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Shawna and Joyce - Weekend Burial

by MaypoleWalker

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This is the 4th story in the S&J series. A big shout of respect to Wingco for being the primary source of inspiration for this story. I hope you recovered well from your own ordeal last year. And to the lawsuit-happy Americans out there, stupid enough to put poodles in microwaves and expecting hot McDonald’s coffee not to burn your privates, yes please; put yourself in a coffin and have Musk shoot it into outer space. Thanks for calling.

Chapter 1: The Discovery

Joyce and Shawna had been living at their new-England home for a few years. These old turn-of-the-century houses always seemed to hold architectural surprises, from the little tower room in the attic and now to the basement, where a recent restoration of the basement pantry had revealed an old sealed-off stone walled cellar room.

Entry into the secret room went through a short stone-arched walkway and a heavy cast-iron door, which was hidden behind some paneling and shelves in the pantry. Upon discovery, the ladies squealed with delight, realizing the potential of another playroom in the old house. The room was dirt floored and very grimy with cobwebs everywhere, but they set out to clean it out.

After a lot of hard work and oiling, they got the heavy door moving easily again. Shawna restored the paneling and shelves on a hinged wall, effectively creating a hidden door.

Matching up measurements with the house blueprints, Joyce determined the room was right underneath the little third auxiliary garage, which sat next to the two regular ones. Joyce summarized it had probably been used for coal storage back in the day. There was a large rectangular iron hatch in the ceiling about 3 by 3 feet. This was likely where the coal had been dumped in before the garage was built on top. That explained that weird rectangular indentation they had noticed in the concrete in the garage floor above.

The small garage had until now just been used for storing a few boxes and other junk. Shawna and Joyce decided to clear it out, then hack up the thin layer of concrete, covering the hatch to see if they could get it working again. Shawna mused that the hatch would be great for working on their cars from underneath, while Joyce started developing other, more sinister plans…

Reading Wingco’s and Evil Dolly’s burial stories, had got Joyce sopping wet and fantasizing about a bondage burial of her own. Especially that one where the Cindy character gets both gagged, blindfolded and ear-plugged before she went under for a while until her friends rescued her. That one could send Joyce over the edge every time. Imagining being trapped, restrained, deprived of any sensory input and buried too really set off Joyce’s kinkybone. While Shawna preferred to be able to do something and move around during her own self bondage sessions, Joyce preferred the complete inability to move anything, combined with sensory deprivation and some stimulation.

Joyce knew this was a potentially lethal scenario if not done right, thus after some deliberation she confided in Shawna what she wanted to do. She wanted to be able to entrap herself alone in a one-way self-bondage burial scenario, which Shawna would rescue her out of later.

Once cleared above, the old iron hatch still wasn’t budging, but liberal amounts of both hammering, WD-40 and loud cursing from Shawna, got it sliding smoothly again after probably 70 years under the concrete.

Chapter 2: Plans & Preparations

Having restored the hatch and the room below to working order, Shawna and Joyce set out planning and implementing over the next few months in between work and travel. Shawna found a place where one could order a proper coffin online and have it discreetly delivered to the house in a large shipping crate, to avoid freaking out the neighborhood. Uncrated downstairs the coffin was a work of art in itself, made of solid oak and lacquered shiny black, like a grand piano. Shawna had ordered it without padding as they were going to make their own special interior.

In the meantime, Joyce was researching all the medical bits. Lying in the same place for even a week could cause mild bedsores, yet as it turned out, one could buy alternating pressure mattresses for bedridden patients. These would change the pressure points on the body over time. Brilliant - One problem solved! Earlier on they had experimented with tens pads to improve blood flow. Obviously, those would be part of the setup too. Next thing was the insertables. Joyce was no stranger to being gagged for extended periods. Nothing which couldn’t be solved with some mild painkillers. However, she needed to find out what limitations to expect out of catheters and enema butt plugs. While still great fiction to read, she didn’t for one second believe the stories of the girls in stories who had been under for years. Joyce wanted to find out what the actual real-world limitation was. Turned out after a bit of research that silicone products had the longest wear time, up to twelve weeks! Joyce shuddered at the thought: three months trapped in a coffin. That would be insane she thought and put it out of her mind. She figured three days tops would be more than enough to satisfy her kinky itch and turn her mind to erotic goo in the process.

Shawna had worked out how the auto-burial should run. Instead of regular dirt, they decided to go with fine dry quartz sand in the burial chamber. Not only would the effect be just as powerful, yet the sand was a lot cleaner to work with and make it easier to both distribute as well as reset everything for another play session. While Joyce loved the stories of the guy who covered up his girl’s coffin in cement and a locked cage around the coffin, it went without saying that would have been both dangerous and completely overkill for three days of fun.

A motorized steel hopper was ordered and installed in the third garage above. It would hold the sand until the coffin was lowered and to be covered. Once it was time to “exhume” the grave, a powerful industrial grade vacuum and hose would allow Shawna to vacuum the sand back into the hopper upstairs with minimal effort.

First the couple dug out a grave-pit in the basement dirt, right underneath the hatch, approximately 8 by 5 feet and about 4 feet deep. While not the entire 6 feet, this depth would be enough to cover the coffin with about a foot and a half of sand. This would also ensure they didn’t have to worry about the structural integrity of the coffin itself under the weight of the sand. Since the room was covered with dirt already, they spread the exhumed dirt around the room, raising the floor up a bit.

Over the next few weeks they put in floor heating, tiling, lighting, plumbing and ventilation into the new room. Shawna put up several shelves and cupboards where the support systems would be installed. The stone walls were kept intact and the floor and grave-pit was now lined with flat natural stone tiles to keep the subterranean atmosphere intact. A proper frame-winch for lowering the coffin was installed over the pit and bolted to the floor. “Amazing what can be had on eBay”; Joyce chuckled when it was delivered. Shawna modified the frame so it could be operated using a geared electric motor.

They bought the hopper and installed it in the garage above the ‘Mortuary’, by which Joyce had begun to refer to the room. Filled with about 800 pounds of fine sand, the hopper had an electric auger screw at the bottom to propel the sand down into 4 chutes installed in the ceiling over the grave. The industrial vacuum was installed at the same time. The beauty was that everything was concealed within the little spare garage, well away from neighborly prying eyes. The coffin lid was lined with a rubber seal to make sure no sand could get into the interior.

Once the system was in place, they tested the burial system from end to end. The coffin was loaded up with a bunch of milk jugs to match Joyce’s weight. First the coffin lid closed smoothly, courtesy of a pneumatic piston. A set of microswitches in the coffin detected the lid was seated and sealed correctly. The industrial PLC controller Shawna had programmed to run the burial process, went through a number of checks, ensuring all support systems were operating properly, echoing its status out on a nearby display.

Air fans… check

CO2 monitors… check

Feed pump… check

Alternating pressure mattress… check

Temperature control… check

Enema system… check

Tens system… check

Comms system… check

Inflation systems… check

Coffin closure system… check

“Heh, some German engineer at Siemens would cough up his skull und poppen out his eyes if he knew what we were using their PLC for," Shawna smiled to herself as the checks successfully completed one by one.

A set of eight squarish 3D-printed black boxes which Shawna had designed, were mounted around the edge of the coffin lid and wired up to the controller. One box in each end and three on each side of the lid. Each box was about the size of half a brick and contained an electric motor with some gears and a spring-loaded Torx screw bit, which would drive a wood screw into a pre-drilled hole in the coffin frame. Once all systems checked out, the 8 electric screwdrivers would drive the coffin screws into the wood, one at a time in a pattern similar to how one torques down an engine block header. Besides a bright blue indicator LED, each box had a small removable lid protecting the mechanism from the sand. Underneath was access to the screwdriver bit, which could be inserted into an electric drill for easy manual removal of the coffin screws.

Once all the electric coffin screws were tightened down, the winch frame would activate, sending the coffin down to the bottom of the stone lined pit. The systems checks were run one more time and upon successful completion, the transport screw in the hopper upstairs would start turning, sending sand down the 4 pipes, effectively burying the coffin and its occupant.

Meanwhile, Joyce worked on getting the coffin ready with restraints and life support systems. She wanted to use latex as a central theme, both for dressing and lining the coffin. She loved the mixed scent of rubber, perfume and sweat.

The coffin was fitted with the alternating pressure mattress, covered by a red latex sheet which extended to the inner sides. At the foot-end of the coffin, a special wood panel with 4 cutouts, was installed. Two of the holes were the exact diameter of the round heel on her towering ballet boots, while the other two holes were shaped to accept the tip of the same boots. A ¼” hole was drilled through each of the boot heels. Once a pair of booted feet were inserted into the panel, two spring-loaded steel locking pins would slip through the drilled holes, effectively locking the boots heels and toes in, preventing any movement of the feet inside. The pins could be retracted by turning a mechanical key, which obviously would not be anywhere around the coffin’s occupant.

In parallel with Joyce’s ankles, two push snap locks protruded from the coffin padding. These would be used to fasten the hem of the special dress; which Joyce was planning on wearing through her internment.

One-inch wide locking leather straps were in place at ankles, above the knees and at her upper thighs close to her crotch. At waist level a gleaming stainless-steel belt was embedded in the coffin. It was about two inches wide and had two sets of hinges down each side, making it easier to get into. It snapped together almost like an airline seatbelt, however a key was required to lift the flap and open the belt again.

An upper chest harness was embedded in the coffin. This was Joyce’s own design as she was certain it would make a great improvement on the restraint. The harness would virtually eliminate any movement of the upper body. It consisted of a one-inch strap going from one armpit to the other, crossing her chest right above her breasts. Two additional straps would come down from both sides of her neck, crossing over her collarbones and connect to buckles on the chest strap, virtually eliminating any shoulder movement. Everything was of course to be padlocked. Joyce would have it no other way.

At each side of her torso, right above the elbows, two wide loops of black nylon fabric came out of the bottom of the coffin. Shawna got the idea for these from a bondage chair she had seen demonstrated somewhere in San Francisco. The loops were made of seat-belt nylon, yet twice as wide as a normal seatbelt. The straps were connected to a spring-loaded roller mechanism inside the back of the coffin, which Shawna had custom built. Once the mechanism was triggered, the belt loops would reel in fast, pulling snug around Joyce’s upper arms. A catch in the mechanism would prevent them rolling backwards thereby pinning Joyce’s upper arms in place by her sides.

The coffin contained a small red latex pillow, under which a rubber-lined hinged stainless-steel collar was bolted to the bottom of the coffin. Like the large waist belt, it could be locked just by closing it, but not opened again without a key. On each side of the pillow and two on top, four steel studs protruded about an inch up from the covering. Each stud had a locking strap buckle fastened to its end. As she was planning no more than 3 days below, Joyce wanted to be severely gagged using a black trainer ball-gag harness. She knew the gag initially would hurt somewhat, until her jaw muscles complied, yet she wanted the full submissive experience – no exceptions. Besides, she had found ways to deal with the physical pain… The four posts would allow her to strap her head tightly into the coffin using the harness and not be able to move her head one bit.

Jutting out from the insides of the coffin, two cylinders were aligned with where Joyce’s temples would be, once she was laid to rest. The cylinders were hollow with threads inside. Protruding from each of them were two threaded rods which each ended in a flat disc which could freely rotate. Each disc was covered in a soft, padded leather pouch. These would be adjusted to hold Joyce’s head between them. The threaded rods had flanges on the sides making it easy for her to adjust them herself.

The coffin had two small silver chains hanging down from each side, close to her head. These met in the middle of the coffin, right where Joyce’s pierced nose eventually would be. A small heart-shaped silver padlock would lock through the septum of her nose and the two ends of the chains, keeping her head absolutely still.

Two other small silver chains were connected to the bottom of the coffin, right under her earlobes. She had over time slightly enlarged two of her ear piercings to the point where they could accommodate the shackle of two tiny padlocks. She sometimes wore a locked pair of padlocks as fetish ear jewelry when Shawna and her would go clubbing, yet here they would serve an entirely different purpose. Joyce wanted to lock and restrain herself in every imaginable way into the coffin. She had been fascinated by Wingco’s story of the 4 girls’ and how masks were attached using the earlobes, however a mask wasn’t her style. Using her ear and nose piercings for restraint, on the other hand… Once she locked her earlobes to the small chains on each side of her head, this would be one more thing to discourage movement.

The entire coffin, including the lid, was lined with inflatable latex panels underneath the red interior draping. By pumping in compressed air, the coffin could squeeze the inhabitant from all sides, to the point where absolutely no movement was possible. The only place that didn’t have the panels was right in front of her nose, where an extra set of air tubes would allow her to keep breathing easily. A loudspeaker was embedded in the lid, allowing Shawna to speak to her. The speaker volume had been adjusted to a level where Joyce still could hear it, even when wearing earplugs.

The plumbing, as Joyce thought of it, included the nasal feeding tube, enema, catheter, air tubes, tens pads wires and other control wires, all entered the coffin through a reinforced large umbilical hose about 3 inches wide. It connected to various pumps, valves and on the shelves which Shawna had installed, tried and tested over the last few months. The umbilical was long enough to reach the coffin once it was lowered into the pit. Fresh air was blown in through a vent from the top of the coffin, routed to her face area and sucked out through another down by the feet, where the catheter and enema tubes would connect. After rigorous testing Shawna ensured there would be no CO2 buildup inside the coffin. On the ceiling and on the stone wall, Shawna had mounted a few Arlo cameras, allowing her to record Joyce’s entire adventure and watch some of it live.

Chapter 3: The Day of the (kinda) Dead

The Day had finally arrived. The weeks and days of construction, meticulous testing, adjusting and re-testing were finally at an end. The couple had planned Joyce’s self-burial event perfectly for game day on a Friday afternoon, as Joyce didn’t care much for TV sports and Shawna was a die-hard fan of whatever team. As they’d planned, Shawna would be a few houses down the street with some friends and neighbors watching the game. Everything was ready in the basement. Joyce had steeled her nerves with a last walk around the house and garden with a glass of chilled Chard, while making sure everything was ready, windows and doors were closed.

Shawna had her phone with her and would await a signal from Joyce when she began her adventure, and another from the systems in the basement once the burial was ready to proceed and all diagnostics and safety checks were cleared. Once everything checked out, the system would not proceed before Shawna texted an OK message back. First then the systems would start closing the coffin and everything else. Once the sequence was complete and Joyce properly interred, Shawna would receive live diagnostic data streamed to a special app she had written. This app would display everything from Joyce’s heartbeat, O2/CO2 levels and everything else going on in the coffin. Shawna had installed three infrared pinhole cameras in the lid of the coffin so she could see Joyce from the chest and up, face front and from her head down towards her feet.

Joyce knew that now was the time. She sent a text to Shawna and with an expectant, sigh she went downstairs to the “Mortuary” and closed the hidden door after herself. She turned the lock from the inside, knowing Shawna was now the only person on the planet who knew where Joyce was and held the only key for the hidden keyhole.

Stripping completely naked and putting all her clothes neatly in a cupboard, Joyce started by applying a powerful sport anti-perspirant to most of her body in front of a large mirror. As she finished, she noticed Shawna had left her makeup kit on a shelf nearby and an idea hit Joyce “Hmm… I’m going in a coffin, might as well complete the look." She opened the kit and found what she was after; Shawna’s glue-on vampire teeth! That would be the cherry on top which Joyce was looking for. She quickly read through the instructions, prepared her teeth, the glue and everything and within minutes Joyce had the fangs attached “This will look awesome with the gag!" she mused giving herself a wicked grin in the mirror that would have made the Cheshire Cat blush.

Cosmetics in order, Joyce began by connecting her golden nipple rings to each other with a thin elastic cord. It was not super tight, yet made sure that her nips received a steady sensuous pull against each other. In a similar manner, she fastened a longer cord between her clit ring and the middle of the elastic between her nipples. Temporarily she got down and stretched herself out on the tiled floor to adjust the tension to a light tug where the ring pulled back the hood of her clit, exposing it to the toy she would add later. She inserted the shackle of two tiny silver padlocks into each of her pierced earlobes, yet was careful to leave them unlocked for now…

Joyce continued her preparations by placing numbered tens pads at predetermined places all over her arms, legs, back and stomach. That morning Shawna had helped her draw little numbered squares with an eyeliner pen all over her body, so all Joyce had to do was to match up each numbered tens-pad with its matching numbered square. They both knew better than to place tens pads anywhere near the heart, however Joyce did place a passive pulse sensor there. All the tens pads were attached to numbered plugs on a custom-built wire harness, ending in a cable bundle with a multi-connector between her feet inside the coffin. To relieve the strain on the wires, Joyce temporarily taped the main cable to her inner mid-thigh.

She then worked both the pre-lubricated silicone catheter and the enema butt plug in place. It took a bit of gasping, lube and determination but as she felt the plug pop into place, Joyce was satisfied and ready. The catheter was an alien feeling as ever, but having done it on a couple of prior occasions with Shawna’s help, she knew what to expect. Both pieces of hardware were connected to tubes which reached down to her feet. The tubes had temporary clamps on them for now to avoid any spills prior to her own installation in the coffin. Attached squeeze bulbs pumped each of the devices up, so they could not be removed or fall out on their own. The pumps were detached and stored in a box on the shelves behind her. Joyce next inserted a large lubricated silicone vibrator into her pussy. This model was wired for remote power so it could go on for hours if need be. Joyce finished off her crotch area by clipping a butterfly vibrator straight over her exposed clit. Like the regular vibrator, this one was remote powered too. A pair of tight high-waist black latex panties went on top to keep all the toys in place. The panties had two small holes in the bottom, through which she guided all the tubes and wires. As she pulled up and smoothed out the panties, Joyce felt how they pushed against the bottom of the vibrator in her pussy and how the butterfly vibrator was pushed tight up against her already half swollen clitoris.

Joyce braced herself mentally for what came next, as that was something relatively new to her; the nasal feeding tube. She had practiced this a number of times in front of the mirror in the dressing room upstairs, however it was still a rather unsettling experience to insert a lubricated, sterile hose through your own nostril, having it end up in your stomach. “Does anyone ever get used to these things?" Joyce wondered to herself. On the other hand, she admittedly had gotten dripping wet during that short scene in Suicide Squad, where Harley Quinn gets force fed in prison, ball gagged and strapped to a chair with that tube up her nose. Joyce had pre-marked the hose to where to stop pushing it in. She kept her mind focused on swallowing until she reached the mark on the hose. Once the tube was in place, she blew quickly into the end to ensure the other end had not mistakenly gone into her lungs. Once satisfied by a small unflattering burp, she taped the tube temporarily to her cheek with some surgical tape. To ensure continued proper breathing, in case her nasal cavity clogged up, she inserted another wider, externally lubricated tube in the other nostril. This tube was a bit firmer and lined up with the edge of her nostril once fully inserted. There was a small hole in the tube’s side wall there, which would line up with the hole in her septum… The tube was long enough to reach the back of Joyce’s nasal cavity, which yielded another sensory-deprivation bonus; Joyce’s sense of smell would be completely cut off. “That might not be such a bad idea after three days in the box," she mused to herself.

Joyce was determined to plug herself in every hole, thus a pair of Vaseline covered ProPod industrial ear-plugs went deep into her ear canals. These had little plastic handles, making them easy to insert and remove - that is, if one had use of one’s hands. A firecracker could go off next to her and she would barely notice it, yet she would still be able to hear the aforementioned loudspeaker which Shawna could use. She was a bit divided over the earplugs: On one hand Joyce wanted to relish in the total sensory deprivation of her self-inflicted bondage grave, on the other hand she would like to have heard the sand as it covered the coffin. Oh well, there’s always the recordings for later, she thought.

Turning around she looked herself over in the mirror. Her nips connected with a T-shaped cord that disappeared into her latex panties already stuffed with toys, earplugs, fangs, the tens wire-harness over her body and a feeding tube sticking out of her nose, “Hah, looks like black Vampirella got herself assimilated by the Borg – Resistance is Futile!" she thought to herself and smiled.

Not wasting any time Joyce dressed accordingly, all in matching black polished latex: Bra, suspenders and stockings. She loved the tight yet slippery feel of the lubricated rubber against her skin. The bra was deliberately a few sizes larger than her own petite A-cup. Joyce loved to caress Shawna larger breasts, although they were aftermarket parts, as Shawna jokingly put it herself. While Joyce wasn’t considering implants herself, she loved playing with a set of D-cup silicone falsies which Shawna had sitting around from back in the early days of her transition. The falsies obviously didn’t match Joyce’s darker skin tone, but that didn’t matter to her, as she would be covering them up completely. As she popped the falsies into place in the bra, Joyce marveled at their weight and how they softly pressed down on her tied nipple rings.

Over the latex lingerie and falsies, she was going to wear what she now thought of as her ‘burial dress’. A long sleeved, high-neck black latex governess gown with a wide skirt, which went down to her ankles. The dress had attached gloves and cute puffy shoulders. Joyce slowly stepped into the massive garment and pushed her arms out through the pre-lubricated sleeves. She zipped the dress up to the nape of her neck, where she ran a small zip tie though the zipper handle and a couple of D-rings there. The gown had a few extra modifications, including multiple reinforced slits through the skirt behind her legs, where she would pull the coffin straps through later.

A tall, polished Invention leather posture collar went on her slender neck. It covered the gown’s zipper completely as it was almost four inches tall. While very strict, it was also quite comfortable. The collar’s edges were padded with soft leather and closed on the side by way of two studs going through a pair of riveted holes. The studs were held in place with obligatory mini padlocks. Joyce tested the limits on her head movement and found them very restricted. She could only make minute movements with her head which was now held high. It would make things a bit difficult looking downward, yet she knew she could manage by looking down along her nose.

Then came the corset. This was an under-bust black polished leather corset. When properly laced up, it took about 4 inches off her waist. The corset was absolutely necessary for her to fit within the custom steel waist belt in the coffin. Joyce stood up against the wall, where she previously had attached a couple of hooks to make the lacing a bit easier for herself. While tightening the laces she stepped forward and the corset would apply that familiar delicious crushing feeling to her midsection. Joyce brought the laces around front and tied them in a bowtie as she didn’t want to be laying down on the knot like some kinky princess on a pea. She grabbed a measuring tape off the workbench and ensured her waistline was laced down to the circumference required to fit the belt. Once satisfied, Joyce slipped a couple of zip ties over the bowtie and tightened them down “Corset secured, yay!" she said to herself.

Joyce carefully sat down on a nearby chair and the plugs inside of her immediately let their presence be known again. Getting her breath back, Joyce hiked up the skirt of her gown and began lacing up her thigh-high ballet boots. Zip ties were added to their laces too. For good measure she added her ankle cuffs, which had a strap going under her heel as well. She padlocked both straps on each cuff and a 6-inch chain between them. As per usual arrangement, Shawna had all the keys, so each lock Joyce closed on her own, further sealed her fate as she thought of it.

She cut off the excess plastic from all the zip ties with a pair of wire cutters. The tool was put in a small metal box, bolted to one of the shelves. The box had a snap lock, so once the lid was closed, Joyce would not be able to open it again without the proper key.

Joyce realized that her time as a free woman this weekend was coming to an end soon. Soon she would be strapped, gagged, locked, chained and buckled down into her very own bondage coffin, which would take three uncertain days out of her life. It didn’t seem like that much time. On the other hand, the task felt momentous, as she had never tried anything this intense for this long.

Collecting her thoughts, Joyce took a deliberate slow walk around the basement room, carefully taking tiny half footsteps in her ballet heels. As she moved, the thin bungee T-cord connecting her nipples and clit, gently tugged at all three parts of her body. The heavy latex gown swished around her with each step. It was all making her incredible horny and juices flow, allowing the dildo and butt plug inside of her to move slightly. Taking her time, she made doubly sure the door was closed properly, tidied up the workbench and inspected the life support equipment humming happily away on the shelves. Everything checked out and she was running out of mental excuses to face the object of her incarceration behind her. The coffin sat ready and waiting in its winch harness, it’s red gaping maw tugged at her consciousness like a black hole drawing in a rogue planet.

Thoughts sparked through her mind at the speed of light; Why am I doing this? Because you need to, you bondage slut. But it could be dangerous! Yes, that’s the delicious part, isn’t it? I could just open the door, wimp out and go upstairs and wait for Shawna to come home and get me out of this dress… Yes, but that’s not what you really want to do, is it? N…no, but why? See item #1, you horny ditz - now get on with it, will you?!

Joyce was losing a futile argument against her own kinky self and before she knew it, she was crouched next to the coffin, casually running her latex-covered hands over it and the exquisitely crafted restraints it contained. She marveled at how each of them would keep her in the tightest of grips. What would total isolation and bondage inside a box beneath 500 lbs. of sand feel like? Joyce started getting goosebumps and her lower lip and legs trembled ever so slightly.

After a number of breaths as deep as the corset allowed, Joyce gathered the necessary courage and slowly climbed into the coffin with her legs still trembling. The coffin swayed slightly in the harness it was supported in, as it probably wasn’t designed for the usual metabolically challenged occupants to be moving around much. As she carefully got in, Joyce sat up with her legs bent. This pressed the butt-plug deep into her and she let out a soft moan. Getting herself organized, she lifted up the skirt of the gown and removed the taped wire harness from her thigh and began connecting the various wires and tubes, snaking out of the bottom of her dress, to a side panel near the bottom of her coffin.

To begin her coffin bondage, Joyce lined up the slits in the dress behind her legs with the straps in the coffin. She guided the thigh, knee and ankle straps through the dress, but did not close any buckles just yet.

Joyce then slowly inserted her booted feet into the four holes in the coffin’s bottom panel. As the toes and heels of her boots touched a set of pressure plates, the two spring-loaded steel pins shot through the holes in her boot heels with a loud CLACK and she knew was trapped. As the boots were locked on and the key to retracting the locking pins were in Shawna’s possession, there was no way to leave the coffin now.

When doing self-bondage, Joyce always shuddered a bit whenever she passed the first point of no return. She calmed herself and proceeded to strap herself in. She was quite flexible, so reaching her ankles was not a problem, although the tight corset forced her to hold her breath. She worked quickly in between breaths, leaning back and grabbing gulps of air. First, she padlocked her ankle cuffs together for good measure, then fastened the two leather straps embedded in the coffin across each ankle. The straps were of course padlocked on top.

Joyce proceeded to her knees, tightened and locked a wide strap over both her knees. Her lower legs were now completely immobile and her legs were held firmly together, further adding pressure to the vibrator in her pussy. Thank god it wasn’t running yet, as she would never have been able to finish if that thing kept sending her over the edge. Still sitting up in the coffin, Joyce buckled and locked the two straps holding each of her thighs down. She liked how these straps sat deliciously close to her crotch, holding her thighs slightly apart while effectively gluing her butt to the bottom of the coffin. With these straps padlocked in place every part of her body below her crotch was now immobile, thus she would need every inch of her flexibility to do the last bit down there.

Joyce organized the dress down her legs. The two snap locks at the hem of the dress would attach to two matching receptacles on the floor of the coffin, near her feet. That way the dress would lay neat and pretty, no matter how much she struggled in the coffin. Joyce liked aesthetics and wanted to look proper and presentable to Shawna once she was “exhumed” from the grave. She took a few quick and deep breaths as much as the corset would allow, then let all the air out of her lungs, as she leaned into the corset to reach the hem of the skirt. It took a couple of attempts, yet eventually the hem was snap locked properly in place on both sides and Joyce laid back to relax and catch her breath. It was time to settle in for good.

Breath regained, Joyce methodically arranged the additional bondage bits inside her coffin, where she could reach them when lying down. While mentally working through every padlock, chain and strap she thought “OMG, I still quite can’t believe I will be bound and confined inside this little box for the next three days of my life!” 72 full hours was the agreement with Shawna. It was Friday afternoon, so the entire weekend and most of Monday, which happened to be a holiday, would be spent below ground.

Near each of her hands laid a round squeeze-bulb, about the size of a ping-pong ball. Each bulb was attached to a thin poly-tube which disappeared into the side of the coffin, just above her shoulders. Each bulb would activate a pressure switch when squeezed. The tubes were long enough that Joyce could bring her arms through the coffin’s elbow loops and bring hands together over her chest, while holding the bulbs. From a little pouch in the side of the coffin lining, she took a small roll of tape. She used it to loosely fasten the tube from each bulb to her wrist so it would stay in place while she put the next pieces on:

She reached down by the side of her hips for a set of two-inch-wide black leather cuffs with snap locks laid ready. The cuffs themselves weren’t restrictive, just comfortably snug around Joyce’s wrists. On the outside the cuffs had 3 pairs of quarter inch tall studs embedded on the sides and on the top of her wrists. This was a trick she had gleaned off House of Gord’s website: Whenever Jeff’s damsels were secured with handcuffs, a leather cuff was usually put underneath to protect the wrist from the steel of the handcuffs. The studs would prevent the leather cuffs from going anywhere, once the steel cuffs were applied on top. For now, Joyce just fastened the leather cuffs with their built-in snap locks around each wrist and over the tubes.

Joyce laid herself down and rested her collared neck for a bit in the open half of the steel collar, which was waiting patiently to enclose her neck. The steel collar fixed in the coffin was designed to exactly fit the outside diameter of the posture collar which she was already wearing. It was surprisingly comfortable, holding the back of her posture collar completely immobile, even not closed yet.

After a short break, Joyce lifted her head up and began guiding the steel waist belt into position, where the two halves would meet front and center. There was not much give as she pushed the two locking parts of the belt together. As it closed with a loud click, the belt was now so snug against her waist, that she couldn’t even get a finger in between the belt and the corset. After a bit of adjusting to the belt’s confining grip, Joyce relaxed and laid herself back again. Her entire lower body from the waist down was now completely locked down. Thanks to the straps holding down her upper thighs, she could not move her butt one iota.

At her left thigh a gleaming new set of stainless-steel handcuffs laid ready along with an open padlock. Joyce picked them up and locked the middle of the handcuff chain to one of the metal-busks in her corset around mid-chest. She opened the cuffs, so they were ready to receive her hands. A while back Shawna had modified each cuff with a 3D printed recessed button on the side, which would double lock the cuffs too. Normally Joyce would need a small metal stud or the end of a handcuff key to double lock the cuffs, but with Shawna’s modification she could do it just by pressing a gloved finger into an indentation.

There was only one more item at her side, which Joyce put on her chest next to the handcuffs; her pair of self-locking fist mittens, which she had used on previous occasions. These were two pouches made out of tough double-layered PVC. Each mitten had an elastic sleeve around the wrist, where a ¼” black zip-tie was run through. The zip ties were connected, so when rotated and pulled slightly apart, they would tighten until they hit a stop, preventing over-tightening that could endanger circulation.

Joyce thought about how it would feel to be forced to cum on hours at an end without the slightest of movement, so to distract herself, she began fastening the head bits. First, she removed the tape from the side of her face, holding the nasal feed tube in place, then attached the free end of the tube to a matching receptacle near the top of the coffin.

Still able to move her upper body, Joyce took a last look around before adding a blindfold. She knew it was somewhat overkill, as the coffin would be pitch black when closed, yet forcing her eyes shut was another restraint she could force upon herself. She had picked a new pair of black latex blindfolds with built in pads of soft rubber. As she slipped them on, her eyelids were gently yet firmly held closed underneath the tight latex. As she got used to operating without sight, she organized the remaining bits around her.

The gag harness was next. To prepare for it, Joyce applied a liberal coating of Chapstick to her full lips to keep them moisturized for the days to come. The Chapstick went back into a little pouch in the coffin lid. The harness had a large 2-inch black silicone ball attached in the middle. The ball had a tube going through it, which connected to the upper part of the coffin. This tube would allow Joyce to suck in small amounts of cool water, when the system allowed.

The harness around the gag was modified so the buckles were removed from the straps going around her head. The only remaining buckle left was on the chin strap. Joyce first attached the two straps of the inverted Y-straps, going over her nose bridge. These attached to the buckles on the two steel posts embedded in the coffin, just above her head. The second set of straps were the ones that would normally close behind her neck, keeping the ball strapped in her mouth. Instead, these were strapped to the buckles on the posts right below her ears in the coffin.

Joyce opened her mouth wide to accept the large intruding orb and caressed it with her tongue before popping the ball in behind her teeth, closing her lips around the large ball with an audible “Oohhhm” of satisfaction. As she gradually tightened each buckle, she felt how the latex blindfold was pressed against her face and her entire head was pressed down on the pillow underneath. The ballgag in turn pressed down on her tongue and the wide strap going through the ball tugged sensually at the corners of her mouth. Getting more and more turned on by the minute, Joyce jerked her head from side to side, testing her restraints and she could not turn her head more than a quarter of an inch to either side. “Almost perfect. We’ll see about that last bit of slack…" Joyce thought. She continued to buckle the remaining strap under her chin, which clamped her jaw tight around the ball. Satisfied the harness was in place, she quickly added four padlocks to all the buckles on the posts to keep everything nicely secure. A fifth lock went on the buckle underneath her chin. As each lock closed with a little click, Joyce’s nips grew rock-hard under her latex gown and falsies. She briefly paused to fondle herself a bit, but thought better of it and continued her self-internment.

Joyce reached behind each ear to pick up the end of the small silver chains, attached to the bottom of the coffin there. She slipped the chain though the shackle of the open padlocks, still sitting in her earlobes. Once she had the chains adjusted, they each exerted a firm, yet gentle pull on each of her earlobes. Joyce squeezed each of the padlocks shut and yet another restraint would now keep her locked down nice and tidy.

On the left side of the coffin, she felt for another silver chain hanging there. She threaded its end link through a silver heart-shaped mini padlock. She carefully inserted the shackle into her left nostril, next to her feeding tube, threading it through her septum piercing, onwards through the side hole in the nasal breathing tube in her other nostril. She paused to reach to her right and felt for an identical chain there, which she threaded onto the padlock shackle. The padlock closed like the rest with a satisfying click and laid resting on top of her upper lip and the ball gag. “This must look so awesome”; Joyce thought as she ran her gloved fingers over her face; “I can’t wait to see the footage!"

It was time to close the neck collar. Joyce found that she had been secretly dreading/yearning for this moment as nothing said trapped in her mind, as being fastened by the neck. Never mind she was already hopelessly bound, strapped and locked in by her own hands. The collar would not do much difference at this point, it was just a psychological thing she mused. Shawna had designed it to fit between the closing studs on her posture collar so there would be no uneven pressure point on her throat. She felt the two halves of stainless steel come together fitting snugly around her posture collar. The lock on the side closed seamlessly with a little click she felt more through her throat than she heard it.

Once the collar was closed, Joyce reached up beside her head and began turning the threads on the pads which would push against her temples. They were currently two inches out from either side of her head so it took a bit of patience before she felt them connect. The human neck can move the head in every so many directions and angles and Joyce experimentally and carefully moved her head around every which way she could think of, only to feel how the unyielding chains together with the gag harness and now the pads against her temples held her head completely fixated.

Joyce marveled at the level of restraint she had managed to apply to her head alone; blindfold and a tight gag harness, a snug steel throat collar, nose tethered to both sides of the coffin, temples locked in position and earlobes padlocked to the bottom of the coffin. She might as well have been paralyzed as nothing above her neck would move the slightest. All she could do was silently suck on the ball strapped in her mouth. Joyce could still move her shoulders somewhat, yet that would not last for long:

Next was the upper chest harness. Joyce felt for the two parts of the chest belt, which were attached to the coffin under her armpits. She drew the belts together and buckled them firmly above her breasts. She reached up next to each side of her steel collar and found the two additional straps. These went into receiving buckles mounted close to her armpits on the chest strap. Once the harness was buckled down the effect was predicted, yet still a bit startling now it actually had been done: Joyce was utterly unable to move her shoulders or any part of her upper body even the slightest. Just like she wanted. To make sure things stayed that way, a padlock was applied to each of the three buckles.

Now that her upper body bondage was completed, Joyce took time to arrange her hair to flow nicely over the pillow, while taking a silent and deaf inventory of her situation; only her arms and hands were now left to secure before the adventure would begin. Every other part of her body was so tightly restrained and plugged within the coffin. Joyce reached down on each side of her and felt for the wide black nylon bands which were waiting to secure her upper arms. As the spring-loaded mechanism hadn’t yet been tripped to roll them in, the loops were easily long enough for her to guide her arms through. Oh, how she was anticipating them clamping down on her upper arms, rendering her completely immobile.

Joyce was ready to complete the last steps of her coffin bondage. Working methodically in the blind, she slipped her leather cuffed wrists into the waiting handcuffs, now locked to her corset. Feeling extra submissive, Joyce located the keyholes in the cuffs and made sure to turn them downward and away from her hands. “Hell, why not?" she thought; even if she had the keys, this would make it hard if not impossible for her to unlock the cuffs on her own. She knew Shawna would be mildly pissed at her for making it unnecessarily harder to free her later, yet thus was the life and times of a bondage slut, she again mused with a smile behind her gag: Always pushing the envelope! Joyce took great care to make sure that each cuff was seated securely between the tall studs of her leather wrist cuffs. This would ensure her wrists were protected and the leather cuffs would stay in place, no matter how much she struggled. Joyce squeezed the cuffs closed so they were comfortably snug, then pushed in the double-lock buttons. This would prevent the cuffs from accidentally tightening further. All that was missing now was the first mittens, which she had earlier laid ready within her now very limited reach.

While holding the squeeze bulb in her left hand, she used her right hand to guide one of the PVC mittens over her latex gloved left hand. As the elastic snapped in place around her left wrist she used her right hand to make an indentation in the mitten between her left thumb and index finger. This would give her a very limited grip, yet just enough to help pull the other mitten onto her right hand. Holding the other squeeze bulb in her right hand she made an arrowhead gesture with all fingertips together, slipping the hand into the last mitten. She took great care to hold her cuffed hands as close together as possible, avoiding tightening the zip ties too early. With her already mittened left fist, she worked the right mitten slowly and methodically down around her right hand until it too snapped into place around the wrist. Once both mittens were in place; Joyce slowly pulled her balled up fists as far apart as far as the handcuffs would allow, while twisting her wrists in opposite directions. The zip ties promptly closed shut around her wrists, rendering all efforts to remove the mittens impossible. Shawna would later have to unlock the box with the pliers to cut the zip ties off.

Before initiating the automated burial sequence, only one item remained to be secured; her upper arm elbow restraints. Shawna had programmed the coffin’s control systems to wait for a sequence of two squeezes on both bulbs to continue. Inside her tight little fist mittens, Joyce gave the bulbs two quick simultaneous squeezes within three seconds of each other. This activated a solenoid somewhere inside the coffin beneath her. The solenoid pulled out two stop pins on the spring-loaded mechanisms, which immediately began to roll in the slack. Joyce felt a firm pressure applied to her arms as they were almost instantly pulled down close and snug to her body. Her hands were pulled out to the extent of the cuffs and she found she could not move her arms at all. The last few hours of dressing and self-binding flashed through her mind “I finally did it…I’m now completely bound and gagged securely in my coffin, ready to be entombed”

Chapter 4: Going down

Joyce knew the hinged coffin lid was still open and the coffin itself was still suspended over the grave pit. It would remain so until she requested Shawna to send her under. She had to squeeze both bulbs for thirty seconds, then she would receive a quick buzz on her clit vibrator and all diagnostics would run again. Once successfully completed, two quick buzzes once a text message with all diagnostic info was sent to Shawna’s phone. Shawna would have to reply OK in order for the burial process to continue and Joyce would receive three buzzes, telling her she was going under. Once the lid was closed, Shawna would be able to monitor the camera in the basement to ensure the burial went right. She had a safety override, which could stop everything in case something did not go according to plan. The cameras inside the coffin were only available on her tablet at home, so she would have to wait to see Joyce until she came home from the game.

It took all of Joyce’s willpower not to start struggling once the elbow straps tightened themselves. She had promised herself to lie completely still and experience everything, until the burial process had completed. Instead she drew a deep breath and determinately squeezed both the bulbs inside her fists, thinking okay, here we go… After thirty seconds the first buzz hit her clitoris like a lightning strike as she knew she was on her way into the grave and nothing except Shawna could stop it. She was now locked out of the system and could do nothing before the sequence had completed. The diagnostics were running now and about two minutes later she received the two buzzes. Now it was Shawna’s turn…

Meanwhile down the street, Shawna was talking to one of the neighbors in the kitchen during halftime, having gone to fetch herself a fresh soda. She felt her phone vibrating in her pocket and thought of her love probably by now strapped in and alone in the basement. She excused herself with a bathroom break and quickly headed to the guest restroom and locked the door. She scanned the message from the systems in the basement and it was green and go, across the board. Everything checked out. Hesitating for a minute, realizing what she was initiating, Shawna sent the “OK” message back in reply, sealing Joyce’s fate for the next three days. She flipped to the camera streaming app and waited for it to come online. The deal was that she would only oversee the burial once the casket lid was closed.

Back in the basement, Joyce was steeling her nerves for what came next. A billion thoughts raced through her mind as she was waiting for Shawna to reply. When the three buzzes hit her clitoris her train of thought completely derailed; “OMG! OMG! It’s happening - It’s really happening now! An electric air valve opened, slowly bleeding the air out of the pneumatic piston keeping the coffin lid propped up. A resounding thunk jolted Joyce in more ways than one, as the lid connected with the coffin.

At the same time the microswitches in the coffin detected the lid was securely in place, the camera in the basement turned on, allowing Shawna to witness the rest of the burial process. Next, the eight boxes with the coffin screw mechanics began activating clockwise around the coffin. Shawna watched in fascination as a blue LED on each box came on one by one, signaling the coffin screws had been successfully deployed and the coffin was sealed. Then after a short pause the winch was activated and the coffin descended into the grave pit.

Inside the coffin Joyce could very faintly hear the whirring of the geared motors, driving the screws through the lid into the coffin one by one. Once the eighth screw was done nothing happened for about half a minute. Joyce was starting to worry if something had gone wrong, but then felt the coffin move slightly, swaying gently for a bit. Uh-oh, and down I go, Joyce thought with her heart racing and her closed eyes darting back and forth underneath her blindfold. The winch deposited the coffin on the floor of the artificial grave. Joyce felt it as a gentle thud, as the coffin came to a standstill at the bottom. She was so horny now that she almost went over the edge but with all the restraints and no stimulation she was at the mercy of the support systems for a pending orgasm. Shawna, still watching the streaming video on her phone in the neighbor’s bathroom, saw the coffin go down from the camera mounted in the ceiling. So far so good, she thought, breathing a sigh of relief. Shawna had not been happy about not being present when Joyce went down, but she understood a fetish urge as well as the next kinkster. All the more reason for the additional safety protocols.

Once the coffin set down on the bottom of the grave pit, it rested on a pressure pad. A few moments later the hopper upstairs started up and began to push the fine sand down the tubes to the basement. The fine-grained sand effortlessly poured into four neat piles on top of the coffin lid, rolling off the sides. Even with her ears plugged, she could hear the loud rushing of sand settling around the coffin. As the sound grew fainter she knew the grave pit was filling up. As the sound eventually stopped there was nothing but silence and she knew it was done. She was buried alive! Above ground the system automatically turned off the light in the Mortuary and everything except the support systems went dark and quiet.

Down below, Joyce immediately went ballistic with a mixture of pent up sexual frustration, fear and excitement. She screamed and moaned into her gag, straining every muscle she could think of from her ballet boot encased toes to her padlocked ears. Yet nothing, absolutely NOTHING would move. She couldn’t decide if she was in heaven or hell, maybe both, yet here she was bound and buried by her own hand and Shawna’s elaborate designs.

Shawna watched as the coffin was buried and the fine quartz sand leveled out nicely with the edge of the grave-pit they had created. The engineer in her was satisfied that she had calculated the required sand volume correctly, yet as the caring wife, she was worried sick watching Joyce’s heart-rate go up as the coffin was buried. Joyce’s heart BPM’s plateaued and eventually settled down to a bit over normal again. Shawna smiled to herself; “I guess the silly girl is having the time of her life down there. Better get home soon though." She cleaned up and headed into the neighbor’s TV room, where the game had everyone up in arms. “Aw hon, you missed out - we just scored another touchdown while you were out," said one of the neighbor wives” – “It’s okay I’ve DVR’ed the game, I’ll catch it later tonight," Shawna replied with a smile, yet her thoughts were miles away, or rather about 700 yards up the street. The last 15 minutes of the game was a blur, yet she stayed for a celebratory drink as the home state team won, then excused herself to go home to finish some work for the coming week. She hit the sidewalk in a brisk trot, and broke into a sprint the last 100 yards, getting back to the house.

Letting herself in, Shawna quickly picked up her tablet left in the kitchen, sat down and opened the app, which would let her see Joyce’s live feed from inside the coffin. First there was nothing but darkness and she almost panicked until she remembered to hit the icon to turn on the infrared lights inside the coffin. Immediately a black and white image showed a dark clad restrained figure. The camera angle was from Joyce’s lower chest and upwards, and she saw the steady rise and fall of Joyce’s latex covered chest. As she read all the system diagnostic data, all the tension drained from her. Everything was working perfectly. She inspected the video feed more closely and marveled at the details. Here laid the love of her life restrained in her boots, rubber dress and lingerie with her mouth, nose, ears, pussy and butt tubed and plugged. Shawna was stroking herself while observing. On the screen she could see Joyce’s fists flexing inside their tight little mittens, hands cuffed to her corset. She could see Joyce still straining against her bonds, how the upper chest harness kept her movements to small fractions of an inch. Further up she could see the gleaming neck collar keeping Joyce’s head in place and the black dome of the large ball-gag protruding from her mouth.

Shawna switched to the camera right in front of Joyce’s face, and her first reaction was a joyful surprise; “Hah, you little slut, you stole my vampire fangs! I’ll have to get you for that later, but damn… the look becomes you under the circumstances." Shawna sat and stared at the live feed of her buried little vampire wife and suddenly tears welled up in her eyes both of joy and a pang of sadness: Here under massive restraint was the one and only who unequivocally loved Shawna for all that she was and what she wasn’t. She wished that Joyce hadn’t blindfolded herself so she could have looked into those beautiful dark brown eyes. Instead the latex blindfold sealed flush over her eyes, overlaid by the leather harness strapped into the coffin, holding the large ball gag firmly embedded in Joyce’s mouth. She could see how Joyce’s jaw muscles were trying to deal with the large intruder in her oral cavity, her lips clamped tightly around the ball with the cute little fangs enveloping it. Shawna could see how Joyce used her tongue to rhythmically push the ball a few fractions of an inch in and out of her mouth. For a moment, Shawna wished she somehow was able to fit inside the coffin with Joyce, kissing those full luscious lips around the gag…

Further inspecting Joyce’s handywork, Shawna noted the feeding tube in her right nostril and the wider breathing tube embedded in her left. For a while she stared in fascination at the little silver chains from the bottom of the coffin, padlocked to Joyce’s earlobes. She could see they weren’t under any significant strain beside the weight of the little padlocks, but reckoned that the slightest head movement would remind Joyce of their presence. “I guess it couldn’t hurt too much expanding my own," Shawna thought while fingering her own ear piercings. She loved the restraint Joyce had imposed on herself with the padlock going through her septum piercing, holding her nose in position with the two chains going off to either side of the coffin. There was little slack in the chains but now and again Shawna could observe one of them going taught while the other one sagging slightly, as Joyce fought her restraints.

Chapter 5 – Enjoy the ride

Joyce had securely strapped herself into her own private corner of bondage heaven/hell as she began to mentally settle into the next three days of her life. Having established that movement on her own accord was absolutely not on the table, she tried to relax for a bit taking stock of her situation; buried in a box under about two feet of sand on top and to the sides, she had laid herself to rest in her favorite attire, black latex; panties, bra, stockings and suspenders inside her long, sexy gown. The latex was starting to heat up and get slick against her skin.

She could feel how her butt clenched around the enema plug, while her pussy rhythmically squeezed the still dormant vibrator held in check by the tight panties. She felt the elastic Y-cords pulling gently on her nipple and clitoris rings underneath it all. Her clit felt tight and exposed against the currently dormant vibrator strapped to it.

Her body and limbs were completely immobilized, from her toes locked in the ballet boots up to her head, strapped into the gag harness. Securely gagged and blindfolded, Joyce could not move her head in any direction. The harness pressed the back of her head down into the soft pillow, while tugging firmly at the corners of her mouth, holding the large black silicone ball securely between her lips. It kept her jaws apart while pressing down on her tongue. Joyce wondered how it would feel, same time tomorrow, but with the painkillers mixed into the feed, she figured she would be alright. She experimentally pushed at the ball in her mouth with her tongue, yet it only moved a few fractions of an inch, the very limited elasticity in the leather straps.

Joyce tried screaming just to try it, as she knew not a living soul on the entire planet would ever hear her in her voluntary grave. She might as well have been buried 5 miles under the ocean floor. As she let out a loud moan into her gag it was only in her head she could hear it, as her ears were tightly plugged with those Vaseline covered earplugs.

She shook her head as much as she could while she moaned, but where the harness held her head rigidly down, the pads against her temples and the chains padlocked to her nose and her earlobes instantly stopped short any side-movement of her head. Joyce could feel the cold metal of the padlock shackle through her nose was starting to warm up, but the chains had no give, so they tightened instantly when she attempted to move her head. Joyce felt the strain on her tender earlobes and was reminded of how brutally effective they were restrained with a little silver padlock going through each. It was an exercise in futility anyway, as Joyce could feel the unyielding grip of the stainless steel around her already snug posture collar as a constant presence around her throat. She recalled when they built the coffin how the collar was secured with two strong bolts to the coffin floor, strong enough to hold her entire weight. Snapping that collar shut every time she tested the fit, seemed like the ultimate act of surrender to the burial machine.

The upper body harness was doing its job of keeping her shoulders down admirably. Joyce felt the presence of the snug strap over her upper chest, going from armpit to armpit, pinning her down in the coffin. The two straps from above her shoulders connected to it, holding her shoulders in a gentle yet unyielding grip, preventing even as much as a shrug when Joyce tested her limits. Knowing the straps were nicely locked gave her a sense of security as she squirmed sensually against the straps.

She fared no better with her arms, now being held firmly down by the belt loops right above her elbows. The constant pull kept her cuffed hands arched inward over her chest, where the handcuffs were padlocked to the steel busk of her corset. Joyce could not move her lower arms more than an eighth of an inch up and down her body.

Joyce tested her movement of her fingertips encased in both the dress gloves and the mittens. She found she could only really squeeze the bulbs in her hands. Now the burial automatics had finished their job, they did not have any further function unless Shawna configured it. The deal was that Joyce was to be confined in the coffin for 72 hours of solitary confinement without interruption, unless a medical situation was detected by the sensors or an equipment malfunction. Both were highly unlikely as Joyce was in great shape and Shawna had spared no expense designing all the systems reliable and redundant.

Her legs were equally immobile, being locked in the boots, themselves locked into the panel at the bottom of the coffin and held with straps all the way up to her crotch. It was an interesting sensation that between the two straps encircling her thighs close to her crotch and the tight steel waist belt, no movement was possible. The bondage was flawless and appealed to Joyce’s sense of perfection. She shivered in realization that she had placed herself into this immaculate machine of restraint, which at least in principle could keep her in its tight grip forever; there was absolutely no escape.

Joyce just laid there in her darkness and let the feelings wash over her, trying to process the sensory signals her body was sending her brain. She managed a smile behind the gag; “Hah! In your face, Beatrix Kiddo – there would be absolutely no Pai Mei’ing your bony ass out of this box!”

She knew however she would not be left without stimuli for long. When planning the adventure, Shawna and herself had set up a strict day schedule the coffin would run through every 24 hours.

Her next three days in the coffin would be made up of three cycles; exercise, cumming, and sleeping, with feeding and cleaning in between. At irregular intervals the alternate air pressure mattress she was lying on would change configuration, providing cushioning on some parts of her body, while removing it on others. All the while her catheter would drain her bladder. Whenever there was sufficient pressure built up, a valve would release it, giving her the sensation of relief.

Gauging by the time she put herself under, the time was somewhere between 4 and 5pm Friday afternoon, so nothing would happen until the edging program kicked in at 5pm. It didn’t take long before it did.

Joyce awoke to a slowly increasing buzzing on her clit. The butterfly vibrator had started, announcing it was time for her evening tease/edging program. This program was designed to keep her teetering on the edge of an orgasm for the next two and a half hours. Her vaginal vibrator kicked in, and she was approaching high orbit fast. The system was obviously monitoring her vitals, as when she was approaching an orgasm, the system dialed back, refusing to let her come. Joyce let out a muffled roar in frustration and shook her cuffed and mittened fists in futility in front of her. As soon as her pulse came down, the system began mercilessly running her up the ladder again, just to deny her pleasure mere seconds before she went over the edge. “Oh no, this will drive me completely mad!” Joyce thought.

As the program progressed, Joyce could feel how the system was breaking down her will and fortitude. She could also feel how her pierced nipples and clit had swollen hard, all three of them gently tugging against the T-elastic connecting them underneath her latex attire. Her nipples were the most sensitive, yet as the cord pulled on the hood of her enlarged clit, it exposed her most sensitive spot directly to the clit vibe strapped over it.

The vibe in her vagina would work its own magic in concert with the clit vibe, to grind away at her sanity. Eventually the enema plug would join in by inflating and deflating at the most intense times. As Joyce thrashed and struggled against the massive restraints keeping her secure in her artificial grave pit, tears of frustration were forming in her eyes, hidden away from the world under her blindfold. She moaned, cried and howled against the ballgag to no avail, partly amazed, terrorized and proud that she had put herself in this buried box of lust and terror, now at the mercy of the systems Shawna built.

The sexual tormenting of the buried prisoner continued for another two and a half hours and all along Joyce’s body felt like she was moments from exploding with pent up sexual frustration, yet Shawna’s coding was brutally effective. It refused to let her come before she was allowed to. The vibrations on her clit, butt and vagina died down as gently as they started, leaving Joyce desperately yearning for more. But it was time for dinner.

Being automatically force fed through a nose tube already installed, was an interesting yet at the same time an unremarkable affair; Joyce felt a slight cooling change of temperature in the tube entering her nasal cavity. It was soon followed by a sense of fullness in her stomach. The coffin let her rest for a half hour where nothing happened. Joyce felt a gradually building pressure in her bladder and she tried to go. However, this was another fiendish restraint system Shawna had designed for her: A pressure sensor and valve on the catheter let the pressure in Joyce’s bladder build up to the point just before it became painful. Joyce had to go really bad, but the catheter wouldn’t empty her before the system allowed it. She squirmed and moaned for what felt like forever before the valve finally opened and gave her some much-needed relief. With what felt like a years’ worth of pent up sexual frustration, the emptying almost, but not quite, triggering an orgasm.

Joyce laid resting, desperately unfulfilled after the edging program. She felt the pain in her jaw muscles subside once again, as the painkillers in the feed mix kicked in. She actually felt really comfortable and rather than struggle in futility, she luxuriated in her latex and bondage, sensually squirming against the restraints, humming with pleasure. She felt in the tight grip of a thousand arms of an otherworldly lover and could only sink deeper and deeper into an endless abyss of pleasure.

As if the system responded to cue, the forced-orgasm program began to execute. Like the edging program, it started up gently. First, her enema plug started inflating, as if to prime her for what was coming. Clit, vaginal and anal vibrators joined in one by one, soon sending Joyce crashing into the first of many enormous orgasms of the evening. The tens system joined in as well, causing her muscles to spasm when she was cuming over and over. At some point Joyce lost count of her orgasms along with control of her thoughts. She let the stimulation wash over her, slowly turning her mind to goo, unable to hold on to any coherent thoughts as the bondage and the relentless stimulation ground her will into dust. All she could do was to howl into her gag and twist against the bonds holding her still inside her coffin. This went on for another two hours, by which Joyce was completely spent. Every last orgasm had forcefully been extracted from her body and soul and she didn’t even have the energy left to struggle nor cry. An odd twitch here when the tens pads fired, was all that happened. Joyce just wished it would stop and she could sleep.

Not too long after, the system wound down and prepared for sleep mode. The enema plug deflated, the tens pads stopped firing and all the vibrations stopped slowly. By then, under different circumstances, Joyce would have rolled over and pulled up her blanket if she could, as she was more than ready to call it a night. The system was programmed to anticipate this. Slowly the latex pillow panels along the sides, lid and bottom began to inflate, much like those advanced massage chairs at the mall. Joyce felt the grip of the coffin all the way from her legs up to the sides and top of her head. It felt oddly tranquil and safe - like she was being held snug and secure in a gigantic hand, gently squeezing her from all sides. The only place where nothing changed was in front of her nose where there was no inflatable panel, allowing her to still breathe freely. Secure in the snug grip of the coffin, it didn’t take long for Joyce to doze off.

Around 06:30 Saturday morning, Joyce woke up and had a near panic attack and struggled in vain against the inflated coffin and all her bonds, as she came to recall the last day. Oh my god, I’m still here – and not even half-way through the weekend… she thought. She began to relax again, eventually falling back into a snooze and didn’t notice the inflatable panels slowly deflating and releasing their grip about half an hour later. Joyce woke up again at 8:00 to the slow buzzing of her clit vibrator, signaling the start of a new day. After fifteen minutes of gentle buzzing, the breakfast feeding cycle began. Once again, Joyce felt the tube through her nostril change temperature as a fresh “meal” was pumped into her.

As she digested her involuntary meal, she wondered how she would feel when Monday afternoon rolled around, which given the circumstances seemed an eternity away. While her thoughts were miles away, suddenly Joyce felt the butt plug slowly enlarge in her rear. Oh dear, it might be time for the morning enema, she thought. Sure enough, soon she felt the rush of warm water being pumped into her abdomen. The warm water slowly filled her and she felt her belly pressing on the insides of the corset. Just as Joyce started to feel uncomfortably full, the water stopped. The system held the pressure for a few minutes and just as the cramps started, the pressure in her bowels was released. This pattern repeated 3 times. “Wow, I must be clean as a whistle inside by now," Joyce thought to herself as the last of the enema fluid was pumped out.

At 9:30am, the electro-stim program started off with a gentle thrumming in Joyce’s arms and legs, moving down her back, making her butt clench around the plug embedded there. The patterns changed and the gentle electrical impulses grew steadily in intensity to the point where Joyce was thrashing in her bonds as the electrical shocks caused her muscles to involuntarily contract. The program at one point changed to torturing her with quick, almost painful zaps at random. She yelped into her gag and jerked each time some part of her body got zapped, but could do nothing to stop the onslaught. This went on for about 20 minutes and the uncertainty, inevitability made tears form in her eyes and she cried out as the gentle yet unpredictable torture went on. The program switched to general muscle massaging again, but more powerful. The forced excretions and thrashing had made her hot and breathing hard. As she squirmed, Joyce felt the insides of her latex gown and stockings once again had become slick. There was nothing to do about it, except looking forward to a long spa bath at the end of her ordeal.

At the peak of the electro-stim program Joyce felt her mind almost turning to gel, as she had nothing to focus on, other than the constant onslaught of the electro zaps all over her body. She breathed hard through her nose while biting down hard on the rubber ball strapped in her mouth, as the stim program reached its peak. Operating completely on automatic her muscles contracted and relaxed, sliding inside her latex attire. As the program winded down, Joyce relaxed knowing the hard part of the day was over. The program would give her an hour to relax and catch her breath. As the program wound down, she felt her pulse go down too and her breathing slowed.

The morning muscle workout had taken its toll, making Joyce quite thirsty. She sucked on the little hole in the ballgag and was rewarded with little squirts of cool water. Enough to satisfy her thirst, but not enough to accidentally choke on. She continued drinking for a while until the system cut her off, preventing her from over-hydrating herself. Joyce was tired, dozing off for a bit. As her eyes grew heavy beneath the blindfold, she felt the mattress change shape underneath the latex covering, shifting her weight onto other, more comfortable pressure points.

Joyce slept through her feeding at noon only to wake up at 1pm to the start of the afternoon exercise program. This program was different as it besides the tissue massage would introduce sharp little shocks where she least expected them. Once again, she found herself thrashing in her restraints whenever one of the little “love bites” hit her. By 4pm Joyce was worked up in a frenzy, tired in all her muscles groups from all the electro stimulation and general thrashing. The program would allow her an hour to rest. Joyce reveled in the sensation and would have been slipping and sliding inside her rubber, touching herself all over, if not for the super heavy restraint on every part of her body. Instead she consigned herself to relaxing until the 5pm stim program kicked in.

Joyce had now come full circle and had started another cycle in the program. She was only gradually aware of this as she felt she was slowly but surely losing her grip on reality. “Good god, I hope I can get my head screwed on straight again after this ordeal," Joyce thought. She had decided to stop fighting and surrender completely to the machine that now enslaved her body and soul, to simply become this rubber entity strapped down, lost somewhere between torment and bliss. Time seemed to slow down as it always did when Joyce was in sensory deprivation bondage. Yet this time it was different, buried under many hundred pounds of sand in a dark, locked, forgotten room in an old house and only one person in the world knew about it. Joyce was now well beyond fear, panic and oh-no-what-ifs. If something bad had happened to Shawna, she would accept her fate and fade into the void. At least she was packaged in the proper container, a smidge of dark sarcasm bubbled up to the surface of her conscience.

Time is a matter of perception. For Joyce time had effectively stopped and lost all meaning. Intense fantasies replaced visions of death and became reality as they played out in her head. During one week she was an ancient Egyptian queen, to be buried alive in her pyramid tomb, never to see the sun again, kept alive by a magic amulet. Another month she was a restrained inmate onboard a prison space freighter, her stasis pod jettisoned from the doomed ship as it got hit by a meteor storm, now she was destined to drift forever through the cosmos, kept alive by the pod’s nuclear core. Another year went by as the Vampire Queen of the living dead, trapped forever in her tomb by (apparently a rather kinky) Dr. Van Helsing. At other times she just faded completely, resigned to recounting the finite sensory inputs she could interpret; the slickness of the latex against her skin, the tugging of the thin bungee cords on her nips and clit, her toes held in the rigid ballet boots, the gentle pull of the chains in her ears and nose, the strap holding the large ball in her mouth, the blindfold keeping her eyes shut, the collar gently yet firmly holding her neck in place, the shoulder harness and restraining loops on her upper arms, pinning her upper body to the coffin floor, the straps holding her legs still at every joint. Joyce took it all in and accepted it as her new reality…

Meanwhile, Shawna was keeping watch upstairs. She had taken a couple of days off from her contracting jobs to be there 100% for Joyce both during her self-inflicted ordeal, yet also to help her back to the land of the living, once her subterranean incarceration was over. Her heart was aching for Joyce trapped in the basement tomb, under the care of the coffin. Especially the first 24 hours were excruciating to watch as the machine systematically broke down Joyce’s will and turned her into a restrained sex zombie. Shawna had watched how Joyce had gone through every emotional register available to a human and she had been very close to terminating the experience, listening to Joyce softly crying into her gag in her grave.

What stopped her was Joyce’s own strict stipulations. Unless there was a physical health problem or other immediate danger, Shawna should not exhume her before the three days were over, no matter how much she struggled, screamed or cried. Joyce wanted the experience of initiating something monumental to herself and once set in motion she would be unable to stop it.

Shawna spent her time monitoring all the life support and stim systems, making sure everything was running as expected. Wow, I’ve managed to calibrate this thing so well it probably could run for months, Shawna shuddered at the thought just like Joyce had done. She could not even begin to comprehend what that would be like. The worst part was that for safety reasons, Shawna had restricted herself from hard self-bondage while Joyce was buried. She did, however, as a ritual every evening, dress in her black satin governess gown and matching lingerie, locked herself in a ball-gag harness, strapped her knees together and took the tablet with her to bed, masturbating along with Joyce being run through her evening stim program.

Shawna took a few painkillers prior, so she could sleep with the ball-gag harness strapped in. If Joyce was to be gagged for three full days, Shawna figured she at least could keep her wife company for the nights. She turned off the tablet and the bedside light, strapped on a leather blindfold before locking her hands in a pair of keyless play-handcuffs behind her back. Being lightly restrained for sleep was good, as she felt a strong bond to her interred wife in the tomb below.

Time, it is said, is a funny thing. For one of the ladies, it went slow and for the other, it had completely lost meaning. As the second day drew to a close upstairs, in the netherworld Joyce’s thoughts had scattered in the cosmos, only to emerge once in a while like a shooting star traversing an otherwise pitch-black sky.

Chapter 6 - Resurrection

Morning came bright and sunny on the third day as Shawna woke slowly and relished in her satin dress, now damp with sweat from the night. She was turning horny quickly, as this afternoon she would be bringing her love back from the twilight. Shawna rolled over on her stomach and dry humped the bed while thinking of Joyce downstairs. It did not take her long to cum in her tight satin panties while moaning into the ball-gag harness. She laid there for a while in the orgasm’s afterglow and thought about the coming events of the day. Shawna rolled over and got her feet over the side of the bed. She quickly removed the cuffs and placed them on the bed stand, unstrapped her legs and slowly removed the blindfold, adjusting to the bright morning light streaming in through the window. She squinted against the morning light.

Still gagged very much, Shawna went to the bathroom downstairs where she left the padlock keys for the gag harness and removed it. While brushing her teeth, she worked her jaw and speculated on how to get Joyce accustomed to not wearing a gag after 3 days straight. She checked in on Joyce, all vitals still looking good and nothing to see on the cameras except a random muscle spasm. She unzipped the satin dress and put it in a hamper, changing for sandals, jeans and a white t-shirt. Shawna went to prepare food, clothes and various things for Joyce’s return to the land of the living.

She finished just about as the old grandfather clock in the dining room struck 4pm. There was still an hour before the magical 5pm where Shawna was supposed to break radio-silence and re-initiate contact with the coffin’s occupant. She had thought about what her first words to Joyce in 3 days should be. In the end she didn’t come up with anything useful and just began heading downstairs for the first time since Joyce interred herself. Shawna was carrying the key to the Mortuary room on a lanyard around her neck. It had not left its place there since Joyce began her adventure. Now Shawna took it off her neck and located the hidden keyhole for the deadbolt.

The door clicked open and the lights came on. There was a soft hum coming from the machinery keeping Joyce alive and a faint lingering scent of latex still hung in the air. Shawna dimmed the lights and sat down next to the grave pit. She stroked the sand with her hand, thinking about how her love was strapped in, just a couple of feet below her touch. She laid her arm on the sand and rested her head on it, while drawing little hearts in the sand. The room was nice and warm and the early day caught up with her. Shawna drifted off to a snooze lying on top of the sand separating her from her bound wife.

Shawna woke later, still languishing on top of the warm sand. She glanced at her watch; “Shit, it’s almost 7!" she cursed. Yet she wasn’t too worried about it; Joyce’s vitals were fine, although her heart rate was up a bit. The stim program had started at 5pm and had now been running for almost two hours. “She’s probably busy cuming her brains out down there now - probably hasn’t noticed a thing”

Shawna stood up, brushed the sand off her clothes and grabbed her tablet. She turned the coffin system on manual and connected her Bluetooth headset. She hit a pause icon, which would pause all stim and tens routines. Shawna took a deep breath, then hit the mike icon on her tablet and said in her most sultry voice; “Hello love, your internment has ended and it’s time to bring you home. Please acknowledge that you can hear me by squeezing one of your hand-bulbs." A red and a green bulb were mounted on the wall, wired into the control system. The bulbs would light up as Joyce squeezed the bulbs. So far nothing…? Shawna looked at the heart monitor readout and Joyce’s heart-rate was through the roof! She had heard Shawna alright!

Inside Joyce’s tomb, everything had stopped and Shawna’s voice came like thunder from a clear sky. In her mixed state of mind with a series of thundering orgasms behind her, Joyce first decided she was probably dreaming or her over-orgasmed brain had imagined her wife’s voice.

Shawna tried one more time “Hello, are you still down there? Please acknowledge." Still no response. “Perhaps she’s so far gone she doesn’t know what I’m asking?" Shawna thought, adding a slight worrying furrow to her face. An impish impulse hit her “Hon, I’m calling down to tell you, while you were under I won a free cruise to the Bahamas. Since you’re doing so well, I figured leaving you down there for another three weeks until I come back. If you’re okay with it, just remain calm and everything will sort itself," Shawna said in her most cheery and bubbly sugar voice. She sat back and waited for a response.

Below the sand, when the familiar voice came back, three words caught onto her foggy perceptions: Three, Weeks and Leave. What happens in three weeks? Who’s leaving? How long is a week? A week is…seven days? Wait, what…OMFG! Joyce thought as the fog in her head rapidly cleared; NO! She can’t be serious!? Joyce’s scattered mind snapped back to attention in a microsecond. This can’t be happening! “No! Let me out!” she mmmphed into the ballgag and went ballistic again, writhing in her restraints, all while squeezing the bulbs in her mittened hands like mad.

Topside, only a couple of seconds had passed, then both bulbs on the wall lit up like the 4th of July. Joyce wanted out alright. “Okay, relax hon. Just wanted to get your undivided attention. There is no cruise, I’m not going anywhere and I am bringing you up now.”

The flashing slowed down somewhat and eventually stopped as Shawna began the exhumation process. She took a long industrial vacuum hose down from the wall and flipped a switch next to it. Upstairs in the old garage, the powerful vacuum motor came to life. The vac made short work of the sand, returning it to the hopper upstairs. Before long Shawna reached the bottom of the grave pit and vacuumed the last bits of sand out around the coffin. She turned the vacuum off and returned to the workbench, where she unlocked the metal box containing the wire cutters. She also brought a battery powered drill with a screwdriver bit-holder mounted.

All of a sudden Joyce could hear something. At first it was a faint sound due to her earplugs and the sand above, but soon she could hear scraping around the coffin. Yay, something was happening – probably Shawna removing the sand.

Shawna started turning the handle on the coffin winch, slowly bringing the coffin back to the surface. When the bottom of the coffin was almost level with the edge of the grave pit, she stopped turning.

It was time to open the lid and see what Rubber Vampirella had been up to, Shawna thought with a smile. One by one, she opened up the covers of the little servo enclosures, responsible for driving in the coffin screws. Shawna put the drill in reverse and used the bit to connect to the stud inside, reversing each screw. The screws were tight but came out easily. Shawna worked around the coffin lid until all 8 screws were out.

Inside the coffin, Joyce’s excitement grew. She was almost out! She faintly heard the whirring one by one as Shawna removed the coffin screws. Shawna knelt next to the head of the coffin. All screws were removed and she was ready to lift the lid and have physical contact with her wife after three days of hard bondage separation. She paused for a moment, savoring the moment, then gripped the heavy lid and lifted it.

Joyce felt a whiff of fresh air on her face and she knew she was back. She laid perfectly still to present herself properly to Shawna. In turn Shawna looked down and saw her love in all her restrained glory. To Shawna, Joyce looked marvelous, with the dark lipstick, contrasting the cute little fangs encasing the severe ballgag still locked in her mouth. She marveled at how orderly everything was inside the coffin. As she had been completely unable to move, Joyce’s hair was laid out exactly as when she entered the coffin 3 days ago. The heavy rubber gown was laid out as pretty as could be without any ruffles, as the hem was still buttoned to the bottom end of the coffin.

Shawna leaned in, stroked Joyce’s cheek and kissed her forehead. She mumbled to herself “Ew. You kinda stink my dear, but hey - I’ve got a nice warm tub ready for you upstairs." Joyce could hear Shawna mumble faintly behind her earplugs and could hardly contain herself. At the first kiss, she let out a squeal, pushed on her gag and fluttered her balled up fists as much as she could to show her joy of being freed. Shawn reached in for Joyce’s ears and gently removed the earplugs, so she could hear what Shawna said. “Well, I can’t wait to hear what it was like, but now let’s get you untangled from this box. Joyce hummed back in happy acknowledgement.

Reaching into her pocket, Shawna brought out her bundle of keys and began to free Joyce from her various bonds. She worked her way down from the top, unlocking the padlock in Joyce’s nose, then leaned in to reach the more difficult ones attached to her earlobes. Unlocking the ballgag from each of the 4 posts around Joyce’s head, she gently yet firmly pulled the ball out with a little pop, taking the two vampire fangs out with it, as the glue came loose. “Better save those for later," Shawna thought and pocketed the fangs. Still blindfolded Joyce held her mouth half-way agape, as her muscles were stiff as a stick and let out a quiet moan. Shawna gently massaged Joyce’s face from her temples all the way down over her cheekbones to her chin, several times and back again.

“Thank you my love for rescuing me," Joyce said – her first words in three days; “erm… you wouldn’t happen to have a mint on you dear? My breath is probably worse than death after 3 days down here.”

Shawna smiled. “Course, think there’s some Icebreakers over on the workbench - here you go," she said as she slipped a couple of mints between Joyce’s lips.

As Joyce sucked on the mints, Shawna leaned in and kissed Joyce on her lips while slowly removing the rubber blindfold. Joyce kept her eyes closed for a few moments, then started opening them slowly and carefully in the dimmed light. She looked straight into Shawna’s face and asked; “So, you grave-robbing ghoul you, how do you like your find?” Joyce asked with a loving smile.

Shawna ran her down hand over Joyce’s latex-covered bound form and returned her smile; “very much. So much that I might keep you down here for another week!" Shawna said and winked.

“Oh no!" said Joyce in feigned terror, “I’ll be good, I promise!”

“Well then, let’s get you out and cleaned up. You smell worse than old Barkley’s chew toy ever did." Joyce laughed softly and was certainly looking forward to slipping out of the latex and into a long bath.

Working diligently, Shawna used the wire cutters to clip the mittens off Joyce. They sat silently for a bit holding hands, savoring the moment. Shawna reached for a lever inside the coffin, right over Joyce’s shoulder and pulled. A ‘clack’ was both heard and felt from the back of the coffin, where the elbow loops released. “Goddammit you bondage slut, why did you have to turn the keyholes downwards?" Shawna sighed in resignation as she was fidgeting with the handcuff keys.

Joyce giggled sheepishly in return, as Shawna eventually managed to slip the key in and release her hands. Joyce removed the protective leather cuffs, on her own, while Shawna continued to unlock the neck collar, shoulder harness and waist belt. Joyce motioned to get up, but was defeated by her own efforts as her muscles despite all the e-stim were still somewhat sore. Shawna told her to lie back and relax until she had a chance to undo all her leg restraints. Shawna unbuttoned the hem of Joyce’s latex gown from the bottom of the coffin. She slowly ran a hand over Joyce’s legs up to her crotch feeling all the hardware installed there. Man, it’s gonna be murder getting all that gear out, she thought. Shawna unlocked and unbuckled the straps holding ankles, knees and thighs and finally unlocked the foot panel, holding Joyce’s ballet boots captive. A click was heard as the locking pins retracted and Shawna helped Joyce remove her booted feet from the contraption and unlocked the ankle cuffs.

Now free of the coffin with the exception of all the wiring and plumbing, Shawna helped Joyce sit up in the coffin. She unlocked the posture collar and Joyce rolled her head slowly around in relief. Shawna unplugged the multi-connector for all the electrics. She proceeded to clamp the hoses to avoid any spills. The plumbing would be removed once they reached the bathtub upstairs. Shawna used the wire cutters to remove the zip ties from the boots, the corset and the zipper on the gown. She undid the laces on the ballet boots and Joyce flexed her rubber covered toes in relief.

Shawna slid an arm under Joyce’s knees while supporting her back with the other, gently lifting her lithe frame out of the coffin. “Alright Mrs. Coffin-dodger," Shawna said with a smile; “Let’s get you upstairs and cleaned up." As Shawna carried her wife up the stairs in a loving embrace, Joyce was enjoying every moment of it, leaning her head on Shawna’s shoulder. They reached the bathroom where Shawna had prepared a warm bath and tossed in a couple of scented bath-bombs. She gently deposited Joyce in the tub, still wearing her rubber gown and lingerie. Shawna stripped out of her own clothes and climbed in the tub.

As Joyce luxuriated in the sensation of the warm water flowing up inside her dress, Shawna started working on the tubes, still stuck in Joyce’s nostrils. “Okay, let’s get the feeding line out first.." Shawna said. She leaned in and took a firm grip of the tube, pulling it steadily. Joyce braced herself against Shawna’s arm and looked her in the eyes to focus on something until the horrible urge to retch passed and the tube popped out of her nose. Shawna quickly moved in with a syringe full of saline water and squirted a healthy dose up Joyce’s nose to wash back any droplets of stomach fluid which could have dripped off the tube in her nasal passage. Joyce made a poo-face, swallowing some of the salt water. Checking she could breathe uninterrupted, Shawna proceeded to pull out the breathing tube from Joyce’s other nostril. That one came out rather easily with a little pop.

Joyce reached down and pulled up the massive skirt, allowing Shawna access underneath. They worked together to detach the latex stockings from the garters and rolled them down Joyce’s slender legs

“Ah, it’s so nice to have my toes out again," Joyce commented with a smile; “Will you help me remove the last bits and the gown, hon?" Already on the task, Shawna slid a couple of fingers inside the tight high waisted latex panties and pulled them down, exposing the two plugs and the clit massager. All of the equipment had been waterproofed so they could be used and removed in the tub. The vaginal dildo almost popped out by itself, however the butt plug took a little coaxing and Joyce winced as the widest part slipped past her muscle once again. The clit-vibe popped right off with the elastic bands holding it in place.

The last piece of hardware to go was the catheter. Shawna deflated the little air balloon keeping it locked inside Joyce’s bladder. Joyce screwed her eyes shut and braced for the expected pain, yet surprisingly the medical device slid gently out of her uthrea without incident. Opening one eye cautiously, looking at Shawna already putting the device away; “Huh, that wasn’t even half as bad as I expected," she said.

Almost regrettably for Joyce, it was time to remove the gown. Shawna moved behind Joyce on the edge of the tub, pushed her hair aside, took hold of the zipper and opened up the gown and began peeling it off Joyce’s body. Last bit to go was the bra and falsies and Joyce was once again as naked as the Friday last week where she entered her voluntary confinement.

With all the gear floating around the tub, Shawna took the time to lather up her wife in soap and shampooed her hair twice. Joyce enjoyed the gentle caresses and attention until it was time to get up.

Later that night, they each shared their experiences over dinner. “Maybe we could install a monitor in the coffin like in that story with the four girls? Then I could maybe stay down a little longer?"

Shawna looked up –“And exactly just how long were you thinking of staying down?"

“Maybe a week… or…two? ” Joyce added hesitantly. “I could really use some time off and maybe binge Breaking Bad while I’m at it," she added with a laugh.

“And I’m just supposed to sit around up here while you’re having a two-week fling with Walter White downstairs, huh?" Shawna replied with an incredulous smile, “If you’re going under for that kind of time, I’m coming with you!”

Joyce dropped both her fork and her jaw at the same time “Say what? How would that even work?”

“I’ve got some ideas.." said Shawna with a vague smile, looking at the air in front of her, “but that will be a story for another day."


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