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Shannon Succumbs to Temptation 2

by Ludovic

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© Copyright 2006 - Ludovic - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; D/s; toys; nc; XX


Part 2

“If it isn’t the little gold digger, all tied up with no place to go”, said Jennifer as she leaned over Shannon’s body and moved aside a lock of hair from Shannon’s face with her fingertip. “I believe the will said the contents of the basement belonged to me, I guess that makes you mine!” whispered Jennifer into Shannon’s ear as her hand moved from Shannon’s face and brushed over Shannon’s torso.

“P…P…Please don’t” stammered Shannon…

Snatching a riding crop from a nearby table, Jennifer brought it down upon Shannon’s thighs and the accessible sides of Shannon’s buttocks… Punctuating each stroke from the crop with a word, Jennifer yells at Shannon, “That’s… Please Don’t MISTRESS!”. Yelping in pain, Shannon begins to scream for help. Holding the tip of the riding crop on side of Shannon’s face, Shannon fell silent as Jennifer spoke “Scream all you wish my slave, this room is fully sound proofed. You’re all mine until I get back what you stole from me and then some!”

Tossing the crop on a nearby table top, Jennifer walked around the back of the steel platform that imprisoned Shannon and started to alter the dials. As the platform ceased all activity Shannon pulled at the wrist band that should have been released her automatically with all her strength, after a few seconds she gave out an audible breath of air in defeat. Listening to the turning of dials and flicking of switches Shannon awaited with some dread what would happen to her with the platform under Jennifer’s control.

Without a word and with a final flick of a switch Jennifer made her way out of basement slamming the door shut behind her, listening to the faint clicks of Jennifer’s footsteps in the distance Shannon’s world was plunged into blackness as the lights of the basement were switch off.

With only the sound of her own breath as the cold air filled her lungs, Shannon felt a tear then another trickle down her cheeks as she sobbed and quivered with only the darkness for company…

The coldness of the table eventually soaked away the heat from her body, startling Shannon by sending a shiver running down her back and bringing her from her daze. She felt the tears now dried on her skin cracking on her cheeks as she tasted the salt on her lips. Shannon’s mind that had been blank since darkness blinded her now began to race with questions. ‘How long have I been here? Where did Jennifer go? Is she asleep? Will I die of cold on this table? What did Jennifer tell this table to do to me? Why hasn’t it… Too many questions so few answers.

Trying turn her head to the side to relieve pressure on a patch of skin resting on the table, the grasp of the metal band tight around her neck reminded her of its presence. ‘CLICK’  ‘Had her movements triggered something?’ Shannon knew something was happening with the table, but didn’t know what… Was it getting warmer? The table that had numbed her skin and her senses with cold was getting warmer! Slowly at first, she could barely feel the temperature change. As the minutes passed it became noticeable as the heat passed through the rubber dress and into her bum. It wasn’t too long until she felt the warmth relaxing her back, it felt good…

But it wasn’t too long before it started to feel uncomfortable hot in her rubber dress and the stings of Jennifer’s crop marks once again tingled across her skin, as a layer of sweat started to form under her dress. The thoughts of being slowly cooked alive on the table passed from Shannon’s mind as she realized the table seemed to stabilize at a bearable if somewhat uncomfortable level.

With small beads of sweat now forming on Shannon brow, the timer of the table clicked back into action, the sound of it reminded her of an old washing machine she once owned as it moved through its wash cycle. With a sudden suction, Shannon’s breasts were once again sucked into the confines of the rubber bra, but this time it seemed different! The realization crept through Shannon’s mind as her now sweat cover breasts slipped deeper into the cups then before, the sweat was both lubricating and sealing the vacuum around the rubber rings of the bra.

“Gasping’ for breath and in discomfort Shannon felt her now ‘warm and sensitive’ breasts fill out the confines of the bra and the suction now started to pull her nipples into the awaiting clamps. With the sweat from her skin perfectly sealing the bra to her chest there was very little leakage of air and in almost silence she heard the ratchet of the clamp engage. Slowly but remorselessly the clamps began to bite home on her tender nipples, as Shannon gave out an uncontrollable whimper the clamps reached full tightness and became still.

Once again the dial on the table started to move forward, the dread of anticipation was short lived as she felt the suction on her breasts fade and the skin on her breasts start to peel away from the confines of the bra. Shannon screamed into the darkness as her nipples still clamped tight started to stretch away from her breasts. Holding in her breath for a few seconds she finally gave in and released the air from her lungs only to pull on her nipples even more. Panting like a dog using small short breaths Shannon tried to minimize the stretching by keeping her lungs filled with air, wishing for the suction on her breasts to return.

With her concentration fully on her stretched and tender nipples, Shannon was unaware the L shaped dildo had slowly retracted between her legs until it suddenly trust itself deep inside her… Its sudden movement caught Shannon off guard and she screamed again as the air left her lungs. After 3 quick thrusts and partial withdrawals in rapid succession Shannon felt the dildo slowly retract between the lips of her vagina, giving her the chance to regain her panting for breath. Once again the dildo began it’s thrusting, 1, 2, 3….4!!! Shannon counted in her mind before its slow withdrawal, before again spring into action increasing in thrusts by 1 each cycle.

By the time the cycle had reached 20 thrusts, Shannon was on the brink of climax… By the 4th thrust of the 21st cycle Shannon’s body involuntarily climaxed as she strained against the bonds that kept her fixed in position. The next 9 cycles were just a blur of panting and occasional screams, until on the 30th cycle the table fell silent… After about a minute the clamps that had held her breasts suddenly released their hold causing Shannon to gasp loudly few a few seconds. With a final click from the table’s timer, Shannon slowly felt the table lose its heat as she drifted off to sleep in total exhaustion. Over the course of the night, the table repeated its cycle 3 further times awaking Shannon each time with an uncomfortable rise in temperature.

Shannon was awake and recovering from the machine’s 4th complete cycle when she was blinded by the lights of the basement being switched on, listening intently the faint sound of Jennifer’s stilettos could be heard descending the stairs…

As the door of the dungeon swung open, Shannon couldn’t believe her eyes as a figure that looked the spitting image of Shannon walked past carrying a large plastic bag. Laying the bag on the floor the figure turned and smiling at Shannon, peeling off the long red wig and removing a few hair grips Jennifer shook her head causing her long raven black hair to fall around her shoulders. Jennifer’s smile turned into a grin, as she looked down upon the dumfounded look on Shannon’s face. 

“So this is James!?” asked Jennifer as she plucked a wedding photograph from the bag on the floor and turned it towards Shannon…”Very nice!”, Jennifer giggled as the realization that Jennifer had worn Shannon’s discarded clothes from the Master Bedroom to visit Shannon’s home replaced the Shannon’s dumfounded look!

Resting the photograph on a nearby table facing the stunned and silent Shannon, Jennifer kicked off her shoes before peeling off the rest of Shannon’s cloths and dropping them onto the filthy dungeon floor. Stripped down to a matching set of low cut lacy briefs and bra, Jennifer walked lightly over the dusty floor towards Shannon and climbed onto the steel table. Straddling the length of Shannon’s nervous body, Jennifer’s perfume filled the air as she came to rest only inches away from Shannon.

Shannon tried to face away, but Jennifer’s hand prevented her from turning as Jennifer gave Shannon a slow lingering kiss on her lips… “..i…I just wanted to say thank you for writing such a detailed diary…”. Shannon could see from the look in Jennifer’s eyes and the slight stammer in her voice that the sensual kiss had taken Jennifer by surprise.

Closing her eyes, Shannon turned her lips away from Jennifer as a fresh tear rolled down her cheek. Jennifer moved aside Shannon’s hair before kissing her below the earlobe, an unspoken whisper from Jennifer breath warmed Shannon’s cheek as Jennifer slowly got off the table.

Picking up the bag from the floor, Jennifer made her way from the Dungeon… pausing only briefly, to switch off the controls to the table…

Returning some time later the demeanor of Jennifer’s footfalls as she descended purposely down the dungeon steps, sent a shiver through Shannon… As Jennifer came into view, Shannon could see Jennifer dressed in a long black gothic dress with a tightly boned leather corset around her waist, her hair was tied back with thin leather straps into a long ponytail and in her hand she held a silver collar and steel chastity belt that she placed on the table by the wedding photograph.

Picking up a sharp carpet knife she turned her attention to Shannon and began removing the ankle cuffs threaded through the rings of leather corset before undoing the corset from around Shannon’s waist. Shannon breathed deeply as her chest stretched the rubber dress across her skin…”w...what are you going to do?” Jennifer pinched Shannon’s skin through the rubber dress and glared at her…”m…M…Mistress”.  

“That’s better slave, I can’t have you strapped to this table 24/7 now can I?” “Besides your beginning to smell of pee!” smirked Jennifer, Shannon blushed as she remembered back to relieving herself during the night. With the corset removed, Jennifer rested the blade of the knife on the rubber stretched between Shannon’s breasts and sliced open the rubber dress causing Shannon to shiver as the cold air flooded over her sweaty skin.

With a few further slices, Jennifer ripped away the remaining dress leaving Shannon naked except for the cruel device that encompassed her breasts and the table’s metal dildo that still impaled her womanhood. Reaching under Shannon’s back and releasing the clips that held together the vacuum bra, Jennifer lifted it from Shannon’s bruised and swollen breasts…

“Ouch… that looks painful” grinned Jennifer as she cupped each breast in turn and sucked each swollen nipple into her mouth to test her observation… “Ahhhh… Please… Please Stop!….Mistress”. Jennifer just laughed as she let go of her breasts and turned her attention to the dildo, releasing the mechanism and slowly sliding the dildo out from Shannon’s vulva.

With Shannon now naked and exposed, Jennifer gathered together the shreds of the rubber dress and placed them aside. Walking over to the dungeon’s wall and giving a tap a few turns, Jennifer picked up the nozzle of a water hose and squeezed the trigger for a few seconds until the water blasted out onto the floor of the dungeon.

Walking over to the foot of the table Jennifer smiled and asked Shannon, “Now then my smelly slave, would you like your Mistress to clean you?”

Shannon looked quizzically at Jennifer pondering her reaction if she replied in the negative. “Please Mistress, I would like to be cleaned…”

Jennifer just smiled and lifted the nozzle and pointed it directly between Shannon’s legs. Squeezing the trigger the torrent of water hit the table just below just below Shannon’s bum, before rushing up past her cheeks and rolling up the table to fill her lower back with water. Shannon gave out a small yelp, as the she arched her back away from the bitterly cold water. Directing the jet of water up one inner thigh and down the next, Shannon squeezed her pelvic muscles together to avoid the water from entering her, but as jet came to rest on her vulva Shannon felt the water flood inside her and swell her vagina. As Shannon sucked in breath to let out a scream, Jennifer quickly moved the water to Shannon’s face for a second before directing the pounding water at Shannon’s breasts, leaving Shannon coughing, spluttering and gasping for breath.

Twisting the nozzle from a jet to a spray, Jennifer slowly hosed off the rest of Shannon’s body, before releasing the trigger. Still coughing up water, Shannon sensing the end of her torment managed to splutter out, “Thank you Mistress”, which seemed to please Jennifer immensely as she ran her hand along Shannon’s goose pimpled thighs.

“My, my, my, this won’t do at all”, Shannon looked down to see Jennifer fingers playing with her pubes. “I’ll be back soon!” Jennifer whispered as she stood and made her around the table to the control panel. “This is for being such a good slave”. Shannon heard Jennifer flick a few switches before leaving through the door.

Soon the table began to warm under Shannon’s shivering body, welcoming the heat and she began to relax her body onto the table.

Some time later, Shannon was awakened from a very sexual dream, by a hot wet cloth being placed over her groin. “You seemed to be enjoying yourself, were you dreaming of James?” giggled Jennifer.  Shannon said nothing, but looked over her breasts to see Jennifer wiping away the last of the lather to reveal her shaven crotch.  Shannon’s face turned red as she looked at her prepubescent mound. “Allow me” said Jennifer as she held up a small hand mirror, causing Shannon to blush even more.

Drying the skin with a soft towel, Jennifer blew gently on Shannon’s shaved skin causing Shannon to quiver slightly. “You are sensitive, aren’t you my slave”, said Jennifer as her fingertips caressed around the shaven skin and over Shannon’s already aroused clitoris.

“Please……” pleaded Shannon at Jennifer’s touch. 

Jennifer just laughed, “As you wish!”

Lifting the mirror once again, Jennifer whispered… “Take one last look, you might not see this again for a very long time!” Laying down the mirror, Jennifer made her way across to the table with the wedding photo and the steel chastity belt. Picking up the belt, Jennifer returned to Shannon, “After a few months of wearing this, I promise you, you’ll be begging for my touch!”

‘Months?’ surely she couldn’t hope to keep her captive for that long, thought Shannon…

Lifting Shannon’s hips from the table, Jennifer slid the belt under Shannon’s bottom before wrapping the steel belt around her waist, with a gasp from Shannon the belt was closed and Jennifer began to position the crotch plate over her childlike vagina. After making a few adjustments to the plates position, Jennifer attached it to the metal waist band and secured it in place with a small padlock. Shannon jumped as the padlock clicked shut.

“How does that feel?” asked Jennifer. “The problem with most chastity belts, is that slaves can manage to get off by rubbing themselves against the metal plate, but luckily I’ve found the perfect solution”

Picking up a tube of some sort of cream, Jennifer removed the cap and punctured the metal seal. “This is a cream used in sporting injuries, it can keep skin and muscles numbed for six to eight hours with a single application” said Jennifer with an evil grin. All Shannon could do is watch as Jennifer screwed the tube into a hole in the front of the crotch plate and watch as Jennifer squeeze every last drop into the gap between her crotch and the metal plate. Jennifer looked into Shannon’s eyes as the feeling from her sensitive clitoris faded to nothingness.

“There is one small side effect…”

Shannon’s eyes widened worriedly…

“Prolonged use… inhibits hair growth on the effected area… permanently!” said Jennifer as she watched for the ramifications to sink into Shannon’s eyes.

“I have one last present for you” said Jennifer smiling as she picked up the solid silver collar. “I hope you like it, you’ll be wearing it for a very long time”

Jennifer demonstrated the opening and closing of the collar around her own neck, Shannon could see the collar was a circular metal band about one quarter of an inch thick with a hinge that was nearly invisible when closed, also attached to the collar were two smaller links similar to a chain. “I would normally use a padlock to lock it in place, but for you I’ve come up with something a little special”

As Jennifer approached the head of the table, Shannon pleaded not to place the collar on her. But Jennifer just slipped the collar around her neck and snapped it shut. Walking over to a toolbox on the floor and rummaging around Jennifer returned with a tool Shannon hadn’t seen before.

“What’s that?”

Jennifer looked displeased and squeezed one of Shannon’s nipples tightly between her thumb and forefinger.

“Ahhhhh… What’s that Mistress?” 

Jennifer released Shannon’s nipple and explained as she positioned the tool on Shannon’s new collar, “This is a Pop Rivet gun”, as she started pumping the handle.

The snap caused Shannon to visible shudder on the table, perhaps it was the sudden noise or perhaps the realization that no key could now open the collar wrapped around her neck. Jennifer didn’t seem care, she was too busy tugging on the links attached to Shannon’s collar.

Jennifer depressed the button on the surface of the table that secured the metal band around Shannon’s neck, as it popped open Jennifer pulled Shannon’s head from the table by the links of her collar. “Now thank me your lovely collar and promise to obey me and I’ll let you get off this table”, whispered Jennifer as she pulled Shannon close.

The promise of release from the dreaded table and the possibility of escape was all the encouragement Shannon needed. “Thank you Mistress for my lovely collar, i promise to serve and obey your every wish”, whispered Shannon before kissing Jennifer’s awaiting lips.

“I will hold you to that promise my slave, or you will be severely punished”, whispered Jennifer, once again squeezing Shannon’s nipple between her fingertips as to prove her point.

Making her way around the head of the table, Jennifer flicked a switch and the shackle to Shannon’s right wrist popped open. It didn’t take long for Shannon to release the other shackles and slide herself off the table and onto her feet, her high heeled ankle boots which were still padlocked firmly in place squelched and some water from her recent cleansing ran between her toes, as she stood upright.

Now free of the restraints Shannon started tugging and pulling with all her might, firstly on the collar around her neck and then on the belt locked around her waist, growing every more frustrated at her lack of progress, Shannon let go of the belt and turned her attention to Jennifer who was standing near the door smirking at Shannon’s futile attempts. “You fucking Bitch!” screamed Shannon as she clenched her hands and started towards the bemused Jennifer.

Shannon was only a few feet from Jennifer when her legs collapsed beneath her accompanied with a single beep from the belt around her waist. Still in a state of shock from her fall, Shannon attempted to scramble back onto her feet, only becoming upright for a second or two before a second beep from her belt caused her to collapse once again to the wet floor.

Flicking her wet tangled hair aside Shannon looked up from the floor at Jennifer now standing over her, “I think you’ll agree the control belt your wearing is very effective…”, Jennifer pausing only long enough to push the button of the remote and send Shannon’s legs into another uncontrollable spasm, demonstrating the device. “Not only does it have a remote function it also has a proximity function to deter disobedient slaves like yourself from attacking their Mistress”, Jennifer walk backwards a few steps, flicked a switch then took a step towards Shannon. Instantly the belt beeped and muscles in Shannon’s legs tightened.

“Just now it’s set to bring you to your knee’s, where a slave like you belongs”, Taking a step back the single toned beep from Shannon’s belt ceased and control of her legs returned to Shannon as she ran her hands over her still quivering thighs. “Of course just now it’s set to level 1, just enough to incapacitate and not very painful, the higher settings I like to call punishment levels… reserved for when slaves displease their Mistress…”, Taking a seat on what seemed to be a leather sling suspended from the floor with chains, Jennifer took her feet off the floor and swung playfully for a second before continuing her sentence, “This for example is level 5 of 10 I think you’ll agree is suitable for slaves that promise to serve and obey their Mistress, only to call them a Bitch, a few minutes later!”

“Please no Mistress… I …” Shannon’s plea for mercy was cut short as her words were replaced by screams and futile attempts to escape the belt as she writhed around on the cold wet dungeon floor.

Still swinging playfully, Jennifer release the button on the remote in her hand momentarily, allowing Shannon to inhale deeply, before exhaling once again in a blood curdling scream as she push the button.

When Shannon’s screams once again became nothing more then whimper, Jennifer released the button and looked down at the quivering slave on the floor with a satisfied grin. “Now then my slave, come kiss my left foot and apologize to your Mistress for your disobedience!” Shannon’s hesitation either through shock or exhaustion was rewarded with a short sharp jolt of electricity from her belt… The less then graceful crawl across the floor caused Jennifer to giggle as she stretched her foot forward toward Shannon.

Lifting Jennifer’s foot clad in a shiny patent leather ankle boot with both hands towards her mouth, Shannon saw her reflection for a second before it was obscured by a layer of moisture from her breath. Kissing the boot with an open mouth, Shannon looked up at Jennifer who was watching her every move… “ Mistress, please don’t punish me further”…”please”

“Have you learned your lesson slave?”, enquired Jennifer with stern tone to her voice.

“Yes Mistress, i have…please” begged Shannon

Jennifer paused for a second to consider the serenity of Shannon’s plea.  “Very well slave, go wash the filth from the floor off with the hose, and await me in the middle of the room”. Shannon was about to rise when Jennifer pushed her back down onto the floor, “You will not stand upright in the presence of your Mistress until instructed, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress…” whispered Shannon who turned and began crawling on all fours towards the hosepipe in the other corner of the dungeon.

Jennifer stood and walked over to an old fashioned scrubbing board for clothes which was hanging on the wall. Picking it up, she placed it on the floor in the middle of the room around ten feet from the door. “When your done washing yourself you will kneel on this board with your legs apart and your hands on your head and await my return slave”

Shannon nodded, “Yes Mistress”

With that Jennifer left the dungeon locking the door behind her.

After turning down the pressure of the water to a more comfortable but still freezing cold flow, Shannon washed away the dirt from her bruised and tender breasts, finding a large green bar of soap she lathered up her body, strangely enjoying the slippery sensation before rinsing off the suds from her skin. Removing her earrings and the copper hair cone from her tangled hair Shannon tried her best to wash her hair with the bar of soap, it wasn’t the floral shampoo she was used too, but at least it smelt clean she thought as she rinsed once again.

Squeezing as much of the water as possible from her hair, Shannon stood up to make her way across to the board Jennifer had positioned on the floor. No sooner had she got onto her feet then she heard a beep from her belt, expecting to fall to the floor Shannon instinctively crouched down, and braced herself ready to fall, but no shock followed. Confused she looked around the room, in one corner of the room she saw the faint glow of red LED from a camera mounted high up near the ceiling. Jennifer must have been watching all along and sent a warning to Shannon not to stand… not knowing if Jennifer could also hear her, she looked at the camera and said out loud. “Sorry Mistress…Thank you for reminding me not to stand upright without permission”

Still crouched Shannon made her way over to the washing board in the center of the room… the surface of the board was made up of small raised ridges and small draining holes. At least it looked clean Shannon though as she knelt down on it and placed her hands together on her head to await Jennifer’s return.

For the next few minutes Shannon listened in silence as the water from her body dripped onto the board before dripping through the holes in the board onto the floor, it was then Shannon realized her toes were in a pool of water trapped in her boots, thinking she could drain them by lifting them up Shannon took her hands away from her head, only to replace them when a warning beep sounded from her chastity belt… “damn” whispered Shannon under her breath.

Shannon looked over at the wedding picture of James and herself, it seemed ironic here was a picture of the best day in her life was here in a place that represented probably the worst day of her life. She knew when James returned, he would never stop looking for her, and he would find her and rescue her from this hell. All she had to do was stay alive and she would be saved, she thought to herself. So far Jennifer, although cruel, twisted and sadistic hadn’t threatened her life, instead it was clear to Shannon that Jennifer wanted revenge for ‘stealing’ her inheritance and her natural dominant sexual nature combined with the contents of this dungeon gave her a natural release for that revenge.

All she needed to do was play along until an opportunity for escape presented itself, which seemed unlikely given the control belt that strapped to her body, or wait for rescue from James and the police that would naturally want to search this house. She began to imagine Jennifer in handcuffs being lead away to a police cell, looking over at Jennifer in chains at the court whilst she gave evidence. Perhaps the judge was an eye for an eye sort of judge, and sentence Jennifer to wear this damn belt during her incarceration, now that would be poetic justice, no sexual release for 10, 15, 20 years…

Shannon’s daydream came to an end when the pain from her knees brought her back to reality, the board she knelt on that seemed so innocent to start with had started to bite into the flesh of her knees. What started out as an itch as the flesh pooled into the ridges of the board had turned into an insatiable urge to rub them with her hands, but she knew Jennifer wouldn’t permit that, if she moved her hands she would be shocked.

By moving her body weight from one knee to another, she could relieve the pressure on one knee for a few seconds however the extra weight on the other knee meant the board bit harder and she would have to relieve the pressure on that one. Swaying back and forth on the board, Shannon discomfort became more apparent as growing pain in her knees caused her to grimace and groan more with each sway.

Little did Shannon know, but Jennifer was engrossed in a phone call and paying very little attention to the monitor that kept an eye on her captive…

“So you’ve completed the paperwork my precious little bank slave… hmm how soon can you come over?” purred Jennifer into the phone.

“Mistress… i don’t get off until 7, the bank has a training session after hours i’m expected to attend…”

“Tell me slave how long has it been since you last came for your Mistress?”, enquired Jennifer

“22 days… 9 more days to go until time lock expires on your safe here at the bank that keeps the key to my chastity belt, Mistress”

“And all I need do is phone this number and ask them to reset the safe for a further 31 days if you displease me slave, isn’t that right?”

Jennifer giggled down the phone as she heard an audible gasp…

“Yes Mistress…”

“What’s wrong slave? You don’t sound so well… Perhaps you’re coming down with something? Maybe you should take the rest of the day off and allow Mistress Jennifer to look after you.”, said Jennifer coyly.

“Yes Mistress, i think your right… i have been feeling under the weather…”

“Good slave, I expect to see you around here in 20 minutes, and don’t forget my paperwork or you’ll be sorry!”, joked Jennifer

 “Yes Mistress…”

Turning her attention to the monitor and the visibly swaying Shannon, Jennifer pressed the button on her remote and instantly Shannon regained her composure.

Shannon stared at the floor when Jennifer unlocked the door to the dungeon, she didn’t wish to see Jennifer gloating at the power she held over her.

Jennifer patted Shannon on the head as she walked past, Shannon grunted her disproval. Picking up a heavy T shaped metal bar with what seemed to have metal cuffs welded on both sides of the T and slid the bar under the washing board. As the bar popped just out below Shannon’s head she saw three bolts near the end of the bar protruding upwards. Taking hold of Shannon’s feet, Jennifer guided each in turn into the awaiting cuffs, snapping them shut. Shannon tried to move her legs but they were held securely about 2 foot apart. Picking up another heavy metal bar Jennifer came around the front of Shannon and dropped the metal bar on the floor with a clatter which startled Shannon. The Bar had three holes in the center which aligned with the three bolts on the first bar protruding from under the board, on each end of the bar were welded steel shackles similar to the ones that held her feet apart.

“Place your wrists in the shackles slave” said Jennifer as she went to fetch the last part of the contraption, Shannon complied and placed her wrists in the open shackles.

Jennifer returned carrying another short length of metal bar with what seemed to be a large neck shackle attached at one end. Using point of her boot, Jennifer flicked each shackle closed on Shannon’s wrists before stepping on the shackles to lock them in place. With Shannon’s wrists firmly secured Jennifer bent and aligned the bar between them over the three awaiting bolts, sliding it into place. Taking the Short length of metal bar with a neck shackle on one each and a bulbous fixture on the other, Jennifer positioned the bulbous end vertically over the 3 bolts and pushed down until it clicked into place securing the whole device securely. Opening the neck shackle, Shannon didn’t need to be told as she leant forward and rested her neck in the open semicircle of metal, allowing Jennifer to snap it shut.

With Shannon held securely on all fours like a dog, Jennifer took a step back to admire her work…picking up a riding crop Jennifer ran the tip along the length of Shannon’s back. “I have a visitor coming over in a few minutes I expect you to behave, if you don’t I’ll let them have their way with you, do you understand?” Jennifer prodded Shannon’s anus between the metal straps that held the control belt in place, Shannon got the idea…

“Yes Mistress…” said Shannon as she looked down at the floor.

Jennifer laughed as Shannon lifted her knees off the board now supported by her hands and legs, raising her butt like a bitch on heat, “Then again perhaps you’d like that”, said Jennifer as she went to receive her guest.

After about 10 minutes Shannon heard footsteps on the stairs leading to the dungeon which seemed to stop just outside the door, listening intently she tried to make out some of the words of the conversation, but the wooden door was too thick. Slowly the door creaked open and Shannon twisted her head around to see Jennifer holding a leather leash, as Jennifer tugged a shamefaced gentleman entered, he was naked as far as Shannon could see, except for a studded red leather collar around his neck and a clipboard he was holding over his crotch with some papers attached.

Jennifer recognized the man from around town, but couldn’t place him… he was quite tall and lanky around 35 years old or so, his face was quite attractive if a little feminine.

“This is Shannon, my newest slave… Shannon meet Mark my oldest and most obedient slave”.

“Do you think Shannon is pretty?” Jennifer looked over at Mark for a reply.

Mark blushed slightly…”Yes Mistress… b.. but  not as beautiful as you… my Mistress”

“Good reply my pet” smiled Jennifer as she stroked Mark’s chin.

Shannon knew better then to call out for help, instead her puppy like eyes pleaded for Mark’s humanity to rescue her from Jennifer’s clutches. The irony of her making puppy eyes, whilst bound in a doggy stockade failed to hit Shannon until Jennifer began to giggle, at which time Shannon just lowered her head and looked at the floor.

“Lets get down to business shall we… Shannon, Mark here has some papers for you to sign” said Jennifer as she tugged on the leash and Mark knelt on the floor beside Shannon’s captive body. As Mark moved the clipboard to in front of Shannon, he revealed a shiny metal tube that covered his penis, the tube pointed downwards towards the floor and what seemed to be a single handcuff bracelet welded to the base of the tube seemed to secure it in place around his balls.

Seeing Shannon staring intensely at his chastity device Mark blushed and coughed to bring her attention to the papers on the clipboard. Placing a pen in Shannon’s bound hand, “This first document is your agreement to sell this house and all its contents to Mistress Jennifer for the sum of $350,000 a very generous offer I might add”, explained Mark.

“If you’d just sign here…” said mark as he pointed to the base of the paper and moved it within reach of Shannon’s hand. Shannon paused for a second whilst she considered not signing, if she signed under duress it wouldn’t be legal and she would be able to reclaim the house in court once this nightmare was over, she thought to herself. Feeling Jennifer’s riding crop tapping on her bum, Shannon quickly signed.

“I’ll need the check Mistress”, said Mark as he looked up. “Jennifer held out a check which Mark attached to the clipboard. “Thank you Mistress”.

Shannon was confused as she looked at the check made out to her for the full amount, was that all Jennifer wanted… to buy the house from her?

Shannon’s thoughts were cut short as Mark turned the page, “This is for your new offshore numbered account in the Cayman Islands, sign here, here and here.” Shannon still trying to make sense of this signed as directed.

“Finally here is request to close your existing account at the bank and transfer the capital to your new Cayman account, sign here and here” Surely Jennifer couldn’t expect to get away with this, her bank would certainly question such a transfer, perhaps even seek confirmation directly from her. This could be her chance to escape, she thought, Jeff her bank manager was a family friend for many years. Signing the last document, Mark took the pen from Shannon’s hand and placed it on the clipboard.

“All done my Mistress, I’ll process it next week when Jeff is on vacation. By the time he returns the money transfers should all be completed”, said Mark as he looked up towards the smiling Jennifer.

“Very good slave, now for your reward… present yourself to your Mistress”, Mark quickly got to his feet and stood with his hands his behind and his legs slightly apart. “Would you like to relieve your balls of all that nasty cum inside them?” asked Jennifer.

“Yes…Mistress”, replied Mark with his voice almost quivering.

Reaching around her neck, Jennifer removed a chain with a key attached, and dangled it before Mark…

Mark thanked his Mistress before taking the key and unlocked the cuff that held his chastity device in place, sliding the tube slowly off his limp but firming penis.

Picking up what looked to be a leather strap from a nearby table, Jennifer forced the dusty leather bound O ring gag into Shannon’s mouth, pinching her nose to make Shannon more accommodating. With the gag placed firmly behind Shannon’s teeth, Jennifer buckled the leather strap behind Shannon’s head and fastened it in place.

Shannon struggled with her head and mumbled “Mpph Noooo” as best could…as the taste of old dusty leather danced over her tongue.

Shannon looked over at Mark, rubbing his engorged penis, now free from its confines, and as a tear ran down her cheek.

“I’ll be back in 30 minutes I need to make a few phone calls, don’t remove her gag or bindings do you understand slave?” asked Jennifer.

“Yes Mistress…i understand”, replied Mark…

“Good… I’ll leave you two slaves to have a little fun then, just remember I’ll be watching!”, said Jennifer as she closed and bolted the door to the dungeon.

To be continued… comments to the forum please



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