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Shocking Bondage

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Shocking Bondage
by Otto Dix

Opportunities for self-bondage are few and far between for me.  That means, that when I do get opportunity, I usually ensure that the experience is intense and memorable.  I plan most of my self-bondage sessions months in advance.  This self-bondage experience was one of my best.

In my younger days, I experimented with applying low-voltage DC currents to my penis while masturbating.  I would hold a button switch in one hand and masturbate with the other.  Every time I pressed the button down, a six-volt shock would go through my penis.  I found that short six-volt shocks were bearable.  When I went as high as 9 volts, I found it quite painful.
Recently, I decided to engineer a bondage scene where I would experience 9-volt shocks to my penis.  The thought of being helpless to stop the electrical torture was very arousing.  But how was I going to manage such a scene, without spending tons of money on high tech devices?

I once used a computer program to keep me in long-term bondage.  I figured I could use my programming skills for this form of self-torture as well.  I decided to use my printer as a device to turn the shocks on and off.  I rigged the printer knob to complete a circuit by taping a wire across the knob.  Every time the wire was horizontal (twice with every full revolution), the circuit would be complete.  I adjusted the printer settings to ignore "end of page" advancing.  Otherwise, every time the printer "thinks" it has advanced about 6 inches, it would advance to the next page automatically.  For this scheme, I wanted the computer to be in control of where the knob is at all times.  Next, I disabled the "out of paper" sensor by taping a small piece a paper in the placed where the printer uses to check for paper.

I then turned to the programming of the computer.  I could make the printer knob advance by giving a "print" command.   Sixteen print commands caused one full rotation of the printer knob.  Giving many print commands in one line of code caused the printer knob to rotate in a continuous motion.  Since I wanted to use 9-volt shocks, I knew that I could not use shocks that were a second or more in duration.  At 9 volts, I would probably experience some electrical burning (ouch!!).  Whenever it was time to torture me, the computer would cause the printer knob to make several full rotations.  Each rotation sent two quick, but intense, shocks to my penis.   The computer would randomly choose the number of rotations I would experience.  It would choose between a merciful 2 rotations, or an agonizing 12 rotations.

I also programmed the computer to randomly vary the amount of time in between giving me shocks.  The space between shocks ranged from 2 minutes to 7 minutes.  Hence, I never knew how long before the next set of shocks, or how many shocks I would get the next time.

To make things just a little more exciting, I programmed the computer to randomly choose a number between one and twenty.  If the number was twenty, the next set of shocks would be much more painful then the regular set of shocks.  If the computer randomly drew a twenty, the printer knob would start advancing slowly.  Every two seconds, the knob would advance one notch, like a slow clock.  Every time the wire would reach the horizontal position, the circuit would be complete, and 9 volts would surge through my penis.  The number of rotations would still be picked randomly, but the duration of each shock would last 2 whole seconds (trust me, at 9-volts, that really hurts).

I tested the computer program many times and programmed it to wait one hour before starting the shocks.  Then, the program would run for one hour before stopping.  Then I staged my self-torture scene.

I set up an emergency escape plan.  I attached a release key to a rope that was tied to a bucket.  The bucket was filled with water and some food coloring.  If I absolutely had to, I could pull the key, spill the colored water all over the carpet, and get out. I set up a timed release method using the ice cube in a stocking method.  The cube usually releases the key in about two hours.  The key would swing down to where my hand could reach it.  I only put the ice cube in the stocking once everything was ready to go.

I unfolded the futon to use as a bondage bed.  I tied a very tight rope bondage harness around my waist and around my thighs and crotch.  At the back of the harness I attached a cord that would latter be put through a set of double rings.  The double rings were positioned on the bed at about the middle of my back, and tied to a rope that went toward the head of the bed and wrapped under the bed and tied to the underside of the bed.  This way, I wouldn't be able to untie the rope while my hands were chained to the head of the bed.   I then prepared rope at the foot of the bed to tie my ankles far apart.  I also prepared a chain at the head of the bed to chain my wrists.

I popped a sixty- minute pornography video in the VCR, and turned off the time on the VCR.  This way, I wouldn't have any clocks to look at to know exactly how much time had gone by.  I then set the T.V. on a timer to turn on in one hour, and then went and started my computer program.  Both the T.V. and the shocks would start in one hour from now.  I then placed an ice cube in my escape key release mechanism.  I now had to bind myself quickly to take full advantage of the time I had before the release key would drop.  I kept the room very warm for this session, so it would probably be a little less than two hours.

I laid down on the bed and tied my ankles spreadeagled to the foot of the bed.  I then threaded the cord of my waist harness through the double rings so that I could pulled the harness towards the head of the bed until my legs were pulled very tight.  I lay down flat and pulled on the cord as hard as I could and I felt the tension of the waist harness and the ankle binds dig into my flesh.

Before locking my wrists, I applied a generous coating of K-Y Jelly to the base of my penis, and then slipped on two metal cock rings.  The cock rings had wires attached (covered with electrical tape).  These wires were part of the circuit and attached to a fresh 9-volt battery.  The circuit was broken at the printer knob.  The computer was set to start giving me shocks in about 50 minutes (it took about 10 to do the ankle tying and tightening up the waist harness).  The T.V. was also going to turn on in about 50 minutes, and the VCR control to start the video was at the top of the bed.  The emergency release key was in place, and the ice cube release timer was going to let the key go in about 2 hours, give or take 10 minutes.  I was ready to chain my hands and commit myself to my self-torture.

I placed a pillow under my head so that I could comfortable see the T.V. and then lifted my hands over my head and quickly chained both wrists to the head of the bed.  I looked down and examined my predicament.  I pulled at my ankle bindings and as I tensed my legs, the waist harness bit into my crotch and thighs.  I laid back and tried to relax as best I could. The metal cock rings maintained my erection for about 15 minutes and then my cock went to a half erect state.  The cock rings maintained that half erect state by constricting the blood flow.

I tried moving around, but with my legs tried spread apart, I couldn't tilt in either direction any more than about 10 or 15 degrees.  I lay back and waited.  I couldn't predict with certainty when the shocks would start.  The T.V. should turn on shortly before the first set of shocks.  I gently tugged at my leg bondage while I fantasized about waiting for my capture to arrive and start torturing me.   I closed my eyes and drifted off.

I was awakened from my near-sleep state by the T.V. turning on.  My heart accelerated slightly by the thought that the torture would begin soon.  I reached for the VCR control at the top of the bed and pressed the play button.  I then let the VCR control drop to the floor over the side of the bed.  I wanted to be out of control of every aspect of my bondage-torture session.  I watched the video as it began with tame erotic scenes at the very beginning.  Just then, I heard the printer knob begin rotating freely.  As the circuit closed, I felt a mild tingle go through my half erect penis.  With each brief shock, my cock instantly stood straighter.  Each time, the shock felt more intense.  As my cock became more erect, the shaft pressed harder against the cock rings, making better electrical contact.  By the fourth shock, my cock was fully erect and the rings were making it become engorged with blood, and my penis head swelled.  The fifth shock made me flinch my legs.  The sixth shock made me pull hard with my legs and the waist harness bit tightly into me.  The knob continued to rotate to the seventh shock.  This meant that there would be an eighth, since the knob would only make full rotations, giving two shocks per rotation.  The eighth shock made me grunt loudly through my teeth, and I was pulling hard against my bonds.  Then the knob stopped, and so did the shocks.

Eight shocks from four rotations.  The computer was programmed to go as high as 12 rotations, or 24 shocks.  My cock was at full attention, and the combination of the cock rings and the video ensured that it would not be going flaccid again.  I knew that I had at least two minutes of rest.  I had no way of accurately estimating how much time went by.  As a figured about two minutes went by, my heart began to race again.  With each minute that went by, the chances increased that the second set of shocks would begin.  I found it hard to concentrate on the video as I waited for my torture to resume.  Just as the first hard core scene was wrapping up on the video, the printer knob started rotating again.  I counted as the shocks came.  I would get at least four (1,.. 2,.. 3,.. 4,..).  The knob continued to rotate (5,.. 6,.. 7,.. 8,..).  I was pulling hard on my bonds and each shock made my body jerk and flinch (9,.. 10,.. 11,.. 12,...).  By know I was screaming out loud with each shock, and tilting my body from side to side (13,.. 14,..).  Oh G_d, please stop!!!! (15,.. 16,..).  It hurts so much!!! (17,.. 18,..).  Finally, the knob came to a rest.

Tears streamed from my eyes.  I looked at my emergency release key and wondered if I should pull it.  How was I going to explain that food coloring stain on the carpet?  I quickly started doing some math in my head.  With shocks coming between 2 and 7 minutes apart, the shocks would happen on average every 4.5 minutes.  During the one hour torture session, that meant around 12 or 13 shock sessions on average.  With a one in twenty chance of getting the EXTREMELY PAINFULLY LONG shocks, that meant a roughly 50 percent of getting it at least once during this session.

As I watched the video, the sexual tension in my cock grew.  I could see precum oozing from the tip and I disparately wanted to relieve myself.   After the ninth set of shocks, I felt good that the bondage session was nearly over.  The base of my penis was in a great deal of pain, and the ankle and waist bonds were being tugged at and pulled very tightly. As the tenth set of shocks started, I was horrified by the single sudden movement of the printer knob, followed 2 seconds later by another single movement.  My luck didn't hold out, and I was about to get 2 second long shocks.  At low voltage, that was a walk in the park.  At 9 volts, it was going to be unbearable.  How many was I going to get?  It could range anywhere between 4 and 24!  The knob ticked away like an evil clock.  As the knob turned to the horizontal position and completed the circuit, I heard myself scream and I tense my body to brace against the pain.  The knob continued to tick away and I braced for each shock.  Mercifully, they stopped after 6 shocks.

By this point, my body was drenched in sweat, and I was struggling against my bonds.  Just then, my escape keys swung down.  I undid my wrists and reached over the side of the bed to get the VCR control.  Next, I reached for the KY jelly.  I smeared a generous supply all over my penis.  The coolness of the jelly felt so good on my over heated penis.  I advanced the video to the next explicit sex scene, and started massaging my penis.  I decided to wait for the next set of shocks before having an explosive orgasm.  I stroked myself and kept myself at the edge of cumming as I watched the video.  I heard the printer knob start to turn again, and I started stroking hard and fast.  The shocks intensified my orgasm as it built up to its climax.  I came and shot cum everywhere as my body shook violently.  As soon as I started to recover from the orgasm, I quickly slipped one of the rings off my penis to stop the shocks.  I fell back panting on the bed.  I was exhausted and in much pain.

I reached behind me with much effort and lossened the rope in the double rings.   I laid back and slowly undid my waist bondage.  I unwrapped the coils of ropes and pain set in as the blood began to flow back.  I couldn't bring myself to undo the leg bondage until I rested for about half an hour.   It was my best bondage session ever, but not one I am eager to repeat.



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