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Selfbound for Visitors at my Online Masters Request

by Laura

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© Copyright 2017 - Laura - Used by permission

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Hi my name is Laura I am a sub and have been instructed to send some of my reports that incorporate self bondage.

When I first got out of bed this morning I checked my email as per normal and there was an email waiting for me from my new online Master. There were several requests through his email. The first one was to wear my black leather collar and have my ben wah balls inserted in my pussy. Then to remain naked whilst doing my housework and stopping every hour to place myself on display in the front window of our house. This was to be done by bending over the back of a lounge chair with my ass and pussy facing the window. Then the second request was to ring someone from our BDSM swingers club and invite him over as well as one extra person of their choosing. Before they arrive I was to place myself in bondage spreadeagle on the bed with an egg vibrator giving me forced orgasms. They were to fuck and use me for as long as they wanted and only allowed to cum in my mouth.

Apart from when showering I have been wearing my leather collar as a display of respect for my new Master. I inserted my ben wah balls in my pussy and went about doing my housework. The more and more I moved about the house the more turned on I became as a result of the balls movement inside me. I was also horny thinking about the afternoon’s prospect. About 9.30am I contacted a nice guy I knew from our club, he was tall, fit and had a lovely personality. I told him everything about the requests and he said he would contact a friend of his to see if he wanted to be the second person. I had been fucked at a club meet before by this guy and liked him because he was fit, good looking and well hung.

After an hour passed by I setup my laptop on the lounge chair in front of our living room window. I was already naked and leant over the back of the chair. My naked arse and pussy was close to the glass, our house is back from the road unless someone stared at the window when they walked or drove pass I may go unnoticed. I was feeling so horny from the whole situation, being on display, the fear of being seen, the afternoon delight that was yet to unfold and doing exactly what my new Master requested. When I was in front of the window I would chat with him on the fetlife Kinky Chat. People were walking pass on the footpath but I am not sure as whether I was seen or not. This task I carried out for the entire day, 10mins every hour bent over in front of the window. My pussy remained wet all day from the balls.

Later in the afternoon I had another shower as I had been painting window frames naked at the back of the house. I made sure that my pussy was freshly shaven and smooth for my intended visitors. I setup the bed with my four adjustable straps to the corners of our wrought iron four poster bed. I loosened off the straps to the maximum so I could reach them later. Then I placed a pillow at the top in the centre of the bed. I attached large Velcro cuffs to my ankles and leather ones to my wrists all of which had a D ring. The straps on the bed had a snap clip on the end of each strap which would be attached to the D ring of the cuffs. I got out my remote egg vibrator and put new batteries in it and left it on the bed. I went to our playroom and searched and found a good blindfold, one that doesn’t fall off or let you sneak a peek, I also got out as well as our large metal ring gag. This ring gag is the type that sits behind your teeth and had arms or claws that press against your cheeks to stop it twisting in your mouth. I placed them all on the bed until it would be the time to get ready.

I was getting so turned on by this preparation I couldn’t help but stroke my bald pussy and feel how smooth it was. About 4.30 I received a message from my friend saying that they were only about 30 to 40 minutes away. I was so excited, I locked our dog away and made sure that the guys had access into the house via the back yard. I could feel the adrenal surge and arousal that I was getting from this. Firstly, I removed my Ben Wah balls from my pussy and strapped on the ring gag so it was tightly held into positon. I put the blindfold over my head but not into position at this stage so I could still see what I was doing. I climbed onto the bed making sure that I was in the centre. I inserted the egg vibrator into my pussy which slipped in easily due to my wetness from the excitement. I made sure that the egg vibrator remote control was close by and left it turned off at this stage.

I reached down and clipped the adjustable straps to both my ankle cuffs then laying back I pulled on the two tails of the straps so the straps pulled tight. Each time I pulled the strap tails my legs spread further and further apart until my legs were stretched wide to the bottom corners of the bed. I clipped the other two straps to both of my wrist cuffs. Using my right hand I pulled the strap attached to my left wrist until it was tight and my arm stretched towards the top bed corner.

Now the fun starts. I pulled my blindfold down into position over my eyes with my right hand so I couldn’t see anything apart from darkness then fumbled around until I found the remote control for the vibrator. I have done this before but my problem is whether or not I can get the last remaining strap tight before I have an orgasm. The egg vibrator has powerful vibrations and being as horny as hell I’m wasn’t going to bet on this one. I turned on the vibrator to the third setting, immediately the pleasure started to flow through my body. I quickly began using the fingers on my right hand I pulled at the strap tail quickly to get my right arm arm tight. I can make it happen a little quicker if I already have my arm stretched out making it easier to pull the strap but the last bit is always the hardest. I almost got the strap as tight as I could as the first orgasm flooded through me.

Finally there I was, tightly strapped spreadeagle to the corners of our bed wearing only a blindfold and ring gag with an egg vibrator buzzing inside of me. My pussy gets super sensitive after the first orgasm then I find if the stimulation keeps up I start having rolling orgasms one after another in quick succession. The second orgasm didn’t take long to arrive my whole body tensing and writhing against the straps. I was moaning quite loudly at the pleasure. The orgasms started coming I felt so helpless and vulnerable. I couldn’t stop the vibrator as the remote was out of reach.

I heard the two guys walk in through the backdoor just as I let out another scream of pleasure, they came into the bedroom and I felt some hands touch my quivering thighs. The vibrator was turned off and I felt a sudden calm giving me a chance to catch my breath. My body was shaking and trembling from the orgasms. I could feel the cord of the vibrator being tugged to pull the vibrator from my pussy. Because I was super sensitive my pussy had a reflex that tried to hang onto it. After the vibrator was removed one of the guys commented on the wet patch on the sheets under my arse.

I could hear them undress as each piece of clothing they removed was dropped to the floor. One of them then laid across my thigh and started to gently lick my pussy. I flinched at first but laid back feeling his tongue explore my labia. He was doing long licks up my slit then circling gently my clit then back down again. Each time his tongue touched my clit or when he sucked at it, my back arched with the pleasure making the straps pull tighter. He bought me to orgasm with his tongue I felt the wetness flow from my pussy once again. The other guy placed his cock onto my ring gag, my tongue stretching then touched it. He repositioned it so the head was inside the ring. My tongue eagerly lapped at it and circled the head tasting the drops of precum oozing out the end. At the same time the other guy was smacking my thighs and every now and again slapped my pussy. Each slap made me flinched against the straps.

One of the guys change his position so that he was between my legs, he slowly pushed his cock into me, slowly sliding the whole length inside. Slowly he started to fuck me, his cock was long and my pussy lips were clutching and squeezing it as it slid in and out of me. I was moaning with pleasure. The other guy lifted my head and unclipped my gag only to be replaced straight afterwards by his cock which I sucked crazily. I was sucking one guys cock and being fucked by the other guy at the same time. They took it in turns changing or swapping around.

Eventually they untied my leg straps then refixed them to the bedhead so my ankles were high near my head. They could fuck me deeper and harder in this position whilst I sucked madly on the other guys cock. The one who was fucking me would stop, withdraw then smack my exposed arse or give my exposed pussy a few rapid slaps then go back to fucking me. I was having multiple orgasms no idea the number just enjoying the pleasure I was receiving. Occasionally one of them would insert a finger into my anus whilst I was being fucked causing me to wriggle and moan louder.

When they had enough the guy I was sucking was holding my head tight, unloaded his cum into my throat spurt after spurt holding my head tight until I had swallowed every bit. Then yelled at me to keep sucking him to clean his cock. Both guys eventually came in my mouth as requested. I heard them get dressed again and just before they walked out, one of the guys loosened one strap to my wrist slightly enough for me to get free. By the time I had got out of my straps they were long gone.

I do hope that this satisfies you Master all of your requests have been fulfilled.


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