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Selfbound CD’s Narrow Escape

by A-Welly-Kiwi-Binder

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© Copyright 2015 - A-Welly-Kiwi-Binder - Used by permission

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'Self bound CD's narrow escape.. a true story'

The key should have dropped by now. Oh my god I'm stuck. Why hasn't the key dropped? I can barely see the damn key so how am I going to work out if it is stuck? Panic.. Pulse racing...

Rewind to my childhood and like so many others I found bondage at a young age. Always curious about tying knots and particularly tying my legs together, I relished the tightness of bonds, the unfamiliar tingle in my body as I pulled against some form of bondage or other. As I grew so too my desires for bondage and all things involved flourished. A new found sexual desire for bondage grew and, fostered so well by the internet like so many others, I discovered the complete world of BDSM. Most of this initial experimentation was alone time and along with the joys of bondage, I also discovered the excitement of pantyhose and eventually womens attire. After more than a few furtive purchases at second hand stores, I gradually added panties, bras, miniskirts, flirty tops and the highest of heels to my collection - these bought with a curious glance from the helpful store lady - if only she knew! 

Living at home limited my opportunities for play, so after working through the frustrating years of University and flat living, I jumped on the chance for my own place and soon took lease of a small-ish outer suburb flat. Free time saw me slowly develop my skills at self applied bondage and with each challenge, the desire for that added excitement, and one layer more of difficulty, grew and grew. So it was that after a long and busy week at work, I looked forward to an upcoming free weekend with excitement. Friday and my brain had been in overdrive all day at work planning the details of the upcoming session.

As all self bondage enthusiasts know, the hardest part of satisfying ones bondage desires is the escape method and finding a solution which is fool proof, secure, and with the adequate amount of fear/challenge involved in gaining ones freedom. Having tried the usual knife, scissor and iced key methods, I was looking to find something new and stumbled across a method involving a clock. For this the key to freedom was attached with string to a fixture in the roof/wall and the key itself, on a small ring, was hooked over the minute or hour hand of a clock (depending on your courage) and as the hands of time turn, so finally does the key release and swing down to be collected by the bound prisoner. Not wanting to overdo it on a first attempt, I chose to use the minute hand and to be standing bound with legs bound and wrists behind my back. Simple yet restricting enough for fun! After a few attempts and finally getting the string tied, the key and the clock ready, I set about dressing myself. 

Slipping on a silky matching pink panty and bra set, I next donned a pair of sheer tan high waist pantyhose. Deciding on a recently purchased black silky mini dress which barely reached mid-thigh, I matched this with black satin opera gloves and strappy black 5 inch heels, a challenge to stand in for any length of time but I figured if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it! I'm not one to wear wigs, so after checking myself in a nearby mirror (damn I look like a sexy slut!) my next step was to prepare my bondage for this session. 

I gathered several lengths of rope and with the first one, doubled the rope and taking the free end, looped this around my chest twice, once below and once above my 'breasts', and hooking the free end at the back through the loop, I pulled the rope end over my left shoulder down and under the ropes crossing my chest in front, and then back up over my right shoulder in a basic 'rope bra'. To the point where the ropes met at the back, I attached a pre-coiled set of ropes which I had earlier tested on my upper arms to pin them together and to my torso. I followed this with a further binding of rope around my waist, looping a set of handcuffs in at the small of my back.

I left a length of rope at the end free and attached this from the waist rope up my back to the ropes at my chest, ensuring I now could not twist my wrists around my waist and my wrists would be secured firmly at the small of my back. On to the legs and I bound them tightly at the knee and upper thigh. Checking I had the rest of my bindings on a nearby bench, I then took the key on the string and looped this over the hand arm on the clock and wound the arm back to a 9 o clock position. In this way, I would have roughly 30 minutes, if my testing was correct, after which time they key would swing down within reach.

Shuffling back to the bench I took the last coil of rope quickly roped my ankles tightly together. With shaking hands I took up a black spandex bondage hood and pulled this over my head, quickly buckling a large black ball gag in my mouth over this. I could make out shapes roughly from the hood, but was fairly well limited in what I could make out. Slipping my arms inside the elbow loops was quite a challenge, but finally I succeeded and with shaking hands, ratched the first wrist into the cuffs. With a quick glance up where I thought the key would be, I proceeded to lock my other wrist in the cold steel, the slow click as I tightened the cuffs making my cock twitch in its silky pink prison.

Time stood still. I calmed my breathing and felt each binding, gently testing the ropes at my legs and around my arms and torso, the cold hard unyielding steel of the cuffs digging in, the gag muffling my quiet moans and grunts. I was in heaven! I took a few shuffling steps forward and nearly toppled but got hold of my balance again and moaned involuntarily at the wickedness of the bonds I had placed myself in wishing for the quiet purr of a vibrator on my aching cock. I shuffled slowly over to the wall mirror and tried to make out my bound form, nothing more than the vague silhouette of a bound and gagged sissy slave to be seen through the spandex hood. Leaning against a wall I again tested the limits of my bonds and slowly drifted off into sub space, fantasizing about a wicked Mistress who had bound her sissy sub in tight ropes and left them standing in her walk in closet, awaiting her arrival from after work drinks or wherever she had gone, for so many hours... so many hours.. 

How long have I been bound? This question broke my sub space reverie and I shuffled over towards the clock, trying to get a good look at the minute arm. I could just make it out and it seemed to have twisted all the way around and was now pointing down at 6 o clock. Panic. The key should have dropped at least a couple of minutes ago. Fighting for calm I inched closer to the clock hoping to see what the problem was? Unable to make clear the problem panic took over and I immediately began fighting at my bonds, moaning into the gag, shuffling about and pulling in vain. I had done too good a job at the ropes and nothing would loosen up at all. Calming down slightly I shuffled over to a set of drawers pulling the top draw open hoping to find something, scissors, a knife, anything to loosen my bonds and enable escape. Nothing.

Taking a long deep breath I thought over the problem. Ok so the key has not dropped and is not going to drop. Why did I decide to add more risk to the session by not having any backup...? How many stories had I read on Grometsplaza detailing the dangers and necessity of a backup? Stupid stupid. My options seemed limited. I could go outside and try and alert the neighbours, never live it down. Scratch that. I could try and call somebody for help, difficult explanations, painfully embarrassing, even if I could manage to work the phone and get someone to understand my muffled words. Nope. Stand here and hope they key might eventually fall... No chance of that it seemed. Another bout of panic saw me squirming against my tightly applied bonds, the pleasure of the bondage and situation causing my cock to rage against its silky prison despite the fear of my current predicament.

It seemed my only option was to somehow get the key from the clock, and bound as I was, this was going to be a challenge. I needed something long to unhook the string and or key. What to use... Casting about in my hooded state I could barely make out the contents of the room but I suddenly remembered a roll of gift-wrap I had used a few days earlier for a friend’s birthday. Hope at last! Squirming over to where I thought I had left the roll took some effort but I finally made it to the cupboard doors and after some difficulty opening, got access and felt around, clasping the metre long roll of gift-wrap in triumph.

Another long period of squirming ensued and I managed eventually to get myself under the clock. Turning my back to the wall and getting as far up on my already tip toed feet as I could, I lifted the roll and nudged at the clock with the roll. After what seemed like an eternity I finally heard the sounds of the clock being knocked off its hanger and I unhooked the key and string from the clock. Getting the key off proved difficult but with this last obstacle overcome I quickly released my wrists and sank to the floor in exhaustion, my pent up frustration and hornyness enabling a quick orgasm the minute I rubbed myself under the silky panties. 

It seemed the flaw in my escape mechanism was that the small ring which held the handcuff key had slipped down the minute hand to the middle as the minute hand turned, and in doing so lodged itself firmly over the main anchor point of the clock mechanism, effectively trapping the key and string to the wall. A lesson well learned, I vowed to attach something to the minute hand to stop the keys from slipping down over the clock mechanism anchor point. 

Next time I'll try the hour arm.... and thank goodness I hadn’t decided to add the collar with leash attached to the wall in my first attempt...


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