneel and enjoy my drink.

Soon a man came over and took me to the dance floor, this made me uncomfortable as I'm not bi but there was little I could do about it.  We danced, me in sort of a shuffle because of the chain hobble, his hands roaming my ass and occasionally spanking me.  When the song was over another man asked for the next dance and repeated the first man's moves.  I didn't know what my Mistress looked like and had no idea where I was.  There were a few other people there in bondage, both men and women and several were dressed in leather and carried whips or crops.  It seemed to be a sort of bondage party but only about half the people participated, the rest were dressed in evening wear or regular street clothes.

After I was there about two hours a lady came up and said "Are you enjoying yourself Michelle?"  I knew from the voice that it was Mistress Carol and I thanked her for a wonderful night.  She was quite beautiful and and tall, perhaps 5'11".  She told me it was time to go and I asked to be released.  She told me that the keys were still in the hotel room and she couldn't release me until we returned.  She re-gagged me, said her goodbys and led me back out to the car.  She told me on the drive back that I had been very obedient and resourceful and that I deserved a special treat.  She pulled over on a back street and pushed me down on the seat, she forcibly made me come.  She then demanded that I get out of the car.  She placed the room key in my hand and told me that the hotel was a few blocks that way, pointing out the way to go.  She gave me a hug and kiss, slapped my face and told me to go. 

It must have been three or four in the morning and even Las Vegas slows down a little, especially on the back streets, but it was a very scary walk, hobbled, bound and gagged and having to cross the brightly lit parking lot was a nightmare.  I got into the room without incident and released my cuffs, removed my gag and nipple clamps, (they REALLY hurt when they come off…) and collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

Michelle Harper


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