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Self-Sub Susy 4

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2011 - The Technician - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; D/s; bond; rope; outdoors; bdsm; stocks; torment; toys; electro; sex; climax; group; cons/nc; XX

continues from part three Part Four

An adventurous young woman who calls herself “Self-Sub Susy” is warned to stop playing naked bondage games on the park trails. She gets more than she bargained for when she taunts back, “catch me if you can.”

I don’t know what time it was, but the sounds of people eating had died away and now there were sounds of people talking and laughing and I could also hear someone in a louder voice explaining how their blindfolds were not only the most beautiful but also were guaranteed to keep someone from seeing anything. In other words, except for the fact that everything seemed to be centered on bondage, it was much like an old fashioned town fair.

Slave One came over and stood in front of me and said in a soft voice, “Ed is concerned that you are not properly hydrated. You have already finished all the liquid and you haven’t peed at all, so he sent Slave Two to get you more liquid.” I thrashed around in my restraints and tried to somehow tell Slave One that I did not want to drink anything that Slave Two brought me. Slave One evidently knew what was bothering me and added, “Oh, don’t worry about Slave Two. I know her tricks and so does Ed. He told her that if the seals were broken on the bottles when she brought them to you, he would make her drink it all herself. She has pulled that endless fountain stuff on me before, too”.

Slave One’s voice became very soft. “Actually, it isn’t as bad as you might think. Maybe that is because we are twins and her piss and mine are probably identical also so that it isn’t as bad as it would be if she were a stranger. In any case, she has done a lot worse than that to me.”

Slave Two arrived a few minutes later with several bottles of sports drink. She shoved them at Slave One and said, “Here! Just like they came from the store shelf. OK?!”

A few minutes later Slave One pushed the drinking tube into my gag. I guess I was a little dehydrated because I drank quite a bit. Slave One then said, “If you don’t want to be swimming in this, the next time Ed comes by, you pee to show him that you are hydrated.” What she said made sense, but surprisingly, despite all that Slave Two had forced me to drink, I didn’t feel like I had a full bladder. However, next time Ed walked over, I would try to piss.

It was about a half hour later when Ed walked over to check on me. As Slave One had suggested, I immediately let loose a stream of piss and heard Ed say, “Good.” I looked around and saw that people were beginning to gather around the center circle again and emptied my bladder involuntarily and completely when I realized what that meant. It was time for my punishment to continue... - or so I thought.

Ed voice contradicted me. “Fellow members of our special club. We are going to have to slightly delay our scheduled afternoon activities.” I could hear voices muttering disappointment in the crowd.

“During your free time following our tremendous meal, the club council met to discuss a serious problem facing us. Since it involved what was said to be a piece of W’s equipment, we included him in our discussions and he has a report for all of you.”

“Thank you Ed.” That was W’s voice. I couldn’t see him, but I would know his deep, resonant voice anywhere. “Your club council asked me to examine the electrical device that Queenie used this morning to verify that it was mine as Queenie had claimed. I examined the device and it is one of my devices. I designed and constructed the device and sold it to Queenie, just as she had said.”

A murmur went through the crowd, and then W continued, “However... it appears that Queenie has modified the device. Specifically she changed some of the components in the power circuit so that the device would deliver approximately twice the voltage for which it was designed. I commend Queenie on her technical skills in figuring out how to do that.” Again a murmur went through the crowd.

“Unfortunately,” W continued, “her technical skills - or perhaps her concern for safety - fell a little short when it came to modifying the current limiting circuitry. No modifications had been made to that circuitry, so with the increased voltage, there was also an increase in current to near the dangerous levels. A young, healthy person like SSSuzy here was able to stand the current although it did knock her out. A slightly less healthy person might have been killed. Although this device is my device, with its present modifications it is a dangerous, unauthorized device.”

This time the murmur through the crowd was louder and there were angry shouts from here and there. “The council has confiscated the device and turned it over to me. I will restore it to the original design and return it to Queenie along with a bill for my inspection and repair services. That finishes my report.”

“Thank you W,” said Ed. “I think you all know what this means,” he continued and then a loud, very official sounding voice yelled out, “Hear ye, hear ye, the Club Court is now in session. The honorable Master Ed presiding.”

Ed’s voice - this time sounding very stern and angry - said, “Bring Queenie before me.”

Two rather large men in black T-shirts that said “Event Security” on the back in bright yellow letters frog-marched Queenie to the front and left her facing Ed. Then they stepped back a step or two, leaving her standing there alone.

“Queenie,” Ed began, ”you stand before the Club Court as an accused, and an accused stands before the Club Court naked. Remove your clothing.”

Queenie was wearing a brightly patterned sun dress that hung down about to her knees. She crossed her arms in front of her breasts and stood there looking defiantly at Ed. “In that case,” Ed intoned, “Gentlemen...”

The two large security men stepped forward and each grabbed onto one side of the bottom hem of Queenie’s sun dress. It looked like they were going to pull it up over her head, but instead each pulled suddenly and strongly in opposites directions. There was a loud tearing and an almost equally loud shriek from Queenie and suddenly the dress was gone. I had halfway expected her to be naked under the dress, but instead she was wearing a bright yellow thong with red lettering on the front that said, “What are you waiting for. It’s not going to lick itself.” One of the security men grabbed onto both sides of the thong and with another yelp, Queenie was standing naked before the court.

“Queenie,” Ed began, “it isn’t a matter of whether or not you did this because all of us witnessed your use of this device. As a matter of fact, we have seen you use this device on at least three other occasions. We don’t know if it had been modified yet, but we will assume that it was, so that is four times that you have used an unauthorized electrical device at one of our club gatherings... even though you had been severely warned to obey the rules of our gatherings if you wanted to remain in the club.”

“The club council has already met and has decided upon your punishment. You have a choice of accepting that punishment or leaving the club grounds immediately to never return. Because your offense involved sexually related punishment of others, you will be punished sexually. You will freely and of your own free will put yourself into the kneeling stocks here before this gathering and you will freely and of your own free will allow yourself to be fucked by Bubba and Buffy.” The crowd gasped. Queenie looked shocked, but said nothing.

“In addition. Because your offense involved an electrical punishment, you will freely and of your own free will place yourself upon and ride the electric horse for the night.” It looked like Queenie was going to cry out, but again she stopped herself.

“And finally because this was done to a lesser against their will, you will freely and willingly put on and wear for the remainder of this gathering, the collar of Slave Zero.” This time Queenie reacted with “No, I won’t do it.”

Ed replied, “That is your choice Queenie, but first let’s hear from the club.” He turned to the crowd and said, “You have heard the decision and punishments. Thus says the council; what says the club membership?”

The crowd responded almost as one, “Let it be done!”

Ed again addressed Queenie. “You have heard the decision of the council and of the club. The final decision is yours. Do you submit to these punishments, or do you leave.” He paused a moment and then added, “Before you make your decision, Queenie, keep in mind that because there are four separate offenses, this punishment - including the Slave Zero collar - will be repeated at our next three club gatherings.”

Queenie stood there with her head bowed. She was no longer the haughty mistress who had taunted me and hurt me so severely. She was a scared, lowly, naked slave. “Give me the damn collar,” she muttered as she stepped up to Ed and held out her hand. “And show me where the damn kneeling stock is.”

Ed handed her a leather collar that she held up to her neck. She turned around so that Ed could buckle the collar at the back of her neck. On the front of the collar was a large metal tag that read, “Slave 0." While Ed was tightening the collar on Queenie’s neck, the two security men re-appeared carrying what looked like a polished railroad tie. At least that was about the size of it. Ed said, “Put it over there where SSSuzy can see everything. She deserves to be able to see this”.

They set the large wooden beam on the ground and opened it up. I could see that it was hinged on one end and that there were four holes in it. Two larger holes near the outside and two smaller holes in the middle. Queenie came over to the beam and knelt so that with a little spreading of her legs, her ankles rested in the outer holes. Then she bent over and put her arms back between her legs and set them in the smaller holes in the middle. One of the security men closed the beam and locked it closed. Queenie was now trapped in the stocks with her ass stuck well up into the air waiting for Bubba and Buffy, whoever they were.

“This isn’t really punishment for her,” Slave One said softly in my ear. “Queenie loves being fucked by Bubba and Buffy. They're two rubber gimps kept by one of the Master's here tonight, she just doesn't want people to know that she fucks men occasionally, she prefers to torment & abuse women. ”

One of the men stepped out of the crowd and sprayed something on Queenie’s upturned sex. “Better give her another squirt, Doc.” Someone yelled. “She'll need the lubrication!” The crowd laughed and Doc stepped forward again and sprayed Queenie with several more squirts of whatever it was that was in the bottle.

Slave One spoke again. “That is a bottle of special lubrication, it contains extract of chillies, not only does it help but it's also to torment Queenie. When Bubba comes out here, he will be raring to go, so she needs to be ready."

A few moments later, another man appeared leading a large man clad head to toe in black latex by a leash and he was huge, his limbs held by large cuffs and solid looking chains. As soon as they approached, Bubba began straining at his leash. The man issued a command and the man stopped and stood still. Then as soon as the leash was unclipped, the man said, “Go get her, Bubba,” and the gimp ran to Queenie and stuck his nose right between her legs.

Queenie thrashed in the stocks, but she could not move. The gimp licked her a couple of times and then mounted her and with a couple of thrusts entered her. Queenie yelled out as Bubba’s very large, black latex dick slid into her, but as Bubba began pumping, Queenie soon began moaning and thrashing and it was obviously not from pain. I didn’t know that it was possible for a woman to orgasm that quickly. Either they had given her something or she really did get off on this treatment. Bubba continued to pump and Queenie continued to pant and scream in orgasm for some time and then finally he was finished.

A few moments later, Bubba was taken back over to his owner who led him away. Doc then came out and sprayed more of the lube on Queenie, and another man led a new gimp out to the circle. I don’t know what race or creed Buffy was from, but he was more than huge. He was humongous, larger than Bubba. Slave One spoke again in my ear. “Buffy is short for Buffalo. He has the biggest dick I have ever seen... or fucked.” Again the bag kept Slave One from seeing the look of shock on my face.

Queenie was moaning softly, “No, no, no, no, no...” as Buffy came up and put his nose against her well used cunt. He began licking her, but unlike Bubba, he kept licking and licking and licking until Queenie was thrashing in the stocks. “Bubba’s no good at foreplay,” said Slave One, “but Buffy will get you really turned on before he pops you. Good thing, because he is as large down there as he is everywhere else.”

Buffy put his large hands on Queenie’s shoulders and pulled himself up behind her. Unlike Bubba, he seemed to take his time pushing himself into Queenie’s cunt, but once he was in he began to piston like a steam engine. Queenie was yelling and thrashing and it was not clear if they were cries of pleasure or pain. Maybe they were cries of both. Buffy also kept going for a long time and by the time he was finished, Queenie’s naked body was dripping with sweat. There was no doubt that the scream from Queenie as Buffy pulled out of her was a scream of pain. The size of Buffy’s huge penis looked like it was larger than a baby’s head. I heard several women in the crowd say “Ouch” when they saw and heard the bulbous head pop out of Queenie’s now well punished cunt.

“As soon as Queenie is sufficiently recovered,” I heard Ed say, “We will continue with the electric horse.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what an electric horse was, but the two security men came walking over carrying what looked like a small doghouse with no walls. It was just a small roof supported on four pillars. On either side of the doghouse roof were two poles about six feet tall with a thin pole and something that looked like one of those lighted message road signs on a cross piece at the top of the poles. As they set the device down on the grass, I could see that the roof was actually covered with the type of rough, sand-covered roll roofing you would find on a commercial building. At the very peak, the roof there was what appeared to be a strip of copper and a little ways down from the peak, on both sides, were additional strips of copper about four inches wide. After the men set the device down, one of them did something at the back of the roof and it lowered almost all the way down to the ground. Evidently, this was the electric horse.

I heard Ed say, “That’s good,” and one of the men reached into a bag that was hanging on the side of the doghouse and pulled out two large ground stakes, like you would use to tie up your dog in the yard. He screwed one of them into the ground on each side of the doghouse roof and then both men walked over to where Queenie was kneeling in the stocks.

They opened the stocks and lifted Queenie to her feet. She looked a little unsteady as they walked her over to the doghouse roof, but she seemed to know what to do. She stepped forward so that she was straddling the roof with one foot on each side and the peak aimed straight at her cunt. One of the security men again reached into the bag and this time he pulled out a pair of ankle cuffs very similar to the ones that were a part of my trail bracelets. He put one on each of Queenie’s ankles and then attached them to the ground stakes. He reached back into his bag and pulled out two wrist cuffs and used them to attach Queenie’s wrists to chains which hung from the top of the poles. He pulled Queenie’s arms up rather tight before connecting them so that she stood almost on tiptoe as she was stretched in a giant X between the poles. He then turned and spoke, “She’s ready, Eddie.”

Ed grimaced and slightly shook his head. I don’t know if he disliked being called Eddie or just thought that the security man’s idea of comedy fell a little short. In any case, Ed came over to the electric horse and did something behind it. I could hear the soft sound of a motor of some sort and the roof began to rise. It slowly slid upward between Queenie’s legs until it was pressed securely against her cunt and her feet were raised an inch or two off the ground. She grunted as it lifted her off the ground. It did look very much like she was riding a horse - a very painful horse.

Ed stood and looked out into the crowd. I was surprised to see W walk over to the horse carrying what looked like a road sign on a post and some sort of bit or bridle. He spoke softly to Queenie but I could hear what he had to say, “Queenie, you could have damaged my reputation and my business very severely today, and so I asked the council if you could be my test subject for a brand new addition to my electric horse.”

He walked a few steps out in front of Queenie and pushed the signpost into the ground. There were some wires trailing from the sign that W carried back over to the back of the horse and connected to something. “I haven’t made this part of it wireless yet,” he explained to the crowd, and then he put the strange looking bit or gag or whatever on Queenie.

“Queenie, this penis gag is a little different than any you have ever seen. The piece in your mouth is a rubber penis just like any other penis gag, but inside that penis pointing out is a small laser. As long as you keep the laser focused on that target over there, this here electric horse will stay calm and quiet. But if you let the laser move off the target, it will feel like a bucking bronco. When it starts its shock routine, it will keep shocking until you get that laser back on target.”

Queenie mumbled something through the gag, and W continued, “Above your heard there is a counter. Each time that the horse goes off, it will count up one so the people can see how you are doing. There will also be a little ding so that people can hear that the horse has bucked. Hopefully you won’t keep us awake all night with the noise.”

W looked out at the crowd and then back to Queenie who glared at him above the leather gag. “Just to make things a little bit more interesting...” W reached into his pocket and pulled out two small objects that looked like large earrings or lockets. They seemed to have small clamps of some sort on them because W attached one onto each of Queenie’s nipples. “These are motion sensors. Whenever they are swinging, they will send a signal to the horse and the horse will start shocking. So, you have to keep the laser on the target and you have to keep almost perfectly still. Now, that might be a problem if you are getting your pussy fried, but if you don’t keep still, the shocks will continue for ten cycles before they shut down. You will have about ten seconds after that to get yourself under control and the laser back on target or it will start all over again.”

W started to walk away when Ed called out to him, “W, didn’t you forget something?”

“Oh, yes,” W replied. “I say to you people often enough, I ought to do it myself. Always test your devices before you leave them on automatic.” With that he reached up and put his hand in the laser beam so that it was interrupted. The counter dinged and changed to read “1" and Queenie jumped up as much as she could the way she was tied to the horse. She made a yelping sound that sounded really odd. Evidently the penis gag really kept you from making much noise.

W dropped his hand, but Queenie’s jumping motion had caused the nipple devices to start swinging and the counter dinged again, and then again and again and again and once more before Queenie finally held still. The counter read 6. “Hmm, it could be a long night Queenie,” commented W as he walked away into the crowd.

Ed stood in front of me and with a loud voice announced, “And now we have some unfinished business with SSSuzy.”


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