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She 2: Casting

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

Part 2: Casting

After her last experiment she had decided that the frog tie position would be the one she would start her week of torment with, she now had to convince him to help her with it. She invited him over and answered the door in a skin tight latex catsuit, it had gloves and feet with an open face hood, she was wearing her 6 inch locking strap heels and her chastity belt, of course with both holes filled with large vibrators. While they were eating dinner she explained what she wanted from him as he played with the vibrator remotes she had given him making her squeal and twist in her chain as she explained. After a few questions he agreed. That was easy she thought to herself, as they settled on a few more items but most importantly was her insistence that under no circumstances would she to be freed unless he thought her life depended on it. He would be able to change the position of her arms or legs but never were both to be open at the same time. 

They picked a start date so she could take her vacation at the end of the next month. He came over several times during that time to practice putting her into and cutting her out of her fiberglass cocoons. One Friday she had begged him to come over and finish her total mummification but he resisted having a date until she finally got him to give in and come over earlier. She got home and had less than two hours before he was due to be there to get covered completely as she could manage by herself then he would swing by finish her up and then come by later to release her.

She quickly put on her ballet boots lacing them up to her crotch, she then put her new plugs under her chastity belt, she would leave the settings to him, she wrapped her legs from the ankles up to her crotch and while the fiberglass was hardening  she slid her new corset on, a brand new leather one with wide steel stays that would pull her waist in dramatically and went from just below her breasts down to her pubic bone keep her torso rigidly in a perfect posture, tightening it until breathing was almost impossible she put on her nipple clamps and locked her chastity belt over the laces and began to wrap from just below where she left off  bending at the waist was impossible but she worked quickly and soon was wrapping her upper thighs in their fifth layer.

As she worked up her body she tried to maintain a minimum of five layers ensuring she would not be able to move at all. When she got to her breasts instead of leaving nipples and clamps exposed she decided to wrap over each breast making them big mounds of fiberglass before wrapping over her entire chest and up to her neck, leaving the chain for the clamps accessible.

Once again deciding at the last minute she wrapped her posture collar around her neck then wrapped over it with the casting tape, it made her hold her head in the right position and the cast would make it impossible to remove just like all her other accessories. The tens pads had been taped in place, four on her ass and two each on her feet and now she had new breast cups that were tens pads that she was using for the first time. She put her mouth piece in and began wrapping her head, the mouth piece was another recent purchase that she found on the internet and was normally used when people were given shock therapy to keep them from biting their tongues. It was made of thick heavy rubber with a tube in the center for breathing, it was perfect for what she wanted, and it filled her mouth and kept her completely silent and still allowed her to breathe.

Now she began to wrap her head, with her new mouth piece she figured she could wrap as tight as she wanted and so she continued to pull hard on each layer until she had more than six layers covering her entire head, again leaving her blond ponytail sticking out the top. He had arrived and was watching in awe as she was wrapping her arms with the tape starting low on her fingers and wrapping all the way up to her elbows before working her way back down.

She had not heard him come in because the ear plugs and thick cast didn’t allow much sound through so once she stopped wrapping she just lay on her bed letting the cocoon tighten its grip as it cured to a very hard shell around her. Laying there she began to find the limits of her movement, twisting inside her shell and moaning quietly and even losing herself enough to try to rub her pussy through the hard fiberglass.

She had left him a note on what she wanted him to do and he had read it then threw it in the trash, she forced him to change his plans so now she would be subject to his wishes and he knew just what he wanted to do. He grabbed her feet and turned her on the bed so her pointed toes were hanging off the edge of the bed. She felt the movement and squealed into her gag, he barely heard the noise and ignored it as he wrapped her feet, completely covering the boots and continued up to her knees before standing her up.

She squealed again when he lifted her small frame up a leaned her against one of her strong bed posts. She could feel the heat from the new fiberglass hardening but did not understand why it felt like it was climbing up her body. When he got to her hands he first used it to wrap her fingers then up to her elbows and almost to her shoulders before working his way back down to her finger tips again.

Her arms were completely useless and almost fully set when he started to wrap them to her encased body, she could really feel the heat building up as he put layer after layer over her body even adding to her already thickly encased head.

When he was finished he straighten her body out snugging her close to the bed post. While holding her at first he then began wrapping her to the post starting with her neck then moving down to her waist then finished by wrapping her thighs and ankles to the pole. She was sweating badly as the fiberglass cured and was hoping he would lay her back down because her toes were beginning to hurt, she practiced walking in her boots often but standing for extended periods of time caused her toes to hurt and her calves to cramp up.

As the heat began to die down she thought she could feel him moving around her when she tried to move but was completely frozen, nothing would move, she could only feel all over was the tightness of the fiberglass holding her inside and she realized she had no way to communicate or release herself, she was in heaven.

He said loudly so she could hear that he was finished he had plugged her new vibrators into a timer and her tens unit was set to demo mode and plugged into the wall so she would not have to worry about the batteries wearing out. She heard most of what he said and thought to herself why would the batteries wear out when he is coming back later on? “I will be back Saturday night or Sunday morning” he yelled just to make sure she heard him “Good bye have fun”.

She was stunned did he say Sunday, “NO NO NO!” she attempted to yell at him this was only supposed to be a short test! She thought. He listened to her mumph quietly as he cleaned up and changed clothes and heard the fiberglass creaking as she attempted to break out but he knew there was no way she could get free. As she struggled with her feelings she also realized that he had left her standing, she tried to wiggle to see if she could make herself move the figured out he had probably attached her to her bed post, which she had also thought of doing but not in her toe boots.

She screamed as the first bolts of lightning shot through her body, the breast cups made her nipples feel like they were going to jump off her body, her feet felt like they were already on fire. He watched for a few more minutes enjoying the very slight noises she was making not knowing she was screaming at the top of her compressed lungs.

He grabbed the nipple clamp chain that she had left out of the cast and thought she would not be able to feel it since the clamps were under the casting and hung the heavy cast cutter from it. “That way I’ll know where it’s at when I come back” he said chuckling to himself as he turned to leave. What he didn’t know was she had wrapped her tits in such a way so that the clamps could be pulled but not removed and now they were being pulled viciously and constantly. Each breath she took caused her tits to pull on chain, increasing her difficulty in breathing.

She was shocked steadily for some time before the new vibrators came on. When they started she felt them start very slowly but soon they were building in speed and intensity until she thought she was not going to be able to stand it then stopped completely. She screamed again knowing he had changed her setting to tease and could only hope he had also set it to pleasure after however long the tease program had been set for.

She was panting against the tightness of her corset inside her encasement after her last bout with the vibrators, they had ramped up then started moving inside her just as the tens unit had kicked all the way to high and the combination would not allow her to come, her frustration at the pain/pleasure made her begin to cry and she cried even harder when the vibrators went back to low but the shocking at high continued. Finally after a few minutes of all the tens pads shocking her she could not get enough air and blacked out.

This cycle continued throughout Saturday into Sunday morning, Teased by her vibrators and tortured by the tens unit, when the vibrators decided to please her tens unit counter acted them not letting her come, not even once in over twenty four hours. Inside her shell she was a mess, her nipples were being pulled on constantly her feet were hurting and she could not get a deep breath because the corset and tight cast was keeping her waist and chest so compressed. She had no idea of how much time had passed and she had decided some time during Saturday night that it had to be Monday and something had happened and he wasn’t coming back.

She fought within her cocoon in spurts, running out of energy quicker each time. Crying was becoming the normal routine after each spurt, crying from the pain, but crying for mostly the frustration of not being able to get herself off. He had returned two hours ago, he was amazed she was still able to struggle and watched her bound form, looking closely for any indications of movement from the inflexible mummy that stood before him. He finally adjusted the tens unit to a lower sustained pulse and turned her vibrators on a tease then pleasure mode and listened carefully for any indications she might give.

As she fought for breath she felt the shocks lessen and the vibrations begin to increase and hoped that maybe finally the timing would be correct to allow her to achieve orgasm. As he continued to watch her shape he noticed her nipple clamp chain move slightly and figured out that it was moving when she breathed in and out so he carefully slid the cutter off the chain relieving the tension and was rewarded with a slight squeak from inside her sarcophagus.

She had really felt the tension being relieved on her tortured nipples, thus causing a reverse pain from them pulling back but at the same time the vibrators had increased and were attracting all her attention. The vibrators both had begun moving in her and were bringing her closer and closer to her climax. He could hear her breathing quicken and when he laid his hand on her shell could feel the vibrations increasing.

He had hoped this might curb her desire to be restrained for nine full days as she had planned but he also had his dominate side that he rarely got to exercise pushing him on. When he felt the vibrations increase again along with her breathing he reached over and grabbed the chain and as he was pulling on the chain he turned the vibrators off completely.

She screamed into her gag and thrashed wildly inside her hard shell as the sudden pain from her nipples and the stopping of her intruders caused her climb to orgasm to crash back down to nothing, allowing her to feel all the other pains she was enduring all at once.

He could feel her thrashing inside and hear her screams and smiled at the power he had, enjoying every moment of her torment. He repeated this cycle several times over the next two hours, once causing her to pass out from exertion after a failed orgasm. She had finally reached her utopia again and was relishing this new torture when the vibrators came on she barely noticed  and then tried to ignore them until the chain on her nipples tensed again and the tens unit came on in a very pleasurable way she began to hope again as the plug was flexing in and out and the vibrator began moving, she was gasping for air as the vibrations increased again and she was hanging on the edge of a very intense orgasm praying she would be allowed to come after all she had suffered.

When the orgasm hit she screamed and thrashed inside her thick prison so hard that it made him jump back pulling the chain very hard. He smiled and hung the cutter on it again and went to get some more wine as he could still hear her twisting a moaning. Returning he found her all quiet, her breathing slow a steady so he decide it was time to begin to release her.

An hour later he was removing the last of her cocoon and she still hadn’t woke up he began to get worried until he shook her limp and sweat covered body and she vaguely looked up at him and smiled. He knew right then that he would be taking care of her for nine days in the near future.

* * * *

It was Friday night, she had the next nine days off, and she had been waiting for this for months. She tore herself away from the mirror and begins to get “dressed” for her ordeal, she knows she can wear the vibrators and chastity belt long enough to not be a real problem, even though she has only had the vibrators for a few weeks but they have been well used in those weeks. Since her last experiment went longer than she had expected she was toying with the idea of doing anther full body mummification while standing. She had enjoyed her torture so fully that she was doubting her choice of positions.

After lacing her ankle high toe boots on she wrapped her corset around her waist and began to make it tighter than ever, this time she wanted it closed, she tied her laces to the door knob and began to pull away from it. Reaching back she checked the gap in the corset and could tell it was almost there. Taking a few breaths she began to pull again the plastic wrap around her face had started to fog up with her panting inside it but she continued to pull until she could feel no gap. Smiling she carefully grabbed the laces and then untied them from door knob and retied them low around her waist. As she was tying the laces she got light headed and had to lie down on her bed. As she laid there gasping for air she decided that this was not going to work and lifted herself up on her hands, her head began spinning and soon she lay unconscious on her bed.

He showed up shortly after her passing out and immediately began to finish her dressing, sliding her vibrators inside her and putting the chastity belt on her. The belt was too loose around her waist but he soon figured out how to adjust it and moved it to its smallest setting. After pulling very hard on the waist strap he was finally able to get it locked and then slid four of her special locks through the eyelets of her corset and began wrapping the rest of her body in a thin layer of plastic wrap then when he was finally satisfied he put on her arm and leg “sleeves” and began to wrap her in fiberglass tape.

While he was wrapping her over the leg “sleeves” she had made so as to not let her legs and arms be folded too tight and cut off circulation she began to come to. He was starting to wrap her waist when she began to complain and trying to stop him. He was in full dom mode and thought she was playing her damsel role as she had done in the past. She had prewrapped her head in plastic to make sure it wasn’t too tight and now the plastic was keeping her gag in place not allowing her to speak and with her arms already folded inside her sleeves she could not reach her head to unwrap it and tell him about the ultra-tight corset, he stopped her struggles by wrapping some fiberglass casting around her face, sealing her fate.

She had tried to thrash around but soon was feeling light headed again and calmed down and accepted her fate, she would spend the next nine days gasping for air and completely unable to stop it. Soon he had her wrapped from the bottom of her tits down to her knees, her pointed toes folded up tight to her ass. As the fiberglass hardened he applied her nipple clamps and pushed small padlocks through the holes in the clamps and her pierced nipples having to close them with a pair of pliers, the locks were something he had found and were actually too short but when he squeezed them they finally clicked closed pinching the clamps very tightly into her nipples. She was whining again trying to plead with her eyes as he pushed a pair of ear plugs deep into her ears then covering them with a moldable silicone set and covering those with thick tape.

After recovering her head with plastic wrap he put her posture collar on and pulled it tighter than she had ever done it and locked it as well and began wrapping her head. She was having real problems breathing but could do nothing about it and concentrated on controlling her short gasps. She didn’t know that he had installed four pads on her butt cheeks, four pads on her feet and four more on her outer pussy lips before sealing the chastity belt on her.  She thought all her keys, to her belt and the locks he put through her corset eyelets were in the time safe along with the ones for her collar and nipple clamps and before he was done with her she would have her thigh high ballet boots locked on as well.

After getting her head wrapped he concentrated on her breasts, his idea was to be able to pull her nipples though the cast and attach two vacuum tubes over the clamps and cast it all together. He cut the small chain leading from the clamps and fed them through the vacuum tubes rubber sealing rings and tested them with a small hand pump. It could be seen clearly that her nipples were rising into the cups with each pump. He stopped pumping and watched to see if they were holding vacuum. While he was waiting he pulled two short thin cables out of his bag, he had measured the base of her breasts during past experiments and knew these would squeeze her breasts snugly but not cut off circulation and would still become more uncomfortable each day. Putting one around the base of each breast pulling them tight until he could just see them turning pink then slipping small locks through the ends keeping the cables on until he decided she should have the keys.

She could feel something on her nipples but was paying more attention to the pain from the clamps until she felt the cables tighten, she tried to resist but it was beyond too late, she could no longer move anything other than her arms at the shoulders and hardly any sounds could be heard from her mouth due to the lack of air in her restricted lungs and large mouth filling gag that was sealed into her mouth. He released the vacuum and removed the tubes and began to wrap her chest up to her neck and then back down again, each pass tighter then the last until all that remained was her bulging breasts protruding out of her ever hardening shell.

Once the fiberglass around her chest hardened he started to wrap each breast, carefully compressing them against the cable around each of their bases. When he got close to her nipples he stopped and reapplied the tubes pulling more vacuum this time to keep them in place as he wrapped her nipples sealing the tubes onto her for the duration.

Inside the cocoon she was going nuts she had all of these strange sensations and the heat was rising and she could hardly get her breath and could do nothing to stop them, her feet and pussy itched badly, caused by the type of electrode pads he had used, her tits were beginning to ache from being squeezed at their bases but smashed down towards her chest, even the breast stimulation cups for her tens unit were uncomfortable. She was moaning loudly, to her, but all he heard was someone quietly enjoying themselves and he continued on.

Now that he was done with the details he began the final wrap, first he wrapped her arms in place making them even with her knees and then started to cover her entire body again using more and more of the fiberglass cast making her head and torso over eleven layers thick assuring that she would not break out or even be able to flex anything but he could still remove her leg and arm castings fairly easily which he planned on doing the second half of her visit using to the fullest her new found flexibility.

She felt the heat rising and her ability to move her arms disappeared and she resigned herself that this was happening and no matter what she was feeling she was stuck as she is until he releases her. She had taken precautions in case he wimped out and released her early, the time safe was set not to open until Sunday night, she had lied when she told him that he could open it at any time with the combo but she knew once it was closed  it was locked until then.

Once he had cleaned up and taken the remaining supplies to his car he returned and watched and listened to her breathing, short shallow gasps could be heard from her nose and mouth tube. After listening for a while he walked over and took the support cushions from under her knees that had kept her upright and even while she was sitting on her toes and let her fall forward and rock until she settled back on her casted knees and toes. The sudden movement scared her and a slight squeal could be heard from inside her rigid form. He smiled at that and for the next hour he would at different times push her over and catch her or let her fall until she bumped into her bed or the wall. As his last amusement he pushed her backwards letting her fall all the way to the floor on her back.

She screamed as she felt herself falling, no one heard it outside her shell, when she hit the floor it didn’t hurt but the sudden shift of her position inside her encasement made everything seem more uncomfortable, her corset and collar seemed much tighter her gag seemed to shift further in forcing her tongue even tighter onto the bottom of her mouth. She panicked and thrashed wildly testing the limits of her prison but all anyone on the outside could tell is a slight shuffling sound coming from the statue lying on its back with its four stubby limbs sticking straight up.    

* * * * *

He finished off his glass of wine, she had been on her back for an hour and had panicked several times before passing out and becoming still, during these times he would check her breathing to make sure she wasn’t in any real distress and try to see what her threshold was. He had hooked up all her tens unit wires and connected her vibrators to their timer controlled power sources then added some big head phones. His plan was to make her think she was trapped for a lot longer than nine days, he had come up with the idea when she had told him that when he had her mummified against her bed post she felt like a lot more time had passed and thought something had happened to him, he wanted to duplicate those feelings.

He had programmed her vibrators and tens unit to come on for 10 minutes on high then the tens unit would drop out completely and vibrators would drop to their lowest settings. Right after the stimulations started he would have the computer play a recording of his voice saying either a good morning greeting or a good night message. This was to happen every four hours to start then drop to every 3 hours for the duration. He also knew the worst punishment for her was no stimulus at all, so during the times when he was not there she would only be allowed to feel very low stimulus or none at all.

When she awoke this time she felt different, after some twisting and wiggling she came to the conclusion she had been set up right again and began to feel better. Her corset and collar felt just as tight but the gag reflex she had been feeling was much better. With a jolt she was suddenly aware of her vibrators running inside her on high, squirming again but still unable to even flex the solid walls of her prison she was just starting to enjoy the sensations when the tens unit kicked in on high as well. She immediately tensed up and tried to scream feeling the electricity in places she had never felt it before.

After what seemed like a life time to her the stimulus all stopped and she was left panting for every molecule of air she could get into her compressed lungs. Shortly she thought she could hear him saying something and listened closely as it got louder and louder until she could hear him clearly saying “That’s all for tonight, I’m going home to eat some dinner.” “Enjoy your solitude because you may never experience anything else but this again” After that nothing but the sounds of her heart beat and the noise of her body scraping on her cocoon when she tried to inhale.

He watched her bound form for a little while longer before pumping her tit cups a few more times and the left for the night.  She struggled with the idea he had left her and waited for her stimulus to return, one hour later she had given up that he was still there because it felt like several hours had passed for her and she struggled again trying to get some stimulus on her own. As she began to black out from all her struggling and frustration she had the thought, “This could be the real torture” and she blacked out.

She slept for another two hours before she was awakened by her whole body tensing up and her screaming again from the powerful shocks she was receiving from all the tens pads at once, her pussy felt it the most, all most feeling like she was plugged directly into an outlet, her breasts felt like they were being probed by a million needles and her ass and feet were jerking in rhythm with the pulses. She began to struggle as the vibrators came on, slow at first but building quickly then dying off after a minute or so leaving her with only the shocks keeping her company. After ten minutes the tens unit turned off and as she was trying to regain control of her breathing she could feel that the vibrators hadn’t turned off they had just gone to their lowest setting.

She was screaming when she heard him say “Good morning sunshine, just stopped by to see if you made it through the night ok”   “I’ll see you when I get off   work tonight, enjoy your day” upon hearing that she went crazy again thrashing in her cocoon until she was unconscious again. Awaking to the slow vibrations she tried to move and couldn’t, not understanding why she started to panic but quickly remembered where and ultimately what she was, a thing, unable to do or say anything, all she could do was survive and that only at the mercy of her master. With this thought she felt warm all over enjoying the idea she had achieved exactly what she wanted.

She had been sitting still for a long time and began to cry from the frustration of her situation and the fact she had put herself in it. When the vibrators started to increase several hours later she was hopeful she might be allowed to get off, but when the shocks started she knew she was not going to be that lucky and that she had put herself in the hands of someone who knew all too well how to torture her.

While she was biting down on her mouth piece fighting the shocks she heard him say “Well how was your day dear” “I hope you have enjoyed your nap time because now we really start your torture” The shocks changed frequency and picked up the pace of the pulses and began to move from one set of pads to another. While this was going on the vibrators began to pulse and move in her bringing her lust to a fever pitch. She was straining against her shell and trying with all her might to control her breathing when it all went silent. No electrical charges and no vibrations just her panting and squirming in her moist cocoon.

As she sat there breathing shallow unable to move her mind decided it wanted out, but it could find no way to communicate this to her captor, it knew there had to be a way out, there always is! She began to just tense up each muscle, twisting what parts of her body that could move but nothing happened. She could only flex her muscles and that was it, the little movement she had could be measured in thousandths of an inch and that was not going to get her out. Panicking again she quickly blacked out.

Every three hours during these first two days she was put through this torture, he would be there most of the evening and changed the programs up some so she would not get used to them and sometimes he would let her get to what he thought would be near an orgasm then quickly reverse it or simply turn everything off and listen for her muffled screams. In her mind she had already been inside her torture chamber for 6 days, she could feel better for the fact that she only had three days left.

The third night when he came by he turned everything off and did not let her hear the recording either. He had borrowed a friends van and came into her house with a large card board box on a moving dolly. He opened the front of the box and gently slid her inside and carefully moved her out to the van. Once the van started moving he powered up her vibrators leaving them on at medium speed until the half-way point to his house, then he turned on the tens unit on level 8, this portable tens only had connections for four of the pads so he chose her breast cups and her pussy. This distraction kept her mostly unaware that she was moving and when she did feel something she thought it was just the sensations causing it.

Once home he reattached all her electronics and gave her an evening call saying he would be gone for two days but he would leave her with some new things to think about, and with that he pushed her forward leaving her standing like a dog on all fours. He began to level her body at her elbows and knees so her back was as flat as possible. When she was level he casted the pieces of pipe he had used onto her limbs so that she looked complete. Next he put a piece of large glass on her back making some adjustments to her casted body so it would sit level and not slide off.

This position was more comfortable for her and she relaxed her body and just enjoyed the feeling of floating. Her nipples were slowly pushing deeper into their vacuum tubes but she was enjoying that sensation too. When she began to feel heat building up on her back her first thought was “It’s over! He’s cutting me out” but as she felt more and more heat in different places she realized that he was adding more fiberglass. When he finished he stood back and admired his work, he had a brand new coffee table sitting on an area rug that hid all the electrical cords and hoses. He adjusted her water tube and tapped on her head before starting to pour the liquid in the hose he attached to her mouth piece.

He poured only about two ounces at a time a waited for her to take a breath between each shot but finally had her nutrients down her. When feeding time was over he set the headphones on her head and said “I leaving now, back in two days, you make a wonderful coffee table my friends are going to love you”

With that comment he turned everything on to begin her cycle again. She went through what she thought was two days of her cycles and started to worry why he hadn’t been back or why was he not releasing her, Was he coming back and was he going to release her. By what she thought was the fourth day she was starting to panic in between her torture schedule, was she really alone? Had something gone wrong?  She tried to scream and move herself somehow but only accomplished causing herself to pass out again.

* * * * * *

Awaking to her dark confines and silence she began to feel something happening with her nipples, the ache had subsided but now they were truly starting to hurt. They felt like something was slowly pulling them from her chest.

He was there testing the electric vacuum pump he had attached to her breast tubes, he wanted it to be activated by his guests as they moved about the room and needed to make sure his safety was functioning. After checking all the other electronics he got ready for his guests. As far as she was concerned it had been four more days added to the six she had already lived through, the pain in her nipples had changed and unbeknownst to him was that when he increased the vacuum and pulled her nipples deeper into the tubes the clamps that had a weight hooked to the chains and also kept moving outwards but did not go back in when the vacuum released her nipples.  The tight rubber seal around the chain held the chain tight and would not fold inwards to relieve the tension resulting in her nipples being stretched more and every time vacuum was applied then released.

He could see her nipples in the clear tubes and loved the fact that when the electronics shocked her they would pull up and the added pull would actually turn them bright red as she fought the shocks and vibrators. He recorded another message and played it for her through her headphones. "Hello my captive I have returned and am now hosting a dinner party, and you my dearest are the center piece. You are proudly standing on all fours like the property that you are with a glass top sitting on your back making you the perfect coffee table".  

He continued to explain her situation, "Tonight may be your big night as all your electronics are now going to be controlled by my guests as they move around the new table, there are switches under the carpet you are sitting on. They control everything including you nipple suction cups and can be turned on, off, up, or down in any combination. This very well might let you get off for the first time, it also may cause you to be in complete agony the entire evening, so enjoy. You are on your eleventh day and I am enjoying this way too much to quit now".

Though out the night people kept walking around his new table commenting on how different and occasionally asking about the strange noise they thought they had heard in that area. He took a lot of pictures of her trapped body being used as a table and even a few of people sitting on top of her.

Her night was not so much fun, a few times she had been brought right to the edge of orgasm before something was switched off or on leaving her frantic in her encasement and fighting for air. Her nipples had been sucked deep into their tubes and had been causing her intense pain for hours. The position was no longer comfortable, her neck was pressing on the thick casting around it and causing her to feel like she was slowly being choked, her hips were sore from flexing against the rough insides of her prison and her elbows and knees were hurting from supporting all her weight.

When his guests left he was feeling a little drunk and forgot about his captive and went to bed, unfortunately for her he did not reset the electronics and the last setting was shocking her while the vibrators were set on low, her vacuum pump was left running and kept a constant pressure on her nipples, slowly stretching them even further into their tubes. Several items had been set on the “table” and left there increasing the pressure she felt on her limbs.

The next morning he awoke and as he was stretching he remembered she was there and jumped up to check on her. He could feel her slow and steady breathing and knew she was unconscious, he lowered her punishments and released the vacuum on her nipples. He cleared off the table and removed the glass, leaning her back onto her rigid knees and toes before going off to shower and get ready for a big day with her.

His plan was to put her arms into a fiberglass single arm sleeve then casting that directly to her body, then move her legs straight out putting on her thigh high toe boots leaving her in a standing mummy position with no arms before moving back to her house for the big release. This would leave her three days to recover and be ready to return for work.

He reset her tormentors and when she awoke he played the recording that the party was over and she could go to sleep for the night confusing her timeline even further as he got the room ready to start cutting her thick cast. A couple hours later he awoke her with good morning! As she struggled with the vibrations and electrical shocks she couldn’t believe he was keeping her this long, surely she would lose her job and worse did he plan to keep her until she died? She knew she could live for days even possibly weeks on her liquid supplements but not forever, As she struggled with these thoughts she remembered almost achieving her utopia and the few times she had been close to an orgasm but decided that being trapped forever was not what she wanted and tried to fight her thick prison walls one more time, doing so until she passed out again.

She was roused awake by the sensation of something shaking her shoulder then slowly she felt fresh air on her arm, then she felt the shaking on her other arm the she realized she could move both. As she stretched her arms he sat back and watched amazed at the fact that after exploring her casted body her hands went to her crotch rubbing then beating on it trying to get some stimulation. She was elated thinking he was releasing her and reached out to find him.

When she felt him grab her wrist and twist it behind her back she tried to fight back as well as she could in her weakened state but he quickly had her hands bound together with a thin leather strap. She was still fighting as he pulled a wider strap around her upper arms and began to draw her elbows tightly together. The strain of her new position forced her breasts to push harder in their casings and her chest to be forced harder into her chest wrappings  she could feel him begin to wrap her arms into a single unit.

After wrapping up to the thick strap and back down to the lower one he stopped and waited for the fiberglass to set, watching her flex her fingers and shoulders trying to find a weakness and finding none. Before unstrapping her wrists and elbows her gave her a few minutes of high shocks followed by  leaving her vibrators on medium and shocks on low thus distracting her as he wrapped her arms and hands then back over them again up to her shoulders then back down setting them in a thick shell of fiberglass trapping them together and flat against her back.

As soon as he was finished with her arms he turned off all stimuli and left her sitting there to complete the hardening of the new casting.  He had laid out some pillows on his real coffee table and lifted her small rigid body on to it laying her on her back with her legs just off the edge. This position once again made it difficult for her to breathe and she whined through her gag trying to get some sympathy from him. It didn’t work instead he turned up her tens unit almost to max while he began to cut the rock hard shell of her legs.

When he turned down the tens unit he bumped it up then back down hoping she would understand that it was a warning to be still, she did and concentrated on her breathing and her now intensely painful nipples. With her laying on her back her nipples were straining hard against the clamps that would not let them retract into the thick cast and she had never felt them pulled on this hard in all her trails before and she was divided in her desire to like the sensation or the normal idea of being disgusted by her need to feel pain.

All of these thoughts went away when she felt her leg being released and felt him carefully unfold it from its cramped position. It felt wonderful to her and she purred into her gag. After removing her ankle boot and drying her leg he began massaging it to aid in circulation then he pulled her thigh high boot up and began lacing it on. Pulling hard he completely closed the laces all the way to her crotch. She was just coming down from the relief of having her leg freed when she realized what he had put on her now that she could feel her toes wedged into the en-point boot, she also could now feel how tight it was and her concern about her legs circulation, but being that she was cast in place she could do nothing to express her concerns. Once he was done lacing her boot he slipped the five waiting locks into the eyelets of her boot locking each one once all were installed.

He repeated the process on the other leg and soon she was a statue with two black pointed toed legs. In her cocoon she debated the idea of trying to run away but decided even if she could get to her feet she had no idea which way to run and knew she would be caught quickly and punished with the tens unit. When he was finished with her lacing he stood her up and forced her to walk around his house, he liked to watch her movements and her slight squeals that escaped her rubber stuffed mouth when she bumped into something or started to fall. He led her back into the main room and tied the rope he had looped over the ceiling beam to her encased neck, pulling it tight to keep her standing. He then began wrapping her in plastic wrap and then thick layers of fiberglass wrap.

She felt her legs being pulled together and knew what he was doing and loved it, this way she got to experience both positions, all thoughts of being freed or escaping her captor vanished for the moment. As he worked upwards he overlapped every wrap and once he reached her stomach he began to work his way down, overlapping again ensuring there were no gaps in the cast and once he was done he had 8 layers holding her in place. The heat became intense as the fiberglass dried but she knew it would pass soon and sweated it out.

During the hardening process he rewarded her for being so good by turning on the vibrators and letting her enjoy them while they waited for her to set completely. An hour had passed and he needed to finish her feet so he lowered the rope she had been dangling from and laid her back on the coffee table this time face down with her feet hanging off the end and soon had her feet encapsulated with as many layers as the rest of her.

She lay on the table enjoying the vibrations and felt the heat rise in her feet but didn’t care she had found her utopia and all that was left was for her to find her orgasm. He left her lying there while he cleaned up and about 30 minutes into clean up turned her tens unit back on and let her deal with that while he finished the clean-up.

Her body was standing on her tit tubes and that gave her the perfect angle to be able to get as comfortable as she had been since this started and allowed her to breathe better as well, the vibrators were still running and the shocks were not set high enough to ruin her building orgasm so she moaned into her gag and began to really enjoy herself flexing her legs and body as much as she could desperately trying to reach her pussy and finish herself off but not being able to move a fraction of an inch.  Just as the frustration level had peaked and she felt the orgasm starting to crest suddenly she felt a violent shock from her pussy followed by another in her feet and ass.

He said, "We’ll have none of that!", as he increased the shocks to max and added in her breast cups, he had heard her moaning and quickly reset everything to stop it. She was groaning loudly as she felt the orgasm slip away and gritted her teeth against her mouth piece as each shock hit her body making her tense up and regret not trying to get away. This went on for another hour until he had cleaned up last night’s mess as well as todays, She was floating near unconsciousness when he finally turned down her tormentors.

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