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Self-Sub Susy

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2011 - The Technician - Used by permission

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Part One

An adventurous young woman who calls herself “Self-Sub Susy” is warned to stop playing naked bondage games on the park trails. She gets more than she bargained for when she taunts back, “catch me if you can.”

My name isn’t actually “Self-Sub Susy,” but then again, W’s real name isn’t actually “The Technician.” That is what most people know him by, and that is what he is. I guess Self-Sub Susy is what I am, too. I am a natural submissive who is very much into self bondage, and W makes me all sorts of neat toys for my adventures.

I don’t know what W actually does for a living, but it must be something that involves building complex electronic devices, because that is what he makes for me. OK, he doesn’t really make them just for me, but I test prototypes for him and in return he gives the prototype to me for free - well not totally free. The one payment I have to make is that I have to write up my adventures for him so he can post them on the net. He says that the stories bring him business so the stuff he gives me is just research and advertising expenses. I think he also gets off on reading about what I have done.

My greatest passion - or addiction - is walking around in public naked and bound. W has made all sorts of things to enable me to put myself into bondage and then take my adventure walks in the country or on trails in various public parks. The latest toy he has given me to try is a set of “Trail Bracelets.” Once I have them on, they look very much like the chains that a convict wears when they are being transported, except that the chains are a little smaller and there are a few differences and additions from W’s evil and twisted mind.

I have used them several times and they are wonderful. To put them on, I start with the collar. It is leather with soft sheep’s wool padding on the inside. It wraps together and holds very firmly with velcro-like material. There are three chains that hang from it, one from the back and two from the front. The front chains hang down across my breasts and attach to the nipples with small metal clamps before going through loops on the front of a leather belt that looks a lot like the collar. They then both pass through my legs and connect to a special connector on the back of the same belt. The chain hanging down my back also locks into the same connector.

W says that the connector is a modified form of the connector that is used for the seat belts for race car drivers. Small, seat belt like tabs slide into the connector and lock in place. Twisting the cover of the connector causes all of the tabs to release. There is also a set of leg chains that attach to my ankles with smaller forms of the leather collars. W adjusted the lengths of all of the chains so that the one down my back prevents me from leaning forward, and the two down my front pull tightly between my legs and press well into my slit and rub against my clit and ass hole as I walk. There are also two dildos that can be attached to the chains and inserted in me with the chains holding them in place. The legs chains are just long enough to let me walk with short steps, but prevent me from running or climbing up anything more than a few inches high.

This all sounds like it would be very easy to get out of, and it would be except that there are also leather cuffs for my hands that each have one of the seat belt tabs sticking out of them on short steel posts. Once I have the chains in place and put on the cuffs, all I have to do is put my hands behind my back and slide the wrist cuff tabs into special slots on a little cylinder that acts as the twist handle for the lock mechanism and click, everything is locked in place. Once my wrist cuffs click into place, I am trapped until the release mechanism is activated.

The release mechanism is electronic and uses a little button like you use to unlock a car door. That would make it just an electronic key, but there is more. There is also a slightly larger sender unit with a built in timer mechanism that can be easily hidden somewhere outdoors so that I have to go to where the release mechanism is in order to get free. You can set the timer for anything up to a couple of days and then when the timer activates, it sends out the release codes every minute or ten minutes or fifteen minutes or half hour. It can even be set to only transmit so many times so that if I miss my “appointment” I am trapped.

Actually I can’t get truly trapped. “Safety, safety, safety,” W always says. “Have a backup system and then backup to the backup and finally an ultimate safety intervention if everything else fails. The primary backup is that I can always get back to my house - or tent if I am camping - and use the hand button. I always leave it someplace I can reach it with my hands behind my back. The secondary backup is built into the lock mechanism. After a certain pre-set period of time, it discharges the batteries through a special circuit and when the batteries are sufficiently discharged, they will no longer hold the locking mechanism in place and the tabs will pull out of the slots. The ultimate safety intervention is an automatic email system that sends out an email to a friend telling them where I have gone and that I am overdue. Just in case the email system fails, I always leave a letter with the same information sitting on my kitchen table with the words, “Open if I am not back by....” on the front of the envelope.

Just so I don’t get lazy and merely wait for the locks to discharge, W built in a punishment for using the safety unlock. The way the batteries discharge is by repeatedly activating a shocking circuit that electrifies the chains with something ranging from a severe tingle to a shock that would stop a charging mountain lion dead in its tracks. Just so I would appreciate what the punishment circuit could do, W made me put the whole set on and then triggered the shocking circuit using the remote control. I could barely stand and nearly pissed myself on the second shock. Then W told me that it was only set on 2. He asked me if I wanted to try 6 - the highest setting, just to know what it was like, and I told him that I hoped I NEVER found out what that felt like.

The remote can be attached to the collar by a length of chain that attaches to a ring that is located exactly in the middle of the front of the collar. The chain is about six feet long and you are supposed to attach it so that the remote can be swung around your back and be grabbed when your hands are behind you. Actually, I keep the remote attached directly to the collar when I have it stored so I won’t loose it. W would be very upset because I might forget to detach it or something when I put on the trail bracelets. “Safety, safety, safety,” yeah, I know, W.”

I used the trail bracelets several times with and without the dildos. I found that even though the vibrations of the dildos were nice, they made it much more difficult to walk and I got just as much pleasure out of just the chains rubbing between my legs.

My favorite place to play is a small private campground that is more or less a part of a large state park about 50 miles from my hometown. What makes the camp so good is that you have access to the nature trails in the park. Evidently the owner of the camp either donated a bunch of land to the park or allows the park to use a lot of his land and in return the state allows the people camping there to have direct access to the park.

That direct access means that I can go walking at night when the park is technically closed. During the day I go out on the trail and set up my release mechanism. Because it is all electronic, I can carefully hide the box near the trail and not have to worry about someone finding it. When I told W about this, he added a little sticker that says “Wildlife tracking device. Do not disturb.” It looks really official and would prevent anyone - even one of the park workers - from messing with the control.

After I have everything set up, I slip out of my tent well after dark and head over to the shower house like I was going to use the bathroom. The entrance to the park trails is just behind the bathrooms and you can come off the trails to use them. Once on the trails, I go to my start point somewhere in the park. I have my trail bracelets in a small backpack and if anyone sees me, it just looks like I am going on a night hike in the park. Once I reach my start point, I strip completely, put my clothes in the backpack and then carefully conceal the backpack somewhere near the trail. Just standing there naked in the moonlight gets me very wet. After I put on the collar, belt and chains, I place my hands behind my back and click the cuff tabs in place. My juices flow even harder as I realize that I am trapped until I reach the controller at the pre-programmed release time.

I thought I was being very careful in my adventures until one morning when I went to take a shower and saw a notice on the message board. There is bulletin board outside the shower house with a place to leave messages for other campers. The message read, “SOMEONE IS ENDANGERING MY BUSINESS BY PLAYING BONDAGE GAMES ON THE PARK TRAILS AT NIGHT. THIS HAS TO STOP. IF I CATCH YOU, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED. It was signed “Ed,” who was the owner of the camp.

I read the notice several times and suddenly realized that I was very wet between my legs. I don’t know for sure what was turning me on more, the idea that I might get caught or the idea that if I was caught I would be punished. I didn’t do anything that morning except frig myself off while I was taking my shower, but later in the week, a few days after I had checked out of the camp, I snuck back in through the park trails and left a message for Ed. The folded note just said, “Ed” on the outside, and inside I had written, “What punishment did you have in mind?” I signed it “Self-Sub Susy.”

I totally ignored the message area when I camped at the park that weekend and I waited two whole weeks before going back in through the park trails on a week day August 17, 2011to check for a reply. There was an envelope on the board in the message area addressed to SSSuzy. I walked past the bulletin board and into the shower house like I was just going to the bathroom, but on the way back out, I grabbed the note on the way past and slipped it into my pocket. I could barely wait to get back to the hiking trails so that I could read what Ed had to say. The note was written in a bold clear hand and read, “Susy, I am not sure who you are, but you are endangering my very special business. If I catch you, I will tie you naked across one of the hitching post benches in the middle of camp and whip your ass until it is purple. Then I - and anyone else who is interested - will fuck you in any way we can think of. And finally, I will cover your ass with honey and leave you tied there for the night so that you can think about what you have done.”

It was a good thing that I was wearing dark jeans because after I read the note, I was so wet it looked like I had peed myself. I don’t know how I kept from getting myself off right there. Maybe it was because I knew there were too many people in the park, or perhaps it was because I knew that I really needed to get home and get out my friend of last resort. After nearly wearing out a brand new set of batteries, I lay there reading and re-reading Ed’s letter and fantasizing about the next time I would walk the trails. Before there had been a risk of getting caught by accident. Now, there was the thrill of actually having to avoid capture, so to speak.

Two days later I again walked into camp from the park and put my own envelope on the bulletin board. I had carefully printed “Ed” on the outside and on the inside I had cut out pieces from the newspaper like an old-fashioned ransom note. It read simply, “Catch me if you can!”

* * * *

As I planned my next adventure walk, I carefully reviewed everything I had done while camping at Ed’s to make sure that there was no way that he could actually know it was me. I camped out there almost every weekend, but I only went on my walks when the moon was full or dark. When the moon was full, I could see very well on the trails, plus there was the danger of people being easily able to see my shining white body in the moonlight. When the moon was dark, there was much less risk of being seen, but the trails were many times more difficult to navigate - especially with my hands held firmly behind my back.

I also knew that I could not change my routine or it would draw attention to me. I had reservations on several weekends through the rest of the summer, so not showing up on my reserved weekends would make me stand out. I checked my calendars and August 7 was going to be a full moon. That was a Saturday, so it fit perfectly into my plans. I would skip both the full moon and dark of the moon in July and see if Ed could catch me on August 7. Besides, by waiting several weeks, Ed might think he had scared me off and no longer be looking for me.

Everything was planned and ready, I was trying to act very natural around camp but I am sure that I showed some surprise when Ed came over to my tent and said, “Lauren,” ... OK, my real name is “Lauren” - dull, boring stuffy old-fashioned “Lauren.” I have always hated that name. Maybe that is why I call myself Susy online. Anyway, Ed came over to my tent and said, “Lauren, I need to talk to you about your reservation for the weekend of August 8. We have a club that wants to rent the whole camp for the weekend and I am afraid I am going to have to cancel your reservation.”

He must have seen the disappointment in my face, because he added, “Actually, they won’t be here until Saturday morning, so if you want to come out for Friday night, you still can. I will even give you the night for free, if you don’t mind having the camp almost totally to yourself.”

“Thank you, Ed.” I replied. “You always know how to treat your campers right.”

That changed the date slightly, but full moons don’t always fall on a weekend anyway, so the day before worked just as well for my plans. I took several “normal” hikes through the park in the next few weekends. I even took a few night hikes just in case Ed was watching for people going onto the trails. By the end of July I knew exactly where I was going to place the remote release and where I was going to start my hike. I would place the remote release at the northwest corner of the park, as far from camp as was possible. I would then start my adventure hike from a different trail that had a loop that went all the way down to the far southeast corner of the park. The campground was on the southwest corner of the park, so I would be walking the maximum distances that night.

I was out at the camp a couple of times before my planned escapade. Everything was very “normal,” except that the second weekend of July Ed cleaned up the “campfire circle” in the middle of camp and added what he called a “leader’s bench.” The campfire circle was a series of telephone pole benches that were mounted on 6X6 posts so that the tops of the benches were about 15" off the ground. Ed was adding an additional bench in the center near the large campfire ring. This one was different. It was almost 30" off the ground and had two smaller benches in front and behind it that were made of smaller poles. I asked Ed what it was for and he explained that it was for a song leader with a guitar when they had groups at the camp. He said that you could sit on the tall bench and rest your feet on the smaller benches. As I was talking to him, Ed dropped one of the tools he was using and leaned over the leader’s bench to retrieve it. One of his legs came up against the foot rest as he stretched to reach the tool. I could see that for someone slightly shorter than Ed, the leader’s bench would make a perfect “spanking bench.” You could be bent over the wide top pole/bench with your feet tied to the bottom of the foot rest bench on one side and your hand roped to the posts of the foot rest bench on the other side.

Any doubt as to the true nature of the leader’s bench was totally erased from my mind the next weekend. Ed had finished his project. The benches at the campfire circle were all totally refurbished and painted with the brownish camp colors used for all of the wood at camp that needed paint for protection. The leader’s bench, however, was painted a bright white so that it stood out like a beacon in the center of the camp. I managed to walk closely past it during the weekend and I noticed that there was some writing on one of the posts. In black lettering that very closely copied Ed normal handwriting were the words, “Reserved for SSSuzy.” God, I was going to have to wear black shorts whenever I was here or soon someone would notice that I was always wet between the legs.

August 6 finally came and I arrived at camp and set up my tent right after work just like any other Friday. I took a short hike before supper and placed the remote in my pre-determined hiding place in the woods behind one of the trail marker signs. Using my cellphone, I checked that the clock read the right time, set the release time for 2:30 am and then carefully covered over the box with leaves. After supper, I hung around a campfire at my tent until it was dark and then turned in for the night.

Around 11:15, I “went to the bathroom,” and carefully snuck out of camp. I wasn’t sure why I was moving so carefully. The campground was empty and Ed’s cabin and office were dark, indicating that he had already turned in for the night.

It took about half an hour to get to my starting point. I laid out the bracelets on the trail and stripped naked in the moonlight. The soft breeze was cool on my skin and the coldness of the breeze on my wet cuntlips caused a shiver to go through my body. I put on the collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs and then set the timer mechanism in the belt. I set the expected release time to 2:30 am just like the remote device. If I wasn’t at the remote by 2:35, the remote’s timer would re-transmit the release codes again at 2:45, 3:00, 3:15, and 3:30. If I wasn’t free by 3:45, the belt would begin the automatic safety release sequence.

I paused for a moment before I set the “Release Punishment Level.” I had always kept it set at 2 in the past - even though I had never had to use it. “What the hell!” I thought and turned the little thumbwheel up to 5. “If I can’t get free, this can’t be any worse that what Ed will do to me.” I was both right and wrong about that, but in any case, there was no way I could bring myself to set the wheel to 6 - the maximum.

I connected the chains to the collar and pulled them between my legs and locked them into the connector on the belt. I then connected the leg chains and picked up a large red ballgag. I had never used a ballgag before on my walks, but this was a special night. Finally, standing naked in the moonlight like a Greek statue of a goddess, I held my hands behind my back and slid the tabs into the connectors on the belt. The click of the holding mechanism engaging had never seemed so loud. It was time to begin my most adventuresome adventure walk.



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