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Shawna's Maypole

by MaypoleWalker

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Chapter 1 – Bed time

In the master bedroom, where Shawna was sleeping alone until Joyce came home, she had already laid out what she wanted to wear that night. Before dressing, she set up a classic stocking, ring, ice cube and string key release beside the bed. It was an advantage having a small fridge with a freezer in the bedroom. A set of keys hung out of reach of the bed, held up near the ceiling by a large ice cube which would melt and drop the keys sometime in the morning. A sleigh-bell was attached to the key-ring so she could find them easier. A long and 2-inch-wide custom white belt had been added to the bed. It went across and all the way around the king-sized mattress and frame. A smaller belt attached at 3 points to the wide belt, allowing a waist to be firmly strapped to the bed. The smaller belt had a lock and a solid D-ring on the front…

Both Shawna and Joyce enjoyed immensely sleeping in satin, silk and spandex, so the bed, pillows and duvets were today already covered in thick soft white satin. Shawna first slipped in a small stainless butt plug with a nice red jewel at the end. She opted for a non-vibrating plug, as she seriously wanted to sleep. Shawna then slipped into a pair of tight white satin panties, stockings, garters and a chemise. Shawna added no less than 2 long satin petticoats, the inner one most restrictive, and the outer one fluffier and more voluminous. She wore a pair of long white satin opera gloves which went almost up to her armpits.

On top of everything she wore an extensively modified white satin bridal dress from It had a zip up back, long sleeves puffed at the shoulders. White leather belts were sewn into the high satin neck, above the knees and at each wrist. All belts were lockable of course. Each sleeve has a small pouch attached at the wrist for her fists. The pouches had an elastic band at their base. While she could take the mitts off herself with relative ease, these were just for keeping her hands from fidgeting all over when sleeping.

Shawna first cuffed her ankles with two padded white leather cuffs and padlocked them on. She then stepped into the large wedding dress, getting goosebumps as she slid the cool white satin over her skin. She reached behind the small of her back, and slowly zipped the dress up to the nape of her neck. 

The belt over the knees was tightened. Shawna enjoyed the delicious feeling of her silk-stocking clad legs being held tightly together under all the petticoats. The waist belt was firmly buckled as well. The belt at the neck was done as well, covering the neck zipper. The cuffs at the wrists were done last and Shawna diligently applied cute little heart-shaped silver padlocks to all of the buckles. The dress was definitely not coming off without the keys now. She minced over to the bedroom door and turned off the ceiling lights. The room was now only illuminated by the pale moonlight shining through the blinds. This gave Shawna an idea. She turned the lights back on and made her way over to the makeup table where she sat down. She applied a light foundation of white, some dark makeup around the eyes and found her pair of Halloween glue-on vampire fangs. “Hell-yeah!” she thought with a smile; “Tonight, Shawna is going to bed as the Sexy Vampire Bondage Bride!” She painted her lips blood red and waited to ensure the makeup had dried properly so it wouldn’t rub off too much… While waiting, she played with the locked-on dress, caressing her already stiff nipples through the satin dress. She tried on a couple of ball gags, having fun making faces and hissing at the mirror, trying to determine what color ball gag looked best with the pale makeup, red lips and the fangs.

After a while, Shawna decided the makeup had dried well and it was time to get on with it. She turned off the lights again and crawled on to the bed, arranging her dress nicely. She picked up a few other bits from her nightstand drawer, then reached down to the foot of the bed where she pulled out a leftover from one of their other games, a strong bungee cord with an eyelet at the end. She passed the shackle of a larger padlock through the eyelet and through the D-rings on her ankle cuffs, effectively tethering her to the bed. Even with her hands free, it was now impossible for her to reach the keys hanging off the ice.

Sitting upright in the middle of the bed, Shawna arranges the white satin duvet properly around her legs and gathers the last few items around her. She opens a zip lock bag where she kept a white second pair of Joyce’s satin panties. She pulled them over her head, placing the crotch part right over her nose and mouth and inhaled her wife’s delicate fragrance once again. 

A white leather ball gag trainer-harness went over the panties, pressing them firmly against her face and into her mouth. Shawna had opted for a harness with a smaller white ball, which she could close her mouth over and get some sleep. She loved how the ball pushed the satin panties into her mouth and kept them there, letting her faintly taste Joyce’s pussy. 

Shawna added more silver padlocks to all four trainer harness straps and inserted a pair of earplugs which had already been coated in Vaseline. She loved how these things completely silenced the world around her.

The time had come to add a piece she had been looking forward to, a thick elbow length white veil, which Shawna pulled out of a bag. She had previously sprayed it with her favorite perfume, which fragrance started to fill the room. A while back she had modified the veil with a white elastic strap which now crowned her head. The strap had snap-locks in 3 places, where it attached to the trainer harness, virtually guaranteeing it would not come off regardless of any struggles. The veil had a small hole sewn in at the top, right over where a D-ring was mounted on the trainer harness underneath.

Before laying down on the bed, Shawna placed a white belt loop, about 2½ inches wide on the bed behind her, approximately where her upper arms would be. The belt had no buckle as Shawna had pre-measured out it’s required length and riveted it together.

Shawna glanced around the dimly lit room, where everything was now in a haze, looking through the veil. She checked the keys hanging where they should. The ice cube-sock was slowly melting, dripping down into a bucket filled with rags to dampen out the drip sound. Shawna looked into the large mirror at the foot of the bed and liked her reflection as the pale, ghostlike figure, all wrapped up in white, her dark eyes looking back at her through the panties, looking almost like a mask. Having feasted on the sight of her reflection, she opened up a small plastic box, containing a couple of white, opaque contact lenses. Shawna figured the dead-eye zombie look would go perfectly with the rest of the white, and the vamp makeup, plus they worked very well as a blindfold too. 

Effectively blinded, Shawna laid down on her back and reached down to her waist, where she pulled the waist belt tight and locked it. She then reached above her to the headboard of the bed. Another strong bungee cord was fixed there and she pulled it down, padlocking it to the top of her gag harness poking through the top hole in the veil. Shawna was gently stretched out on the bed between the big elastic cords and she reveled in the sensation of the smoothness of her satin bed, the lingerie and the dress combined with the gentle yet unyielding restraint.

She adjusted her veil on the pillow, then pulled the duvet up to her neck, covering the bottom of the veil. Had one looked down on Shawna, one would have seen a pale face with ghostly eyes, where nose and a blood red fanged mouth were covered by a white silk panty held in place by a gag harness. With half of the veil now covered by the duvet, Shawna was now in her own little cocoon of perfumed air and she breathed deeply while letting her tongue play over Joyce’s panties strapped around the ball in her mouth.

Shawna only needed to secure her arms and hands. She wasn’t getting off the bed anyway or out of her current outfit before the ice had melted, so there was no point in delaying further. Besides, she was quite tired from the day’s activities. She slowly slid her arms underneath the duvet and felt for the white belt now under her back. Turning to either side, as far as the fixed waist belt would let her, she pushed her arms into the belt loop, until it sat snug right over her elbows on both her upper arms.

The belt prevented Shawna from raising her arms but gave her just enough reach to the top of the waist belt, where a D-ring was waiting. She threaded her last medium sized padlock through the D-ring on her left cuff on her dress, then through the D-ring on top of the waist belt, then connected her right cuff. She took a deep breath and squeezed the padlock closed. 

Shawna laid perfectly still for a moment to enjoy the restraints and her silky-smooth attire. The elbow belt did its job keeping Shawna’s arms close to her body and reducing her available arm movement to a minimum. She tried raising her head and her legs in turn, but the powerful bungee cords pulled her back on the bed immediately. She tried flexing her legs but the knee strap put a stop to that. The gag was comfortable and kept Joyce’s panties secure in her mouth. 

Everything was as it should be with only one more thing to do: Shawna slipped the satin mittens attached to the dress cuffs over her hands. The mittens had drawstrings too, but as Shawna couldn’t tie these off without help, she just slipped the elastic band on the base of each mitten over her wrists. That would allow her to remove them herself in the morning. Shawna liked the added feeling of helplessness, having her already satin-gloved fingers balled up inside the mittens

Finally, everything was as it was supposed to be. Shawna slowly stretched and turned to dry hump the bed before sleeping, but she found she could not even turn more than a couple of inches to each side. She tried to reach down to rub herself off, but found the waist belt kept her mittened fists just off the top of her cock so she was left to jerk her hands in frustration in her bonds. “Damn, there’s going to be no nutting off tonight before nodding off," she silently cursed. “If I’d just waited a few minutes before closing this last goddamn padlock. Damn! Damn! Damn!!” - Combined with the exhaustion and frustration, Shawna eventually fell asleep bound and gagged.

Chapter 2 – The homecoming

Unbeknownst to Shawna, Joyce had hopped a red-eye flight earlier and was at that moment in the air homebound. She landed at the airport at 6 in the morning and the Uber dropped her off at home around 7 30 am. Shawna was not expecting her before sometime in the evening, so Joyce relished the incognito opportunity to see what kind of naughtiness that Shawna had been up to, while she had been away. She quietly let herself into the house, parked her roller in the entry hall and looked around. Shawna was definitely home, but wasn’t up yet. Joyce noticed the door to the basement was open and she headed down there to see what was going on. She saw the maypole setup, wondering how it worked and noticed all the other items strewn around the room; she wasn’t completely sure what they were. Joyce noticed the video cameras on the wall, reached up and popped out the SD card from one of them. She got her tablet out of her purse, popped the card in and played the video files. Fast forwarding through the dressing and setup, she gasped at Shawna’s elaborate self-bondage setup “Wow, you really outdone yourself this time, my girl!," she smiled; “I’m going to have fun watching this in its entirety later”. Joyce was definitely getting wet in her panties and willed herself to put the tablet back in her purse and go back upstairs.

Still no sign of Shawna, Joyce continued up to the 2nd floor and stopped in the bathroom to relieve herself after the trip. Drying off, she noticed the PVC clothes hanging to drip dry over the hot tub. She stopped to touch the almost dry outfit “Well, this is new! I had no idea wife was such an accomplished seamstress," Joyce thought; “I’ll have to ask her to make me something like this”. 

Guessing Shawna was still in bed, Joyce tiptoed into the master bedroom, and sure enough there she was on the bed all covered up, lying on her back. Joyce moved in closer and she could see that Shawna indeed had been busy. Shawna was still sleeping soundly with a cute little snore, so Joyce quietly inspected the setup. As Shawna had shrugged off some of the duvet during the night, Joyce marveled at her wedding dress, the veil, and the bungee cords she recognized from her own hotel experience in Houston a while back. She noticed what she first thought was a mask, but then recognized it as panties (“Mine? You little pervy girl, you!” She thought with a broad smile. Joyce especially liked how the panties were held in Shawna’s sleeping mouth with the ball gag harness and that Shawna was wearing earplugs. “So, you like the taste of my pussy, hmm? – I’ve got an idea…” Joyce thought. She had already noticed the ice cube-stocking, which was very close to having melted enough to release the key. She reached up, quietly removed the keys and the sleigh bell, taking down the entire ice cube release. Joyce then quietly opened the closet, grabbed a few things and went into the next-door guestroom to dress herself.

Joyce undressed and folded up her civilian clothes and traded it out with a dominatrix outfit from hell: Black latex catsuit with an open crotch, a black PVC waist corset, opera gloves and thigh-high boots. She added a riveted collar just for the looks and hung a large 2” black ball gag around her neck too “You never know…” she thought. Last she put on her “tool belt” as she thought of it, which held a vibrator, a riding crop, a blindfold and some play-handcuffs that didn’t need a key to open.

Walking as quietly as she could in her thigh-highs, Joyce went back into the bedroom and placed herself in a comfy armchair right next to the bed, where the love of her life was still sleeping soundly. She sat there watching her stir softly in her sleep while stroking her pussy. As Joyce got more excited, she let out a soft moan. She remembered the big ball gag hanging around her neck and she strapped it in tightly and began fucking herself with a latex gloved finger, all while trying to remain as quiet as possible.

Shawna was stirring again and was slowly waking up. She didn’t want to as she was still in a very satisfying dream, but eventually she was awake, opening her eyes to nothing but white. It was obviously daylight but she couldn’t see a thing. She blinked a couple of times, then remembered; “Oh, right – the contacts!” Joyce watched closely as she had expected Shawna to see her when she woke up. She had not expected the white contact lenses. She waved a hand in front of Shawna’s face, but with no reaction she smiled and leaned back in her chair, caressing her latex covered body. Nice touch with the zombie eyes, my dear – let’s see what happens when you can’t find your release key, Joyce thought, with a mischievous smile behind her gag.

Shawna thought she sensed a flicker behind the opaque lenses, but quickly dismissed it as she had just woken up. Besides, Joyce wasn’t due home before tonight. Shawna languished in the bed, enjoying her bondage. Joyce’s panties were warm and moist against her face, the ball gag had been no problem sleeping with, she pushed it with her mouth, feeling the lovely sensation of Joyce’s panties wrapped around the ball, forced in her mouth. She could still smell the fragrant perfume off the veil, which still covered her face. The dress and petticoats were still held in check by the padlocked belt around her knees. She was still comfortably stretched out between the two bungee cords. Her hands were still very much attached to her waist, so there was little stimulation to be had before she released herself. With small deliberate movements with her hands, Shawna started to push the duvet off, revealing the cute little white fist mittens to Joyce’s marvel. It took a little effort by Shawna to slide them off her hands.

Shawna figured the key must have dropped while she was still asleep, as she hadn’t heard the sleigh bell chime. It had to be hanging on the string somewhere right in front of her hands. All she had was to reach up and grab them as she had measured everything out and tested so carefully. Nothing? She tried again, stretching and reaching in the air as far as she could with her bound wrists, without any success. Then she started systematically groping to her sides, searching for the key that had to be there… right? Slowly the fear started building in the pit of Shawna’s stomach. “OMG, no way! This can’t have happened! - Where is the goddamned key?!” The fear started to escalate into a full panic and Shawna started thrashing around in her bonds on the bed, having no idea that salvation was only a couple of feet away and horny as hell.

Joyce sat intensely watching Shawna with her legs spread out over the armchair, still tightly gagged and now wearing her handcuffs in front, while running her vibrator on its lowest speed to keep the noise down. She was getting hornier by the second watching her wife’s frantic struggles. Shawna was kicking against the bungees and the waist belt tethering her to the bed, moaning inside the panties, thrashing around in the slinky satin dress with its devious restraint bands. There wasn’t anything she could do to break free. Meanwhile Joyce was silently cumming like a freight train. She put the vibrator down afterwards, unclicking the play-cuffs but left the ball gag in her mouth on a whim. Shawna had in the interim gone from panic to quiet sobbing, realizing she would be trapped all day in bed until Joyce came home later in more than 12 hours. Joyce instantly felt sorry for her and knew it was time to spring the surprise. 

As Shawna was still forced to lie on her back, Joyce slid onto the bed in one smooth motion worthy of a Ninja. She pulled up Shawna’s veil and straddled her gagged and blinded face, planted her shaved wet pussy right over Shawna’s nose and started grinding down on her gagged mouth. In a matter of seconds, Shawna went through a kaleidoscope of emotions, from weeping despair over shock, relief, a flash of anger-wtf to full blown passion as she recognized the scent of her wife, now all powerful on top of her. She only managed to utter something like “M-wammff?! Mmmffffff!” as Joyce spread her pink lips and lowered herself onto Shawna’s covered face, cutting off her airflow for a few seconds. As Joyce pulled back, Shawna gulped down a breath of fresh air then tried to reach Joyce’s pussy again, but was held back by the bungee cord tethering her to the headboard. Joyce moved her pussy gently forward again, gently sliding her clit over Shawna’s silk covered nose, rubbing it against the ball strapped in her mouth. At the same time, she grabbed her vibrator from her belt, cranked it up to full speed and leaned over backwards to hold it against Shawna’s crotch. Even through the petticoats and bridal dress, Shawna felt the powerful vibrations and was rapidly pushed towards her edge. The satin, the bondage, the butt plug in her ass, Joyce queening her while vibing her crotch sent her into a seizure of pure pleasure; her entire body stiffened as she sent out a low moan out through the panties and ball gag in her mouth, while burying her face in Joyce’s pussy. 

Joyce herself was not far behind. Recognizing without a doubt that her ‘zombie bride’ had blown her load, she took the vibrator off Shawna’s crotch and held it under her own ball gag and rubbed a bit of drool on it. She then pushed it slow but firmly up her rear, while grinding Shawna’s face. Joyce howled a long wail of pleasure into her ball gag as she came hard a minute later. As she eased the vibrator out and slowly moved back and looked down at Shawna, Shawna looked right back at her as one of her white contacts had popped out during the ‘heat of battle’ and Shawna winked back at Joyce with her remaining zombie eye. They both giggled behind their gags as Joyce laid down on top of Shawna and gave her a proper gag-kiss on top of the panties and everything.

Chapter 3 - Breakfast

After a while, Joyce eased up in a sitting position and unbuckled her own gag. She leaned in and gently pried out Shawna’s earplugs; “Well, look at you dear. Someone’s certainly been mousing around while the cat’s been away," she said with a big smile.

“Mm-mmmh," Shawna replied, stretching her still very much bound body.

“Let’s get you sorted," Joyce said and began unlocking Shawna’s ball gag harness. She removed the harness with the still attached veil and pulled the white panties off Shawna’s face. She marveled at Shawna’s vamp makeup and the fanged grin that met her own. “Wow, you absolutely outdid yourself this time, my girl! I watched a bit of the recordings from the basement, you’ve really been busy!”

“You liketh?" Shawna said out of practice speaking with half-inch fangs glued in her mouth.

“Yeah I LOVE the vampire bride look – speaking of which, I think I just found your other contact here," Joyce said, holding up the little white disk. “How about I help you with that other one?" she said while taking off one of her gloves.

Shawna nodded and Joyce carefully leaned in, gently pinching the contact lens, picking it from Shawna’s eye, restoring her vision completely. Joyce kissed away a resulting stray tear. “Hey, weren’t you shuposhed to come home thomorrow?” Shawna asked.

“The event I was supposed to participate in last day got cancelled, so I rebooked for an earlier flight. Glad I did, hmm?”

“Yeah, but you scared the crap out of me with that key stunt," Shawna replied. “I really thought I was thruly fucked there for a while!”

“I’m sorry if I scared you honey," Joyce said in earnest as she snuggled down beside Shawna in the warm bed and moved in close. She rested her head on Shawna’s chest and enjoyed the scent and feeling of her satin wrapped body. “Tell me how I can make it up to you," Joyce said with a low sultry voice as she pulled up the duvet.

“Mmm, how about breakfath?" Shawna said with one raised eyebrow and a fanged smile? And help me get theeshe stupith teeth out, pleathe?”

“Sure, I’ll head down and slap something together, but I kinda like you bound up, Vampirella Bride and all,” Joyce deliberated.

Shawna made a hissing sound showing all canines, hamming it up; “Careful, honey I might just bite and turn you by accident.”

“Uh-huh, sure you might," Joyce laughed, licking Shawna’s nose playfully, “Fortunately we’re equipped for that eventuality," she said and pulled her big ball gag free from her own neck and dangled it in front of Shawna’s face.

“Oh, you wouldn’t dare, fiendish wench," gasped Shawna feigning mock terror at the sight of the familiar toy. Joyce wasted no time slipping the ball into her own mouth, then bent over Shawna to gag kiss her, transferring the wet ball into Shawna’s mouth with her tongue, fastening the strap snugly in the nape of her neck.

“There!” Joyce said – “think of it as a safety device! If you ask me, Van Helsing would have done a lot better with a bunch of locking ball gags instead of all that messy business with wooden stakes,” Joyce laughed. 

“I’m going downstairs to flip some pancakes, make some eggs and toast for us. I’ll let you enjoy yourself in the meantime," Joyce said as she slipped one of the little silver padlocks onto the gag-strap on Shawna for good measure. She gently put the earplugs back into Shawna’s ears. Joyce held up the white satin panties she took off Shawna’s head before; “I know you like these..." she giggled while twirling them around her latex gloved index finger. While Shawna couldn’t hear Joyce well, she got the implication well enough and nodded a lustful “mm-hmmm!” back at Joyce, who in turn pulled the panties over Shawna’s head, smoothing the damp crotch piece out over her nose and gagged mouth. Giving Shawna a peck on her satin covered nose, Joyce strapped a padded leather blindfold over Shawna’s eyes, holding the panties firmly in place.

Shawna drew a deep satisfied breath through the panties, as Joyce rubbed her cock through the dresses. Tidying things up, she slipped each of the little satin fist mittens back onto Shawna’s satin gloved hands, then double-bowtied the drawstrings at the wrists for good measure. She rearranged the veil and duvet over Shawna, then closed the door headed downstairs.

Shawna, still lying strapped to the bed on her back, squirmed in delight in her bed bondage and tried to dry hump the air. She thought about what a lucky girl she had become, having Joyce as a wife. She hummed happily in her gag as she languished in the bed.

Joyce was having fun downstairs, cooking breakfast in her Dominatrix costume. “Guess there’s a first for everything – Yet probably not what Marie Callendar had in mind when beating the eggs and whipping the cream," she chuckled as she packed a tray with the food, got her tablet out of her purse and went back upstairs.

Shawna was a hot mess when Joyce came back upstairs, she had tried to cum again in her tethered, bound, blinded, gagged and deaf state. Joyce put the tray down by the side of the bed and started undoing all Shawna’s restraints. When at last the ball gag was unlocked and popped out of Shawna’s mouth, the Latex Dominatrix and the Satin Bride shared a long kiss and had a leisurely breakfast together, while watching the video of Shawna’s adventure in the basement.


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