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Setting my Own Trap 3

by Servant Joanna

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story continued from part two

Part Three

I had a hard time sleeping that night. I kept waking to find I was playing with myself. My dirty subconscious mind was finding great pleasure in the situation I had put myself in. The trouble was my poor clit was so over sensitised from the ride it had taken that each time I would fiddle with myself in my sleep it would wake me with the overstimulation. How could I be getting off on this, I thought.

During my moments awake, I kept trying to picture in my head what I had been thinking putting so much ice in the ice release. I must have known there was no way I could have lasted 45 minutes like that. So had I really wanted to send that email? I know that my love of bondage is like a split personality. There is always my rational brain trying to hold back the small part of me that irrationally wants restraint, pain and humiliation. It could drive a girl crazy trying to figure it all out.

Eventually day broke, and I decided it would be best to get to work early so that I could get to my desk without too many people seeing my uncharacteristic outfit (and possible noticing my lack of underwear).

I slipped on the sundress. Once again I noticed how short the hem seemed. It was just below mid thigh, which would not seem too outrageous on a sunny weekend, but for work where I usually wore pant suits it made me feel very self conscious. Looking straight down, the flimsy front of the dress seemed to float just in front of my breasts, and without a bra on, if I leant forward and looked down in just the right way I could catch a glimpse of my nipples. I knew that unless someone looked directly over my shoulder they wouldn't get this vantage point, but that was little comfort.

I finally resolved to get this over with, and headed to my car to drive to work.

Once there, I parked towards the farthest corner of the carpark. It meant the longest walk to the office which in my current state of dress was not ideal, but I figured that at lunch time when I went to see Ross, if anyone else was about they would think I was heading to my car. I often go out on my own for lunch so this wouldn't seem weird to anyone. Anyway, at this time of the morning there was no-one around to see me. 

I made it to my desk without incident and tried to busy myself with work, and not think about the day ahead of me. During the morning a few colleagues came by my desk with questions. and I got a couple of compliments on my "pretty dress". Each time I stuttered something about how the dry cleaners had screwed up with my normal business clothes but I don't think I sounded too convincing. God knows what they were thinking of me (probably nothing at all, but in my head everyone knew there was something going on). Thankfully Ross worked in a different part of the building and I didn't see him all morning.

It was so hard to concentrate on work. I kept checking the time. Would I really be able to go through with this? I tried to think things through rationally. If I said no to Ross, would he really share the pictures around work? I didn't doubt that if he knew he would get nothing out of me then eventually he would do it, but from his point of view as soon as he did share the pictures he would have lost any further control over me. Sure, it would ruin me, but it would also leave him with no further leverage. But the cost to me was just too high. And arguing with him on the email yesterday had just put me in a worse situation today - I was sure he'd find other ways to increase my humiliation if I tried to resist him again.

There was also that little kinky part of my brain that was still finding this whole thing arousing. Maybe it was a coping mechanism, but throughout the morning as much as I was dreading what was to come I couldn't help but admit to a warm feeling between my legs. I tried to convince myself this was just an afterglow from the ride my poor pussy took yesterday, but I knew it wasn't just that. 

All too soon it was time. Checking to see if the corridor was free of anyone who might try and chat, I got to my feet and started to walk towards the exit. My legs felt like jelly beneath me. I wasn't sure they wouldn't buckle at any minute, but somehow I made it to the door and was relieved to be in the fresh air.

The staff car park was around to the side of the building that had no windows, but I had to walk along the front to get to it and in my minds eye everyone in the offices along the front were staring through the window at me. In my head they all knew where I was going and what I was going to do and I was flushed with embarrassment. I was thankful to get to the side of the building away from the windows, and started walking towards my car, scanning the area for Ross. As I got close to my car I spotted him sitting in the drivers seat of a car parked a couple of spaces from mine. He didn't seem to have been looking out for me so I approached his passenger door. Uncertain whether to knock, I stood awkwardly by the door, and a took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves. Ok, here goes. I opened the door and quickly got in and closed the door.

Ross looked me up and down like a wolf eyeing a lamb. "Well, what a pretty dress. I think you'll be dressing like that more often" he said "So, what do you want?".

I didn't know what he meant. I was here because he ordered me here. What did he mean "what do you want?"?

"You.. you told me to meet you here Ross". I said.

His face flashed with anger. "Don't be a stupid little slut. I mean what do you want to do with me? And what did I tell you about calling me Ross?" his voice raised.

Finally it dawned on me. He wanted me to actually tell him I wanted to suck his dick. He was going to make me ask him.

"I... I... I..." I stammered, trying to find the words.

Ross interrupted "Look, if you are going to waste my time you can just get out of my car and piss off and we'll give all your colleagues a treat in their inbox this afternoon. Is that what you want?".

I was so flustered at this point. My heart was spinning. I needed time to think. Without really thinking I said "Please, can... can we just talk about this for a second?".

"Listen, you need to understand something. If you're not here to do as you're told I'm sending the pictures. You told me not to listen to any of your bullshit so I'm not going to.
"So your only options are to do what you are told without hesitation, or you can try and stall and argue and plead with me, but each time you do I'm going to add extra punishments. And just to prove my point - I was going to let you suck me off today just as you are, but once again you're forcing me to punish you more, so now you're going to take off that dress and beg to suck my dick in the nude. And before you even think about arguing, just know I have all sorts of ideas about how to make things worse for you if you want to continue that way. It's up to you. So what's it to be? Are you going to do as you're told right away or do you want me to make it more interesting for you?".

I was in shock. I knew there was no point arguing. In fact if I did argue he might actually think I wanted more punishment! So far arguing had cost me my underwear and now my dress and it hadn't swayed Ross's resolve to get his blowjob one little bit.

Meekly I said "I'm sorry master". I quickly assessed my options and knew I had no choice. With my heart racing I slowly reached down for the hem of the dress. Taking a quick look around the car park to check there was no-one around I lifted my bum off the seat and pulled the dress up to my waist before pulling it over my head. Instinctively I clutched the flimsy material against my chest to try and cover my modesty.

"Oh you're a shy girl are you? You didn't seem so shy in the pictures you sent me. Throw the dress in the back and put your arms by your sides. I want to get a good look at you".

Reluctantly I did as I was told, staring down at the floor in embarrassment.

"Very nice indeed. And you really want me to tie you up some time and whip those lovely little tits do you? Well, we will get to that soon enough."

He was referring to one of the other suggestions I had written in my email. I quickly tried to remember all the "great ideas" I had given him. I shuddered inwardly at the memory, knowing he was sure to make me do every one, and no doubt more.

"So is there something you'd like to ask me?" he said.

Taking a deep breath, I quietly said "Please master. Can I suck your dick?".

"Come on. You need to learn to beg better than that. Try again."

I couldn't believe he was making me do this. A little louder I said "Please master I am begging you. I want to suck your dick. I'll do anything you want but please let me suck you off." I felt so foolish and humiliated having to say this out loud. It was so out of character for me.

"Ok slut. Since you're finally starting to behave, I'll let you suck my dick. But when I cum you better not spill a drop, and I want you to hold it all in your mouth until I say you can swallow or there will be big trouble". 

And with that he simply reclined his chair a little and laid back waiting.

Ok, this was it. With trembling hands I reached over and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and put my hand into his pants to fish out his dick. I was still looking at the floor, but I could feel it was already starting to swell. I couldn't believe the surreal situation - I was sitting in my work parking lot, naked, with some guy I can't stands dick in my hand. I knew I was well beyond the point of no return now.

I took 3 deep breaths, counting down in my head, and without any further hesitation to think about what I was doing, I quickly leant over and in a single move I put him fully in my mouth. Oh my god I was doing it! I actually had this jerks dick in my mouth. I've never really enjoyed sucking cock, and yet here I was. 

I could feel him swell further as I slowly started to work up and down his shaft with my lips, and within seconds he was rock hard. With my eyes closed I started bobbing my head up and down in a steady rhythm hoping to get this over with quickly. Out of nowhere I suddenly felt a hand roughly grab one of my tits and squeezed it hard. For a second my brain was outraged that a colleague would touch me so inappropriately at work and I almost yelled out in protest but his other hand came and held my head on on his prick and forced me to swallow him deeper. I realised I had no power to stop him touching my breasts or anything else if he so desired. 

As I continued to blow him he roughly worked on both my tits, pulling at each nipple, before I felt his hand snaking around the side and down my back to grab my arse. The way I was leant over, he had easy access and was just as rough on my arse cheeks as he had been on my breasts. Soon his hand was reaching all the way over and he had his hand between my legs cupping my pussy. His fingers were rubbing against my slit, while his thumb rested between my butt cheeks. My clit was still super sensitive from yesterday, and within seconds I could feel myself getting soaking wet. The shame I felt, knowing that he could feel my body responding to his touch was overpowering, but only fuelled my flames further. I started working harder to make him cum, determined that I would get through this before he brought me to orgasm. I couldn't stand the thought of his satisfaction if he got me off on this treatment.

I think he must have noticed me pick up the pace and he matched it with his hand. I could hear him try to steady his breathing, clearly trying to hold off until I came first. It was a battle of wills. Despite his efforts I could feel his body start to stiffen and his dick felt ready to burst and I was sure I was going to be able to finish him off before he made me cum. At least that would be some small mercy, I thought.

Then all of a sudden I felt his thumb pushing against my arse hole, trying to force entry. My eyes went wide with horror at the realisation of what he was doing and I clenched as hard as I could but I knew it was no use. With his dick deep in my mouth I squealed in resigned protest as his thumb slowly slipped into my virgin arse hole. All at once I had a shuddering orgasm from the sensation of this unexpected invasion, right as Ross pumped his seed deep down my throat. He had played me perfectly. 

I know I wasn't meant to swallow, but with him so deep in my mouth and while I orgasmed, I really had no choice if I wanted to avoid choking, and I gulped it down. I finally came down from my orgasm and sat up in my seat, dislodging Ross's hand from between my legs.

The bastard had the biggest smug grin on his face. "Wow, I am really learning a lot about you. Part of me almost believed you when you made out you didn't want to go through with this, but I can see now you're loving every second of it!"

I hung my head in shame, knowing it was pointless to argue even if it wasn't really true.

"Open your mouth - Let me see". I knew there was only a tiny amount of his cum left in my mouth, but I hoped it would be enough to convince him I hadn't disobeyed him. Unfortunately he wasn't fooled.

"You must really be keen for additional punishment too. You really are a kinky little slut aren't you?" 

Did he really believe I had deliberately swallowed his cum just to get more punishment? I thought I would die of shame but again I said nothing.

"I want you to answer me when I ask you a question, slave".

I was pretty sure he it wasn't a good idea for me to try and explain the real reason I swallowed his cum, so instead I swallowed my pride instead and replied, "Yes master, I really am a kinky slut"; the words feeling like I was reading the script of a cheap porno.

"You sure are. And you seemed to really get off on having my thumb up your bum too? You like anal then?"

This was a step to far and I replied honestly "No master. You just took me by surprise. I have never had anything in my bum before." I hoped that this honesty wouldn't land me in more trouble.

"Well that's very interesting my little slut. In fact it gives me an idea. If I'm ever fucking you while you are tied up, and you cum before I do, guess how I'm going to finish myself off?"

My stomach dropped. I had just given him more ammunition to use against me and again he had used it perfectly.

With my head hung low I replied "By fucking me in the arse?"

"You bet. So if you really don't want to have that happen you just have to control yourself a little better. I think it's important for a good slave to show some self control".

So that was it. I had to make sure that if (or rather when) he tied me up to fuck me I didn't orgasm before him. Unfortunately for me I knew damn well how much I love the feeling of getting screwed while tightly tied up.

"Ok then, so I need to think of a punishment for not calling me master earlier, and another for swallowing against orders. I have the perfect idea. I want you to send me an instant message to let me know when you are leaving work later and I'll meet you back here to tell you all about it. Ok?"

I had really hoped todays ordeal was over but Ross was clearly enjoying playing with his new toy. "OK master" I said.

After that, Ross let me put my dress back on and go back to work. The contradictory feelings I was having as I walked back to my desk where almost overwhelming. I have always had these slave girl fantasies and have spent many hours in self inflicted bondage over the years trying to live them out but now I was living it for real. I had picked a sexist arrogant pig as a master and placed myself in his control.

Back at my desk I set into an afternoon of working wondering all the time what Ross had in store for me as my evenings punishments. Would he try something else from my list of suggestions (all of which were in some form or another fantasies of mine) or would he find his own ways to punish me, and if so would there be any part of me that found his ideas erotic?

Once again I was forced to try and work as the clock slowly ticked away. As it got close to 5 I wondered if I should get this over with or work a little late and let the office thin out a little. I chose the latter, also thinking that it might be better for me if it wasn't too light outside when I left. Finally, at about 6, I sent Ross a message to say I was finished with work and would see him at his car.

My mind was doing overtime trying to think what he might have in store for me this time. As I walked to the car park I could see that there were very few cars left, and the sun was just starting to set, leaving the air temperature to start to drop. In my little summer dress I felt a chill, and goose bumps covered my skin.

I had to wait a few minutes at Ross's car for him to arrive, but all to soon he was there and we both got in together.

"So, are you interested to hear what I have decided your next punishment should be?" he asked.

I knew the drill by now and simply said "Yes master".

"Very good," he said, "Well, firstly, I am going to walk with you to your car. Once there you may get in, and then I want you to hand me your dress out of the window. Tonight you'll be driving home without it".

My heart went racing! Thankfully it was starting to get reasonably dark, and my drive home was mainly country lanes, but being naked where people might see me was still a terrifying thought for me. And yet, I had suggested in the email a situation he should put me in where there was a chance I'd get caught naked, and even where I would have to drive in the nude, so this shouldn't have come as such a surprise to me, even if I hadn't thought it would be on day 1 of my new life as his slave.

"That's your punishment for not calling me master earlier. Now for the punishment for swallowing all my cum without permission..."

Oh God. He had more in store for me.

"I'll be following you home. On the way, I want you to stop and get yourself dinner from a drive-thru." he said with a big grin on his face. He wasn't going to leave it to chance if someone saw me driving naked. He was pretty much making sure of it. I was really close to protesting at this order. But I had already got myself in this mess by not obeying him without question. Knowing that I was totally under his control for now, I forced myself to say, "thank you for teaching me to be a good slave, master". I seemed to be getting more into this role as the day went on.

Without further hesitation I got out of Ross's car and walked over to mine, letting myself in. Ross had a quick check of the car to make sure there was nothing for me to cover myself with. He even took my small handbag from me, giving me some cash from it to buy my meal and saying I would get it back when I got back home. Next he held out his hand for my dress. For the second time today I found myself removing the 1 piece of clothing I had on while sat in a car, and with resignation I handed it to Ross, who took it and went back to his car.

Alone at last, I wound up my window and assessed the new situation I found myself in. I had heard stories about people doing naked drive-thru dares. Maybe the workers saw this kind of thing from college kids all the time? Still, this time it would be me. First things first though, I started the car and made my way nervously out onto the street. 

My big fear now was either crashing my car as I was shaking so much with fear, or doing something stupid and getting pulled over by the police. Either would leave me with a lot of explaining to do. But as I got moving I began to relax a little; comforted by the fact it was not easy to see into other cars as the darkness of the evening fell.

As I approached my chosen drive-thru I started to slow the car; trying to assess how busy the restaurant was. Thankfully it was reasonably quiet, so I put on my indicators and turned in. "Here we go" I thought, trying to stay calm.
As I headed for the drive thru lane I found myself behind an SUV in the queue to place my order. The car had all tinted windows, so I was unable to see if there was anyone in the back who might have a great view of me, but I sat as low as I could in my seat just in case with my arm across my chest. I was also parked right next to the restaurant window. I felt incredibly illuminated from the lights within, but no one was sat in the window and the people at the counter were too busy choosing their meals and placing their orders. Another car had already pulled in behind me, and while I was sure they wouldn't be able to see my state of undress from their position, it did mean I was now committed to going through - no chance to back out.

Very soon it was my turn to order. This was just an intercom station so I quickly placed my order - keeping it simple so I didn't have a long wait. I was asked to move to the next window to pay. Again, I found myself behind the SUV and could see a young girl leaning out of the booth to take the owners money and hand him his change. I don't know why, but in my head I pictured only guys seeing me naked during this challenge, and I had imagined that at least they would get off on the situation and just be happy to get to see some tits to liven up their dull jobs. I hadn't really thought about the humiliation of some girl seeing me and thinking what a slut I was getting off on exhibitionism. What if she called for the manager or the police!? I really hoped she just felt sorry for my situation, especially if I told her it was a dare.

All too soon it was my turn. Covering myself as best I could I drove up to her counter. Instantly her jaw dropped and she let out a scream of laughter. "What the hell are you doing?!" She said. "Where are your clothes?". 

Red with embarrassment I explained I had lost a bet with a friend and this was the forfeit. "Haha! That's hilarious" she said. "You must be so embarrassed. You know they are going to love you at the food pick up point."

"Yeah, I'm sure. I just want to get this over with. How much do I owe you please?" I said.

"Hold on a second. I need to get a picture of this or no-one will believe me" she said pulling out her phone.

Before I knew it she was taking pictures as I tried to turn away.

"Come on, let me get 1 good photo of you then you can pay and get going" she said.

"Ok, but just not my face ok?" I said, hardly believing that now a girl maybe 10 years younger than me was giving me orders to obey, and with that I let her get a shot of me with one hand over my face and everything else uncovered.

"Ah, you're brilliant honey. Thanks." she said before taking my money and handing me my change. "I should warn you the guys at the next counter might not let you off so easily."

The guys? Was there more than one of them? That didn't sound good at all.

The SUV had now picked up their food so it was my turn to get this done. I sat as low and as close to the door as I could, trying to hide my nakedness as much as possible and slowly drove to the window.

"Oh my god, I thought Nikki was bullshitting us!" was the instant shout I got from the one of the 2 guys there. The previous girl had obviously tipped them off in the few seconds it took me to drive from one window to the next.

"C'mon girl, don't be shy. Let's see what ya got" the guy continued.

"Please, can I just get my food and go?" I asked.

"No way girl" he responded. "Not until you give us all a good look at ya. Don't be shy now".

Knowing that this would probably go quicker if I just did as they asked I put my hands by my sides and sat up in my seat to give them a nice full view of me.

"How about you let us each have a feel of your titties, in return for us not letting everyone in the restaurant know?" he said, feeling braver.

I contemplated just driving off, but knew that if I didn't have a meal when I got home Ross would use it as an excuse to punish me further, so I reluctantly agreed, as long as they were quick. With my hands hanging limp by my sides I let each kid lean over and give my breast a good feel. They took it in turn, both of them grabbing me roughly, and pulling painfully at my nipples, seemingly delighting in my discomfort. 

As the second one was having his turn, the car behind started honking his horn clearly impatient for his food, or maybe able to see what was going on and unwilling to put up with such disgraceful behaviour. Thankfully, the noise of the horn brought an end to the fun the guys were having at my expense, and they quickly handed me my food and let me go with a cheery "Come back any time you here?"

I had done it! With the exception of a naked drive home I had got through all of todays challenges and I felt a small thrill at the accomplishment. I sat low in my seat again and made my way home. 

I finally pulled into my drive, and saw in my mirrors Ross pulling in behind me. I was hoping I would get my dress back now but he walked past my car straight to my front door and waited for me there. I looked around to make sure none of my neighbours were around and was relived to see nothing but drawn curtains, so I left the relative safety of the car and walked quickly to my door, clutching my take away bag to my chest.

Without delay I let myself in and Ross followed. "Ok, I want you on your hands and knees", taking the food from me. I quickly complied. "You can crawl behind me as I have a look around", he said as he started exploring my house.

That was when I remembered that I hadn't tidied away the set up that had got me into this mess. I knew there was no point trying to stop Ross from nosing around and before long he was in my study, looking the whole thing over.

When he saw the way the mouse was held with the tube and ball bearing it didn't take him long to start to piece everything together.

"Oh, so this is why you sent the email. I think I see how this all worked, but how about you explain it all in detail?"

Well, I thought, at least now I can explain that this was all a silly game that went too far. So I took him through every last detail, not thinking he might use what he heard to come up with new ways to torment me. Silly girl. 

After I had finished he said, "Well that's very interesting. I guess I know a great way to punish you if you ever really displease me then. I'll just tie you back on the machine and leave you for an hour or so to think about things. Or maybe we can set things up as before and we can find some other things the pressing of the mouse key can do. Maybe I can set it up so it'll start up a web camera that shares a live feed of you to the world? Or we could write a profile for you on an escort website and pulling the nail out will send it off. If we did that I could make sure that if it was sent then you would have to go through with any bookings you got."

Neither of these ideas appealed to me at all, but neither did the thought of being left on the machine with no chance of escape for an hour. I would need to make sure I was careful not to push him too far.

He then wanted me to show him what other kinky toys I had hidden around the house. So now I was forced to go around on my hands and knees as he followed, sharing all my most shameful purchases from over the years. Handcuffs, spreader bars, nipple clamps, gags, blindfolds, whips and canes.... I had quite a collection; most of which I used in my self bondage and a few from a previous ex-boyfriend who had shown a little interest in my hobby.

"Well, well, well. I can see I'm going to have a lot of fun trying out all of this on you. Let's get started right away. I want you to kneel next to your coffee table".

I didn't like where this was going, but of course I complied. Ross came up behind me and secured each knee to the corresponding leg of the table, holding my legs about 3 feet apart. He then came around my front and had me hold out my hands, to which he applied padded wrist cuffs to each. He tied these together and stretched them out to the far end of the table, holding me tightly down upon it in a rigid doggy style position. With just these simple restraints I was completely immobile. Next he applied a blindfold, plunging me into darkness.

"You remember the rules about what will happen if you cum before me" he said. I had dreaded he would be doing this now, with my clit so sensitive from yesterday and lunch time, and my whole body aroused from the drive home earlier.

"Please master - I'm still so sensitive from before. Could I please suck you off instead" I pleaded.

SMACK! Out of nowhere a paddle blow landed hard across my backside.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. I was shaken by the ferocity of the blows. "Oh I'm sorry slut, did you want to ask me something?" he asked sarcastically.

There really was no way out of this mess I was in. "Sorry master. Use me as you please. I will try and show restraint".

In the darkness of the blindfold, my other senses were heightened trying to gauge where Ross was and what was coming next. I could sense him moving around me; getting in position, and then softly I felt something brush against my pussy lips. He was gently rubbing himself up and down me and my body responded to the stimulus, sending blood rushing down to my labia.

I could feel the tip of his prick teasing my entrance. It had been less than 24 hours since I sent the email and already I was preparing for him to rape me - but could it really be considered rape when I had explicitly asked him to do this? In any case I was in no position to stop him, and in a single thrust he plunged all the way in. I grunted at the intrusion, and Ross started a slow hard rhythm with his strokes. As predicted, I was in a state of heightened arousal. Despite myself, everything about this situation turned me on. Even the knowledge that cumming would lead to me losing my anal virginity  was intensifying the feelings I was having, but equally I was terrified of the thought of him really sticking his dick in that hole, and I made a renewed effort to focus on trying to suppress my baser instincts.

Ross, on the other hand, was really going to town. He clearly really wanted to get to pop my anal cherry tonight, and I felt him pull my hair with one hand as his other hand found my clit and was rubbing it vigourously. I had already lost the battle of wills to him once today and I was even more motivated than before to hold out this time, so I started picturing in my mind all the things I hated about him, while controlling my breathing and focusing my mind away from the sensations in my pussy. I could feel it working. I had this under control, and before long I felt Ross stiffen and with one final thrust he held himself deep within me as he grunted in orgasm.

It was a small victory, but it seemed that for today at least I was safe. 

Ross pulled out of me and said "Very good. I am glad to see you are learning some manners," but I could hear in his voice that he was annoyed at losing this game. "One of these days I'm sure I'll get to fuck you in the arse though. You know I could do it any time I liked anyway, but I like the thought that when I do it to you the first time it will be because you couldn't control yourself". I had bought myself time, but sooner or later I knew he was going to get me. I was just determined to hold off as long as possible.

"Since you've been such a good slave today, I do think you deserve one more orgasm. Let's see what we can do about that" and with that I felt him start to slowly whip my pussy with a light flogger from behind, building up a steady rhythm and slowly increasing the force of each stroke. I must admit, the feeling was electric. Just the right balance of pleasure and pain. I knew he wasn't going to stop until he got me off so now I allowed myself to focused on these feelings. The blindfold made it easier for me to detach the amazing feelings between my legs from the horrible reality that it was Ross who was administering the flogging, and soon enough I was straining against my bonds as I peaked in orgasm. The flogging continued its steady rhythm holding me at the peak as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body, and I screamed in ecstasy, but as the orgasm eventually subsided I was left with the shame of this wanton display in front of Ross.

Without removing my blindfold, I felt Ross release my hands, and without bothering to untie me further he simply slapped my arse and said "Ok, slave, I'll see you tomorrow at lunch time for more of the same," and with that I heard him leave.

For some time I was too exhausted to move. I just lay on the coffee table, reliving the days events, and wondering what humiliating challenges lay ahead....


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